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79% | 1420 X | 1399 TS

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69% | 1260 X | 1439 TS

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67% | 1277 X | 1395 TS

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50% | 1206 X | 1333 TS

Chat log

00:00:05KredeC any wishes?
00:00:08Laier no jo on paska pool
00:00:09ForbeateN weaver
00:00:11ForbeateN for me :D
00:00:18Laier geo what you gonna play
00:00:18magaso kredec
00:00:18yeW- -clear
00:00:18yeW- Dunno.
00:00:18KredeC y
00:00:18Momdsiw gimmee invoukker
00:00:18KredeC y
00:00:18magaso your mom <3
00:00:18yeW- Mira maybe.
00:00:18Momdsiw momdsiw
00:00:18Laier i could play rubix
00:00:18KredeC rubix
00:00:18yeW- Hmm.
00:00:18Momdsiw i could invoukker
00:00:18yeW- :D
00:00:18Laier shithead
00:00:18Laier :<
00:00:18Momdsiw last pick invoker=imba
00:00:18Momdsiw always
00:00:18yeW- OBVIOUSLY
00:00:18Laier elä ota invoo
00:00:18KredeC y sry
00:00:18magaso faster tards
00:00:18Laier ku toi yks goes hardcarry kuitenki
00:00:18yeW- Fu spec.
00:00:20KredeC laier imba rubix!
00:00:30Laier magaso what you want
00:00:32101010 pickkaan invokerin pois tuolta momdsiwilta
00:00:38yeW- -clear
00:00:40101010 jees
00:00:42Momdsiw et voi
00:00:42magaso slark
00:00:43magaso get
00:00:43101010 ei tarvi
00:00:45Momdsiw oon kova invo
00:00:45magaso imba
00:00:45magaso fuck
00:00:52infect weaver left
00:00:54infect :)
00:00:57ForbeateN give me
00:00:58ForbeateN pls
00:00:58ForbeateN :D
00:01:00magaso great
00:01:03Momdsiw on siel viel slarkki ja pudge
00:01:05Momdsiw en tiiä kumman pelana
00:01:08Laier momdsiw ota jotai jännää toppii
00:01:11yeW- -clea
00:01:13ForbeateN will u swap me weaver?
00:01:19Palle nah i play
00:01:21Laier get rhasta slark pudge?
00:01:22Laier mby
00:01:22KredeC rhasta
00:01:23ForbeateN please
00:01:25ForbeateN :D
00:01:32Laier slark and momdsiw pudge
00:01:35yeW- cent would rape
00:01:36KredeC e
00:01:37yeW- -clear
00:01:38KredeC damn
00:01:39ForbeateN soo?
00:01:40ForbeateN xD
00:01:41infect nothin
00:01:42Momdsiw just näin
00:01:42infect good left
00:01:43Laier what
00:01:44infect loool
00:01:44Laier no slark?
00:01:44ForbeateN tinker cent
00:01:44infect :d
00:01:49Laier rhasta solo bot
00:01:52Laier me eni pudge top
00:01:52Momdsiw otakno pudgen vai slarki
00:02:07infect wtf carry pool was this shit
00:02:07Momdsiw up it enig
00:02:07infect :d
00:02:10Momdsiw or buy obs
00:02:12KredeC y
00:02:29Momdsiw tee taistelu rylai
00:02:29infect and tinker wasnt that good
00:02:30Laier go fb
00:02:30infect from there
00:02:37Momdsiw se ulti on nii sick dmg
00:02:46yeW- gj gettin wards rhasta
00:02:48ForbeateN i didnt have choice
00:02:50ForbeateN rly
00:02:56Momdsiw i took passive
00:02:57infect cent as u said
00:03:01yeW- i noticed u like that start build laier
00:03:02yeW- wid
00:03:02KredeC no no
00:03:03ForbeateN i toght u take
00:03:05ForbeateN mate
00:03:06KredeC its okay
00:03:07yeW- int heroesd
00:03:09yeW- :d
00:03:10Momdsiw fb varmaaki tulee
00:03:11Momdsiw block
00:03:11Momdsiw block
00:03:12Laier y
00:03:12Momdsiw block
00:03:13Momdsiw enigo
00:03:13Laier allways .s
00:03:19Laier firstblood
00:03:22Laier idiot
00:03:23yeW- GO FB MDI
00:03:33101010 ss bot
00:03:43Momdsiw oli invi
00:03:44Momdsiw ihme
00:03:44101010 re ss mis
00:04:12Momdsiw kes heali
00:04:15Momdsiw eks*
00:04:28infect 3 top
00:04:33Momdsiw syö tangoja
00:04:37Laier e jaksa viel
00:04:40infect with enigma semi forredt
00:05:05ForbeateN kill maiden
00:05:18infect k
00:05:20yeW- up pls
00:05:21infect hit laser
00:05:24infect they i go
00:05:26ForbeateN slow her
00:05:28KredeC ss
00:05:36infect stay b
00:05:39infect enigma pulled
00:05:54Laier top ss2
00:06:18Laier care
00:06:27101010 vittu
00:06:40infect that's why
00:06:41Laier enigma
00:06:41101010 mid care
00:06:42Laier gang after
00:06:42101010 ss bot
00:06:43infect u need to hit laser
00:06:46infect so i dont waste mana
00:06:53ForbeateN how that?
