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Chat log

00:00:06valiante new guys
00:00:08valiante u any good?
00:00:15TheyCallMeHaci heeeeeeey jamieeeeeeeeeeeeee::D
00:00:16Fyooree yes
00:00:16Fyooree i can support with lion
00:00:16valiante anyone want lich?
00:00:16Fyooree or whatever
00:00:16Oili i can play support lich
00:00:16Fyooree not in particular
00:00:16valiante ok
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci HMM?
00:00:16KolleBolle ban SD
00:00:16valiante i ban lion
00:00:16KolleBolle or pick it
00:00:16slc2 lich
00:00:47slc2 i solo top
00:00:47Fyooree so i have to buy chick?
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci how ?
00:00:53TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:00:55danstefan omg
00:00:58valiante yes
00:00:59danstefan are you sending 2 mid?
00:01:00valiante get stunners
00:01:02valiante and tanks
00:01:03danstefan i go woods with axe :P
00:01:04KolleBolle fuck you rly
00:01:06slc2 get axe woods?
00:01:08valiante ?
00:01:09valiante why
00:01:11danstefan su puck
00:01:14slc2 mikael tager du ikke clock?
00:01:20slc2 ellers mirana for long?
00:01:22KolleBolle he took my fucking tiny
00:01:24KolleBolle whore
00:01:26j22koer ÖD
00:01:28j22koer we can sw
00:01:29Fyooree whore man!
00:01:30j22koer i like üit
00:01:35valiante leshrac
00:01:37valiante thd
00:01:37KolleBolle -swap 2
00:01:40valiante leshrac twin head
00:01:40j22koer -swap 3
00:01:41slc2 get sd
00:01:44Zulu u can't tell ur captain to su u dumb fuck
00:01:44slc2 get sd or clock
00:01:46valiante support with twin head
00:01:47TheyCallMeHaci shit
00:01:51Fyooree i suck with jakiro
00:01:53TheyCallMeHaci teams :D On sentinel
00:01:53danstefan ofc i can
00:01:55slc2 get sd or clock
00:01:59valiante leshrac nerub top
00:02:05slc2 good
00:02:07danstefan when he is wrong and an arogant fool
00:02:07Oili i go ward
00:02:22KolleBolle ward when creep signal comes
00:02:22valiante leshrac nerub mid
00:02:25TheyCallMeHaci hvad mener du med long ?
00:02:32valiante leshrac
00:02:39slc2 bot
00:02:39Oili ye
00:02:39valiante nerub
00:02:41valiante ur mid
00:02:43valiante together
00:02:43TheyCallMeHaci haha k
00:02:44Oili k
00:02:45valiante against bs
00:02:48valiante i solo top
00:02:56TheyCallMeHaci de kan rape os tidligt
00:02:58KolleBolle dont think BS will go mid
00:03:03valiante he will
00:03:04KolleBolle he will go top i bett
00:03:13KolleBolle slc will go mid
00:03:14j22koer puc wants mid
00:03:19j22koer that for sure
00:03:25j22koer :_D
00:03:28valiante IM RIGHT
00:03:29TheyCallMeHaci 2mid
00:03:29TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:03:30TheyCallMeHaci b
00:03:32j22koer you are cap
00:03:36slc2 go woods
00:03:53slc2 go fuyckign woodso
00:03:55danstefan man su
00:03:59danstefan first wave
00:04:07danstefan no creeps in woods untill 30 sec
00:04:56poskus pro
00:04:57poskus mirana
00:05:03TheyCallMeHaci u2
00:05:09poskus phone
00:05:33poskus stun
00:05:34poskus ?
00:05:53valiante up chick
00:05:54valiante pls
00:05:56slc2 gj
00:05:57j22koer fuck
00:05:59j22koer my bad
00:06:08danstefan ty
00:06:15poskus if this mirana wouldnt be so pro
00:06:19poskus we could rape this bot
00:06:25TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:06:33TheyCallMeHaci is that flame or ?
