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Chat log

00:00:04Smokeer -rd
00:00:11Aleks875 ban mepo
00:00:15Aleks875 its evil
00:00:20holostoi irrever chiken plz
00:00:21Aleks875 or aa
00:00:22-.- -aa
00:00:27KolleBolle -clear
00:00:27irreversibLe i wasnt last who join the game
00:00:27Smokeer ban am or phoenix
00:00:27EvilDotaPlayer pls
00:00:27-.- who wants
00:00:27Galgar aa or phoenix
00:00:27-.- phoenix
00:00:27Smokeer ...
00:00:27EvilDotaPlayer pick nice heros
00:00:27Aleks875 ban mepo
00:00:27Smokeer aa banned
00:00:27Carna omg mr rapier
00:00:27-.- its the last pick, who buys chicken
00:00:27EvilDotaPlayer dont be noobs with stupid picks
00:00:27-.- you are lastpick so you have to do it
00:00:27EvilDotaPlayer ty
00:00:27irreversibLe ok then))
00:00:27-.- its in the rules
00:00:27Smokeer ...
00:00:27-.- just sayin
00:00:27irreversibLe i tink last who joined
00:00:27Galgar smokeer ban something
00:00:27EvilDotaPlayer for understanding
00:00:27Smokeer am spec phoenix
00:00:27Carna i suck at phoenix never really played it but i can try if u really need
00:00:27Aleks875 take me BS
00:00:27-.- nah
00:00:27irreversibLe think
00:00:27Smokeer ok i ban meepo
00:00:27EvilDotaPlayer ban??
00:00:27edgarass MEPO AND AA BANNED
00:00:27Smokeer meepo
00:00:27EvilDotaPlayer ok
00:00:27Aleks875 take me BS plz
00:00:35irreversibLe aa and meepo baned?
00:00:36holostoi take am
00:00:45-.- whoever wants this
00:00:49-.- give me magina
00:00:51edgarass kunkka for me
00:00:52Smokeer me bot
00:00:52edgarass alex
00:00:54Aleks875 bs for me?
00:00:59edgarass y
00:00:59Aleks875 for u?
00:00:59edgarass take kunkka dor me
00:00:59-.- carna gimme magina
00:00:59Galgar =??
00:00:59irreversibLe better ban phoenix
00:00:59Aleks875 ok
00:01:04edgarass and stop pausing the fucking game
00:01:04-.- -swap 2
00:01:08Carna -swap 1
00:01:13Aleks875 k
00:01:15EvilDotaPlayer wd
00:01:19Aleks875 -swap
00:01:20edgarass -swap 3
00:01:23Aleks875 -swap 2
00:01:28Aleks875 let me mid plz
00:01:35Smokeer yes u go mid
00:01:37Smokeer dont buy radi
00:01:39Smokeer ill radi
00:01:40Aleks875 y
00:01:41-.- who wants magina give me bat
00:01:44-.- -swap 5
00:01:44Aleks875 i dont ty
00:01:44-.- :D
00:01:51edgarass lanes?
00:01:52EvilDotaPlayer i go sylla
00:01:52Smokeer kunakka
00:01:53irreversibLe -swap 1
00:01:54Smokeer top
00:01:58KolleBolle play
00:01:59Aleks875 say mis guys
00:02:00KolleBolle him
00:02:02KolleBolle plox
00:02:02edgarass y
00:02:04-.- nah
00:02:05edgarass and dont feed pls
00:02:10edgarass we can win this
00:02:11-.- i realized how boring it is
00:02:11Aleks875 iamnotgood so much good
00:02:12Aleks875 XD
00:02:16Smokeer ok
00:02:22-.- chicken
00:02:24-.- ty
00:02:31Smokeer u forest sylla
00:02:36edgarass its ff
00:02:41edgarass guess if sylla is good
00:02:42Aleks875 say miss and wew win
00:02:42-.- phoenix tuskar lane
00:02:43-.- should work
00:02:49irreversibLe stupid then am get chick btw
00:02:50-.- but its kollebolle
00:02:53EvilDotaPlayer ill wood lvl 3
00:02:56EvilDotaPlayer ill pull
00:02:59-.- well its the lastpick rule
00:02:59Smokeer k
00:03:00-.- nothing to do
00:03:07irreversibLe i know
00:03:11Aleks875 rune bot
00:03:12Aleks875 care
00:03:18irreversibLe its stupid anyway))
00:03:18Aleks875 maybe gang
00:03:19Carna best build on phenix ?
