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-46 X
-3 TS

44% | 1100 X | 1325 TS

-2 X
-1 TS

30% | 1042 X | 1273 TS

-33 X
-6 TS

NEW | 1095 X | 1030 TS

-31 X
-2 TS

13% | 1035 X | 1090 TS

-1 X
-2 TS

2% | 826 X | 1089 TS

+41 X
+4 TS

50% | 1163 X | 1334 TS

+32 X
+1 TS

38% | 1111 X | 1269 TS

-2 X
+35 TS

NEW | 1014 X | 990 TS

+55 X
+39 TS

NEW | 1000 X | 1000 TS

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+16 TS

NEW | 923 X | 1071 TS

Chat log

00:00:04edgarass ap
00:00:04Pojetz ??
00:00:04Platscher -ap
00:00:14Doomy brown dont forget the chick
00:00:23madmaker edgarass, omg who is reading rules ?
00:00:24madmaker :D
00:00:25Pojetz aa u mid?
00:00:35Doomy everybody there
00:00:39madmaker ermm
00:00:43Pojetz u pull wd
00:00:44madmaker me never :(
00:00:44edgarass lanes?
00:00:45Doomy u can be banned
00:00:49madmaker k
00:00:51Pieti ok
00:00:54madmaker sorry for that
00:00:55madmaker :(
00:00:57edgarass me with centaur
00:01:06Doomy i advise u to read them
00:01:17edgarass yeah do this after the game
00:01:32Doomy this is a short page
00:01:35Doomy dont be affraid
00:01:39edgarass so you wont ask stupid questions and pick wrong heroes and waste our time
00:01:42Platscher i lagg ?
00:01:46edgarass no
00:01:47Isawthat -
00:01:49Platscher k
00:01:50Doomy dunno
00:01:54Platscher gl & hf
00:01:56madmaker edgarass, if you playing dota
00:02:00madmaker you got lots of times :)
00:02:00Platscher dirty talk is allowed ;)
00:02:03Doomy early game play safe
00:02:07madmaker dota is time wasting
00:02:18Platscher rune
00:02:21edgarass say miss pls
00:02:41madmaker ss 1
00:03:24Doomy damn
00:03:26Doomy hotkeys
00:03:32Doomy doesnt work
00:04:21Pojetz pull
00:04:40madmaker ss wd
00:05:01Platscher laggy ....
00:05:10Doomy how can i start hotkeys?
00:05:39Doomy ss
00:05:44Doomy low lifez
00:05:44edgarass ss
00:05:48edgarass es
00:05:57Doomy re
00:06:32Doomy /w dota
00:06:33Doomy ss
00:06:46Isawthat sry
00:07:33edgarass ss2
00:07:44Platscher OFC OMFG
00:07:54Doomy /w Dotahotkeys: on
00:08:09Doomy ss
00:08:19Platscher ss mid
00:08:26Isawthat sooner?
00:08:32Isawthat frostbite
00:08:33Isawthat ?
00:08:48Doomy /w Hotkeys: on
00:08:59Shiningstone WAS ON CD
00:09:12edgarass ss2
00:09:17madmaker ss
00:09:18madmaker ss 2
00:09:23madmaker re2
00:09:27Doomy ss
00:09:28Isawthat lier
00:09:49Pojetz leets kill
00:09:51Pojetz k?
00:09:55Pieti y
00:09:56Pojetz after pull
00:09:59Pojetz go pull
00:10:00edgarass centaur go stun es
00:10:00madmaker ss
00:10:01madmaker 2
00:10:15Isawthat ss top
00:10:16Platscher ss
00:10:17Platscher mid
00:10:17Isawthat top1
00:10:26Platscher re
00:10:34Pojetz :S:S:S
00:10:38madmaker :)
00:10:41Platscher OFC
00:10:42Pojetz oh
00:10:43Pojetz oh
00:10:44Pojetz oh
00:10:45Platscher this game is over
00:10:46Pojetz ohhh
00:10:47Platscher lagging
00:10:47Pojetz why
00:10:49Platscher all time
00:10:55Doomy yy
00:10:59madmaker -ma
00:11:00edgarass centaur go kill them
00:11:02Doomy lagging
00:11:07Doomy ss aa
00:11:10Platscher someone else having picture show ?
00:11:14madmaker nope
00:11:15Isawthat dont aa
00:11:21Platscher ?
