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Chat log

00:00:07edgarass dont send me with last pick in lane pls
00:00:16danstefan why?
00:00:16danstefan i want mirana!
00:00:16Vaj.CO i am looking on heroes not players
00:00:16Stonetorl weaver
00:00:16edgarass vajco u play whaqt?
00:00:16GuiTaR i wat bame
00:00:16Vaj.CO carry
00:00:16BlaZe. brb
00:00:16Vaj.CO am
00:00:31Vaj.CO i go bs
00:00:40edgarass rex or bane?
00:00:41PriMo epic
00:00:42Vaj.CO get lion
00:00:47Vaj.CO rex
00:00:47GuiTaR i bane
00:00:50edgarass no
00:00:52danstefan rex
00:00:56edgarass me bane
00:00:59GuiTaR ffs
00:01:04danstefan fuck
00:01:04Stonetorl primo mid
00:01:07danstefan they took my mirana
00:01:17Vaj.CO get omni
00:01:18danstefan hmm
00:01:21Vaj.CO or aa
00:01:22danstefan i suck with it
00:01:28Vaj.CO rhasta
00:01:32Vaj.CO puck
00:01:40PriMo cent
00:01:43danstefan lancer
00:01:46danstefan will fuck me big time
00:01:49PriMo pick
00:01:49Vaj.CO last u have to get chick ok?
00:01:54Stonetorl yep cent is good
00:01:58edgarass shit
00:01:58Stonetorl cent lion bot with me
00:01:59PriMo aa
00:02:00BlaZe. brb
00:02:02Stonetorl pick some solo top
00:02:03Vaj.CO just gang mid
00:02:05edgarass 3 4 stunners
00:02:06Vaj.CO razor
00:02:07Vaj.CO omg
00:02:11Stonetorl lets try fb
00:02:14danstefan i preffer puris top if posible
00:02:17danstefan or
00:02:18danstefan nv,
00:02:34edgarass bs gang
00:02:34Vaj.CO let omni top
00:02:38edgarass no plz
00:02:38Banana -ma
00:02:40Vaj.CO not 2 range top
00:02:48edgarass now 2 range bot
00:02:49GuiTaR me top
00:02:50GuiTaR go down
00:02:51Vaj.CO atro go bot
00:02:51edgarass so no diff
00:02:53Stonetorl cent bot
00:02:55Stonetorl pull
00:02:55danstefan yes
00:03:00danstefan top is better than bot
00:03:04danstefan closer to tower
00:03:25Stonetorl -afk
00:03:25danstefan we kill at 4
00:03:26danstefan 3
00:03:33GuiTaR ?
00:04:05GuiTaR 1 top
00:05:01danstefan we kill at 3
00:05:14GuiTaR what??
00:05:20danstefan shaclek heal
00:05:22danstefan chain
00:05:25GuiTaR k
00:05:40GuiTaR not at tywr
00:05:42GuiTaR twr
00:06:00GuiTaR caet top
00:06:00danstefan let htem push
00:06:03GuiTaR cent
00:06:05GuiTaR y
00:06:22Vaj.CO rune bot
00:07:46PriMo ss
00:07:48Vaj.CO omw bot
00:07:49PriMo bot
00:07:56danstefan come on man
00:08:01danstefan heal me
00:08:03Vaj.CO lancer
00:08:09danstefan or tree
00:08:11danstefan ty
00:08:15GuiTaR on the pphone
00:08:20GuiTaR srt
00:08:26PriMo omg
00:08:27GuiTaR sry
00:08:40Vaj.CO ss
00:09:03edgarass shit one hit
00:09:16Vaj.CO go tp
00:09:18GuiTaR i heal
00:09:21GuiTaR when they attack
00:09:23GuiTaR u
00:09:31danstefan no
00:09:33danstefan i will die
00:09:39danstefan give me tree or heal pls
00:09:52danstefan i have arcane
00:09:57GuiTaR k
00:10:06danstefan so heal pls
00:10:07GuiTaR not ywet
00:10:15Vaj.CO ty for miss
00:10:18Vaj.CO only 3 mid
00:10:22danstefan heal
00:10:26Vaj.CO bot?
00:10:29Vaj.CO start move
00:10:32Vaj.CO and get wards
00:10:36Vaj.CO rhasta atro
00:10:51edgarass b
00:11:02Vaj.CO ss
00:11:05BlaZe. so lets go
00:11:06edgarass have ulti
00:11:12TryMe_ i gang mid
00:11:16BlaZe. k
00:11:17PriMo ss
00:11:26GuiTaR b
00:11:30GuiTaR b
00:11:30edgarass go go go
00:11:34danstefan GOT YA
00:11:36BlaZe. lal
00:11:52danstefan WTF
00:12:46Vaj.CO wards"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:12:51GuiTaR take
00:13:09GuiTaR ok?
