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Chat log

00:00:21Fxx. ban ?
00:00:21zebbelito treant any1?
00:00:21Tough i ban roof guys okay
00:00:21Tough ?
00:00:21zebbelito treant
00:00:21Firoga k
00:00:21Tough ah
00:00:21Firoga lol
00:00:21Tough fail
00:00:21Fxx. ban meepo , treand , terror
00:00:21zebbelito any one tb?
00:00:21Jambalaya y
00:00:21Tough well terror or sf
00:00:21Smokeer not him
00:00:21zebbelito ban
00:00:21mamyka ?????
00:00:21Firoga terror
00:00:21Tough any1 want mid?
00:00:21Jambalaya lol come from u
00:00:21Firoga ban terror imo
00:00:21mamyka teror
00:00:21Smokeer weaver
00:00:21Tough guys
00:00:21Smokeer i like
00:00:21Smokeer ur
00:00:21Smokeer played
00:00:21Tough any1 want mid?
00:00:21Jambalaya i never play weaver tard
00:00:21Firoga i prefer lane
00:00:21Rotkiv i can ogre mid
00:00:21zebbelito TOUGH
00:00:21Tough nah
00:00:21Smokeer now u nwated tb
00:00:21Tough CHILL
00:00:21Smokeer wanted
00:00:21Jambalaya and last game we had no disable
00:00:21Tough i think i go mid with sniper
00:00:21Jambalaya yea
00:00:21Firoga good
00:00:21Tough take venge ogre
00:00:21zebbelito want tb?
00:00:21Fxx. MANNER UP PLEASE !
00:00:21zebbelito y
00:00:21Firoga me ogre
00:00:21Fxx. its only game !
00:00:21Wolverine21 y
00:00:21Smokeer rebanj
00:00:21zebbelito treant
00:00:21Tough tb
00:00:28Smokeer can i potm
00:00:29Smokeer ...
00:00:33zebbelito no
00:00:44Firoga me ogre -.-
00:00:45Firoga pff ok
00:00:48Rotkiv get me necro
00:00:49Tough get venge
00:00:50Wolverine21 can i go for venge?
00:00:54Jambalaya yy
00:00:55zebbelito y
00:00:57Firoga k
00:00:58Jambalaya imba
00:00:58Wolverine21 cool
00:01:00Tough get venge necro wl
00:01:08Jambalaya not
00:01:10Smokeer cool sf idiot
00:01:15Jambalaya sf -.-
00:01:16Jambalaya baah
00:01:20zebbelito get stuns
00:01:20Firoga -swap
00:01:20Rotkiv -swap 4
00:01:22Firoga .swap 2
00:01:23Smokeer solo top
00:01:24Smokeer i
00:01:24Firoga -swap 2
00:01:25Tough VENGE
00:01:26zebbelito venge
00:01:29Tough bice
00:01:31Tough nuce+
00:01:34zebbelito wl puck sk
00:01:34Tough nice
00:01:39Smokeer sf go bot
00:01:46Fxx. no , i need up
00:01:50zebbelito omfg
00:01:51Tough last picker
00:01:56Tough wl
00:01:59Fxx. i try to fast dominator and forest
00:01:59Tough warlock
00:02:01mamyka or no
00:02:03zebbelito rhasta bot
00:02:07mamyka ds?
00:02:08Smokeer im only 1 stun
00:02:09Tough y
00:02:12Tough can as well
00:02:14Smokeer nah
00:02:16Smokeer he cant play
00:02:17zebbelito whit raz
00:02:17Wolverine21 venge
00:02:17mamyka ty
00:02:18zebbelito go bot
00:02:20zebbelito rhasta
00:02:21Tough np
00:02:24Tough if u can play him
00:02:24Jambalaya me top ?
00:02:26Smokeer u will see
00:02:26Firoga lane?