00:06:42TheyCallMeHaci iam oom
00:06:44danstefan ofc it is
00:06:50slc2 axe cvome gank
00:06:53poskus its calledf the truth
00:06:54danstefan look my hp
00:07:01poskus go mira
00:07:13Fyooree lesh haaras
00:07:46danstefan well
00:07:47danstefan blood
00:07:51danstefan no quelling blade mid
00:07:56Fyooree stun hime when he come last hit
00:08:06Zulu didn't expect 2 mid
00:08:08Oili rather u stun first
00:08:11danstefan go?
00:08:17danstefan no
00:08:18slc2 jeps
00:08:18danstefan wait for my 6
00:08:19TheyCallMeHaci oom
00:08:20Fyooree wekll i ddi
00:08:22slc2 no go
00:08:25Fyooree he is lvl6 now
00:08:25Fyooree care
00:08:26danstefan you got no hp
00:08:27TheyCallMeHaci need chick
00:08:28slc2 go uidiot
00:08:29danstefan let me exp
00:08:31danstefan for ulti
00:08:34danstefan omg
00:08:38danstefan you are suckh an idiot
00:08:40danstefan WE CANT KILL HIM
00:08:41slc2 go morroon
00:08:46slc2 yes we can
00:08:48danstefan omg
00:08:54danstefan b
00:08:54poskus mira go on 5?
00:08:58TheyCallMeHaci wait
00:09:02danstefan this "captain"
00:09:14TheyCallMeHaci item
00:09:29KolleBolle ok
00:09:33poskus this mirana..
00:09:34KolleBolle bugg
00:09:38TheyCallMeHaci i told
00:09:39TheyCallMeHaci u
00:09:40TheyCallMeHaci to wait
00:09:41TheyCallMeHaci on item
00:09:42Fyooree pouck bot invis
00:09:48Fyooree i mean mid
00:09:49Fyooree sry
00:09:55valiante sry
00:10:05Fyooree mis mid
00:10:07Fyooree puck miss
00:10:08Fyooree care
00:10:15j22koer to early
00:10:18Zulu ss
00:10:36poskus im oom
00:10:36slc2 go fucking idiots?
00:10:36poskus bro
00:10:58valiante stil ss
00:10:59Zulu why freefarm
00:11:00Fyooree mis mid bds
00:11:03slc2 ganik
00:11:03Oili ss bs
00:11:03Fyooree mss mid
00:11:05danstefan cause puck
00:11:07danstefan is alone top
00:11:08danstefan he is solo
00:11:16danstefan and he steals the kill from carry
00:11:20Oili re
00:11:22TheyCallMeHaci nice steal
00:11:22danstefan that's why
00:11:23TheyCallMeHaci anyway
00:11:44slc2 w8 me mid
00:11:45valiante ofg
00:11:45poskus fuck ur ass with the steel dick
00:11:47Fyooree ffs
00:11:51danstefan tower denied
00:11:55TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:11:56TheyCallMeHaci noob
00:11:59TheyCallMeHaci fuck
00:12:00TheyCallMeHaci du
00:12:00TheyCallMeHaci er
00:12:02TheyCallMeHaci dprlig
00:12:02Fyooree gj......
00:12:03TheyCallMeHaci zulu
00:12:07Zulu sut mig
00:12:10TheyCallMeHaci hvem gad
00:12:11danstefan i have to be the captain here
00:12:12j22koer ss
00:12:12j22koer 2
00:12:18danstefan cause "my puck" sucks big time
00:12:24slc2 ur puck is ganking
00:12:25poskus its slc2
00:12:27danstefan and being an arogant fool
00:12:30poskus hes the bigest noob
00:12:30poskus ever
00:12:52slc2 im noob because i gank?
00:12:58poskus no slc
00:12:59danstefan YOU LEFT HIM ALONE TOP
00:13:00poskus u just fuck up
00:13:02poskus all the games
00:13:04slc2 so?
