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Chat log

00:00:00horsesarse [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 109 seconds.
00:00:09Platscher etz wirst gepwnd :D
00:00:11Platscher xaxax
00:00:17Momdsiw lich
00:00:17horsesarse i want wd
00:00:171m4n5h0w naix
00:00:17Momdsiw any1 anything?
00:00:17Platscher FUCK YOU HOMO
00:00:17veuncent get spec
00:00:17Platscher spec
00:00:17Platscher get her
00:00:17Platscher rest we will see
00:00:17Momdsiw i can myself
00:00:17Momdsiw spec
00:00:37horsesarse pick zeus and other easy heroes :)
00:00:52Momdsiw take es mb
00:00:55Momdsiw es mby*
00:00:57Platscher fu -.-
00:01:101m4n5h0w i have to go fast
00:01:10Momdsiw ns go mid
00:01:121m4n5h0w so i do push
00:01:19Platscher you dont want ?
00:01:22veuncent get ds please
00:01:23horsesarse cent/pit
00:01:231m4n5h0w only got 34 mins
00:01:241m4n5h0w ^^
00:01:34mby_next_time netcafe?
00:01:34veuncent and pit perhaps
00:01:36tanelli cent or zeus?
00:01:39Momdsiw better you get lvls
00:01:40veuncent darkseer
00:01:45Momdsiw get pit
00:01:46Momdsiw for antipush
00:01:52veuncent ....
00:01:53mby_next_time why only 34?
00:02:07veuncent trax
00:02:10veuncent chicken
00:02:14veuncent ...
00:02:15Platscher mhhh draw was failpick
00:02:20Momdsiw yea
00:02:21mby_next_time chik
00:02:21Momdsiw hes fail player
00:02:23mby_next_time slardar
00:02:23Momdsiw and no evne chicken
00:02:27Terrax too late
00:02:29mby_next_time YOU HAVE TO BUY IT
00:02:29Terrax sry
00:02:30horsesarse ...
00:02:31Momdsiw ty
00:02:32Terrax why?
00:02:33mby_next_time sell then
00:02:35mby_next_time rules.
00:02:39mby_next_time last person in team
00:02:41mby_next_time buy chiken
00:02:42Platscher homo
00:02:45mby_next_time orange and brown
00:02:51Terrax k thgx
00:02:53Terrax didnt know
00:02:55Terrax like i said
00:02:55horsesarse share
00:02:58Terrax i come from DL
00:02:58mby_next_time read rules before play :>
00:03:01horsesarse share
00:03:15mby_next_time well i mfrom dl 2.
00:03:181m4n5h0w bist du mid?
00:03:22Platscher Y
00:03:24Platscher y
00:03:311m4n5h0w ha
00:04:09horsesarse hit himn
00:04:15GuiTaR b
00:04:20horsesarse soon kill
00:04:23GuiTaR y
00:04:26mby_next_time -hhn
00:04:27mby_next_time -don
00:04:29mby_next_time -clear
00:04:43horsesarse care
00:04:48Momdsiw pls
00:04:52Platscher omfg
00:04:521m4n5h0w nap
00:05:18horsesarse b
00:05:191m4n5h0w ss
00:05:19Platscher pretty gay to be melee vs this homokrob
00:05:26veuncent dont feed him
00:05:27Momdsiw bala is good mid
00:05:30Momdsiw get lvls then
00:05:37Momdsiw you should be able to kill him at 3
00:05:38GuiTaR ss
00:05:45GuiTaR re1
00:05:52Momdsiw but not anymore i thibk
00:06:04Platscher got 0 farm
00:06:05Platscher gg -.-
00:06:171m4n5h0w KOMM HALT
00:06:26veuncent omw mid
00:06:30Momdsiw get lvls
00:06:32Momdsiw gank at night for farm
00:06:411m4n5h0w ss
00:06:421m4n5h0w care bot
00:06:46Platscher ss
00:06:47veuncent spec
00:06:49Platscher krob
00:06:49Platscher care
00:06:50Platscher top
00:06:57veuncent wtf spectre
00:07:03veuncent blind?
00:07:14Momdsiw y
00:07:14Platscher gg mid
00:07:17Platscher she farms hard
00:07:20GuiTaR gj
00:07:22horsesarse gj
00:07:41Platscher tower gone -..-
00:07:47veuncent stop crying
00:07:48Momdsiw kk
00:07:49Momdsiw so is krobe then
00:08:28Platscher gj
00:08:29veuncent yay
00:08:311m4n5h0w miss earth?