00:02:26zebbelito y
00:02:27Smokeer 20min
00:02:29Smokeer how is sf
00:02:34Tough ogre venge i would say
00:02:38Tough but u can do likeu want
00:02:40Tough u want
00:02:45Firoga me top with venge
00:02:57Tough would be cool
00:02:58zebbelito razor
00:02:59Smokeer where chick?
00:03:01Wolverine21 y
00:03:02Tough if someone can come gang later
00:03:02zebbelito ur banned for not reading rules
00:03:06Firoga sure
00:03:08Wolverine21 forgot
00:03:09zebbelito ur uposed to buy currier
00:03:10Firoga we pwn mirana low hpo
00:03:11Smokeer razor sell ur items
00:03:12Smokeer and buy
00:03:14Firoga or we push the tower
00:03:16Smokeer rules
00:03:23Jambalaya venge haste
00:03:41Jambalaya pull spot warded1
00:03:50Smokeer autoattack?
00:03:51Smokeer xDDD
00:03:56Rotkiv pull plz
00:04:04Smokeer ok i cant play with razor
00:04:37Fxx. ss
00:04:37Rotkiv pull
00:04:51Smokeer FUCK RAZOR
00:04:55Smokeer not hear me
00:04:57Smokeer not close me
00:05:15Rotkiv can you pull ds
00:05:39Smokeer ok i go mid or top
00:05:40Smokeer oam noly
00:06:13Tough SAY MISS FUCKERS
00:06:17zebbelito gj
00:06:18Tough FUC U
00:06:21Tough BITCHES
00:06:35Smokeer harras
00:06:59Firoga no ss
00:07:07Jambalaya gj
00:07:27Smokeer well rune bot
00:07:42Smokeer gok
00:07:45Jambalaya sf
00:07:47Jambalaya will u last hit
00:07:50Jambalaya or waste them ?
00:07:56Rotkiv raxor ss
00:08:10Fxx. fuck
00:08:16Jambalaya this sf
00:08:18Jambalaya horrible
00:08:42Jambalaya w8 me wee kill
00:08:53zebbelito chciken
00:09:00Rotkiv re
00:09:02zebbelito rax
00:09:02Tough care top
00:09:18Wolverine21 chicken is in base
00:09:33Rotkiv raxotr ss
00:09:37zebbelito gg
00:09:38zebbelito shit fucks
00:09:54zebbelito share
00:09:55Jambalaya hard to kill 2 stunners
00:09:56zebbelito idiots
00:09:57Jambalaya and 1 got slow
00:10:17Smokeer dont dumb items razor
00:10:21Rotkiv re
00:10:22Smokeer get vang
00:10:57zebbelito sf u suckm :D
00:10:58Fxx. puck
00:10:58Fxx. b
00:11:20Firoga ss top
00:11:43Smokeer where rawzor
00:11:45Smokeer 2 low hp
00:11:47Smokeer 1 hit
00:11:47Smokeer dead
00:11:49Wolverine21 where
00:11:52Wolverine21 i had 1 hp
00:11:54Wolverine21 too
00:11:58Wolverine21 you were to slow
00:11:58Rotkiv bot ss
00:11:59Smokeer u had 100hp
00:12:02Wolverine21 he uly me
00:12:03Smokeer xDDD
00:12:05Jambalaya care bot
00:12:06zebbelito wards?
00:12:07Jambalaya venge miss
00:12:08Wolverine21 ulty*
00:12:09Firoga ss top
00:12:55zebbelito gg if puck or rhasta dont ward
00:13:02Smokeer i wont
00:13:04Smokeer after sf razor
00:13:09Jambalaya b
00:13:10Jambalaya b
00:13:10Jambalaya b
00:13:14zebbelito razor is russian
00:14:05Fxx. ss 2
00:14:26Wolverine21 ss
00:14:37zebbelito ff
00:14:37zebbelito ff
00:14:38zebbelito ff
00:15:08zebbelito razor
00:15:09zebbelito b
00:15:09Jambalaya b
00:15:09Jambalaya b
00:15:16zebbelito usuck
00:15:25Smokeer razor
00:15:26Smokeer shot
00:15:33Smokeer blind best razor
00:15:42Jambalaya me top
00:15:42Jambalaya rdy
00:16:21zebbelito rhasta?