00:13:05danstefan if you wanted to gang go mid
00:13:07slc2 he cant win alone
00:13:11danstefan YOU STOLE KILL FROM BLOOD
00:13:15danstefan not saying blood
00:13:20Zulu he ganked
00:13:25Zulu it's not the same as steal
00:13:25j22koer d
00:13:26Fyooree potm
00:13:29valiante me
00:13:31Zulu and one kill is like 5 creeps
00:13:31danstefan yes it is
00:13:37danstefan he wanted top solo
00:13:40danstefan he wanted creep
00:13:43danstefan he wanted everything
00:13:52danstefan i can recognise the type of noobish "pro"
00:13:53TheyCallMeHaci you cant gank when you are solo
00:14:04poskus nice
00:14:05poskus nice
00:14:06poskus nice
00:14:07poskus fuck u
00:14:17poskus axe
00:14:18poskus comes
00:14:19poskus now
00:14:20poskus :DDD
00:14:23danstefan i was dead
00:14:23Oili gj
00:14:25Fyooree lol
00:14:25poskus so
00:14:26j22koer gj
00:14:26poskus dont
00:14:27poskus suicide
00:14:28danstefan i was dead i tped mid
00:14:28poskus aftyer
00:14:31danstefan SU BOB
00:14:33Fyooree they had a brain fart
00:14:45Fyooree tuiny
00:14:47TheyCallMeHaci w8
00:14:50poskus is it possible to win the game
00:14:51poskus when slc
00:14:52poskus is a captn
00:15:33Zulu go woods
00:15:46KolleBolle ahha
00:15:46slc2 ram med arrow
00:15:53KolleBolle brain fart wod of the day
00:16:01valiante defend
00:16:10Fyooree bs
00:16:15TheyCallMeHaci okg
00:16:40danstefan omg
00:16:41danstefan steal again
00:16:43valiante gj on the tps top
00:16:50danstefan you will carry this np
00:16:54poskus axe
00:16:55valiante T
00:16:56poskus will carry
00:16:56valiante FFS
00:16:56poskus this
00:16:57valiante TP
00:16:57poskus ???
00:17:00danstefan not me
00:17:17Oili tiny -.-
00:17:20TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:17:31KolleBolle had cd :/
00:17:35Oili ok
00:17:35poskus if kolle pwns
00:17:37poskus game is over
00:17:38poskus :D
00:17:44TheyCallMeHaci haha
00:17:45poskus ashe lands only
00:17:48poskus 1/3 of the stuns
00:17:48poskus :D
00:18:16Zulu clock
00:18:19Zulu get some wards pls
00:18:37KolleBolle axe
00:18:41danstefan b
00:18:42danstefan oom
00:18:43valiante b
00:18:51danstefan b
00:18:51danstefan b
00:18:52Fyooree oom
00:18:52valiante now
00:18:55valiante just push
00:18:57poskus kk boss
00:18:58valiante we have early game
00:19:00valiante all 5 go mid
00:19:01valiante gogo
00:19:03valiante and carry tps
00:19:06valiante this is easy wi
00:19:12valiante gogo
00:19:29valiante tiny
00:19:30valiante bait
00:19:32valiante be in front
00:20:22poskus nice
00:20:29poskus dead axe
00:20:32KolleBolle need mah dagger
00:20:34danstefan i tp
00:20:49poskus tp :D
00:20:49danstefan no tp :P
00:20:51slc2 vent på mig
00:21:17danstefan nice items for solo lane
00:21:21danstefan level also
00:21:32poskus worst ever
00:21:51poskus b
00:21:51poskus b
00:21:51poskus b
00:21:52poskus b
00:21:52poskus b
00:21:52poskus b
00:21:56TheyCallMeHaci wtf can i do
00:21:56TheyCallMeHaci idiot
00:22:04poskus notjhing
00:22:04poskus :D
00:22:19valiante all five
00:22:29j22koer cmone heal
00:22:30Fyooree im loow
00:22:31j22koer wtf nerub
00:22:36TheyCallMeHaci if danstfefan get blink then we can maybe have a chance
00:22:38Fyooree what
00:22:39poskus he
00:22:39poskus has
00:22:40danstefan yes
00:22:42KolleBolle b
00:22:44KolleBolle littlwe
00:22:45KolleBolle omw
00:22:47slc2 clock go
00:22:54TheyCallMeHaci he dont
00:23:00poskus aw
00:23:01poskus no
00:23:01poskus :D
00:23:03slc2 care
00:23:06danstefan i hadnt had good farm with this puck
00:23:07slc2 meet
00:23:18slc2 axe come
00:23:18danstefan where
00:23:30slc2 u shouldnt farm axe
00:23:37slc2 rocket
00:23:37danstefan you should take kills
00:23:45slc2 i am:)
00:24:19Fyooree ghahaaha
00:24:20KolleBolle hard to
00:24:24KolleBolle se?
