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52% | 1166 X | 1355 TS

Chat log

00:00:00A-tzangol [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Vaj.CO with 59 seconds.
00:00:17atte want wisp or spec?
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw no
00:00:17fUNCh oeh atte+strom
00:00:17atte or huskar?
00:00:17fUNCh 2fiidrs in my tema
00:00:17atte want wisp?
00:00:17fUNCh i can
00:00:17fUNCh husk or wisp
00:00:17yeW- Ban that Husk :D
00:00:17Strom I want rubick
00:00:17atte spec
00:00:17fUNCh i can rubic also
00:00:17Smokeer ban that spec
00:00:17fUNCh i'm better rubic than strom
00:00:17mrk rubic
00:00:17Smokeer rubick
00:00:18BoBo.Ftw :D
00:00:22BoBo.Ftw nobody will be better now
00:00:29A-tzangol whisp
00:00:33A-tzangol if anyone wants
00:00:33yeW- You've gotta be shitting meh :D.
00:00:34atte well i would played it myself
00:00:34atte so
00:00:36atte :DD
00:00:36yeW- -clear
00:00:38Smokeer urself?
00:00:54mrk i hope someone wanted this
00:00:58A-tzangol :)
00:00:59Flex- i didnt
00:01:00Flex- ;D
00:01:01atte who wanted this
00:01:03yeW- -clear
00:01:04Smokeer xD
00:01:05fUNCh i can
00:01:06A-tzangol well i can
00:01:06atte take bat guys
00:01:07A-tzangol but
00:01:08A-tzangol i am not good
00:01:10mrk i can aswell
00:01:15mrk but i only have 1 game played with it
00:01:16mrk ever
00:01:17mrk i think
00:01:18yeW- banning rubick
00:01:19yeW- bold move mate
00:01:20yeW- -clear
00:01:28Vaj.CO do u want bat?
00:01:32yeW- zeus.
00:01:33Smokeer zeus wtf
00:01:34yeW- lol
00:01:36yeW- ur kiddin
00:01:36atte well i could
00:01:36yeW- mate
00:01:37yeW- -clear
00:01:39atte or necro
00:01:40Smokeer swap zeus?
00:01:40Smokeer xD
00:01:41Vaj.CO idc
00:01:42fUNCh diffu sniper ?
00:01:42Smokeer nooo
00:01:44mrk get me necro
00:01:44Vaj.CO i can both
00:01:46Smokeer i lost
00:01:49Smokeer tell me
00:01:50atte give me necro
00:01:50Flex- necro
00:01:50Smokeer pick
00:01:51fUNCh what i pick
00:01:52Smokeer hero
00:01:52yeW- they're gonna eat u
00:01:52Flex- would be awesome here
00:01:53yeW- zeus
00:01:53Flex- :D
00:01:54yeW- alive
00:01:54atte -swap 5
00:01:55yeW- -clear
00:01:55fUNCh -swap 1
00:02:00Smokeer what u pick?
00:02:01Smokeer i
00:02:02mrk shitting me
00:02:06Smokeer zzz
00:02:06yeW- ck mid?
00:02:11Strom funch
00:02:12Strom kana
00:02:13Flex- WTF ARE THEESE PICKS ?!?! :D
00:02:15fUNCh tra
00:02:16mrk :DDDDDDDDDd
00:02:18A-tzangol ez
00:02:18A-tzangol a
00:02:19A-tzangol xd
00:02:24yeW- me and nessaj
00:02:26yeW- we can rape
00:02:26yeW- raxes
00:02:28yeW- in no time
00:02:29mrk well
00:02:30Flex- sure you can
00:02:30yeW- gotta prolong
00:02:31yeW- shit
00:02:31Flex- and ill die
00:02:31yeW- game
00:02:32Smokeer push
00:02:34Flex- like a little bitch
00:02:37mrk well eza zeus
00:02:38mrk makes sense
00:02:42mrk actually
00:02:42yeW- ye
00:02:44yeW- except
00:02:45mrk our lanes all make sense
00:02:45Flex- \lol
00:02:47yeW- theyre foo
00:02:48Flex- :D
00:02:48Vaj.CO na 2 fb ok?
