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+2 TS

82% | 1394 X | 1493 TS

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+5 TS

78% | 1461 X | 1347 TS

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+26 TS

35% | 1105 X | 1252 TS

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11% | 910 X | 1215 TS

Chat log

00:00:10robobob -rd
00:00:10mrk -rd
00:00:14robobob ban
00:00:21KolleBolle thx god that we dont have Multi in aour team
00:00:21Vaj.CO can u give me storm? :D
00:00:21robobob i can support late in lane with ryl
00:00:21mrk doubt they'll pick it
00:00:21mrk weaver
00:00:21mrk anyone want lich?
00:00:21robobob weaver banned
00:00:21KolleBolle aa/lich
00:00:21KolleBolle tb
00:00:21ESA_93 stfu
00:00:21ESA_93 im thinking here
00:00:21robobob su kolle pls
00:00:21robobob we got cap
00:00:21KolleBolle with what!?!?! HAHA
00:00:21mansikka :D
00:00:21Fxx. ¨meepo
00:00:21Vaj.CO afk?
00:00:21robobob no
00:00:21Vaj.CO so ban eza and come on :D
00:00:21ESA_93 I'll ban
00:00:21KolleBolle the one with vacum in the head said that he thinking
00:00:21ESA_93 Caj.CO
00:00:21mrk almost
00:00:21mrk made a joke there
00:00:21ESA_93 Naga.
00:00:21Kamerplant Almost funny
00:00:21ESA_93 Weaver Naga banned.
00:00:26Vaj.CO get spec
00:00:26mrk any lich?
00:00:30mansikka someone lich?
00:00:33ESA_93 pick lich
00:00:36mansikka y
00:00:40Vaj.CO do u want her or?
00:00:42mansikka who plays this?
00:00:43mrk get storm
00:00:44robobob me
00:00:47mrk then
00:00:48Vaj.CO sure
00:00:51mansikka okey
00:00:54ESA_93 next picks
00:00:56mrk get cm with me bot
00:01:01ESA_93 pick lina
00:01:02mansikka hmm
00:01:03ESA_93 rylai
00:01:05ESA_93 or
00:01:05mansikka aa good`?
00:01:06ESA_93 wait
00:01:07ESA_93 aa
00:01:08mansikka aa
00:01:11ESA_93 aa and
00:01:14ESA_93 rylai
00:01:14robobob k i pick aa for u
00:01:17mansikka y
00:01:21mansikka -swap 4
00:01:21Vaj.CO pieti dont forget chick pls
00:01:23mrk get linacm
00:01:23robobob -swap
00:01:25Pieti y
00:01:25robobob -swap 2
00:01:25mrk lina cm
00:01:28Vaj.CO cm get
00:01:31ESA_93 Im mid Mirana.
00:01:35Fxx. omg
00:01:35KolleBolle what was banned?
00:01:40ESA_93 U aint going mid with recipe build.
00:01:41Vaj.CO and lina
00:01:42mansikka weaver naga
00:01:49Vaj.CO or alche
00:01:52KolleBolle what to pick?
00:01:55Vaj.CO well
00:01:56mrk tusk lina top
00:01:56KolleBolle axe?
00:01:57ESA_93 hmmm
00:02:00ESA_93 axe good
00:02:00KolleBolle sielncer?
00:02:08ESA_93 axe
00:02:17mrk cm get 1 and 2 1lvl then max aura
00:02:18robobob lanes good?
00:02:19ESA_93 lich bot with aa
00:02:19KolleBolle im on lane ok?
00:02:21ESA_93 axe forest
00:02:22ESA_93 oh
00:02:22ESA_93 ok
00:02:24robobob k
00:02:27ESA_93 then thease are lanes
00:02:30ESA_93 lich top
00:02:31Pieti ok
00:02:32mansikka lich top
00:02:33ESA_93 no
00:02:34ESA_93 ot
00:02:35ESA_93 bot
00:02:36ESA_93 bot
00:02:36ESA_93 bot
00:02:37mansikka :D
00:02:38ESA_93 lich bot
00:02:41Kamerplant will be epic with storm
00:02:41Kamerplant ^
00:02:45robobob im flippering here
00:02:47Vaj.CO why?
00:02:47ESA_93 so u can eat the exp from spectre
00:02:51Multi_Ljep ..
00:02:57Kamerplant infinite mana
00:02:58Kamerplant ...
