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Chat log

00:00:18Romeo -clear
00:00:18Essebesse Bans?
00:00:18Essebesse ban phoenix
00:00:18Essebesse such a SHIT hero
00:00:18Romeo no more bans for today :D
00:00:18Timu bara
00:00:18Tough i ban naix
00:00:18Tough k?
00:00:18LaSiCa k
00:00:18Essebesse ban phoenix
00:00:18Fxx. so say it
00:00:18Tough or wait
00:00:18Tough phönix..
00:00:18Tough hmm
00:00:18Tough well
00:00:18Tough naix or pho`?
00:00:18Tough -roll 2
00:00:18Fxx. naix
00:00:18zonskass -roll 1
00:00:18Romeo =]]
00:00:18Timu SUP?
00:00:18Timu SUP
00:00:18Essebesse COME ON
00:00:18Fxx. or pheonix ? :-)
00:00:18Tough i like to play naix
00:00:18Essebesse Get it overwith
00:00:18Tough but hey..
00:00:18LaSiCa whatever
00:00:18Mircea.N -afk
00:00:18zonskass Tought noob, i pwned today him
00:00:18Tough maybe he picks
00:00:18Tough him
00:00:18Tough HMMM
00:00:18Essebesse ><
00:00:18Tough HELP ME GUYS
00:00:18Tough :D
00:00:18Essebesse <>
00:00:18Fxx. so pheonix
00:00:18Tough phönix
00:00:18JensDenLange sandking for me
00:00:18Fxx. focused naix is killable
00:00:18JensDenLange and a lich
00:00:18Tough phoenix
00:00:18JensDenLange 2 stunners
00:00:18JensDenLange and a carrie
00:00:18JensDenLange gg
00:00:19Romeo thx :D
00:00:29JensDenLange Lich sk, wd,
00:00:36JensDenLange and rahsta
00:00:39JensDenLange one carrie
00:00:40JensDenLange gg
00:00:40zonskass omg
00:00:41Romeo dazl would be good for us
00:00:43Tough get sk
00:00:43zonskass why not naix
00:00:45Tough lich
00:00:47JensDenLange rhatsa sk, lich
00:00:52zonskass ud lich
00:00:53Timu i dont want to fucking play naix
00:01:01JensDenLange damn
00:01:03Tough lich
00:01:04zonskass take lich
00:01:06JensDenLange rhasta lich
00:01:06Tough lich mid
00:01:13Romeo and one more stun
00:01:20zonskass gg
00:01:22Tough lich u can play mid?
00:01:25JensDenLange ofc
00:01:25Mircea.N raste better anyway
00:01:26Timu rasta would be good
00:01:26Romeo i take rasta
00:01:29Tough <3
00:01:29Timu y
00:01:36JensDenLange no i <3 U
00:01:39Tough :D
00:01:39Mircea.N and kunkka ? dazzle ?
00:01:43Jambalaya -.-
00:01:43Romeo dazle ?
00:01:44Fxx. lasica chick
00:01:44Essebesse y
00:01:46Tough ffs morph?
00:01:47LaSiCa k
00:01:56Timu gj
00:01:57Jambalaya wass afk sry
00:02:00Tough Y
00:02:07JensDenLange picks just super failed here ! -.-
00:02:08Tough fuck u riki
00:02:16Tough i dont get it
00:02:18Tough the guys
00:02:22zonskass i want now big fat pizza
00:02:24Tough last pick jugger, riki or stuff like that
00:02:25Tough gg
00:02:35JensDenLange well dumb noobs!?!?
00:02:43Tough they will pwn us hard
00:02:46zonskass -rickroll
00:02:53JensDenLange just play good
00:02:55JensDenLange no feed
00:02:55zonskass -rickroll
00:02:56Tough -rickroll
00:03:02Timu glfh
00:03:04zonskass -rickroll
00:03:17zonskass care down
00:03:24zonskass they with runw
00:03:26zonskass rune
00:03:37zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:03:39zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:41zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Undying [d,r,t,f]
00:03:43zonskass pull
00:04:05zonskass paplink
00:04:31Mircea.N stun stun stun
00:04:35Mircea.N omg
00:04:45Tough go pull
00:04:56Fxx. u dont go
00:04:57Tough ss bot
00:04:58Fxx. forest ?
