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83% | 1468 X | 1424 TS

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Chat log

00:00:07TheyCallMeHaci -ap
00:00:07TheyCallMeHaci go
00:00:09WANKmaster -[]ap
00:00:14NwC.CooL-T -ap
00:00:41WANKmaster slarda lion top
00:00:42Strom don't forget chicken brown
00:00:44WANKmaster na krobe bot
00:00:500Xxo0_o i up
00:00:510Xxo0_o plz
00:01:06TheyCallMeHaci no salve omg
00:01:100Xxo0_o and
00:01:10TheyCallMeHaci have fun
00:01:130Xxo0_o me pull
00:01:13WANKmaster na u pull
00:01:150Xxo0_o go u down
00:01:15TheyCallMeHaci what is lanes ?
00:01:190Xxo0_o and morf up
00:01:20TheyCallMeHaci su
00:01:21WANKmaster and try to leave krobe solo
00:01:24WANKmaster so he gets levels
00:01:250Xxo0_o retard ?
00:01:29TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:01:290Xxo0_o wp dude
00:01:32Strom ok sven lina bot
00:01:33TheyCallMeHaci did you just call me retard
00:01:360Xxo0_o y
00:01:42fUNCh lastpick tb calling others retarded
00:01:42TheyCallMeHaci this game is so lost
00:01:45TheyCallMeHaci 2 farmers top
00:01:480Xxo0_o xD
00:01:53TheyCallMeHaci gj strom
00:01:54Strom well 1 good lane
00:01:54TheyCallMeHaci 2x farmers top
00:01:57Strom is better than no lanes
00:02:00Strom please man
00:02:020Xxo0_o funch is very good player
00:02:04TheyCallMeHaci that is right
00:02:04Strom listen to my advice
00:02:07Strom not my first game
00:02:070Xxo0_o carry
00:02:110Xxo0_o no1
00:02:16Strom share chicken
00:02:34Grool -afk
00:02:45GottHasstMich sry phone
00:03:55GottHasstMich let me farm
00:03:56GottHasstMich u harrase
00:04:57GottHasstMich am i speaking fucking japanese?
00:05:07Grool conichi wa?
00:05:20TheyCallMeHaci 16 cs on 3 min good ?
00:05:23GottHasstMich JESUS
00:05:24GottHasstMich STOP IT
00:05:26mansikka no
00:05:27GottHasstMich u dont need any farm
00:05:28GottHasstMich ffs
00:05:28TheyCallMeHaci k
00:05:30mansikka let me get boots
00:05:34mansikka so i can go gang
00:06:08GottHasstMich gol tb
00:06:31GottHasstMich slow
00:06:44TheyCallMeHaci tango
00:07:17mamyka CAREMID
00:07:24mamyka b
00:07:24mamyka b
00:07:38TheyCallMeHaci wank
00:08:31fUNCh ss2 top
00:08:38TheyCallMeHaci 2 bot ss
00:09:020Xxo0_o -music off
00:09:15GottHasstMich ....
00:09:26GottHasstMich ???
00:09:30Grool dude
00:09:31GottHasstMich share ffs
00:09:34Grool u think im stupid?
00:09:36fUNCh tnx
00:09:38mamyka dno
00:09:40Grool u touched my hero
00:09:41TheyCallMeHaci lina
00:09:41mamyka )
00:09:41GottHasstMich are u idiot ?
00:09:42TheyCallMeHaci come again
00:09:42Grool = unshare
00:09:42GottHasstMich LOL
00:09:44mansikka y
00:09:46GottHasstMich FUCKTARD
00:09:48GottHasstMich I DID NOTHING
00:09:50GottHasstMich SHARE
00:09:52GottHasstMich or i banreq u
00:09:57GottHasstMich they see that i didnt used ur fucking hero
00:09:58mansikka xD
00:10:02GottHasstMich STrom
00:10:06GottHasstMich can u tell that lion
00:10:07Grool who was it
00:10:09GottHasstMich that unsharing without any reason
00:10:10GottHasstMich is bannable
00:10:11GottHasstMich pls
00:10:17GottHasstMich im so sick of that new kind of players
00:10:18GottHasstMich ...
