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Chat log

00:00:00PieInTheSky [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Jesus_Crix with 86 seconds.
00:00:08Mr.Grizzly -clear
00:00:10PieInTheSky ANY GOT mirana ?
00:00:14extremewaari sd clinkz sk
00:00:16Mr.Grizzly -music orc1
00:00:22PieInTheSky thrall bb and pa
00:00:24infect dont get over 2 carries
00:00:26infect i got one
00:00:29infect and one more
00:00:29PriMo axe puck troll
00:00:30PieInTheSky ups not bb but sb
00:00:31sandii got doom
00:00:31infect just please
00:00:34yeW- Could I?
00:00:36yeW- -clear
00:00:36Mr.Grizzly Atropos/Tuskarr/Gyro
00:00:42sandii what u got geo?
00:00:46yeW- Gimme Doom, got banshee, wisp, pl.
00:00:57sebralane whos banshee
00:01:01extremewaari give bb to me
00:01:01yeW- Krobe.
00:01:04sebralane imba
00:01:06PieInTheSky dont have bb
00:01:07sandii i think i could krobe
00:01:08PieInTheSky but sb
00:01:11PieInTheSky my mistake ..
00:01:12extremewaari :/
00:01:12yeW- -swap 4
00:01:14sandii -swap 1
00:01:15sebralane i go wood
00:01:17yeW- -swap 3
00:01:18sebralane doom solo
00:01:22extremewaari take range
00:01:23infect we need
00:01:24infect 2 range
00:01:32infect and 1 can be semi carry
00:01:33yeW- I'll mid instead.
00:01:37sandii ill bot then
00:01:40sebralane krobe solo then
00:01:43PriMo i pell and wood
00:01:48Jesus_Crix can i mid?
00:01:51yeW- Erm.
00:01:53PieInTheSky sk mid ?
00:01:54extremewaari buy chicken
00:01:55yeW- Fine.
00:01:57extremewaari no
00:01:58Jesus_Crix htx
00:01:59extremewaari u
00:02:00yeW- I'll bot with Storm.
00:02:01Jesus_Crix thx
00:02:02sandii wut is this
00:02:04sebralane im wood
00:02:05sebralane btw
00:02:06yeW- -clear
00:02:10PieInTheSky brown have to buy chick ..
00:02:11extremewaari buy cchiken
00:02:22sebralane gimme ur blad
00:02:26yeW- k
00:02:27sebralane ui want 2 stack 2 capmps
00:02:41sebralane muted
00:02:50yeW- ^^(
00:03:05sebralane eat 1 tree there :D
00:03:49~ /w DotaKeys: You control Dark Seer [c,e,r,w]
00:04:13PieInTheSky take top
00:04:20Jesus_Crix mid ss
00:05:26~ tango pls
00:06:22Jesus_Crix ss mid
00:06:39sebralane ty
00:06:44yeW- ah my bad
00:06:49sandii this lag
00:06:58PieInTheSky ss mid
00:06:59PieInTheSky care bot
00:07:04sebralane ahh fak failed :/
00:07:06sebralane srry
00:07:12yeW- my bad
00:07:14yeW- ate a creep
00:07:37PieInTheSky ??
00:07:41sandii ss mid
00:07:43PieInTheSky how ?
00:07:48yeW- dont
00:07:49yeW- pyll
00:07:50yeW- ah fuck
00:07:59yeW- wanted wolf :p
00:08:05PieInTheSky ss mid
00:08:17Jesus_Crix mid ss care top
00:08:28sebralane muahah
00:08:30sebralane Ä^^
00:08:38~ lol
00:08:48yeW- up ocourier
00:08:53yeW- pls!
00:09:22infect gj lol
00:09:27Jesus_Crix crapp
00:10:04PieInTheSky take
00:10:11infect axe
00:10:14infect wanna gank soon ?
00:10:18yeW- up courier!
00:10:28Jesus_Crix go spe
00:10:48sandii gj
00:10:56Jesus_Crix ss mid2
00:11:35infect flying?
00:11:49Jesus_Crix grr
00:11:51infect ss 2
00:11:51PieInTheSky ?
00:11:59Jesus_Crix hp?
00:12:06sandii ss top
00:12:06PieInTheSky 40 ?
