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Chat log

00:00:24edgarass tkeogre for me
00:00:24Maier ck
00:00:24zonskass -pl
00:00:44Maier hmmm
00:00:48Maier someone get a mid hero
00:00:50Maier ranged
00:00:52Aleks875 me mid
00:00:52zonskass afk
00:00:52edgarass not
00:00:57Maier what u wanna pick ?
00:01:01Maier get stuns
00:01:02Maier enigma
00:01:07Maier + necro
00:01:09Multi_Ljep this is best i think
00:01:10zonskass you took my mortred :/
00:01:10Maier or some shit like that
00:01:15Maier aww
00:01:22Maier -ii
00:01:23Multi_Ljep can i mid and roam? or?
00:01:23zonskass i wanted it
00:01:23Maier -water red
00:01:24edgarass ogre for me pls
00:01:25Maier -weather rain
00:01:32Maier get ogre + tide
00:01:34Aleks875 i go mid
00:01:35Maier and we win
00:01:37TrustNoGoblin trall me bot
00:01:40Aleks875 later i will agng
00:01:41Maier viper will rape u mid
00:01:45Aleks875 nop
00:01:46zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:49zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:49Maier charlie
00:01:49TrustNoGoblin trall bot
00:01:49Maier u have to buy chicken
00:01:49Maier btw too
00:01:49Charlie y i know
00:01:49zonskass \vipe
00:01:49Mircea.N ?
00:01:49edgarass what to take?
00:01:49Maier Good ^^
00:01:51Charlie 1 sec pls
00:01:53zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:56zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Netherdrake [c,v,e,b]
00:01:56Maier please, pause
00:01:56Charlie wc
00:01:56Maier be mannered
00:01:56Aleks875 1 sec over
00:01:56Maier ty
00:01:56Multi_Ljep u have 1 min damn it :(
00:01:56zonskass do thsi in your pants
00:01:56In0S can we pause later, I have to eat
00:01:56Multi_Ljep and 4 secs?
00:01:56edgarass its picking phase u have 1 more min so wtf?
00:02:01Aleks875 can we pause i must sleep
00:02:07Mircea.N lines ?
00:02:09zonskass i will go smoke
00:02:11zonskass pause
00:02:12TrustNoGoblin lina go top
00:02:15edgarass WTF
00:02:16TrustNoGoblin ma and trall bot
00:02:16edgarass NO PAUSE
00:02:17TrustNoGoblin we are mates
00:02:18TrustNoGoblin ty
00:02:22lemi.livo.skodi ok amigos
00:02:22Maier rhasta
00:02:22Aleks875 i go drink russian vodka
00:02:23Charlie k
00:02:23Maier top
00:02:24Maier with me
00:02:27Maier ogre + tide bot
00:02:27Aleks875 pause it
00:02:31edgarass NO
00:02:32lemi.livo.skodi i go fuck thailand shemale
00:02:38Maier russkii razmer ?
00:02:39zonskass take one of names of russian vodka
00:02:40Multi_Ljep :D
00:02:45Maier rhasta
00:02:48Multi_Ljep say
00:02:49Maier max nuke
00:02:51Aleks875 stolichnaya
00:02:54Maier and take shackle + hex
00:02:57Charlie come to drink Macedonian Rakia
00:02:58Maier ah, it's good !
00:03:00Charlie :)
00:03:01Multi_Ljep maier
00:03:03Multi_Ljep dont worry
00:03:06lemi.livo.skodi macedonian ?
00:03:08TrustNoGoblin rakiJa
00:03:12Aleks875 I go drink Stolichnaya
00:03:14lemi.livo.skodi srpska rakija
00:03:14Maier 20sec pause please
00:03:14TrustNoGoblin he dont know name of drink
00:03:16TrustNoGoblin noob
00:03:16Maier 321
00:03:18Charlie hahahaha
00:03:19zonskass whynot absolut?
00:03:19Charlie SRPSKA RAKIJA
00:03:19Charlie AHAHAHAHHAHA
00:03:19Charlie GO KILL YOURSELF
00:03:19zonskass makedonia is KUR
00:03:19Aleks875 cose absolut in shop
00:03:19lemi.livo.skodi ae cuti siptare
00:03:20Charlie Its pure Macedonian
00:03:21Maier ty
00:03:25Maier mby i'll pull
00:03:28Maier dno yet
00:03:32Mircea.N collin farell - makedonian
00:03:33Charlie neznam na koj mu go zemaa Kosovo
00:03:40Maier nah
00:03:40lemi.livo.skodi ?