00:03:23-.- meka
00:03:36Smokeer go pull
00:03:37KolleBolle van v gurd
00:03:38KolleBolle hp
00:03:39EvilDotaPlayer y
00:03:39KolleBolle tank
00:03:40KolleBolle items
00:03:45Smokeer gol now
00:03:46Smokeer idiot
00:03:48EvilDotaPlayer fu
00:03:58Carna go pull plz
00:04:19KolleBolle warded
00:04:49Aleks875 hard mid
00:06:00Aleks875 u abd
00:06:01Aleks875 really
00:06:11Aleks875 dont play dota
00:06:12Aleks875 mor
00:06:13-.- 6 charges and you get no damage from my attack
00:06:14-.- lol
00:06:15EvilDotaPlayer alex brutal pro
00:06:28Aleks875 hack
00:07:05EvilDotaPlayer up the fucking chick and than use it
00:07:13edgarass ss
00:07:26edgarass re
00:07:27-.- OMG U BAD 7UIT DOTA
00:07:33Aleks875 luck
00:07:52Aleks875 MID SS
00:07:56Aleks875 re
00:08:28Galgar mis
00:08:29Galgar phoenix
00:08:31Galgar re
00:08:39Carna miss
00:08:40Aleks875 MID SS
00:08:42Carna kunkat
00:08:46EvilDotaPlayer gank?
00:08:53Smokeer y
00:08:59Smokeer not am
00:09:00Smokeer mangus
00:09:02-.- B BOT
00:09:03-.- B
00:09:03-.- B
00:09:04-.- B
00:09:05-.- B BOT
00:09:06EvilDotaPlayer to far away
00:09:08-.- BS INCOMING
00:09:09Smokeer y
00:09:19edgarass ss
00:09:19edgarass re
00:09:30EvilDotaPlayer up chick someone pls
00:09:31Smokeer zzz
00:09:32EvilDotaPlayer gj
00:09:33Smokeer bs b+ack
00:09:39edgarass wd go
00:09:47Smokeer bs
00:09:49Smokeer why u stay
00:09:53Smokeer srsly
00:09:59-.- i come
00:10:00-.- got haste
00:10:00Aleks875 MIDSS
00:10:17irreversibLe ss bot
00:10:29edgarass wd strun?
00:10:29irreversibLe re
00:10:43Galgar did -.- but it doesnt bounce noowere
00:10:45Galgar so its useless
00:11:24Carna miss top
00:11:28edgarass gj
00:11:34Carna wasnt on the line sorry ..
00:11:40-.- no its fine
00:11:41-.- knew i'd die
00:11:49Smokeer sylla gank
00:11:51EvilDotaPlayer y
00:11:57EvilDotaPlayer mag
00:12:28Carna still miss top
00:12:30edgarass towr
00:12:34irreversibLe they all bot
00:12:46edgarass lag
00:12:57holostoi go
00:13:14holostoi vagina u can kill them
00:13:20irreversibLe rly?
00:13:24holostoi rly
00:13:24Smokeer kunkka go gang or top
00:13:25Smokeer ...
00:13:45Smokeer well
00:14:17edgarass care wd
00:14:20edgarass doint go
00:14:20holostoi ss bot
00:14:21Smokeer why 3 fqarm forest
00:14:31edgarass sopce go go go somewhere
00:15:21EvilDotaPlayer lets kill
00:15:45edgarass b
00:16:03edgarass spec wehy no slow?
00:16:17edgarass go go
00:16:19Smokeer bat haste
00:16:21Smokeer useless
00:16:54Smokeer WTGF
00:17:05Smokeer why
00:17:34edgarass no good
00:17:46edgarass bat tpoo farmed
00:17:49Aleks875 free farm
00:17:57Carna tower down ?
00:18:04KolleBolle owm
00:18:06Galgar just 14 min dagger
00:18:07KolleBolle omw
00:18:37Galgar stop
00:18:38edgarass ff
00:18:38edgarass f
00:19:04Aleks875 spec
00:19:04Aleks875 b
00:19:05-.- w8
00:19:05-.- me
00:19:11Aleks875 they tpe
00:19:21edgarass ff
00:19:36-.- buy flying
00:19:40edgarass spec b
00:19:42edgarass tp
00:19:46Carna and wards would be awsome
00:19:46-.- do it
00:19:49-.- some1
00:19:49Carna y get points for this !