00:03:02Fxx. share chick
00:03:10KolleBolle i will but
00:03:16Fxx. rules
00:03:17Fxx. say
00:03:20KolleBolle but me lich
00:03:21Fxx. before 1. wave :-)
00:03:24KolleBolle would be awseom
00:03:30KolleBolle but nwm
00:03:33KolleBolle nvm
00:03:34Fxx. u can forest
00:03:42KolleBolle i will pull and be on lane
00:04:01mrk try not
00:04:02mrk to
00:04:07mrk attackcreeps at all
00:04:15Fxx. vs this heroes
00:04:22Fxx. mb better stay
00:04:25Fxx. at site
00:04:27Fxx. d
00:04:46Kamerplant shall i snowball us both?
00:04:55Multi_Ljep later
00:05:01Kamerplant ok
00:05:04Kamerplant you could just stun on sel
00:05:05Kamerplant f
00:05:08Fxx. ss 2
00:05:29Vaj.CO ss mid
00:05:30mrk zz
00:06:07mansikka spam nova
00:06:09Kamerplant gj
00:06:09KolleBolle looool
00:06:19Multi_Ljep same :)
00:06:26mrk come bot
00:06:26mrk lina
00:06:27mrk tusk
00:06:31mrk kill
00:06:59Kamerplant lol
00:07:13mrk free kills
00:07:13Kamerplant sec
00:07:14Kamerplant mana
00:07:35robobob spec no farm
00:07:39Fxx. ss 2
00:07:40Multi_Ljep rdy
00:08:11Vaj.CO come mid
00:08:14Vaj.CO ss
00:08:21Vaj.CO care
00:08:35mrk ss2
00:08:37ESA_93 jesus
00:08:37mansikka lina miss
00:08:38Multi_Ljep nice
00:09:04mrk cm
00:09:04mrk zz
00:09:07Fxx. still ss 2
00:09:17Kamerplant ...
00:09:47ESA_93 ss
00:09:48Vaj.CO sec
00:09:54Vaj.CO go
00:10:02robobob ss
00:10:20robobob re
00:10:27Fxx. what ?
00:10:31Kamerplant haha
00:10:32Kamerplant n1
00:10:32ESA_93 omfg
00:10:37Fxx. so fuckin lucky gays
00:10:41ESA_93 u gotta be kidding me
00:11:18robobob s
00:11:19robobob 2
00:11:19Kamerplant gank bot again
00:11:20mrk come
00:11:21mrk ye
00:11:21mrk cm
00:12:05mrk tusk
00:12:14mrk jesus
00:12:19Kamerplant meh
00:12:26Kamerplant someone at the door
00:12:27ESA_93 spectre gang
00:12:27robobob hmm panda bot
00:12:34Vaj.CO care
00:12:35Kamerplant not for me.
00:12:35Fxx. panda ?
00:12:36Kamerplant ls
00:12:39robobob storm
00:12:42mrk DM
00:12:45mrk CM
00:12:52mrk why u run
00:12:53mrk 3v1
00:13:35Fxx. bug
00:13:37Fxx. anyway
00:13:45Vaj.CO why?
00:13:49Vaj.CO with arrow?
00:13:53Fxx. y
00:13:57Vaj.CO its not
00:14:25Multi_Ljep maiden
00:14:26Multi_Ljep max aura
00:14:30Pieti y
00:14:34Kamerplant lvl 1 isnt enough
00:14:41mrk u guys
00:14:45mrk dont need to farm
00:14:46mrk just
00:14:46mrk come
00:14:47mrk kill
00:14:49mrk 500hp lich aa
00:14:52mrk all the time
00:15:05mrk now him
00:15:59mrk wtfffff
00:16:02mrk we are 4 mid
00:16:05ESA_93 LINA
00:16:18ESA_93 ff
00:16:20mrk ff
00:16:59Kamerplant eh
00:17:03Kamerplant why you come for ulti cm ^
00:17:08Vaj.CO :d
00:17:28ESA_93 let me farm
00:17:34ESA_93 ...
