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+38 X
+7 TS

44% | 1136 X | 1295 TS

-2 X
+14 TS

38% | 1122 X | 1263 TS

-11 X
+5 TS

20% | 1037 X | 1184 TS

+21 X
+21 TS

13% | 989 X | 1148 TS

+20 X
+26 TS

12% | 1018 X | 1100 TS

-7 X
-4 TS

45% | 1170 X | 1274 TS

+44 X
-1 TS

41% | 1047 X | 1366 TS

-51 X
-2 TS

38% | 1133 X | 1252 TS

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-15 TS

NEW | 987 X | 1049 TS

-40 X
-15 TS

NEW | 989 X | 1013 TS

Chat log

00:00:03i.will.own.u -ii
00:00:08Fxx. captain mode ?:
00:00:08Smokeer ?
00:00:13Fxx. haloo
00:00:13Smokeer not ey
00:00:13Netsroht_ ban!
00:00:19Smokeer its ban bnoiw
00:00:19lemi.livo.skodi thank god i play against gay smokeer ... i ll kick you ass
00:00:19lemi.livo.skodi your*
00:00:19Smokeer now
00:00:19PriMo am
00:00:19Fxx. -ban am
00:00:19Smokeer blue u noob its xd
00:00:19Smokeer not u
00:00:19Netsroht_ STFU SMOKER!!!!
00:00:19Smokeer first pink
00:00:19lemi.livo.skodi smokeer is emo tard
00:00:19Fxx. -ban pit
00:00:20~ hi
00:00:33Fxx. i will own u , chick
00:00:35Fxx. or i report u
00:00:39Fxx. u allways say , i forgot
00:00:41i.will.own.u suck my cock
00:00:52i.will.own.u i will carry this game
00:01:01edgarass leo?
00:01:05Kamerplant we have sniper
00:01:08Kamerplant 1 carry is enough.
00:01:08i.will.own.u lol
00:01:08edgarass slard
00:01:09i.will.own.u no
00:01:26Fxx. they pick carrys
00:01:29PriMo get abba
00:01:30Fxx. pick some teamheroes
00:01:32Fxx. and we win
00:01:33Kamerplant dear god
00:01:36Kamerplant NO MORE CARRYS
00:01:45Fxx. lich + tc down
00:01:49Fxx. bara + brown up
00:01:53Netsroht_ let me mid
00:01:57PriMo no
00:02:05lemi.livo.skodi get riki
00:02:09Kamerplant fucks sake
00:02:12Smokeer slardar u can pull?
00:02:17edgarass y
00:02:17Fxx. he is 12% lowbob
00:02:19Smokeer good
00:02:23Kamerplant 12%
00:02:26Kamerplant is that even possible?
00:02:31Fxx. share
00:02:35i.will.own.u and even then i will own u
00:02:36Fxx. before 1. wave creeps
00:02:39PriMo lastpick morta)
00:02:44Netsroht_ -ma
00:02:47Netsroht_ -clear
00:02:52Fxx. he said it " fuck all , i ruin your game"
00:02:53Carna to be squre to get u the win
00:03:13Fxx. 12% mortred pown u
00:03:19~ /w DotaKeys: You control Lord of Avernus [d,t,f,b]
00:03:34~ -ms
00:04:27Netsroht_ cunts
00:04:54Netsroht_ U FUCKIGN GAYS!!!!
00:05:00Netsroht_ who controlled my hero?
00:06:26Kamerplant abba no more regen
00:06:28PriMo ????
00:06:28Carna kk
00:06:30PriMo ?????
00:06:33PriMo chik
00:07:06~ :D
00:07:07i.will.own.u s
00:07:07Kamerplant wtf is our chick
00:07:08Kamerplant doing here
00:07:10PriMo chik!
00:07:11Kamerplant had to save it
00:07:14Kamerplant and died
00:07:14Kamerplant ffs
00:07:21Kamerplant had to save chick ^^
00:07:21Netsroht_ stfu! 1 of u guys
00:07:23Netsroht_ controlled me
00:07:40Kamerplant and abba had hugest luck
00:07:42PriMo for me!
00:07:44i.will.own.u shhh
00:07:50i.will.own.u we get no far mup here
