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Chat log

00:00:17mrk anyone
00:00:17mrk omni
00:00:17mrk or rubic
00:00:17mrk omni/rubic/ns
00:00:17mrk ns
00:00:17mrk guess not
00:00:17Tough i ban furi
00:00:17Tough every1 fine with that?
00:00:17reptile y
00:00:17mrk hi
00:00:17mrk hi
00:00:17mrk hi
00:00:17mrk hi
00:00:17Tough furion
00:00:17Eternity re
00:00:17Eternity -ii
00:00:17Eternity -water random
00:00:17mrk omni rubi?
00:00:17Tough any1 can play rubick?
00:00:19reptile i cant, hotkeys doesnt work
00:00:23Tough team
00:00:23reptile with him
00:00:27Tough ah
00:00:27reptile ^^
00:00:28Tough okay
00:00:43Tough i go mid
00:00:53mrk get omni sk/aa
00:00:58mrk ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnni
00:00:58Netsroht_ i'll do omni
00:01:01mrk get him
00:01:02mrk someone
00:01:05Netsroht_ ye
00:01:17mrk jesus
00:01:18mrk fucjk
00:01:24Firoga eternity here?
00:01:28Eternity gosh
00:01:30Eternity antivir set
00:01:33Eternity me to desktop
00:01:36Eternity so i randomed
00:01:37mrk get aa
00:01:40TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:01:40TOo_LaZy -di
00:01:43mrk aa
00:01:53Netsroht_ chick?
00:01:56Netsroht_ shall i go chick
00:01:57Firoga u
00:01:58mrk ye
00:02:08Tough get aa
00:02:10Tough or zeus
00:02:14mrk omni top
00:02:16Tough dude
00:02:18mrk tusk pugna bot
00:02:19Tough are u kidding me?
00:02:22Tough fucktard
00:02:33Tough i think
00:02:34Tough tide top
00:02:37Tough rahsta bot
00:02:41reptile ?
00:02:42reptile err?
00:02:43Tough 2 meele
00:02:45Tough bot ?
00:02:46reptile i dont want with bones
00:02:47reptile y
00:02:49Tough well
00:02:50reptile why not?
00:02:51Tough than go bot
00:02:54mrk whats up with the furi ban
00:02:57mrk noone bans furi
00:03:03TOo_LaZy ruen top
00:03:04Tough i baned him?
00:03:16mrk that's not fair
00:04:15Eternity i pull then
00:04:15Eternity ffs
00:05:17reptile go him then
00:05:28mrk sniper bot
00:05:29mrk rune
00:05:34mrk ss
00:05:45mrk re
00:05:49Netsroht_ gj
00:05:55Eternity ty.
00:05:58mrk where's chick
00:06:18TOo_LaZy hj
00:06:21TOo_LaZy g
00:06:22TOo_LaZy gj
00:06:34Eternity noob.
00:06:36Netsroht_ wtf
00:06:37reptile go
00:06:50mrk ffs
00:06:51mrk dont fuck
00:07:04mrk jesus
00:07:34Eternity waste heal to farm
00:07:45mieseskarma top 3
00:07:47Netsroht_ nah
00:07:59Eternity !ff
00:08:03Eternity lost game
00:08:06reptile ss
00:08:13Eternity supportsno wards
00:08:17Eternity failganks
00:08:20Eternity and stealing farm
00:08:23Tough ss mid care
00:08:26Eternity stop play on that server
00:08:27reptile go b
00:08:28lemi.livo.skodi ss top
00:08:32Firoga eternity, u randomed
00:08:33Netsroht_ u farm very bad mate
00:08:34Firoga stop complain
00:08:39Firoga let's JUST play
00:08:48Netsroht_ pretty awerfuk
00:08:55Eternity you die through tower
00:09:01Eternity without enemys
00:09:03Eternity and cant heal
00:09:03Netsroht_ it bugged
00:09:07Tough ss mid care
00:09:16Netsroht_ it bugged u moron
00:09:28Eternity shht newb
00:09:39Netsroht_ ur farm is awful anyways
00:09:42Eternity maybe learn something about dota
00:09:43reptile wait
00:09:44Eternity if you steal with heal
00:09:46reptile soon lvl 6
00:09:46lemi.livo.skodi ss top
00:09:47lemi.livo.skodi care gang
00:09:49Stonetorl for lvl6
00:09:49Netsroht_ wtf?
00:09:52Netsroht_ just stfu
00:09:57mrk why
00:09:59mrk is every lane
00:09:59mrk pushed
00:10:01mrk like wtffff
00:10:05mrk cant gank like this
00:10:06Tough ss mid cafe
00:10:18lemi.livo.skodi caffee ... yes please :)
00:11:07Eternity omni ll carry it
00:11:14Tough mid ss
00:11:15Firoga go
00:11:21mrk come
00:11:28mrk dude
00:11:31mrk pulling pushes the lane :P
00:11:50Eternity oh rlly dude?
