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-2 TS

94% | 1545 X | 1566 TS

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87% | 1553 X | 1406 TS

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87% | 1501 X | 1458 TS

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-9 TS

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Chat log

00:00:09zonskass omg, they got imba player
00:00:16Vangelis get
00:00:17Vangelis us
00:00:18Vangelis lich or rubick
00:00:18yeW- -clear
00:00:18Vangelis i can play lich
00:00:18yeW- I can aslo.
00:00:18FirstBlood -rubick
00:00:18yeW- also*
00:00:18Vangelis i can play lich
00:00:18Vangelis only
00:00:18Vangelis if
00:00:18Vangelis i can babysit a carry
00:00:18Vangelis in bot lane
00:00:18Vangelis so ban like... huskar
00:00:18WantedZip na
00:00:18yeW- I
00:00:18Vangelis and pick us lich
00:00:19Vangelis pick lich
00:00:19Vangelis for me
00:00:24Vangelis yew
00:00:26Vangelis you go carry
00:00:28WantedZip y
00:00:29yeW- Hmm.
00:00:30Vangelis i babysit you
00:00:36Vangelis troll? bs?
00:00:43yeW- Huskar?
00:00:44yeW- -clear
00:00:44WantedZip ursa for me
00:00:46Vangelis or that
00:00:49zonskass viper vs huskar good
00:00:50Vangelis ok yew
00:00:52Vangelis you go mid
00:00:54zonskass viper
00:00:55yeW- Jeez.
00:00:56Vangelis wanted gets bot
00:00:56yeW- -clear
00:01:01Vangelis -swap 1
00:01:02Vangelis get viper
00:01:03WantedZip -swap 3
00:01:03Vangelis ?
00:01:04Vangelis for mid
00:01:11Vangelis viper good vs huskar
00:01:16WantedZip y
00:01:25yeW- Don't like him very much tbh.
00:01:27Stonetorl so what for me?
00:01:30Vangelis top lane
00:01:30yeW- -clear
00:01:31Stonetorl suggestions
00:01:33Vangelis i got you
00:01:35Vangelis wards
00:01:39Vangelis get thd
00:01:44Vangelis thd
00:01:45zonskass abadon
00:01:47GottHasstMich jakiro
00:01:47yeW- -clear
00:01:48Vangelis twin head dragon
00:01:50Vangelis aba also good
00:02:01yeW- give wards to aba
00:02:05yeW- for top
00:02:18yeW- games on u
00:02:18yeW- bue
00:02:19Vangelis go
00:02:20yeW- blue
00:02:22yeW- -clear
00:02:27Vangelis WARD THEIR PULL CAMP
00:02:31Vangelis i bought you wards for that
00:02:33yeW- fast krobe
00:02:41GottHasstMich u pull pls
00:02:43Vangelis krobelus
00:02:44zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:46Vangelis dont get basilus
00:02:46zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:47veuncent k
00:02:50zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Death Prophet [r,e,x,c]
00:02:51Vangelis aba already has basilus
00:02:54zonskass ok
00:02:54Vangelis so you don't make it
00:03:17Vangelis ursa you pull lvl 1
00:03:18Vangelis or i do
00:03:19Vangelis ?
00:03:23WantedZip i wil
00:03:26GottHasstMich warded
00:03:26Vangelis k
00:04:05Vangelis omg
00:04:05Vangelis my
00:04:06Vangelis bad
00:04:56Vangelis omg
00:04:57Vangelis :d
00:05:35zonskass fuck
00:06:04WantedZip lina
00:06:50yeW- ss mid
00:06:58zonskass h has ulti?
00:06:59zonskass -ma
00:07:00yeW- no
00:07:24zonskass ss alchemik
00:07:43yeW- s
00:07:44reptile im almost oom
00:07:45yeW- SS MID
00:07:47sandii same
00:07:48yeW- going top
00:07:53yeW- re
00:07:56zonskass :D
00:08:01zonskass :DD
00:08:03GottHasstMich top lane is total shit
00:08:04GottHasstMich gg
00:08:26veuncent top is shit because you are sleeping i guess
00:08:36sandii luls
00:08:40FirstBlood b
00:08:54reptile b
00:09:01yeW- ss mid huskar
00:09:02yeW- care top
00:09:23zonskass vanguar or hood?