00:08:40Platscher ty for gank
00:08:491m4n5h0w miss ns
00:08:50horsesarse we killed him
00:08:51GuiTaR im b
00:08:53Platscher ss
00:08:54Momdsiw no hp
00:08:54Platscher 1
00:09:07horsesarse care ns
00:09:09horsesarse care
00:09:10horsesarse b
00:09:11GuiTaR gang
00:09:11Platscher re mid
00:09:12veuncent top miss
00:09:14horsesarse bara ns miss
00:09:16GuiTaR k
00:09:26horsesarse nees 10 for manaboot
00:09:39Momdsiw dam that you cant block
00:09:441m4n5h0w piss dich
00:09:47Platscher ss
00:09:53horsesarse ss
00:09:53JasonStatham ???
00:09:53Platscher omfg
00:09:57GuiTaR care
00:10:02JasonStatham me laagging?
00:10:04horsesarse SS
00:10:091m4n5h0w jaja
00:10:181m4n5h0w cent?
00:10:19Platscher piss dich
00:10:31horsesarse gj
00:10:351m4n5h0w ns
00:10:36GuiTaR u 2
00:10:371m4n5h0w its night
00:10:371m4n5h0w care
00:10:46Terrax ss2
00:10:46Platscher omw top
00:10:49Momdsiw klk
00:10:561m4n5h0w omw top tower
00:11:20Momdsiw b
00:11:20Platscher b
00:11:31horsesarse hehe
00:11:33GuiTaR ffs
00:11:43Terrax ss2
00:11:44Momdsiw oom
00:11:47veuncent oom
00:11:55Momdsiw dont
00:12:04GuiTaR -ms
00:12:04Terrax ss2
00:12:14GuiTaR omw
00:12:18GuiTaR crob
00:12:22veuncent top miss
00:12:25veuncent wards pls
00:12:261m4n5h0w getting mana
00:12:291m4n5h0w then push top tower
00:12:40horsesarse got manaboots
00:12:42Platscher up chick draw
00:12:43GuiTaR good
00:12:59Platscher #omw
00:13:17Platscher care
00:13:18Platscher b
00:13:34GuiTaR shit
00:13:38GuiTaR fucking shit
00:14:03Platscher DRA UPGRADE CHICK
00:14:07Platscher you should have bought one
00:14:15veuncent drow
00:14:20veuncent jason
00:14:22veuncent up chick
00:14:22horsesarse charge
00:14:24GuiTaR i charge
00:14:25Platscher what a nap
00:14:30horsesarse take
00:14:31Platscher gg draw
00:14:48Platscher omw top
00:14:58Platscher XD
00:15:01Platscher forget it
00:15:14Platscher y
00:15:25veuncent hahaha
00:15:27veuncent noob
00:15:39Platscher STUN !?
00:15:42Platscher idiot es
00:16:04Platscher gg we lose all towers
00:16:08Platscher they get mass gold
00:16:111m4n5h0w go next tower
00:16:17GuiTaR b
00:16:18mby_next_time yo needed hood
00:16:27Platscher DRAW
00:16:29Platscher fucking nap
00:16:36Platscher THIS DRAW
00:16:43veuncent the hero is called drow
00:17:11Platscher was für ein joke
00:17:13Platscher dummes napgame
00:17:21Platscher fuck you jason
00:17:25Platscher dumb bastard
00:17:28Platscher of game ruiner
00:17:34JasonStatham ??
00:17:37tanelli just play 4v5 and relax
00:17:38Platscher ich weis etz wieder wer draw ist
00:17:39GuiTaR -ms
00:17:48Platscher der AA von damals
00:17:51Platscher ohne ulti ...
00:17:551m4n5h0w nee
00:17:58Platscher oohh doch
00:18:02Platscher eben der
00:18:06Platscher scherz game
00:18:10Platscher unverdienter sieg
00:18:13horsesarse omw mid
00:18:17mby_next_time KK
00:18:46Platscher TEAM
00:18:48horsesarse :E
00:18:51Platscher your so ridicoulus
00:19:13mby_next_time DONT CHASE
00:19:17mby_next_time STOP IT
00:19:27veuncent ok
00:19:29horsesarse y were not that strong yet :W
00:20:01Momdsiw why you opush it
00:20:05veuncent cent getting dagger?
00:20:121m4n5h0w gj
00:20:25horsesarse omw
00:20:30horsesarse tp
00:20:31GuiTaR low hp
00:20:51GuiTaR ffs
00:20:57horsesarse stupid wards
00:20:59GuiTaR i knew it
00:21:08JasonStatham what the fuck
00:21:12Platscher lol spec why didnt you come ?