00:24:26Fyooree why separate
00:24:34j22koer why we dint back
00:24:39poskus mirana
00:24:40j22koer 3 vs 5
00:24:40valiante WHY CANT U JUST FOLLOW ME
00:24:42valiante I TELL U
00:24:42TheyCallMeHaci did anyone see that arrow on tiny ?
00:24:42KolleBolle dont know what those cunt do on the lane
00:24:43valiante GO LANE
00:24:46danstefan yes
00:24:46poskus gj
00:24:48danstefan nice
00:24:48KolleBolle why the fuck go lane!?
00:24:48poskus mirana...
00:24:49valiante I SAY PUSH TO TWR
00:24:50valiante instead
00:24:52valiante u want to go 2 v 56
00:24:53poskus not even the arrow
00:24:53KolleBolle give me ONE good reason?
00:24:55poskus but perfect
00:24:55danstefan actually it was luck:D
00:24:56poskus ulti
00:24:57valiante TO PUSH TWRS
00:25:00TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:25:01valiante WE ROAMED WOODS
00:25:05valiante NO ONE THERE TO SURPRISE
00:25:09Zulu his bar det skete noget oftere
00:25:10KolleBolle when
00:25:13valiante when
00:25:15danstefan WHY DIDT WE PUSH MID
00:25:16valiante u try to gang
00:25:18valiante and find no one
00:25:18Zulu hvis*
00:25:21valiante dont just wait around
00:25:36TheyCallMeHaci b
00:25:43TheyCallMeHaci tp axe
00:25:56TheyCallMeHaci b
00:25:57TheyCallMeHaci axe
00:26:11poskus i fucked up
00:26:12poskus myself
00:26:15poskus so id deserve it
00:26:17danstefan ofc you did
00:26:21danstefan but not as much aas puck
00:26:22TheyCallMeHaci wuhu
00:26:24danstefan bugs
00:26:25TheyCallMeHaci axe allmost blink
00:26:27danstefan in our woods
00:26:31danstefan bugs here
00:26:31slc2 what did i do wrong?
00:26:34valiante good
00:26:35poskus b
00:26:36valiante we use smokes now
00:26:40slc2 taking tower when i had no mana?
00:26:41danstefan you dont listen at all of what i say?
00:26:44valiante all heal up
00:26:47valiante and get rdy
00:26:53danstefan i am talking all game play
00:26:57slc2 no i dont....
00:27:05valiante bs has relic now
00:27:06valiante -.-
00:27:07slc2 and we dont like you:)
00:27:23danstefan i didnt join this game so you like me or so i can like you
00:27:27danstefan i join to paly dota and win
00:27:58Fyooree aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:27:59Fyooree guys----
00:28:00Fyooree WTF
00:28:05valiante I GET EVERY SPELL
00:28:08valiante how do u die?
00:28:08danstefan omg
00:28:11danstefan you tryed to steal agian
00:28:15poskus its
00:28:15TheyCallMeHaci its
00:28:15slc2 yes
00:28:15TheyCallMeHaci ok
00:28:16TheyCallMeHaci man
00:28:16poskus mirana ffs
00:28:19Fyooree cos somehow yo manage to get ganged
00:28:19danstefan its not ok
00:28:21Fyooree i dont know how
00:28:23danstefan maybe we win this game
00:28:25valiante they used mirana ulti
00:28:26valiante ?!
00:28:27danstefan MAYBE
00:28:30valiante to engage with
00:28:30KolleBolle yepp
00:28:35Fyooree yes so stay together for ONCE
00:28:36valiante so obviously its possible
00:28:43TheyCallMeHaci stfu
00:28:46TheyCallMeHaci he did a good job
00:28:47Fyooree ff it anyway...