00:09:25zonskass first
00:09:27yeW- vg
00:09:28Vangelis vg
00:09:37yeW- no ulti
00:09:47sandii ss bot
00:09:47reptile ss
00:09:48GottHasstMich OMG
00:09:49GottHasstMich U SUCK
00:10:00veuncent why's that
00:10:07reptile ss bot
00:10:08reptile care all
00:10:16yeW- mid gang
00:10:20GottHasstMich husk
00:10:21GottHasstMich gang top
00:10:22GottHasstMich asap
00:10:23GottHasstMich pls
00:10:23FirstBlood ss mid
00:10:43Vangelis mid
00:10:43Vangelis b
00:10:45yeW- ye
00:11:01veuncent up chick please
00:11:01sandii got boots?
00:11:06yeW- ty
00:11:07zonskass ss 2
00:11:08FirstBlood shit
00:11:09sandii awesome
00:11:10veuncent top miss
00:11:11veuncent 1
00:11:23reptile ss bot
00:11:28Stonetorl dd
00:11:35veuncent top miss
00:11:38Stonetorl want or can i?
00:11:41yeW- i'll
00:11:42FirstBlood ss mid
00:11:43Vangelis gank
00:11:44Vangelis bot
00:11:47FirstBlood care top
00:11:48reptile go n
00:11:49reptile b
00:12:03yeW- shield
00:12:04sandii well i can ulti
00:12:22sandii stun bot
00:12:27sandii and ill kill
00:12:30zonskass ring
00:12:36reptile i go top
00:12:42sandii ok
00:12:44yeW- jesus
00:12:44yeW- aba
00:12:55zonskass alxemist doesnt die wtf?
00:13:01yeW- he hid
00:13:03Stonetorl yeah I though he died too
00:13:18FirstBlood mana pls
00:13:20zonskass viper viper...
00:13:23yeW- rofl
00:13:23yeW- ^^
00:13:29Vangelis gg
00:13:30Vangelis i am
00:13:31Vangelis feeding
00:13:33Vangelis with lich
00:13:36Vangelis wp vangelis
00:13:42yeW- lol
00:14:30yeW- -ma
00:15:08reptile ss
00:15:25yeW- jeez
00:15:37yeW- lol
00:15:38sandii X)
00:15:44yeW- why vlads
00:15:45FirstBlood care top
00:15:46yeW- aba?
00:15:46yeW- :(
00:15:50Vangelis epic
00:15:51Vangelis we
00:15:52Vangelis have ursa
00:15:53Vangelis :D
00:15:58yeW- get
00:16:00yeW- meka
00:16:01yeW- someone
00:16:01Stonetorl doh
00:16:08veuncent come
00:16:12zonskass they coming
00:16:16zonskass go forest
00:16:20zonskass lich
00:16:21yeW- tower
00:16:36zonskass in woods lich ulti epic
00:16:45Vangelis they
00:16:46Vangelis push
00:16:50Vangelis ursa
00:16:51Vangelis push
00:16:52Vangelis win win
00:17:07FirstBlood b
00:17:14zonskass need good lich ulti
00:17:25zonskass not like this
00:17:33sandii rune bot
00:17:38sandii what
00:17:39reptile :d
00:17:40Vangelis why
00:17:40Vangelis not
00:17:42Vangelis go faster
00:17:45Vangelis didnt you see them tp
00:18:10Vangelis aba
00:18:11Vangelis you or me
00:18:13Vangelis go meka
00:18:13Vangelis ?
00:18:21Vangelis aba
00:18:22Vangelis ?
00:18:28Stonetorl ok
00:18:30zonskass blademail get
00:18:31Vangelis you or me
00:18:33zonskass for hiosulti
00:18:37Vangelis ok
00:18:40Vangelis is not the answer
00:18:42Vangelis for you or me?
00:18:46Vangelis you or me
00:18:47Vangelis tell me
00:18:59reptile b
00:19:07yeW- b
00:19:12Vangelis ABA
00:19:13reptile oom
00:19:13Vangelis tell me
00:19:17Vangelis A BA
00:19:19Vangelis ABA
00:19:21yeW- :D
00:19:23Vangelis stonetorl
00:19:25Vangelis STONETORL
00:19:27yeW- b
00:19:27yeW- run
00:19:48zonskass fuck
00:19:48yeW- gah!