00:03:42Maier im good
00:03:44Charlie a sega i Podgorica
00:03:49Charlie kaj i da e
00:03:54lemi.livo.skodi jebe nam se za kosovo ...vama je cela zemlja okupirana od siptara i amera
00:04:04Maier try to harrass
00:04:14Charlie haha veruvaj ne e
00:04:21Charlie gi nema ni 15 posto
00:04:24lemi.livo.skodi bio sam i video
00:04:29Multi_Ljep af
00:04:35Charlie dojdi pak slobodno
00:04:46lemi.livo.skodi bi ona ohridu u avgustu
00:04:50lemi.livo.skodi bio*
00:05:35TrustNoGoblin ss
00:05:55Aleks875 say mis
00:05:57Aleks875 if mis
00:05:59zonskass ss mid
00:06:01Mircea.N ss thrall
00:06:05zonskass care down
00:06:49In0S ty for that miss
00:06:53Aleks875 care viper 6 lvl
00:07:25zonskass till ss
00:07:29Maier up chick
00:07:30Maier please
00:08:01Charlie ss
00:08:07Maier wtf range
00:08:26Maier MISS 2
00:08:30Maier LINA and abba
00:08:39Maier let's kill when i come
00:08:51edgarass u were killed by noob
00:08:53Aleks875 viper raped me?
00:08:53zonskass care top
00:08:56zonskass ss mid
00:08:57edgarass b
00:08:58edgarass b
00:08:58edgarass bb
00:09:04TrustNoGoblin ss
00:09:08Aleks875 viper miss
00:09:23Aleks875 care
00:09:25Aleks875 viper mis
00:09:26zonskass invisible mb
00:09:38Aleks875 re
00:09:44edgarass gang vipe
00:09:48Aleks875 stun thral
00:09:56Charlie ss tc
00:09:56TrustNoGoblin ss2
00:09:58Charlie re
00:10:01Maier u can go
00:10:25Multi_Ljep hehe
00:10:30edgarass go mort
00:10:43Aleks875 viepr msi
00:10:59In0S nice gank up
00:11:24zonskass -ma
00:11:33Aleks875 kill
00:11:34Aleks875 thral
00:11:38TrustNoGoblin ss 2
00:11:47Maier need gang to
00:11:48zonskass ss all
00:11:51Maier top
00:12:04edgarass go
00:12:17TrustNoGoblin all ss care top
00:12:42Maier ASTRUN
00:13:15edgarass abba build?
00:13:26Maier OKW
00:13:39Mircea.N haha
00:13:48Maier USE
00:15:17Mircea.N fucking come quickly
00:15:26Mircea.N rasta / ogre..
00:15:38Aleks875 fuck
00:16:05Mircea.N go top / bot
00:16:53lemi.livo.skodi help viper ffs
00:17:02lemi.livo.skodi i mean some1 helop to viper
00:17:07lemi.livo.skodi help*
00:17:09zonskass they helps
00:17:15Aleks875 ty
00:17:17lemi.livo.skodi not enough
00:17:20Charlie np
00:17:24zonskass thral get, 2 skill
00:17:25Mircea.N gang their woods first
00:17:25Aleks875 kill
00:17:26Aleks875 w8
00:18:26Aleks875 deny
00:18:31Aleks875 tp deny
00:18:33In0S viper with treads
00:18:34In0S ?
00:18:40In0S imba
00:18:41edgarass shit
00:18:44edgarass almiast lol
00:18:45Mircea.N fucking noob
00:18:48edgarass piush!
00:18:49Mircea.N aba*
00:19:09edgarass gj
00:19:20edgarass dont let mort farm top
00:19:27Mircea.N reg bot
00:19:28TrustNoGoblin go
00:19:29TrustNoGoblin come
00:19:42edgarass wait me
00:19:47lemi.livo.skodi you 1st
00:19:55Aleks875 nooob
00:20:04Aleks875 wood warded
00:20:17edgarass pushn top
00:20:35Maier MBY
00:20:35Maier STAY
00:20:36Maier BACK
00:20:38Maier SO I CAN BLINK
00:20:46Maier ...
00:21:23zonskass no mana
00:21:40edgarass thnx viper
00:21:47zonskass no mana
00:22:01Mircea.N oom
00:22:27Maier sec
00:22:29Maier bvang
00:22:31Maier finally
00:22:39TrustNoGoblin deny mid
00:22:40TrustNoGoblin ffs
00:22:41lemi.livo.skodi 3 top
00:22:50lemi.livo.skodi care blink cent
00:22:51Maier care
00:22:53TrustNoGoblin dotn touch
00:22:55TrustNoGoblin when is tun
00:23:16Aleks875 gg]
00:23:19Aleks875 imba team
00:23:26Maier was 3v5
00:23:35Multi_Ljep b
00:23:35Aleks875 b
00:23:37Aleks875 warded
00:23:38Aleks875 all
00:23:51Mircea.N our wood warded ?