00:20:01-.- tuskar
00:20:04edgarass all together now
00:20:04-.- or phoenix
00:20:05-.- get
00:20:06-.- flying
00:20:07-.- and wards
00:20:13Aleks875 fast
00:20:14edgarass silence batr
00:20:18Carna mid
00:20:40-.- use ur ulti
00:20:41-.- phoenix
00:20:42Carna always fuckin ooomg omfg
00:20:47Aleks875 b
00:20:55Aleks875 b
00:21:03Aleks875 stay together
00:21:05Aleks875 or gg
00:21:13Aleks875 bat mis
00:21:22edgarass b
00:21:22edgarass b
00:21:22Aleks875 i said stay together
00:21:23edgarass b
00:21:23edgarass b
00:21:26irreversibLe w8
00:21:28EvilDotaPlayer you are noob
00:21:34EvilDotaPlayer that is what you should say
00:21:37EvilDotaPlayer not going mid
00:21:41Aleks875 u cant
00:21:42Aleks875 b
00:21:47EvilDotaPlayer you lost mid
00:21:53EvilDotaPlayer to that how you called noob
00:21:54EvilDotaPlayer ...
00:22:51-.- why did i give u phoenix
00:22:53-.- ur horrible
00:23:02-.- u do nothing else than farm on ur lane
00:23:04-.- while we others
00:23:05-.- fight
00:23:09Carna i m not*
00:23:13-.- 0-3-3
00:23:16-.- tells everything
00:23:17Aleks875 b
00:23:20Aleks875 after
00:23:28edgarass b
00:23:41Smokeer me mid
00:23:47Smokeer u all gang
00:23:50Smokeer 24/7
00:24:08edgarass -cs
00:24:26edgarass all care
00:24:30-.- lets
00:24:31-.- take it
00:24:31edgarass dont go alone from towers
00:24:31-.- go
00:24:36Smokeer zz bs
00:24:43KolleBolle watds they got
00:24:48Smokeer go
00:24:49Smokeer i got ulit
00:24:56Smokeer kunkka go rosh
00:24:56Galgar go
00:25:15Smokeer wgg
00:25:15Smokeer wgg
00:25:19Smokeer GOD
00:25:21edgarass idiots
00:25:42edgarass help him
00:26:06EvilDotaPlayer wp
00:26:09Galgar good enough?
00:26:09Aleks875 y
00:26:18Smokeer let me bot farm
00:26:23Smokeer zzz
00:26:28-.- if u had ran away or blinked
00:26:32-.- i'd get blood
00:26:34-.- and maybe get away
00:26:35-.- as well
00:26:37-.- so gj magina
00:26:44irreversibLe so i killing u?
00:26:44Galgar going relic is bad imo now
00:26:48-.- basically
00:26:49Galgar if you dont get it in next 5 min
00:26:53irreversibLe like always
00:26:53Aleks875 get lothar?
00:26:57Aleks875 or radi?
00:26:57irreversibLe if s1 die
00:26:57Smokeer spec doenst matter time
00:27:00Smokeer for radi
00:27:09Aleks875 radi?
00:27:09Smokeer 50min get radi still good
00:27:09irreversibLe he think its isnt his fault
00:27:09Smokeer xd
00:27:14Galgar were did you hear that
00:27:15Aleks875 24 min
00:27:18-.- i blame you for not playing as youre supposed to
00:27:21-.- not in my death
00:27:27Aleks875 i will get invis
00:27:30Smokeer from some1
00:27:38Galgar ^^
00:28:05Carna regen
00:28:10edgarass why u not go top?
00:28:11EvilDotaPlayer b
00:28:11Smokeer xDDD
00:28:12edgarass spec?
00:28:19Smokeer why u take farm from me
00:28:20Smokeer kunkka
00:28:26Galgar whtf
00:28:40edgarass idioyts
00:28:43edgarass spec u suck
00:28:51edgarass why u did ulti and tayed with bad?
00:29:09Smokeer idiot
00:29:09edgarass and why u gpone far from towr alone?
00:29:21Smokeer why u take all farm
00:29:22Smokeer fromn me
00:29:25Smokeer no answer?
00:29:26edgarass stfuy
00:29:30Smokeer i farm forest
00:29:31Smokeer i dont care
00:29:51edgarass so;lence?
00:29:58irreversibLe and?
00:30:01Smokeer look
00:30:03irreversibLe i cant tp?
