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Chat log

00:00:11Platscher ban lyca
00:00:14Marhalt nice balance
00:00:16JensDenLange sarcastic?
00:00:16PriMo lyca
00:00:16zonskass ban spec
00:00:16Marhalt no
00:00:16JensDenLange cool ^^
00:00:16zonskass he will ban lyca
00:00:16Marhalt (yes)
00:00:16PriMo lyca
00:00:16zonskass we dont need
00:00:16KolleBolle -clear
00:00:16zonskass noob
00:00:16Papaya phoenix
00:00:38Marhalt can some1 take me windrunner?
00:00:43Papaya anyone want sandking
00:00:46Papaya or rhasta
00:00:50PriMo pick ogre
00:00:51Carna gimme sk
00:00:55Marhalt ok pick me ogre
00:01:12Papaya ogre good pick
00:01:22zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:25zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Queen of Pain [d,b,f,w]
00:01:37Papaya mejdelicious
00:01:40mejdelicious ?
00:01:47Papaya can you play
00:01:48Pibracen can u play wisp `?
00:01:51Papaya dk
00:01:53Papaya or bristleback
00:01:58Papaya bristleback
00:01:58mejdelicious or spirit?
00:02:05Papaya bristle better
00:02:08Papaya they got no right click dmg
00:02:13mejdelicious ok
00:02:25zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:27zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:27Pibracen and
00:02:27Pibracen buy
00:02:28Pibracen chicken
00:02:28zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Queen of Pain [d,b,f,w]
00:02:31Pibracen bristle
00:02:32mejdelicious rly?
00:02:34Pibracen y
00:02:35Papaya its rules
00:02:35Pibracen lastpick
00:02:36mejdelicious k
00:02:37Pibracen buys
00:02:38Papaya lastpick buys chicken
00:02:44JensDenLange let dominate top
00:02:49mejdelicious what rules
00:02:53Pibracen gc rules
00:02:56Pibracen lastpick buys chicken
00:02:56Papaya rules of gc
00:02:58zonskass why pick razor?
00:02:58Pibracen and shares with team
00:03:20Pibracen bristle !!
00:03:34mejdelicious didnt see any rulle
00:03:36mejdelicious that states that
00:03:39Marhalt gank mid?
00:03:40Papaya IT DOES
00:03:42Pibracen u get ban then
00:03:44mejdelicious k
00:03:58Platscher wtf where is downlane?
00:04:02Platscher ahh there
00:04:05Papaya enjoy ban bristle
00:04:16Carna wtf its warded
00:04:50Carna horrible lane top
00:05:35JensDenLange .....
00:05:41zonskass omg
00:05:44JensDenLange why u go die???
00:05:49Platscher WTF
00:05:52Pibracen holy shit
00:05:53Pibracen that was close
00:05:54zonskass wanted kill
00:05:55Platscher ty for help -.-
00:06:02Marhalt i was creep blocked
00:06:56Marhalt -.-
00:07:01Platscher sry
00:07:27Papaya someone get chick plz
00:07:28Pibracen sry was a bit slow there with puck
00:07:32Papaya bristle will be banned anyway
00:07:38Platscher wtf
00:07:43mejdelicious yo stfu now
00:07:47Papaya stfu noob
00:07:50Papaya go bnet son of a bitch
00:07:57Pibracen brown
00:07:58mejdelicious i will
00:07:59Pibracen its rules
00:08:00Pibracen now stfu
00:08:05Platscher ss
00:08:09mejdelicious and i dont give a shit
00:08:11Papaya enjoy your ban and stfu noob
00:08:16JensDenLange ...
00:08:55Pibracen low mana
00:09:02JensDenLange ss bot
00:09:05zonskass ss 2
00:09:07mejdelicious pro pumpkin
00:09:18Carna rune down
00:09:27zonskass re
00:09:36Pibracen sk
00:09:38Pibracen check oull
00:09:39Pibracen pull
00:09:50Carna its warded
00:10:11Marhalt come gank top
00:10:14PriMo ogre
00:10:16PriMo go
00:10:39Platscher gj
00:10:42JensDenLange eat
00:10:42Marhalt eat
00:10:47KolleBolle get chick noiwe
00:10:47JensDenLange ^^
00:10:52Pibracen y
00:10:59Pibracen or can u buy ogre ?