00:11:46Doomy still ss
00:11:49Platscher ss mid
00:11:49madmaker b
00:11:49madmaker b
00:12:04JasonStatham meat
00:12:28Doomy ss
00:12:39Platscher omw
00:12:59Pojetz ffffs
00:13:01Platscher this laggs kill me
00:13:09Pojetz dont cry
00:13:09Pojetz ffs
00:13:18Doomy ss?
00:13:36Pojetz lets kill top
00:14:05Platscher unplayebal
00:14:07Pojetz and that was lagg?
00:14:09Pojetz idiot
00:14:13Platscher I CANT DO SHIT
00:14:14edgarass idiots
00:14:18edgarass watch minimap dk
00:14:21JasonStatham sry
00:14:24Pojetz u MOVE LIKE NO BRAIN
00:14:39edgarass and max regen and firebreath
00:14:44edgarass stun is 2.5 sec all the time
00:14:46edgarass ok?
00:16:23Platscher wtf happend ?
00:16:39Platscher till now 0 wards gg
00:16:50edgarass kill mid
00:16:52Pojetz we have 4 int heroes and 0 ward
00:17:07madmaker :D
00:17:25Platscher HA LAG
00:17:44edgarass lich ulti
00:17:46edgarass ?
00:17:48Doomy no
00:18:04Doomy get tw bot
00:18:37Doomy this aa...
00:18:39Platscher pff haste
00:18:44edgarass i like him
00:18:54Doomy :D
00:19:02Doomy to me
00:19:36Platscher omw down
00:19:37Platscher care
00:20:21Isawthat im such a mess right now
00:20:27Doomy tw
00:20:31Platscher we have no tank
00:20:53edgarass b
00:20:54Pieti end this
00:20:56Doomy mid now
00:21:02edgarass need regen then end :)
00:21:14Platscher still dont get for what you pick storm -.-
00:21:17Doomy dont do mek
00:21:20Doomy i alrdy got it
00:21:24madmaker iam pipe
00:21:30Pojetz storm is good
00:21:43Platscher not rly in this team
00:21:52Platscher could have needed a tank
00:21:57edgarass b
00:21:58Platscher cent or something
00:21:59Doomy got ulti
00:22:35Doomy fucking freeze
00:22:36edgarass b
00:22:49madmaker cant move :(
00:22:49edgarass britle are u idiot?
00:22:57madmaker no
00:23:05edgarass why u go 1v5?
00:23:06madmaker if cent dont scare to use dagger
00:23:08madmaker we got em
00:23:10Doomy cent
00:23:11CasSi0 lol
00:23:13Doomy buy some wards plz
00:23:16edgarass yeah cent use it sometomes
00:23:17CasSi0 kk
00:23:32Doomy we need vision
00:23:45Doomy ty
00:24:03madmaker come
00:24:05madmaker with me
00:24:10Platscher lagg :D
00:24:13edgarass cent come bot
00:24:20Pojetz just dont die
00:24:24Pojetz make tank items
00:24:31Pojetz b
00:24:31Pojetz b
00:24:32Pojetz b
00:24:32Pojetz b
00:24:32Pojetz b
00:24:39Pojetz all b
00:24:50madmaker cmon
00:24:50madmaker come
00:24:54edgarass b
00:25:01Platscher XD
00:25:17Platscher lagg
00:25:42Pojetz JUST DONT DIE
00:25:43Pojetz def
00:25:49Pojetz its a good song
00:26:24Platscher lagg -.-
00:26:26Platscher this is annoying
00:26:39Platscher why did i die so fast now ?
00:26:54Isawthat coz they focused at me when i just walked into them
00:26:57Doomy b
00:27:30edgarass dk biggest morron
00:27:33Doomy xD
00:27:33edgarass u suck
00:27:39JasonStatham ok master gamer
00:27:56edgarass bb back
00:28:09madmaker all 5 foresting :D
00:28:13Pojetz my farm
00:28:14Pojetz bot
00:28:16Pojetz PLS
00:28:32Pojetz CM
00:28:34Pojetz u idiot
00:28:48Pojetz i m the only chanse
00:29:12Pojetz focus lich ulti
00:29:16Pojetz when i use ulti then speard out