00:16:22zebbelito towers?
00:16:25Smokeer y
00:16:40Jambalaya cd tp
00:16:48Jambalaya def bot
00:16:48Jambalaya aal
00:17:36PriMo sniper...
00:17:45Jambalaya rhsate
00:17:49Jambalaya mid i come
00:17:55Smokeer i ve waiting
00:17:56Smokeer some1 go mid
00:18:00zebbelito this razor is russian
00:18:15Wolverine21 im not russian stfu
00:18:22Smokeer 10min answer
00:18:26Smokeer ur tard real?
00:18:48Wolverine21 i dont answer to stupid questions
00:18:57Smokeer ur played horrible
00:18:59Smokeer and ur items
00:19:02Smokeer what wrong with you
00:19:17Wolverine21 sfup and play your game
00:19:19Wolverine21 imbecil
00:19:22Smokeer look ur
00:19:25Smokeer seld
00:19:27Smokeer self
00:19:29Jambalaya imba sf no boots
00:19:39Smokeer ok 25min ff
00:19:40Wolverine21 and your items are imba
00:19:41Smokeer i dont care
00:19:43Smokeer lose much x
00:19:51Smokeer im support
00:19:54Smokeer donest need items
00:20:00Wolverine21 i don't give a damn
00:20:02Jambalaya ^^
00:20:06Smokeer well
00:20:07Smokeer report
00:20:13Smokeer for 10min chick withou
00:20:20Wolverine21 bought first minute
00:20:21Smokeer and u autoattack only
00:20:27Wolverine21 muted
00:20:28Smokeer unmanners
00:21:31zebbelito fxx?
00:21:34Fxx. :
00:21:36Fxx. ?
00:21:44zebbelito damn
00:21:44PriMo oll
00:21:45PriMo lol
00:21:46zebbelito this razor
00:21:48zebbelito and sf
00:22:54Smokeer sf hod?
00:22:56Smokeer really?
00:22:59Smokeer ...
00:23:30Jambalaya great
00:23:57Rotkiv b
00:24:23Wolverine21 look at nevermore
00:24:27Wolverine21 creeping
00:24:29zebbelito ban after
00:24:50Fxx. u know , why i creep ?
00:24:54Fxx. cause mirana never defing
00:24:59Rotkiv come i mekka
00:25:11Smokeer why ur hod?
00:25:14Smokeer tell me
00:25:26Rotkiv b
00:25:28Rotkiv reg
00:25:38Rotkiv mana
00:25:48Fxx. cause i think , this will be longer game
00:25:51PriMo go swap
00:25:52Jambalaya and sniper just farming
00:25:59Smokeer sniper.sf
00:26:07zebbelito i killed sniper
00:26:09zebbelito 3 times
00:26:13Jambalaya lol sniper farm its razor sf
00:26:43Jambalaya look top
00:26:45Wolverine21 ffs noone come to defend
00:26:45Fxx. 5. free towers for them
00:26:57Smokeer PUCK
00:26:58Wolverine21 great teamplay
00:26:59Smokeer BLIND__
00:27:05Smokeer well gj
00:27:08Smokeer idiot
00:27:28Wolverine21 instead to come for defend you all went mid
00:27:30Wolverine21 smart
00:27:37Smokeer ur items so smart
00:27:45zebbelito its 3v5 whit this sf and ra<z
00:27:46Wolverine21 and you are mensa member
00:27:47Wolverine21 noob
00:27:55Smokeer y
00:27:56Smokeer ...
00:28:02Smokeer mensa?