00:07:51Carna yeah but we should have focus storm
00:07:51PriMo faet
00:07:52PriMo !
00:07:54PriMo fast
00:07:57Kamerplant ofcourse you dont mortred
00:08:02Kamerplant you picked mort/bara
00:08:13i.will.own.u shh
00:08:32i.will.own.u bara wants to lose
00:08:34i.will.own.u clear
00:08:46Fxx. misss ?
00:09:03Fxx. omg
00:09:06Fxx. i pown balanar mid
00:09:10lemi.livo.skodi i charged bot panda
00:09:10Fxx. and u give him kill
00:09:14Fxx. rly gj UP
00:09:20i.will.own.u shh
00:09:21PriMo ss
00:09:28i.will.own.u u are just bad
00:09:39Fxx. ss bala
00:09:44edgarass \ss2
00:09:44Carna ss down
00:09:54lemi.livo.skodi follow plz
00:09:57lemi.livo.skodi we could kill
00:10:03Fxx. go away
00:10:09Fxx. k
00:10:12Fxx. reported mortred
00:10:15Fxx. for ruin on purpose
00:10:21i.will.own.u will u suck my cock or?
00:10:22Kamerplant fuck this
00:10:41Kamerplant mort is ruining this on purpose ^
00:10:52i.will.own.u u guys are such nabs
00:11:05edgarass fucking lag
00:11:10Kamerplant ss3
00:11:13Fxx. again miss sup
00:11:18Fxx. again not called
00:11:25Carna there is no top
00:11:31Fxx. 2 carry free farm up
00:11:42edgarass \shiytttt
00:12:00PriMo gj
00:12:05PriMo fuckin panda
00:12:29PriMo go
00:12:32i.will.own.u klol
00:12:36lemi.livo.skodi \b
00:12:38lemi.livo.skodi ffs
00:12:42Kamerplant oom
00:13:09Carna deny
00:13:13Kamerplant lol
00:13:14Kamerplant insane
00:13:31~ -ma
00:13:34i.will.own.u just let me get fat and i will pwn their asses
00:13:38Kamerplant LOL
00:13:45i.will.own.u suck it
00:13:55Netsroht_ u
00:13:59Netsroht_ suck smoker
00:14:10Kamerplant b
00:14:19Fxx. fuck this game
00:14:23~ :D
00:14:25Smokeer this strom
00:14:26Fxx. rly unbalanced teams
00:14:27Smokeer np
00:14:31i.will.own.u u just uskc
00:14:38Fxx. i will own u in team - free lost
00:14:55i.will.own.u keep whiningh
00:14:57Carna oom
00:15:00Smokeer dude we got idiot from dota-league
00:15:01Smokeer np
00:15:18Carna i go regen*
00:15:32PriMo gj
00:15:34Netsroht_ AL COME MIDD
00:15:36Netsroht_ wtf!??!
00:15:37Netsroht_ come
00:15:41Netsroht_ smoker u fkn noob
00:15:46Carna got utli
00:15:55lemi.livo.skodi illu
00:15:56Kamerplant illu
00:16:10Carna suitre
00:16:12Carna sure
00:16:14Netsroht_ come mid!!!
00:16:16Netsroht_ weaver
00:16:19Carna ...
00:16:24Carna b
00:16:53Carna u guys fuckin sleep Du
00:17:09PriMo lol
00:17:14PriMo omg
00:17:25Kamerplant bala
00:17:30Kamerplant stay back
00:17:31Kamerplant sniper
00:17:35Netsroht_ come mid!
00:17:55i.will.own.u slardar
00:18:04edgarass storm u gfucking ifiot
00:18:05Netsroht_ this team is so fkn fail!
00:18:06edgarass shithead
00:18:19edgarass u are lasty pick shitthead cant do shit
00:18:21Fxx. continue !
00:18:25Fxx. 2. tower
00:18:27lemi.livo.skodi charged
00:18:27Kamerplant n
00:18:38i.will.own.u du8st
00:18:45Netsroht_ omfg weaver
00:19:12Fxx. dd
00:19:18PriMo b
00:19:24lemi.livo.skodi charged
00:19:37Carna fuck u never utli
