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-37 X
-1 TS

83% | 1487 X | 1398 TS

+16 X
-1 TS

74% | 1372 X | 1379 TS

+12 X
-2 TS

71% | 1347 X | 1379 TS

+4 X
-1 TS

67% | 1294 X | 1387 TS

-20 X
-1 TS

66% | 1278 X | 1392 TS

-20 X
+1 TS

84% | 1440 X | 1483 TS

+25 X
+2 TS

78% | 1327 X | 1487 TS

-8 X
+1 TS

77% | 1395 X | 1408 TS

+17 X
+1 TS

60% | 1242 X | 1368 TS

+22 X
+6 TS

56% | 1273 X | 1295 TS

Chat log

00:00:00sandii [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Laier with 63 seconds.
00:00:05Laier yessessssssssessessss
00:00:06Laier no funch in my team
00:00:12Vangelis this
00:00:13Vangelis pool
00:00:13Laier get me pitlord plx
00:00:13fUNCh las keegi teine ostab kana
00:00:15Vangelis is epic imba
00:00:15Daki.90.o lol
00:00:16fUNCh ma rohkem caaary vend
00:00:16Vangelis and they get first pick
00:00:16Vangelis :D
00:00:16Laier get me pitlord okey?
00:00:16Daki.90.o can som1
00:00:16Vangelis well
00:00:16Daki.90.o pick me phoenix
00:00:16Vangelis pitlord has to wait i think
00:00:16creeeeeee -phoenix
00:00:16Vangelis phoenix, lycan spec ud
00:00:16KeLToS fuck it ban lycan - phoenix invoker
00:00:16Laier lyca
00:00:16Laier ban lycaaa
00:00:16Vangelis -ban lycan
00:00:16Vangelis ofc
00:00:16Vangelis but
00:00:16Vangelis we need to pick ud and spec
00:00:18Vangelis if poss
00:00:21Laier and pitlord is kinda stronk no matter what
00:00:25Daki.90.o imba sick fuckin pull get
00:00:25Vangelis i know
00:00:26KeLToS i can ud
00:00:26Daki.90.o spec
00:00:34Vangelis who can spec
00:00:35Vangelis ?
00:00:38Daki.90.o i can
00:00:38Vangelis pick ud
00:00:39infect ma võin
00:00:39Daki.90.o np
00:00:45sandii my ud ;(
00:00:45Vangelis ehm
00:00:46Vangelis laier
00:00:48Vangelis ? spec
00:00:48Vangelis :D
00:00:55Vangelis oh
00:00:56Daki.90.o i can dude like np
00:00:57Vangelis ..........
00:01:01creeeeeee levi would rock
00:01:04creeeeeee or invo
00:01:06creeeeeee if sb can play it
00:01:12Vangelis i give to infect
00:01:12infect ma olen seda daki-t näinud
00:01:17Vangelis oskab
00:01:17Vangelis ta
00:01:18Vangelis ?
00:01:22Daki.90.o u play it or ?
00:01:23infect kõige mis tahad
00:01:26creeeeeee carry küll enam vaja pole funch ju
00:01:29Vangelis hmmm tide
00:01:29Daki.90.o what 2 pick ?
00:01:32fUNCh jugger kõlbaks
00:01:36Vangelis -swap 4
00:01:37creeeeeee bara heal juhul
00:01:38infect -swap 1
00:01:39creeeeeee stunni vaja
00:01:39Vaj.CO well invo needs solo
00:01:40Vangelis whoever
00:01:41Vangelis plays spec
00:01:43Daki.90.o ffs let me spec
00:01:43KeLToS enigma?
00:01:47creeeeeee get chen for forest
00:01:47KeLToS magna
00:01:47fUNCh i can chen forest
00:01:48KeLToS doom
00:01:48infect i spec
00:01:49creeeeeee or enigma
00:01:50Vangelis i can enigma also
00:01:51Daki.90.o what 2 pick ?
00:01:52Laier get range last
00:01:52Vaj.CO ok
00:01:52Vangelis i can doom also
00:01:53creeeeeee chen/enigma forest
00:01:54fUNCh but this will suck
00:01:55Vangelis daki
00:01:56Vangelis swap me
00:01:56Laier need range
00:01:57fUNCh a lot of cocks
00:01:57Vangelis if you want
00:01:58KeLToS shit 4 melee
00:01:59sandii lmao
00:02:00Daki.90.o nope
00:02:00creeeeeee wtf
00:02:01Vangelis give me doom or enigma