00:23:54Aleks875 y
00:23:57edgarass liuuna manaboots
00:23:59edgarass u need
00:24:10lemi.livo.skodi yup
00:24:45edgarass push
00:24:47edgarass push
00:24:55edgarass thrall we need u in fights
00:25:08edgarass tral bot
00:25:10In0S denied
00:25:12In0S nabs
00:25:12TrustNoGoblin dead tower
00:25:13TrustNoGoblin noob
00:25:14edgarass thrall bot
00:25:18In0S no tower
00:25:19In0S nap
00:25:28edgarass lina b
00:25:56Mircea.N they warded the bot rune i think
00:26:41Aleks875 ogre
00:26:42Aleks875 plz
00:26:44Charlie noo
00:26:48Charlie dont use my hero
00:26:54Aleks875 dont go NEVER SOLO VS VIPER
00:27:02Charlie i can kill him
00:27:03TrustNoGoblin go all 5
00:27:04Charlie this time
00:27:06Aleks875 u cant
00:27:11Aleks875 he have hood
00:27:24Aleks875 go tower
00:27:25Aleks875 bot
00:27:30zonskass no mana
00:27:31TrustNoGoblin go bot all
00:27:38zonskass mana
00:27:42lemi.livo.skodi wait cd
00:27:47lemi.livo.skodi soon
00:27:54Aleks875 retard
00:27:55Aleks875 tid
00:28:27Aleks875 4v5
00:28:27Mircea.N announce the dagger retard
00:28:29Aleks875 always
00:28:33Aleks875 viper wood all game
00:28:38zonskass your problems
00:28:41Aleks875 y
00:28:48Aleks875 this problem
00:28:58zonskass go drink vodkabetter
00:29:04Aleks875 y I go
00:29:08Maier use
00:29:08Aleks875 pause it
00:29:09Maier chick
00:29:11Maier INSTA
00:29:12edgarass all togerther now pls
00:29:15Maier dont leave chick there
00:29:17zonskass drink to me :D
00:29:23edgarass thrall circle them ullti
00:29:24edgarass lina stu
00:29:29edgarass b
00:29:35Aleks875 stolichnaya and bsolut?
00:29:36Maier b
00:29:36Maier b
00:29:37Maier ogre
00:29:38Charlie b
00:29:38Maier and tide
00:29:39Aleks875 ok
00:29:45Maier let me farm bot
00:29:45zonskass what you want
00:29:50Aleks875 both
00:30:10Mircea.N lets gather
00:30:12Mircea.N and gang fast
00:30:31Aleks875 heer ward
00:30:33edgarass b
00:30:35Aleks875 ebnemy
00:31:21Aleks875 wtf
00:31:22Aleks875 gay
00:31:25Maier centaur, wtf are u doing
00:31:26Aleks875 300 damage
00:31:52Aleks875 b
00:32:02zonskass dead
00:32:06Aleks875 it called feed
00:32:10Aleks875 go more solo
00:32:16Aleks875 and we never win
00:32:19zonskass ceantaur you let me farm in mid
00:32:26Aleks875 0-1
00:32:29Aleks875 really..
00:32:32zonskass 40 creeps
00:32:40Aleks875 i had more
00:32:45zonskass y y
00:32:46zonskass :D
00:32:49Maier once i get my mkb
00:32:53Maier everything will be good
00:32:55zonskass b
00:32:57zonskass no mana
00:32:59edgarass lock them thrall u nboob oidiot
00:33:10In0S miss click
00:33:13Aleks875 b
00:33:16Aleks875 mort
00:33:16In0S and stfu
00:33:28In0S every team fight u let me die
00:33:29Maier nah, i'm good
00:33:30Maier :D
00:33:34Aleks875 ok)
00:33:38Aleks875 join
00:33:43Aleks875 to team fight
00:33:43Maier kk
00:33:56Maier get smoke
00:33:58Maier and gang
00:34:07Mircea.N ok gather
00:34:11edgarass s and y orb or not?
00:34:14TrustNoGoblin not
00:34:16Maier gather
00:34:16zonskass no
00:34:16Maier here
00:34:19edgarass good
00:34:21Maier ALEKS
00:34:23Multi_Ljep COME
00:34:32zonskass beter get madnes and basher
00:34:35Maier just smoke us
00:35:34Aleks875 i know when we need go^
00:35:35edgarass b
00:35:35Maier wtf
00:35:36edgarass b
00:35:36edgarass b
00:35:36edgarass b
00:35:37edgarass b
00:35:52edgarass lina b
00:35:56edgarass u idiot tard shithead
00:35:57Maier mkb
00:36:00edgarass are u suicider?