00:06:59infect cause then i know we kill
00:07:02infect u hit laser
00:07:02infect i go
00:07:05infect and then u rocket
00:07:19infect tell if cd ver
00:07:33KredeC s
00:07:43KredeC ss
00:07:47101010 still miss weaver
00:07:48yeW- ss mid
00:07:50101010 re
00:08:00Laier b
00:08:01Laier b
00:08:07101010 ss tide
00:08:13101010 re
00:08:27Momdsiw ota auraa
00:08:27Momdsiw ?
00:08:29KredeC ss
00:08:30Laier on mul?
00:08:31KredeC care
00:08:33Momdsiw toine
00:08:42Laier en viel
00:08:47infect they se eu
00:08:52infect they see u there
00:09:01101010 ss tide
00:09:02Laier care mid
00:09:03Laier care
00:09:03Laier care
00:09:04101010 re
00:09:09KredeC ss
00:09:11yeW- wards
00:09:12yeW- on runes pls
00:09:12Momdsiw tinker mid
00:09:17KredeC care
00:09:24Momdsiw sen amnat loppu
00:09:33101010 help bot plz
00:09:43101010 tinker bot also
00:09:45Laier ill come bot tinker go top
00:09:51ForbeateN jsut roam
00:09:51yeW- ss mid
00:10:00101010 wevaer miss
00:10:03Laier yew gang bot
00:10:04Momdsiw -st go do that then
00:10:16infect ss cm
00:10:58Laier pelaat iha vitu tyhmästi to rhasta
00:10:58Laier :/
00:11:04yeW- wads pls
00:11:36infect ss
00:11:50yeW- OL
00:11:50Momdsiw ahh
00:11:54yeW- jesus
00:11:55KredeC buy new chick tinker
00:11:56yeW- said wards
00:11:57yeW- -clea
00:11:58Momdsiw :S
00:12:01yeW- -clear
00:12:04KredeC thx
00:12:09yeW- -ma
00:12:15yeW- +2 levels..
00:12:41Laier ei täs o mitää järkee
00:13:19KredeC no misses?
00:13:27Momdsiw tinker is
00:13:28Momdsiw misisng
00:13:33infect top has been missing the whole game almost
00:13:34Momdsiw or roaming
00:13:38infect at least last 4 mins
00:13:43ForbeateN great
00:13:46KredeC well say it
00:13:50infect i did
00:13:52infect never said re
00:14:08KredeC well on pudge when i was dead
00:14:11yeW- k top
00:14:20Momdsiw no dust?
00:14:23Laier tower
00:14:42ForbeateN def
00:14:42infect a lot top
00:14:53KredeC just ff at 256
00:14:54yeW- oom
00:14:57KredeC 25
00:15:22Laier toi pudge oli ehk väärä pick
00:15:30101010 ja mun solo bot
00:15:45KredeC get
00:15:58yeW- buy wards aain
00:16:16ForbeateN omg
00:16:48Laier gem = instawin
00:16:50Laier at this point
00:16:57Momdsiw y
00:17:00Momdsiw pl + weaver
00:17:32Laier phew
00:17:40Momdsiw :'(
00:17:46yeW- B
00:18:15Momdsiw melkein :<
00:18:29Laier care enigma
00:18:30Laier care
00:18:35Laier care
00:18:51yeW- howz it going infect
00:19:00infect not good
00:19:02KredeC nice wards tinker really!