00:11:08Marhalt ss
00:11:09KolleBolle no money
00:11:10KolleBolle :/
00:11:22JensDenLange care
00:11:23JensDenLange tp
00:11:24Platscher y
00:11:33JensDenLange 3 bot
00:11:56Pibracen miss puck
00:11:59JensDenLange ss nmid inc mid
00:12:03JensDenLange sk coming mid
00:12:14Papaya gj wp
00:12:14JensDenLange aslfm,æalæsdkmfaklml
00:12:15JensDenLange come on!
00:12:18Platscher rdy down ?
00:12:28JensDenLange y
00:12:28Pibracen ss qop
00:12:32Platscher got ulti ?
00:12:46KolleBolle jesus
00:12:50Marhalt sry guys
00:12:52KolleBolle 3 bot
00:12:53Carna down serious
00:12:54JensDenLange ^^
00:13:17Platscher care
00:13:55JensDenLange fail bobs
00:14:04JensDenLange pls know that i have sillence! _.-
00:14:09Platscher i was there so
00:14:21Platscher freefarm
00:14:34PriMo omg
00:14:41PriMo ff
00:14:50JensDenLange gj
00:15:01JensDenLange stop ff'ing like a small child in min 11 psl
00:15:15Marhalt gank top pls
00:15:19Marhalt frefarm
00:15:25JensDenLange get dust
00:15:26Papaya omw bot
00:15:28JensDenLange and u can talk about it!
00:15:34JensDenLange denie
00:15:40JensDenLange DENIE!
00:15:42Platscher b
00:15:42Platscher b
00:15:46Carna olmg
00:16:01JensDenLange gather
00:16:03JensDenLange blue
00:16:04JensDenLange ult
00:16:04JensDenLange bot
00:16:08Platscher b
00:16:23Platscher way too late ulti blue
00:16:26Platscher lol
00:16:29JensDenLange he's nab
00:16:30Platscher b
00:16:34Platscher care
00:16:44Papaya noobs?
00:16:46Platscher care
00:17:27Papaya wtf you doing
00:17:51JensDenLange im b
00:17:57JensDenLange ...
00:18:00JensDenLange COME ON
00:18:12JensDenLange guys
00:18:13JensDenLange wtf?! :D
00:18:16Platscher ^^
00:18:22Platscher gj that top freefarms -.-
00:18:22zonskass b
00:18:23zonskass b
00:18:30Platscher this shit hero of wr
00:18:41Papaya need wards
00:18:46PriMo b
00:18:51Platscher care
00:18:53JensDenLange dust?
00:19:01Pibracen orange
00:19:02Pibracen there
00:19:03Carna what
00:19:07Papaya mine
00:19:12Platscher take
00:19:14Pibracen gang
00:19:15JensDenLange we go when i come
00:19:19Platscher b
00:19:22JensDenLange blink?
00:19:35Platscher care
00:19:42Platscher care
00:20:04JensDenLange blue
00:20:05JensDenLange ...
00:20:15zonskass imba ulti rasta
00:20:15JensDenLange ^^
00:20:23JensDenLange fucked whole team up!
00:20:27Marhalt no man
00:20:33Marhalt bfore dying
00:20:36Marhalt just to damage
00:20:56Platscher ^^
00:20:57JensDenLange blue come gank with me pls
00:21:00JensDenLange got dust
00:21:16JensDenLange go top
00:21:22Papaya wards
00:21:53Platscher gg
00:21:57JensDenLange pls
00:21:57Platscher RHASTA
00:22:00JensDenLange stop with that
00:22:10PriMo b
00:23:39JensDenLange spec get gem?
00:23:43JensDenLange i will babysit u
00:23:57Platscher care
00:23:57JensDenLange WARDS RHASTA
00:24:00JensDenLange DO SOME FUCKING SUPPORT!"
