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-23 X
-8 TS

58% | 1192 X | 1406 TS

-6 X
-1 TS

49% | 1148 X | 1332 TS

-41 X
-1 TS

35% | 1010 X | 1352 TS

+10 X
-2 TS

34% | 1000 X | 1359 TS

+30 X
-1 TS

12% | 968 X | 1211 TS

+35 X
+1 TS

90% | 1520 X | 1488 TS

-11 X
+26 TS

20% | 1030 X | 1192 TS

+34 X
+5 TS

24% | 973 X | 1258 TS

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+20 TS

21% | 983 X | 1243 TS

-12 X
+7 TS

19% | 987 X | 1213 TS

Chat log

00:00:00101010 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mamyka with 70 seconds.
00:00:16KolleBolle clear
00:00:16KolleBolle -clear
00:00:16KolleBolle hmm
00:00:16KolleBolle ban
00:00:19Marhalt ?
00:00:19KolleBolle clinks
00:00:19mamyka pink?
00:00:19Galgar bans!
00:00:19Buttons fuck clinkz
00:00:19Marhalt .-.
00:00:19mamyka kograt?
00:00:19KolleBolle well what shuld you ban then?!
00:00:19Buttons -cm
00:00:19101010 ud
00:00:19Marhalt u fucker!
00:00:19Marhalt :D
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove ^
00:00:19Smokeer ban ud or pick onl
00:00:19Smokeer only
00:00:19Buttons no one bothers with ud
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove ban dirge
00:00:19Buttons even tho he is hotsauce
00:00:22TakinBackMyLove you banned cm ?
00:00:22TakinBackMyLove rly ?
00:00:22Buttons yh i am rambo
00:00:26Marhalt racist
00:00:34Galgar he might hate big boobs?
00:00:52TakinBackMyLove get abba
00:00:55TakinBackMyLove abba
00:00:56TakinBackMyLove and
00:01:05TakinBackMyLove puck
00:01:08KolleBolle tc panda tiny
00:01:10TakinBackMyLove or cent
00:01:14KolleBolle cent
00:01:16KolleBolle enigma
00:01:20Nickless ill panda
00:01:36KolleBolle hope ill gett lion
00:01:38101010 wl you mid?
00:01:40KolleBolle fuck it
00:01:44TakinBackMyLove cent
00:01:45TakinBackMyLove or
00:01:46TakinBackMyLove clock
00:01:48Buttons do you want?
00:01:57101010 whatever
00:02:02101010 i can if you wont want
00:02:03TakinBackMyLove puck
00:02:04TakinBackMyLove clock
00:02:05TakinBackMyLove top
00:02:11TakinBackMyLove lion
00:02:12Buttons go for it then
00:02:13TakinBackMyLove abba
00:02:13TakinBackMyLove bot
00:02:16101010 k
00:02:16Buttons i'll top eith panda
00:02:55TakinBackMyLove i take
00:02:56TakinBackMyLove rune
00:02:56mamyka here ward plz lion
00:02:58TakinBackMyLove buch
00:03:23KolleBolle tiny you pull
00:03:26mamyka pull plz clokc/
00:03:28Smokeer real?
00:04:13Smokeer smart zeus
00:05:51101010 ss mid
00:05:53101010 re
00:05:54Marhalt care mid
00:06:14101010 gj
00:06:17Marhalt blind?
00:06:35101010 ss mid
00:06:43101010 re
00:06:58Buttons ss puck top
00:07:12Marhalt ss
00:07:18Buttons re
00:07:39Marhalt reg bot
00:08:18Marhalt gank top
00:08:19Smokeer didint know u was low hp
00:08:56101010 ss mdi
00:09:01Buttons top
00:09:04TakinBackMyLove ss
00:09:08TakinBackMyLove tiny
00:09:15Carna wtf u do here lino
00:09:16TakinBackMyLove new
00:09:16TakinBackMyLove wards
00:09:17TakinBackMyLove plæz
00:09:21Buttons ss top 3
00:09:22Marhalt gank man
00:09:22Buttons 2
00:09:38TakinBackMyLove new
00:09:38TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:09:39101010 gj
00:09:39TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:10:07101010 ss mid
00:10:12Buttons ty
00:10:17101010 re
00:10:51Marhalt ss
00:10:58Marhalt re
00:11:06KolleBolle give me a ytree
00:11:07KolleBolle plz
00:11:20101010 ss mid
00:11:48Carna need gank top
00:12:11Marhalt comin
00:12:32mamyka ss top2
00:13:02Marhalt comin top
00:13:08Smokeer rune top