00:36:04edgarass omg u all suck
00:36:07Maier b
00:36:08edgarass fucking noobs wait near tower
00:36:14In0S !ff
00:36:16edgarass what a dumbasees
00:36:16zonskass ward rosan
00:36:16Aleks875 ncie move?
00:36:21edgarass idiots
00:36:21Multi_Ljep gj
00:36:22Aleks875 my idea
00:36:22edgarass shitheads
00:36:23Multi_Ljep btw
00:36:25edgarass lina u suck ass
00:36:27zonskass go rosan all
00:36:37Maier now
00:36:38Maier go smoke
00:36:40Maier and gang again
00:36:40Aleks875 but gj for join
00:36:44lemi.livo.skodi edgarass ... retarted emo noob ...
00:36:48Maier lemme get my mkb
00:36:53edgarass u are retard suiciding
00:37:00lemi.livo.skodi you are emo gay
00:37:02Maier boom
00:37:08Maier GO
00:37:16edgarass b
00:37:17edgarass b
00:37:17edgarass b
00:37:17edgarass bb
00:37:19Aleks875 b
00:37:20Aleks875 b
00:37:20Aleks875 b
00:37:21Mircea.N w8 cent ?
00:37:21Aleks875 b
00:37:22Maier smoke
00:37:23Aleks875 w8 me
00:37:24Maier use smoke
00:37:25Multi_Ljep wait
00:37:25Maier use smoke
00:37:26Maier and go
00:37:26edgarass idiot dont walk a;one
00:37:27Multi_Ljep i smoke
00:37:27zonskass can you ward here
00:37:28Multi_Ljep later
00:37:29Multi_Ljep sec
00:37:32TrustNoGoblin take ward
00:37:33Mircea.N gooooo
00:37:35TrustNoGoblin and ward it
00:37:35Maier no, we had moment
00:37:36Maier ffs
00:37:39Multi_Ljep can u wait NO MANA
00:37:48Multi_Ljep gather
00:37:57Multi_Ljep come here
00:37:58edgarass bait
00:38:01Maier tide cent
00:38:02Maier come
00:38:47Maier ok, that was
00:38:49Maier fucking bad
00:38:49Aleks875 really tc with no items
00:38:50Mircea.N wtf was that ?
00:38:53Aleks875 mega kill
00:39:00zonskass teleport him
00:39:02Mircea.N blade mail ?
00:39:06Aleks875 we need kill tc first
00:39:13Mircea.N i focused viper
00:39:14Maier blade mail cos of me
00:39:20zonskass b
00:39:32Multi_Ljep ..
00:40:16TrustNoGoblin lina ur hard bob
00:40:27lemi.livo.skodi yes cuz am saving your retarded ass
00:40:31TrustNoGoblin sure
00:40:32TrustNoGoblin u
00:40:33TrustNoGoblin saved me
00:40:36TrustNoGoblin trall saved me
00:40:36TrustNoGoblin nap
00:40:41TrustNoGoblin u just feed
00:40:44TrustNoGoblin like every game
00:40:46TrustNoGoblin i played with u
00:40:56In0S i agree
00:41:10Charlie mort u need bkb
00:41:13lemi.livo.skodi you gays can agree to suck my dick ... both of you
00:41:13Maier no shit
00:41:18Charlie no
00:41:23Maier i know
00:41:23Charlie :)
00:41:25Maier that i need
00:41:41zonskass come
00:41:42zonskass 5
00:42:00edgarass b
00:42:15Aleks875 b
00:42:17Aleks875 w8 me
00:42:23edgarass b
00:42:26TrustNoGoblin go all 5
00:42:27TrustNoGoblin i bait
00:42:33Aleks875 mort
00:42:33Maier smoke
00:42:34Maier and go gang
00:42:35Aleks875 listen me
00:42:35TrustNoGoblin COME
00:42:39Aleks875 i tp
00:42:39TrustNoGoblin me bait
00:42:43Aleks875 u will tp me
00:42:45Aleks875 and kill rosh
00:42:47TrustNoGoblin stay all
00:42:51Aleks875 dont go all
00:42:51Maier kk
00:42:53Aleks875 just mort
00:42:57Maier no
00:42:58Maier go back
00:43:00zonskass trtal ulti
00:43:02Maier they saw that
00:43:03edgarass b
00:43:03edgarass b
00:43:03edgarass b
00:43:04zonskass on them
00:43:05Maier just blink in
00:43:13Aleks875 we 2
00:43:16Aleks875 dont go
00:43:19Mircea.N ok
00:43:25zonskass b
00:43:27TrustNoGoblin go fuckurself all
00:43:28TrustNoGoblin retards
00:43:35Aleks875 XD
00:43:44Maier lust me