00:10:23GottHasstMich not knowing rules
00:10:30GottHasstMich share
00:10:30GottHasstMich no
00:10:34GottHasstMich now
00:10:39GottHasstMich i didnt used ur hero
00:10:40Grool im sick of kids
00:10:41GottHasstMich watched wank in mid
00:10:42Grool that think
00:10:49Grool threads can get them what they want
00:10:500Xxo0_o ss2
00:10:54TheyCallMeHaci Why allways focus me wank ?
00:11:08Grool well
00:11:10Grool invo
00:11:13Grool used my hero
00:11:17mansikka ss2
00:11:19mansikka bot
00:11:23mamyka ss 2 bot
00:11:23Grool 1 time for sure
00:11:28Grool 2nd time dont know
00:11:45NwC.CooL-T ????? ??????? ???
00:11:49NwC.CooL-T ?? ????? ??? ???????
00:11:560Xxo0_o later plz
00:11:590Xxo0_o again
00:12:13mamyka ??? ?? ???????
00:12:36mamyka ?? ??? 2
00:12:39mamyka ss
00:12:40mamyka bot
00:12:46Strom mingi tb tuli lambist mid pushima :D :D
00:12:50WANKmaster ;:D
00:13:01TheyCallMeHaci go
00:13:18fUNCh low mana
00:13:19fUNCh etc
00:13:200Xxo0_o up gang
00:13:32mansikka XDDDDD
00:13:32Grool ss 2
00:13:45Grool morph
00:14:110Xxo0_o up gg
00:14:14GottHasstMich ty
00:14:41Strom mid mis
00:14:42NwC.CooL-T need gank
00:15:03mansikka skill slow
00:15:11WANKmaster ss
00:15:12WANKmaster mid
00:15:30TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:15:32GottHasstMich jesus
00:15:33mansikka ty
00:15:40TheyCallMeHaci tb gj
00:15:41TheyCallMeHaci nice done
00:15:470Xxo0_o who use me ?
00:15:59NwC.CooL-T go
00:16:14Strom mid still mis
00:16:18TheyCallMeHaci gank bot
00:16:20TheyCallMeHaci free kils
00:17:00Strom mid miss
00:17:01Strom na goes bot
00:17:17TheyCallMeHaci kill
00:17:330Xxo0_o kill
00:17:44TheyCallMeHaci strom
00:17:45TheyCallMeHaci kill
00:18:06mamyka omg lion
00:18:19Grool omg what
00:18:21Grool mr failor?
00:18:210Xxo0_o om g
00:18:52TheyCallMeHaci lost
00:19:07Strom we need wards
00:20:010Xxo0_o sven yea ure carry
00:20:02fUNCh na invis
00:20:030Xxo0_o ffs
00:20:51TheyCallMeHaci well you dont know how to play a carry hero
00:20:53TheyCallMeHaci so i need to
00:21:24WANKmaster grool
00:21:25WANKmaster share
00:21:26WANKmaster ffs
00:21:33TheyCallMeHaci got blink
00:21:37Grool tzz
00:21:40GottHasstMich :D
00:21:41Grool if anyone of U
00:21:45TheyCallMeHaci w8 top
00:21:46Grool use my hero
00:21:51Grool ONCE MORE
00:21:53Grool ill unshare all
00:21:55Grool got it?