00:02:02Vangelis if you want
00:02:05creeeeeee mansikka?
00:02:13Daki.90.o -swap 1
00:02:16creeeeeee why the F bs
00:02:16Vangelis omg
00:02:17KeLToS lanes
00:02:18Vangelis you said no
00:02:19Vangelis i already
00:02:22Vangelis bough 2
00:02:22Daki.90.o kk
00:02:23Vangelis items
00:02:23Daki.90.o np
00:02:26mansikka XD
00:02:28KeLToS -clear
00:02:29Laier me ud bot
00:02:29Daki.90.o i must top
00:02:30Daki.90.o -hhn
00:02:31mansikka afk sry
00:02:31Daki.90.o -clear
00:02:32Vangelis well
00:02:33Vangelis :/
00:02:37creeeeeee well pa and bs top
00:02:38fUNCh you picked
00:02:40fUNCh you didnt random
00:02:40creeeeeee nothing to do here
00:02:42mansikka wtf
00:02:42Vangelis spec
00:02:43KeLToS who mid?
00:02:43Vangelis cannot
00:02:44Vangelis solo
00:02:45Laier ud pit should be sick
00:02:47infect enigma, are you able semi woods?
00:02:49Vangelis ehm
00:02:49creeeeeee invo needs to solo bot
00:02:51creeeeeee chen forest
00:02:51Vangelis spec
00:02:51infect like creeps @ woods
00:02:53Vangelis cannot solo
00:02:55infect but you lane?
00:02:57creeeeeee go pick/random more shit
00:03:02Laier enigma babysti spec
00:03:03Daki.90.o i will babysit spec
00:03:04Laier at lane
00:03:05Daki.90.o and pull
00:03:05infect can you handle that micro ?
00:03:10Vangelis deny creeps
00:03:19fUNCh fb bot soon
00:03:25Vaj.CO at 3
00:03:27fUNCh gonna come with dd
00:03:29Laier lvl 3 kill
00:03:30infect u can use ltitle creeps for forest
00:03:35infect @ lvl 3
00:03:57Vangelis spec
00:04:00Vangelis kui ei saa farmi
00:04:01Vangelis siis peab ud
00:04:03Vangelis top tulema
00:04:05Daki.90.o she cant lasthit
00:04:11fUNCh coming
00:04:31Vangelis kas sul
00:04:35Vangelis on vaja bbabysitti
00:04:37infect saan ilusti
00:04:37Vangelis vs 2 melee carry
00:04:38Vangelis ?
00:04:42sandii jhups
00:04:43fUNCh wtf invo
00:04:45Vaj.CO lol
00:04:50Vangelis enigma
00:04:52Vangelis go forest
00:04:52Daki.90.o i go pull
00:04:53Vangelis then
00:04:54Daki.90.o care
00:04:56Vangelis spec can handle
00:04:57infect eiei
00:04:57Vangelis i think
00:05:01infect no, let him stay
00:05:02Vangelis well
00:05:07Vangelis at least double pull then
00:05:58Daki.90.o w8 me
00:06:05Daki.90.o go
00:06:06Vangelis nvm
00:06:07Vangelis he
00:06:07Vangelis said
00:06:08Vangelis miss
00:06:53KeLToS go when u can
00:07:08KeLToS wtf dude
00:07:11KeLToS hold him
00:07:17Laier had no mana
00:07:24Daki.90.o spec
00:07:24Daki.90.o FFS
00:07:31Daki.90.o how many
00:07:33Daki.90.o cs
00:07:33Daki.90.o ?
00:07:35Daki.90.o 10 ?
00:07:40Vangelis mis
00:07:42Vangelis toimub
00:07:43Vangelis in fect
00:07:50KeLToS when u can
00:07:51KeLToS go pls
00:08:14Daki.90.o pullin
00:08:33Vaj.CO ...
00:08:56creeeeeee mISS
00:09:07infect ss
00:09:18fUNCh oleks pidand ikka ise carrima
00:09:23Vangelis ss
00:09:24Vangelis tiny
00:09:30Vangelis plz
00:09:32Vangelis ma blinkisin
00:09:33Vangelis 5 korda
00:09:34Vaj.CO wt
00:09:38Vangelis still
00:09:38Vangelis ss
00:09:47creeeeeee kill
00:09:50creeeeeee sppec
00:09:52infect ss bs
00:09:54infect but now lvl 5
00:09:57infect 6
00:10:02infect not***
00:10:13infect top is too aggresive
00:10:16infect tiny might be here
00:10:21KeLToS i come
