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-11 X
-2 TS

86% | 1495 X | 1463 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

83% | 1475 X | 1412 TS

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-1 TS

63% | 1268 X | 1367 TS

-44 X
-4 TS

28% | 1058 X | 1237 TS

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37% | 1081 X | 1294 TS

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36% | 1097 X | 1273 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Hexar -hhn
00:00:06Flex- storm i think your balancing system is screwed up
00:00:17Hexar spec
00:00:17Hexar ck
00:00:17Flex- -sd
00:00:18Hexar take ck sm1
00:00:19Flex- i can swap
00:00:19Flex- you spec
00:00:19Hexar nah
00:00:19Flex- if he doesnt ban
00:00:19Hexar ban spec
00:00:19Flex- nah
00:00:19taraN balanar
00:00:19Flex- storm
00:00:21Flex- want spectre?
00:00:25Pojetz i want
00:00:26Hexar ican
00:00:29taraN anyone want something++
00:00:30Hexar put i dont like it
00:00:32Marhalt wd
00:00:32taraN ill play bounty myself
00:00:36infect wr
00:00:39Marhalt me wr
00:00:40Flex- i cant play period :D
00:00:40Marhalt wr sry
00:00:44taraN ok
00:00:44Hexar ill go bh
00:00:45infect i will wr
00:00:47Marhalt no man
00:00:47Flex- nop
00:00:49Marhalt pls
00:00:49Flex- this pool
00:00:49Hexar y
00:00:50Flex- terrible
00:00:50xenix- lol
00:00:51Flex- for bh
00:00:53infect no please
00:00:53Marhalt :D
00:00:54Hexar well
00:00:55Marhalt cmon
00:00:56Strom I don't want spec that much
00:00:56taraN why
00:00:57taraN pa
00:00:58taraN :S
00:00:59Strom you want swap?
00:01:00Flex- ok
00:01:02Flex- yes
00:01:03Hexar taje cj
00:01:04Flex- give me veno
00:01:04Strom what?
00:01:05Hexar take ck
00:01:09Pojetz flex i give spec
00:01:10Hexar hes fucking shit hero
00:01:10Pojetz ?
00:01:11xenix- its ok
00:01:11Strom -swap 1
00:01:12Flex- -swap 2
00:01:15xenix- we need pa
00:01:18Flex- you can
00:01:19Flex- have
00:01:20Flex- spec mid
00:01:23xenix- spec avail
00:01:24taraN -swap 3
00:01:24infect -swap 1
00:01:33Strom hmm, don't think that's a good idea
00:01:37Strom I won't beat gondar
00:01:39GottHasstMich lol
00:01:40GottHasstMich wtf
00:01:41GottHasstMich picks
00:01:41GottHasstMich o.O
00:01:43Hexar agains wr
00:01:43GottHasstMich wtf random
00:01:44GottHasstMich wtf
00:01:46Flex- against wr
00:01:46Hexar or lion
00:01:46Flex- easy
00:01:55GottHasstMich haha
00:01:56Strom I don't play spec often, so I need to bet on my farm
00:01:57Flex- why
00:01:57taraN last guy
00:01:57GottHasstMich gondar + pa
00:01:58Flex- do last picks
00:01:58GottHasstMich uberimba
00:01:58taraN get
00:01:59taraN umm
00:01:59Strom it's gonna be gondar mid
00:02:00Hexar chiken
00:02:00taraN tc
00:02:01Flex- always pick the dumb shit
00:02:02Strom I'm telling you
00:02:05Flex- k
00:02:06Marhalt fucker
00:02:07Flex- i baby sit
00:02:07taraN tc or ck
00:02:07Hexar buy chik
00:02:08Flex- puck mid
00:02:09xenix- ck better
00:02:09Marhalt i wanted wr
00:02:11infect tc
00:02:18Flex- alsop pojetz
00:02:21Hexar share
00:02:23Flex- dont ever come back
00:02:24GottHasstMich what u take mid with gondar?
00:02:25Flex- -hhn
00:02:29Flex- im sending you enemy woods
00:02:30Flex- -hhn
00:02:33taraN ?
00:02:36taraN im mid
00:02:39GottHasstMich jesus
00:02:44infect strom went spec
00:02:45infect so :d
00:02:50Flex- hmm
00:02:51Flex- i got wards
00:02:52Hexar they did still got ck
00:02:52Marhalt fuck
00:02:53Hexar fuck
00:02:53Marhalt u
00:02:53Flex- but not using em
00:02:54infect but it's the best one
00:02:57infect marhalt
00:02:58Flex- they have
00:02:59Marhalt :)
00:03:00infect i said wr
00:03:00Flex- 1 early game
00:03:01Flex- relax
00:03:07infect way before you. so stfu already
00:03:07Marhalt wd wasnt even in the poo?