00:05:01Tough nah
00:05:32Tough wp mid
00:05:37Jambalaya ss top
00:05:37Essebesse dude
00:05:40Essebesse control your lasthit
00:05:48Essebesse so creeps dont take it
00:06:14Essebesse harrass
00:06:17Essebesse damn no0ob
00:06:26zonskass what was thayt?
00:06:29zonskass ;d
00:06:36LaSiCa misklick
00:06:40zonskass ;]
00:06:54zonskass i thought you rembo
00:06:59LaSiCa ;]
00:07:12Mircea.N ss 2 bot
00:07:12JensDenLange LOOOOL
00:07:13JensDenLange -.-
00:07:24JensDenLange soo much for all that exp denie! _.-
00:08:04JensDenLange ss mid
00:08:04JensDenLange care
00:08:07JensDenLange late call
00:08:14zonskass misclick?
00:08:22Jambalaya ^
00:08:29Fxx. rofl
00:08:51LaSiCa help
00:09:21zonskass -ma
00:09:27Fxx. ss 2
00:09:28Fxx. down
00:09:29Fxx. care mid
00:09:30zonskass catch
00:09:32JensDenLange ss
00:09:38zonskass pagauk
00:10:21Mircea.N ss naix
00:10:25zonskass nx
00:10:26LaSiCa ss
00:10:27Tough WHERE IS CHICK?!
00:10:37Fxx. ctr + number
00:10:39Fxx. tip for u
00:10:41Tough yy
00:10:42Tough thx
00:10:56LaSiCa help gang
00:11:03Mircea.N go fow naix
00:11:05Fxx. ss 2 down
00:11:06Fxx. care
00:11:14Jambalaya kill mid
00:11:15LaSiCa ss
00:11:19zonskass mid
00:11:20JensDenLange ss mid
00:11:21zonskass go
00:11:21JensDenLange re
00:11:21Romeo tp i midla ?
00:11:26LaSiCa ss
00:11:46Timu gg rhasta
00:11:50Romeo =]]
00:11:51zonskass go ulti
00:11:55Timu why did u come from behind me
00:11:59zonskass ne cia
00:12:00Timu nice ulti
00:12:27JensDenLange morhph
00:12:28JensDenLange fasdlæfaklsfmaklmflka
00:12:30JensDenLange fucking noooooob
00:12:46JensDenLange just shoot on fucking undy!??!
00:12:49JensDenLange and save me!?!?!?
00:12:59Jambalaya there was cd newb
00:13:05JensDenLange SHOOOT
00:13:08JensDenLange NOT WAVE
00:13:10JensDenLange NOOOOOOOOOOOOB
00:13:19Jambalaya tard
00:13:22JensDenLange stfu
00:13:34JensDenLange riki morph picker
00:13:40JensDenLange u better fucking preform
00:13:48JensDenLange or ur the weakest fucking fruitnoobcakes ever!
00:13:55LaSiCa gj
00:13:57zonskass what a rats
00:14:23Fxx. come for mana
00:14:31Jambalaya ty
00:14:33Romeo w8
00:14:33JensDenLange omw top
00:15:05Timu get wards dazzel
00:15:12Tough HAHAHAH
00:15:12JensDenLange gj
00:15:13Tough HAHAHAHA
00:15:17Fxx. tower
00:15:22Romeo crix little horey :)
00:15:31Timu well this is going to be gg soon
00:15:34Timu naix free farm
00:15:35Tough it was epic
00:15:36Tough O
00:15:36Timu they gank
00:15:39Tough or not?
00:15:44Romeo it was like it was
00:15:46JensDenLange what did u do?
00:15:50Tough dobble kill
00:15:51Tough alone
00:15:56Tough while they ganing me
00:16:04Mircea.N b mid
00:17:24Timu need wards
00:17:25Timu and flying
00:17:25Romeo -roll
00:17:29Romeo sry cable :D
00:17:40Timu my rune
00:17:48Timu jesus fuck
00:17:49Timu ff
00:17:52zonskass ;d
00:18:06Timu TOMB
00:18:33Jambalaya why not cloud on rhasta so i can run ?