00:17:59Fxx. they have got wards
00:18:17Fxx. su
00:18:18robobob cd killed 2
00:18:35ESA_93 oh wow
00:18:40ESA_93 this is just fucking cool
00:18:44Fxx. "i go mid" mirana
00:18:46Fxx. 0:4
00:18:47Fxx. noob
00:18:49Fxx. and only flame
00:18:52Fxx. love captains , like u
00:19:05Kamerplant bad idea
00:19:06Kamerplant ;s
00:19:41mrk lololol
00:19:44Vaj.CO omg
00:19:51mrk lina couldve just buyed tp
00:19:53mrk when 5v5 mid
00:20:12Vaj.CO guys?
00:20:13Vaj.CO ffs
00:20:17Kamerplant got to stop this
00:20:18Kamerplant indeed
00:20:18Pieti hatrsjht
00:20:20Vaj.CO what are u doing?
00:20:30ESA_93 finall
00:20:36ESA_93 some justice
00:20:36mrk i have noclue
00:20:40mrk why people want to farm
00:20:47ESA_93 it smells good
00:20:51mrk when thats the only thing losing the game
00:21:05KolleBolle blind?
00:21:16ESA_93 bot
00:21:16ESA_93 bot
00:21:17ESA_93 tp
00:21:18ESA_93 tp
00:21:40Kamerplant ffs
00:21:43mrk dont
00:21:43mrk go
00:21:44mrk there
00:22:10robobob k
00:22:12mrk lina
00:22:13mrk zz
00:23:00mrk its just sad
00:23:03ESA_93 b
00:23:11mrk cmon guys
00:23:12ESA_93 b
00:23:13mrk step it up
00:23:28Vaj.CO wards
00:23:32ESA_93 all right
00:23:33ESA_93 now go
00:23:40ESA_93 go axe
00:23:49Fxx. brb
00:24:01KolleBolle mana plz
00:24:20Vaj.CO wards
00:24:21Vaj.CO ffs
00:24:30Pieti :D
00:24:36Pieti 2 hit
00:24:59robobob had 3 sek cd on ulti if u had waited axe :)
00:25:05Vaj.CO axe is oom
00:25:08Vaj.CO just run
00:25:59Kamerplant b
00:26:02ESA_93 bot gang
00:26:04Multi_Ljep kukumar
00:26:21ESA_93 axe mid
00:26:44Multi_Ljep cm wards
00:26:45Vaj.CO i am oom
00:26:53KolleBolle all
00:26:54KolleBolle there
00:26:55mrk ff
00:26:56ESA_93 we got 3
00:27:27Multi_Ljep midnjak all
00:27:35ESA_93 push
00:27:40Vaj.CO care
00:27:42Vaj.CO dont die
00:28:37mrk how the fuck did youdie
00:28:40mrk cm
00:28:40mrk :D
00:28:49Pieti im dogfood
00:28:49mrk and lina
00:28:51mrk agha 1st item
00:28:53mrk is soobad
00:28:57mrk get janggo blink
00:29:01Vaj.CO meka
00:29:44ESA_93 ...
00:29:53Kamerplant aa oom
00:29:53Kamerplant right
00:30:42Vaj.CO b mid
00:30:57Multi_Ljep wards cm
00:31:03ESA_93 push bot
00:31:05Multi_Ljep pls
00:31:07robobob they come here
00:31:21Vaj.CO omg
00:31:23Vaj.CO dont steal
00:31:26Vaj.CO i need it more
00:31:26KolleBolle b
00:31:29Vaj.CO or spec
00:31:30Fxx. b
00:31:33Multi_Ljep true
00:31:45mrk lina get janggo treads next
00:31:46KolleBolle they
00:31:46mrk no need for agha
00:31:47KolleBolle will
00:31:48KolleBolle push
00:31:49KolleBolle now
00:31:51Multi_Ljep but who knows
00:31:52KolleBolle mid
00:32:10ESA_93 b
00:32:37mrk ulti before
00:32:41mrk insta
00:32:59Fxx. ROFL
00:33:00mrk always lina
00:33:01mrk ulti at start
00:33:05Vaj.CO y
00:33:07mrk u waste damage if u leave it for last
00:33:12Fxx. so fucking unlucky game
00:33:16Vaj.CO lol
00:33:17Vaj.CO :D
00:33:23Vaj.CO but u pwn me
00:33:26Vaj.CO like u said
00:33:34Fxx. i , i pown u
00:33:35Multi_Ljep ?
00:33:35Fxx. y
00:33:38Fxx. u lost this
00:33:44Fxx. and i have got now in row
00:34:03ESA_93 mansikka..