00:19:38Carna sb
00:20:03lemi.livo.skodi oom
00:20:09lemi.livo.skodi just for 1 charge
00:20:19Kamerplant save for ulti
00:20:30lemi.livo.skodi ok i have ult now
00:20:35Carna mdi
00:20:38Kamerplant tc can you get jango?
00:20:51i.will.own.u omw
00:21:13Netsroht_ qtf?
00:21:13Kamerplant haha
00:21:14Fxx. tower
00:21:15Netsroht_ Lal
00:21:19Netsroht_ this team sucks hard!
00:21:25edgarass u suck idiot
00:21:31Netsroht_ cap is a fkn nab
00:21:32~ kid
00:21:50PriMo omg
00:21:54Kamerplant oh
00:21:55Kamerplant sorry
00:21:58i.will.own.u this can be won
00:21:58edgarass =weaver come gang pls
00:21:59Kamerplant you locked
00:22:18edgarass dead mid
00:22:27Smokeer STORM
00:22:28Smokeer afk
00:22:29Smokeer xDD
00:22:42edgarass b
00:23:22Carna can u fuckin assist
00:23:36Kamerplant forest came back
00:23:38Kamerplant and i was locked in
00:23:39Kamerplant lol
00:23:39edgarass farm bala and weaver pls
00:24:00Kamerplant haha weaver farmed half the game and went for vanguard?
00:24:02PriMo b
00:24:13Carna ok push all plz
00:24:21Kamerplant best not
00:24:22PriMo vards
00:24:32PriMo anyone
00:24:50Smokeer oom
00:24:59i.will.own.u tsk
00:25:07Kamerplant care sniper!!
00:25:20PriMo sniper gang
00:25:23Kamerplant all going top
00:25:34PriMo b
00:26:03Kamerplant lol
00:26:28edgarass b
00:26:45Fxx. another rules break
00:26:46Fxx. mortred
00:26:49i.will.own.u shh will u
00:27:03PriMo no
00:27:04Fxx. u cant steal neutrals
00:27:05edgarass trap
00:27:12Carna care
00:27:25PriMo b
00:27:25PriMo b
00:27:54edgarass weaver
00:27:59Netsroht_ radi!
00:28:00edgarass go fight u full
00:28:27lemi.livo.skodi buy dust or ees and focus weaver
00:28:30lemi.livo.skodi eyes*
00:28:39PriMo gang sniper
00:28:48lemi.livo.skodi sacred relic on weaver
00:28:50PriMo and vards
00:29:45Smokeer strom i dont need ur chick i already banrequest u
00:29:48lemi.livo.skodi suck it
00:29:51i.will.own.u lame
00:29:51Carna tower
00:29:53Smokeer writing
00:29:54edgarass b
00:29:57edgarass def top all pls
00:29:58Netsroht_ fine
00:30:12i.will.own.u lets push some twrs
00:30:15~ wtf
00:30:18~ stupid
00:30:28Smokeer i coming top
00:30:41edgarass storm u are fuxking hithead idiot
00:30:44i.will.own.u omw
00:30:47i.will.own.u push
00:30:47edgarass u call all nooobs byut u dont do anything
00:30:52PriMo omg
00:30:56edgarass dieyng mother fucker
00:31:26Kamerplant gogo
00:31:30Carna oom
00:31:31Kamerplant haha
00:31:31Smokeer well
00:31:32Kamerplant nice
00:31:33Smokeer i farm
00:31:33lemi.livo.skodi kill that shit gj
00:31:35Kamerplant ok
00:31:38PriMo b
00:31:38PriMo b
00:31:49PriMo retard
00:31:56Smokeer slardar go top
00:32:09Kamerplant b
00:32:10edgarass our team cant do shit
00:32:10Kamerplant b
00:32:11Kamerplant b
00:32:12i.will.own.u b
00:32:14edgarass with fucking stomr
00:32:17i.will.own.u b
00:32:24Kamerplant b
00:32:25Kamerplant b
00:32:25Kamerplant b
00:32:26edgarass idiot of all