00:19:50Vangelis can't
00:19:51Vangelis def
00:19:52Stonetorl go meka you
00:20:01Stonetorl that was your question?
00:20:05Vangelis YES
00:20:06yeW- get husk
00:20:10yeW- sjhield ursa
00:21:56veuncent yay
00:21:56Vangelis dont waste time with ulti
00:21:58Vangelis just cast it
00:22:01Vangelis zonskass
00:22:03zonskass k
00:22:33yeW- ohmy
00:22:41yeW- aba cmon
00:22:41yeW- jesus
00:22:42yeW- pt out
00:22:51zonskass who makes hood?
00:22:58Vangelis do not make hood
00:23:01Vangelis huskar makes dmg
00:23:03Vangelis not their nukes
00:23:20yeW- R
00:23:20yeW- R
00:23:21yeW- R
00:23:25Vangelis plz
00:23:26Vangelis dont go
00:23:27Vangelis solo
00:23:28Vangelis just plz
00:23:31Vangelis need to go with 5
00:23:59sandii -ms
00:23:59GottHasstMich ?
00:24:07yeW- all
00:24:08yeW- ladies
00:24:08yeW- go
00:24:09Vangelis got
00:24:10Vangelis ult
00:24:10yeW- shield
00:24:12yeW- ursa
00:24:18GottHasstMich let me tank
00:24:25yeW- swet
00:24:28yeW- FUCKIN NICE
00:24:42yeW- bd
00:24:48sandii gonna get eul for ursa
00:24:49yeW- backdoor towe
00:24:52FirstBlood that was bad idea
00:25:14Vangelis gg
00:25:16Vangelis wasted
00:25:17Vangelis meka
00:25:21yeW- ^^
00:25:50sandii intsintsints
00:26:42yeW- fuckin
00:27:05Vangelis omg
00:27:08Vangelis millisecond
00:27:09Vangelis from
00:27:10Vangelis ulti
00:27:11zonskass what now? hood?
00:27:16Vangelis no
00:27:17Vangelis make
00:27:20Vangelis scepter
00:27:21Vangelis ghost
00:27:21zonskass shiva?
00:27:23Vangelis you need it
00:27:25Vangelis or shiva
00:27:26Stonetorl maybe I should make pipe next?
00:27:35Vangelis ehm
00:27:43Vangelis problem isn't their magical damage
00:27:45Vangelis problem is huskar
00:27:48Vangelis he does a lot of dmg
00:28:03zonskass get blademail, and hie dies with ulti
00:28:14Vangelis not really
00:28:16Vangelis he gets bkb
00:28:28yeW- fuckin
00:28:34yeW- cockfaces
00:29:16sandii u gay
00:29:33Vangelis huskar
00:29:34Vangelis has bkb
00:31:12zonskass vuiper manta
00:32:08Vangelis dont use
00:32:09Vangelis shield
00:32:15Vangelis only use shield
00:32:17Vangelis to destun
00:32:21Stonetorl ok
00:32:40sandii got my eyl
00:32:41sandii eul
00:32:43reptile b
00:32:51sandii -ms
00:33:09GottHasstMich care
00:33:10GottHasstMich river warded
00:33:16sandii -ms
00:33:37yeW- cmon
00:33:40yeW- tp out
00:33:41yeW- aba
00:33:49yeW- bah
00:33:50yeW- faste
00:33:50yeW- jeez
00:34:08yeW- lol
00:34:41WantedZip well !
00:34:43WantedZip i need my bkb
00:34:47WantedZip dont go above the river
00:34:52Vangelis rosh
00:34:55Vangelis respawned
00:35:02yeW- theirs now
00:35:03yeW- zz
00:35:19sandii hmm
00:35:22sandii what should i make
00:35:24yeW- lOL
00:35:24veuncent ooo
00:35:25Vangelis he
00:35:26Vangelis has
00:35:27veuncent fuck
00:35:27Vangelis cheese
00:35:28Vangelis huskar
00:35:32yeW- right
00:35:38sandii hey fb
00:35:41FirstBlood ?
00:35:44sandii what do u want me to make?
00:35:44Vangelis zonkass
00:35:45sandii :D
00:35:45Vangelis rege
00:35:46Vangelis ?
00:35:48FirstBlood hex
00:35:49FirstBlood now
00:35:53zonskass ok
00:35:57sandii ¨like sheep?