00:13:45danstefan not smart
00:14:16edgarass have ulti
00:14:18GuiTaR come
00:14:22edgarass go
00:14:50Vaj.CO heal
00:14:56GuiTaR noooooooooooooooo
00:15:05GuiTaR i wanted to hlp
00:15:07GuiTaR and got killed
00:15:15GuiTaR lousy soul ring
00:15:38Banana mana
00:15:52edgarass tower top
00:15:59PriMo oll
00:16:16PriMo omg
00:16:20Vaj.CO heal
00:16:53edgarass b
00:16:55edgarass b
00:16:55edgarass b
00:17:03PriMo v
00:17:04PriMo b
00:17:14Stonetorl def mid
00:17:36Vaj.CO ulti?
00:17:55GuiTaR where to buy arcane rin g??
00:18:25GuiTaR where to buy arcane ring
00:18:26GuiTaR ??
00:19:02danstefan ty
00:19:06edgarass mana
00:19:13edgarass mana
00:19:15PriMo me
00:19:16danstefan cd
00:19:16PriMo omg
00:19:18Stonetorl sry
00:19:44TryMe_ omfg
00:19:50danstefan shi
00:19:51danstefan t
00:20:21GuiTaR ffs
00:20:26danstefan WHY
00:20:29danstefan LEAVE TOWER DENIABLE
00:20:42danstefan i got 1-3..
00:20:58GuiTaR i get dust
00:21:07edgarass me b
00:21:14edgarass get dust
00:21:31GuiTaR some one up chick
00:22:01edgarass stryg just farm
00:22:06Stonetorl go stryg
00:22:08GuiTaR what to buy after meka??
00:22:08edgarass care top
00:22:22danstefan s&y maybe
00:22:26danstefan or guinso
00:22:26GuiTaR mybe
00:22:29GuiTaR or pipe?
00:22:38danstefan maybe
00:22:46GuiTaR arcabne ring where ot buy?
00:22:49Stonetorl he has lothar
00:22:54GuiTaR i cant find it
00:22:59danstefan we have 2
00:23:00edgarass this real?
00:23:03GuiTaR ok
00:23:14GuiTaR ne smes to da radis?
00:23:15danstefan its boots
00:23:17danstefan +
00:23:21GuiTaR no more ring
00:23:22danstefan arcane booster
00:23:23GuiTaR y
00:23:36Stonetorl need dust
00:23:45danstefan carew top
00:23:46danstefan and mid
00:23:48GuiTaR b
00:23:49danstefan b
00:23:49danstefan b
00:23:49danstefan b
00:23:51danstefan b
00:24:25PriMo pmg
00:24:29PriMo ceyn
00:24:34BlaZe. i know
00:24:36Vaj.CO ?mana
00:24:36PriMo ctnt guckin noob
00:24:38TryMe_ cent is useless ...
00:24:43danstefan cd
00:24:53PriMo ff
00:25:07PriMo omg
00:25:24danstefan TAZDING MNA
00:25:27GuiTaR b
00:25:40danstefan SRY
00:25:46danstefan B
00:25:52GuiTaR ffs
00:26:00danstefan OOM
00:26:13TryMe_ ur arrows are just like wtf
00:26:21GuiTaR b
00:26:22GuiTaR b
00:26:31Vaj.CO razor do u use link?
00:26:37edgarass guess
00:26:39GuiTaR no
00:26:49Vaj.CO tard
00:26:52Vaj.CO shit build
00:26:55Vaj.CO shit farm
00:27:03Vaj.CO shit player
00:27:54edgarass b
00:28:06GuiTaR tnx
00:28:12GuiTaR tnx bane really
00:28:17Vaj.CO go
00:28:26GuiTaR moron put me to sleep
00:28:37edgarass u were dead anywhat
00:28:42danstefan lol
00:28:42GuiTaR fu
00:28:47GuiTaR dont sllep me
00:28:50GuiTaR i have heal
00:28:51edgarass i slept u mirana attacjked and slept herself
00:28:54GuiTaR and repel
00:29:13danstefan B
00:29:21edgarass slow mother fuckers?
00:29:23edgarass faster maybe?
00:29:30danstefan we were 3 at their tower
00:29:34danstefan that wasnt a smart move
00:29:44edgarass sstryg farm!
00:30:16danstefan fuck me
00:30:59Vaj.CO wards
00:31:00GuiTaR banana kill u again :)
00:31:02Vaj.CO maybe?
00:31:08danstefan :))
00:31:12GuiTaR i will
00:31:13GuiTaR buy
00:31:13Vaj.CO idc who killed me
00:31:16Vaj.CO i fuck em
00:31:18Banana me
00:31:27Vaj.CO btw its rly hard
00:31:29GuiTaR soem one place the,
00:31:32Vaj.CO steal with lion
00:31:36GuiTaR b
00:31:38GuiTaR b
00:31:39GuiTaR b
00:31:39GuiTaR b
00:31:41edgarass b
00:31:53Vaj.CO razor will u get soon items?
