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Chat log

00:00:07ESA_93 dont ban yet
00:00:10ESA_93 im taking piss
00:00:11ESA_93 30sek
00:00:161m4n5h0w how pool
00:00:161m4n5h0w low pool
00:00:161m4n5h0w ud
00:00:16sebralane 4
00:00:161m4n5h0w low pool
00:00:161m4n5h0w really
00:00:16sebralane omg i was about to watch porn...cmmon
00:00:16sebralane 4
00:00:16ESA_93 ok
00:00:16sebralane ban pls
00:00:17ESA_93 qop imo
00:00:17McNabb storm
00:00:17ESA_93 :s
00:00:20ESA_93 ill play qop then
00:00:23ESA_93 ok?
00:00:23McNabb k
00:00:25KredeC can i woods?
00:00:26ESA_93 play carry
00:00:26McNabb u can mid?
00:00:33ESA_93 sure
00:00:341m4n5h0w with?
00:00:34sebralane ench`?
00:00:36KredeC y
00:00:38KredeC ench
00:00:401m4n5h0w sure
00:00:41ESA_93 play
00:00:43ESA_93 like
00:00:45sebralane i want solo then
00:00:45ESA_93 riki
00:00:49ESA_93 or something
00:00:531m4n5h0w we will see
00:00:55McNabb nah
00:00:55sebralane shit
00:00:56sebralane my bb
00:00:57ESA_93 troll : D
00:01:06McNabb i dont trust supporters
00:01:15ESA_93 pick venomancer
00:01:16Banana :(
00:01:17ESA_93 sven
00:01:18ESA_93 lina
00:01:22ESA_93 tuskar
00:01:25ESA_93 tuskarr
00:01:281m4n5h0w veno will solo
00:01:30McNabb sven
00:01:33ESA_93 sven good too
00:01:34sebralane whyyyyyyyyyyy
00:01:36sebralane i need solo
00:01:381m4n5h0w cause it ownz
00:01:40McNabb sven lina top
00:01:451m4n5h0w gondar no solo
00:01:46KredeC get bad
00:01:48sebralane he gets sven lina lane
00:01:56ESA_93 u know how to play nigma?
00:01:58McNabb :D
00:01:59sebralane and pew pew 5minute 0 4
00:02:00ESA_93 or wisp?
00:02:01KredeC hahhahahahahahhahaha
00:02:021m4n5h0w ofc
00:02:03sebralane :D
00:02:041m4n5h0w ..
00:02:061m4n5h0w gondar solo top
00:02:06ESA_93 play enigma?
00:02:08sebralane will u get gem?
00:02:081m4n5h0w riki veno bot
00:02:15Banana -ma
00:02:15McNabb i think so
00:02:20KredeC ...
00:02:21McNabb bm bot with me
00:02:221m4n5h0w so annoying
00:02:23KredeC this sux
00:02:28ESA_93 hahah
00:02:291m4n5h0w enigma stays in pool
00:02:301m4n5h0w lol
00:02:31McNabb bronze ftw
00:02:32ESA_93 ill insta them with aghanim
00:02:36sebralane no worries i will carry this shit
00:02:41Banana -ma
00:02:431m4n5h0w you wont do anything
00:02:46KredeC get toss
00:02:47sebralane i will
00:02:481m4n5h0w you fail as every game
00:02:49ESA_93 rex bot
00:02:50McNabb bm come bot
00:02:51KredeC if i get rune
00:02:52sebralane lol
00:02:55KredeC k?
00:02:56McNabb can u pull bm?
00:03:00KolleBolle y
00:03:03McNabb good
00:03:19KolleBolle but i bett that they will get wards
00:03:26McNabb nah
00:03:31KredeC share¨'
00:03:33Palle share fucktard
00:04:16Palle shrare
00:04:18Palle share
00:04:25Dodo sr
00:04:26Dodo y
00:06:37KredeC get lina?
00:06:39KredeC got toss?
00:06:53sebralane oom
00:06:58KredeC ss
00:07:07KredeC u read'
00:07:241m4n5h0w ss
00:07:24Dodo miss bot
00:07:27Dodo care mid
00:07:29Dodo re bot
00:07:33sebralane stay lane
00:07:34KredeC im done ganing
00:07:35sebralane i go regen
00:07:49sebralane why soo
00:07:51sebralane it was good
00:07:52KredeC greedy fuck
00:07:53sebralane wasent?
00:08:00ESA_93 ck
00:08:00ESA_93 ot
00:08:13ESA_93 care
00:08:14ESA_93 bot
00:08:16McNabb y
00:08:19vaityl ??
