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Chat log

00:00:03Stonetorl -ap
00:00:13danstefan same heroes?
00:00:17GuiTaR yy
00:00:17edgarass y
00:00:18Vaj.CO y
00:00:30danstefan i cant find my hero
00:00:36danstefan is aba sentinel or scourge
00:00:36Vaj.CO aba
00:00:37Stonetorl int scourge
00:00:46Stonetorl ah strenght scourge
00:00:50danstefan found him \;d
00:00:51Vaj.CO get wards
00:00:53Vaj.CO pls
00:01:01Vaj.CO and dont forget chick
00:01:08GuiTaR u got chick
00:01:08poskus blaze
00:01:10poskus u here?
00:01:28Vaj.CO aba play supp pls
00:01:33Vaj.CO not third carry
00:01:39Stonetorl blaze weren't you tide last time?
00:01:40edgarass wtf axe?
00:01:46edgarass idiot
00:01:47danstefan i play both
00:01:49Banana ffs
00:01:50edgarass BAN
00:01:51BlaZe. pick same heros?
00:01:52Vaj.CO axe<
00:01:55Banana ofc
00:01:55Vaj.CO ?
00:01:56BlaZe. what
00:01:56Vaj.CO wtf
00:01:57danstefan ?
00:01:57edgarass what we do now?
00:01:57Vaj.CO u were tide
00:01:57BlaZe. y
00:01:57edgarass idiot picked other hero
00:01:57PriMo omg
00:01:57Vaj.CO fucking noob
00:01:57danstefan omg
00:01:57BlaZe. why
00:01:57danstefan repick
00:01:57Vaj.CO u have to pick tide
00:01:57poskus why
00:01:57Stonetorl this is BRONZE!
00:01:57poskus cause u got
00:01:57BlaZe. k
00:01:57poskus banned
00:01:57poskus gzzz
00:01:57Vaj.CO we all have same heroes
00:01:57Vaj.CO go repick
00:01:57BlaZe. i dident know
00:01:57BlaZe. dont ban chill
00:01:57TryMe_ his first game
00:01:57poskus read rules before playind
00:01:57Vaj.CO read rules
00:01:57BlaZe. -repick
00:01:57poskus and
00:01:57danstefan yo have 8 sec
00:01:57danstefan to repick
00:01:57Vaj.CO so repick
00:01:57danstefan type it
00:01:57Vaj.CO 321 go
00:01:57BlaZe. -repick
00:01:59poskus not knowing doesnt give u pernission to obey rules
00:02:01danstefan repick
00:02:01danstefan wtf
00:02:01BlaZe. no gold
00:02:01danstefan or what?
00:02:01danstefan pff
00:02:01Stonetorl he used his gold already
00:02:01Vaj.CO fuck ffs
00:02:01BlaZe. sry
00:02:01Vaj.CO so play
00:02:01edgarass RMK
00:02:01danstefan what now?
00:02:01Vaj.CO idc
00:02:01edgarass ?
00:02:01poskus BAN HIM
00:02:01poskus PLS
00:02:01Vaj.CO play
00:02:01BlaZe. nooo!
00:02:01edgarass BAN FOREVER
00:02:01PriMo fuckin imbecil
00:02:04Banana remake
00:02:04BlaZe. dont ban
00:02:16danstefan how can we ban :))?
00:02:25PriMo play?
00:02:28Vaj.CO y
00:03:30PriMo mg
00:04:08danstefan dont give me "mg:
00:04:18danstefan you must be my level to my god me
00:04:33Stonetorl go pull bara
00:04:47poskus sf
00:04:49poskus bot
00:04:54Vaj.CO up chick
00:05:03poskus care
00:05:04poskus bot
00:05:07poskus re
00:05:37GuiTaR sry
00:05:50TryMe_ skill ur grave
00:05:50GuiTaR ss2
00:05:53TryMe_ one time plz
00:05:54GuiTaR i will
00:06:01PriMo omg
00:06:08GuiTaR now
00:06:21GuiTaR havr it
00:06:23danstefan shit
00:06:25danstefan TINY
00:06:28PriMo noob
00:06:31danstefan I JUST FEEL like flaming you till end of the game
00:06:45danstefan waht a prick
00:07:04poskus miss
00:07:24edgarass care
00:07:25edgarass axe tard
00:07:29BlaZe. ?
