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Chat log

00:00:00Jambalaya [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Vaj.CO with 49 seconds.
00:00:16Vaj.CO can some1 roof?
00:00:16son1c y
00:00:16Vaj.CO ok
00:00:16Kastrup ban?
00:00:16Vaj.CO phoenix
00:00:16Kastrup ban roof
00:00:20BoBo.Ftw krobe omni
00:00:26BoBo.Ftw daj mi omniho
00:00:34JensDenLange get magina krob omni nerub and enigma
00:00:34Vaj.CO daj mi maginu
00:00:37BoBo.Ftw k
00:00:40BoBo.Ftw jak nepicknu
00:00:43Jambalaya gogo am
00:00:47Vaj.CO ak picknu tak
00:00:48BoBo.Ftw tak co teda?
00:00:50Kamerplant am
00:00:52Kamerplant scary shit
00:00:53Kastrup cent
00:00:56BoBo.Ftw krobe?
00:00:57Vaj.CO weaver
00:01:02RalleBrazil I GO CENT
00:01:03BoBo.Ftw -swap
00:01:04BoBo.Ftw -swap 1
00:01:04Vaj.CO -swap 1
00:01:07Kamerplant would like krob
00:01:07Vaj.CO -swap 2
00:01:10Carna ok
00:01:13Carna just a question
00:01:16JensDenLange i go lion then?
00:01:18Kastrup lion
00:01:20Vaj.CO ok
00:01:21Carna when does the new shit ends ? some1 slad?
00:01:21Kastrup and krob
00:01:26Vaj.CO cent woods?
00:01:29son1c y
00:01:33Kastrup good
00:01:35Kamerplant guess no lion
00:01:37Kastrup last
00:01:40BoBo.Ftw janco som pocul ze je nove pravidlo ze kapitan kupuje sliepku :D
00:01:41Kastrup if possible get enimga
00:01:42JensDenLange daz?
00:01:44son1c ok
00:01:47son1c eng plz
00:01:48Vaj.CO y
00:01:53Jambalaya me baby top ?
00:01:56BoBo.Ftw nothing important for you
00:01:56Vaj.CO chick
00:02:00Kastrup hmm ye fuck
00:02:09JensDenLange .,.. lion bot
00:02:11Jambalaya ck solo ?
00:02:11JensDenLange fuck
00:02:12Kastrup lion bot
00:02:13JensDenLange fogot
00:02:14Kastrup enigma woods
00:02:15Kastrup amtop
00:02:16Kastrup me mid
00:02:16Vaj.CO krobe
00:02:19Vaj.CO get chick
00:02:19Kastrup get wards enigma just pull and gank
00:02:21Vaj.CO ty
00:02:21Kastrup and we are good to go
00:02:24JensDenLange sorry
00:02:25son1c -ii
00:02:26JensDenLange i up
00:02:29Vaj.CO sure enigma
00:02:38BoBo.Ftw cent woods? pull and gank dont stay woods
00:02:44JensDenLange promise nice baby sitt'n!
00:02:45Kamerplant dazzle up that chick
00:02:47Kamerplant asap block creeps
00:02:49son1c y
00:02:50JensDenLange i will
00:03:08Jambalaya top rune b
00:04:36RalleBrazil DONT KILL SREAL
00:04:40RalleBrazil dont take creeps
00:04:54Jambalaya ok sry gangster
00:05:18RalleBrazil SS 1
00:05:21son1c nothing to pull :/ enig u cant stay woods as i said
00:05:39Carna ...
00:06:15JensDenLange reg
00:06:18Vaj.CO k
00:06:42son1c b
00:07:00Kastrup miss
00:07:11Jambalaya sry i missed first stun
00:07:38Kamerplant ss
00:07:39Kamerplant 2
00:08:23Vaj.CO care bot
00:08:27Jambalaya oom
00:08:29Jambalaya 1 stun
00:08:45Vaj.CO äss
00:08:47Vaj.CO care
00:08:55Carna coming soon magina np its lost
00:09:05Vaj.CO re
00:09:10Vaj.CO b top
00:09:38Kamerplant anyone need 6 tango?
00:09:42son1c y
00:09:42Kamerplant deliverd by chick
00:09:47Kamerplant k sec ss krob
00:10:15Kamerplant tangos incoming
00:10:20son1c big thx
00:10:53Carna go ulti c
00:11:10Kastrup -1
00:11:13Kamerplant 1 hp
00:11:14Kamerplant lol
00:11:17Vaj.CO omg
00:11:20JensDenLange could'nt use grave! :( gj '
00:11:20Vaj.CO why????
00:11:25BoBo.Ftw istota
00:11:29RalleBrazil lion wards
00:11:30Vaj.CO ty si kokot?
00:11:35BoBo.Ftw narovnaj :D
00:12:19JensDenLange ss top stuin toop
00:12:46Vaj.CO diki
00:12:48Vaj.CO dpc ss top
00:12:49BoBo.Ftw cd
00:12:54Vaj.CO repel?