00:12:02Eternity but pulling is the only way to get my farm
00:12:08mrk stack
00:12:08mrk it
00:12:19Eternity i did 2 times already
00:12:27lemi.livo.skodi ss top
00:12:30mrk wait
00:12:31mrk tusk
00:12:43mrk GO
00:12:44mrk WTF
00:12:45mrk ball
00:13:28Tough really nice my delay
00:13:29mrk gj
00:13:34Netsroht_ ty
00:13:49TOo_LaZy go mid T?
00:13:53mrk mid low
00:13:54mrk ye
00:13:58Netsroht_ need chick
00:14:00reptile def
00:14:19Netsroht_ damn
00:14:25mrk repel?
00:14:32Firoga repel? heal? ulti?
00:14:34Firoga something?
00:14:39Netsroht_ mana
00:14:42Netsroht_ ultied
00:14:58TOo_LaZy mid
00:15:36mrk wrads
00:15:37mrk wards*
00:15:39mrk please
00:15:40mrk pugna
00:15:41mrk tusk
00:15:46mrk gimme
00:15:56Netsroht_ should i get mekasm?
00:16:00mrk sure
00:16:01mrk meka janggo
00:16:03Eternity failpull
00:16:05Eternity zzZZz
00:16:12Netsroht_ urn aswell
00:16:23Firoga me meka
00:16:25Firoga me.
00:16:26mrk hea
00:16:31Firoga i do meka
00:16:55Netsroht_ i do meka
00:17:10Firoga iu do
00:17:12Eternity steal tideulti
00:17:21Firoga i do meka
00:17:23Firoga almost ready
00:17:59mrk cmon
00:17:59mrk wards
00:18:00mrk pugna
00:18:01mrk tusk
00:18:05Firoga omni buy wards
00:18:24Eternity you push
00:18:26Eternity fucking idiot
00:18:35Firoga who?
00:18:48Eternity lane fucked againgj
00:18:48mrk come
00:19:19Netsroht_ place me
00:19:31Firoga NO ME SNOWBVALL
00:19:33Firoga U IDIOT
00:19:36Firoga I'M FRAGILE
00:19:41Firoga lowest hp in game
00:19:45Firoga and u snowball me
00:19:46reptile my ulti was on cd for like 5 more seconds..
00:19:49Netsroht_ place wards!
00:21:17Netsroht_ ^lol
00:21:18reptile omg
00:21:38TOo_LaZy heal
00:21:39TOo_LaZy him
00:21:48Firoga HEAL
00:21:49Firoga ME
00:21:51Firoga NOOOOOOOB
00:21:52Firoga I REPORT
00:21:53Netsroht_ CD moron!!!
00:21:55Firoga no cd
00:21:56Firoga i saw
00:21:58Firoga we are shared
00:21:59Netsroht_ it was
00:22:00Firoga noob
00:22:04Firoga we are shared
00:22:06Firoga it wasn't cd
00:22:07Netsroht_ it was u fkn moron!!!!
00:22:08Firoga is saw
00:22:18Eternity invis
00:22:29Firoga noob omni
00:22:34Netsroht_ stfu moron
00:22:37Firoga noob
00:22:43Netsroht_ u are the fkn noob
00:22:44Stonetorl invis rubick
00:22:45Firoga noob
00:22:56Netsroht_ stupid kid
00:22:58Firoga noob
00:24:11Firoga noob
00:24:13Firoga u don't come
00:24:14Eternity saw this?
00:24:15Firoga so u noob
00:24:15Eternity ffs
00:24:19Eternity first hit
00:24:21Eternity he stunns
00:24:24Eternity and cancels ulti
00:24:27lemi.livo.skodi dear lord this failers
00:24:38reptile oom
00:24:51mrk if only that repel
00:24:53mrk had hit me :P:P
00:25:31Netsroht_ pipe?
00:25:42Firoga make it
00:25:50TOo_LaZy haste top
00:25:51Netsroht_ i will
00:26:07mrk wtf omni
00:26:08mrk stop
00:26:19mrk 2 times in a row
00:26:20mrk u repel them
00:26:21Eternity omni is gameruining
00:26:24Stonetorl whew got time to buy blink
00:26:26Netsroht_ i'm not
00:26:34Stonetorl b
00:26:40TOo_LaZy go
00:26:42lemi.livo.skodi lol
00:26:42Eternity oom.
00:26:46lemi.livo.skodi rhasta lol
00:26:56TOo_LaZy ]b
00:27:22Firoga really noob omni
00:27:25Firoga almost saved
00:27:28Firoga crix
00:27:37TOo_LaZy justp lay u said?
00:27:44Netsroht_ who said so?
00:28:17TOo_LaZy towa
00:28:20Tough b
00:28:20Tough all
00:28:21Tough wait
00:28:36Netsroht_ pipe rdy
00:28:54Eternity i could be so fat now
00:28:56Eternity gosh
00:28:58reptile go?
00:29:27Netsroht_ sry
00:29:32mrk gg
00:29:33mrk gj
00:29:39TOo_LaZy :D:D:D
00:29:40Eternity why you steal?
00:29:41Netsroht_ why pugna=
00:29:41Eternity WHY?
