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52% | 1200 X | 1321 TS

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51% | 1138 X | 1363 TS

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Chat log

00:00:01Fxx. -ap
00:00:04GottHasstMich same heroes
00:00:20GottHasstMich wd/es top
00:00:22GottHasstMich trax puck bot
00:00:25Jambalaya what was i ? :O
00:00:30zonskass omni
00:00:33Romeo y
00:00:36lemi.livo.skodi trax have silence :)
00:00:37Jambalaya aa
00:00:42zonskass take omni
00:00:45lemi.livo.skodi and puck too
00:00:48reptile just be quiet plz..
00:00:50Romeo i go wood
00:00:54lemi.livo.skodi FU
00:00:54JensDenLange we loose this! :(
00:00:58reptile u dont deserve to speak
00:00:59Fxx. aa solo
00:00:59GottHasstMich -clear
00:01:00Fxx. down
00:01:01Romeo so someone can go bot solo
00:01:02Fxx. axe woof
00:01:03Fxx. d
00:01:07Romeo woof !! :D
00:01:07Fxx. omni wisp u
00:01:08Fxx. p
00:01:19lemi.livo.skodi you deserve to suck my cock
00:01:25zonskass omni we will do shit
00:01:29Mircea.N 10 years lemi ?
00:01:30zonskass to them
00:01:31JensDenLange we can do nothing!
00:01:37zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:39Fxx. what ?
00:01:39zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control The Guardian Wisp [t,w,v,r]
00:01:47Fxx. omni + wisp can do shit ???????????????,
00:01:49lemi.livo.skodi 10 year old lemi fucked his mom
00:01:52Fxx. its perfect combo
00:01:52zonskass yeah
00:01:53lemi.livo.skodi she like kids
00:01:59lemi.livo.skodi i hope its "she"
00:02:00zonskass big shit we can do for them
00:02:14Jambalaya axe pull
00:02:40lemi.livo.skodi ss bot
00:03:00Romeo :D
00:03:32zonskass mni farm
00:03:35zonskass omni
00:04:03Fxx. ss
00:04:21reptile b
00:04:55zonskass yahoo
00:04:57Mircea.N pff
00:05:05Fxx. ss
00:05:11Mircea.N hard line top...omni + wisp
00:05:12JensDenLange tp
00:05:46Mircea.N omw mid
00:06:10reptile go mid
00:06:11reptile wd
00:06:12Jambalaya kill drow
00:06:13zonskass ss wd
00:06:19GottHasstMich w8
00:06:47GottHasstMich ss mid
00:06:55Fxx. ss 2 mid
00:06:56Fxx. 1 re
00:07:01JensDenLange ah
00:07:05zonskass omg
00:07:05JensDenLange run to me next time
00:07:08zonskass ok
00:07:08JensDenLange heal ;)
00:07:16zonskass it was fail
00:07:20Fxx. GONDAR GO UP
00:07:20JensDenLange np
00:07:21Fxx. CARE
00:07:23Fxx. with rune
00:07:25Fxx. mb
00:07:31zonskass ss mid care top
00:07:33GottHasstMich mid still ss
00:07:37GottHasstMich re
00:07:40zonskass b
00:07:43Jambalaya ss bot
00:07:44Jambalaya re
00:07:46zonskass ok
00:08:09Jambalaya ss
00:08:12reptile i pull
00:08:13reptile care..
00:08:21Jambalaya re
00:08:24reptile fuck
00:08:27lemi.livo.skodi ss axe
00:08:36JensDenLange lvl5
00:08:39zonskass k
00:08:44reptile b
00:09:33reptile b
00:09:35GottHasstMich <3
00:09:35Fxx. more luck
00:09:44JensDenLange dude
00:09:47lemi.livo.skodi lol
00:09:47JensDenLange u are crazy
00:09:48zonskass stay near me
00:10:02JensDenLange was cd on everything<!
00:10:23Fxx. ss GONDAR !
00:10:25Jambalaya ss drow
00:10:25zonskass just attack was enough
00:10:35Romeo he was bot
00:10:39Romeo =]
00:10:40zonskass i am kamikadze
00:10:47Jambalaya wd bot
00:10:50JensDenLange ss top
00:10:50zonskass dont be afraid
00:10:51Jambalaya with puck
00:11:02zonskass ome
00:11:05zonskass come
00:11:05JensDenLange kk
00:11:07Fxx. ss gondar
00:11:25reptile ss
00:11:30Mircea.N ok 4 bot..
