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Chat log

00:00:16infect i can spec
00:00:17mamyka can we speak on rus coz we are 4 m8 jimpai oke?
00:00:17Jimpai if u must..:/
00:00:17mamyka oke
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T spec
00:00:17MadLion tuskar
00:00:17Jimpai tuskarr
00:00:17mamyka or pick it
00:00:17infect lol :d
00:00:17MadLion phoenix
00:00:17Jimpai tuskar
00:00:23infect madlion
00:00:24mamyka spec plz
00:00:25mamyka n1
00:00:26infect what u pick ?
00:00:33MadLion slard mby
00:00:36MadLion u?
00:00:39infect bs
00:00:40Dotson ta ogre
00:00:43Dotson finaste
00:01:15Fxx. madlion was epic lycan ? :-)
00:01:20Jimpai nah
00:01:24Jimpai madlion was my mate
00:01:28MadLion epic potm
00:01:32Jimpai yes.
00:01:35Jimpai i was bad naix
00:01:39Jimpai (according to u)
00:01:42Dotson lina med blomman bot lane
00:01:49Jimpai 4 melee
00:01:50Jimpai goodie
00:01:50Fxx. i dont say bad naix
00:01:54Fxx. but unfair game
00:01:57Jimpai well, in other words.
00:01:57infect need range
00:02:03MadLion games arent meant to be fair
00:02:16infect madlion, btw, u mates with jimpai ?
00:02:19Dotson ds
00:02:21Dotson go top please
00:02:22MadLion yes
00:02:23MadLion we are mates
00:02:39infect k, but you aint gonna lose on purpose :P?
00:02:44MadLion haha why would i?
00:02:48infect some mates do
00:02:50infect :d
00:02:53infect seen it here
00:02:53MadLion retards if they do
00:02:59MadLion nah i would never
00:03:05infect k, nice to here
00:03:08infect hear*
00:03:09mamyka try mid?
00:03:12Jimpai y
00:03:17Jimpai or something
00:03:33Fxx. :('
00:03:36Fxx. :-)
00:03:43Jimpai toss?
00:03:45Jimpai srsly?
00:03:45infect 4 mid
00:03:46infect lol
00:03:50ninJah y
00:03:52Fxx. fail :-)
00:03:52ninJah rly
00:03:54Jimpai k.
00:05:06Dotson pull
00:06:07Fxx. gj
00:06:14Landbandii u2
00:06:21Fxx. tango
00:06:33Fxx. ty
00:06:36Dotson ss
00:06:37Dotson bot
00:07:53infect omg
00:07:54infect :d
00:08:00infect 50 hp :(
00:08:21infect ss mid spec
00:09:06mamyka ss
00:09:07mamyka lina
00:09:13Dotson -ma
00:09:31NwC.CooL-T ss
00:09:49holostoi ss
00:11:31holostoi ss2
00:12:10Jimpai gank mid
00:12:11Jimpai please
00:13:05Dotson jims stats
00:13:09Dotson int eok
00:13:14Jimpai ur good mates:)
00:13:53holostoi ss top
00:13:59Dotson dd
00:14:00Dotson bot
00:14:17Jimpai ss mid
00:14:20infect tiny
00:14:21infect use
00:14:27infect warded
00:15:29infect lolz
00:15:30infect nice rune
00:16:22Fxx. 3 min fight nobody came help me
00:16:28infect we dead
00:16:31MadLion i was dead
00:16:34MadLion so shut the fuck up
00:17:03infect ss spec
00:17:41MadLion hahaha ds
00:17:42MadLion idiot
00:19:01infect i ulti
00:19:07infect grr
00:22:00Dotson b
00:23:46Jimpai ff guys
00:23:50Jimpai as fast as we can
00:24:28infect 3 tp
00:26:03Fxx. team
00:26:06Fxx. if u need me
00:26:06Fxx. say
00:26:16MadLion ok
00:26:16holostoi b
00:26:17MadLion come
00:26:31Fxx. OMG
00:27:17Fxx. u dont need me :-)
00:27:23Fxx. lier !
00:27:25Dotson true
00:28:48mamyka ???? ??????
00:28:51Jimpai I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:26infect tele bot
00:30:42infect leav top to me
00:30:47infect i get radi then i think
00:30:57infect or not
00:31:02Fxx. ussless
00:31:04Fxx. now
00:31:09Fxx. force staf
00:31:12Fxx. say
00:31:15Fxx. s a y
00:31:20Fxx. so
00:31:26Fxx. u have got relic :-)
00:31:35infect straight to divine then
00:31:52MadLion Seer
00:31:54MadLion when will you hit them!?
00:32:01MadLion you will hit like 1 hit in a battle
00:32:04MadLion you dont need those items
00:32:08infect deso is uselless
00:32:14MadLion and now he goes BF
00:32:15infect shivas 10x better
00:32:25ninJah care bot
00:32:25Fxx. m
00:32:25infect and u talk abotu radi -_-
00:32:29Fxx. mb
00:32:30Fxx. for team
00:32:35Fxx. but i dont belive
00:32:38Fxx. on this players :-)
00:32:43Fxx. i play little solo
00:32:58Dotson ok iyaz
00:33:29Jimpai FF bro
00:34:32Fxx. b
00:35:35Jimpai guys
00:35:36Jimpai ur so bad
00:36:39mamyka 30 plz 321
00:36:41mamyka wc
00:36:59Fxx. na manner ...
00:37:01Fxx. no
00:37:17Jimpai fxx no playment
00:37:52infect bot
00:37:53infect no twr
00:38:20ninJah I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:22ninJah =ff
00:38:27ninJah -ff
00:38:33infect u already ff-ed
00:38:36infect u just dont see it ourself
00:39:24Fxx. stealer
00:39:24Fxx. !
00:39:26Fxx. :-)
00:39:31Landbandii sorri
00:39:39infect he isnt
00:39:39infect :d
00:39:46Fxx. ach
00:39:55Fxx. why we play this longer ?
00:40:01Jimpai ..
00:40:10Fxx. u cant win this
00:40:19Fxx. and 0 fun this game
00:40:21mamyka u can lose this
00:42:40Fxx. :-)
00:43:32mamyka I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
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