00:21:241m4n5h0w gj pudge
00:21:31horsesarse come bot then
00:21:31mby_next_time i know i failed last game
00:21:54JasonStatham go gank all the time 5
00:21:54mby_next_time but cant be unlucky all time so perhaps i wont fail so much that game
00:21:59Momdsiw mm
00:22:03Momdsiw i can farm and ulti in
00:22:35horsesarse blah should have b
00:22:471m4n5h0w we should get earth or cent
00:22:501m4n5h0w and push mid
00:22:551m4n5h0w or lanes
00:23:05horsesarse gang bot
00:23:12horsesarse or mid ns
00:23:42mby_next_time 'COME ON
00:23:49Platscher dont stand around
00:23:51mby_next_time you saw my hook ?:>
00:24:06mby_next_time they got wards propably.
00:24:10horsesarse care mid!
00:24:11horsesarse b
00:24:19Platscher b
00:24:19Platscher b
00:24:19Platscher b
00:24:27mby_next_time doctor go bkb
00:24:29mby_next_time not agha
00:24:34mby_next_time remember
00:24:36veuncent why b
00:24:37horsesarse :E
00:24:37Platscher dead
00:24:42mby_next_time vs their team you have to
00:24:43GuiTaR gang?
00:24:45horsesarse y mby
00:24:46mby_next_time 2 much silence and stuyn
00:24:49horsesarse y
00:24:52horsesarse ur right
00:25:00mby_next_time JHAHAHA
00:25:01veuncent ok b
00:25:01Platscher care
00:25:01mby_next_time HASYGFSJFASF
00:25:02veuncent trax
00:25:04veuncent b
00:25:32Platscher all
00:25:34JasonStatham we need to gank all the time
00:25:35Platscher care
00:25:40JasonStatham not everyone is farming
00:25:43GuiTaR b
00:25:44GuiTaR b
00:25:44horsesarse care
00:25:46horsesarse rosh=
00:25:52JasonStatham centaur nice items
00:25:54mby_next_time top i would saty
00:26:03Momdsiw centaur soon dagger
00:26:03tanelli nice courier
00:26:05GuiTaR slard dont steal creeps
00:26:06mby_next_time but no doc here
00:26:11JasonStatham its only 180 gold LOL
00:26:161m4n5h0w b
00:26:16horsesarse b...
00:26:21horsesarse freerosh
00:26:21Terrax why not deny?
00:26:22tanelli read the rules
00:26:23mby_next_time slar there is also rule
00:26:35mby_next_time about not last hitting creeps in woods
00:26:35Terrax lol
00:26:42mby_next_time when someone atacked it before toyu
00:26:441m4n5h0w the got wards
00:26:46Momdsiw they rosh
00:26:50Terrax we attacked different creeps
00:26:56mby_next_time kk propably
00:26:59mby_next_time i didndt see
00:27:08Momdsiw b
00:27:09Momdsiw def at base
00:27:12horsesarse all
00:27:16Momdsiw trax bv
00:27:17Momdsiw trax b
00:27:37horsesarse hit him
00:27:38horsesarse male!!
00:27:40horsesarse ns
00:27:45horsesarse gj
00:27:46Platscher #TEAM
00:27:47Platscher omfg
00:27:55Momdsiw you stupiud chase krobe
00:27:56Momdsiw he had aegis
00:28:06GuiTaR ffs
00:28:12horsesarse bad luck :(
00:28:16mby_next_time spec :>
00:28:16veuncent b
00:28:16veuncent b
00:28:48mby_next_time slar crystalis on you
00:28:51mby_next_time is just awfull
00:28:56Terrax yea, i know
00:28:56mby_next_time you dont need it
00:29:00mby_next_time dagger
00:29:01mby_next_time bkb
00:29:05GuiTaR b
00:29:06Terrax first game after years
00:29:07mby_next_time even basher
00:29:08Terrax i will improve
00:29:111m4n5h0w need to push
00:29:131m4n5h0w i am lvl 16
00:29:14mby_next_time wel kk,
00:29:18mby_next_time so go gang
00:29:22mby_next_time andthen push
00:29:29mby_next_time or krob tank
00:29:331m4n5h0w charge
00:29:33mby_next_time with agha
00:29:35mby_next_time we use it
00:29:37mby_next_time and win.
00:29:43mby_next_time but we dont deal a lot withouyt krob
00:29:50horsesarse fuck u
00:29:511m4n5h0w gg
00:29:52horsesarse :(
00:29:59horsesarse i hope u all die
00:30:07horsesarse like that
00:30:09JasonStatham aHAHAHAHAHA
00:30:13Momdsiw got ya
00:30:14Platscher nice chase
00:30:14JasonStatham impossible hero
00:30:16horsesarse :(
00:30:171m4n5h0w ^^
00:30:17mby_next_time :D
00:30:23Platscher NOOB LASTPICK
00:30:35Platscher DS PITLORD
00:30:37horsesarse another win for onemanshow :=
00:30:451m4n5h0w ^^
00:30:51mby_next_time and my bad row unluck
00:30:521m4n5h0w use jaggo
00:30:55mby_next_time ended :D
00:31:01veuncent go
00:31:02horsesarse b
00:31:05Platscher wtf
00:31:32tanelli b
00:32:23mby_next_time zeus ulti
00:32:27GuiTaR lol
00:32:56horsesarse b
00:33:05mby_next_time cent dagger
00:33:06mby_next_time care
00:33:11mby_next_time s same.