00:28:49Fyooree we dont have carry
00:28:49valiante gogo
00:28:51TheyCallMeHaci he picks right
00:28:59Fyooree and we are unable to go as team
00:28:59Fyooree so gg
00:29:38TheyCallMeHaci ;D
00:29:48slc2 :)
00:29:53poskus missed
00:29:53poskus :(
00:30:10valiante b
00:30:10valiante b
00:30:10valiante b
00:30:17valiante BACK
00:30:20j22koer b
00:30:20valiante DONT GO BACK FOR one
00:30:26danstefan oom
00:30:33Fyooree tiny
00:30:34TheyCallMeHaci denid
00:30:35Fyooree really
00:30:39TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:30:46KolleBolle why go back for me when i fight?
00:30:50KolleBolle when i 100% dead
00:30:51valiante yeah seriously
00:30:53valiante u see one guy
00:30:54KolleBolle leaver me
00:30:54valiante dead
00:30:56danstefan roshan?
00:30:59valiante u turn around into certain death
00:31:04Fyooree don't do that is a much better solution tiny
00:31:06TheyCallMeHaci its funny that 4pick win this game for us:D
00:31:13danstefan me?
00:31:14danstefan ofc
00:31:15TheyCallMeHaci yep
00:31:15danstefan ty
00:31:32danstefan even thought i dont got assits or kills as many as the rest
00:31:38TheyCallMeHaci fuck it
00:31:39danstefan i played it right
00:31:42TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:31:44valiante smoke
00:31:49TheyCallMeHaci in your dream hahahahhaha
00:31:50poskus like i didnt
00:31:52poskus play it right
00:31:52poskus ?
00:31:54valiante BAIT
00:31:54valiante orange
00:31:55danstefan i dont give a shit
00:31:56TheyCallMeHaci hmm
00:31:58danstefan abotu your sarcams
00:32:09danstefan i know its right
00:32:12poskus 15 assists bro cant go wrong
00:32:13poskus :D
00:32:40TheyCallMeHaci bie
00:33:03poskus guys
00:33:04Zulu u can't def
00:33:09TheyCallMeHaci back
00:33:10TheyCallMeHaci stryg
00:33:11TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:33:13valiante gigi
00:33:15TheyCallMeHaci tp we need you
00:33:21TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:33:21TheyCallMeHaci who
00:33:22TheyCallMeHaci used
00:33:23KolleBolle need mana
00:33:37valiante why
00:33:39valiante did u do that
00:33:40valiante ?!
00:33:40j22koer regen
00:33:43j22koer and go again
00:33:48Fyooree rege
00:33:48valiante go bot
00:33:54TheyCallMeHaci bkb styrg ?
00:33:59Zulu sure why not
00:34:04TheyCallMeHaci good against
00:34:05TheyCallMeHaci them
00:34:16Fyooree what next itme shoul i make?
00:34:19Fyooree more dagon or?
00:34:30KolleBolle smoke?
00:34:35valiante yes
00:34:36valiante smoke
00:34:38TheyCallMeHaci puck we need pipe
00:34:43valiante MID
00:34:46slc2 clock
00:34:53poskus gather
00:35:16danstefan nice assits
00:35:27Oili gj
00:35:32TheyCallMeHaci well we all died
00:35:33poskus well i went in
00:35:41TheyCallMeHaci how did styg die ?
00:35:45poskus dunno
00:35:52TheyCallMeHaci wp
00:35:52Zulu like all u others mb?
00:35:53TheyCallMeHaci anyone
00:36:00poskus well me and axe went in
00:36:07Oili bs vv
00:36:12Oili bb*
00:36:24danstefan i rebhought for the team
00:36:26Fyooree wtf
00:36:27danstefan NICE TP PIT :))
00:36:29valiante ?!
00:36:30valiante WTF
00:36:30TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:36:32j22koer just gone
00:36:32valiante THI BUG
00:36:43valiante did u tp to a creep?
00:36:50danstefan I REBHOUGHT FOR THE TEAM
00:36:53j22koer dunno
00:36:55danstefan i saved the game
00:36:57TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:37:00j22koer just pushed map
00:37:04Zulu good for u
00:37:04TheyCallMeHaci wtf
00:37:07Zulu hero
00:37:33TheyCallMeHaci rosh ?
00:37:36slc2 ja
00:37:39slc2 need wards
00:37:44TheyCallMeHaci go
00:37:46poskus i scout rockets
00:37:46Oili b
00:37:52valiante gogogo
00:37:56danstefan ?