00:28:04Wolverine21 and killed 3 times with no teamplay
00:28:13Wolverine21 you stupid go goole it
00:28:26Wolverine21 google*
00:28:30Smokeer no ty
00:28:34Jambalaya go
00:28:56mamyka gj
00:29:00Rotkiv what
00:29:03Firoga COME
00:29:06Rotkiv i was in base when you went moran
00:29:19Firoga u have mek
00:29:21Firoga come with us
00:29:22Firoga always
00:29:28Rotkiv i was in base reging
00:29:28Jambalaya twr
00:29:29Jambalaya bot
00:29:29Jambalaya fast
00:29:30Rotkiv ffs
00:29:32PriMo aganim ready go gang
00:29:57mamyka gj
00:30:02Rotkiv tnx for you flaming i died fuck you
00:31:01Jambalaya care
00:31:01Rotkiv comeing tiopp
00:31:04Jambalaya they are manu
00:31:18Smokeer idiot sf
00:31:20Smokeer why ulit
00:31:21Smokeer no need
00:31:31Fxx. ....
00:31:36Smokeer sf u terribale player
00:31:43Fxx. mb
00:31:44Fxx. ,,,
00:31:50Jambalaya gj
00:31:58Smokeer i gift u kill
00:31:59Fxx. 9/10 nevermore i own , 1 feed
00:32:02Fxx. this is feed
00:32:13Jambalaya top
00:32:14zebbelito dusts
00:32:26mamyka b
00:32:27Jambalaya b
00:32:44Smokeer ah razor sf autoattack brothers
00:32:59Firoga push
00:33:03Firoga first gank
00:33:03mamyka no
00:33:43Jambalaya b
00:33:43Jambalaya b
00:33:44Jambalaya b
00:33:44Jambalaya b
00:34:05Firoga gg
00:34:20Firoga snip no item
00:34:22PriMo ??????
00:34:24PriMo ????
00:34:27Jambalaya twr
00:34:30Jambalaya twr
00:35:19Jambalaya me
00:35:20Jambalaya bottle
00:35:22PriMo ???? ???? ?????????? ??????
00:35:27PriMo ???
00:35:30mamyka cyfg
00:35:40zebbelito wtrg
00:35:46zebbelito why u solo
00:35:55Wolverine21 couse hes smart
00:35:57Rotkiv mid now
00:36:04Rotkiv raxxes
00:36:14Wolverine21 b
00:36:16Smokeer b
00:36:27zebbelito deff
00:36:28Smokeer razor buy flyu
00:36:37Wolverine21 ?
00:36:40Smokeer idiot
00:37:44mamyka ? ????? ???? ???????))
00:37:55Rotkiv we need to take those raxxes .. they got soo much better late
00:38:03mamyka ??
00:38:03Firoga sniper
00:38:04PriMo ??
00:38:05Rotkiv first gang and then raxxes
00:38:05Firoga the fail game
00:38:06mamyka gj
00:38:06PriMo gj
00:38:10PriMo moron
00:38:37Jambalaya lol
00:39:07zebbelito me b
00:39:08zebbelito sec
00:39:10Jambalaya linkens mirana
00:39:11Jambalaya ?
00:39:13zebbelito y
00:39:14Jambalaya ok
00:39:18zebbelito to many stuns
00:39:22Firoga ward here
00:39:25Smokeer linken waste
00:39:26Firoga put it
00:39:26Fxx. ?
00:39:28Smokeer bkb better
00:39:30Rotkiv they rosh
00:39:41Jambalaya b
00:39:41Jambalaya b
00:39:43zebbelito rzazprt the feed
00:39:52Rotkiv mid now
00:40:00Rotkiv mid
00:40:07Jambalaya b
00:40:10zebbelito razoe
00:40:14zebbelito stop russian game ruin
00:40:18PriMo erf
00:40:20Rotkiv focus rax only ffs
00:40:22Rotkiv k
00:40:29Jambalaya care swap
00:40:30Rotkiv we need rax
00:40:57Rotkiv rax
00:41:03Firoga necro alwaus OOM
00:41:05Firoga u are useless
00:41:11PriMo ?? ????