00:24:14Marhalt stop it idiot
00:24:16JensDenLange nope
00:24:19JensDenLange get waRRDS IDIOUt!
00:24:49Platscher OMFG BLUE YOU BIG NAP
00:25:05Platscher b
00:25:06Platscher b
00:25:10Pibracen back
00:25:13Platscher dead
00:25:31Platscher bb
00:25:32Platscher b
00:25:41Pibracen im back
00:25:43Carna awufll
00:25:50Pibracen ruen top
00:25:50Marhalt believe me its hard to support a team like you
00:25:51Pibracen or taken
00:25:54Papaya b
00:26:07Pibracen 800 for radiance
00:26:12JensDenLange blue
00:26:15JensDenLange are u there??
00:26:16KolleBolle still no chick?! Oo
00:26:22Marhalt go bristle
00:26:23Papaya you should buy it
00:26:27KolleBolle i will
00:26:28Papaya bristle already banned
00:26:28KolleBolle now
00:26:34JensDenLange can we try some team play?
00:26:41JensDenLange place wards rastha
00:26:44Papaya nice thx
00:26:44JensDenLange u play fucking weak support!
00:26:51Pibracen thx
00:26:51Marhalt i repeat
00:26:53JensDenLange and just one push with ur ult pls?
00:26:55Marhalt hard to suppor u
00:26:55KolleBolle well
00:26:59PriMo omg
00:27:00JensDenLange DONT SUPPORT M!??!?!
00:27:02JensDenLange WTF!
00:27:08JensDenLange 'me
00:27:09Platscher omw
00:27:09KolleBolle bb dont deserve share?
00:27:09Platscher b
00:27:35Platscher care rhasta
00:27:36JensDenLange give me wards
00:27:48Platscher care
00:29:04Pibracen b
00:29:11zonskass b
00:29:11zonskass b
00:29:12zonskass b
00:29:23Pibracen back !
00:29:24Carna serious
00:29:30Platscher care
00:29:38Pibracen GO BACK
00:29:40JensDenLange saved ur ass
00:29:41JensDenLange get b
00:29:45JensDenLange b
00:29:46JensDenLange smldfaklsfklmafklkl
00:29:47JensDenLange ffs
00:29:57JensDenLange WHYY???!?!
00:29:59JensDenLange STOP RAMBO!*
00:30:02JensDenLange we have them
00:30:08JensDenLange and then u give them free kills!
00:30:11JensDenLange clueless!
00:30:26JensDenLange gj
00:30:27JensDenLange gj
00:30:37zonskass aleria hp?
00:30:38Carna 2 hps
00:30:40Carna 2
00:30:41Papaya 2
00:30:45zonskass :/
00:30:46JensDenLange so?
00:30:50JensDenLange u would die anyways
00:30:51JensDenLange no worth it!
00:31:00PriMo me
00:31:11JensDenLange sry
00:31:11PriMo ....
00:31:12JensDenLange did'nt see
00:31:31JensDenLange care
00:31:32Carna got invids
00:31:33Platscher y
00:31:34JensDenLange b
00:31:34JensDenLange b
00:31:40JensDenLange b
00:31:40Platscher b
00:31:42Platscher mid
00:31:43JensDenLange sk invis
00:32:42JensDenLange AKASGHA!
00:32:43Carna bloody game
00:33:02zonskass b
00:33:02JensDenLange get blink rhasta
00:33:03zonskass b
00:33:05JensDenLange u are usleess
00:33:08JensDenLange and have no timing!
00:33:19JensDenLange waste wards every time
00:33:33zonskass v
00:33:53Carna b
00:34:30Platscher care
00:34:33KolleBolle b
00:34:42Marhalt yea im useless for this useless and senseless team
00:34:55JensDenLange DUDE
00:34:58JensDenLange su pls
00:35:01JensDenLange u are clueless
00:35:03Marhalt no u
00:35:05JensDenLange and so are blue
00:35:08JensDenLange no me??