00:08:21KredeC let me the second kill
00:08:21vaityl ss
00:08:311m4n5h0w gondar needs all
00:08:321m4n5h0w he can get
00:08:361m4n5h0w ss
00:09:00ESA_93 ganging
00:09:071m4n5h0w care bto
00:09:18sebralane ss lina
00:09:221m4n5h0w omw
00:09:231m4n5h0w come
00:09:39ESA_93 umm
00:10:07sebralane got cuti
00:10:10sebralane as good
00:10:16sebralane wait ck
00:10:23sebralane i come i have surikane now too
00:10:32ESA_93 ss
00:10:51vaityl b
00:11:041m4n5h0w miss
00:11:051m4n5h0w still
00:11:15KredeC in a sec
00:11:27McNabb ss riki
00:11:29KredeC ss
00:11:30sebralane ss lina
00:11:44McNabb ss bot
00:11:53vaityl STUN
00:12:04McNabb stun
00:12:13vaityl STUN
00:12:16KredeC go lina?
00:12:17sebralane warded
00:12:201m4n5h0w i port
00:12:211m4n5h0w sec
00:13:02vaityl ESA
00:13:04vaityl gank
00:13:05vaityl mb
00:13:061m4n5h0w MISS
00:13:10ESA_93 and
00:13:11ESA_93 what
00:13:12ESA_93 im doing
00:13:13ESA_93 bot
00:13:14ESA_93 ?
00:13:23vaityl need help
00:14:27KredeC ss all
00:14:32sebralane qop bottom
00:14:55KolleBolle OK
00:15:08KolleBolle get a lottery ticket
00:15:151m4n5h0w get skill
00:15:22McNabb ss bot
00:16:30sebralane fak me
00:16:36sebralane how faking opaper can i be
00:17:081m4n5h0w gj
00:17:291m4n5h0w i know its worth it ;)
00:17:32McNabb :D
00:17:401m4n5h0w even rikki followed you
00:17:431m4n5h0w till 10 hp
00:17:51Dodo ;)
00:18:25Dodo keep an eye on gems
00:18:25KredeC twr?
00:18:34Dodo please advise me on time ! :)
00:18:36Dodo ty
00:18:47Palle just stun
00:19:18Dodo sry
00:19:231m4n5h0w nothing more
00:19:251m4n5h0w you could do
00:19:371m4n5h0w gj veno
00:20:10ESA_93 fuck
00:20:10ESA_93 this
00:20:141m4n5h0w revenge
00:20:17McNabb :D
00:20:17KredeC track!
00:20:21ESA_93 lina
00:20:21sebralane i did
00:20:21ESA_93 aint
00:20:22ESA_93 doing
00:20:23sebralane btw
00:20:24ESA_93 anything
00:20:29McNabb taking tower
00:20:31McNabb is fine
00:20:36ESA_93 leaving it deniable?
00:20:44McNabb lol lina
00:20:50KredeC get top twr?
00:20:54sebralane soo i get bkb
00:21:24Dodo rex sentry
00:21:29Dodo akasha dust
00:21:49ESA_93 encha
00:22:02sebralane outrun u
00:22:151m4n5h0w should have just tried to kill akasha
00:22:241m4n5h0w we know they come from 10 sides
00:22:251m4n5h0w ^^
00:22:38McNabb cd on dust
00:22:40ESA_93 got it
00:22:41KredeC why do u run around with vlad recipe
00:22:44Dodo omw?
00:22:47KredeC we git bird for a reason
00:22:56KredeC got*
00:23:08ESA_93 my
00:23:23McNabb 4 bot
00:23:29KredeC twr
00:23:35sebralane im low i b
00:23:37McNabb b
00:23:561m4n5h0w team
00:23:571m4n5h0w ffs
00:23:591m4n5h0w i blinked
00:24:071m4n5h0w pay attention
00:24:32KredeC sweet
00:24:531m4n5h0w ported bot
00:24:58ESA_93 need dusts
00:25:00ESA_93 sven
00:25:01ESA_93 lina
00:25:01ESA_93 rex
00:25:12KredeC get btmk twr
00:25:24ESA_93 go
00:25:25ESA_93 bot
00:25:27KredeC get btm twr?
00:26:01McNabb lol
00:26:551m4n5h0w ench
00:26:581m4n5h0w try to take controll
00:26:581m4n5h0w of rex
00:26:581m4n5h0w creeps
00:26:58vaityl oy wtf
00:26:58KredeC y
00:28:11ESA_93 b
00:28:13McNabb y
00:28:17McNabb def
00:28:18ESA_93 go
00:28:19ESA_93 bot
00:28:20ESA_93 with
00:28:21ESA_93 5
00:28:511m4n5h0w we got too often as 3
00:29:05ESA_93 ill come
00:29:081m4n5h0w they have gem?