00:10:28infect y
00:10:30infect tiny was here
00:10:35KeLToS enigma go
00:10:37KeLToS pa
00:10:38Laier tide got ulti?
00:11:14Laier so no ulti i guess?
00:11:19Vangelis why
00:11:19Vangelis should
00:11:20Vangelis i ulti
00:11:21Vangelis first
00:11:22Vangelis ?
00:11:26Laier because im silenced?
00:11:29Vangelis oh
00:11:30Vangelis :d
00:11:31Vangelis epic
00:11:32Vangelis me noob
00:11:32Laier ...
00:11:37Laier maybe watch the game :)
00:11:59mansikka gj
00:12:05Laier you wait too much
00:12:08Laier just ulti and hes dead
00:12:09Vangelis i was
00:12:10Vangelis oom
00:12:13Vangelis for combo
00:12:16Laier say it next time mby?
00:12:19Laier so we dont die for nothing :/
00:12:27sandii ss top
00:12:30creeeeeee wards needed
00:12:47creeeeeee got meteor or what?
00:12:49infect ss bs
00:12:58creeeeeee tornado+emp
00:12:59Vaj.CO y
00:13:00creeeeeee ?
00:13:03Vaj.CO mete
00:13:22Laier wtf you wait vangelis
00:13:27Vangelis silenced
00:13:31Laier you wait too much
00:13:32Laier really
00:13:34Vangelis I WAS
00:13:36Vangelis instantly
00:13:37Vangelis silenced
00:13:58Daki.90.o i have dager now
00:14:05KeLToS 0 mana
00:14:40infect sure it had to be bs :D:D
00:14:44infect why noone else
00:14:46sandii :D
00:15:18Vaj.CO omg
00:15:34creeeeeee top +1
00:15:36creeeeeee to kill
00:15:40Vangelis 1 urn
00:15:41Vangelis plz
00:15:51Vangelis cd
00:15:52Vangelis ult
00:16:35Laier wtf are you enigma waiting?
00:16:39Laier you got dagger
00:16:44Laier and you dont fucking blink ulti
00:16:45KeLToS epic fail
00:16:46KeLToS rlty
00:16:47Daki.90.o fuck u retard
00:16:50Daki.90.o not my fail
00:16:53Vangelis KILL
00:16:54Laier why you play so fucking pussy
00:16:55Vangelis I GOT ULT
00:16:56Laier they would all die
00:17:01Vangelis spec
00:17:01Laier i tele us
00:17:02Vangelis be rdy
00:17:07Vangelis TELE
00:17:09KeLToS so fucking pussys
00:17:12KeLToS fuck this i stay b
00:17:49Vaj.CO me reg
00:17:54KeLToS need dust
00:18:36KeLToS stacked
00:18:49KeLToS smoke and gang woods?
00:18:58Laier just go with 5
00:19:04Laier that pa rapes us all late
00:19:18Vangelis go 5
00:19:19Vangelis mid
00:19:21Vangelis spec
00:19:22Vangelis ready
00:19:23Vangelis with ult
00:19:24KeLToS he can ulti
00:19:24infect y
00:19:29Laier enigma
00:19:30Laier stay back
00:20:08creeeeeee enigmaa was there also :/
00:20:13Vaj.CO well
00:20:16Vaj.CO mort and bs
00:20:17creeeeeee with daggor
00:20:19Vaj.CO so useless
00:20:21infect flying?
00:20:35KeLToS take
00:20:35KeLToS spec
00:20:46infect flying?
00:20:55sandii ..
00:20:56infect ty
00:21:20Vangelis i make
00:21:21Vangelis jango
00:21:21mansikka w8
00:21:24infect hmm, radi suht pointless
00:21:25infect või tahad
00:21:35Vangelis no
00:21:37Vangelis hoia
00:21:39Vangelis raha lihsalt
00:21:44Vangelis muu ka eriti pole pointi
00:21:46Vangelis muul
00:21:51infect diffu on jah ainsana
00:21:52Vangelis 30 s
00:21:53Vangelis cd
00:22:09Vangelis go bot
00:22:10Vangelis with 5
00:22:15KeLToS why are u farming enigma
00:22:28Vaj.CO chen wards
00:22:30Vaj.CO pls
00:22:32Laier dotn go tide
00:22:39Vangelis let's
00:22:39Vangelis push
00:22:40Vangelis with 5
00:22:48Daki.90.o no
00:22:49Vangelis 4*
00:22:49Daki.90.o spec