00:03:11Strom if I can get my farm on
00:03:12Flex- bh mid
00:03:13Flex- he got dd
00:03:14Strom then I'll dominate
00:03:17Strom if not, then I'll feed
00:03:18Marhalt spelled wrong
00:03:18Flex- yup
00:03:22Strom I don't play weak spec well
00:03:26GottHasstMich lemme farm wr
00:03:30GottHasstMich pls
00:03:31infect if u pull
00:03:34Marhalt he will steal your farm
00:03:35Hexar bh mid
00:03:38Strom told ya
00:04:01GottHasstMich ....
00:04:02Flex- i pull
00:04:04infect i said
00:04:04GottHasstMich stop it
00:04:05infect i let u farm
00:04:07GottHasstMich IDC
00:04:07infect if u pull
00:04:34Strom these two are wood league level
00:04:50GottHasstMich cant pull
00:04:50Flex- good
00:04:55infect k, then farm
00:04:57GottHasstMich go
00:05:54Strom they have double stun
00:06:00Strom I'm under their tower last hittin
00:06:00Hexar fc
00:06:00Hexar shit
00:06:02Marhalt ss
00:06:02Strom they don't even hit me
00:06:14Marhalt re
00:06:23Hexar ss
00:06:26Hexar re
00:06:41taraN ss
00:07:23Flex- xDD
00:07:26Marhalt all cd sry man
00:07:26Strom wood league
00:07:30xenix- np
00:07:37Flex- yup
00:07:39Flex- get the tower
00:07:45Marhalt can i insult over the chief or gc or ill get banned? :D
00:07:52Flex- you can
00:07:53Pojetz mort goes fat
00:08:02Strom can you insult over me?
00:08:10Hexar ss
00:08:21Flex- needed boots
00:08:38infect we dont nee dhelp bot
00:08:43infect go gank top/mid now on
00:08:49Marhalt su
00:08:51taraN you know
00:08:53taraN youre a retard
00:09:02infect pa freefarms atm ?
00:09:06taraN AND?
00:09:06GottHasstMich yo!
00:09:08taraN FREE KILL
00:09:09Flex- take it
00:09:17Pojetz gang bot
00:09:20infect killing spec is more useful ?
00:09:24infect we will kill them both as well
00:09:27taraN look at replay
00:09:30taraN youll understand
00:09:52Marhalt wd fault
00:09:55Marhalt wr
00:09:56Marhalt :D
00:10:16Galgar new wards needed
00:10:30taraN puck bot
00:10:47Strom so lion friend of someone?
00:10:56Strom I'm wondering if he's upset about my wood comments
00:11:00infect puck inc mid
00:11:13Marhalt dd top
00:11:24Hexar f shit
00:11:26taraN A
00:11:26Hexar flex
00:11:30Flex- you cant dodghe
00:11:31Flex- that?
00:11:31taraN fuck you
00:11:31Hexar next time ill pick ti
00:11:31Pojetz ff
00:11:35taraN i have bottle
00:11:37Hexar i have no manan
00:11:37taraN idiot
00:11:42Flex- shit
00:12:08Pojetz kill
00:12:08Flex- let lion
00:12:10Flex- stuin you
00:12:17Flex- go for them
00:12:47GottHasstMich gr8 one
00:12:48GottHasstMich no miss
00:12:55taraN hes been dead quite a few times
00:13:01Strom I really tried to bait him
00:13:01Strom but
00:13:06Strom he doesn't like stunning me
00:13:17Flex- care
00:13:22GottHasstMich ss bot
00:13:42Strom bh mis
00:13:47Hexar hes on invi
00:13:49Hexar he got rune
00:13:52Flex- yup
00:13:54Strom 4 top it seems
00:13:56Flex- go
00:13:56Hexar lion
00:13:56Hexar inc
00:15:08Pojetz :D:D
00:15:14infect k ölion
00:15:16infect dont stun
00:15:34Flex- 2 late dust
00:15:38Galgar too far
00:15:38Galgar man
00:16:09taraN lets kill
00:16:19infect oom
00:16:20xenix- how
00:16:22xenix- ?
00:16:27xenix- with 50 hp ?
