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Chat log

00:00:14Flex- hi bibi
00:00:15xenix- ban rubick ^^
00:00:18BoBo.Ftw rubick
00:00:18xenix- or get rubick ^^
00:00:18Flex- am
00:00:18BoBo.Ftw no no
00:00:34xenix- hmm
00:00:37Flex- i thought you would pick furi and i go krobe
00:00:37Flex- ohh well
00:00:37Flex- :D
00:00:38Pojetz oh no
00:00:45Flex- WTF
00:00:46Flex- brood
00:00:48Flex- dumbass
00:00:48Pojetz engima
00:00:50Pojetz ENIGMA
00:00:52Buttons ask me if i give
00:00:53Buttons a
00:00:54Buttons shit
00:00:58IamSoUnluckY i go puck
00:00:59IamSoUnluckY furi
00:01:00IamSoUnluckY ok?
00:01:02Flex- hmm
00:01:04Jambalaya go rhasta ?
00:01:04Flex- need tc
00:01:05Pojetz puck good
00:01:05xenix- geomancer avail
00:01:06Pojetz y
00:01:07Flex- or tide
00:01:09veuncent get rhasta
00:01:17veuncent and tude
00:01:19veuncent tide
00:01:22xenix- ill go monkey tide
00:01:24Pojetz enigma
00:01:25IamSoUnluckY may i puck?
00:01:26xenix- k ?
00:01:26Pojetz ENIGMA
00:01:27veuncent or slardar
00:01:28Flex- sure
00:01:29Flex- go bot
00:01:31Flex- brood bot
00:01:31Pojetz ofc enigma
00:01:32veuncent slardar would be nice
00:01:34IamSoUnluckY ty
00:01:36xenix- cant play
00:01:37Flex- actually no
00:01:39Pojetz last take enigma
00:01:39Flex- brood woods
00:01:40veuncent rhasta
00:01:43Flex- brood
00:01:43Pojetz i m top
00:01:47Flex- brood
00:01:48Flex- enemy woods
00:01:50xenix- 4th get rhasta thxc
00:01:57Buttons how the fuck do i even
00:01:59Flex- -hhn
00:02:02Flex- figure it out
00:02:13Flex- tc top
00:02:19Flex- eni woods
00:02:20Pojetz pause
00:02:24poskus lanes?
00:02:24xenix- ill top
00:02:24Pojetz my mouse 2 doesnt work
00:02:24veuncent what is up
00:02:24Pojetz Sec
00:02:24Flex- :D
00:02:24Flex- brood enemy woods
00:02:24Flex- im laughing my ass off here
00:02:24Flex- you go bot ofc
00:02:24poskus ok doublestun bot
00:02:24Buttons oh
00:02:24Buttons insane joke...
00:02:24poskus hopefully ull own :D
00:02:24Flex- well
00:02:24Flex- second pick brood
00:02:24Flex- you deserve it
00:02:24xenix- must own u mean
00:02:24Buttons ty master pro
00:02:25xenix- ^^
00:02:26veuncent slard will you get basi ring?
00:02:26IamSoUnluckY come brood
00:02:27IamSoUnluckY :D
00:02:28Buttons i hope i never get as good at dota as you
00:02:31Jambalaya no
00:02:36Buttons cos it'll make me instafag probz
00:02:43Flex- probably
00:02:48Flex- i have allergies
00:02:50Flex- for dumb shit
00:02:58Pojetz furi gang a lot
00:02:58Buttons i just don't care enough
00:02:59Buttons reall
00:02:59Buttons y
00:03:00Pojetz and its fine
00:03:12Flex- brood will insta die
00:03:13IamSoUnluckY guys play?
00:03:16Flex- if not a 20 min bkb
00:03:23Flex- they have tide slar etc..
00:03:25Pojetz vlad
00:03:26Pojetz too
00:03:26Jambalaya u pull
00:03:30veuncent k
00:03:45~ /w DotaKeys: You control Engima [f,c,d,b]
00:04:29Buttons HARASS
00:04:50Pojetz PULL BROOD
00:04:51Pojetz FFS
00:04:53Pojetz u moron
00:04:59Pojetz or
00:05:00Pojetz enigma
00:05:01Pojetz sry
00:05:49Pojetz OOPS
00:06:23Pojetz chiken where?