00:12:08PieInTheSky take rune pls
00:12:10PieInTheSky before potm
00:12:31yeW- go sk
00:12:41yeW- zz
00:12:46PieInTheSky ult spec
00:12:59infect mana
00:13:22PieInTheSky ffs
00:13:23extremewaari ds
00:13:24PieInTheSky why u block me ?
00:13:25PieInTheSky spec
00:13:28PieInTheSky useless ..
00:13:36infect ofc i am useless @ 11th minute
00:13:36PieInTheSky ff
00:13:37infect idiot :D
00:13:40sebralane doom cs?
00:13:46yeW- 35
00:13:47PieInTheSky y cant haunt + dager
00:13:49sebralane low
00:13:50~ -ma
00:13:50PieInTheSky and u block me ..
00:13:53infect with what mana ?
00:13:53PieInTheSky ofc u are useless
00:14:01yeW- well
00:14:03yeW- hard against 2
00:14:04yeW- ^^
00:14:06Jesus_Crix got 36
00:14:34infect '
00:14:35infect :d:d
00:14:35sebralane fak this shit
00:15:11~ wtf
00:15:13~ u do
00:16:16infect y
00:16:30Jesus_Crix guys
00:16:36Jesus_Crix spe should be gnaged hardcore
00:16:38Jesus_Crix noty fed
00:16:46extremewaari axe klet spec farm
00:16:54yeW- tp top
00:16:55yeW- then
00:16:55yeW- go
00:17:20sandii lmao
00:17:49extremewaari kill me
00:17:52extremewaari ty
00:17:58Jesus_Crix this team
00:18:03Jesus_Crix go leave the game tuskar
00:18:34infect b
00:18:38infect b
00:18:39PieInTheSky b
00:19:21sebralane not bad officers
00:20:30yeW- mira top
00:20:32Jesus_Crix y
00:20:56yeW- tower
00:20:56yeW- hit
00:21:09sandii this
00:21:20infect lol
00:21:57Jesus_Crix b
00:21:59Jesus_Crix noob
00:22:00Jesus_Crix die
00:22:04sebralane worth it
00:22:10Jesus_Crix y bob
00:22:16sebralane fak u asshole
00:22:45sandii this so shit
00:22:55sandii like infect carrying :XD
00:23:20sandii storm?
00:23:35sebralane it lags
00:23:45infect soz, bought relic
00:23:47infect couldnt risk it
00:23:56sandii trall inc
00:24:09Jesus_Crix wtf
00:24:21Jesus_Crix srsly doom?
00:24:24yeW- oom
00:24:36sandii this
00:24:36Jesus_Crix look this pathetic players
00:24:50Jesus_Crix you go 1v 4
00:24:57PriMo mp
00:25:09infect oom
00:25:42Jesus_Crix always fkin late krob
00:25:42sebralane this cant get ant y more random
00:25:42infect still survived
00:25:42infect lolz
00:25:42Jesus_Crix y
00:25:42Jesus_Crix give us a team
00:25:42PieInTheSky help me ?
00:26:01sandii cancer
00:26:52sandii :D
00:26:54infect sure
00:26:54infect ss
00:26:57infect :D
00:27:40yeW- tp
00:28:02PieInTheSky hate lothers..
00:28:03yeW- b
00:28:04yeW- jesus
00:28:13sandii jesus wtf with this lag
00:28:23sebralane u cant rtly hit a arrow or wat
00:28:23Jesus_Crix !ff
00:28:27sebralane look this player...
00:28:31sebralane tellsk his good
00:28:34sebralane good my ass
00:28:48Jesus_Crix dude thuis game is over
00:28:51infect let me
00:28:54Jesus_Crix since long time
00:29:03Jesus_Crix you can't overfarm a spe
00:29:09Jesus_Crix not gnaged
00:29:14sebralane doom could
00:29:14yeW- well u had to gang
00:29:17yeW- i was solo bot
00:29:19sebralane but he did lothar
00:29:44infect fuck
00:29:46infect almost
00:30:04infect damn, i died
00:30:07infect godlike was inc :(
00:30:47PriMo thx
00:31:00yeW- b
00:31:00yeW- b
00:31:00yeW- b
00:31:06Mr.Grizzly -
00:31:18yeW- gtfo b
00:31:25yeW- jesus
00:31:26yeW- WHY
00:31:26yeW- DONT U B
00:32:57PriMo take rosh and go push
00:33:00yeW- silence mb?