00:23:32TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:23:45mansikka go b
00:24:02TheyCallMeHaci g
00:24:04TheyCallMeHaci g
00:24:04fUNCh master carry
00:24:08TheyCallMeHaci u2
00:24:15TheyCallMeHaci picking morph
00:24:22fUNCh morf is nice
00:24:23TheyCallMeHaci right after strom picks cary
00:25:17WANKmaster wait
00:25:33TheyCallMeHaci well gg wp noobs
00:25:41TheyCallMeHaci tb gameruiner
00:25:44GottHasstMich mana plx
00:25:45TheyCallMeHaci that sucks really much
00:25:51mamyka cd
00:25:54TheyCallMeHaci waste of my time
00:25:580Xxo0_o stfu
00:26:010Xxo0_o carry
00:26:06TheyCallMeHaci i hope that get banned
00:26:070Xxo0_o go farm lines
00:26:37WANKmaster cant go
00:26:38WANKmaster like that
00:27:410Xxo0_o omg
00:28:27Strom don't die
00:28:41TheyCallMeHaci go feed top
00:28:42TheyCallMeHaci after
00:28:44TheyCallMeHaci tell me to dont die
00:28:53TheyCallMeHaci fuckin tb
00:29:03TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:12Strom just go to fountain
00:29:13Strom don't die
00:30:22GottHasstMich CATCH ME IF U CAN OGOG
00:30:41mansikka I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:53Strom not lsot
00:31:02mansikka ok
00:31:14Strom we fight properly with 5 now
00:31:15Grool b
00:31:17Strom no entries
00:31:530Xxo0_o up chick plz
00:32:240Xxo0_o wp guys
00:32:30WANKmaster well
00:32:32WANKmaster lion farmin woods
00:32:34GottHasstMich that was shiddyyy
00:32:35GottHasstMich :D
00:32:35TheyCallMeHaci cant say the same to you
00:32:38WANKmaster and making dagon
00:32:42WANKmaster kinda no way we can win
00:32:51Grool tzzz
00:32:52Grool HAHAH
00:32:55Grool mid racks gone
00:32:56Grool HAHAH
00:32:57TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:32:59TheyCallMeHaci see
00:33:03WANKmaster so ?
00:33:05Grool dude u hear urself talking sometimes?
00:33:11WANKmaster u think its over allready?
00:33:18Grool u think we loose??
00:33:19WANKmaster DUDE
00:33:23Grool or especially even
00:33:26Grool NO WAY TO WIN?
00:33:32WANKmaster and u talking to me?
00:33:33WANKmaster :D:D:D:D:D
00:33:34Grool blablabla
00:33:35WANKmaster jesus krist
00:33:38Grool nerd language
00:33:56Grool bring it on
00:34:11TheyCallMeHaci take him down
00:34:13TheyCallMeHaci so i have stun again
00:34:18TheyCallMeHaci nvm
00:34:19TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:550Xxo0_o omg
00:35:000Xxo0_o unshare all ?
00:35:06mansikka y
00:35:07TheyCallMeHaci why ?
00:35:160Xxo0_o any retard still use me
00:35:26Strom fight
00:35:340Xxo0_o w8888
00:35:48WANKmaster gj
00:35:49WANKmaster guys
00:35:51WANKmaster really
00:35:54TheyCallMeHaci 2hp
00:36:57mamyka can we go all?
00:37:14GottHasstMich srsly
00:37:15GottHasstMich lion
00:37:19GottHasstMich u are as useful
00:37:20GottHasstMich as paper
00:37:27Grool paper is useful
00:37:28Grool isnt it
00:37:29GottHasstMich ill quit that shit now
00:37:38mansikka lets get mid tower
00:37:40mansikka ?
00:37:46Strom wait I farm tp
00:37:48mamyka go bkb noob
00:38:22Strom ok I'm ready
00:38:26TheyCallMeHaci go mid
00:38:26mamyka or bladmale
00:38:26TheyCallMeHaci all
00:38:31fUNCh got 4 illus
00:39:42Strom "got 4 illus" (TM) funch
00:39:43TheyCallMeHaci hmm you are ready, but our team is not
00:39:45fUNCh :D
00:39:48Strom how about bringing those illus to battle
00:39:58NwC.CooL-T go top invo
00:40:050Xxo0_o we lose without pink
00:40:16mansikka XD
00:40:16Strom I won't make that mistake again
00:40:19Strom I will buy gem asap
00:40:27Strom na fucking waited for bkb to end
00:41:26TheyCallMeHaci na
00:41:27TheyCallMeHaci kileld me
00:41:38Strom pls
00:41:42TheyCallMeHaci mansikka noob
00:41:48mansikka i pro
00:41:52TheyCallMeHaci yea really
00:41:55Strom no need to take last hits from me
00:42:02Strom I'm trying to hold thuis game together
00:42:19mansikka allright
00:42:200Xxo0_o wt
00:43:02Strom don't chase outside
00:43:34mamyka gem obsi
00:43:57Strom b
00:44:08Strom do not go fight outside before we have ward
00:44:12Strom now we have it
00:44:17GottHasstMich :D
00:44:170Xxo0_o xD
00:45:09TheyCallMeHaci Gg
00:45:11Strom bg
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