00:19:11zonskass imba stun
00:19:13Fxx. and sk survive ?
00:19:18Timu obv
00:19:31Fxx. still np , naix free farm all the time
00:19:54Timu np'
00:19:56zonskass :D
00:20:10Fxx. go mid tower
00:20:11Romeo ;D
00:20:18Fxx. lich , u are not carry
00:20:23Fxx. stop steal 100% kills
00:20:31Tough better lich
00:20:36Tough than morph or rikki
00:20:39Timu dazzle
00:20:39Timu pls
00:20:41Timu wards
00:20:47Fxx. TOMB !!!!
00:20:48Mircea.N obs ?
00:20:48Fxx. allways
00:21:04Mircea.N their woods ? our woods ?
00:21:08Mircea.N where do u want them ?
00:21:16Timu oh
00:21:17Timu nvm
00:21:18Timu we have
00:21:21Tough b mid
00:21:23Tough def bot
00:21:40JensDenLange b mid
00:21:52Mircea.N come with me
00:21:54Fxx. rly dont know
00:21:57Fxx. why we go back
00:22:24Fxx. again ...
00:22:25Tough fuck u
00:22:34Tough i mean lich
00:22:35JensDenLange idc
00:22:42Fxx. rly bad play
00:22:43Fxx. lich
00:22:44Fxx. rly
00:22:48JensDenLange just used asfast as i could!
00:22:49Romeo so do something :D
00:22:53JensDenLange w/e
00:23:10Tough HAHAHA
00:23:13Tough ty
00:23:18Jambalaya ^^
00:23:31Timu fuck this game seriously
00:23:38Timu how in hell this naix survives
00:24:03zonskass og litle rat was here
00:24:32Tough can any1 up chick?
00:25:33Timu ff at 25
00:25:37Timu no point to prolong this shit
00:25:45zonskass next time take naix
00:25:53Timu we fucking cant kill it
00:26:28Romeo naix...
00:26:33Romeo to much farm
00:26:40Tough haha
00:26:43Timu gj bot lane
00:27:20Tough wd and lich
00:27:20Tough wp
00:27:25Tough well and morph
00:27:26zonskass b
00:27:29Tough thx for surive
00:27:33Tough last time ;D
00:27:55zonskass ff
00:27:57Jambalaya care
00:28:06Timu I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:27Timu u have blink crix
00:28:31Timu why dont u use it
00:28:31Tough CREEP
00:28:38JensDenLange brb
00:28:54Mircea.N I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:55Romeo wow
00:28:57Romeo :D
00:28:57zonskass "D
00:28:57LaSiCa ;];];];
00:28:58zonskass :D
00:28:59Tough balance?
00:29:00LaSiCa pls not me
00:29:01Tough :D
00:29:05LaSiCa finish fast
00:29:06Tough should i do lich? :D
00:29:09Timu yesbfucking balance
00:29:09zonskass balance
00:29:09JensDenLange i can?
00:29:09Timu yes
00:29:09Tough chill
00:29:09Tough i say morph or riki
00:29:11JensDenLange idc about this nab shit!
00:29:12Timu balace
00:29:12Tough demogracy
00:29:12Timu balance
00:29:12Tough vote
00:29:12Romeo :D
00:29:12Timu thne leave the game
00:29:12Romeo roll peopel
00:29:12LaSiCa i buy chick
00:29:12LaSiCa pls
00:29:12Timu u dont have to roll
00:29:12Timu cap decides
00:29:12LaSiCa watn to play
00:29:12Tough -roll
00:29:12JensDenLange -roll
00:29:12Tough -roll 5
00:29:12Timu what the shiet
00:29:12Timu roll 5
00:29:12JensDenLange BOOM!
00:29:12Romeo i know but he says between them
00:29:12JensDenLange -rickroll
00:29:12Jambalaya -roll
00:29:12LaSiCa i have cloud ;]
00:29:12zonskass fatser!
00:29:12Romeo so they roll :D
00:29:12Tough wd decide
00:29:12Fxx. who report sk ?
00:29:12JensDenLange morph
00:29:12JensDenLange get out!