00:41:16PriMo ??????
00:41:18Rotkiv b
00:41:20PriMo sniper
00:41:22Tough Y
00:41:24Tough WHAT U WNAT?
00:41:27PriMo ....
00:41:32Firoga never play snip again
00:41:34Jambalaya that rebuy was importan
00:41:36Smokeer i bet this guy dream imba sf
00:42:00Rotkiv we gather and we go take that rax ffs
00:42:15Rotkiv gather mid and we smoke
00:42:23Jambalaya its dangerous
00:42:27Rotkiv gather to me
00:42:28mamyka care
00:42:30Tough -apm
00:42:36mamyka gj
00:42:43Jambalaya ofc razor still it
00:42:44mamyka omg
00:42:49Fxx. :-)
00:42:52Fxx. im not razor
00:42:53Rotkiv stay in base
00:42:54Wolverine21 what
00:43:02Rotkiv dont chase just def
00:43:05Smokeer b
00:43:12Jambalaya b
00:43:44PriMo lowbob
00:43:50Smokeer take
00:43:53Rotkiv gather now to me ..
00:43:58mamyka b?
00:44:01Rotkiv and we smoke and take mid raxxes
00:44:09Rotkiv come to me ffs
00:44:12Rotkiv all
00:44:15Rotkiv snipe you too
00:44:19Tough need only aa sec
00:44:24Firoga go
00:44:27Firoga we snmoke gnak
00:44:35Jambalaya need 22
00:44:39Jambalaya -.-
00:44:46Jambalaya need them irana
00:44:54Jambalaya lol
00:44:58Jambalaya and then sf took ´ageis
00:45:10Jambalaya so fail
00:45:14Jambalaya I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:14zebbelito I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:45:16Jambalaya lsot
00:45:17Jambalaya now
00:45:20Rotkiv raxxes
00:45:20zebbelito why i give SF AEGIS
00:45:22Jambalaya gg sf razor lose it
00:45:23Smokeer why u let sf aegis
00:45:24Rotkiv focus rax only
00:45:28zebbelito HE SUCKS
00:45:29Wolverine21 me
00:45:33zebbelito skillban sf
00:45:35zebbelito after game
00:45:38zebbelito all
00:45:39zebbelito go channel
00:45:41zebbelito and req
00:45:42Smokeer sure
00:45:45Smokeer ill copypaste
00:45:46Smokeer u
00:45:53zebbelito look
00:45:55zebbelito ÖLOOOOK
00:46:00zebbelito gg this sf
00:46:10Jambalaya this sf so horrible so many kills to him if he go with me
00:46:13Wolverine21 fu you
00:46:16Wolverine21 imbecil
00:46:21Jambalaya omfg sf
00:46:21Firoga he's 140% in gc?
00:46:22Jambalaya u suck
00:46:32zebbelito 140%?
00:46:32Smokeer sf??
00:46:33Smokeer xDDD
00:46:36Firoga like putin
00:46:40Smokeer sf idiot waiting
00:46:42PriMo ???)
00:46:43Smokeer or watching
00:46:44Jambalaya sf and razor biiig joke
00:46:45zebbelito hes an idiot he should get banned
00:46:51zebbelito he lost this
00:46:57Wolverine21 you farmer
00:46:58Firoga i don't think zebbe knows Russia
00:46:59Wolverine21 noob
00:47:02Jambalaya yes and then he took ageis fucking foool !
00:47:04Wolverine21 not def when needed
00:47:08Jambalaya mirana
00:47:09Jambalaya me top
00:47:11Jambalaya for he
00:47:12Jambalaya hex
00:47:14Wolverine21 i didnt took aeg
00:47:20Jambalaya well i see not
00:47:35Wolverine21 never took ity
00:47:35PriMo ??? ??? ??? ?????)