00:22:51Daki.90.o farm
00:22:54Daki.90.o then just ulty
00:22:57Daki.90.o when me use it
00:22:57infect i ulti in
00:23:13Vangelis we need
00:23:14Vangelis mana boots
00:23:14Laier ud come?
00:23:15Vangelis on
00:23:15Daki.90.o come
00:23:51Laier mid
00:23:52Laier ax
00:24:35Daki.90.o b
00:24:36infect we cany
00:24:37Daki.90.o zombie
00:24:41Daki.90.o is top
00:24:41Vangelis we need
00:24:42Vangelis more
00:24:43Vangelis mana boots
00:24:45Vangelis not phase and
00:24:50Vangelis treads
00:25:14Vangelis take it
00:25:20sandii lemme top
00:25:20infect very hard for me to farm if ud and pit keep pushin lanes like that
00:25:27Vangelis we should
00:25:27infect pa can just freefarm
00:25:29Vangelis push anyway
00:25:34Vaj.CO well mort bkb
00:25:36creeeeeee and fast b
00:25:38Vaj.CO it should work
00:26:00Laier mid
00:26:03Daki.90.o mana
00:26:06creeeeeee seems like they have wards also :/
00:26:07Vangelis enigma
00:26:08Vangelis pit
00:26:08Daki.90.o FFS
00:26:10Daki.90.o i am OOM
00:26:10Vaj.CO y
00:26:11Vangelis why not mana boots
00:26:12Vangelis :/
00:26:19creeeeeee u can def np
00:26:20infect pit make mana boots
00:26:20KeLToS i give urn
00:26:20Vangelis cant go
00:26:21Vangelis we are oom
00:26:23creeeeeee levi has no ult
00:26:25creeeeeee spec also
00:26:30Daki.90.o TOMB
00:26:45Vangelis really
00:26:50Laier ty
00:26:55Laier i save you and you leave me
00:26:56infect laier, we need mana
00:26:57Vangelis ulti
00:26:57Vangelis ?
00:26:58Vaj.CO why?
00:26:59Vaj.CO b
00:26:59infect not phase
00:27:04creeeeeee yea
00:27:10Vangelis i make
00:27:12Vangelis mana boots also
00:27:13Daki.90.o pit lord
00:27:22creeeeeee go mid twr
00:27:28KeLToS unbelieveble im the only one with mana boots
00:27:39Vangelis i get it
00:27:40sandii invis bot
00:27:41Vangelis in 120 gold
00:27:42Laier i ulti us mid
00:27:43Laier gather
00:27:44Vaj.CO take
00:27:53Vangelis my ult
00:27:54Vangelis a bit cd
00:27:56Laier enigma where the hell are you doing
00:28:01Laier nvm
00:28:04KeLToS so fucking tard
00:28:11Daki.90.o ?
00:28:13Daki.90.o me
00:28:13Laier go blink
00:28:14Laier utli
00:28:15Daki.90.o fuck u all
00:29:04Vangelis f
00:29:04infect pit, still u went phase?
00:29:05infect :D
00:29:11Vangelis laier
00:29:12Vangelis are you
00:29:13Vangelis a noob
00:29:13Vangelis ?
00:29:20Laier ofc i went fucking phase if we got 3 manaboots coming
00:29:21Vangelis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:24Vangelis we need
00:29:25Vangelis 4
00:29:30Vangelis not 2
00:29:31Laier we need 3
00:29:31Vangelis we have 2
00:29:33Daki.90.o ZOMBIE
00:29:34Daki.90.o come
00:29:35infect i can ulti in
00:29:36Laier if you guys dotn waste them
00:29:43Vangelis WE DONT WASTE THEM
00:30:23Vangelis really
00:30:25Vangelis they have invo
00:30:28Vangelis and you make
00:30:30Vangelis phaseboots
00:30:39Laier and you guys have no idea why i make them
00:30:42Vangelis go
00:30:43Vangelis 5
00:30:43Vangelis mid
00:30:44Vangelis now
00:30:45Laier im the guy who runs in furst
00:30:51Vangelis no
00:30:52Vangelis you are not
00:31:00Vaj.CO b
00:31:04Vaj.CO need all
00:31:24Daki.90.o I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:32Laier wp spec