00:35:59sandii got eul
00:36:00sandii Oo
00:36:01FirstBlood y
00:36:04sandii kk
00:36:10sandii gonna be imba i suppose
00:36:11sandii :D
00:36:15FirstBlood yes
00:36:36FirstBlood or ghost scepter
00:36:36Vangelis imo
00:36:37Vangelis def
00:36:38Vangelis at base
00:36:39FirstBlood first
00:36:42FirstBlood against ursa
00:36:44Vangelis mid tower too low
00:36:45sandii nah
00:36:50sandii i can just stun or eul him
00:36:52yeW- -ma
00:37:09zonskass alchemist item :D
00:37:51sandii bah with that shit
00:38:02yeW- sweet ladies
00:38:04zonskass viper imba vs huskar ;]
00:38:30sandii fuu
00:38:33sandii ursa bkb
00:38:37sandii now ill make ghost
00:38:39FirstBlood make ghost
00:38:41FirstBlood scepter
00:39:00Vangelis top
00:39:13yeW- bd
00:39:17yeW- not
00:40:07Vangelis we really
00:40:10zonskass run
00:40:11Vangelis need to focus huskar down
00:40:11zonskass viper
00:40:24zonskass :D
00:40:29yeW- WTF
00:40:30reptile :D
00:40:30FirstBlood :D
00:40:31yeW- SPEED?
00:40:31FirstBlood nice
00:40:32yeW- -clear
00:40:38Vangelis eul gives
00:40:39Vangelis speed
00:40:40sandii yesyes
00:40:42yeW- still jesus
00:40:47yeW- phase n yasha
00:40:50yeW- n he catches up to me
00:40:51yeW- lol
00:40:51yeW- wtf
00:40:59Vangelis he
00:41:00Vangelis also
00:41:01Vangelis phase
00:41:09Vangelis dead
00:41:14sandii so now sheep huh
00:41:24sandii gonna be hard casting 8 spells
00:41:25sandii 8D
00:41:31sandii care top
00:41:41FirstBlood b
00:41:41zonskass tp
00:41:43zonskass he has
00:41:45FirstBlood tp
00:42:01Vangelis go
00:42:01Vangelis mid
00:42:07zonskass w8
00:43:03sandii :DDDDD
00:43:03Vangelis gj
00:43:04sandii hahaha
00:43:05sandii ::D:D:
00:43:05sandii wtf did i just do
00:43:05FirstBlood now
00:43:05FirstBlood we
00:43:05FirstBlood lost
00:43:05Vangelis \if
00:43:05FirstBlood one or two
00:43:05Vangelis he
00:43:05Vangelis drops
00:43:05zonskass never
00:43:05Vangelis i play him
00:43:05zonskass seen
00:43:05FirstBlood sides
00:43:05zonskass linas
00:43:05zonskass ulti
00:43:05zonskass in this game
00:43:05Stonetorl I have
00:43:05WantedZip yeye on me
00:43:05WantedZip i seen
00:43:05sandii well basicly i cast it always on ursa
00:43:05zonskass ;]
00:43:05sandii =)
00:43:05veuncent who balances
00:43:05sandii and everything else also!
00:43:05zonskass we realy need viper
00:43:21Vangelis get
00:43:22Vangelis two lanes
00:43:24Vangelis if possible
00:43:25veuncent dont go
00:43:28GottHasstMich ORLY
00:43:34veuncent yeah
00:43:41GottHasstMich i wanted to suicide
00:43:41yeW- bot go
00:43:42GottHasstMich just like u did
00:43:43GottHasstMich :D
00:43:45veuncent i know you wanted
00:43:52veuncent as you did a moment ago
00:43:56veuncent did i?
00:43:58FirstBlood must be destroy
00:44:00Vangelis melee
00:44:01Vangelis rax
00:44:17yeW- b
00:44:35yeW- bah
00:44:43yeW- not too smat
00:44:43FirstBlood go push
00:44:44yeW- smart
00:44:44yeW- oO
00:44:44FirstBlood now mid
00:44:46yeW- -clea
00:44:48zonskass shiva online
00:44:48yeW- -clear
00:44:52reptile need mana
00:44:54sandii rosh up?