00:32:06GuiTaR tell him what to buy
00:32:10GuiTaR hes new
00:32:20Vaj.CO vanguard
00:32:36GuiTaR lazo kupi vanguard
00:33:06GuiTaR what me to buy
00:33:15Vaj.CO shiva
00:33:18Vaj.CO or hex
00:33:56edgarass fu
00:33:57danstefan wtf team
00:33:59edgarass all
00:34:00danstefan you went b
00:34:03GuiTaR b
00:34:11danstefan repl
00:34:30GuiTaR mabna
00:34:32Vaj.CO heal
00:34:36GuiTaR mana
00:34:37edgarass he is noob
00:34:41danstefan cd
00:34:47PriMo -sh
00:34:50PriMo -aa
00:34:54PriMo -st
00:35:08GuiTaR what to buy pipem or sny?
00:35:08danstefan i go back
00:35:22GuiTaR ??
00:35:23Vaj.CO pipe
00:35:24danstefan you can go pipe
00:35:25GuiTaR k
00:35:31danstefan if there arent so many buttons for you :D :P
00:35:41GuiTaR there are :)
00:35:48GuiTaR too many
00:36:33GuiTaR amana
00:36:59danstefan lol
00:37:02danstefan me b
00:37:02BlaZe. v
00:37:05BlaZe. vaj from?
00:37:08Vaj.CO svk
00:37:15BlaZe. k
00:37:24Vaj.CO oop
00:37:26Vaj.CO sry
00:37:28Vaj.CO ^^
00:37:34edgarass b
00:37:49GuiTaR b
00:37:57edgarass omni fucking make manaboots
00:38:01edgarass so u zalways full of mana
00:38:04BlaZe. rosh
00:38:04edgarass and can heal
00:38:05GuiTaR i got
00:38:07GuiTaR these
00:38:08GuiTaR sry
00:38:08edgarass cause now u suck
00:38:08PriMo no
00:38:13GuiTaR y i see
00:38:34Vaj.CO tards
00:38:34Vaj.CO rly
00:38:36Vaj.CO tards
00:38:41Vaj.CO why u dont b?
00:38:42Vaj.CO ffs
00:38:44edgarass what a fucking idiots
00:38:46Vaj.CO stop
00:38:54Vaj.CO i am dead
00:38:57GuiTaR twr
00:38:58Vaj.CO and u want fight
00:38:59Vaj.CO gg
00:38:59danstefan stay top
00:39:00Vaj.CO rly
00:39:00danstefan and
00:39:03danstefan mass spells
00:39:32edgarass fucking tard tream
00:39:36GuiTaR fu
00:40:06danstefan gather and gang?
00:40:17Vaj.CO b
00:40:18Vaj.CO omni
00:40:28GuiTaR i go woods
00:41:03edgarass omni donbt be afraid to go first
00:41:05GuiTaR all mid
00:41:08GuiTaR y
00:41:46BlaZe. END THIS SHIIIT!!!
00:41:48BlaZe. I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:06danstefan that was last ward
00:42:07danstefan PUSH
00:42:27Vaj.CO i tp
00:42:27edgarass fuck top
00:42:33Vaj.CO b
00:42:40SuPaPleX b
00:42:40SuPaPleX b
00:42:41danstefan PFF WE HAD THEM
00:42:52PriMo no
00:42:55GuiTaR rosh?
00:43:03danstefan no
00:43:05danstefan we have no dd
00:43:24PriMo ily
00:43:33GuiTaR pipe soon
00:44:17GuiTaR go mid
00:44:36GuiTaR dodji na mid
00:44:47danstefan dont die
00:44:52danstefan like me
00:45:05PriMo I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:32GuiTaR push mid
00:45:34danstefan nice repel on me
00:45:37Vaj.CO raxes
00:45:37BlaZe. I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:42GuiTaR np
00:46:08GuiTaR all alive b
00:46:17edgarass b
00:46:18Vaj.CO b
00:46:49Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:59TryMe_ how to surrender btw
00:47:03Banana type ff
00:47:05TryMe_ I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:08TryMe_ or all chat
00:47:13Banana u did it
00:47:16Banana but you cant see
00:47:17SuPaPleX gj
00:47:17Vaj.CO gg
00:47:17Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:21GuiTaR gg
00:47:22Vaj.CO wp cent :D
00:47:25TryMe_ ..
00:47:34danstefan wp me
00:48:52SuPaPleX bravo bravo
00:49:11danstefan gg :D
00:49:15danstefan gg danstefan
00:49:16danstefan ty
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