00:29:12Dodo dust
00:29:15Dodo it was dust
00:29:171m4n5h0w k
00:29:25Dodo lina fucked me up
00:29:371m4n5h0w haha
00:29:381m4n5h0w :D
00:29:38ESA_93 :D
00:29:41ESA_93 that dps
00:29:42ESA_93 is
00:29:44ESA_93 just insane : )
00:29:57KolleBolle b
00:29:58KolleBolle b
00:29:58KolleBolle b
00:29:58KolleBolle b
00:30:201m4n5h0w that invis was just useless
00:30:24sebralane y
00:30:30sebralane thout she just runs
00:30:34KredeC im 150 from jhex
00:30:48Dodo that bird can see me ... right ?
00:30:50vaityl b
00:30:531m4n5h0w no
00:30:56ESA_93 stun
00:31:011m4n5h0w does not revel invis
00:31:03Banana sec
00:31:15Dodo ?then how rex saw gondar
00:31:20vaityl TP|
00:31:241m4n5h0w he was visable
00:31:28Dodo ok ...
00:31:30KredeC get btm twr?
00:31:531m4n5h0w my turn to farm some now?
00:32:04Banana i can buy gem
00:32:12sebralane ok u farm
00:32:13sebralane i die
00:32:17ESA_93 just
00:32:17ESA_93 do
00:32:20ESA_93 bkb
00:32:20sebralane now u die
00:32:27Palle well run to them when they dust
00:32:28Banana k
00:32:32McNabb b
00:32:41ESA_93 shoot with biar
00:32:42ESA_93 boar
00:32:54McNabb b
00:33:08ESA_93 go after illus gone
00:33:09KredeC twrt
00:33:18ESA_93 got ulti in 10
00:33:28sebralane that necro burns mana?
00:33:46KredeC banned
00:33:46KolleBolle fucking cd
00:33:54KredeC riki u are banned
00:33:561m4n5h0w ofc it burns mana
00:33:57Dodo im here
00:34:02Dodo refen
00:34:04Dodo regen
00:34:05KredeC nope i were not
00:34:10McNabb revenge
00:34:17Dodo i waited the money for hood
00:34:20sebralane :d
00:34:22sebralane :DD:D:D:
00:34:241m4n5h0w ^^
00:34:24sebralane best joke
00:34:25sebralane da fak
00:34:26sebralane :D:DD
00:34:36ESA_93 got agha
00:34:411m4n5h0w we need wards
00:34:42sebralane riki wasent in fight... he waited money for hood
00:34:43McNabb already:D
00:34:46ESA_93 ...
00:34:48sebralane this will be awseome....
00:34:48ESA_93 not already
00:34:49ESA_93 :D
00:34:59KredeC come plant
00:35:041m4n5h0w y
00:35:041m4n5h0w gather
00:35:051m4n5h0w invis
00:35:071m4n5h0w with us
00:35:26McNabb can someone else buy wards
00:35:32KredeC cant we rosh?
00:35:47McNabb wow
00:35:50McNabb b
00:35:51McNabb b
00:35:51McNabb b
00:35:55McNabb bm
00:35:56McNabb wtf
00:36:131m4n5h0w mid now
00:36:17sebralane ench heal
00:36:17McNabb that happens when we dont have wars
00:36:20McNabb wards
00:36:25KredeC cd
00:36:45KredeC rosh?
00:36:481m4n5h0w n
00:36:571m4n5h0w didnt u just
00:36:581m4n5h0w ^^
00:36:58Dodo go rosh
00:37:01ESA_93 yup
00:37:03ESA_93 yup
00:37:061m4n5h0w agha in?
00:37:18Palle -ii
00:37:22KredeC on me?
00:37:371m4n5h0w care
00:37:44sebralane b
00:37:46sebralane i need items
00:38:071m4n5h0w they push now
00:38:14McNabb dont scatter
00:38:281m4n5h0w get lina
00:38:411m4n5h0w b
00:39:03ESA_93 rosh?