00:30:03Smokeer kunkka go bot
00:30:04Smokeer not me
00:30:05Smokeer xD
00:30:05Aleks875 and u lost tp
00:30:16Aleks875 and run like chicken
00:30:33irreversibLe wont argue with u
00:30:42Aleks875 ok
00:30:47Aleks875 cose u cant
00:31:06irreversibLe why i need 2talk with lowbob?
00:31:09Smokeer i dont care
00:31:10Smokeer thkis kunkka
00:31:15Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:26edgarass what idiot u gop and die alone?
00:31:28-.- GO
00:31:34Carna omg
00:31:37Smokeer why u take farm all
00:31:38Carna wtf u wait
00:31:39KolleBolle ulöti`?
00:31:48Smokeer again tell me "stfu"
00:32:02edgarass u are idiot
00:32:04edgarass u go and die
00:32:06edgarass all the time
00:32:15Smokeer u enver let me farm
00:32:16Aleks875 he rebuy
00:32:17Smokeer i go forest
00:32:23Smokeer gambling die or alive
00:32:26edgarass u go forest u die
00:32:27Galgar smokeer tee mingid survival itemeid ja ma ei tea kasvõi sy
00:32:28edgarass u go lane u die
00:32:30edgarass u just suckl
00:32:30Galgar relicust pole kasu
00:32:39Smokeer diff pigem
00:32:44Aleks875 ..
00:32:45EvilDotaPlayer lo0l
00:32:46-.- Strong
00:32:47EvilDotaPlayer LOOL
00:32:55EvilDotaPlayer strong????
00:32:59EvilDotaPlayer you where low
00:33:01EvilDotaPlayer hp
00:33:09edgarass wd always do maledict pls
00:33:13Aleks875 spec
00:33:21Aleks875 better for u blade
00:33:21Smokeer ?
00:33:24Aleks875 m
00:33:26Galgar yo kunka concentrate on the game not how good that guy is
00:33:27Aleks875 mail
00:33:33Smokeer i know
00:34:00Smokeer go?
00:34:05EvilDotaPlayer <
00:34:12Smokeer y go
00:34:34Galgar use slow after he uses that staff
00:34:35Smokeer come doc
00:34:37Galgar so he cant plinc
00:34:43edgarass idiots
00:35:30EvilDotaPlayer atleast bs is farming
00:35:49Smokeer kunkka said all time idiot
00:36:34Aleks875 b
00:36:35Smokeer ship?
00:36:37Aleks875 he rebuy
00:36:40Aleks875 b
00:36:43Galgar y
00:36:48-.- fight
00:36:50Smokeer kunkka no ulit
00:37:53Aleks875 by more items
00:37:55Aleks875 buy
00:38:06edgarass b
00:38:06edgarass b
00:38:07edgarass b
00:38:07edgarass bb
00:38:08edgarass b
00:38:11Aleks875 all mis
00:38:14edgarass they rosh
00:39:02-.- maphack for the win kunkka?
00:39:08edgarass what?
00:39:15edgarass whats wrong bat?
00:39:20-.- why did u back there
00:39:21-.- may i ask
00:39:39-.- freefarm bot
00:39:40edgarass i gone mid i think saw u and auto attacked
00:39:41-.- and u just back
00:39:43-.- for no reason
00:39:52EvilDotaPlayer wards
00:39:56edgarass u can check
00:39:58Aleks875 b
00:40:01EvilDotaPlayer wards
00:40:05-.- wardS? :DDD
00:40:07-.- i was invis
00:40:10-.- u cuntface
00:40:15Aleks875 b
00:40:16KolleBolle ulti
00:40:28Smokeer why diidnt focus egg
00:40:29edgarass all i saw was u attacking me in minimapo
00:40:30Smokeer im only one
00:40:35-.- no
00:40:36-.- u backed
00:40:38-.- before
00:40:40-.- i daggered in
00:40:43-.- i want an explanation
00:40:45-.- why did you back
00:41:10edgarass i dont know
00:41:13-.- im reporting this
00:41:14-.- for sure
00:41:18Galgar go ahead
00:41:22edgarass b
00:41:24-.- hey wd shut ur face
00:41:29Galgar lol
00:41:30Galgar man
00:41:35-.- u werent apart of the discussion
00:41:36Aleks875 nooo
00:41:36-.- so su
00:41:37Galgar your just being silly over a game
00:41:43edgarass reposrt i have nothing to hiide
00:41:44Galgar what you like 14 or smth?