00:34:08mansikka ok
00:34:09ESA_93 nyt oikeesti
00:34:41Kamerplant ;s
00:35:07Fxx. guys , we need end
00:35:12Fxx. storm , spectra pown us late
00:35:33ESA_93 jesus
00:35:34ESA_93 axe?
00:35:35ESA_93 lich?
00:35:42ESA_93 why did u b like that
00:35:45robobob rly tgought u were dead
00:35:50ESA_93 ...
00:35:51robobob no chance i thought sry
00:36:04ESA_93 we need to end this now
00:36:05KolleBolle well gather
00:36:05KolleBolle and
00:36:07KolleBolle push?
00:36:07ESA_93 or its ff
00:36:09ESA_93 gg
00:36:21ESA_93 spectre has his radi soon
00:36:21Vaj.CO wp :D
00:36:26Vaj.CO pro arrow
00:36:32Fxx. oh
00:36:41Fxx. how hard left arrow
00:36:42ESA_93 mid
00:36:42ESA_93 all
00:36:43Fxx. with storm
00:36:52Vaj.CO :D
00:37:18ESA_93 mirana
00:37:19ESA_93 wtf
00:37:19ESA_93 are
00:37:20ESA_93 u
00:37:20mrk need new wards please
00:37:20ESA_93 doing
00:37:21Vaj.CO wards
00:37:36Kamerplant jep
00:37:38Kamerplant wards needed
00:37:44mrk LOL
00:37:47mrk WHY WAS I THERE:D
00:37:51mrk lin
00:37:52mrk dont
00:37:52mrk run
00:37:58mrk tp
00:37:59mrk caryr
00:37:59ESA_93 mirana
00:38:00ESA_93 u
00:38:00ESA_93 are
00:38:01mrk carry*
00:38:01ESA_93 losing
00:38:02ESA_93 this
00:38:15Fxx. i used ulty
00:38:20Fxx. and u cause of this win fight
00:38:21Fxx. so su
00:38:21ESA_93 we need u
00:38:25ESA_93 not your ultimate
00:38:27Vaj.CO go
00:38:27mrk always ward up tree
00:38:40mrk lich no ulti
00:38:41Vaj.CO go there
00:38:43Vaj.CO tuskk
00:38:48ESA_93 u cant outcarry spectre
00:38:56mrk let me bot
00:39:04ESA_93 all mid now
00:39:07ESA_93 we need everyone
00:39:12Vaj.CO need fast hex
00:39:16ESA_93 u 2 mirana
00:39:18Fxx. im rdy
00:39:19robobob lvl 16 now
00:39:30Pieti dd
00:39:31Vaj.CO y
00:39:36ESA_93 go mid
00:39:37ESA_93 now
00:39:45Vaj.CO b
00:39:48ESA_93 before spectre has his radi
00:39:52Vaj.CO we need specs radi
00:39:55Kamerplant base
00:39:56Vaj.CO deff
00:40:05Multi_Ljep -ms
00:40:15ESA_93 push
00:40:24ESA_93 he got it
00:40:40mrk tusk
00:40:59mrk jesus
00:41:01mrk u dont have torun
00:41:05mrk just tank damage
00:41:12Fxx. hater :_)
00:41:19Kamerplant like that?
00:41:22ESA_93 well
00:41:24mrk yes
00:41:26ESA_93 we lost this because of u mirana
00:41:30ESA_93 we should have pushed
00:41:31robobob soon agha
00:41:31mrk well i was meaning lina
00:41:31Fxx. y
00:41:35ESA_93 when he didint have radi
00:41:36Fxx. we lost it cause of me
00:41:36mrk with 1,5k hp at start and end of fight
00:41:37Fxx. ,,
00:41:41robobob its true
00:41:43Fxx. i think , cause of your usslees mid !
00:41:45ESA_93 we would have gotten mid
00:41:47Multi_Ljep pro
00:41:48ESA_93 : D
00:41:53Kamerplant im doing all the tanking
00:41:54ESA_93 storm aint nothing in this game
00:41:57Kamerplant hence my 8 deaths
00:42:00ESA_93 spectre killed us
00:42:03ESA_93 in that fight
00:42:09Fxx. so , why u dont ban ?
00:42:26Fxx. ego mid captains
00:42:30Fxx. 0 deny
00:42:33Multi_Ljep ,...