00:14:55Nickless deny tower mid
00:15:05Smokeer zeus
00:15:06Smokeer go wr
00:15:06Smokeer easy
00:15:08Smokeer kill
00:15:12KolleBolle soon
00:15:13KolleBolle ill tp
00:15:17Smokeer fast
00:15:29Smokeer why caoncel
00:15:31Smokeer wjyu panda
00:15:39Smokeer srsly?
00:15:40Nickless wrong calculation
00:15:44Nickless sry
00:15:53Nickless should shift +
00:16:37Buttons anyone going pipe?
00:16:38Carna stay
00:16:43Smokeer u better
00:17:03TakinBackMyLove let
00:17:03TakinBackMyLove me
00:17:18Buttons ss mid
00:17:19Buttons late
00:17:33Smokeer PANDA
00:17:41KolleBolle lold
00:17:42Smokeer ok
00:17:43Smokeer gj
00:17:48Smokeer why i come
00:17:50Smokeer zzzz
00:18:04Smokeer panda go back farm
00:18:05KolleBolle get tps
00:18:05Smokeer xDDDD
00:18:10KolleBolle and gang
00:18:11Smokeer let 2 times wr alive
00:18:12KolleBolle fuck head
00:18:13KolleBolle s
00:18:28KolleBolle and smoker skill your ulti
00:18:30Smokeer whree
00:18:33KolleBolle readon skills
00:18:43Smokeer u think im noob?
00:18:47KolleBolle yes
00:18:51101010 lvl9 ulti
00:18:53101010 not before
00:19:14Smokeer wards
00:19:15Smokeer get pls
00:19:19TakinBackMyLove le
00:19:37mamyka come
00:19:57Galgar A
00:20:13Nickless 5 down
00:20:16Nickless tp btm
00:21:19Smokeer WHY
00:21:20Smokeer WHJY
00:21:21Buttons t
00:21:21Buttons t
00:21:24Smokeer LET ALIVE CLOCK
00:21:42Buttons COME
00:23:01Smokeer ok
00:23:07Smokeer i cant believe 4 vs wr
00:23:09Smokeer u lost all
00:23:16Buttons you know nothing
00:23:22Smokeer i know u cant beat
00:23:28Smokeer u can beat*
00:23:29Smokeer i mean
00:23:37Buttons point is you shouldn't be roaming around their woods
00:23:39Nickless i killed her 2 times shut up and play man...
00:23:41Buttons when ofc they're coming
00:23:47Smokeer i gang mid
00:23:48Smokeer only
00:23:56Smokeer and
00:23:57Buttons i meant teambattle
00:23:57Smokeer 500g
00:23:58Buttons before
00:23:59Smokeer to dagger
00:24:00Buttons with wr
00:24:03Smokeer i dead?
00:24:13Buttons nvm you miss my point
00:24:15mamyka sheil
00:24:26Smokeer any got dust?
00:24:28101010 y
00:24:38Smokeer des u first
00:24:39Smokeer trap him
00:25:00Smokeer ok
00:25:05Smokeer i give up
00:25:13Smokeer ff
00:25:16Smokeer i lsoe much money
00:25:23Buttons you play like fucking shit
00:25:26Marhalt its late sry but mana boots rdy
00:25:28Smokeer u never let me mid
00:25:28Nickless zeus b
00:25:29Smokeer and
00:25:36Buttons cos tiny is fucking shit mid
00:25:38Smokeer od>wr always
00:25:41Buttons you're bad at dota don't make excuses
00:25:44Smokeer i cant beleive wr>od
00:25:48Smokeer i helped him
00:25:51Smokeer wl
00:25:53Smokeer u ntohing shit
00:25:55TakinBackMyLove nah
00:25:59TakinBackMyLove not
00:26:00Smokeer \u piece of crap
00:26:00TakinBackMyLove yet
00:26:04Buttons oh wow
00:26:12Buttons good insult
00:26:15Buttons v original
00:27:29Buttons b
00:27:35Buttons don't waste
00:27:44Smokeer i
00:28:20Buttons whilst they chase
00:28:28Marhalt oom sry
00:29:37mamyka need diffus
00:30:00Nickless b
00:30:06TakinBackMyLove we
00:30:07TakinBackMyLove just
00:30:08TakinBackMyLove need
00:30:09TakinBackMyLove pipe
00:30:25mamyka oke i try do it
00:30:33Marhalt i mek
00:30:57Marhalt reg bot
00:31:54Smokeer wl keep ulit to die
00:32:14Buttons nice score
00:32:16mamyka heal
00:32:21Smokeer by captian
00:32:21Buttons i never even noticed
00:32:25Buttons how bad you're doing
00:32:34TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:35TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:35TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:35TakinBackMyLove bb