00:02:48yeW- -clear
00:02:50yeW- d
00:02:50A-tzangol eza
00:02:52A-tzangol spam mana
00:02:54A-tzangol on zeus
00:02:55A-tzangol ok?
00:02:55BoBo.Ftw k
00:02:57Smokeer sure
00:03:00A-tzangol more than urself
00:03:03Vaj.CO sprav
00:03:04Smokeer zeus spam linghtning
00:03:09mrk share
00:03:11Flex- yup
00:03:12Flex- i will
00:03:12Smokeer ck
00:03:12Vaj.CO zeus ten pojde rychlo
00:03:12Flex- -hhn
00:03:13Smokeer stfu
00:03:16yeW- smoker alway forgets to share
00:03:17yeW- xD
00:03:18Smokeer dont whine and worry
00:03:21Smokeer like im not ur mom
00:03:23yeW- :O
00:04:07Flex- dont stand near me
00:04:12Strom lvl2 saan
00:04:24yeW- tt!
00:04:25Flex- your dumb
00:04:26BoBo.Ftw DIE!!
00:04:28Smokeer t
00:04:29Smokeer tt
00:04:33Vaj.CO ouu smoker
00:05:12yeW- :/
00:05:15Flex- \you got lvl 1 1
00:05:19Flex- wave..
00:05:29Smokeer so?
00:05:38Smokeer stick just
00:05:42Flex- get leak
00:05:57Strom varsti mul mana
00:06:02yeW- lemme
00:06:02yeW- u lane
00:06:10atte ss
00:06:10Flex- GET LEAK
00:06:11Strom võtame wispi
00:06:15Smokeer 2lvl
00:06:16Flex- thats all that matters
00:06:20BoBo.Ftw sraci vyjebani
00:06:21Flex- well you got wave
00:06:21atte re
00:06:23Smokeer y
00:06:27Flex- no need for it
00:06:29Flex- we dont wanna push lane
00:06:37Smokeer zzzz
00:06:37Strom tra salve
00:06:40Smokeer ok
00:06:41Smokeer 25min ff
00:06:43mrk go behind husk
00:06:49yeW- obviously
00:06:49Flex- DONT WAVE
00:06:49Flex- EVER
00:07:08A-tzangol gang mid
00:07:10mrk :D
00:07:12atte ss
00:07:15mrk god i really dont know this hero
00:07:15A-tzangol invio
00:07:18atte re
00:07:41Smokeer oom
00:07:43Smokeer i b bas?E
00:07:56Smokeer spam
00:08:01A-tzangol invi btm
00:08:04BoBo.Ftw dame
00:08:06A-tzangol whisp
00:08:19atte ss
00:08:21yeW- oh god
00:08:34A-tzangol y
00:08:37Flex- tell me about it...
00:08:40Strom mis top 2
00:08:46Flex- mana me
00:08:48Vaj.CO :D nemam ziadny farm
00:08:49Strom re 1
00:08:59BoBo.Ftw neva ale davas to pekne
00:09:01Smokeer ill -60x
00:09:04Smokeer i dont care
00:09:05Vaj.CO ved to je jasne
00:09:09atte ck regen top
00:09:10atte care
00:09:12atte ck wisp in
00:09:15Strom ye b
00:09:24yeW- warded
00:09:29BoBo.Ftw 2 najvacsich flamerov sme schytali na lajnu
00:09:30Strom stay safe
00:09:31Smokeer why- flex
00:09:32Vaj.CO uz im dosli wardy
00:09:34Smokeer ur waste mana
00:09:36Smokeer creep
00:09:37Smokeer not mke
00:09:38Smokeer FUCK YOU
00:09:40Flex- they
00:09:41Flex- are not
00:09:42Flex- here
00:09:43Smokeer ASSHOLE
00:09:44Flex- right/
00:09:47Flex- i got kotl
00:09:47Flex- here
00:10:15BoBo.Ftw ok
00:10:17BoBo.Ftw ber si uz farm
00:10:25atte eza mid
00:10:42A-tzangol ss
00:10:43mrk why u ran
00:10:45Flex- ...