00:43:44Maier ogre
00:43:47Maier always
00:44:06Mircea.N w8
00:44:21TrustNoGoblin def
00:44:22TrustNoGoblin dont go
00:44:26edgarass stay base
00:44:28edgarass near tower
00:44:29Maier wait
00:44:29zonskass focus mortred rasta
00:44:30Maier we smoke
00:44:32Maier and go their woods
00:44:34zonskass ogre
00:44:40edgarass thrall locxk them pls and lina stun pls
00:44:43Multi_Ljep fallow mort or cent
00:44:44TrustNoGoblin dotn touch whne i stun
00:44:45Maier pick up
00:44:45TrustNoGoblin and ulty
00:44:47TrustNoGoblin w8 ulty
00:44:50TrustNoGoblin than atack
00:45:03TrustNoGoblin bait abba
00:45:03Maier lust
00:45:04TrustNoGoblin go
00:45:05TrustNoGoblin frst
00:45:06edgarass b
00:45:06zonskass go aba
00:45:44TrustNoGoblin u fucking retards
00:45:47TrustNoGoblin i say BAIT ABBA
00:45:49TrustNoGoblin u got ulty
00:45:50TrustNoGoblin NOT LINA
00:45:51edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:53TrustNoGoblin U FUCKRARDS
00:45:56TrustNoGoblin U DESERVE TO LOSE
00:45:57Maier someone
00:45:58Mircea.N rasta bad ulti :))
00:45:58edgarass lina wtf are u doing
00:45:58Maier tp top
00:46:00Multi_Ljep y
00:46:00edgarass we told u baclk
00:46:01TrustNoGoblin u fuckign noobs
00:46:02Multi_Ljep shit
00:46:02zonskass b
00:46:03zonskass b
00:46:05edgarass fucking idiot shithead noob
00:46:19edgarass and make some hp
00:46:25edgarass dont run with fduvcking 1k hp
00:46:28Maier ogre
00:46:29Maier b
00:46:29Multi_Ljep rax
00:46:32edgarass fucking idiot
00:46:51Multi_Ljep rac
00:47:21Maier :D
00:47:23Charlie gj
00:47:25TrustNoGoblin listen noobs
00:47:25Charlie :)
00:47:28TrustNoGoblin abba go frst
00:47:29Maier 1 by 1
00:47:31TrustNoGoblin they jump on him
00:47:33TrustNoGoblin we go aoe
00:47:34TrustNoGoblin and gg
00:47:35Maier pa is one of the best carries
00:47:36TrustNoGoblin its not hard
00:47:36Maier ingam
00:47:38Maier ingame *
00:47:42Maier and i got my bkb
00:47:59edgarass they are idiots understand this
00:48:29edgarass lina fuxking suicider bitch
00:48:35TrustNoGoblin every game
00:48:36lemi.livo.skodi your mom ?
00:48:37TrustNoGoblin he suicide
00:48:39In0S this is a hard nab game actually
00:48:45lemi.livo.skodi yeah see my last games :)
00:48:51edgarass viper care
00:48:51TrustNoGoblin sure pro
00:48:53TrustNoGoblin ...
00:48:57In0S every time i play with u
00:48:59In0S i lose
00:49:00lemi.livo.skodi sure ... i was best player last 6 games
00:49:06In0S every time i play against u
00:49:08In0S i won
00:49:11Aleks875 gg now
00:50:01TrustNoGoblin abba
00:50:04TrustNoGoblin ur joking me
00:50:08edgarass what?
00:50:10TrustNoGoblin u turn on once speed?
00:50:15TrustNoGoblin u know
00:50:15edgarass i cant do shit against mort alone
00:50:34Aleks875 rosh
00:50:36Aleks875 soon
00:50:45TrustNoGoblin use fucking jangoo
00:50:47TrustNoGoblin in fight
00:51:03edgarass ff mort too fat
00:51:09Aleks875 viper u really think that u overfeed with 40 creeps?XD
00:51:16zonskass y
00:51:19Aleks875 ok)
00:51:32zonskass you was nothing in mid
00:51:39Aleks875 (
00:52:30edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:41In0S !ff
00:52:41edgarass morons lost this game like lina
00:52:43Maier gg
00:52:44In0S I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:50edgarass and thrall
00:52:55In0S fu
00:53:02edgarass u are noob ius
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