00:35:10JensDenLange lol!^^^
00:35:13JensDenLange ok
00:35:15JensDenLange let me hear?
00:35:19JensDenLange tell me something rhasta!
00:35:21JensDenLange come on!?
00:35:23Marhalt o
00:35:24Marhalt ok
00:35:28Marhalt fuck u
00:35:29Marhalt :)
00:35:37Marhalt it was easy
00:35:38PriMo me
00:35:39JensDenLange see.. kiddy talk!! only thing u can!
00:35:40PriMo bot
00:35:52PriMo .....
00:35:55JensDenLange dumbass fucking retard noob! fuck U and Ur motherfucking weak assplay!
00:36:00Marhalt ok
00:36:08JensDenLange np faggot!
00:36:28PriMo omg
00:36:29JensDenLange _.-
00:36:29Platscher LOL IDIOT
00:36:53Platscher noob blue but rly
00:36:57Platscher useless nap
00:36:59JensDenLange y
00:37:03JensDenLange he fucks game up
00:37:04Carna down
00:37:05JensDenLange time after time
00:37:07JensDenLange so sad!
00:37:13KolleBolle ill tp
00:37:17JensDenLange we go and try and help him!! and it fails every time!
00:37:25JensDenLange pls learn the strengh of the other hero's blue
00:37:26JensDenLange pls
00:37:34Marhalt thats why i always die ffs im fuckin fragile
00:37:43JensDenLange so fucking play like it!??!+
00:37:44JensDenLange -.--
00:37:58Marhalt take wards
00:38:02Marhalt purple magnificent
00:38:08JensDenLange asfæ,lalæfalæ,
00:38:09JensDenLange -.-`!``!
00:38:10JensDenLange ?!?!?
00:38:11Marhalt :D
00:38:14Marhalt sorry
00:38:16JensDenLange reported!
00:38:21Marhalt omg
00:38:24Papaya could go roshan
00:38:26Marhalt i did wrong
00:38:27Marhalt ffs
00:38:28JensDenLange for beeing a retard!! ban able!
00:38:37Carna so yes
00:38:40Pibracen sec
00:38:52Pibracen this campo
00:38:54Pibracen then hood
00:38:57Platscher check rosh
00:38:57Pibracen and slot for aegis
00:39:58JensDenLange omw
00:39:59JensDenLange stay
00:40:00zonskass b
00:40:03JensDenLange b
00:40:03Marhalt I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:11Marhalt never play support with idiots
00:40:41Platscher FUCK YOU 2 NAPS THERE
00:40:42Platscher OMFG
00:40:48Platscher DIE IDIOT
00:41:31JensDenLange we can still win if blue get's some gold and we start winning some team fights!+
00:41:37JensDenLange how about some smoke and some ganks!!?
00:41:38KolleBolle one man game ait?
00:41:44JensDenLange i will take over support job for rhasta!
00:41:51Marhalt ty ^^
00:41:58Carna let me 200
00:42:02JensDenLange pls learn by doing rhasta!
00:42:05Pibracen push mid
00:42:07JensDenLange i will remember u!
00:42:12Pibracen wait
00:42:14Marhalt ok boss
00:42:18Platscher XD
00:42:21Platscher care
00:42:27Pibracen 30 gold
00:42:27Marhalt i will sleep soo nice nights by now
00:42:28Pibracen bristle
00:42:29Pibracen let m
00:42:46Platscher not all w8
00:42:48Carna b
00:42:52Marhalt b
00:42:59JensDenLange SPIKE!
00:43:00JensDenLange -.-
00:43:01Marhalt big one
00:43:07JensDenLange fucking spike luck!
00:43:08JensDenLange wtf!
00:43:18Pibracen mid
00:43:19Pibracen all
00:43:42Platscher GOOD DAMN THIS
00:43:52Platscher YOUR DUMB RETARD
00:43:57Marhalt why i still play with u
00:44:00Marhalt pls ff
00:44:20Platscher gg because of noob mid
00:44:22Platscher and noob team
00:44:32KolleBolle carna get dagger before agha Oo
00:44:53Marhalt I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:24Carna pigy pigy
00:45:26Pibracen back
00:46:04JensDenLange ok akasha in team fights! i jump sillence you ult and rhasta disables!
