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-29 X
+2 TS

88% | 1488 X | 1495 TS

-6 X
+3 TS

85% | 1457 X | 1467 TS

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+16 TS

76% | 1470 X | 1319 TS

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+29 TS

71% | 1391 X | 1332 TS

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89% | 1493 X | 1504 TS

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-18 TS

77% | 1391 X | 1411 TS

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76% | 1392 X | 1406 TS

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73% | 1423 X | 1331 TS

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59% | 1284 X | 1318 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Eternity hf gl
00:00:18Eternity -ii
00:00:18Eternity -water random
00:00:18yeW- dont ban luci pls
00:00:18yeW- -clear
00:00:18Eternity get lycan out
00:00:18zebbelito k
00:00:18Norrebro lycan
00:00:18Eternity ty.
00:00:18zebbelito ns
00:00:22Jesus_Crix my ns :/
00:00:25zebbelito dirge any1?
00:00:28Jesus_Crix then i'll go ud
00:00:31zebbelito nice
00:00:36zebbelito u want doom?
00:00:37zebbelito dude?
00:00:39yeW- ye
00:00:41yeW- -clear
00:00:49Eternity annoying
00:01:03yeW- ogre and lion?
00:01:11Vaj.CO i can lion
00:01:16zebbelito i can play
00:01:18zebbelito eeeh
00:01:21yeW- what u wnat
00:01:21zebbelito wr
00:01:21yeW- pink
00:01:27zebbelito -swap 3
00:01:27Jesus_Crix get a carry mb
00:01:28yeW- -swap 1
00:01:40zebbelito wr carry enough
00:01:46slc2 -swap 1
00:01:49Jonneblarre shall i carry?
00:01:50Jesus_Crix if you play him carry ok
00:01:51Norrebro -swap 5
00:01:54Vaj.CO no
00:01:56slc2 take chjen
00:01:57Eternity you re stack?
00:01:57Vaj.CO we have
00:01:59Vaj.CO carries
00:02:00KeLToS -clear
00:02:02yeW- get aba
00:02:04yeW- -clear
00:02:04Jesus_Crix get aba
00:02:04KeLToS wards pls
00:02:08yeW- :p
00:02:13zebbelito -hhn
00:02:19slc2 ogre top
00:02:24slc2 ogre top
00:02:25zebbelito jonneblarre
00:02:25Norrebro me veno bot
00:02:27Vaj.CO i will roam
00:02:29zebbelito sell ur shit
00:02:32KeLToS ogre
00:02:33KeLToS stop
00:02:35zebbelito and get bird
00:02:36yeW- no courier? :D
00:02:37KeLToS plant ward bot first
00:02:39KeLToS then try gang mid
00:02:40Eternity fuck off
00:02:41Norrebro ward it?
00:02:41Eternity srsly
00:02:42yeW- oh my
00:02:45Jesus_Crix grr
00:02:46slc2 go get fb bot
00:02:49Eternity i stayed there
00:02:50Ain_Soph_Aur ^^
00:02:50KeLToS if u get rune try mid
00:02:51Jesus_Crix no cxhick sucks
00:02:51Norrebro ye fb
00:02:53yeW- fail bob
00:02:53Eternity but you cired about me top
00:02:54Eternity srsly
00:03:02Jesus_Crix thx
00:03:03Jesus_Crix bro
00:03:08Eternity he warded
00:03:10yeW- -afk
00:03:10Eternity he knows me
00:03:11Jesus_Crix you go pull i guess
00:03:13yeW- ye
00:03:15zebbelito rune taken
00:03:17Norrebro np
00:03:18yeW- aba
00:03:18yeW- afk?
00:03:20yeW- jesus
00:03:21yeW- fuckin bob
00:03:25yeW- goes basi doesntge courier n goesa fk
