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+2 TS

93% | 1544 X | 1579 TS

-10 X
+31 TS

47% | 1168 X | 1284 TS

+8 X
+3 TS

45% | 1076 X | 1361 TS

+8 X
+3 TS

32% | 1082 X | 1250 TS

+36 X
+4 TS

19% | 879 X | 1341 TS

+4 X
-12 TS

87% | 1482 X | 1487 TS

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-11 TS

65% | 1261 X | 1387 TS

-20 X
-3 TS

44% | 1070 X | 1360 TS

-29 X
-14 TS

29% | 1083 X | 1222 TS

+9 X
-7 TS

19% | 928 X | 1288 TS

Chat log

00:00:10Smokeer god we got mamyka
00:00:14Smokeer and his friend
00:00:16Smokeer russians
00:00:17Smokeer gg
00:00:17holostoi suck my dick nap
00:00:17mamyka if u dont stop ill report u
00:00:17Smokeer i reported u
00:00:17Smokeer alreadty
00:00:17Netukka i ban
00:00:17mamyka gz
00:00:17holostoi try it
00:00:17Netukka ban void
00:00:17hubbis invoker
00:00:25PieInTheSky swap potm ? ;D
00:00:47Smokeer i planned wr
00:00:48Smokeer zzz
00:00:58PieInTheSky swap potm ?
00:01:13Netukka veno clock
00:01:13Netukka enigma
00:01:15Netukka dazzle
00:01:16Netukka bat
00:01:18Krisss noes my bara
00:01:42Netukka dazzle enigma
00:01:42Netukka gooood
00:01:43Netukka bat
00:01:53Netukka pick
00:01:55Netukka dont random
00:01:56Netukka gggggg
00:01:58Netukka GGGGGGGGGGGGG
00:02:08Netukka gg edgar
00:02:09edgarass shittt
00:02:10PieInTheSky u just only know to flame ?
00:02:15zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:18zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Undying [d,r,t,f]
00:02:23Netukka why have to be afk
00:02:26Netukka and random hero
00:02:43zonskass again mortred in my team
00:03:13zonskass w8 bara
00:03:15zonskass i fight
00:04:26PieInTheSky ss 1 bot btw
00:05:58edgarass -ma
00:06:16Netukka ss mid
00:06:47PieInTheSky he was invis ?
00:06:48PieInTheSky ffS?
00:06:58Netukka he got illu
00:06:59Netukka rune
00:08:00zonskass bitch
00:08:54Krisss sas cloc
00:09:06Smokeer wards get please
00:09:08Smokeer mamyka
00:09:11Netukka my rune
00:09:12mamyka go hell
00:09:27Smokeer mamyka: go hell
00:09:37Smokeer im in hell
00:09:38Smokeer and?
00:09:41Netukka taken
00:10:05Krisss õss2
00:10:07Smokeer b
00:10:32Netukka ss mid
00:10:52Krisss too late was up allreadsy
00:11:15Krisss enig comein mid
00:11:38zonskass kill
00:11:49NwC.CooL-T lowbobs
00:12:27Netukka ss mid
00:13:52PieInTheSky arrow
00:13:53PieInTheSky morn
00:14:17Netukka lawl
00:14:25zonskass :D
00:14:33PieInTheSky slow
00:16:14zonskass lolbow
00:16:16Smokeer i know we havent gank
00:16:30mamyka care
00:16:43Krisss ss top
00:17:00zonskass psuh
00:17:31zonskass im,ba ulti ;ddd
00:18:34PieInTheSky :P
00:19:01Smokeer sup gays?
00:20:15Smokeer tiny get dagger
00:20:21NwC.CooL-T rly?
00:20:23Netukka veno ud can u get wards
00:20:28zonskass y
00:20:30Smokeer keep money 2.6k
00:20:33holostoi shut ur mouth bitch
00:20:38mamyka ahaah
00:20:50Smokeer did i talk this russian?
00:22:11zonskass deff
00:22:18Netukka we lose fights cause 4v5
00:22:19Netukka all the time
00:22:29PieInTheSky it was 3 v 5
00:22:33PieInTheSky coz u were 2 late
00:22:40Netukka and u were farming