00:38:01danstefan be right there
00:38:01valiante B
00:38:05valiante BAKC
00:38:07valiante mirana ulti
00:38:16valiante god
00:38:20valiante u guys are horribly blind
00:38:25Oili you say go
00:38:25TheyCallMeHaci mine
00:38:28valiante YES
00:38:32valiante but then i see mirana ulti
00:38:33j22koer then b
00:38:34valiante and i say BACK
00:38:34Oili then we go and 1 sec before i die you say b
00:38:39poskus their lastpick
00:38:43poskus owns our captn
00:38:44poskus hard
00:38:47TheyCallMeHaci stfu
00:38:49danstefan true
00:38:59Fyooree care with that chick..............
00:39:00slc2 get a gem then he wont
00:39:05Zulu b
00:39:19valiante go
00:39:31TheyCallMeHaci get blademail
00:39:32TheyCallMeHaci axe
00:39:35danstefan su man
00:39:40danstefan i know what needs to be done
00:39:49TheyCallMeHaci wtfu ?
00:39:52TheyCallMeHaci take
00:39:57poskus ok
00:39:58poskus axe
00:39:58poskus :D
00:40:02danstefan what?
00:40:05poskus nothing
00:40:06danstefan i would have been dead as well
00:40:12danstefan i have dagger
00:40:12poskus am
00:40:13poskus nop?
00:40:15danstefan ofc i could farm there
00:40:34danstefan now we lost it
00:40:36slc2 mir ulti
00:40:43slc2 mir ulti
00:40:44valiante b
00:40:49valiante b
00:40:50valiante b
00:41:02TheyCallMeHaci b
00:41:03TheyCallMeHaci all
00:41:05TheyCallMeHaci let him die
00:41:05TheyCallMeHaci b
00:41:09danstefan noob..
00:41:18danstefan b
00:41:20danstefan stay top
00:41:21danstefan omg
00:41:24danstefan STAY TOP
00:41:24TheyCallMeHaci b omg
00:41:24slc2 why didnt u guys go?
00:41:25TheyCallMeHaci why
00:41:25TheyCallMeHaci die
00:41:29danstefan LOOK AT THEM
00:41:46poskus cause running around wont winj this game
00:41:48poskus nice berserk
00:41:49poskus axe
00:41:56poskus u hit
00:41:56poskus like
00:41:59poskus nothing
00:42:03danstefan su man
00:42:07danstefan you died twice in a row
00:42:08Zulu he is our hero man
00:42:09TheyCallMeHaci pucks faul
00:42:10danstefan very bad
00:42:17slc2 ur fault
00:42:17TheyCallMeHaci at the last fight
00:42:18poskus u did nothing
00:42:18TheyCallMeHaci he died
00:42:21poskus twice in a row
00:42:22poskus very bad
00:42:23poskus :LD
00:42:24danstefan and yours clock for going down like a noob
00:42:25slc2 ¨didnt join the fight when mir ulti
00:42:34TheyCallMeHaci def
00:42:34danstefan dfend top
00:42:35TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:42:36danstefan at all costt
00:42:44Fyooree me b
00:43:37danstefan we need gang and push
00:43:43danstefan cause this noobs will die again like that
00:43:47danstefan and we will loose second side
00:43:59TheyCallMeHaci only
00:44:00TheyCallMeHaci def
00:44:00TheyCallMeHaci b
00:44:23TheyCallMeHaci b
00:44:31TheyCallMeHaci def in base
00:44:40TheyCallMeHaci see
00:44:41danstefan puck
00:44:49Oili b
00:45:01danstefan puck puck puck
00:45:18TheyCallMeHaci stryg ?
00:45:20TheyCallMeHaci when bkb finnish ?
00:45:28Oili who takes
00:45:31slc2 gogogoogogogogo
00:45:34KolleBolle vali
00:45:35danstefan invis or something
00:45:36j22koer go scout
00:45:38slc2 gogoog
00:45:40j22koer with that
00:45:58danstefan my bad
00:46:05danstefan ulti puck
00:46:08danstefan you stay with ulti
00:46:09danstefan why
00:46:10Fyooree nice..
00:46:16danstefan how bad can you do this
00:46:19danstefan wait for steal
00:46:30KolleBolle now we lost mid :D
00:46:38valiante how so?
