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-31 X
-2 TS

85% | 1499 X | 1432 TS

-26 X
-1 TS

68% | 1286 X | 1400 TS

-14 X
-5 TS

45% | 1154 X | 1291 TS

-4 X
-4 TS

3% | 816 X | 1135 TS

-64 X
-13 TS

NEW | 949 X | 953 TS

+39 X
+1 TS

69% | 1307 X | 1385 TS

+6 X
+1 TS

45% | 1142 X | 1293 TS

+31 X
+34 TS

NEW | 1096 X | 1263 TS

+53 X
+16 TS

30% | 1069 X | 1244 TS

+17 X
+4 TS

19% | 1022 X | 1188 TS

Chat log

00:00:18ForbeateN qop omni venos
00:00:20ForbeateN hm
00:00:20ForbeateN qop
00:00:33GottHasstMich stop picking carries
00:00:33GottHasstMich WTF
00:00:43ForbeateN omno or qop
00:00:44ForbeateN ?
00:00:45poskus i have
00:00:46Platscher sry only your allowed to pick carry
00:00:47poskus 3 carries..
00:00:49FaH.Q omni
00:00:55GottHasstMich no im not
00:00:56lemi.livo.skodi i wont be carry
00:00:59GottHasstMich but we dont need a fucking void here
00:01:01ForbeateN kinda boring :D
00:01:07GottHasstMich if i already got am
00:01:09reptile get omni
00:01:25m1shjaAa i had 3 carrys too
00:01:29Platscher omni -.-
00:01:45m1shjaAa pls sry me am
00:01:48m1shjaAa will u?
00:01:56m1shjaAa its stupid sd
00:02:02m1shjaAa 3 carry tavern(
00:02:03GottHasstMich play good and i might
00:02:06m1shjaAa sry plz
00:02:14Platscher so you wanabe pros
00:02:24Platscher in teamfights you need to cover me
00:02:24m1shjaAa i pull
00:02:26Ov3r_Dr1vE haha
00:02:26lemi.livo.skodi think we can win
00:02:43Platscher you farm
00:02:50ForbeateN ss
00:03:04Platscher ss
00:03:14GottHasstMich .p
00:04:21reptile go husk soon
00:04:29ForbeateN lvl 3
00:04:31reptile just heal me when im near
00:04:51Platscher ss
00:04:58Platscher bara
00:05:36ForbeateN go
00:05:40Platscher ss
00:05:43m1shjaAa fu
00:05:46m1shjaAa my exp
00:05:48lemi.livo.skodi ?
00:06:08reptile to many creeps
00:06:24FaH.Q need gank for am
00:06:34GottHasstMich ss mid
00:06:34ForbeateN gj
00:06:34Platscher wtf
00:06:34ForbeateN he left
00:06:34Platscher seems so
00:06:34Platscher rmk
00:06:34ForbeateN ban him
00:06:34m1shjaAa who
00:06:34m1shjaAa me?
00:06:42ForbeateN y
00:06:47m1shjaAa i did not
00:06:50GottHasstMich upg chick
00:07:26ForbeateN ss
00:08:01Platscher laggy -.-
00:08:11Ov3r_Dr1vE ss2
00:08:11GottHasstMich pudge going top
00:08:12FaH.Q ss
00:08:13FaH.Q am mid
00:08:15GottHasstMich re
00:08:46reptile im oom
00:08:50reptile #b
00:08:52lemi.livo.skodi gang top asap
00:08:53FaH.Q need gank am
00:08:55ForbeateN f u
00:09:07GottHasstMich leave mid
00:09:15FaH.Q husk mid
00:09:35lemi.livo.skodi gang doc
00:09:37FaH.Q am vanguard
00:09:38FaH.Q gank him
00:09:39m1shjaAa ss CARE!
00:09:41m1shjaAa ss CARE!
00:09:42m1shjaAa ss CARE!
00:09:52m1shjaAa RE
00:10:02ForbeateN magina vang
00:10:03ForbeateN great
00:10:04ForbeateN tards
00:10:36GottHasstMich go mid
00:11:02FaH.Q STUN
00:11:05lemi.livo.skodi help top ffs
00:11:07GottHasstMich go wl
00:11:12GottHasstMich go top
00:11:13GottHasstMich WL
00:11:22m1shjaAa 4 top
00:11:25Platscher yea yeah omw
00:11:37lemi.livo.skodi ff
00:11:38m1shjaAa lol husk got heal
00:11:55reptile oom
00:12:05FaH.Q we need to gank am
00:12:08FaH.Q or he will get op
00:12:14ForbeateN y
00:12:27FaH.Q go
00:12:54poskus void
00:12:54Platscher gg -.-
00:12:55poskus is such
00:12:57poskus a noob
00:13:03Platscher lol void items
00:13:32m1shjaAa guy cmon
00:13:35m1shjaAa guys*
00:13:37GottHasstMich :D
00:13:39FaH.Q wp
00:13:39poskus what void
00:13:40ForbeateN great