00:07:41edgarass watch your hp
00:07:56Vaj.CO ss
00:07:56poskus flying?
00:08:15TryMe_ ss
00:08:19Vaj.CO omg
00:08:33GuiTaR re1
00:08:40GuiTaR re
00:08:51danstefan i cnat belive
00:08:54danstefan we cant win thsi lane
00:08:57danstefan tiny and abadon
00:08:58poskus mis
00:09:00poskus re
00:09:01danstefan you msut really suck man
00:09:07Stonetorl bot miss
00:09:09Vaj.CO ss
00:09:12Stonetorl re 1
00:10:09GuiTaR slith trap axe
00:10:23GuiTaR ffs
00:10:33danstefan couldnt click on you
00:10:36GuiTaR ok trap dragon
00:10:40GuiTaR next timwe
00:10:43GuiTaR and we kill
00:11:13GuiTaR better u trap axe
00:11:15danstefan n1 stun
00:11:23danstefan yoyu got shiled
00:11:32danstefan are you blind tiny?
00:11:34TryMe_ dude
00:11:40TryMe_ wait with ur grave
00:11:47danstefan we got
00:11:49danstefan aracane
00:11:52GuiTaR k
00:12:02TryMe_ oom
00:12:06GuiTaR me too
00:12:07Vaj.CO net
00:12:07danstefan omg man
00:12:10poskus mis
00:12:15GuiTaR b
00:12:19danstefan OMG TINY
00:12:22danstefan YOU CANT STUN
00:12:36poskus dont feed him pls
00:13:06GuiTaR gang dragom
00:13:35poskus mis?
00:14:01GuiTaR low amna
00:14:10danstefan rune top
00:14:36BlaZe. care tiny
00:14:53edgarass shitt
00:14:57BlaZe. told u
00:14:59Vaj.CO omg
00:15:10danstefan look at me
00:15:14Vaj.CO not
00:15:16Vaj.CO u
00:15:19Vaj.CO my bad
00:15:44TryMe_ 3 top
00:16:08PriMo ss
00:16:32edgarass stone u idiot dfont attack creepsa
00:16:38edgarass how the fuck u have 50 %?
00:16:50GuiTaR gj
00:16:51poskus :DDDD
00:16:53poskus idiots
00:16:54poskus gg
00:16:55edgarass idiot
00:16:57edgarass tard shithead
00:16:58danstefan thank you
00:17:03GuiTaR thank u abba
00:17:06poskus our captn
00:17:07poskus rocks
00:17:10GuiTaR great team player
00:17:16danstefan no..
00:17:18danstefan i am carry
00:17:23edgarass fuycking noob shithread
00:17:25edgarass panda idiot
00:17:34edgarass go play with bots if u wannt attack on;ly creeps
00:17:44danstefan i left the branch home base
00:17:47poskus captn why u play panda
00:17:47Banana :D:D
00:17:50poskus for the first time?
00:18:25danstefan shit
00:18:27danstefan my bad
00:18:37danstefan i pressed ulti like a fucking noob
00:18:47edgarass go
00:18:52TryMe_ om charge
00:18:54TryMe_ d
00:19:17GuiTaR b
00:19:37BlaZe. blue=
00:19:55poskus panmda
00:19:55poskus ffs
00:19:58poskus stupid
00:19:58poskus captn
00:19:59poskus ffs
00:20:00poskus idiot
00:20:01poskus noob
00:20:08poskus how can this panda
00:20:12poskus be first pick
00:20:13poskus ffs
00:20:15poskus sm1
00:20:17edgarass noob panda fucking wuit
00:20:17poskus explain
00:20:18poskus me
00:20:47danstefan toss
00:21:13danstefan well
00:21:18danstefan can i blame tiny again
00:21:29danstefan fuck\
00:21:35poskus epick
00:21:35poskus captn
00:21:38danstefan i just keep dying and cant get money
00:21:42edgarass panda
00:21:43edgarass u capt
00:21:45edgarass say smth
00:21:49edgarass why u suck so baf?