00:42:33Vaj.CO hex
00:42:33Fxx. 0:4 mid
00:42:38ESA_93 0 deny? : D
00:42:57KolleBolle ffs
00:42:57Vaj.CO go
00:43:00Fxx. axe blade mail ?
00:43:02mrk get aa
00:43:03mrk down
00:43:05mrk andlich
00:43:12KolleBolle pipe
00:43:14mrk go tusk
00:43:26robobob omg laag
00:43:29robobob this server
00:43:41robobob we won that fight if no lagg couldnt cast a shirt
00:43:53mrk then blame your own net
00:44:16robobob 200Mbit yeye its me
00:44:17mrk twr and b
00:44:29Vaj.CO B
00:44:49Vaj.CO run
00:44:54Fxx. su
00:45:00Vaj.CO u pwn me
00:45:04Fxx. u had free win
00:45:04Vaj.CO me
00:45:06Fxx. mid*
00:45:09Vaj.CO lol
00:45:31ESA_93 "free win"
00:45:41Fxx. why u go push ?
00:45:42Fxx. we cant
00:45:49mrk i hope you guys dont take my whining as bashing
00:45:52mrk and really learn something
00:45:53mrk or w/e
00:46:01ESA_93 dont
00:46:01ESA_93 go
00:46:02KolleBolle dont
00:46:04ESA_93 we cant take it
00:46:21Vaj.CO :D
00:46:24Vaj.CO nice ulti
00:46:26Vaj.CO potm
00:46:26ESA_93 mansikka
00:46:32ESA_93 et oo tosissas : D
00:46:35mansikka mix
00:46:36Kamerplant ward
00:46:45KolleBolle 'ward
00:46:57ESA_93 gg
00:46:59ESA_93 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:10Kamerplant tankaviper
00:47:27KolleBolle soon they will get it
00:47:31ESA_93 we cant take it
00:47:35KolleBolle got pipe
00:47:41mrk no ulti yet
00:47:59mrk push bot
00:48:11Kamerplant or not
00:48:12Vaj.CO fuck this
00:48:13robobob agha u
00:48:14Fxx. die , hater
00:48:14ESA_93 push mid
00:48:16Vaj.CO sry guys
00:48:16robobob p
00:48:17ESA_93 MID
00:48:18ESA_93 MID
00:48:23Kamerplant b
00:48:28Vaj.CO deff
00:48:33Vaj.CO all b
00:48:49Vaj.CO stay b
00:49:02Vaj.CO ?
00:49:02Vaj.CO b
00:49:03Vaj.CO b
00:49:03Vaj.CO b
00:49:03Vaj.CO b
00:49:07Vaj.CO stay at base
00:49:09Vaj.CO dont die
00:49:15Vaj.CO 20 sec
00:49:17mrk just spam
00:49:18mrk spells
00:50:00ESA_93 meka me
00:51:19ESA_93 go def
00:51:20ESA_93 ffs
00:51:41Vaj.CO rosh
00:52:08Fxx. still no mnata
00:52:08ESA_93 take it now
00:52:12Fxx. viper
00:52:30robobob ulti up go
00:52:34KolleBolle let me
00:52:36KolleBolle tank
00:52:36ESA_93 no
00:52:40ESA_93 ill take the shield
00:53:34Kamerplant bit delay
00:53:38ESA_93 base and mid
00:53:45ESA_93 we need the rax now
00:53:47Vaj.CO let me mid
00:53:48Vaj.CO farm
00:54:00ESA_93 go
00:54:04ESA_93 mid
00:54:13mrk uneed bkb storm
00:54:17KolleBolle w8
00:54:17KolleBolle all
00:54:18mrk lina
00:54:19mrk come
00:54:28Vaj.CO deff
00:54:33Multi_Ljep b
00:54:47Multi_Ljep just b
00:54:48ESA_93 y
00:54:49ESA_93 lich
00:54:51mrk well
00:54:52mrk welose
00:54:52ESA_93 u need to t soon
00:54:53mrk rax
00:54:53ESA_93 tp
00:54:54mrk before you
00:54:56mrk and they tp
00:54:56ESA_93 not yet
00:54:58mrk so come
00:55:41mrk storm
00:55:41mrk wtf
00:55:43mrk wtffff
00:55:48robobob gj team
00:55:56robobob b
00:55:57mrk who cares about 200hp mirana
00:56:01robobob or go
00:56:02Kamerplant he does
00:56:03Multi_Ljep y
00:56:04KolleBolle rax
00:56:04mrk when viper axe in our base
00:56:04Vaj.CO sry