00:13:42poskus u are a fuckin
00:13:42GottHasstMich void
00:13:43poskus idiot
00:13:44GottHasstMich gg your ulti
00:13:49m1shjaAa ahahah
00:13:56m1shjaAa i shoud die?
00:13:58GottHasstMich NO
00:13:59poskus u
00:14:00GottHasstMich U WOULDNT
00:14:00poskus are
00:14:01Platscher void just look your itmes
00:14:01GottHasstMich IWAS THERE
00:14:01poskus an idiot
00:14:02GottHasstMich U IDIOT
00:14:08GottHasstMich pudge insta dead
00:14:08GottHasstMich but no
00:14:10GottHasstMich u ulti
00:14:13GottHasstMich and they stuncontroled me
00:14:25Platscher omw top
00:14:33Platscher shit omni
00:14:56ForbeateN ty
00:14:57ForbeateN pudge
00:15:00ForbeateN for saving me
00:15:00FaH.Q wasnt there
00:15:02FaH.Q guy
00:15:04ForbeateN ofc
00:15:04FaH.Q i wasnt there
00:15:09ForbeateN u wasnt there
00:15:10ForbeateN u noob
00:15:12FaH.Q rofl
00:15:15ForbeateN u let magina farm
00:15:15FaH.Q bobtard hdf
00:15:30GottHasstMich WP
00:15:55Platscher lol
00:16:06reptile wd
00:16:11reptile are u serious?
00:16:23reptile maledict lvl 1?
00:16:25GottHasstMich come mid
00:16:25GottHasstMich void
00:16:25lemi.livo.skodi i heal void
00:16:25ForbeateN fuck u nab
00:16:26m1shjaAa LOOOl
00:16:52Platscher omw
00:16:57ForbeateN b
00:17:07m1shjaAa D
00:17:19ForbeateN piudge
00:17:20ForbeateN u suck
00:17:23FaH.Q and u call me noob
00:17:23ForbeateN for real
00:17:24ForbeateN man
00:17:24FaH.Q hahahahahha
00:17:29ForbeateN u suck
00:17:30FaH.Q that was my fault ya ?
00:17:31FaH.Q tard
00:17:35FaH.Q you really are a fucking bob
00:17:37ForbeateN u let wd die
00:17:38ForbeateN u noob
00:17:43ForbeateN u sucker
00:17:45ForbeateN failer
00:17:49FaH.Q he went wrong way back you fucktard
00:17:52FaH.Q just su
00:17:57ForbeateN noob...
00:18:39GottHasstMich just dont feed guys
00:18:41GottHasstMich play ultra def
00:18:43GottHasstMich they lose late game
00:18:44GottHasstMich hardcorfe
00:18:46m1shjaAa ultra
00:18:48reptile b
00:18:54FaH.Q gank their woods
00:19:11FaH.Q warded
00:19:11GottHasstMich let me farm huskar
00:19:23lemi.livo.skodi and i ll get minuse points ?
00:19:26GottHasstMich LOL
00:19:39m1shjaAa RE2
00:20:21ForbeateN gg
00:20:41ForbeateN bara farming :D
00:20:48ForbeateN wd lvl 6 :D
00:20:59Platscher this void is killing me :D
00:21:05ForbeateN NESAJ ARMLET!
00:21:06m1shjaAa why)
00:21:07ForbeateN YES!
00:21:11lemi.livo.skodi do we care ?
00:21:12Platscher am
00:21:15GottHasstMich coming
00:21:19ForbeateN stfu u nab
00:21:20Platscher you go crit
00:21:27Platscher without boots or anything XD
00:21:29Platscher lol
00:22:29ForbeateN too much loosers playing this game
00:22:32Platscher gg
00:22:37GottHasstMich b
00:22:41zizzlez your mum
00:22:41ForbeateN like nesaj and wd
00:22:41GottHasstMich not gg yet
00:22:43reptile armlet on nessay is totally normal
00:22:46m1shjaAa mom or domi>
00:22:47GottHasstMich :D
00:22:48reptile lol..
00:22:50GottHasstMich mom
00:22:51ForbeateN oh yes it is
00:22:55ForbeateN u suck man
00:23:01ForbeateN armlet on nessaj
00:23:02ForbeateN ahhaha
00:23:20FaH.Q -st
00:23:24reptile and what u build on him?
00:23:35ForbeateN inbalanced teams again
00:23:43FaH.Q more dd runes plz
00:23:44lemi.livo.skodi su emo
00:24:00Platscher its all about the magic
00:24:01ForbeateN feeder of game huskar
00:24:20lemi.livo.skodi i feed you with my cock
00:24:29Platscher care
00:24:56Platscher what was that ?
00:24:58GottHasstMich dont go there now
00:25:05GottHasstMich bullcrap