00:46:38Fyooree how long is fuckin bkb....
00:46:41valiante they cant push it
00:46:42poskus push
00:46:50j22koer 10 sec is longa time in battle
00:46:54TheyCallMeHaci b
00:46:54TheyCallMeHaci b
00:46:54TheyCallMeHaci b
00:47:03TheyCallMeHaci go
00:47:04TheyCallMeHaci rosh
00:47:12slc2 god ide
00:47:12TheyCallMeHaci they are all alive
00:47:32danstefan i take?
00:47:35TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:47:36TheyCallMeHaci no
00:47:36slc2 no
00:47:37TheyCallMeHaci styrg
00:47:50j22koer smoke theur forest
00:47:52j22koer ?
00:48:04j22koer i see
00:48:13valiante TINY
00:48:15valiante U MOTEHRFUCKING WNKER
00:48:18valiante U ALWAYS LOOSE GAME
00:48:25TheyCallMeHaci b
00:48:26KolleBolle nah not rly
00:48:40TheyCallMeHaci stay in base
00:48:49slc2 they will go top
00:48:58danstefan we have good wards on the map
00:49:00danstefan aaa no wards
00:49:46danstefan b bood
00:49:53Fyooree $gj
00:49:59Oili b
00:50:01Oili bs bb
00:50:43TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:50:47j22koer :D
00:50:48j22koer whyy
00:50:48valiante wtf
00:50:49slc2 hehe baby
00:50:49valiante omfg
00:50:50valiante gh
00:50:50valiante rj
00:50:50j22koer :D
00:50:52Oili nice waste
00:51:09TheyCallMeHaci stramt game
00:51:14TheyCallMeHaci -ii
00:51:19slc2 totalt... det sidste gang jeg spiller puck hehe
00:51:32TheyCallMeHaci du skal bare passe på nu
00:51:53danstefan b
00:52:01TheyCallMeHaci go
00:52:11Zulu owne
00:52:12Zulu d
00:52:12Fyooree yeah well
00:52:16valiante its impossible to win with 3 x retards
00:52:18slc2 go get bot
00:52:22valiante BACK
00:52:23valiante BACK
00:52:28danstefan i am low on mana now
00:52:41TheyCallMeHaci get blademail
00:52:43TheyCallMeHaci your noob
00:52:46danstefan no
00:52:49danstefan i wanted to go blsaddemail
00:52:52danstefan but when you told me
00:52:56danstefan i switched
00:53:03danstefan you are 3
00:53:06danstefan are you out of your mind
00:53:13danstefan go back
00:53:17valiante all together
00:53:18valiante guys
00:53:20slc2 shh
00:53:23TheyCallMeHaci b
00:53:24Fyooree birds of a feather now
00:53:33danstefan shhh to your mother
00:53:52TheyCallMeHaci b
00:53:53danstefan see noob?
00:53:56danstefan next time listem to me
00:54:18TheyCallMeHaci blademail
00:54:25TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:30poskus nice nice
00:54:31danstefan i was guinsoed
00:54:33danstefan sry
00:54:34poskus ow trly?
00:54:37TheyCallMeHaci lost
00:54:47danstefan sry about htat
00:55:01danstefan focus one target
00:55:09Oili na??
00:55:34danstefan omg puck
00:55:35danstefan so bad
00:55:42Zulu du har diffuesal ffs
00:55:46Zulu brug den inden jeg dør
00:55:52TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:55:55poskus :DDD
00:55:56poskus this puck
00:55:59poskus i so imba
00:56:04Fyooree hehe
00:56:04danstefan omg
00:56:05danstefan oom
00:56:09danstefan how the hell
00:56:17danstefan they have difusal?
00:56:45valiante b
00:56:47valiante im getting my hot
00:56:49valiante then we go again
00:56:55Zulu hvis du havde brugt diffuesal på Qop inden silence gik ud, så var han død
00:56:59KolleBolle got ac now
00:57:00TheyCallMeHaci det
00:57:01TheyCallMeHaci gjorde
00:57:02TheyCallMeHaci jeg også
00:57:04TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:57:09Zulu ...