00:04:05Jonneblarre sry for being late
00:04:07Eternity gondar what you skilled?
00:04:09Jonneblarre was afk
00:04:11yeW- ye
00:04:12Vaj.CO ye
00:04:13yeW- afk when u bought courier?
00:04:15yeW- NOT.
00:04:16Vaj.CO and didnt buy chick
00:04:21Jonneblarre shit
00:04:21Eternity failer..
00:04:29yeW- upgrade it
00:04:31Jonneblarre y
00:05:01yeW- blah
00:05:27Eternity y steal my creep
00:05:29Eternity and let yours die
00:05:51Eternity stop that
00:05:53KeLToS gang mid
00:05:54KeLToS rune top
00:06:00KeLToS ss
00:06:20KeLToS re
00:07:30Jesus_Crix sad
00:08:28Jonneblarre i go meka
00:08:36Vaj.CO b
00:09:16zebbelito ss luna
00:09:18zebbelito care
00:09:24zebbelito whit rune
00:09:27yeW- top?
00:09:31zebbelito bot
00:09:35KeLToS tc or orgre
00:09:36KeLToS gang mid?
00:09:50zebbelito new ward
00:10:08Jonneblarre wards in courir
00:10:23slc2 lion here
00:10:41slc2 do they got ward?
00:10:47Eternity f12 noob
00:10:53slc2 ?
00:11:16Jesus_Crix grerat
00:11:18Jesus_Crix to say miss
00:11:26KeLToS ss
00:11:34Vaj.CO ss luna
00:11:45Jesus_Crix go
00:11:46yeW- oom
00:12:00Eternity base
00:12:20Jesus_Crix top ss
00:12:40Eternity want report?
00:12:46Norrebro look bot idiot
00:13:04Norrebro gj noobs
00:13:06Norrebro deffing bot
00:13:07zebbelito hasted oger
00:13:13KeLToS suck dick
00:13:34Eternity gondar cs?
00:13:35Eternity ..
00:13:38Eternity ya items min 10
00:13:45Norrebro 33
00:13:50Eternity ..
00:14:24Eternity noone ganks
00:14:25yeW- ty
00:14:25yeW- mp
00:14:26Eternity so useless
00:14:41slc2 mid insteed
00:14:46Eternity i farm top
00:14:48Eternity fuck this team
00:14:56Norrebro gajg
00:14:58Norrebro no ulti
00:15:44Norrebro thx for help bpt
00:16:35Norrebro someone tp
00:16:57Norrebro or dont
00:17:05Eternity 0 3 0 3
00:17:06Eternity gj
00:17:14yeW- -ma
00:17:28Jesus_Crix god
00:17:46Vaj.CO ?heal
00:18:32Vaj.CO got ulti
00:19:13Eternity fcking luckerwind
00:19:23Vaj.CO doom farm?
00:19:25yeW- ye
00:19:30zebbelito who pipes
00:19:32Vaj.CO is it good?
00:19:35yeW- ye
00:19:37Vaj.CO k
00:20:18zebbelito mid tow
00:20:47yeW- -ma
00:21:14Eternity tomb
00:21:16Eternity i hate it
00:21:19Eternity opfuckshit
00:21:34yeW- con
00:21:35yeW- lal
00:21:47Jonneblarre dd
00:21:53Jesus_Crix i just love ud =)
00:21:56yeW- ye :p
00:22:09Eternity outcarried by doom.
00:22:13Eternity gj.
00:22:16KeLToS easy
00:23:34zebbelito whit gem if we go 5
00:23:36zebbelito we can end it
00:23:41Vaj.CO sure
00:23:44Vaj.CO doom
00:23:47Vaj.CO only farmed
00:23:47Jonneblarre got no money
00:23:48yeW- k
00:23:51Vaj.CO so its ok
00:23:54Jesus_Crix doom 20 mins solo top
00:23:55Jesus_Crix no twr
00:24:02zebbelito take
00:24:04zebbelito wards
00:24:10Jesus_Crix no slot
00:24:12yeW- -neutrals
00:24:13yeW- -cs
00:24:44Eternity run.
00:24:53zebbelito war
00:24:55zebbelito doom him
00:25:15Eternity i told em..
00:25:16Eternity naps
00:25:20Jesus_Crix ^^
00:25:24Norrebro get wards
00:25:26Norrebro much bettr
00:25:31Norrebro than speaking shit