00:33:12mby_next_time es.
00:33:29GuiTaR charged
00:33:401m4n5h0w wtf ulti stops :(
00:33:42Platscher b
00:33:42Platscher b
00:33:42Platscher b
00:33:49mby_next_time ob []agha?
00:33:50mby_next_time always
00:33:56mby_next_time on aegis.
00:34:161m4n5h0w hoped it carries on
00:34:18Momdsiw b
00:34:24horsesarse oom
00:34:30mby_next_time lost half of hp on silence<3
00:34:32mby_next_time cool <3
00:34:48GuiTaR why did u buy wrath band to slaradar??
00:34:51Momdsiw dont nuke pudge
00:34:521m4n5h0w few secs
00:34:54Momdsiw 50%& magic redu
00:35:10JasonStatham fucking noob centaur
00:35:15mby_next_time loeve you trax
00:35:16JasonStatham nice items
00:35:161m4n5h0w buha
00:35:17mby_next_time i hope you love me 2.
00:35:181m4n5h0w lowbobs
00:35:18Platscher ^^
00:35:49horsesarse gather
00:35:50Platscher with spec we have still chance
00:35:53horsesarse need mid twr
00:35:55Platscher and es cent combo
00:35:561m4n5h0w gather mid
00:35:571m4n5h0w end
00:35:58mby_next_time rax
00:35:591m4n5h0w easy
00:36:00mby_next_time *
00:36:02mby_next_time and froze
00:36:06Momdsiw and if you buy detect
00:36:08horsesarse b
00:36:09horsesarse top
00:36:161m4n5h0w 20 sec
00:36:171m4n5h0w i port
00:36:191m4n5h0w with bot
00:36:20horsesarse k
00:36:211m4n5h0w go instant
00:36:22Momdsiw stop stealinbg
00:36:24Momdsiw my neutrals
00:36:26JasonStatham i didn
00:36:271m4n5h0w start pushing
00:36:31Momdsiw you did
00:36:48mby_next_time dust on ns
00:36:51mby_next_time spec got radi
00:36:51tanelli ambush mid
00:36:521m4n5h0w y
00:36:56tanelli or they get rax
00:36:57veuncent lets go with 5
00:37:02Platscher y
00:37:37Platscher MORE BASH PLS
00:37:38horsesarse gj
00:37:38Platscher BASTARD
00:37:38Momdsiw I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:43mby_next_time OK
00:37:44Momdsiw Gg wp
00:37:45Momdsiw Krobe
00:37:51JasonStatham i surrender
00:37:52horsesarse *bashtard
00:37:55horsesarse :)
00:38:011m4n5h0w RAX
00:38:021m4n5h0w RAX
00:38:02Platscher ...
00:38:111m4n5h0w i gotta solo rax
00:38:11tanelli I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:131m4n5h0w :D
00:38:20mby_next_time LIER
00:38:291m4n5h0w 15 secs ulti
00:38:37mby_next_time so come
00:38:561m4n5h0w gg
00:38:57GuiTaR hihihi
00:39:03GuiTaR i wanted to try
00:39:19GuiTaR rosh alive
00:39:20mby_next_time i kno im fat and ugly but seriously focus me?
00:39:27GuiTaR lol
00:39:271m4n5h0w gg
00:40:06horsesarse gather and end
00:40:08horsesarse more X
00:40:09horsesarse :)
00:40:09veuncent lol
00:40:14Platscher XD
00:40:17GuiTaR -ms
00:40:40Platscher dont know why draw should be best pick vs your team
00:40:46horsesarse :P
00:40:52mby_next_time more silence and stun
00:40:53horsesarse big tits
00:40:55mby_next_time :>
00:40:55Platscher not like there was DS or even Pit
00:41:04Platscher silence and stun ?
00:41:05mby_next_time nah not usefull
00:41:08horsesarse tits
00:41:10horsesarse boobies
00:41:17Momdsiw he was backup carry
00:41:20horsesarse bazongas
00:41:27mby_next_time es ?D:
00:41:44mby_next_time TITS OR GTFO
00:42:03mby_next_time kob 34 passed
00:42:04veuncent you move too much
00:42:05mby_next_time :>
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