00:16:27infect b
00:16:28xenix- ^^
00:16:28infect lion ck
00:16:28taraN hmm you guys are kinda low
00:16:30infect no hp
00:17:12Flex- mid
00:17:21Flex- galgar
00:17:21xenix- care+
00:17:22Flex- you first
00:17:22Flex- cmon
00:17:28Pojetz GANG MORTRED
00:17:32Pojetz FFS HE GOES FAT
00:17:40Flex- im tracked
00:17:53Galgar we need to kill mort too
00:17:57Galgar he has bkb soon
00:17:58Pojetz orly?
00:18:19Flex- GO
00:18:38GottHasstMich lol
00:18:44infect so much hate :D
00:18:50GottHasstMich whole squad is there
00:18:50GottHasstMich :D
00:18:58infect u dont do hood ck
00:18:59infect ffs
00:19:00infect armlet
00:19:03infect hot
00:19:08infect even s&y is better
00:19:08xenix- k
00:19:19Hexar gotmeka
00:19:24Flex- weird
00:19:24Flex- choise
00:19:26Galgar need dust
00:19:50taraN def
00:19:53Pojetz rdy?
00:19:56taraN marhalt
00:19:58taraN get hp and mana
00:19:59Flex- y
00:20:00taraN from base
00:20:24taraN ...
00:20:27taraN why
00:20:33Galgar oom
00:20:35infect that's why we need tc
00:20:36infect not ck
00:20:50Galgar b
00:20:55Galgar no mana
00:21:04Flex- camp it
00:21:20Flex- we got dagger
00:21:20Flex- soon
00:21:22Flex- and
00:21:25Flex- care
00:21:25taraN be awake
00:21:25Flex- care
00:21:26Flex- back
00:21:26taraN please
00:21:39Flex- tp top
00:21:39taraN pa just farm
00:21:49Flex- get mort
00:21:49Flex- sk
00:21:51Hexar inc 2
00:21:53Hexar 2top
00:22:00taraN marhalt
00:22:01Flex- come
00:22:02Flex- galgar
00:22:04Marhalt i know
00:22:04taraN gang
00:22:05Marhalt wait a sec
00:22:10GottHasstMich ..
00:22:13Flex- go mort
00:22:28Marhalt y
00:22:31Marhalt mortred
00:22:32Marhalt sure
00:22:34Flex- storm
00:22:34Flex- wtf
00:22:35Marhalt fuck off
00:23:22Hexar farm mid
00:23:29Flex- trying
00:23:32Flex- to get ghost scepter :D
00:23:35Hexar i mean spec
00:23:35taraN why would you make bkb first item
00:23:40GottHasstMich LOL
00:23:42GottHasstMich su
00:23:43infect dont finish bkb
00:23:50GottHasstMich even that question
00:23:51GottHasstMich is gg
00:23:57taraN with bkb you do 0 dmg
00:23:59taraN you need stuff
00:24:00taraN and regen
00:24:00GottHasstMich i do
00:24:01taraN to farm on lane
00:24:26Flex- wait
00:24:30Flex- go
00:24:48Flex- b
00:25:08Flex- gog
00:25:08Flex- sk
00:25:12taraN ck go
00:25:18Flex- JUST STUN
00:25:21Flex- for god sakes
00:25:49Flex- galgar
00:25:52Flex- wtf was that
00:25:55Flex- why did you do that
00:26:08Galgar why what
00:26:11Flex- just stun
00:26:11Galgar focus
00:26:13Flex- why ulti
00:26:15Flex- that silly shit
00:26:55Marhalt fuck off
00:26:57Pojetz buy relic
00:26:57Marhalt sily team
00:26:58Pojetz strom
00:26:59taraN -bounty
00:27:00Marhalt idiots
00:27:02Strom hye ye
00:27:02taraN youre shit
00:27:05taraN stop talking
00:27:11Hexar ty
00:27:14Marhalt no im not shit ur a bunch of stupid carry solo players
00:27:19infect lion, u have never ultid
00:27:21taraN youre shit
00:27:21infect so please
00:27:22infect stfu
00:27:33taraN theres nothing good about the way you play
00:27:34Marhalt u didnt even said lanes or picks
00:27:44infect u cant use ulti lion
00:27:46Marhalt u suck as capt
00:27:49Flex- b
00:27:54Marhalt su fucker
00:27:58Marhalt fuckin stealer
00:28:18Marhalt how can i play good with people like u
00:28:24Flex- stop using chick
00:28:30Flex- if you dont knopw how to
00:28:37Marhalt mah
00:28:45taraN marhalt
00:28:47taraN you have 1 assist
00:28:49taraN and youre lion
00:28:52Marhalt its not my fault
00:28:58taraN yes it is
00:28:58Marhalt su its not my fault
00:28:59Marhalt no
00:29:00Marhalt fuicker