00:10:50mrk i can tether
00:10:51yeW- cuz he 6
00:10:51Smokeer i came
00:10:53mrk and keep stunning
00:10:53Smokeer ck didint gang
00:10:54mrk till infinity
00:10:55Smokeer he farm
00:10:58Smokeer i hav eno idea
00:11:04Flex- jsut stay here
00:11:06Flex- and give me mana
00:11:07Smokeer nah
00:11:10Smokeer u flame more
00:11:13Smokeer when i there
00:11:16Flex- because
00:11:17Flex- you didnt ask
00:11:18Flex- what to do
00:11:21mrk cmon
00:11:23Smokeer i didint pick eza
00:11:24Flex- they are farming
00:11:25Flex- and i cant stop
00:11:28Smokeer u guys made me
00:11:33Strom mis top 2
00:11:37A-tzangol go bat
00:11:39Strom re 1
00:11:52atte ss
00:11:56atte i go meka
00:12:00mrk jesus ck:D
00:12:02mrk why u so scared
00:12:03A-tzangol idd
00:12:07Vaj.CO 4 bot
00:12:13BoBo.Ftw az 4 museli prist :d
00:12:13Strom I come bot
00:12:13yeW- SCARY
00:12:24Flex- mana?
00:12:41atte had heal
00:12:43atte 1mana
00:12:46Vaj.CO too late
00:12:48Vaj.CO :/
00:12:56A-tzangol gj top
00:12:58yeW- :D
00:13:06atte ghost sceps
00:13:10atte removes web
00:13:16Smokeer spam\
00:13:17yeW- -ma
00:13:18Flex- lol?
00:13:47Smokeer ok
00:13:56A-tzangol lol
00:13:57A-tzangol lol
00:13:58A-tzangol lol
00:14:02A-tzangol i thought this was bat hp
00:14:03A-tzangol ahaha
00:14:06Flex- fucking great
00:14:07A-tzangol ahaha
00:14:10mrk :D
00:14:11A-tzangol ahaha
00:14:19mrk i suggest u guys
00:14:21mrk not really worry
00:14:41Flex- where is currier/
00:14:48Flex- k
00:14:48fUNCh -ms
00:14:53Flex- need
00:14:53Flex- wards
00:15:06A-tzangol comon...
00:15:07Flex- mana me
00:15:13Smokeer u have much mana
00:15:17Flex- so
00:15:19Flex- its cd based
00:15:21Flex- spam it
00:16:08Smokeer zeus???
00:16:35Flex- wtf
00:16:35Flex- ck
00:16:42A-tzangol scared
00:16:43A-tzangol :)
00:17:03yeW- oO
00:17:20Flex- awesome game
00:17:24Flex- smoke can we have wards plz
00:17:24Flex- ;D
00:17:26mrk no kidding
00:17:28Smokeer no
00:17:30Smokeer no money
00:17:40mrk ure rich
00:17:42mrk compared to me
00:17:51Smokeer i got 14sec
00:17:54Smokeer i mean
00:17:54Smokeer cs
00:18:00mrk i have 8
00:18:02mrk and 5 deaths
00:18:04mrk so stop whining
00:18:14Strom bait cent
00:18:24mrk ck what are you even doing
00:18:29mrk :D
00:18:29Vaj.CO care
00:18:33Flex- god knows
00:18:35Flex- what hes doing
00:18:40mrk eza
00:18:42mrk why are you running
00:18:45mrk naga is full on fighitng
00:18:53atte b
00:19:04yeW- buy me a tp ls
00:19:11Strom dd bot
00:19:17Flex- smoke
00:19:19yeW- or not
00:19:19Flex- for god sakes
00:19:20Flex- get wards
00:19:23BoBo.Ftw shall i get mana or phase boots capt?
00:19:36Flex- lol
00:19:42mrk bootsid tulid
00:19:43Smokeer some take wards
00:19:46fUNCh :D
00:19:48atte botased :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:19:50mrk tänks mees
00:20:04yeW- BLABL
00:20:06Flex- i give up
00:20:06A-tzangol lol
00:20:07Flex- we get wards
00:20:09Flex- at 17 min
00:20:17mrk as said
00:20:18mrk dont worry
00:20:59yeW- aight
00:20:59Flex- EXCELENT
00:21:02yeW- eza
00:21:03yeW- plug
00:21:10yeW- ur useless
00:21:13yeW- make it a 4v4
00:21:15yeW- more chance to win
00:21:19Smokeer nah
00:21:42Vaj.CO tt
00:21:46A-tzangol sick
00:21:51mrk :D
00:21:51atte run to me and i heal
00:22:00Flex- cant evenb place wards
00:22:49A-tzangol thats lol
00:22:51yeW- lord..