00:31:33Vangelis noob
00:31:34Daki.90.o spec
00:31:34Vangelis laier
00:31:34infect ?
00:31:36Daki.90.o i said
00:31:37infect u were dead
00:31:39infect before
00:31:39Daki.90.o let me spec
00:31:47infect enigma had zero mana
00:31:50infect tide had 10 hp
00:31:51Vangelis YOU KNOW WHY
00:31:53Vangelis because
00:31:54Vangelis you make
00:31:56infect i utlied, thought about coming in
00:31:57Vangelis treads and phase boots
00:32:01infect but come on, 5vs3
00:32:08infect and me dieying is useless
00:32:25fUNCh metsa ogre frost annab ka +8 armorit
00:32:26fUNCh :D
00:32:27Daki.90.o bs
00:32:27fUNCh suht imba
00:33:09Laier spread
00:33:12Laier so invo wont take your mana
00:33:20Laier and you dont need to cry oom
00:33:22creeeeeee djeff
00:33:25Vangelis MAKE MANA BOOTS
00:33:27Vangelis sell phase
00:33:35Vangelis 10 s
00:33:35Vangelis cd
00:33:36Vangelis ult
00:33:44Daki.90.o MANA
00:33:56Laier there is reason i dont make mana boots when i got soulring and nonstop heal
00:33:58sandii fuu
00:33:59sandii i died
00:34:03sandii cos of this team
00:34:13Laier spec idle?
00:34:15Laier for real :DDDD
00:34:24infect bs
00:34:25infect ulti
00:34:27Laier you ulti and idle with real 1
00:34:31Daki.90.o ,mANA
00:34:35infect bs had ulti on me
00:34:50creeeeeee go omg bs he has 0 mana
00:34:51Vangelis LAIER
00:34:52Vangelis sell
00:34:53Vangelis phase
00:34:53creeeeeee why so scared
00:34:53infect ud, they can see u
00:34:54Vangelis boots
00:34:54Vaj.CO y
00:34:54Vangelis plz
00:34:56Vangelis sell them
00:34:57Laier stfu vangelis
00:34:57Vangelis enigma
00:34:58Vangelis too
00:35:09Laier its not manaboots the reason we lose
00:35:13Vangelis YES IT IS
00:35:15Laier spec got zero items
00:35:20Vangelis you know why
00:35:21Vangelis you farm
00:35:26infect you and ud
00:35:28infect have pushed lanes
00:35:28Vangelis you farm like a mad man
00:35:30infect all the time
00:35:32creeeeeee mid
00:35:33creeeeeee kill
00:35:34infect i need to farm forest
00:35:49Vangelis go
00:35:49Vangelis 5
00:35:50Vangelis mid
00:36:01KeLToS man
00:36:02Laier and why you guys dont spread?
00:36:03KeLToS come
00:36:07Laier let them use their shit on my
00:36:41Laier go mid rax
00:36:46Laier i tele there soon
00:36:49Vangelis gather
00:36:50Vangelis for mana
00:36:51Vangelis boots
00:36:55creeeeeee again all there in 3 sek :/
00:36:56Vangelis ud
00:36:56creeeeeee suckers
00:37:00Laier go mid
00:37:01Laier go mid
00:37:04Laier dont care about pa
00:37:05Daki.90.o MID
00:37:05Laier i def
00:37:09fUNCh te ei taju biiti ikka mitte üldse
00:37:15KeLToS i have vlad
00:37:18Vangelis urn
00:37:19Vangelis plz
00:37:26Vangelis pit
00:37:27Vangelis tele
00:37:27Laier go
00:37:28Vangelis now
00:37:29Daki.90.o TOMB
00:37:44Daki.90.o manba ?
00:37:47Vangelis cd
00:38:03Vangelis again
00:38:04Vangelis no mana
00:38:18Vangelis really
00:38:19Vangelis you see
00:38:24Vangelis you are oom all the time
00:38:44KeLToS let em have that tower
00:38:50creeeeeee again why u stopped?
00:38:53creeeeeee had blink in 2 sek
00:38:54sandii me?
00:38:56mansikka so
00:38:57KeLToS or go base
00:38:57creeeeeee bs
00:38:58KeLToS and tele us in
00:39:08mansikka i dont want to chase so far