00:06:26Jambalaya go puck not brood
00:06:37Pojetz :dd:
00:06:38Pojetz tIDE
00:06:39Pojetz haha
00:07:08poskus mis
00:07:46Pojetz gang
00:07:47Pojetz enigma
00:07:52~ no mana
00:07:54Flex- gank
00:07:54xenix- miss
00:07:55Flex- krobe
00:08:00Pojetz omfg
00:08:09~ omw
00:08:14BoBo.Ftw omw bot
00:08:17Jambalaya go puck
00:08:45Jambalaya -.-
00:08:46poskus gush
00:08:46Pojetz sry
00:08:47poskus begfore?
00:08:48Pojetz didnt see
00:08:49Pojetz :S
00:08:58~ waste of time
00:09:35Buttons ss 3 bot
00:09:39veuncent taking
00:09:45Pojetz n o mana ffs
00:09:47Jambalaya omw top soon
00:09:50Flex- why
00:09:52Flex- stop the stun?
00:09:57Pojetz idk
00:09:57xenix- k heal and go
00:10:00xenix- slard
00:10:14IamSoUnluckY FURI?
00:10:14Flex- coming
00:10:16Flex- go
00:10:17IamSoUnluckY sry caps
00:10:21Flex- i tp
00:10:21Flex- puck
00:10:25xenix- coming
00:10:30xenix- wait !
00:10:40xenix- nice
00:10:49Pojetz SS MBY
00:10:49Pojetz ?
00:10:51Pojetz type
00:10:58poskus go
00:10:59poskus get
00:10:59Flex- with brood
00:11:00poskus nigma
00:11:01Flex- 0 stable lanes bro
00:11:01poskus forest?
00:11:09poskus tide
00:11:13Flex- enigma
00:11:23Flex- gonna need you soon
00:11:45veuncent lol
00:11:45IamSoUnluckY :D
00:11:47IamSoUnluckY gj
00:11:48veuncent what
00:11:48Jambalaya bad move ^^
00:11:48Pojetz omfg
00:11:57Flex- XD
00:11:58poskus bad situation
00:11:58Pojetz mouse crashedS
00:12:00veuncent dd
00:12:03xenix- xtreme bad move
00:12:16IamSoUnluckY brood
00:12:17IamSoUnluckY come dd
00:12:29Flex- b
00:12:30IamSoUnluckY farm mid
00:12:34Jambalaya care mid
00:12:37xenix- coming
00:12:37Jambalaya dd broo
00:12:38Buttons ss krob mid
00:12:40Flex- nerub
00:12:41Flex- invis
00:12:42Pojetz kill top when i have
00:12:44Pojetz mana
00:12:50Pojetz 40 mana more
00:12:53Flex- kk
00:12:56Flex- need enigma here then
00:12:58Pojetz 20 now
00:13:02veuncent top miss
00:13:06Pojetz go
00:13:13xenix- 22
00:13:16~ fu
00:13:35poskus a bit
00:13:37poskus before?
00:13:43veuncent cd
00:13:50Pojetz u nooow?
00:13:53Buttons rage
00:13:56veuncent yay
00:14:01xenix- ^^
00:14:04Pojetz srsly brood,?
00:14:14Buttons idd fog cancels one attack
00:14:18xenix- mana
00:14:28xenix- b
00:15:22veuncent omw
00:15:23IamSoUnluckY dd tide
00:15:40veuncent screw you
00:15:46Flex- back
00:16:46Flex- lool
00:16:52xenix- ^^
00:17:08Jambalaya w8 me mid
00:17:35veuncent do webs still have true sight?
00:17:43poskus nop
00:17:45Pojetz go
00:17:47Flex- GO
00:17:59veuncent woops
00:18:08veuncent dagger on enigma...
00:18:29Pojetz ffa
00:18:32Pojetz :S
00:18:33Flex- brood
00:18:34Flex- is useless
00:18:37Flex- he caNT KILL SHIT THERE
00:18:38Pojetz he is noob
00:18:39Pojetz rly
00:18:49Pojetz and enigma
00:18:52Pojetz u pro
00:18:53xenix- lol#
00:18:53Flex- what is enigma doing
00:18:54Flex- ..
00:18:56Pojetz What a team
00:19:07~ phone
00:19:20poskus panda is such a pain
00:19:22Pojetz brood shiel and ring :D:D:
00:19:28veuncent reg
00:19:31veuncent anyone?
00:19:34xenix- me
00:19:42xenix- ill go
00:20:34Pojetz stun
00:20:37Flex- no
00:20:38Flex- go back
00:21:16Pojetz fuck my fail
00:21:17Flex- why
00:21:18Flex- do you go
00:21:20Flex- 3 vs 5
00:21:21Pojetz wrong kkey
00:21:39Flex- go
00:21:41Flex- i can gank
00:22:06xenix- k
00:22:15veuncent you came to steal my farm panda?