00:23:17Smokeer idiot
00:24:23Netukka blah
00:24:25Netukka fucking kidding me
00:24:46edgarass top b
00:24:49edgarass b
00:24:50edgarass b
00:24:50edgarass b
00:24:50edgarass bb
00:24:51edgarass b
00:24:51edgarass b
00:24:51edgarass bb
00:24:52edgarass b
00:24:52edgarass b
00:25:21zonskass go 5
00:25:25Netukka y
00:25:26Netukka smoke
00:26:51zonskass ;d
00:27:05zonskass i always die :/
00:27:10Netukka my haste
00:27:11holostoi -afk
00:27:12mamyka -afk
00:28:32edgarass top b
00:29:12Smokeer FIG|HTY
00:29:13Smokeer WHYH
00:29:23Smokeer i did link u run away
00:29:36Smokeer ok i emo
00:29:40Smokeer this 2 russian
00:29:44Smokeer from iccup or garena
00:29:56mamyka go afk again plz
00:29:57Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:10Smokeer again no share pls
00:30:17Smokeer aagain tard played pls
00:31:19edgarass gj gj
00:31:22NwC.CooL-T bitch
00:31:27mamyka 3 vs 5
00:32:03edgarass \b
00:32:13Smokeer engima no dagger
00:32:15Smokeer 30min
00:32:18Smokeer i did it 8min
00:32:24mamyka coz mb i go wards?
00:32:29mamyka + up chcik
00:32:33Smokeer i did too
00:32:34mamyka and we play 3vs 5
00:32:40Smokeer u played t3erribALE
00:32:41mamyka what u did?
00:32:43mamyka afk?
00:32:43Netukka care
00:32:43Smokeer SERIUOS
00:32:48mamyka u did afk
00:32:52Smokeer i did afk
00:33:06Smokeer clock great
00:33:30Netukka sry no ult
00:33:30PieInTheSky tanks ..
00:33:30Netukka cd
00:33:32PieInTheSky ks
00:33:33Netukka now it is
00:33:34PieInTheSky then b
00:34:09PieInTheSky that pa is unbelievable ..
00:34:32Smokeer HAHAH-A
00:34:33Smokeer clock
00:34:41Smokeer nice u let potm alive
00:34:44PieInTheSky ff!
00:34:47PieInTheSky !ff
00:34:47PieInTheSky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:49Netukka wy
00:34:50Netukka why
00:34:54PieInTheSky coz u flame
00:34:55Smokeer nah u win
00:34:56PieInTheSky and ba sux
00:34:56zonskass we will win
00:35:04PieInTheSky pa *
00:35:40Smokeer YEAH
00:35:46Smokeer i dotn care
00:35:48Smokeer -60x
00:35:53Smokeer i hate russain
00:36:35Smokeer engima dead quick like chick
00:37:30Smokeer come top all
00:37:32Smokeer i always alone
00:37:41NwC.CooL-T hex
00:37:42Netukka dont get it
00:37:44Netukka all went b
00:37:49Netukka free tower
00:38:35NwC.CooL-T stupid noob
00:39:12Netukka check
00:39:53edgarass care
00:40:07zonskass reuse
00:40:13Smokeer no9 gang
00:40:14Smokeer yes
00:40:15Smokeer zzz
00:40:23Netukka guys
00:40:23NwC.CooL-T su bitch
00:40:24Netukka lets push
00:40:25Smokeer whatever
00:40:25Netukka gang
00:40:27Smokeer i farm
00:40:29Smokeer forever
00:40:38NwC.CooL-T i farm your mother all time in ass
00:40:42PieInTheSky -ms
00:40:54Smokeer sick childish
00:41:02Smokeer 15 year old
00:41:04Smokeer get lost
00:41:08Smokeer virgin
00:41:22edgarass me farm
00:41:22PieInTheSky b
00:41:35Netukka weee
00:41:36Netukka gg
00:41:38Netukka mort
00:41:40Netukka venio
00:41:42Netukka wtf
00:41:43Netukka really
00:42:01Netukka lost this game
00:42:04Netukka by mort +ven
00:42:04PieInTheSky y
00:42:11edgarass veno afk