00:32:36TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:36TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:36TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:37TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:37TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:39TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:39TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:40TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:40TakinBackMyLove b
00:32:46KolleBolle well buttons you gott 5 kill coz of me! :P
00:32:47Nickless jesus
00:32:48Nickless ...
00:32:50Nickless def already
00:32:54TakinBackMyLove let
00:32:55TakinBackMyLove me
00:32:55TakinBackMyLove get
00:32:56TakinBackMyLove mid
00:33:20Carna sorry
00:33:24Smokeer no wards still ok
00:33:26Smokeer i farm
00:33:30Buttons good
00:33:35Buttons you're fucking useless trash anyway
00:33:36KolleBolle get them cunt
00:33:39Nickless go die
00:33:40TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:33:48Buttons come counterward
00:33:49Buttons w/ me
00:34:18Buttons n
00:34:18Buttons v
00:34:18Buttons m
00:34:31TakinBackMyLove mid
00:34:34Buttons all
00:34:37Buttons they push probs
00:34:48TakinBackMyLove clock
00:34:51Carna comin
00:34:58Buttons obby
00:34:58KolleBolle im full
00:35:33Marhalt sry
00:35:35Marhalt my fault
00:35:41Smokeer silence me all time ofc
00:36:08Smokeer b
00:36:10Smokeer omg
00:36:11mamyka aba kill me
00:36:42KolleBolle wef
00:36:42KolleBolle fg
00:36:42KolleBolle gf
00:36:42KolleBolle g
00:36:43KolleBolle qg
00:36:43KolleBolle g
00:36:44mamyka tp
00:36:51mamyka lol
00:36:51Carna god
00:36:51Galgar OOOH
00:36:52Smokeer \ok wl
00:36:53Smokeer going
00:36:54Smokeer wrong
00:37:01Buttons is more like
00:37:02Buttons why chase
00:37:10Buttons if we have no ranged disable
00:37:12mamyka nex iteam wr?
00:37:16TakinBackMyLove mkb
00:37:18Smokeer dont carfe
00:37:22Smokeer u blame me
00:37:26Buttons cos you're too stupid to comprehend
00:37:30Buttons but dw
00:37:39Smokeer replay watch
00:37:46Galgar wards in wood i guess
00:37:52TakinBackMyLove no
00:37:54TakinBackMyLove dont
00:38:07Buttons obby keep farmiung
00:38:07KolleBolle jump kill
00:38:25Buttons bkb asap after
00:38:44Smokeer why
00:38:44Smokeer xD
00:38:48Smokeer who will go
00:38:55Buttons we can be aggressive
00:39:01Marhalt care
00:39:02Nickless come
00:39:49Buttons on base
00:39:53Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:10Smokeer panda?
00:40:10Smokeer wtf
00:40:30Nickless they kill me for so long
00:40:35Smokeer u silence
00:40:37Nickless u could hurt them real bad
00:40:37Smokeer u cant ulit
00:40:38Smokeer anymore
00:41:08mamyka fuckin obsi ulti
00:41:14mamyka buran my mana
00:41:21Smokeer come with me
00:41:22Smokeer ...
00:41:28Buttons what
00:41:30Buttons leave her
00:43:25KolleBolle go
00:43:26Nickless omw
00:43:26KolleBolle asap
00:43:26Galgar -cs
00:43:33Smokeer too late
00:45:01Smokeer im rambo ok
00:45:05Nickless man down
00:45:09Smokeer 3 slowest man
00:45:18Smokeer 1 in base
00:45:19101010 ward rosh plz
00:45:25Smokeer he cant wards put
00:45:27Smokeer he doenst know how
00:45:28Nickless lets kill rosh
00:45:30Nickless buy smoke
00:45:34mamyka pipe done go push?
00:45:41Buttons b
00:45:42TakinBackMyLove go
00:45:43TakinBackMyLove mid
00:45:45Buttons til tiny re
00:45:57mamyka aba
00:46:03Galgar coming
00:46:46Buttons wr
00:46:52Buttons help him