00:46:06JensDenLange and we kill
00:46:08Platscher b
00:46:20JensDenLange give me ward!
00:47:22JensDenLange these keys!
00:47:24JensDenLange fuck me!
00:47:32Marhalt im so sad
00:47:35Marhalt ff psl
00:47:37Marhalt I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:39JensDenLange I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:46JensDenLange !gg
00:47:47Platscher im so pissed of at this noob team
00:47:47JensDenLange !ff
00:47:55JensDenLange i can understand!
00:48:13Marhalt ofc
00:48:19Marhalt yeah
00:48:43Platscher gg mid
00:48:45Platscher -.-
00:49:35JensDenLange if we turtle razor and spec can take this!
00:49:45Platscher we wont be able
00:49:50Platscher they are too famred
00:50:02JensDenLange got smoke!
00:50:03JensDenLange wanna gank?
00:50:11Pibracen 150 for heart
00:50:13Pibracen mid then again
00:50:23JensDenLange qop
00:50:27JensDenLange u need ZERO farm
00:50:31JensDenLange so stop taking it from cary
00:50:53Pibracen got it
00:50:54Pibracen all gather
00:50:55Pibracen mid
00:51:06Platscher care
00:51:07Platscher b
00:51:20JensDenLange where u gioing
00:51:23Marhalt push
00:51:29JensDenLange FUCK U RASTHA
00:51:32JensDenLange PUSH MY ASS
00:51:34JensDenLange REPORTED!
00:51:35JensDenLange FOR SURE!
00:51:50Marhalt what i did wrong
00:51:57JensDenLange NOT BEEING WITH TEAM!
00:52:01Marhalt pff
00:52:03JensDenLange coming too late
00:52:05JensDenLange and we loose
00:52:08Marhalt no team in the whole game
00:52:09JensDenLange ur not gonna play in here any more!
00:52:12JensDenLange hf!
00:52:13Marhalt and now u complain
00:52:14Marhalt U
00:52:41Marhalt AND GO RAPED
00:52:47Marhalt shut up and dont rosick fucker
00:52:55JensDenLange no. it spiked and i was a sheep when i unspiked
00:52:59JensDenLange so diffrent storry
00:53:02Marhalt i were alone
00:53:02KolleBolle im b
00:53:07PriMo I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:14JensDenLange DONT BE ALONE!
00:53:16JensDenLange U DUMB KID!
00:53:19Marhalt u were alone
00:53:39JensDenLange ff this pls
00:53:39Platscher wanted to play weaver
00:53:43Platscher fucking shit
00:53:45Marhalt and btw all the time i was with team i alwasyu got killed
00:53:46Platscher so imba hero
00:53:47Pibracen -ms
00:53:47Marhalt so
00:53:52JensDenLange so
00:53:53JensDenLange u sucked!
00:53:55JensDenLange right
00:53:58Pibracen -ms
00:53:59JensDenLange called hero walking
00:54:01JensDenLange look it up!
00:54:07Marhalt so U sucked cos im support so im fragile u fuckin carryes sucked
00:54:17JensDenLange im not carry! :/
00:54:20JensDenLange dude
00:54:21JensDenLange ...
00:54:33Marhalt wtf man i cant type all type of heroes of dota
00:54:38Marhalt ne watcha want
00:54:52Pibracen mid
00:54:53Pibracen all come
00:55:05JensDenLange come end friends!
00:55:59JensDenLange pushing with wards now!
00:56:02Marhalt only chance to win is pushing
00:56:06JensDenLange dude.. u dont whant to play here??
00:56:09Marhalt low cd
00:56:10Marhalt idiot
00:56:20Platscher noob team
00:56:21Platscher bg
00:56:35JensDenLange report rhasta for clueless pub play style pls!
00:56:35Marhalt enough to reach last tower
00:56:36Marhalt omg
00:56:47JensDenLange dumb ass
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