00:32:33lemi.livo.skodi gj .....b now
00:32:38Carna omg
00:32:43i.will.own.u need farm
00:32:48Carna so i do
00:32:53i.will.own.u not as much
00:32:54Carna u dont have to steal creeps
00:33:01Carna its forbidden
00:33:04Carna can get u baned
00:33:07edgarass wowo
00:33:07Smokeer let me farm
00:33:11Fxx. mom without vang bara
00:33:13Fxx. is bad
00:33:16i.will.own.u y
00:33:28Fxx. need help down
00:33:29i.will.own.u im getting fat soon
00:33:41Kamerplant omw
00:33:42Kamerplant down
00:33:45lemi.livo.skodi bkb mort and gg
00:33:46Smokeer sec
00:33:48i.will.own.u y
00:33:59Smokeer radi
00:34:09Smokeer ulit
00:34:10lemi.livo.skodi charged balanar
00:34:15i.will.own.u onw
00:34:17Fxx. WAKE UP
00:34:19Fxx. !!!!!!!!!!!
00:34:50Carna mortered
00:34:56Kamerplant ffs
00:35:07Kamerplant lol
00:35:07Carna god
00:35:08Kamerplant are you mad
00:35:09Carna awfull
00:35:09Smokeer push
00:35:13Kamerplant so greedy
00:35:14Kamerplant it hurts
00:35:15i.will.own.u idc
00:35:18i.will.own.u u all die like flies
00:35:18edgarass care
00:35:23Kamerplant lol!
00:35:25i.will.own.u u are so stupid
00:35:31Kamerplant i died almost near fountain because you wanted that kill so bad
00:35:47PriMo lol
00:35:50PriMo vivver
00:35:53edgarass lol idiots
00:35:55PriMo noob?
00:35:59Carna NO :!
00:36:04Smokeer dislike mouse
00:36:08i.will.own.u le tme farm lane
00:36:11edgarass weaver use your skill wich attach that small shits that makes dmg
00:36:12Smokeer macro
00:36:20PriMo go rohsan and push
00:36:40PriMo like panda
00:37:00Fxx. mid push ?
00:37:05Kamerplant not without a gank
00:37:12Carna dd
00:37:17Carna fast
00:37:26Netsroht_ roshan!
00:37:30Fxx. they focusing me hard
00:37:32Fxx. i need to def
00:37:37edgarass dead
00:37:39i.will.own.u no
00:37:41i.will.own.u they focus me
00:38:03i.will.own.u slard inc
00:38:05i.will.own.u care
00:38:11Netsroht_ heal me urn
00:38:16i.will.own.u omw
00:38:18Netsroht_ urn
00:38:20i.will.own.u then we push lane
00:38:32i.will.own.u uylti
00:38:44Kamerplant fucking silence
00:38:48Fxx. lich
00:38:50Fxx. use your armor !
00:38:51Kamerplant SILENCE
00:39:00Fxx. before fight
00:39:02Fxx. spam it
00:39:02Fxx. !
00:39:03i.will.own.u def
00:39:05edgarass abba farm top
00:39:18PriMo lol
00:39:22i.will.own.u gj
00:39:28Kamerplant WAKE UP
00:39:29Carna tp top ?.
00:39:36Kamerplant lol creep more
00:40:09PriMo rosh
00:40:09Fxx. lich
00:40:15Fxx. do u have skilled IMBA armor ?
00:40:18Kamerplant yes
00:40:20Fxx. i think , not
00:40:22Carna so use p
00:40:23Kamerplant i have been using it all game
00:40:24Fxx. + 0 wards
00:40:30Smokeer no wards 37min
00:40:31Smokeer xD
00:40:32Kamerplant 6 wards uptill now
00:40:35Kamerplant are you even looking?
00:40:43PriMo come
00:40:46PriMo b
00:40:47PriMo b
00:40:47Smokeer coming
00:41:07Fxx. come def dwon
00:41:08Fxx. down
00:41:20Fxx. IN BASE
00:41:20Fxx. !
00:41:29edgarass idiots
00:41:41Netsroht_ im not useful
00:41:41Fxx. heal tc