00:19:04infect cm and pudger fucked up
00:19:11KredeC get mirana
00:19:13Laier blink ulti?
00:19:15infect y
00:20:16ForbeateN map overwarded
00:20:31Laier b
00:20:32yeW- top
00:20:32Laier b
00:20:32yeW- tp
00:20:33Laier b bot
00:21:06infect top low
00:21:12KredeC omw
00:21:13yeW- wards
00:21:15yeW- pls
00:21:24KredeC do offensive wards and gang
00:21:38Laier go mid
00:21:41Laier tide no ult
00:21:58Laier got dust
00:22:29infect oh noes, they are carrying dusts now
00:22:32Laier DIEEE
00:22:53Momdsiw -st
00:23:01yeW- b
00:23:19Laier ei ny tuu iha taistelu cm
00:23:22Laier ku ei lähteny alku hyvi :/(
00:23:26Momdsiw niih
00:23:35ForbeateN gank
00:23:39yeW- -ma
00:23:41KredeC more wards tide and tinker
00:23:44Momdsiw enig go meka? fuck off noob
00:23:58Laier go top
00:23:58Laier asap
00:24:27Laier that was stupid
00:24:48magaso fucktards
00:24:49magaso ffs
00:24:59magaso go
00:24:59magaso ff
00:25:00magaso noobs
00:25:02yeW- lol?
00:25:10yeW- was ur bad
00:25:12infect b ?
00:25:18magaso u jsut
00:25:21magaso fucking terible
00:25:30Laier ye dont help
00:25:32Laier let them shoot me
00:25:38KredeC what are u doing tinker
00:25:42KredeC treads wtd
00:25:43KredeC wtf
00:26:08Laier why started playing like morons?
00:26:10Momdsiw 101010 lieks to die
00:26:21yeW- oh
00:26:23yeW- 10 deaths
00:26:23yeW- i c
00:26:24yeW- oO
00:26:29yeW- btw
00:26:34yeW- wtf was that pudge
00:26:36KredeC ward plz
00:26:37Momdsiw well he was long lane solo
00:26:39KredeC tide tinker
00:26:41yeW- how about hookin something else
00:26:44yeW- than 100hp invo stfu noob
00:26:44KredeC then we can keep pressure
00:26:46ForbeateN just wait buy then yourself
00:26:50ForbeateN orb pls
00:26:50Momdsiw 239hp
00:26:50infect tide
00:26:52infect wtf?
00:26:52infect :D
00:26:55yeW- he was dead
00:27:01infect why such attidude hate that fucking kredec ruins everygame
00:27:25Momdsiw sry
00:27:31Momdsiw i wanted to double my kill count
00:27:33ForbeateN vb
00:28:27Laier raxmby?
00:28:34Laier atleast tower
00:29:12Momdsiw -st
00:29:20Laier :D:D:
00:29:28Laier just run
00:29:30Laier like kitties
00:29:40yeW- OMG
00:29:41magaso xD
00:29:46Laier lol
00:29:48yeW- i tped
00:29:51yeW- -clear
00:29:52yeW- in THE AIR
00:29:55Momdsiw it bugged
00:29:57KredeC mid twr
00:29:58Momdsiw ytou first went other place
00:30:01Momdsiw then palce changed
00:30:03yeW- lol
00:30:04yeW- k
00:30:04Momdsiw place*
00:30:10yeW- ty icefrog
00:30:17ForbeateN b
00:30:26yeW- wards pls
00:30:40ForbeateN b
00:30:46infect weaver
00:30:57infect u radi weaver?
00:30:59Laier miks nää menee
00:30:59yeW- ........
00:31:01Momdsiw it was a trap
00:31:01ForbeateN ggpoo
00:31:02yeW- fuckin
00:31:02Palle y
00:31:03yeW- idiots
00:31:04yeW- -clear
00:31:05Laier näätte ku sinne juoksee 3
00:31:06Laier ja meette perää
00:31:13Laier b
00:31:13Laier b
00:31:13Laier b
00:31:15Laier dont go die again
00:31:23KredeC -ii
00:31:32Momdsiw pl has radi
00:31:35Momdsiw jking
00:31:50Laier wtf yew?
00:31:51KredeC rax
00:33:01ForbeateN b
00:33:29infect oom
00:33:32Laier enigma too scary to go?