00:25:34yeW- one heal pls
00:25:41Jesus_Crix *to, me
00:25:41Eternity better speaking than playing
00:25:42yeW- ty
00:25:54Eternity and its venos job.
00:26:17slc2 to do what?
00:26:26Eternity feed like hell
00:26:27Jesus_Crix let me pls
00:26:39Jesus_Crix 30 to shiva
00:26:39zebbelito ward
00:26:40zebbelito watd
00:26:46Jesus_Crix w8
00:26:49Jesus_Crix me
00:26:52zebbelito ABBA
00:26:54zebbelito ward
00:26:55Vaj.CO aba
00:26:55zebbelito senrty
00:26:57Vaj.CO sentry
00:27:17zebbelito ward
00:27:18zebbelito ward
00:27:21Norrebro tc stun
00:27:35KeLToS dont
00:27:37KeLToS omdf
00:28:22Norrebro I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:31zebbelito tower
00:28:31Eternity stop play carries pls
00:28:43slc2 stop talk pls
00:28:53zebbelito im b
00:30:21Vaj.CO aba
00:30:23Vaj.CO heal????
00:30:26Jonneblarre no range
00:30:26Vaj.CO ffs
00:30:30Vaj.CO lol
00:30:32Jonneblarre did u see creepblock?
00:30:39Vaj.CO it was range
00:30:41Vaj.CO and meka?
00:30:55Jesus_Crix 2 low hp
00:31:03Jonneblarre i tried
00:31:04Jesus_Crix aba is kinda fail
00:31:08Jesus_Crix lol
00:31:12Jesus_Crix i tanked all alone
00:31:13Jonneblarre just cuz i fail once
00:31:18Jesus_Crix you did nothing
00:31:19zebbelito ffs
00:31:38slc2 gay
00:31:41slc2 svans
00:31:43Jesus_Crix doom??
00:31:45Jesus_Crix you are full
00:31:47Norrebro dead
00:31:48Jesus_Crix go get luna
00:32:18yeW- arf
00:32:22yeW- sorry, not focused
00:32:25Ain_Soph_Aur oom
00:32:29zebbelito stop messing
00:32:30Jesus_Crix bad doom rly
00:32:32zebbelito this is won
00:33:21zebbelito no pipe
00:33:40Vaj.CO fast
00:33:50zebbelito ffs
00:33:52zebbelito cunts
00:33:53yeW- x
00:33:55yeW- d
00:34:00Jesus_Crix nl
00:34:17zebbelito if we had pipe
00:34:27Jonneblarre i go pipe
00:34:28Jesus_Crix i(ll
00:34:31Jesus_Crix nxt item
00:34:42zebbelito go 5
00:34:47zebbelito and buy snery
00:34:48zebbelito or gem
00:35:06Jesus_Crix mid push?
00:35:09zebbelito dno
00:35:38Ain_Soph_Aur ...
00:35:57Vaj.CO heal totem
00:36:11Ain_Soph_Aur fail veno
00:36:15yeW- gay mouse
00:36:15yeW- zz
00:36:29Eternity maybe use ya boots?
00:36:32slc2 i did
00:36:35Jesus_Crix doom !
00:36:35Eternity no.
00:36:38yeW- oom
00:36:42Vaj.CO buy me tp pls
00:36:44Vaj.CO some1
00:36:58Jesus_Crix so pipe?
00:37:03Jonneblarre im buying
00:37:14Eternity always i get doomed
00:37:19zebbelito my
00:37:33Ain_Soph_Aur always people awake enemy
00:38:28zebbelito im oom
00:38:30zebbelito ooh
00:38:41Jesus_Crix boots
00:38:45Jesus_Crix pls
00:38:51yeW- hm?
00:39:33zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:33zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:34zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:34zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:35zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:38Jesus_Crix rly
00:39:53zebbelito ill go farm
00:39:56zebbelito 40 min
00:39:57zebbelito brb
00:40:06Jesus_Crix well
00:40:10Jesus_Crix we were pushing mid
00:40:14zebbelito no