00:41:53Smokeer b
00:41:54Smokeer b
00:41:58edgarass u are fucking idiot
00:42:00Fxx. b
00:42:00Fxx. b
00:42:00Fxx. b
00:42:02edgarass u can just quit
00:42:05edgarass it will be better
00:42:38edgarass u have 900 hp
00:42:43edgarass u know that this is stupid/.
00:42:45edgarass ?
00:42:50Fxx. i had true :-)
00:42:53Fxx. 1. lvl now
00:42:57edgarass 40 min and 900 hp?
00:43:14i.will.own.u bkb soon
00:43:28lemi.livo.skodi lol tc
00:43:38Carna sorry took it so she doesnt
00:43:43lemi.livo.skodi k
00:43:49edgarass baoit
00:44:01lemi.livo.skodi b
00:44:04Kamerplant ffs
00:44:06Kamerplant again
00:44:09i.will.own.u b
00:44:09i.will.own.u b
00:44:10i.will.own.u b
00:44:18Kamerplant all b
00:44:19i.will.own.u b
00:44:19Fxx. fuck
00:44:19Kamerplant !
00:44:20Carna wtf u do here
00:44:21Fxx. my bad
00:44:21PriMo push
00:44:26Fxx. 1400
00:44:27lemi.livo.skodi bad move as hell
00:44:29Smokeer y push top and bot
00:44:29Fxx. 100 missing to item
00:44:31Smokeer oim solopush
00:44:32Smokeer im
00:44:40Kamerplant all defend bot and top!
00:44:50lemi.livo.skodi 3 top
00:44:56lemi.livo.skodi mort def
00:44:57Fxx. mortred
00:44:57Fxx. def
00:44:58Fxx. !
00:45:01i.will.own.u shut it
00:45:04i.will.own.u armor me
00:45:10PriMo mis
00:45:10Fxx. 1 down
00:45:11Fxx. !
00:45:33edgarass storm b
00:46:00Smokeer sniper gem
00:46:06PriMo b all
00:46:18lemi.livo.skodi suck that baty
00:46:18~ go
00:46:22lemi.livo.skodi baby*
00:46:23Smokeer rosh then focus sniper
00:46:40Fxx. FUCKER !
00:46:48Carna gp ^ppush
00:47:00Fxx. defend me
00:47:02Fxx. and its win
00:47:10i.will.own.u s&y for me?
00:47:22i.will.own.u armor me
00:47:59Netsroht_ we lost
00:48:07Smokeer wtf
00:48:12Smokeer strom u suck
00:48:14Smokeer that why
00:48:23Netsroht_ ur mom sucks
00:48:24Fxx. PUSH
00:48:25i.will.own.u def me and it sgg
00:48:37PriMo noob panda..
00:48:38edgarass idiots
00:48:47edgarass panda is fucking noob of all noobs
00:48:52edgarass 1k hp in 50 min
00:48:53lemi.livo.skodi b mort
00:49:00Carna RAKCS
00:49:02lemi.livo.skodi dont chase plz ...rax important
00:49:07Fxx. RAAAAAAAX
00:49:21Fxx. RAAAAAX
00:49:23Fxx. guys
00:49:24Fxx. stop toying
00:49:31Carna tard
00:49:40i.will.own.u it doesnt matter
00:49:40Fxx. b
00:49:41i.will.own.u :)
00:49:42lemi.livo.skodi b now
00:49:47edgarass def rax
00:49:49edgarass idiots
00:49:56lemi.livo.skodi charged abba
00:50:00Smokeer this strom
00:50:00edgarass veaver farm bot
00:50:01i.will.own.u what item for me?
00:50:04i.will.own.u mkb?
00:50:10Fxx. vladi
00:50:11Netsroht_ i go
00:50:11Fxx. desol
00:50:16edgarass stomr dont go
00:50:17Kamerplant worth it
00:50:18Kamerplant >
00:50:21edgarass leave farm for useful players
00:50:27Fxx. bara
00:50:29Kamerplant is denied
00:50:29Fxx. dont die
00:50:50Carna wait
00:50:52PriMo my botle
00:51:08Fxx. dead
00:51:12i.will.own.u k
00:51:13Fxx. balanar had eagis
00:51:18i.will.own.u easy we w ill win
00:51:20PriMo go mid