00:41:50Smokeer go gank
00:41:51-.- no im 22
00:41:51Smokeer some1
00:41:59Galgar so maybe stfu and report later
00:42:01-.- and i want an explanation
00:42:01Galgar if you so sure
00:42:07-.- i will do that
00:42:09-.- i just wanna know
00:42:09Galgar go watch replay
00:42:11-.- why did he back
00:42:12-.- thats all
00:42:19-.- all i can see from the replay
00:42:21-.- is he backing up
00:42:24-.- while im in invis
00:42:40EvilDotaPlayer b
00:43:07holostoi check
00:43:48edgarass nice
00:44:22-.- stronk teammates
00:44:53EvilDotaPlayer ...
00:44:53Smokeer b
00:44:55-.- magina
00:44:58edgarass run to me idiot
00:44:58-.- get urself a
00:44:59irreversibLe ?
00:45:00-.- power
00:45:01-.- treads
00:45:02-.- already
00:45:04EvilDotaPlayer i would be wiser if i only died
00:45:11irreversibLe no money))
00:45:14edgarass would be wise to run to me
00:45:16-.- you bought basher
00:45:18-.- before it
00:45:19-.- lol
00:45:21EvilDotaPlayer eat dick and die
00:45:24irreversibLe i know)
00:45:26EvilDotaPlayer fuck face
00:45:26edgarass i torent ship we go both away
00:45:28-.- why?
00:45:30EvilDotaPlayer lol
00:45:34EvilDotaPlayer magina
00:45:39irreversibLe fuck man
00:45:46Aleks875 and what?
00:45:46-.- fuck man?
00:45:48Aleks875 XD
00:45:49-.- thats all u got to say?
00:45:54irreversibLe i was at chat
00:45:58irreversibLe and what?
00:45:58Aleks875 me too
00:46:04Aleks875 and what
00:46:15irreversibLe i say anything 2 u?
00:46:16holostoi check
00:46:18irreversibLe no?
00:46:20irreversibLe su
00:46:21irreversibLe ty
00:46:21Carna can we teamplay or something
00:46:32-.- can u learn to play dota
00:46:35Smokeer 50g
00:46:37Smokeer blademail
00:46:46Carna told u i wasnt good
00:46:57-.- sad because your our 2nd pick
00:46:58EvilDotaPlayer ulty
00:47:18Galgar not needed
00:48:21KolleBolle b
00:48:21KolleBolle all
00:48:40Aleks875 dont let
00:48:42Aleks875 magnus
00:48:45Galgar Aww
00:48:46Aleks875 kills us
00:49:38edgarass push push
00:49:40-.- ofc
00:49:47Aleks875 u no good dota
00:49:53Aleks875 i am good
00:49:54-.- way better than you are
00:49:54Aleks875 XD
00:49:56-.- im afraid
00:50:07edgarass strtryg gg
00:50:11Aleks875 gg
00:50:13-.- i've got 0 support from my team
00:50:14edgarass sylla too good
00:50:15Galgar lol wut
00:50:15-.- and im @ 24 kills
00:50:19-.- so np.
00:50:19edgarass me def base
00:50:21-.- all fine
00:50:35Galgar b
00:50:36Galgar b
00:51:08Aleks875 u cant backdore
00:51:39-.- kill
00:51:54Smokeer ,mangus looking me?
00:52:01Galgar you were right you got 50 min radi :S
00:52:02edgarass they all lookling u :")
00:52:10Smokeer not bad
00:52:16Galgar yeh ...
00:52:29Smokeer they gang me at start liek crazy
00:52:38Carna ha laser use mana !
00:52:44edgarass gj
00:52:46-.- nice
00:52:47-.- magina
00:52:47Smokeer useless ghost
00:52:47Aleks875 abd
00:52:50-.- i go to the forest
00:52:53-.- and
00:52:56-.- you jump away
00:52:56Galgar did me a favour
00:52:57-.- from there
00:52:59-.- useless?
00:52:59Aleks875 betetr eul
00:53:01-.- how come
00:53:05Smokeer diff>ghost
00:53:09-.- so
00:53:21-.- its not i have any charges on it
00:53:24-.- can use it always
00:53:47Galgar ghost is good no worries they are happy that they win so now they wanna bash you
00:53:52Galgar should have seen them at start -.-
00:53:59-.- well this spec is awful
00:54:00KolleBolle emp me
00:54:03-.- bloodseeker is bloodseeker
00:54:05-.- easy hero
00:54:24edgarass omg attack fucking phoenix
00:54:28edgarass one second he is dead
00:54:30edgarass idiots
00:54:52Galgar ghost bad :D?
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