00:40:18zebbelito i wastn
00:40:22zebbelito my rune was stolen
00:40:24zebbelito by doom
00:40:26yeW- ur rune?
00:40:27yeW- lol
00:40:32zebbelito im farmin
00:40:44zebbelito kyuz i have to buy sentry
00:41:01slc2 one there
00:41:15Jesus_Crix wow doom
00:41:16slc2 4
00:41:20yeW- got stuck
00:41:26Jesus_Crix you rock
00:41:35zebbelito buy genm
00:41:38zebbelito how hard is it
00:41:40zebbelito whit support
00:41:43KeLToS ogre let me get bot
00:41:47KeLToS for eagle
00:41:52Eternity y.
00:41:56Eternity sec base
00:42:38Norrebro focus lion
00:42:44Vaj.CO go
00:42:48KeLToS tombstone
00:42:54Jesus_Crix doom bh
00:42:58yeW- yey
00:42:59Vaj.CO totem
00:43:40Vaj.CO bh
00:43:47Eternity only 1 fucking multicast
00:43:48Eternity srsly
00:44:18zebbelito :D:D
00:44:21Jesus_Crix ^^
00:44:22zebbelito now i farm
00:44:32Vaj.CO or not
00:44:33Vaj.CO :D
00:44:36zebbelito i will farm
00:44:39zebbelito hf whit ur game
00:44:43Jesus_Crix you rock man
00:44:50zebbelito ppl steal runes
00:44:52zebbelito cant play
00:44:54zebbelito proper
00:45:01yeW- u blow wr, stfu.
00:45:02Jesus_Crix bah
00:45:05Vaj.CO fucking gondar focus me every time
00:45:05Jesus_Crix i agree
00:45:09Eternity 20 secs afk
00:45:11Eternity for shivas
00:45:12yeW- theres no
00:45:16zebbelito welll our 4 support dont buy 1 gem
00:45:18yeW- stealin in runes
00:45:19zebbelito for auto win
00:46:05zebbelito =)
00:46:46Vaj.CO gem
00:46:49zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:51zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:56Jesus_Crix our doom is epic noob
00:47:02zebbelito u2
00:47:03Eternity oom
00:47:05KeLToS stfu
00:47:07Jesus_Crix y true
00:47:08zebbelito u dont buy any support
00:47:09zebbelito items
00:47:13zebbelito for 44 min
00:47:15Eternity b
00:47:19Jesus_Crix don't have to
00:47:22KeLToS rosh, they are out soon
00:47:23Jesus_Crix we got lion
00:47:24Jesus_Crix and aba
00:47:28zebbelito they dont
00:47:31zebbelito lion trying to carry
00:47:35Eternity b
00:47:36Eternity b
00:47:36Eternity b
00:47:43Eternity B
00:47:43Vaj.CO lol
00:47:44zebbelito u and doom kinda lost it
00:47:45Eternity FUCKING B
00:47:48yeW- stfu
00:47:50zebbelito ego builds
00:47:52Vaj.CO i try to carry?
00:47:57zebbelito seems so
00:48:00Vaj.CO how?
00:48:07zebbelito havent seen sentry or dust or gem from u
00:48:09Eternity no tp atm
00:48:10zebbelito i bought 6 sentrys
00:48:12zebbelito and 1 gem
00:48:14KeLToS go
00:48:15Vaj.CO i get wards
00:48:16Vaj.CO ...
00:48:18Ain_Soph_Aur -ms
00:48:18Vaj.CO and
00:48:20zebbelito wow
00:48:22zebbelito u ward
00:48:24zebbelito gj
00:48:28Jesus_Crix gogoo
00:48:31Vaj.CO so su
00:49:26zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:49:31zebbelito watch reply
00:49:34Vaj.CO gg its lost
00:49:34zebbelito and see who lost it
00:49:36Vaj.CO ...
00:49:37Norrebro stop chase
00:49:37Norrebro ffs
00:49:39Vaj.CO I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:47zebbelito doom and digre 100 %
00:49:48Jesus_Crix well not my fault