00:22:53A-tzangol y
00:23:01yeW- just go fuckin leave
00:23:02yeW- jesus
00:23:04mrk if you didnt
00:23:05mrk foresee this
00:23:07mrk @ minute 3
00:23:14Flex- well
00:23:15A-tzangol lol
00:23:16Flex- we could have done
00:23:20A-tzangol we didnt foreseer
00:23:21Flex- way better on lane
00:23:23A-tzangol i suck that much
00:23:24A-tzangol and u
00:23:26A-tzangol even more
00:23:44yeW- bot tough much?
00:23:44mrk i know i suck
00:23:45yeW- zz
00:23:47mrk thats why i said this is
00:23:51mrk my 2nd time wisp forever
00:23:57Vaj.CO 20 mins no raxes nice
00:23:57A-tzangol i told you
00:23:59A-tzangol let me >.>
00:24:03mrk what?
00:24:06mrk i picked it
00:24:06mrk to swap
00:24:08A-tzangol y
00:24:08mrk noone said a thing
00:24:09A-tzangol i told
00:24:10Strom well weh avent lost towers either
00:24:14A-tzangol i will but i am not good
00:24:16atte b then
00:24:16A-tzangol u are awful
00:24:20mrk oh
00:24:25mrk i thought that was like
00:24:25BoBo.Ftw we just owned bot so hard
00:24:32mrk because
00:24:36mrk not that i want to swap :PD
00:24:41mrk anyway
00:24:49mrk i didnt lose the game singlehandedlyt
00:24:54mrk so team effor anyways
00:25:00Flex- mana
00:25:09atte oom
00:25:34yeW- zz
00:25:35Flex- Hah
00:25:41fUNCh ölulz
00:25:42fUNCh lulz
00:25:48Flex- hes got reaver
00:25:49Flex- :D
00:26:11A-tzangol never dont let the 2 last guyz go lane together
00:26:18atte wp
00:26:19A-tzangol -dont
00:26:21A-tzangol y
00:26:21A-tzangol idd
00:26:21Flex- dont blame mne
00:26:22yeW- ye
00:26:22Flex- ever
00:26:24Flex- for this one
00:26:26yeW- extremely wp
00:26:27Flex- smokeer
00:26:28A-tzangol i am not
00:26:29Flex- refused to play
00:26:31Flex- normally
00:26:44atte mana
00:26:54atte oom
00:27:23Flex- lol
00:27:29yeW- zz
00:27:29A-tzangol xD
00:27:31yeW- get the fuck off
00:27:32yeW- sob
00:27:32Flex- :D
00:27:32atte op
00:27:34atte oom
00:27:35mrk :D
00:27:40atte :E
00:27:40Flex- :D
00:27:40BoBo.Ftw f
00:27:40atte mana
00:27:40atte i heal
00:27:40atte all
00:27:40Strom does naga
00:27:40Strom have
00:27:40Strom diffu
00:27:40atte y
00:27:40BoBo.Ftw y
00:27:40Strom then I need
00:27:40atte but he lagging
00:27:40Strom to escape
00:27:40Strom illusions
00:27:40Strom to save mana
00:27:40Flex- Well
00:27:40Flex- lets balance this mother
00:27:40A-tzangol i say ff in 20 sec
00:27:50yeW- zz
00:27:52A-tzangol If we balance it
00:27:57atte lol
00:27:58atte was afk
00:28:00A-tzangol 2 or 3 should leave from senti
00:28:22A-tzangol all dead
00:29:17yeW- f
00:29:19yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:20yeW- go ff it
00:29:20atte BUM
00:29:22yeW- u fuckin bobs
00:29:22Smokeer I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:22A-tzangol I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:22yeW- -clear
00:29:23atte :DD
00:29:24Flex- XD
00:29:24mrk gg wp
00:29:25mrk I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:30Flex- its over
00:29:31Flex- :D
00:29:31BoBo.Ftw wp eza
00:29:34Flex- :DD
00:29:35Vaj.CO :D
00:29:42yeW- naps
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