00:13:38Carna comin w8 till u got ulti
00:13:48Kamerplant take tower ss top
00:15:04Kastrup stun?
00:15:23son1c -ma
00:15:44BoBo.Ftw 4 midd
00:16:42Kamerplant heal me
00:16:43Kamerplant lol
00:16:50Kamerplant could have killed 2-3
00:16:55BoBo.Ftw was in hole..
00:17:15Kamerplant was over for 3 seconds when i died lol
00:17:24Jambalaya b
00:18:15Vaj.CO mid twr
00:18:16Kamerplant take mid tower b i farm top
00:19:23Carna no ulti
00:19:30Vaj.CO warded
00:19:35Kamerplant centaur?
00:19:42son1c y?
00:19:46Carna ulti
00:19:46Kastrup its fie
00:19:49Kamerplant hows that dagger coming
00:19:49Kastrup our carries farm
00:19:57Jambalaya care top
00:19:59son1c chill
00:20:02Jambalaya 1 invis top
00:20:04Jambalaya omni
00:20:06Jambalaya invis
00:20:31Kamerplant omni
00:20:35Kamerplant ;s
00:20:47Kamerplant stop trying to carry
00:20:48Kamerplant lol
00:20:51BoBo.Ftw ?
00:20:56BoBo.Ftw carry?
00:20:58Kamerplant you chase them like a madmen
00:21:03Kamerplant while they take the rest of us
00:21:04Kamerplant ^^
00:21:19BoBo.Ftw soon meka...chill
00:21:37Kamerplant am in game
00:21:39Kamerplant no time to chill wards now
00:22:16RalleBrazil lion
00:22:31Kastrup lion and enigma
00:22:33Kamerplant take tower
00:22:38Kastrup dagger is what you wanna buy..
00:22:47Kastrup lion wards is great aswell
00:23:12Vaj.CO b
00:23:43Carna go ulti
00:24:03JensDenLange b
00:24:18BoBo.Ftw gj
00:24:47Kamerplant incoming top
00:24:48Jambalaya somone help me to plant wards
00:24:52Kastrup <- brb
00:24:53Kastrup and i come
00:25:09BoBo.Ftw lucker
00:25:14son1c warded by lion
00:25:16Kastrup am farms to
00:25:18BoBo.Ftw y
00:25:29Kastrup need one bot
00:25:31Kastrup lion or ck
00:25:39Kamerplant oom
00:25:51Carna oom
00:25:58Kamerplant delay
00:26:23Jambalaya b vb
00:26:31Kastrup ye
00:26:31Kastrup bigtime
00:26:36son1c bad way
00:26:37son1c wardedf
00:26:42Kamerplant push take tower
00:26:42JensDenLange y
00:26:47Jambalaya i had ulti for that fucking weeaver
00:26:47Kastrup all come bot
00:26:51BoBo.Ftw come and destroy wards with gem
00:26:55BoBo.Ftw they re fucking us
00:27:03Jambalaya care
00:27:03JensDenLange who got hem?
00:27:05JensDenLange 'g
00:27:05Jambalaya cent dagger
00:27:08BoBo.Ftw me
00:27:30BoBo.Ftw come
00:27:31BoBo.Ftw range
00:28:06Kastrup cent
00:28:06Jambalaya -minus armor
00:28:09Kastrup ye
00:28:35BoBo.Ftw come
00:28:39Carna need 300 for dagguer omg
00:28:42Kastrup ditto
00:29:00BoBo.Ftw w8
00:29:54Carna ok
00:29:57Carna no dagguer
00:30:00Kastrup nope
00:30:09Jambalaya I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:13Kastrup not lost
00:30:18Kastrup we got two of the best carries in game
00:30:49Vaj.CO b
00:30:58JensDenLange my bad
00:30:58Kamerplant no
00:31:16Kamerplant take it
00:31:39Jambalaya its gg
00:31:42Kamerplant perfect timing
00:31:43Kamerplant haha
00:31:50Jambalaya omni gem
00:32:28Kamerplant rax
00:32:29Kamerplant weaver
00:33:03Kamerplant stupid hero
00:33:04Kamerplant ,
00:33:20Vaj.CO more focus :D
00:33:24BoBo.Ftw ou
00:33:28Kamerplant lina+lion ulti
00:33:31Kamerplant = lol
00:33:34Vaj.CO soon lyncen
00:33:36BoBo.Ftw nemaju ako
00:33:41Kamerplant going linken aswell
00:33:47Vaj.CO get pipe
00:33:49Vaj.CO better
00:33:51Vaj.CO for u
00:34:00Vaj.CO or hex now
00:34:26Kastrup not lost
00:35:28Vaj.CO take
00:36:32Vaj.CO heal
00:36:47Carna I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:50Jambalaya I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:04Carna I surrender!
00:37:10Vaj.CO daj mi gem
00:37:25Vaj.CO gg
00:37:27Kastrup g
00:37:28Kastrup g
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