00:11:32Mircea.N nice ss
00:11:36Jambalaya gj
00:11:38LaSiCa ;[
00:11:42reptile they ported
00:11:49zonskass get slow
00:12:02JensDenLange b
00:12:10Mircea.N i understand
00:12:16zonskass run away omg
00:12:16JensDenLange asdfæ,.asflæamfæ
00:12:17GottHasstMich ss mid
00:12:20zonskass i could teleport
00:12:26JensDenLange i did'nt know
00:12:27zonskass to yopu
00:12:33zonskass ok
00:12:35Mircea.N ss bot 2
00:12:40zonskass why now kno our mistakes
00:12:44zonskass dontdoagain
00:12:49zonskass come
00:12:51JensDenLange fix hot keys
00:12:53zonskass rdy?
00:12:56JensDenLange 'y
00:13:14GottHasstMich go omni
00:13:17zonskass farm
00:13:22Romeo :D
00:13:41JensDenLange fuuuuck
00:13:48GottHasstMich ss mid
00:13:53Jambalaya :(
00:13:59GottHasstMich leave mid
00:14:00GottHasstMich trax
00:14:30LaSiCa ;[
00:14:55Romeo aaa
00:14:56Fxx. gondar inc down
00:14:57Fxx. care!
00:15:00Romeo ulti was going on him
00:15:02Romeo i die
00:15:15JensDenLange COME ON!
00:15:18lemi.livo.skodi gj me :)
00:15:24JensDenLange lol.. u guys! ^^
00:16:23Jambalaya nr 1
00:16:24lemi.livo.skodi gondar rofl
00:17:00lemi.livo.skodi aa is pain in our ass
00:17:06reptile no u are..
00:17:18Romeo h
00:17:30Romeo omg
00:17:30JensDenLange dumbass
00:17:32Romeo again
00:18:01Romeo truko 1 sento iki dagerio ir miriau :D
00:18:22zonskass omg
00:18:22Fxx. ty
00:19:12JensDenLange axe
00:19:12JensDenLange farm
00:19:21JensDenLange get that blink
00:19:40lemi.livo.skodi gj pro es
00:19:51Fxx. nice steal
00:19:51Fxx. btw
00:19:52Fxx. :-)
00:19:54Jambalaya sry
00:19:59Jambalaya but i got dust for gondar
00:20:01Fxx. :-)
00:20:04GottHasstMich go
00:20:40Jambalaya big time fucked
00:20:52zonskass romeo greiciau ateik nes cia gg bus
00:21:08JensDenLange pls
00:21:11JensDenLange jump to him
00:21:13JensDenLange and i heal u
00:21:27Fxx. sry
00:21:28Fxx. not
00:21:31Fxx. i dont wanna die
00:21:44JensDenLange heal+repel?!
00:21:44Romeo so dont die :D
00:21:47JensDenLange u whotn die
00:22:27zonskass sok su dageriu as iskart teleporta ant taves
00:22:35Romeo k
00:23:16reptile i need my dagger
00:23:23Fxx. -ms
00:23:27lemi.livo.skodi and brain
00:23:31reptile lol..
00:23:33reptile says the idiot
00:24:00Fxx. items withc ?
00:24:01Fxx. :-)
00:24:32JensDenLange axe??
00:24:34JensDenLange are u dumb?
00:24:39Romeo sometimes =]
00:24:42JensDenLange seems so! ^^
00:24:48zonskass ble gerai ten isokai :D
00:24:51Romeo y sry for this =]
00:24:52zonskass iskart gg
00:25:00Jambalaya omni i need your repel
00:25:12Jambalaya in fights
00:25:23Fxx. WOW
00:25:39Romeo ;D
00:25:50zonskass bl :D
00:26:04zonskass fail puck
00:26:20Jambalaya omw bot
00:26:40Mircea.N b
00:26:52Fxx. gj
00:26:56LaSiCa try
00:26:58Mircea.N no
00:27:04JensDenLange go gank top
00:27:05JensDenLange i ward
00:27:14Mircea.N regroup
00:27:17Mircea.N with cap
00:28:01Romeo save mirana
00:28:15GottHasstMich me
00:28:21GottHasstMich idiot
00:28:31zonskass go kil lthey wards
00:28:42Jambalaya lol
00:28:57Mircea.N regroup with gondar
00:29:02Mircea.N and lets gang
00:29:12Mircea.N b better
00:29:12Mircea.N def
00:30:09LaSiCa wich
00:30:20Fxx. wp team
00:30:21LaSiCa all die cause you
00:30:29JensDenLange big farm bot
00:30:37LaSiCa pls dont dia alone ;]
00:30:43LaSiCa die
00:30:46GottHasstMich witch
00:30:49GottHasstMich you are not rly building
00:30:50GottHasstMich skadi
00:30:53GottHasstMich ?_?