00:57:11valiante i got dd
00:57:13valiante go top
00:57:13TheyCallMeHaci plus var igang med en anden
00:57:20TheyCallMeHaci du skal ikke fokuse ham
00:57:22TheyCallMeHaci han dør ikk
00:57:29Zulu min farm
00:57:37TheyCallMeHaci hvad køber du ?
00:57:39TheyCallMeHaci gå sy
00:57:40Zulu heart
00:57:44valiante wtf
00:57:48TheyCallMeHaci det har du ikke brug for
00:57:52TheyCallMeHaci du har brug for skade
00:57:54Oili follow captaimn
00:58:00TheyCallMeHaci clock
00:58:01Zulu butterfly ?
00:58:04TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:58:07TheyCallMeHaci eller sy
00:58:12poskus clock what
00:58:22TheyCallMeHaci all
00:59:26danstefan akasha carryer?
00:59:31danstefan tjis is what you wanted to become puck?
00:59:32poskus wont go in without bkb ;/
00:59:34danstefan caryr with support?
00:59:48Zulu only 5 sec left on it. went out fast
01:00:01Fyooree ivnis
01:00:32danstefan she has like 4k hp
01:00:33Zulu push pls
01:00:38Zulu mirana go top
01:00:40Zulu jeg tager mid
01:00:40danstefan push now?
01:00:41valiante next time
01:00:44valiante just get that rax
01:00:49valiante thats all that really matters
01:00:53Zulu pls push
01:01:10Zulu psuh or rosjh
01:01:13TheyCallMeHaci rosh
01:01:16TheyCallMeHaci fsat
01:01:16TheyCallMeHaci go
01:01:17TheyCallMeHaci 40
01:01:17TheyCallMeHaci sec
01:01:19TheyCallMeHaci left
01:01:26danstefan where is the bird?
01:01:33slc2 iop i dig
01:01:41valiante guys
01:01:43valiante lets go again
01:01:45danstefan me?
01:02:09danstefan TOP
01:02:10danstefan FAST
01:02:18Zulu mid me
01:02:19Zulu for hp
01:02:23TheyCallMeHaci k
01:02:28Oili na tp
01:02:44Fyooree sry
01:02:55Fyooree they warded
01:02:56Fyooree woods
01:03:00danstefan i took bird
01:03:02danstefan it was mine first
01:03:16j22koer get those sacrab our
01:03:17j22koer out
01:03:26j22koer scarabs
01:03:28Oili tiny hold gem?
01:03:30TheyCallMeHaci get smoke
01:03:31TheyCallMeHaci someone
01:03:35valiante b
01:03:42TheyCallMeHaci gather
01:03:43TheyCallMeHaci all
01:03:43TheyCallMeHaci now
01:03:49TheyCallMeHaci clock
01:03:49Fyooree not sure we need gem so bad
01:03:53valiante we do
01:03:54poskus i bait
01:03:58TheyCallMeHaci no
01:03:58danstefan lol
01:03:59TheyCallMeHaci xcome
01:04:00TheyCallMeHaci omg
01:04:01valiante hes bait
01:04:04valiante so only one goes
01:04:05Zulu gjh
01:04:08danstefan they may jhave eyes here
01:04:12TheyCallMeHaci go
01:04:14valiante i bait with tiny
01:04:51TheyCallMeHaci push
01:04:52KolleBolle all the fucking time
01:04:55KolleBolle all goes on me
01:04:55poskus b
01:04:56poskus revived
01:04:57KolleBolle sad game
01:05:05TheyCallMeHaci b
01:05:29danstefan why do i listen to you guys
01:05:43Oili now or never
01:05:47danstefan they killed 3 of us in 2 vs 5
01:05:49KolleBolle some1 took the gem?
01:05:55poskus \cause nwe were
01:05:56poskus so low
01:05:56valiante dont backdoor
01:05:56poskus ?
01:05:57poskus mby
01:05:58poskus ?
01:05:59Zulu well ppl go 1 at a time
01:06:01Oili i clear top
01:06:02Zulu no suprise
01:06:23danstefan rebuy
01:06:25danstefan blood?
01:06:50poskus I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:06:51poskus bg
01:06:54danstefan trohne
01:06:59Oili gg
01:07:07danstefan gg
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