00:39:13creeeeeee 3 dead?
00:39:14creeeeeee 1 bot lane
00:39:14KeLToS rosh i have smoke
00:39:16KeLToS gather mid
00:39:17creeeeeee he was alone
00:39:24KeLToS stay
00:39:25KeLToS u2
00:39:30Laier go
00:39:31Laier eni blink
00:39:39infect top twr?
00:39:49Laier smoke and topå
00:39:51creeeeeee chen/invo get that tomb
00:39:58infect pa no tele
00:40:42KeLToS rosh
00:40:42Vangelis GO
00:40:43Vangelis tele
00:40:45Vangelis with pit ult
00:40:46Vangelis push
00:41:04Vangelis ud
00:41:06Vangelis ?
00:41:17Vangelis UD
00:41:18Vangelis ?
00:41:30sandii butterfly stacks with my evasion right?
00:41:33infect we cant
00:41:34fUNCh no
00:41:35Laier next time
00:41:37Laier ppl spread
00:41:40sandii :(
00:41:41Laier so invo wont take your mana
00:41:43KeLToS rosh?
00:41:43Laier not that hard?
00:41:45Daki.90.o stfu
00:41:47Daki.90.o dude
00:41:48Vangelis MAKE MANA BOOTs
00:41:49Vangelis not that hard
00:41:58creeeeeee get true strike
00:42:03sandii yeah
00:42:03creeeeeee against those fatsos
00:42:04sandii i will
00:42:04Vangelis cds on ults
00:42:11Daki.90.o y
00:42:20Laier fucking pussy ass
00:42:25Laier lets see how much my manaboots help
00:42:25creeeeeee they roshin
00:42:28creeeeeee me hatiiin
00:42:30KeLToS pa is getting strong
00:42:34creeeeeee ttüõtõt
00:42:37Laier ofc he is
00:42:40Laier go mid
00:42:46Vaj.CO tide dagger
00:42:46KeLToS chen and invoker focus pls
00:42:47Vaj.CO care
00:42:51Vaj.CO go smoke
00:42:58Vaj.CO mort
00:42:59Laier wait
00:43:00Laier i tele us
00:43:03infect y
00:43:04Daki.90.o they r b
00:43:05Daki.90.o tele us
00:43:06creeeeeee well
00:43:06Daki.90.o bot
00:43:09creeeeeee top and bot pushing
00:43:10creeeeeee :DD
00:43:16Laier noob
00:43:20KeLToS omfg
00:43:23Daki.90.o wtf
00:43:25Daki.90.o i didnt moved
00:44:04Vangelis b
00:44:06Laier pa bought
00:44:19Laier enigma wtf you did
00:44:24Laier so yo didnt get into tele
00:44:24Daki.90.o nothing
00:44:25Daki.90.o dude
00:44:29Daki.90.o FFS
00:44:29creeeeeee just go
00:44:30Daki.90.o i was
00:44:33Daki.90.o there
00:44:34Daki.90.o whit u all ?
00:44:37Daki.90.o didnt
00:44:40Daki.90.o even moved
00:44:43Daki.90.o xD
00:45:02infect neil vision
00:45:12Vaj.CO gj
00:45:27Vangelis this
00:45:28Vangelis game
00:45:30sandii wtf
00:45:31sandii :D
00:45:31Vangelis 1 fail after another
00:45:33sandii homo func
00:45:35sandii h
00:45:44Laier just go with 5
00:45:44Vangelis get
00:45:45Vangelis smoke
00:45:45Laier and play better
00:45:48Laier and its ez win
00:45:50Vangelis 1 entry
00:45:52Vangelis and we win game
00:46:01creeeeeee with pipe
00:46:02sandii wtf bs
00:46:03creeeeeee it would be easy
00:46:08Vangelis b
00:46:18Laier come
00:46:22Laier and go with my ult
00:46:25creeeeeee who gets that pipe
00:46:30mansikka i have hood
00:46:31infect i push top
00:46:31Laier wast
00:46:32Laier now
00:46:32mansikka so i can
00:46:36creeeeeee do it please
00:46:37Laier wher are you going
00:46:39infect i can ulti
00:46:40Daki.90.o come spec
00:46:44Laier b
00:46:44Daki.90.o y
00:46:44Laier b
00:46:44Laier b
00:47:03Vaj.CO b
00:47:04Vaj.CO b
00:47:04Vaj.CO b
00:47:10sandii that is just too much
00:47:12Laier mid and bot rax
00:47:12Vaj.CO i can bo