00:42:14Netukka they think we win if we farm
00:42:14Netukka more
00:42:14NwC.CooL-T bitch
00:42:21PieInTheSky -afk
00:42:21zonskass i control him
00:42:27PieInTheSky ffs
00:42:28Netukka gg mort
00:42:29Netukka stupid
00:42:32Netukka so low
00:42:33Netukka bob
00:42:34PieInTheSky let sistem ban him for 5 days
00:42:39Netukka game ruin
00:42:42Netukka 1month
00:42:42Netukka ban
00:43:50Netukka ggveno
00:43:51Netukka again
00:43:57Netukka u got fucking lothar
00:44:02Netukka im out
00:44:08NwC.CooL-T hi bob
00:44:13Netukka mort and veno
00:44:14Netukka l2p
00:44:16Netukka follow
00:44:18Netukka for now on
00:44:19Netukka only
00:44:20NwC.CooL-T i fuck you mother again now in pussy!
00:44:23Netukka u dont go farm
00:44:24Netukka anymore
00:44:29Netukka thats
00:44:30Smokeer u think
00:44:31Netukka captains order
00:44:33Smokeer i have a mother
00:44:35Smokeer nice
00:44:38Smokeer corpse
00:44:41Smokeer fuck
00:44:44Netukka refuse me
00:44:47NwC.CooL-T i have your mother, dont you
00:44:47Netukka be banned
00:44:56Smokeer i have ur egg
00:44:59Smokeer u cant cum anymore
00:45:05edgarass u can say only to
00:45:06Netukka top
00:45:07Netukka now
00:45:07Netukka all
00:45:10Netukka well
00:45:10zonskass -afk
00:45:11edgarass do lanes and decde who leaves
00:45:13Netukka u knwo
00:45:15Smokeer russians 3 we got
00:45:17Netukka that is gameruin
00:45:18Netukka edgar
00:45:20Smokeer pink maybe russian too
00:45:21Netukka so strom will ban u
00:45:28NwC.CooL-T lick my balls noob
00:45:34Netukka not helping team
00:45:35Netukka only farming
00:45:38Netukka and we r losing
00:45:43Krisss sry-fckin mailman
00:47:37Netukka push
00:47:39Netukka towers
00:48:06Netukka mort going b
00:48:07Netukka again
00:48:10PieInTheSky b
00:48:16PieInTheSky he is moron
00:48:20Netukka idd
00:48:57PieInTheSky ult veno
00:49:31edgarass not bad
00:49:35Smokeer gj potm
00:49:39Smokeer ive waiting for this
00:49:45edgarass b
00:49:56mamyka razotr think he play well
00:50:06Smokeer i didint think
00:50:58Smokeer engima no dagger 47min
00:51:00Smokeer srswly
00:51:06Smokeer russians cant play with dagger
00:51:23edgarass mid?
00:51:23mamyka from u?
00:51:25NwC.CooL-T russian fuck all world in dota bitch
00:51:34Smokeer navi> russian
00:51:44mamyka navi rus!
00:51:47Smokeer no
00:51:49Smokeer estonia
00:51:49NwC.CooL-T lowbobs
00:51:50Netukka rosh
00:51:50mamyka yes
00:51:50Netukka go
00:51:53mamyka LOL
00:51:55mamyka ahaha
00:52:15mamyka navi - estonia?
00:52:20mamyka this is jioke?
00:52:20Netukka m'i
00:52:21Netukka i
00:52:22Netukka take
00:52:32mamyka lowbiob razor
00:53:17Smokeer mamyka u always ruingame all games
00:53:23Smokeer ive seen all games
00:53:27Smokeer better u go play bnet
00:53:29Smokeer not here
00:53:30edgarass lol
00:53:30mamyka gz
00:53:34edgarass i did mort not bad
00:53:45mamyka better u7 go play lego or tetris
00:53:49Smokeer lastgame u horrible pa played
00:53:49PieInTheSky not bad
00:53:51PieInTheSky but worst
00:53:54mamyka not me
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