00:29:43TOo_LaZy take
00:29:43TOo_LaZy top
00:29:44TOo_LaZy top
00:29:44TOo_LaZy top
00:29:45TOo_LaZy top
00:29:51Netsroht_ u suck pugna
00:30:01Firoga better than u
00:30:02Firoga staler
00:30:04Eternity you know you can heal?
00:30:22Netsroht_ noob pugna
00:30:37Eternity just gave ya time
00:30:40Eternity thats why late port
00:30:56Eternity -cs
00:31:42Eternity go
00:31:42Eternity i got slow
00:31:42mrk nah
00:31:42TOo_LaZy rly good game :D
00:31:42mrk no stun
00:31:42Eternity just gimme some secs
00:31:42TOo_LaZy i have
00:31:42TOo_LaZy some shit
00:31:42TOo_LaZy ball
00:31:42Firoga omni noob stealer ruiner
00:31:42TOo_LaZy ant that other
00:31:42Firoga heal = save his life
00:31:42Netsroht_ stealer????
00:31:42Firoga can't use repel
00:31:42mrk just
00:31:42mrk push
00:31:42mrk rax
00:31:42Netsroht_ wtf u fucking prick
00:31:43mrk end
00:31:49reptile I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:50Firoga noob omni
00:31:51Netsroht_ im tired of u nigga twat
00:31:52Netsroht_ stfu
00:31:52Firoga 4 life
00:31:58Firoga racist
00:32:08Netsroht_ srsly just stfu im not stealing as u are
00:32:19reptile why u pick bones last pick in this team?
00:32:45reptile rly... go play public if u like to play carries
00:32:57mrk oh good lord
00:33:00Firoga where are u noob omni ?
00:33:00mrk if naga hadnt died
00:33:02mrk i had sk ulti
00:33:03mrk so epic
00:33:05mrk woulda been
00:33:09Firoga WHERE
00:33:11Firoga is omni?
00:33:13Firoga alone
00:33:14Eternity ulti got cancelled again
00:33:14Eternity :/
00:33:16Firoga not with the team
00:33:17Netsroht_ i was b u fucking prick
00:33:20Firoga because he's noob
00:33:25Netsroht_ u are the noob
00:33:28Firoga noob
00:33:30Netsroht_ noob
00:33:36Firoga game ruiner
00:33:39Firoga u just want x
00:33:41Netsroht_ nabcake
00:33:49Netsroht_ junkie nigga
00:34:01Firoga u are racist
00:34:02Firoga and noob
00:34:02mrk come
00:34:03mrk 4-5
00:34:03mrk end
00:34:07Firoga and being racist is worst
00:34:25Firoga steal
00:34:28Netsroht_ ?
00:34:30Netsroht_ i wasnt
00:34:53mrk no
00:34:54mrk omni
00:34:55mrk why
00:35:02Firoga he's noob
00:35:02mrk jesus
00:35:07mrk were finishing game
00:35:07mrk :D
00:35:12Netsroht_ im fucking high!
00:35:15Netsroht_ please leave me alone
00:35:33Firoga noob omni
00:35:34Firoga don't die
00:35:38Netsroht_ ur mom is a noob
00:35:38Firoga because
00:35:40Firoga he don't come
00:35:41Firoga so
00:35:45Firoga he get much X
00:35:52Firoga has a good score
00:35:57Firoga but we are in 4 winning this game
00:36:13lemi.livo.skodi I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:31Firoga such a noob
00:36:35Eternity they changed nagaulti
00:36:37Firoga it comes when everyone
00:36:41Netsroht_ :-))
00:36:42Firoga is low hp
00:36:57Netsroht_ pugna u died 8 times during this game
00:37:01Firoga cuase of u
00:37:01Netsroht_ mby u are a fkn cunt hwho should quit dota?
00:37:02Firoga 0 heal
00:37:02mrk ive died 6
00:37:07mrk should i quit also?
00:37:16Netsroht_ no u should just eat a cupcake
00:37:18Eternity and? not like you fucktard he did something in the game
00:37:23mieseskarma I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:33Eternity you tp away while we push
00:37:34Eternity fucktard
00:37:42Firoga see? everybody agrees
00:37:43Eternity wait me
00:37:44Netsroht_ i don't, it was an illusion!
00:37:50Firoga lol
00:37:52Firoga pathetic
00:37:53Firoga bastard
00:37:58Netsroht_ noob
00:38:04TOo_LaZy skip ?
00:38:07mrk u cant
00:38:07mrk go
00:38:09mrk without creeps
00:38:10mrk in base
00:38:17Eternity gg
00:38:25Eternity be happy i made ya the game noob.
00:38:34Netsroht_ did u?
00:38:35Eternity b
00:38:38Eternity they ll kill you
00:38:52Netsroht_ nice
00:38:54Netsroht_ pugna
00:39:02Eternity y. i pushed 7 towers and made 3 sides megacreeps
00:39:13Eternity gj guys
00:39:17Netsroht_ u didnt push 7 towers
00:39:33mrk wp naga
00:39:36mrk gg
00:39:37Eternity u2.
00:39:38Firoga gg
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