00:23:09TryMe_ why
00:23:10TryMe_ krobe
00:23:17TryMe_ why not jak
00:23:24danstefan lets get top tower?
00:23:40Vaj.CO b
00:23:41danstefan ss all
00:23:44TryMe_ jesus first game here and full of ppl who dont know right focus or right spellusage
00:24:02GuiTaR omw top\
00:25:01Vaj.CO go em
00:25:06GuiTaR omw mid
00:25:21edgarass .
00:25:22edgarass ]h;strghl[
00:25:24edgarass aDZ'.jg\;jnkv4htf4
00:25:50danstefan lok at the,m
00:25:53danstefan staying behind
00:25:55Vaj.CO grave?????
00:25:59Vaj.CO wtf
00:26:07Vaj.CO stop sucking
00:26:08Vaj.CO ffs
00:26:31GuiTaR sry itrited to grave before
00:26:34danstefan we are getting pwned
00:26:36GuiTaR but was too late
00:27:03GuiTaR meka soon
00:27:07danstefan OMFG
00:27:08danstefan GJ
00:27:10danstefan WE WILL HAVE 2
00:27:17GuiTaR well im support too
00:27:19Vaj.CO get 1pipe
00:27:22TryMe_ ye
00:27:24TryMe_ get pipe
00:27:25GuiTaR i will after meka
00:27:44danstefan ss all
00:27:47edgarass axe dagger
00:27:51edgarass first
00:27:52BlaZe. y
00:27:54BlaZe. k
00:28:02Vaj.CO get wards
00:28:04Vaj.CO rly
00:28:05edgarass go bot all
00:28:05poskus o
00:28:06poskus bot
00:28:07poskus tower
00:28:11GuiTaR i buy u place ok??
00:28:16Vaj.CO ok
00:28:20danstefan buy
00:28:21danstefan them
00:28:22danstefan now
00:28:24danstefan so i can take
00:28:25GuiTaR 31 gold
00:28:28danstefan k
00:28:39Vaj.CO dont
00:28:40Vaj.CO base
00:28:41Vaj.CO all
00:29:20danstefan et me slow
00:29:23poskus i have imba lag
00:29:31danstefan I TOOK ONE
00:29:36TryMe_ wp
00:29:36edgarass np we have imba cap
00:29:37TryMe_ rofl
00:30:28GuiTaR all alive
00:30:33Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:34GuiTaR b
00:30:34edgarass idiot banaana fuckinf
00:30:36edgarass shithead
00:30:38GuiTaR b
00:30:53edgarass axe dagger@!
00:30:55edgarass p[anda dagger
00:31:01danstefan why sange and yasha
00:31:03poskus panda
00:31:05poskus not even making
00:31:06TryMe_ speed
00:31:06poskus cepter
00:31:08poskus thats pathetic
00:31:09TryMe_ against krobe
00:31:10Vaj.CO and hp
00:31:13edgarass he does not making nothing
00:31:20edgarass noob
00:31:23edgarass fucking 50 %
00:31:25poskus look @ captns pandas items
00:31:32TryMe_ abba and tiny should get blade mail
00:31:32Vaj.CO dont have ulti
00:31:36TryMe_ so krobe kills herself
00:31:39Stonetorl b
00:31:42PriMo b
00:31:43danstefan b
00:31:47GuiTaR omw
00:31:49poskus panda
00:31:50poskus wtf
00:31:51poskus those
00:31:52poskus items?