00:33:33infect no mana boots
00:33:53ForbeateN b
00:34:00yeW- 2 hours
00:34:01magaso great
00:34:02yeW- for that ulti
00:34:04yeW- just amazin
00:34:19magaso tjhey push with late game
00:34:20magaso rofl
00:34:21magaso nice
00:34:22magaso team
00:34:27yeW- 0-2 eni
00:34:34Laier mä nii vihaan tota jätkää
00:34:34magaso end ?
00:34:37yeW- and
00:34:38yeW- mb
00:34:38Momdsiw ketä
00:34:39Laier yleensä se vetää hc carryy
00:34:39yeW- well
00:34:43yeW- that pretty much sums it up
00:34:47KredeC wards gang get top
00:34:48KredeC plz
00:34:54magaso ?
00:35:03KredeC tinker
00:35:03Momdsiw put bananas to my meathole
00:35:05Laier 1 good blink ulti from enigma would win game
00:35:16Momdsiw RUN
00:35:19Momdsiw forrest RUN
00:35:26KredeC engage
00:35:26Laier just go mid
00:35:26Laier ffs
00:35:27KredeC all come
00:35:32infect take rhazta down first
00:35:40yeW- wards
00:35:40KredeC come to me and smoke
00:35:42Laier enigma stay back for ult
00:35:56Laier stay back enigma come ffs
00:35:58yeW- W
00:35:58yeW- A
00:35:58yeW- R
00:35:59yeW- D
00:35:59yeW- S
00:36:14Laier b
00:36:15Laier b
00:36:23yeW- base
00:36:23yeW- b
00:36:39ForbeateN mid go
00:36:59yeW- PUSH
00:36:59infect tele top
00:37:00yeW- EM
00:37:00yeW- BACK
00:37:04yeW- hasta
00:37:08Laier rhasta put wards
00:37:10Laier eni ulti
00:37:13Laier wtf you waiting for?
00:37:24101010 waited enigmas ulti
00:37:34101010 but seems it comes allmost today pl go vlads....
00:38:04infect hot first
00:38:08Laier oli kyllä faili tuo sun pudge
00:38:08magaso ncie potm
00:38:10magaso lost rack
00:38:10Laier :/
00:38:16Momdsiw ehkä vähä
00:38:21Momdsiw tai sit jos oltasi gankitty kunnol
00:38:38KredeC new smoke
00:38:47magaso cm
00:38:49Momdsiw skadi enigma?
00:38:49magaso did u ulti
00:38:51magaso thisgame ?
00:39:00infect ttide
00:39:01infect urn me
00:39:04KredeC push top a bit and go gang
00:39:09ForbeateN def
00:39:15KredeC gather
00:39:21Laier ....
00:39:23KredeC come
00:39:24KredeC smoke
00:39:24magaso mid
00:39:25magaso tards
00:39:26magaso wtf
00:39:32KredeC come ffs
00:40:17Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:20yeW- effin bobs
00:40:21Laier gg shitheads
00:40:50yeW- well
00:40:56infect DONT
00:40:57infect GO TOP
00:40:58yeW- at least blues got a nice team
00:40:59infect CREEPSKIP
00:41:02infect BEFORE 2 RAX oj its only bd if u go throne
00:41:47Momdsiw I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:50Laier paska peli
00:41:53101010 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:41:54Momdsiw vois nuq
00:41:54infect no
00:41:56infect 2 raxes
00:41:58infect need to be down
00:42:00infect on lane
00:42:14Laier they got shit picks i've have had same situation
00:42:16Laier and we lose
00:42:17Laier :D and it only bd if u go throne ask strom
00:42:38yeW- well
00:42:41yeW- we got that rhasta
00:42:45yeW- n that enis
00:42:49yeW- not so bad too
00:42:51yeW- -clear
00:42:54101010 well nobody didnt come help in time bot
00:43:06Laier kyl rhastal pitäs pystyy soloo
00:43:10Laier en sit tiiä mitä teit :/
00:43:12Momdsiw ja lähet ite roamaa
00:43:14yeW- well
00:43:14Momdsiw jos et linjaa kestäö
00:43:18yeW- not much was asked of you
00:43:19yeW- -clear
00:43:23yeW- u even bought wards
00:43:29yeW- just chill n dont be agressive
00:43:50yeW- whatever
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