00:47:12Smokeer b panda
00:47:18Buttons wr inc
00:50:20Smokeer WOL
00:50:21Smokeer GFGDS
00:50:25Smokeer WL
00:50:29Smokeer real
00:50:33Buttons zeus
00:50:37Buttons lightning bolt cancels tps
00:50:38Buttons you jnow this?
00:50:40TakinBackMyLove who
00:50:41TakinBackMyLove has
00:50:42Buttons or cd
00:50:43TakinBackMyLove pipe
00:50:45mamyka me
00:50:45Marhalt puck
00:50:46Carna puck
00:50:48TakinBackMyLove you need to
00:50:48TakinBackMyLove use
00:50:49TakinBackMyLove it
00:50:51TakinBackMyLove before
00:50:51TakinBackMyLove we
00:50:51TakinBackMyLove go
00:50:56KolleBolle dident se him ffs
00:50:59TakinBackMyLove it
00:50:59mamyka we never go all
00:50:59TakinBackMyLove last
00:51:02Buttons dw
00:51:04TakinBackMyLove 45 sec anyway
00:51:09mamyka coz fuckin clock wanna farm
00:51:15Carna uh ?
00:51:36TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:51:38TakinBackMyLove take
00:51:38TakinBackMyLove em
00:51:42Marhalt where u want?
00:51:43TakinBackMyLove ward
00:51:44TakinBackMyLove there
00:51:50Marhalt ?
00:51:54TakinBackMyLove y
00:52:05Marhalt ping again
00:52:10Buttons care mid
00:52:17TakinBackMyLove clock
00:52:18TakinBackMyLove dont
00:52:19TakinBackMyLove help
00:52:24Buttons mb
00:52:27Smokeer cant
00:52:31Marhalt ping again
00:52:33Smokeer panda needs agha
00:52:38Marhalt ok
00:52:43Buttons jump them
00:53:09Buttons go them
00:53:12Buttons nvm poush
00:53:49Smokeer b
00:53:49Smokeer b
00:53:57TakinBackMyLove b
00:54:00Smokeer panda
00:54:01Smokeer b
00:54:01Smokeer b
00:54:01Smokeer b
00:54:02Smokeer OMG
00:54:05TakinBackMyLove b
00:54:06TakinBackMyLove b
00:54:06TakinBackMyLove bb
00:54:08TakinBackMyLove def
00:54:09TakinBackMyLove mid
00:54:13Buttons don't
00:54:15Buttons fucking
00:54:16Buttons chase
00:54:17Buttons heroes
00:54:20Buttons we don't give a fuck about
00:54:24Buttons need to get rax asap
00:54:35Nickless i know what i am doing
00:54:37Smokeer clock alost die if u there wl
00:54:41Buttons and?
00:54:43mamyka all plz?
00:54:44Buttons clock dies so what
00:54:46Smokeer u are kid
00:54:48Smokeer i didint know
00:54:49Smokeer sorry
00:54:49Buttons we need to push
00:55:07TakinBackMyLove wards
00:55:08Marhalt omg freeze screen
00:55:18Nickless u need to make refresher uf u REALLY want to push
00:55:23TakinBackMyLove lets
00:55:24TakinBackMyLove go
00:55:24Buttons aghs first
00:55:24TakinBackMyLove mid
00:55:29Buttons but it dm
00:55:34Buttons is more improtant that obs gets farm
00:55:37TakinBackMyLove abba
00:55:39TakinBackMyLove infront
00:55:50Buttons obs bkb
00:55:53Buttons we can wi nteamfight np
00:55:57TakinBackMyLove no
00:55:58TakinBackMyLove room
00:55:59mamyka mb rosh?
00:55:59Buttons jump them
00:56:17Buttons don't go that way round
00:56:34Smokeer I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:47TakinBackMyLove GG
00:56:48Buttons I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:05Smokeer miss panda?
00:57:07Smokeer where
00:57:07Smokeer xD
00:57:26Nickless look at may score
00:57:33Nickless now look at yours
00:57:38Smokeer y some ks
00:57:42Smokeer i dont care
00:57:48Smokeer i said we lost
00:57:56Nickless ks with panda not the one with dagon :)
00:58:41Smokeer next time ban cm pls
00:58:46Nickless where am i
00:58:47Smokeer hohoho
00:58:51Nickless my hero is not revived
00:58:53Smokeer i said
00:58:55mamyka gg SMOKER U SUXC
00:58:55Smokeer miss panda
00:58:57Smokeer u flame me
00:59:08Smokeer u egokid
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