00:32:12poskus f
00:32:17poskus f
00:32:18edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:18poskus I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:25poskus imba captn
00:32:25poskus ffs
00:32:35BlaZe. I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:39BlaZe. /ff
00:32:41BlaZe. !ff
00:32:45BlaZe. haha
00:33:16danstefan b
00:33:31danstefan SHOULD OF GONE B
00:33:51danstefan WE ARE LOOSING THIS
00:34:09danstefan your damage is still low never
00:34:28Vaj.CO lol
00:34:28GuiTaR ffs
00:34:29poskus finaly
00:34:36GuiTaR banana killed u lol
00:34:37edgarass next time go with dusts bara
00:34:56Vaj.CO b
00:34:56Vaj.CO b
00:34:57Vaj.CO b
00:34:57GuiTaR b
00:34:58Vaj.CO omg
00:34:59danstefan b
00:35:01BlaZe. mana
00:35:01Vaj.CO i am dead
00:35:04danstefan block me
00:35:12TryMe_ i tried
00:35:13Vaj.CO b
00:35:13Vaj.CO b
00:35:14Vaj.CO b
00:35:14Vaj.CO b
00:35:16Vaj.CO base
00:35:17Vaj.CO ffs
00:35:18Vaj.CO b
00:35:21Vaj.CO leave twr
00:35:22BlaZe. mana
00:35:26Vaj.CO b
00:35:46GuiTaR now
00:35:52Vaj.CO go
00:35:59poskus b
00:36:43BlaZe. dagger 200 more
00:36:49edgarass dont die
00:36:53GuiTaR some one take obs wards??
00:37:00danstefan yes
00:37:00GuiTaR rosh??
00:37:12poskus rpsh
00:37:12GuiTaR come
00:37:15danstefan use mana
00:37:20danstefan on yourself tiny
00:37:25edgarass go rosh
00:37:25Banana let me
00:37:35edgarass bara run
00:37:45danstefan me?
00:37:59TryMe_ what ever
00:38:10GuiTaR pipe soon
00:38:13GuiTaR b
00:38:15GuiTaR now
00:38:15poskus def mid dont go
00:38:23GuiTaR b alll
00:38:24Vaj.CO not
00:38:25Vaj.CO b
00:38:27GuiTaR wait or pipe
00:38:27Vaj.CO axe daed
00:38:31Vaj.CO go mid
00:38:33GuiTaR ok
00:38:48Vaj.CO twr and b
00:38:52TryMe_ -ms
00:38:54GuiTaR all alibve
00:39:03Vaj.CO b
00:39:04GuiTaR b
00:39:05poskus go?
00:39:13GuiTaR i need 200 g
00:39:27BlaZe. rosh
00:39:29danstefan ss all
00:39:30danstefan care
00:39:31BlaZe. check
00:39:31poskus dead
00:39:31Banana dead
00:39:33poskus idiots
00:39:33BlaZe. k
00:39:36GuiTaR acare
00:39:37poskus ffs
00:39:44danstefan pls dont give me tips
00:39:48GuiTaR ok
00:39:59GuiTaR heyyyy
00:40:05danstefan wtf
00:40:10GuiTaR tiny steals
00:40:19Vaj.CO deff
00:40:20TryMe_ and again
00:40:22TryMe_ u managed
00:40:23TryMe_ ..
00:40:23GuiTaR omw
00:40:41Vaj.CO get out creeps
00:40:42Vaj.CO tinz
00:40:45BlaZe. oom
00:40:46BlaZe. b
00:41:03danstefan toss
00:41:07Banana keep em busy
00:41:08danstefan TOSS ME SO I CAN SLOW
00:41:14danstefan LET ME SLOW
00:41:16danstefan dotn bloick
00:41:17danstefan OMFG
00:41:28danstefan TOSS
00:41:47TryMe_ rly
00:41:48TryMe_ fuck u
00:41:52GuiTaR did we kill anybody>??
00:41:55TryMe_ at all
00:42:01TryMe_ havent seen a worse abba yet
00:42:02edgarass axe why all time behind back?