00:22:16Flex- i hate tyhis team
00:22:22poskus u need
00:22:23poskus to farm?
00:22:25veuncent yeah
00:22:29poskus rly?
00:22:38poskus i diodnt see
00:22:39poskus ur name
00:22:40poskus on creeps
00:22:53Jambalaya -.-
00:23:01BoBo.Ftw guys cant u wait for me?
00:23:36BoBo.Ftw push
00:23:44Jambalaya w8 me bot
00:24:17poskus slard
00:24:20poskus dont steal
00:24:21poskus nerubs
00:24:22poskus farm
00:24:26poskus :DD
00:24:30Jambalaya lal
00:24:31xenix- help ??
00:25:18Pojetz :D:D
00:25:38Pojetz WARDS WHERE
00:25:40Pojetz ENIGMA?
00:25:47Pojetz and u nEED BKB AND BLINK
00:25:54Pojetz ok blink rdy
00:25:54~ and u need to stfu
00:25:55Pojetz fine
00:26:20Jambalaya -.-
00:26:51~ lol
00:26:51Pojetz gg
00:26:54~ :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:26:54Flex- enigma
00:26:55~ noob
00:26:56Flex- why didnt you ulti
00:27:01~ i was dead anyway
00:27:16xenix- def
00:27:21veuncent tide please get dagger
00:27:54xenix- b
00:28:04Pojetz =))
00:28:05Pojetz =?=
00:28:06~ wrong button :DDD
00:28:07poskus slard
00:28:10poskus didnt u see my name
00:28:13poskus on the catapult?
00:28:19Jambalaya -.-
00:28:50Flex- come
00:29:19Jambalaya check rosh
00:29:57Pojetz GG
00:30:00Pojetz this team is retard
00:30:02Flex- yup
00:30:04Pojetz furi said roshan
00:30:06Pojetz idiots
00:30:15Pojetz ty enimga
00:30:15Flex- go balance
00:30:15Flex- Someone
00:30:15Pojetz now we can win
00:30:15BoBo.Ftw nerub
00:30:15veuncent ? :D
00:30:17Flex- your gone bro
00:30:19BoBo.Ftw u have to balance
00:30:19Pojetz GO
00:30:19Flex- Veuncent
00:30:19veuncent seriously?
00:30:19Flex- go
00:30:19Flex- or ban
00:30:19Pojetz Vbanned
00:30:22poskus :D
00:30:34poskus never
00:30:36poskus send
00:30:37poskus a chick
00:30:37poskus full
00:30:40poskus of items
00:30:41poskus like that
00:30:42poskus idc
00:30:49BoBo.Ftw wait
00:30:49xenix- b
00:31:34BoBo.Ftw come
00:31:38poskus i have scepterrrr
00:31:39poskus :P
00:31:57poskus tower
00:31:59IamSoUnluckY ofc silence
00:31:59IamSoUnluckY .
00:32:07Pojetz MOUSE
00:32:08Pojetz ,,
00:32:22Flex- tc stun
00:32:35Flex- \wtf
00:32:35Flex- tc
00:32:43Flex- >..
00:32:45Flex- why so late
00:32:46Flex- i was there
00:32:47Flex- with enigma
00:32:48Flex- waiting
00:32:49Pojetz mouse crashed
00:32:51Pojetz i said
00:32:52Jambalaya im b
00:32:54Flex- get a new one
00:33:34Pojetz b
00:33:36Pojetz b
00:33:36Pojetz b
00:33:36Pojetz b
00:33:37Pojetz b
00:33:37Pojetz b
00:33:37Pojetz b
00:33:48Pojetz FUCK TARD NOUSE
00:33:50Pojetz MOUSE
00:33:51Pojetz ..
00:34:26Flex- I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:34:29IamSoUnluckY f
00:34:30IamSoUnluckY I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:34:30Buttons I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:34:33xenix- y
00:34:38Flex- i added bronze by accident
00:35:19xenix- invi
00:35:47Flex- brood
00:35:49Flex- you needed treads
00:35:50Flex- long ago
00:35:52Flex- to do that
00:35:56Flex- you attack to slow
00:36:00Flex- to ulti shit
00:36:08Jambalaya go hrone
00:36:09BoBo.Ftw 7k gold :D
00:36:12Jambalaya nice
00:36:18Jambalaya go devine :P
00:36:20BoBo.Ftw y
00:36:20Jambalaya for fun
00:36:33IamSoUnluckY any1 saw eni's ulty?
00:37:26Pojetz divine
00:37:26Pojetz :D
00:37:35Flex- x
00:37:37Flex- D
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