00:25:14GottHasstMich wasted rune
00:25:15GottHasstMich ....
00:25:16poskus horsepuckly
00:25:37ForbeateN go mid!
00:25:47GottHasstMich def
00:25:48GottHasstMich all
00:25:52Platscher omw
00:25:55GottHasstMich tp
00:25:56GottHasstMich go
00:26:01Platscher no ulti
00:26:05Platscher stay def
00:26:07Platscher care pudge
00:26:10GottHasstMich GO
00:26:50GottHasstMich go push
00:26:57ForbeateN voids ulti
00:27:01ForbeateN the most stupid
00:27:02ForbeateN spell
00:27:05ForbeateN in the game
00:27:16ForbeateN i got ulti
00:27:18ForbeateN they dont
00:27:18ForbeateN go
00:27:21Platscher 40 mana for ulti
00:27:21GottHasstMich wl ulti rdy?
00:27:24GottHasstMich go bot
00:27:25GottHasstMich then
00:27:26GottHasstMich dont mid
00:27:27Platscher 20
00:27:29GottHasstMich we need wl ulti
00:27:39Platscher rdy
00:27:43GottHasstMich go
00:27:46GottHasstMich then
00:28:06GottHasstMich go
00:28:07reptile omni u write u have ulti
00:28:08reptile and dont use it
00:28:36reptile I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:37ForbeateN I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:41FaH.Q I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:42lemi.livo.skodi cuz am noob
00:28:42FaH.Q I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:44FaH.Q !ff
00:28:47FaH.Q yes you are
00:28:48zizzlez !ff
00:28:52GottHasstMich ofc u are
00:28:53lemi.livo.skodi su emo failer
00:28:56FaH.Q :D
00:28:57GottHasstMich statement of the day
00:28:58GottHasstMich :
00:29:03GottHasstMich i ask him kindly to let me farm
00:29:04Platscher ^^
00:29:04GottHasstMich his answer :
00:29:09GottHasstMich "so i get minus points?"
00:29:11GottHasstMich HAHA:D
00:29:13FaH.Q :D
00:29:36m1shjaAa i think its just unlucky game for him
00:29:40ForbeateN I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:40GottHasstMich no
00:29:42GottHasstMich its usual stuff
00:29:44GottHasstMich with this player
00:29:48GottHasstMich best one ist his traxex
00:29:49lemi.livo.skodi ofc not
00:29:50GottHasstMich is*
00:30:30m1shjaAa husk dont skill heal next time fist
00:30:36lemi.livo.skodi k
00:30:39Platscher fist :D
00:30:43Platscher im fisting ya :D
00:30:46GottHasstMich sange on omni is fine shit as well
00:30:46GottHasstMich :D
00:30:49m1shjaAa heal owns when u have str
00:30:52m1shjaAa first*
00:30:55ForbeateN sange yasha
00:30:58ForbeateN making
00:31:00GottHasstMich total crap
00:31:01ForbeateN u tard
00:31:01poskus rosh?
00:31:07reptile and u flaming me for making armlet..
00:31:09ForbeateN u are just lucky
00:31:10FaH.Q meka > all :D
00:31:10m1shjaAa y s y
00:31:12reptile i dont need to write anymore
00:31:15ForbeateN pudge left u farm
00:31:18GottHasstMich nothing to do with lucky
00:31:18m1shjaAa sy is total crap for all
00:31:18FaH.Q yy
00:31:18ForbeateN u are nab too
00:31:20FaH.Q :D
00:31:23GottHasstMich u build is bullshit
00:31:25m1shjaAa maby not for teror
00:31:27ForbeateN ure too
00:31:31GottHasstMich ofc :)
00:31:47ForbeateN pres yasha and broadsword
00:31:52ForbeateN pathetic u are..
00:32:25lemi.livo.skodi gj
00:32:29Ov3r_Dr1vE !ff
00:32:33Ov3r_Dr1vE I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:36ForbeateN I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:38Platscher your pretty bad
00:32:43zizzlez I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:45m1shjaAa i pretty good
00:32:58m1shjaAa its over(
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