00:42:04poskus keep em busy doenst mean die
00:42:05TryMe_ think of playing again
00:42:06GuiTaR no abba is good
00:42:10danstefan I must take thsi game into my own hands
00:42:18TryMe_ as good as u dazzle
00:42:18GuiTaR what to buy next??
00:42:19TryMe_ ...
00:42:21BlaZe. i had no mana
00:42:40GuiTaR what to buy?
00:42:43danstefan guinso
00:42:45TryMe_ desolater
00:42:46poskus ok go mid all?
00:42:51poskus panda ull make scvepter today?
00:42:58danstefan or desolater
00:42:58GuiTaR gynsoo
00:43:02Vaj.CO hex
00:43:12poskus only item panda needs
00:43:15poskus and u dont even go for it
00:43:17poskus such a noob
00:43:35edgarass mid
00:43:36poskus charge
00:43:38GuiTaR def mid
00:43:40edgarass dead
00:44:03poskus I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:03BlaZe. wards?
00:44:06GuiTaR nobody put wards?
00:44:19TryMe_ im the ward
00:44:29Vaj.CO go mid
00:44:41GuiTaR omw
00:45:10poskus gg
00:45:11poskus I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:14poskus panda no scepter
00:45:16poskus captn
00:45:17poskus 4 the win
00:45:30BlaZe. how u surrender?
00:45:40Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:44Banana type ff
00:45:47BlaZe. I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:49BlaZe. I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:52Banana done
00:45:54Vaj.CO bot then
00:45:58danstefan gj
00:45:58poskus why u pick
00:46:00poskus panda
00:46:01poskus if u dont
00:46:02poskus know
00:46:03danstefan i make divine
00:46:03edgarass gj bara and panda
00:46:04poskus hwo to fuckin
00:46:06poskus play it
00:46:07poskus idiot
00:46:08poskus noob
00:46:11danstefan can i?
00:46:18poskus how can u even be a captn
00:46:20Vaj.CO if u dont lose it
00:46:25danstefan i was just
00:46:30danstefan courious
00:46:32GuiTaR n
00:46:32danstefan of i wont
00:46:32Banana we can pick whatever we want
00:46:33GuiTaR b
00:46:39poskus he doesnt know
00:46:41Banana should have picked clinkz
00:46:41edgarass i know
00:46:42poskus how to play it totally
00:46:45poskus biggest noob ever
00:46:46Banana and so?
00:46:48edgarass but u aiint so dumb to pick shitty herops
00:46:49Banana this is pub
00:46:53TryMe_ lets say .. against tide we would have lost
00:46:54Banana do whatever u want
00:47:00danstefan no
00:47:02danstefan axe is noob
00:47:04poskus banan u know why u are fuckin
00:47:04GuiTaR y
00:47:05Vaj.CO y
00:47:05poskus 10%
00:47:07poskus alwayts
00:47:07poskus ?
00:47:09BlaZe. lol battle net is pub this is not
00:47:10Banana :O?
00:47:11TryMe_ but tideulti is tide ulti
00:47:15Banana because i dont care+
00:47:17poskus cause u do whatever u want
00:47:23Banana yes
00:47:27poskus and u suck\
00:47:28Banana and hapyy about it
00:47:28danstefan axe has dagger?
00:47:33TryMe_ for what
00:47:35BlaZe. noob
00:47:37edgarass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:39danstefan i ask
00:47:40poskus I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:41BlaZe. go play tetris
00:47:41danstefan for call
00:47:46poskus who didnt ff yet?
00:47:48TryMe_ i was joking
00:47:48Vaj.CO go top all
00:47:56Banana u should quit if u take this so serious
00:47:57danstefan come on
00:47:59danstefan cant press ulti
00:48:37danstefan at least you have wards in your own forest
00:48:51BlaZe. NO?
00:48:57danstefan krobelus has nice hp
00:49:29poskus gg
00:49:39poskus wp scourge
00:49:44poskus and no scepter panda ftw
00:49:47danstefan gg
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