00:49:52Jesus_Crix dude
00:49:52zebbelito yes
00:49:54zebbelito its urs
00:49:57zebbelito u have no pipe
00:49:58yeW- -clear
00:49:59zebbelito no wards
00:50:00Jesus_Crix you got 8 deaths with wr?
00:50:02zebbelito no dusts
00:50:04Jesus_Crix just learn dota
00:50:05Norrebro gg -.-
00:50:06yeW- stfu wr.
00:50:07zebbelito deaths?
00:50:09zebbelito haha
00:50:10zebbelito what?
00:50:11Norrebro wp lion
00:50:14Jesus_Crix you are a nap that's all
00:50:16zebbelito my runes get taken
00:50:18Vaj.CO ty
00:50:26Jesus_Crix my fault?
00:50:29Eternity b
00:50:30Eternity gj
00:50:41zebbelito ur fault u made no aura support items
00:50:45zebbelito pure ego play
00:50:50zebbelito 47 min
00:50:54Eternity gondar or luna
00:50:56Eternity take farm
00:51:00yeW- n u go
00:51:03yeW- mkb
00:51:05yeW- instead of hex
00:51:10yeW- talk bout ego play
00:51:15zebbelito dirge tiold me
00:51:17zebbelito to go
00:51:19zebbelito carry
00:51:20zebbelito build
00:51:22Jesus_Crix nope
00:51:22yeW- thought dirge noob
00:51:26Jesus_Crix you said you go carry
00:51:29yeW- why listen to him?
00:51:29yeW- xD
00:51:30Jesus_Crix it's different
00:51:33Jesus_Crix go f12
00:51:37Jesus_Crix you are all funny
00:51:38Jesus_Crix rly
00:51:41Jesus_Crix bob team
00:51:50zebbelito srtill mno gem
00:51:52zebbelito just ff
00:51:53Eternity no tp atm.
00:52:01zebbelito whit out gem u can ff
00:52:06KeLToS gather
00:52:06Jesus_Crix well take gem
00:52:13KeLToS still gather
00:52:17Jesus_Crix cd gem
00:52:19Vaj.CO y
00:52:20yeW- e
00:52:20yeW- ye
00:52:22zebbelito go mid and end
00:52:22zebbelito it
00:52:28KeLToS lion and tomb
00:52:32zebbelito we had uåpper hand for 35 min
00:52:35zebbelito but doom fartmed
00:52:36zebbelito on lanes
00:52:48Vaj.CO gg
00:52:52zebbelito watch this doom
00:52:54Eternity gg
00:52:54zebbelito he flee
00:52:55yeW- haha
00:52:56yeW- IGHT
00:52:58yeW- I SHUDDA GONE IT
00:53:00yeW- IN
00:53:00KeLToS b
00:53:01Norrebro b
00:53:02Norrebro b
00:53:02KeLToS stop
00:53:04KeLToS dont bd
00:53:05Ain_Soph_Aur ?
00:53:06Norrebro dont bd
00:53:08Ain_Soph_Aur oh
00:53:08zebbelito why u should not die?
00:53:09Jesus_Crix wp guys
00:53:12Ain_Soph_Aur creeps..
00:53:16Norrebro go from bot
00:53:22zebbelito they didnt play well
00:53:26Jesus_Crix nope
00:53:27yeW- u suckd
00:53:30yeW- thats it
00:53:30zebbelito geo
00:53:31Jesus_Crix we played bad
00:53:31zebbelito u suck
00:53:36zebbelito i can 1v1 for perm ban any time
00:53:38Ain_Soph_Aur don't get why they don't allow it
00:53:50yeW- lol
00:53:53yeW- cute
00:54:04zebbelito 4 kills
00:54:05zebbelito whit doom
00:54:14zebbelito and 6 asist
00:54:16zebbelito u have been busy
00:54:21Eternity gg tc
00:54:24Ain_Soph_Aur u2
00:54:33yeW- ye
00:54:34Ain_Soph_Aur we are always tgther
00:54:37yeW- nt as much as u feedin
00:54:40Ain_Soph_Aur since yesterday
00:54:48Norrebro ride toghter die toghter
00:54:51Norrebro bad boys for life
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