00:47:13KeLToS take mid and bot
00:47:32sandii well they dont have ulties
00:47:46Vangelis enigma
00:47:47Vangelis ??????
00:47:49Vangelis ?????????
00:48:14creeeeeee miss
00:48:15creeeeeee mhm
00:48:15infect 20 secs to pa
00:48:17creeeeeee so cool
00:48:29sandii im alive
00:48:29sandii !
00:48:42Vangelis enigma
00:48:43infect b
00:48:43Vangelis you run
00:48:45Vangelis but dont stun
00:48:46Vangelis ?????
00:49:06sandii ill bot
00:49:20creeeeeee u need sata first
00:49:21Vangelis i make
00:49:22Vangelis shiva
00:49:22creeeeeee on mort
00:49:23Vangelis btw
00:49:40fUNCh he has agi treads
00:49:42Vaj.CO get courias
00:49:44fUNCh what a nap
00:49:51sandii i only die when they do 2x ulti
00:49:57infect buy out cd
00:50:01Laier go
00:50:03Laier i tele mid
00:50:07KeLToS im oom
00:50:07Vaj.CO deff
00:50:12mansikka fu
00:50:20KeLToS me ac
00:50:21sandii bs come
00:50:24Vangelis me shiva
00:50:24sandii they coming for u
00:50:29mansikka no
00:51:04Laier rax after
00:51:05Laier rax
00:51:06Laier rax
00:51:08Laier dont chase
00:51:15Laier bot after
00:51:16fUNCh võta veel support
00:51:17sandii enigma kills me ;(
00:51:19creeeeeee pipe would of won the fight :/
00:51:22mansikka y
00:51:23fUNCh teamis ikka mingid taunod carrid
00:51:24Laier enigma
00:51:24Laier bot rax
00:51:26Vangelis this
00:51:26mansikka but couldnt farm for it
00:51:30Vangelis game so frustraing
00:51:30mansikka cos invo stole creeps
00:51:36Vangelis ARGGH
00:51:39Laier just rax
00:51:42Laier take rax
00:51:51Vangelis b
00:51:53Laier take that rax
00:51:54Vangelis after
00:51:55Laier and b after
00:52:10Vaj.CO gg
00:52:20Daki.90.o u should all say wp enigma motherfuckers
00:52:20fUNCh I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:28Vangelis not really
00:52:29Vangelis you made
00:52:31Vangelis many mistakes
00:52:32Vangelis :D
00:52:32KeLToS spec dd and riosh
00:52:36Daki.90.o y
00:52:37Daki.90.o but
00:52:38infect coming
00:52:39Daki.90.o u all did
00:52:43Daki.90.o fuckin
00:52:45Daki.90.o mistakes
00:52:50infect y, i am just too sleepy to do anything tbh
00:52:53Daki.90.o and i buy like 20 wards
00:52:58KeLToS we can take i got vlad
00:52:59infect enigma did nice
00:53:10Vangelis plz
00:53:10Vangelis be
00:53:11Vangelis mid
00:53:15Laier i tele mid
00:53:27fUNCh lulz
00:54:00KeLToS top tp
00:54:00KeLToS all
00:54:05Laier cd
00:54:07Laier go mid
00:54:09Laier and push top
00:54:10infect just mid
00:54:11sandii fucking dummie
00:54:12infect top no twr
00:54:14Daki.90.o sec
00:54:14Laier and enigma fucks around
00:54:14Daki.90.o curir
00:54:21fUNCh creo näed
00:54:22sandii needed 150 -_-
00:54:29Laier tide
00:54:30Laier stay b
00:54:33Vangelis no
00:54:36fUNCh saaks terve baasi neid täis teha vist
00:54:36Vangelis no need
00:54:36fUNCh :D
00:54:40fUNCh peaks veel chenni pickima
00:54:49Vaj.CO tide
00:55:23creeeeeee I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:26KeLToS gg
00:55:27fUNCh I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:31Laier gg
00:55:31Daki.90.o GG
00:55:32Laier shit game
00:55:33creeeeeee bs pick lost it
00:55:39mansikka yyyy
00:55:56sandii shit game tbh
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