00:30:54JensDenLange what do i get?
00:30:55JensDenLange pibe
00:30:58JensDenLange or?
00:31:01Jambalaya yea or mekka
00:31:04Romeo i get pipe
00:31:07JensDenLange i go mekka
00:31:16Mircea.N no..on range heroes i put venom usually
00:31:26lemi.livo.skodi woctor going skadi :)
00:31:32Jambalaya lol
00:31:32lemi.livo.skodi doctor
00:31:45Mircea.N lemi is to retard to understand english
00:31:46Jambalaya im going hex
00:31:49Jambalaya as fast i can
00:31:53Jambalaya omw bot
00:31:55zonskass b
00:31:58JensDenLange get gem?
00:32:02zonskass go romeo
00:32:02JensDenLange u g
00:32:20JensDenLange got sillenced! -.-
00:32:21JensDenLange sorry
00:32:26JensDenLange and 2 sec from ult!
00:32:28JensDenLange sucks
00:32:32JensDenLange b
00:32:48zonskass where gem?
00:32:51LaSiCa heal wd
00:32:53Jambalaya u guys shoud have w8 me
00:32:54Fxx. lost
00:33:02zonskass need new
00:33:07Fxx. can s1 buy another gem ?
00:33:08zonskass i wil buy
00:33:30Jambalaya this axe are crazy
00:33:33lemi.livo.skodi silence wins :)
00:33:33Romeo too much everithing :D
00:33:35Mircea.N oom
00:33:40LaSiCa b
00:33:46LaSiCa all
00:33:52GottHasstMich WTF
00:33:52Fxx. mithrel
00:33:54Fxx. hamer
00:33:55Romeo :D
00:33:56Fxx. + chick :-)
00:33:57GottHasstMich WHO USED FUCKING COURIER ?
00:34:00Romeo nice
00:34:08Mircea.N dead ?
00:34:09Romeo win us time
00:34:11Fxx. mad ? :-)
00:34:11Mircea.N great
00:34:15GottHasstMich my freaking desolater was in it
00:34:16Romeo sad :)
00:34:17GottHasstMich idiots
00:34:26Mircea.N aha so u killed it
00:34:27Mircea.N =))
00:34:35GottHasstMich i didnt used it knobhead
00:35:02Jambalaya w8 dust
00:35:05zonskass 50 to gem
00:35:14Mircea.N gang their woods ?
00:35:23Fxx. dust !
00:35:30Jambalaya i was to fast
00:35:35LaSiCa all
00:35:59zonskass w8 us
00:35:59Jambalaya care omni
00:36:22GottHasstMich tower
00:36:23GottHasstMich gogo
00:36:24zonskass b
00:36:24zonskass b
00:36:25zonskass b
00:36:39GottHasstMich go neyxt
00:36:45Fxx. we must together
00:36:46lemi.livo.skodi heal
00:36:50JensDenLange y
00:36:52zonskass y
00:36:57JensDenLange and mb just once a nice axe ult
00:36:58JensDenLange go
00:37:03GottHasstMich b after
00:37:08Romeo =]
00:37:17JensDenLange ^^
00:37:30GottHasstMich i do it
00:37:36GottHasstMich ME
00:37:39LaSiCa aaaa
00:38:10JensDenLange heal
00:38:13zonskass coem mira
00:38:35Fxx. gem
00:38:41JensDenLange Ff'
00:38:43JensDenLange I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:53zonskass :D
00:38:53Romeo =]
00:38:55Mircea.N hahaha lol eaerth
00:39:06zonskass staf
00:39:08Jambalaya cd
00:39:08Fxx. force staf ?