00:44:57Vangelis :D
00:44:58Vangelis haha
00:44:59zonskass :D
00:44:59Vangelis sorry
00:45:02Vangelis i just wanted to
00:45:13zonskass you wanted check?
00:45:19Vangelis nah
00:45:20Vangelis just
00:45:21Vangelis for fun
00:45:32zonskass ;]
00:45:45zonskass go 5
00:45:45yeW- drop items
00:45:46yeW- when u use
00:45:47yeW- zz
00:45:59Vangelis def
00:46:25WantedZip well
00:46:26WantedZip wtf +
00:46:29Vangelis really
00:46:30Vangelis dunno
00:46:33Vangelis why krobe goes
00:46:47sandii ohwell
00:46:49sandii fair trade
00:46:50GottHasstMich I DEF
00:46:51GottHasstMich STAY
00:46:59zonskass go go master Joda
00:47:09WantedZip b and make some utlis
00:47:32zonskass wtf
00:47:33Vangelis omg
00:47:35Vangelis don't use
00:47:38Vangelis glyph like that
00:47:39yeW- zz who did
00:47:39FirstBlood b
00:47:41yeW- -clear
00:47:43Stonetorl wasn't me
00:47:47FirstBlood save money for rebuy
00:47:49WantedZip lol
00:47:51yeW- lol
00:47:52zonskass go top?
00:48:01zonskass all 5
00:48:03yeW- k
00:48:10zonskass focusthat rat
00:48:15yeW- :D
00:48:17yeW- -clear
00:48:25zonskass w8 viper
00:48:33FirstBlood b
00:48:35FirstBlood all b
00:48:40sandii -ms
00:49:04yeW- just wardin
00:49:15Stonetorl just chillin'
00:49:17yeW- :O
00:49:28Vangelis early
00:49:29Vangelis ult
00:49:29Vangelis krob
00:49:31yeW- armor me
00:49:31yeW- !
00:50:09yeW- oh my
00:50:14Vangelis this
00:50:15veuncent mid?
00:50:15Vangelis huskar
00:50:16Vangelis so
00:50:17FirstBlood y
00:50:17Vangelis farmed
00:50:31zonskass ward rosan
00:50:33yeW- no more pushin i guess
00:50:35GottHasstMich 1 def
00:50:35zonskass they will go soon
00:50:38Vangelis they
00:50:40Vangelis just did
00:50:42Vangelis 5 min ago
00:50:43Vangelis or so
00:50:46GottHasstMich nvm him
00:50:58veuncent most of them are alive
00:51:00zonskass meet here
00:51:04FirstBlood b
00:51:06FirstBlood we cannt
00:51:07Vangelis wait for all
00:51:15Vangelis we
00:51:16Vangelis could
00:51:17Vangelis go with smoke
00:51:24FirstBlood go
00:51:46yeW- we're winnin
00:51:50yeW- with no stun
00:52:04FirstBlood b
00:52:04yeW- lmao
00:52:08veuncent zz
00:52:51yeW- cmon
00:52:53yeW- jesus christ
00:53:05Vangelis go with smoke again
00:53:06Vangelis he wont have
00:53:09Vangelis rebuy next time
00:53:16yeW- tru dat
00:53:17FirstBlood go push
00:53:17FirstBlood now
00:53:27yeW- o
00:53:44sandii ill def bot
00:53:51FirstBlood fast
00:53:58yeW- oh boes
00:54:32Vangelis KROBELUS
00:54:32Vangelis how
00:54:34Vangelis long can you wait
00:54:36Vangelis with ult
00:54:36Vangelis :/
00:54:39WantedZip g
00:54:39yeW- lal
00:54:40WantedZip g
00:55:02yeW- shudda picked huskar
00:55:03yeW- zz
00:55:06Vangelis well
00:55:07Vangelis i told you
00:55:08Vangelis ban huskar
00:55:11yeW- lich blows
00:55:13Vangelis -.-
00:55:16yeW- overrated hero
00:55:20yeW- not u
00:55:20yeW- ^^
00:55:40yeW- bah
00:55:40yeW- sad
00:55:53yeW- too much fail
00:55:53yeW- there
00:55:54yeW- krobe
00:55:59Vangelis he
00:56:00FirstBlood b
00:56:03Vangelis waited with his ult
00:56:06Vangelis like in 10 fights
00:56:56yeW- I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:05yeW- effin game
00:57:09sandii yes yes i own
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