00:29:07xenix- 3 mid
00:29:15infect u lost lion ck lane
00:29:21infect so really you dont have anything to say
00:29:27Marhalt shut up stealer
00:29:29Flex- push top
00:29:31Marhalt dont talk to u
00:29:32infect :D:D
00:29:34infect stealer
00:29:52Galgar too alte
00:30:15Hexar hes on my ass
00:30:32Flex- dust
00:30:40Marhalt good job
00:30:45Pojetz inv
00:30:47Flex- no one has
00:30:47Strom do we fight or what
00:30:47Flex- :D
00:30:55Strom I'll ulti back
00:30:57Strom if we fight
00:30:59Flex- denie
00:31:13Flex- get dust
00:31:15Flex- if you want
00:31:16Flex- to fight
00:31:18Flex- ohh
00:31:18taraN ck you need to start fights
00:31:21Flex- and we really need to fight
00:31:27Marhalt ahahah
00:31:31Strom can ulti
00:31:32Marhalt now u say that
00:31:35Flex- gogo
00:31:37taraN marhalt
00:31:38taraN just stfu please
00:31:39Marhalt thats a reason why i died so much
00:31:40Marhalt idiot
00:32:04Marhalt ahahah
00:32:07Marhalt u suck
00:32:18Marhalt omg
00:32:23Marhalt im just unlucky
00:32:24taraN youre 0/9
00:32:29Marhalt not my fault
00:32:29taraN 0/8 sry
00:32:31Flex- storm
00:32:31infect u r just unlucky
00:32:32Marhalt silly solo player
00:32:32infect :D:D
00:32:32Flex- get gem ?
00:32:33infect HAHHA
00:32:36Strom yeah later
00:32:37Marhalt ahahah
00:32:39infect fucking morons in this bronze
00:32:41Flex- would work already
00:32:42Strom or if someone buys me
00:32:43Marhalt u think i died 8 times cos of me
00:32:47Flex- hmm
00:32:48Marhalt its my fucking usless team
00:32:53taraN marhalt the reason you suck is because you cant even admit that you play bad
00:32:53Marhalt im fuckin fragile
00:32:59Galgar dust?
00:33:04Marhalt i play bad cos a support without a team plays bad
00:33:19taraN uhm you have 1/3 of this teams deaths
00:33:23Marhalt u only fuckin carrys and im fragile who u think will die first
00:33:36Marhalt omg u continue to repeat the same things
00:33:37Marhalt ok
00:33:42Marhalt useless
00:33:55Marhalt ur qi must be rly low
00:34:15Flex- go rosh
00:34:43Hexar he come to take it i am sure
00:34:50Flex- so stop
00:34:53Flex- using chick
00:34:57Flex- for useless crap
00:35:03Strom it's not useless
00:35:03Flex- ye
00:35:04Strom it's my stick
00:35:04Flex- he's cpomong
00:35:10Flex- back
00:35:22Flex- get
00:35:23Flex- gem
00:35:28Flex- asap
00:35:32Galgar bh
00:35:39Flex- GET GEM
00:35:46Flex- storm
00:35:46Flex- cmon
00:36:08Marhalt nice tank
00:36:14Marhalt of course im the first target
00:36:15Marhalt ofc
00:36:16Pojetz rosh
00:36:23Hexar push back
00:36:24Hexar it
00:36:27Flex- i will
00:36:27Pojetz ROSH
00:36:29Pojetz take
00:36:31Hexar u go rosh
00:36:34Hexar let flex push
00:36:35infect lion, go back to garena or where ever you came from
00:36:35taraN i guess this proves that you dont need any skills with spec to win
00:36:36Marhalt can i stay in base and let this stupid team lose by itself?
00:36:41infect there's no place for you here
00:37:05Marhalt :)
00:37:12xenix- if pa and gondar dont get imba we lost in time
00:37:18Hexar push top
00:37:21Marhalt im bad guys but your not so better than me
00:37:27taraN oh yes we are
00:37:30taraN youre extremely bad
00:37:32Marhalt oh no u dont
00:37:33Strom I'd like to farm 500g
00:37:37Strom then end
00:37:44GottHasstMich baiting
00:38:01taraN spec has gem btw
00:38:34Galgar inc
00:39:17Flex- well
00:39:18Flex- we need
00:39:19Flex- to end now
00:39:27Strom lets push mid
00:39:38infect inc
00:39:39infect b
00:39:40infect b
00:39:41infect b
00:39:41infect b
00:39:46GottHasstMich inc ?