00:29:12Romeo and it is ? :D
00:29:12Timu he gets auto ban
00:29:12zonskass autobaned
00:29:12Jambalaya hmm look my score and rikis
00:29:12Tough witch doc decide who leaves
00:29:12Timu today plxxx
00:29:12JensDenLange y
00:29:12Mircea.N HURRY UP
00:29:12Timu say first pick for fun
00:29:12Fxx. so i can
00:29:12Tough WD DECIDE
00:29:12Fxx. if u want
00:29:12JensDenLange that would be a ballance leave!
00:29:12LaSiCa look my assist
00:29:12Tough DUDE
00:29:12Tough SAY A NAME
00:29:12Tough WHO LEAVE
00:29:12Fxx. fxx. :-)
00:29:12Romeo better riki :D
00:29:12Tough ur my assitant
00:29:12Tough dude
00:29:12JensDenLange morph gtfo
00:29:12Fxx. :-)
00:29:12Tough u wanna leave? :D
00:29:12Timu god damn it
00:29:12Mircea.N CMON
00:29:12Fxx. i dont
00:29:12Timu how hard can it be
00:29:12Fxx. but nobody
00:29:12Fxx. so i can
00:29:12zonskass FASTER
00:29:12Tough Fuck this shit
00:29:12Fxx. if u want
00:29:12Timu tough just decide
00:29:12Tough Morphs leave
00:29:12JensDenLange WD
00:29:12zonskass naix leave for fun
00:29:13Jambalaya -.-
00:29:14Romeo ~
00:29:17JensDenLange morph get out
00:29:19zonskass 5
00:29:20Tough u dont get
00:29:21zonskass 4
00:29:21Jambalaya why me ?
00:29:22zonskass 3
00:29:22Tough - ts
00:29:23zonskass 2
00:29:24zonskass 1
00:29:27Timu MORPHH??
00:29:27Tough morph
00:29:27Fxx. your points stay
00:29:27Fxx. dont worry
00:29:27Mircea.N MORPH ?
00:29:27JensDenLange morph voted out!
00:29:27Tough u dont get - ponts
00:29:27Tough dont worry
00:29:27Romeo 4 me better riki :D
00:29:27Jambalaya u shoud take last pick out
00:29:27Jambalaya -.-
00:29:27Fxx. y
00:29:27Tough IDC
00:29:27Fxx. but riki play good
00:29:27Tough hell
00:29:27Fxx. we need his smoke
00:29:27Tough riki or morph
00:29:27Jambalaya and i play bad or what ?
00:29:27JensDenLange morph.......
00:29:27LaSiCa y my cloud
00:29:27JensDenLange get out
00:29:27JensDenLange no
00:29:27Tough NO
00:29:27Tough he has cloud
00:29:27JensDenLange u did not play bad
00:29:27Romeo drum drum drumbacele
00:29:27JensDenLange GET OUT!
00:29:27Jambalaya -.-
00:29:27Fxx. we need you lowes to riki
00:29:27zonskass :D
00:29:27Tough dont worry
00:29:27Romeo miceacekumbacele
00:29:27Jambalaya hope u guys lose
00:29:27Tough u dont get - points
00:29:27Romeo oh
00:29:29JensDenLange lol.. what a kid!
00:29:30zonskass skrido oro lektuvelis jam sugedo moterelis
00:30:25Fxx. i go for agha
00:30:30Fxx. and we can go try end it
00:30:35Romeo we can gang now
00:31:05Fxx. naix
00:31:09Fxx. where is your basher ?
00:31:15Tough `?
00:31:16Tough here
00:31:17Tough xD
00:31:24Fxx. ah
00:31:25Fxx. a
00:31:25Tough are u drunken?
00:31:25Timu OK
00:31:26Tough xD
00:31:27Fxx. i m blind :-)
00:31:35Timu ffs guys
00:31:41JensDenLange dead
00:32:19Romeo wow
00:32:23Romeo what was that
00:32:24Timu I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:32:26Romeo I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:32:27Mircea.N I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:32:34zonskass I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:32:34Romeo I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:32:34Timu ud ff
00:32:40Romeo o
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