00:39:10McNabb nah
00:39:12ESA_93 dust
00:39:13ESA_93 needed
00:40:19McNabb arh
00:40:20vaityl finish
00:40:22ESA_93 we
00:40:23ESA_93 cant
00:40:23ESA_93 win
00:40:24ESA_93 without
00:40:25ESA_93 gem
00:40:26vaityl no dust no gem
00:40:31McNabb buy e one
00:40:38ESA_93 and
00:40:42ESA_93 rigwarl needs to carry it
00:40:48McNabb i try
00:40:54McNabb but people scatter out
00:41:00McNabb they shouldent
00:41:02McNabb cause
00:41:03McNabb then
00:41:041m4n5h0w hot next for me
00:41:05McNabb their
00:41:07sebralane they gem no proly
00:41:08McNabb invis can hunt
00:41:131m4n5h0w y
00:41:25Dodo it will not me gem
00:41:261m4n5h0w ench
00:41:271m4n5h0w i need u
00:41:301m4n5h0w or gondar
00:41:31Dodo it will be rex ... with a book
00:41:37McNabb ty
00:42:24sebralane gem bb
00:43:19McNabb jesus
00:43:22McNabb how lucky
00:43:23sebralane imba
00:43:351m4n5h0w they forget my aegis
00:43:39McNabb well
00:43:421m4n5h0w and then the illus came
00:43:421m4n5h0w ^^
00:43:43McNabb aegis gone
00:44:02McNabb i fail:-/
00:44:04McNabb sry
00:44:19ESA_93 bot
00:44:211m4n5h0w try always to convert the blue necro thing
00:44:30KredeC y
00:44:471m4n5h0w dont understand why make necro vs ench
00:45:03McNabb need wards
00:45:04Dodo for me and gondar
00:45:05ESA_93 gather
00:45:21McNabb i scout
00:45:241m4n5h0w but ench can take controll
00:45:371m4n5h0w haha
00:45:37Dodo indeed :/
00:46:161m4n5h0w gogo gondar
00:46:32vaityl rex
00:46:34McNabb jesus
00:46:40sebralane fak mee
00:46:411m4n5h0w rikki clownd
00:46:441m4n5h0w really is usefull
00:46:50McNabb good game tho
00:46:551m4n5h0w y
00:47:011m4n5h0w just that we got absolute shit heros
00:47:021m4n5h0w ^^
00:47:081m4n5h0w 5x carry kinda ^^
00:47:13McNabb well
00:47:15McNabb well
00:47:20McNabb look at mine 2 lastpicks
00:47:221m4n5h0w and you got 100 stunns
00:47:23McNabb ::D
00:47:29Dodo i need just 2k gold -.-"
00:47:311m4n5h0w sven rex is better than gondar rikki normally
00:47:321m4n5h0w ^^
00:48:111m4n5h0w ward there
00:48:271m4n5h0w wanted you to be scared :D
00:49:371m4n5h0w sentry in base
00:49:411m4n5h0w *obs
00:49:45McNabb buy me new gem
00:49:57McNabb ty
00:50:121m4n5h0w take bot i farm top
00:50:17KredeC y
00:50:241m4n5h0w -ms
00:51:20sebralane new gem
00:51:40sebralane this bb attacks faast
00:51:401m4n5h0w mid def now
00:51:50sebralane i cant buyout :(
00:51:55KredeC and bb last
00:52:31McNabb ehhh
00:52:37McNabb bad ulti qop
00:52:37sebralane seems like u dont need me
00:52:371m4n5h0w good clowed
00:52:47ESA_93 i pressed it on minimap...
00:52:53Dodo ty
00:52:53McNabb lol don
00:52:56ESA_93 : D
00:52:561m4n5h0w mid
00:52:56sebralane what u doing
00:52:58KolleBolle i dident even use mine so
00:53:00Dodo ok ok omw
00:53:07McNabb its lost
00:53:12McNabb ck too feed
00:53:171m4n5h0w we can still rosh after mid
00:53:18sebralane top towa low
00:53:301m4n5h0w k rosh,,
00:53:39ESA_93 they take rosh
00:53:41McNabb y
00:53:551m4n5h0w 4,5k life with armlet ^^
00:54:07KredeC i make lots of dps
00:54:131m4n5h0w i do most with ulti
00:54:151m4n5h0w ^^
00:54:16KredeC no
00:54:191m4n5h0w sure
00:54:20KredeC ^^
00:54:20McNabb I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:23vaityl I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:271m4n5h0w i 1 hit them
00:54:291m4n5h0w with blinkstrike
00:54:59McNabb end it
00:55:081m4n5h0w hard vs this aoe
00:55:16McNabb u shouldent care
00:55:32McNabb LOL
00:55:48Banana I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:06McNabb :D
00:56:10McNabb gg
00:56:101m4n5h0w :D
00:56:10KolleBolle I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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