00:39:47Flex- push mid
00:39:48Flex- asap
00:39:49infect incoming
00:39:51GottHasstMich bullshit
00:39:52infect veno was running for u
00:39:56GottHasstMich lol
00:39:56GottHasstMich veno
00:39:59taraN def mid guys
00:40:00GottHasstMich is cheesecake
00:40:01GottHasstMich for me
00:40:05taraN focus puck sk down
00:40:56Strom lets go in or what?
00:41:02Flex- how
00:41:03Flex- we do it
00:41:04GottHasstMich top going down
00:41:04Flex- they sprad out
00:41:06Pojetz sk
00:41:06Strom just brute force in
00:41:07Pojetz start
00:41:11Strom everyone take tower
00:41:12Galgar how
00:41:13Galgar _-
00:41:15Pojetz with ulti
00:41:15Flex- fine
00:41:18Strom all tower
00:41:20xenix- same
00:41:25Strom come tower
00:41:31Flex- so got
00:41:32Strom why am I alone
00:42:11taraN -bounty
00:42:12Hexar flex
00:42:13Hexar top
00:42:17Marhalt coglione!
00:42:29taraN strom ban this marhalt please
00:42:30infect was lion even in that fight?
00:42:32taraN he just gameruins
00:42:38taraN now hes afking in base
00:42:40Marhalt omg
00:42:40Flex- i asked before
00:42:41infect strom, this marhalt just stayed base when u attacked
00:42:43xenix- -afk
00:42:44Marhalt i was buuing
00:42:46Marhalt omg
00:42:54taraN hes no fun to play with or against
00:42:56infect told that he is afking till this stupid game ends
00:42:56Hexar stop wining
00:43:01Marhalt OMG I TRREW MY ULTI ON
00:43:04Marhalt PUCK
00:43:08taraN hexar im not whining im just saying this guy is useless
00:43:17Flex- back
00:43:17Flex- off
00:43:30Marhalt omg :D
00:43:35Flex- go back
00:43:36Flex- ffs
00:43:44Flex- jeez
00:43:45Flex- storm
00:43:46Flex- :D
00:43:46GottHasstMich this ulti
00:43:49GottHasstMich is a fucking joke
00:43:51Strom I wanted to take rax
00:43:57Pojetz omg
00:44:03Pojetz ulti disabled all the time
00:44:05Marhalt tell to strom and go ban this ulti
00:44:06Hexar leave it
00:44:07Marhalt :(
00:44:07Pojetz -.-
00:44:09Flex- no
00:44:12Hexar :D
00:44:13Hexar dude
00:44:13infect gem down
00:44:14Hexar fuck
00:44:15Hexar sake
00:44:16Hexar flex
00:44:18Flex- i need it
00:44:19Flex- to get away
00:44:20Hexar for
00:44:22Hexar tard
00:44:39Flex- anyway
00:44:40Flex- push bot
00:44:42Flex- and get new gem
00:44:50taraN -bounty
00:44:52Strom ye go 5 bot
00:44:54Strom I can tp
00:45:09taraN get blademails
00:45:10taraN guyts
00:45:20taraN go bot
00:45:21taraN gank
00:45:34xenix- nee heal
00:45:39Strom go?
00:45:42Hexar yeey
00:45:42Flex- waiting
00:45:43Strom I'll go farm then
00:45:43Flex- for storm
00:45:45Hexar i get hex
00:45:47Flex- come here
00:45:47Marhalt omg no nessaj is afking in base
00:45:48Flex- ffs
00:45:52Marhalt ban hi,!!
00:45:54GottHasstMich lol bot
00:45:55GottHasstMich on spectre
00:45:56xenix- lol
00:46:07Strom I will use ulti
00:46:09GottHasstMich so suck item on him
00:46:10Hexar top ior biot
00:46:11Hexar what then
00:46:12Flex- back
00:46:14Flex- or lost gem
00:46:16taraN yup
00:46:23infect it's strom
00:46:23infect :d
00:46:24Strom I won't die
00:46:26Flex- wait for us
00:46:35Flex- wait for me
00:46:52Flex- he used bkb ?
00:46:54Pojetz yt
00:46:55Hexar y
00:46:56taraN lets go
00:46:56Flex- good
00:46:58Flex- push
00:47:41GottHasstMich too much money on too fat heroes
00:47:43Marhalt im recovering hp guys not afking ok?
00:49:16Hexar just end
00:49:21Marhalt more than that i cant do sry
00:49:26Marhalt ofc its your fault
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