00:56:04KolleBolle gogo
00:56:05mrk 2v4
00:56:17mrk just so stupid
00:56:20mrk njow gave free rax
00:56:32mrk phew
00:56:32Kamerplant nah
00:56:33mrk :D
00:56:34KolleBolle jesus
00:56:35Kamerplant just in time
00:56:35ESA_93 wow
00:56:36Vaj.CO rofl
00:56:36ESA_93 hes fat
00:56:43ESA_93 gj
00:56:43Vaj.CO omg
00:56:43Kamerplant haha
00:56:50mrk just kill
00:56:51mrk everyone
00:56:52mrk 5v1
00:56:55mrk they die in 2 sec
00:57:00Vaj.CO y
00:57:00mansikka mitä ostan
00:57:01mrk no need to chase
00:57:11Fxx. lich , 2. pipe
00:57:12Fxx. axe
00:57:14Fxx. blade mail
00:57:32Vaj.CO i have so fucking deads
00:57:50Vaj.CO lina get hex
00:57:53ESA_93 try again
00:57:53ESA_93 mid
00:57:56Vaj.CO not linken
00:58:02Multi_Ljep who are u
00:58:03KolleBolle well
00:58:05KolleBolle smoke
00:58:06KolleBolle and entry
00:58:09Vaj.CO ur teammate
00:58:10KolleBolle and we can do it
00:58:26ESA_93 mirana ulti and we take entry
00:58:33Multi_Ljep then act like one
00:58:38mrk he did
00:58:43mrk linken is a poor choice on you
00:58:44Multi_Ljep wow
00:58:45Multi_Ljep lovers
00:58:47mrk since you never lose hp anyway
00:58:56Multi_Ljep i know what am doing
00:59:04mrk obviously you dont
00:59:06mrk but what ever
00:59:44Vaj.CO b
00:59:54Vaj.CO we need wards
00:59:55KolleBolle that was close
01:00:13KolleBolle but why not fokus the paper napps?
01:00:17KolleBolle lina/cm+
01:00:19Kamerplant 4 cata
01:00:19Kamerplant lol
01:00:20KolleBolle first
01:00:25KolleBolle those that i call
01:00:26Kamerplant hmm
01:00:28Kamerplant what to buy
01:00:35Kamerplant heart hex or shiva
01:00:42mrk shiva/pipe
01:01:04KolleBolle push again
01:01:05Vaj.CO here
01:01:08KolleBolle you more time they got
01:01:11KolleBolle lesser chanse
01:01:17Fxx. i dont understand axe without blade mail
01:01:27KolleBolle i dont understand your fail
01:01:39Kamerplant b
01:01:53Vaj.CO sentry
01:01:55ESA_93 wait
01:01:56Vaj.CO put
01:02:14Kamerplant massive slow now
01:02:15Kamerplant ^^
01:02:24KolleBolle just
01:02:25KolleBolle w8
01:02:26KolleBolle a
01:02:27KolleBolle entry
01:02:28KolleBolle dont
01:02:29KolleBolle use
01:02:30KolleBolle ulti
01:02:33Vaj.CO go em?
01:02:37Kamerplant n
01:03:05ESA_93 I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:03:13Vaj.CO sry
01:03:16Vaj.CO too late hex
01:03:23Vaj.CO go mid
01:03:25KolleBolle just ff
01:03:31KolleBolle blind chickens
01:04:15KolleBolle Gc to win
01:04:53Fxx. noob team
01:04:54Fxx. gg
01:05:00Multi_Ljep u suck :D
01:05:03Fxx. wp storm
01:05:05Vaj.CO :D
01:05:10Vaj.CO ty
01:05:13ESA_93 "free win mid storm"
01:05:19Vaj.CO not
01:05:22Vaj.CO it wasnt
01:05:23ESA_93 he says so
01:05:26Fxx. no
01:05:29Fxx. u say , let me mid
01:05:32Fxx. and u let him win this game
01:05:38robobob !ff
01:05:40Fxx. and axe without blade mail
01:05:42ESA_93 :---D
01:05:43Fxx. i never see this
01:05:51KolleBolle mirana
01:05:54KolleBolle you losed it
01:05:57KolleBolle end of story
01:05:59Fxx. ..
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