00:47:37zebbelito u sucked and still u win
00:47:42zebbelito what a pitty
00:47:43mamyka )
00:47:44Smokeer razor shit items
00:47:50mamyka f z&
00:47:52zebbelito razor and sf lost
00:47:59PriMo ????)
00:48:19zebbelito go b
00:48:25zebbelito ur support
00:48:29zebbelito whit no dust
00:48:32Smokeer come
00:48:39Jambalaya all b
00:48:40zebbelito y ur gameruin
00:48:41zebbelito too
00:48:44Smokeer yes
00:48:47zebbelito kuz u dont buy support
00:48:47Smokeer i knew sniper follow me
00:49:00zebbelito why u dont dust
00:49:00Jambalaya mirana bot fast
00:49:03Jambalaya got hex
00:49:04Jambalaya for him
00:49:05Smokeer nah
00:49:12Smokeer i never buy dust when i got idiots
00:49:16zebbelito dont get swaped
00:49:17zebbelito b
00:49:53zebbelito haha
00:49:57zebbelito U sucked all game
00:49:59Tough <3
00:50:00Firoga the noobest snip
00:50:03Firoga agree
00:50:03Tough cry
00:50:05zebbelito Thank ur russian friends
00:50:08zebbelito From scourge
00:50:12zebbelito Razor and SF
00:50:17Tough su
00:50:20zebbelito Worst 2 players ive seen in 1 game
00:50:20Fxx. 0 dust
00:50:22PriMo ????? ??? ??? ????? ?????? ???????
00:50:23Fxx. vs sniper
00:50:27zebbelito i buyed dust
00:50:27mamyka ? ????
00:50:28Fxx. and u flame ?
00:50:28Wolverine21 your mom is rusiian whore imbecil
00:50:29Firoga don't blame too much, ogre+venge lane
00:50:30PriMo )
00:50:30zebbelito idiot
00:50:31mamyka ? ? ??
00:50:38Firoga against sf it's impossible
00:51:10zebbelito u too rhasta
00:51:11zebbelito now
00:51:13zebbelito 48 min
00:51:14Smokeer myslef
00:51:15zebbelito u start support
00:51:20zebbelito ofc we lose
00:51:21Smokeer u never let me potm
00:51:22Smokeer xD
00:51:42zebbelito lategame midas
00:51:47zebbelito on razor
00:51:49zebbelito and agah nim
00:51:50Wolverine21 early game
00:51:51zebbelito HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
00:51:51Tough im b
00:52:01Rotkiv get yourself a lifestealer
00:52:07Tough well y
00:52:57Jambalaya mid
00:52:58Jambalaya fast
00:53:31PriMo 3 ?????
00:53:34zebbelito we cant push
00:53:38Jambalaya great
00:53:39zebbelito jisses
00:53:39zebbelito fuck
00:53:41Firoga let's end this
00:53:44Firoga i'm tired
00:54:10zebbelito razor
00:54:15zebbelito why u build like a russian
00:54:15Wolverine21 what
00:54:17zebbelito where u from
00:54:19Fxx. focus sniper
00:54:19PriMo ?? ???? ??? ? ???)
00:54:21Fxx. i have got gem
00:54:32Wolverine21 croatia
00:54:33mamyka )
00:54:36zebbelito same shit
00:54:37mamyka ???
00:54:40Wolverine21 not
00:54:43Jambalaya this time let mirana get agies if somone shoud have it
00:54:47Fxx. they go rosh
00:54:52Tough need 4 0gold
00:54:59Jambalaya its lost anyway because of sf and razor pick
00:55:01Tough wait chick
00:55:15PriMo haha
00:55:25Fxx. gg
00:55:28Fxx. wp sentinel
00:55:28zebbelito gg u all played shit
00:55:42zebbelito nevermore and razor won for other team
00:55:43Fxx. go try nevermore vs ogre+venge
00:55:58zebbelito u build dominator
00:56:01zebbelito and u play shit
00:56:07Jambalaya I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
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