00:29:20Pojetz just run a way
00:29:30Pojetz when he used ulti *
00:29:37Pojetz use*
00:29:49Pojetz def mid
00:30:13edgarass dive in
00:30:20madmaker dagger
00:30:21madmaker in
00:30:27Pojetz b
00:30:27Pojetz b
00:30:27Pojetz b
00:30:30Pojetz stay
00:30:31Doomy cent
00:30:32Pojetz let them start
00:30:33Doomy go in
00:30:39Doomy JUMP
00:30:41Pojetz oio
00:30:41edgarass dive in cent
00:31:33Pojetz and that is lagg?
00:31:52Platscher cant do shit if i lagg in the beginning of fights
00:31:54Doomy come top
00:31:58Pojetz but u can
00:32:02Platscher lagg -.-
00:32:05Platscher this is not a game
00:32:12Platscher its just a sad picture show here
00:32:17Pojetz u can do that: DONT DIE
00:32:26edgarass pipe good
00:32:27Platscher next time pick something usefull
00:32:29Platscher and we talk on
00:32:32edgarass dont for=get to use it
00:32:41Pojetz :D:D
00:32:45edgarass cent come
00:32:47madmaker w8
00:33:18Isawthat meka
00:33:19Isawthat great
00:33:22Pojetz b
00:33:22Pojetz b
00:33:22Isawthat wait for my die
00:33:22Pojetz b
00:33:27Isawthat yah
00:33:30Isawthat :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:33:31Isawthat just armor
00:34:03Platscher imba useless
00:34:08Pieti y
00:34:18Platscher your the worst player in this team
00:34:21Platscher you even get it ?
00:34:46Platscher gg noob storm -.-
00:34:49madmaker gg
00:34:55Platscher fail pick
00:34:56Doomy gg noob aa
00:35:06Platscher wanabe pro there ?
00:35:20Doomy mid
00:35:20Pojetz u look ur self
00:35:20Pojetz u cant do nothing
00:35:20Pojetz u pull shit
00:35:38Pieti ;:Dd
00:35:41JasonStatham ....
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41Isawthat -roll
00:35:41madmaker so good stick
00:35:41madmaker vs 4 ints
00:35:41madmaker :D
00:35:41madmaker and es
00:35:41Doomy well
00:35:41Doomy mb he will drop
00:35:41edgarass who balance?
00:35:50Doomy cmon aa
00:35:50edgarass nice bloink cent
00:35:50Pieti .................
00:35:50edgarass what a noob
00:35:50Isawthat -roll
00:35:50Isawthat -roll
00:35:50Isawthat -roll
00:35:50edgarass u use mouse to blink?
00:35:50madmaker :D
00:35:50CasSi0 have no working hotkeys
00:35:50edgarass that sucks
00:35:53CasSi0 i do everything with mouse
00:37:08Doomy cent
00:37:12Doomy u can jump
00:37:15Doomy u know
00:37:16edgarass lol cent
00:37:19edgarass he is idiot
00:37:20CasSi0 yes
00:37:22CasSi0 and i did
00:37:28Doomy no
00:37:31CasSi0 but dagger has cd
00:37:31Doomy u walked
00:37:34CasSi0 u know?
00:37:39Doomy orly? :D
00:37:43edgarass bristle dont die
00:37:48edgarass we go all together and wiin
00:37:57CasSi0 pls...befor you blame
00:38:03CasSi0 look
00:38:37madmaker wait
00:38:39madmaker dont take now
00:38:44Doomy go bot
00:38:51edgarass wait all
00:38:53Doomy take and come
00:38:53edgarass then go bot
00:38:57Doomy ...
00:39:00Doomy bb and dk
00:39:01Doomy come
00:39:01madmaker take
00:39:28edgarass cent and davion dives with bb
00:39:41madmaker fail
00:39:45madmaker gio?
00:39:46madmaker go?
00:39:53Doomy w8 creeo wave
00:39:54edgarass all bot
00:39:54madmaker jump cent
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