00:39:09Romeo =]
00:39:19Jambalaya had cd on it
00:39:22zonskass es won
00:39:23JensDenLange nice though
00:39:24zonskass the game
00:39:35Fxx. its not lost
00:39:37JensDenLange we just need team combo
00:39:45Jambalaya we are just staying to close and he get free and perfect ulti on us
00:39:52Jambalaya and axe can't nothing tank
00:40:01LaSiCa all
00:40:05Jambalaya axe u need vangaurd
00:40:07Jambalaya imo
00:40:19LaSiCa dd
00:40:26zonskass ward rosan
00:40:26Jambalaya drow lothars
00:40:41GottHasstMich b
00:40:44GottHasstMich B
00:40:47GottHasstMich .....
00:40:54Romeo =]]
00:40:56Romeo thx
00:40:57GottHasstMich so bad
00:40:59zonskass ;]
00:41:06LaSiCa pls try to finish
00:41:08zonskass gem cd
00:41:17Romeo =]]]
00:41:18Fxx. ROFL
00:41:21GottHasstMich !!!!1111
00:41:29Fxx. your team win this
00:41:33Fxx. my team never together
00:41:36JensDenLange woow.. exclamation marks make u sooo goood
00:41:37GottHasstMich to me
00:41:38Fxx. still minimal 1 farm
00:41:46Jambalaya b
00:41:55Romeo wow
00:41:58Romeo blade must be
00:41:59GottHasstMich RUN CHICKEN
00:42:04Fxx. su
00:42:07Fxx. u pick this noob hero
00:42:10GottHasstMich cry me a river
00:42:12Fxx. and now do hero
00:42:14JensDenLange dude,,, get some manners with ur faggy noob hero!
00:42:39JensDenLange well.. u type cool stuff and we all just thinking u both sad, fat and friendless!! go kill ur self!
00:43:38Jambalaya fast push
00:43:46Romeo b
00:44:06GottHasstMich gg u knobheads
00:44:21GottHasstMich wp
00:44:31LaSiCa deffffff
00:44:32Romeo pipe
00:44:38Romeo b
00:44:41Romeo b
00:45:16LaSiCa mid all fast
00:45:17JensDenLange I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:20Romeo no
00:45:26Romeo its hard but we can win
00:45:26LaSiCa all pls
00:45:30JensDenLange how
00:45:31JensDenLange or when?
00:45:34Romeo i dont know :D
00:45:35GottHasstMich just go mid
00:45:36Fxx. axe
00:45:38Fxx. blade mail
00:45:44Fxx. allways blade mail with axe
00:45:45Romeo building
00:45:46lemi.livo.skodi -ms
00:45:49Fxx. to late
00:45:51JensDenLange if axe and me make combo
00:45:51zonskass take gem
00:45:51JensDenLange we can
00:46:09Fxx. anyway , aa , es wp
00:46:11Romeo 10sec
00:46:32Fxx. ulty aa
00:46:53zonskass gem
00:46:58Romeo i see they not :D
00:46:59zonskass near tower
00:47:08JensDenLange End pls
00:47:14Fxx. gg
00:47:16Romeo wow
00:47:18Jambalaya I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:21Fxx. es win this game for u
00:47:21GottHasstMich go bot
00:47:26GottHasstMich ofc he does
00:47:31JensDenLange y
00:47:47Fxx. :-)
00:47:47Romeo =]
00:47:59zonskass go
00:48:11Fxx. some1 must lost
00:48:15Fxx. but anyway nice game
00:48:28JensDenLange my fail pick lost the game
00:48:29JensDenLange sorry
00:48:49GottHasstMich wp aa
00:48:50GottHasstMich btw
00:48:56lemi.livo.skodi -ms
00:49:06GottHasstMich wtf
00:49:08GottHasstMich are uc arrying gem
00:49:13GottHasstMich can u tell me
00:49:14GottHasstMich why ?
00:49:18Jambalaya ty ^^
00:49:43JensDenLange end pls
00:49:44LaSiCa ok now all right
00:49:46lemi.livo.skodi su plz ?
00:49:52Fxx. :-)
00:49:54JensDenLange and go play teraria after! ^^
00:50:05lemi.livo.skodi su loser ...enjoy am fucking you
00:50:10GottHasstMich trax
00:50:11GottHasstMich stfu
00:50:16JensDenLange lol.. u 2!
00:50:20JensDenLange ^^AHAHAHHAHAHAHA
00:51:33GottHasstMich :D:ÖD
00:52:06JensDenLange I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:52:47GottHasstMich LOL@ THIS PUCK
00:52:48GottHasstMich :D:D:D
00:52:55JensDenLange no dagger!
00:52:59JensDenLange weirdest puck ever!
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