00:33:05sandii cd
00:33:07yeW- k
00:33:15PieInTheSky Haahha
00:33:16Jesus_Crix zZz
00:33:20Jesus_Crix what a joke
00:33:25sebralane 1 tower
00:33:26sebralane yeeyee
00:33:29PieInTheSky dd
00:34:10PriMo rosh?*
00:34:10sebralane rosh
00:34:21~ yes
00:34:28yeW- -ma
00:34:36yeW- 0 ward all game
00:35:29Jesus_Crix *so over
00:35:32Jesus_Crix we don't fight
00:35:36sandii !
00:35:46extremewaari now rosh
00:35:56extremewaari spec
00:36:05yeW- i doom spec
00:36:06yeW- kill asap
00:36:10yeW- rest is easy
00:36:16yeW- dont focus axe
00:36:28Jesus_Crix spe
00:36:30Jesus_Crix got aegis
00:36:31Jesus_Crix now
00:36:53infect mid?
00:37:09yeW- zz
00:37:14infect b
00:37:14infect b
00:37:22infect let krobe
00:37:24infect ulti:P
00:37:35infect wait
00:37:41infect krobe ulti is gone
00:37:42yeW- bd
00:37:42infect ds
00:37:44infect tele mid
00:37:45yeW- need gold
00:37:47infect and we go mid
00:38:05Jesus_Crix crap
00:38:14yeW- TP ALL
00:38:19sandii on cd
00:38:20sandii xd
00:38:27infect sebra
00:38:30sebralane freerax
00:39:43infect :D:D:D
00:39:43extremewaari :P
00:39:45sandii lol
00:39:48Jesus_Crix imba spe^^
00:40:03infect need some blade mail
00:40:08infect then it's nice
00:40:08extremewaari make hot
00:40:16Jesus_Crix hmmf
00:40:17sandii u dont need anything ;(
00:40:18infect i'll do manta
00:40:19infect first
00:40:28infect and we will win before hot
00:40:34extremewaari k:p
00:40:41extremewaari all
00:40:43PieInTheSky let me innitiate
00:40:46infect 25 secs
00:41:05infect b
00:41:05extremewaari b
00:41:06infect krobe
00:41:07infect b
00:41:07infect b
00:41:09extremewaari b
00:41:21yeW- zz
00:41:25PieInTheSky why no w8 ?
00:41:37extremewaari dont
00:41:41extremewaari ffs
00:41:43extremewaari there
00:41:49extremewaari havent creeps
00:41:58yeW- b
00:42:29Jesus_Crix go
00:42:34sebralane tukar afk
00:42:37PieInTheSky -ms
00:42:43yeW- ait
00:42:59Jesus_Crix noob storm
00:43:02Jesus_Crix hardcore
00:43:06sebralane i had dealy
00:43:07sebralane for like
00:43:10sebralane 4 sekunds
00:43:12sebralane da fak
00:43:12Jesus_Crix sure
00:43:17sebralane eat shit
00:43:21Jesus_Crix and my ass looks pretty
00:43:21sebralane hardcore pro
00:43:27sebralane fatass
00:43:35sebralane go finger useself bitch
00:43:39sandii this
00:44:13yeW- -ma
00:44:45infect i reg
00:44:48infect and trall too
00:44:48PieInTheSky all reg
00:44:50PieInTheSky and go bot ?
00:44:53infect then we can do something
00:45:07PieInTheSky wp ds
00:45:12PieInTheSky nice warding ..
00:45:25PieInTheSky I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:29infect gather mid
00:45:57infect just autoattack
00:45:57infect dont need
00:45:57infect anything
00:45:57extremewaari y
00:45:57infect else
00:45:57infect :d
00:45:57Jesus_Crix we see that^^
00:45:57infect i really
00:45:57infect didnt use
00:45:57infect any keys after ulti
00:45:57infect + dagger
00:45:57infect :D
00:45:57infect but gg
00:45:57infect now
00:45:57Jesus_Crix rly?
00:45:57Jesus_Crix wasn't sure
00:45:57sebralane doom u ded?