00:51:32~ weaver share pls
00:52:34Fxx. b
00:52:34Smokeer come
00:52:35Smokeer tp
00:52:36Smokeer a;l;l
00:52:39Fxx. we cant 4vs5
00:52:44Kamerplant 4v4
00:52:49Fxx. mortred
00:52:51Fxx. enjoy 5 day ban
00:52:56Smokeer go forest
00:52:57Smokeer gang
00:52:57edgarass push bot
00:53:02i.will.own.u just let me farm
00:53:04Smokeer the n push
00:53:07i.will.own.u its all i need
00:53:07Smokeer forest
00:53:16i.will.own.u 500 for deso
00:53:28Fxx. dont help him
00:53:31Kamerplant lol
00:53:31Kamerplant ok
00:53:37Kamerplant all base or game over
00:53:45i.will.own.u haha
00:53:47Smokeer push
00:53:47lemi.livo.skodi what a joke we lost now
00:53:48Smokeer mid
00:53:49i.will.own.u enjoyyour lose now
00:53:50i.will.own.u tards
00:53:57i.will.own.u cause snipers good comment
00:54:00Fxx. rofl
00:54:01i.will.own.u dont help hiom
00:54:05lemi.livo.skodi cuz you died epic
00:54:06Smokeer fast
00:54:07i.will.own.u well d´ione
00:54:10i.will.own.u suer
00:54:14edgarass heal me
00:54:15edgarass abba
00:54:16i.will.own.u cause 3 vs 1 and no one helps
00:54:19Kamerplant rebuy
00:54:20Kamerplant oh
00:54:22Kamerplant you shopped
00:54:23~ no skill
00:54:25i.will.own.u epic your self
00:54:36i.will.own.u freewin
00:54:38Fxx. so fucking epic team
00:54:40edgarass fast fast
00:54:43edgarass then bot immediately
00:54:49i.will.own.u y u suck
00:54:51Fxx. mortred reported
00:54:54Fxx. and enjoy your free win
00:55:00Smokeer also strom
00:55:01Smokeer no share
00:55:03Fxx. cause we play 2vs5 with lich
00:55:14edgarass we play 3
00:55:16edgarass so
00:55:41PriMo gj team
00:55:53PriMo oll
00:55:58Fxx. go last push
00:55:59PriMo fuckin noob
00:56:01Fxx. all buy TP
00:56:04Fxx. and go last push
00:56:05Fxx. mid
00:56:08Fxx. throne
00:56:10Fxx. or we lose
00:56:11i.will.own.u buy me a tp
00:56:22Kamerplant in bird
00:56:23i.will.own.u suide your self
00:56:27i.will.own.u ty
00:56:31Kamerplant suit*
00:56:41Fxx. def up 1.
00:56:43Fxx. and go mid
00:56:59i.will.own.u gj
00:57:00Fxx. MIIIIIID
00:57:07i.will.own.u omw
00:57:14Kamerplant tc defend
00:57:26Kamerplant mort
00:57:27Kamerplant come
00:57:29Smokeer care
00:57:30Smokeer all
00:57:35PriMo def
00:58:05i.will.own.u gj
00:58:06PriMo fuck
00:58:11edgarass how the fuck weaver dies?
00:58:13Fxx. THRONE
00:58:17Fxx. dont toying with heores
00:58:17i.will.own.u y
00:58:17Fxx. !
00:58:25Smokeer how u
00:58:25Fxx. tcc come
00:58:31i.will.own.u jsut finig
00:58:31Fxx. we had tps
00:58:32i.will.own.u finish
00:58:33edgarass u have invi u have ulti
00:58:36edgarass how the fuck?
00:58:37Smokeer used
00:58:40PriMo omg
00:58:42PriMo noob
00:58:55Carna gg sniper
00:58:56lemi.livo.skodi throneeee
00:59:08Fxx. STOP TOYING
00:59:10i.will.own.u gg
00:59:10Netsroht_ def!
00:59:12Fxx. gg
00:59:13PriMo lol
00:59:15Fxx. finaly
00:59:21lemi.livo.skodi hahahhah
00:59:23PriMo omg
00:59:23edgarass noobsd
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