00:45:57yeW- think so
00:45:57infect geo
00:45:57sebralane im not
00:45:57infect how does
00:45:57infect it feel
00:45:57sebralane aahahah :D
00:45:57infect :D
00:45:57infect sk ulti
00:45:57infect and trall :P
00:45:57yeW- its sad
00:45:57infect :d
00:45:57sebralane can manage i think
00:45:57infect it's like
00:45:57yeW- this orange is sad
00:45:57yeW- :/
00:45:57infect sebra storm
00:45:57infect 2 hit
00:45:57infect :d
00:45:57sebralane first u gotta catch me
00:45:57Jesus_Crix well im' alive =)
00:45:57infect no
00:45:57infect when i take rax
00:45:57infect U NEED TO STOP ME
00:45:57sebralane nah i go toplane istead
00:45:57extremewaari me or thrall will leave
00:45:57infect reasonable
00:45:57sebralane x farming
00:45:57PieInTheSky drop him ?
00:45:57infect repel
00:45:57sebralane no!
00:45:57infect autoconnect
00:45:57extremewaari have to wait 4 min
00:45:57infect 4 mins
00:45:57extremewaari 4
00:45:57sebralane geo u go for new?
00:45:57extremewaari 4
00:45:57PieInTheSky I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:57sebralane I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:57infect and dont type ff
00:45:57PieInTheSky why ?
00:45:57PieInTheSky look at ds ..
00:45:57sebralane mirana we run?
00:45:57yeW- Ye, think so.
00:45:57yeW- bot is down anyways
00:45:57Jesus_Crix i'll
00:45:57sebralane or suiside too
00:45:57Jesus_Crix ulti
00:45:57Jesus_Crix for you but^^
00:45:57sebralane it wount save them
00:45:57yeW- im in circle
00:45:57yeW- btw?
00:45:58infect seb
00:46:07PieInTheSky why pause ?
00:46:07infect i will go push
00:46:07extremewaari balance
00:46:07infect some1
00:46:07infect balance
00:46:07sebralane u leac
00:46:07Jesus_Crix spe out !
00:46:07infect captain decides
00:46:07sebralane leave
00:46:07extremewaari thrall u can leave now
00:46:07yeW- wards lost it btw
00:46:07sebralane balance spec for imbagame too
00:46:07yeW- if we had wards
00:46:07PieInTheSky no way
00:46:07infect it wont affect anything
00:46:07yeW- in that fight
00:46:07yeW- zz
00:46:07extremewaari y
00:46:07infect thrall
00:46:07infect captain
00:46:07yeW- lol
00:46:07infect said so
00:46:07infect rules are rules
00:46:07extremewaari trhall
00:46:07yeW- someone wanna plug?
00:46:07yeW- :D
00:46:07PieInTheSky morons !!!
00:46:07extremewaari thrall u can leave now
00:46:09yeW- game gets cancel
00:46:09sebralane thrall leave
00:46:10yeW- -clea
00:46:13yeW- -clear
00:46:25yeW- kill that
00:46:26yeW- SO
00:46:28yeW- THEY CANT BD
00:46:28yeW- FAST
00:46:30sebralane u see me laaging?
00:46:32yeW- kill that
00:46:41yeW- kill mid
00:46:42infect go mid
00:46:43yeW- so they cant bd
00:46:51PriMo go rosh
00:47:07PriMo rosh
00:47:25infect b
00:47:25infect after
00:47:37Jesus_Crix !ff
00:47:51sebralane I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:48:00Jesus_Crix !ff
00:48:13infect shop, sec
00:48:19infect nvm
00:48:23PriMo b
00:48:24extremewaari cant take uit bw
00:48:28extremewaari now
00:49:03extremewaari push
00:49:07extremewaari i will play thrall
00:49:09PriMo go
00:49:31yeW- ye
00:49:31infect :P
00:49:32yeW- right
00:49:33yeW- go woods
00:49:35yeW- go leave orange
00:49:37yeW- thx
00:49:38yeW- -clear
00:49:40sebralane :D
00:49:44sebralane I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:49:46sebralane ff pls
00:50:30PriMo v
00:50:30PriMo b
00:50:30PriMo b
00:50:39PriMo wait
00:50:40PriMo sk
00:50:42PriMo ck
00:52:46infect lucker
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