Game #2986394

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-48 X
-2 TS

90% | 1557 X | 1465 TS

+30 X
-1 TS

81% | 1437 X | 1406 TS

+1 X
-1 TS

74% | 1356 X | 1422 TS

-30 X
-1 TS

64% | 1243 X | 1400 TS

+1 X
+0 TS

61% | 1220 X | 1396 TS

+39 X
+0 TS

89% | 1501 X | 1499 TS

-10 X
+1 TS

78% | 1377 X | 1450 TS

-24 X
+4 TS

77% | 1412 X | 1394 TS

+45 X
+1 TS

68% | 1260 X | 1431 TS

+15 X
+18 TS

56% | 1248 X | 1313 TS

Chat log

00:00:18son1c -ii
00:00:18zebbelito HEJ
00:00:18zebbelito banna
00:00:18zebbelito tango
00:00:18Strom I'm seeing flashbacks already
00:00:18reptile ?
00:00:18Strom same players, same pool
00:00:18Strom now we only need to wait until a-tzangol drops
00:00:18creeeeeee rly?
00:00:18Milky what same
00:00:18Milky i didnt play
00:00:18Timu can es
00:00:18zebbelito what u guys playin
00:00:18reptile i didnt play too
00:00:18zebbelito ok
00:00:18zebbelito timu
00:00:18reptile what happened?
00:00:18zebbelito if he dosen pick
00:00:18zebbelito ill get it for ya
00:00:18zebbelito Can u ban
00:00:18A-tzangol sry was afk
00:00:18zebbelito ?
00:00:18zebbelito ?
00:00:18son1c today plz -,-
00:00:18zebbelito now thne´+
00:00:18A-tzangol invo
00:00:18zebbelito Huskar
00:00:28Timu son of a
00:00:30zebbelito ill play butch
00:00:38zebbelito get wl
00:00:40zebbelito ck
00:00:49que2stress who wants wl?
00:00:52son1c <-
00:00:53son1c plz
00:00:57que2stress so u get it
00:00:59Timu i can play wl as well
00:01:02son1c u want?
00:01:06Timu if u don
00:01:07Timu t
00:01:09Timu want
00:01:09que2stress who of you can play pugna?
00:01:13Timu i can
00:01:18Timu :D
00:01:19Timu derp
00:01:21que2stress so pick pugna for yourself
00:01:24Timu ok
00:01:25zebbelito damn they have ck
00:01:26zebbelito now
00:01:33son1c que2stress
00:01:36son1c what do u want?
00:01:40zebbelito dk magnus kunka
00:01:43que2stress kunka
00:01:43que2stress y
00:01:45creeeeeee rangeee
00:01:59A-tzangol me sk btm
00:02:00que2stress -swap 5
00:02:02son1c -swap 2
00:02:05Milky go fb?
00:02:06A-tzangol ck
00:02:09A-tzangol can u top?
00:02:13A-tzangol with necro?
00:02:14Milky well if u want
00:02:16Milky ...
00:02:20A-tzangol well
00:02:29zebbelito share
00:02:31A-tzangol come ck
00:02:31zebbelito -hhn
00:02:37zebbelito ty
00:02:42Milky what
00:02:46A-tzangol wards for top
00:02:47A-tzangol in chick
00:03:01zebbelito ill make urn
00:03:03A-tzangol check rune
00:03:14Milky dd pudge
00:03:17que2stress who makes jango?
00:03:26Pufff-Reis lemme farm wl
00:03:32que2stress pugna makle meka plz
00:03:35son1c ss
00:03:35son1c ss
00:03:46son1c re2
00:05:21creeeeeee MISSS
00:05:36Milky oom
00:05:36Milky asd
00:06:05creeeeeee easy kill mid
00:06:51que2stress no slow?
00:06:56Timu no
00:06:59que2stress rofl
00:07:01A-tzangol go kunk
00:07:04A-tzangol when u want
00:07:06Timu im focusing on maxing ward
00:07:15que2stress THIS
00:07:16que2stress PUGNA
00:07:24A-tzangol my bad
00:07:29A-tzangol slept
00:07:34A-tzangol was oom in the start
00:07:37A-tzangol slept with pugna
00:07:51que2stress although
00:07:52Timu fuck misclicked
00:07:55que2stress i should get it
00:07:58A-tzangol s
00:08:04reptile care
00:08:24creeeeeee MISS MID
00:08:26creeeeeee comingi bot with rune
00:08:30creeeeeee lvl 6
00:08:32A-tzangol b
00:08:33A-tzangol leo
00:08:55zebbelito ss
00:08:58creeeeeee re
00:08:58que2stress ss
00:09:03A-tzangol illu?
00:09:05Strom n
00:09:07creeeeeee dno
00:09:09Strom real
00:09:09creeeeeee not
00:09:10Strom I know
00:09:12A-tzangol go
00:09:14zebbelito rune
00:09:15zebbelito qop
00:09:26A-tzangol b
00:09:39Strom damn ward killed me
00:09:42que2stress heal plz
00:09:42Strom kunkka was about to die
00:09:47creeeeeee miss
00:09:48creeeeeee mid again
00:09:54que2stress ty
00:09:54creeeeeee omw top
00:09:56creeeeeee lets kill
00:10:00creeeeeee kill both
00:10:01que2stress bought 1 in chick
00:10:02que2stress if u need
00:10:44son1c 3top
00:10:48reptile ss mid
00:10:51reptile b
00:10:55Milky need wards
00:10:58Milky ty
00:11:03creeeeeee ssmid
00:11:04son1c ss
00:11:04son1c top
00:11:12creeeeeee again
00:11:12creeeeeee bot
00:11:14creeeeeee with rune
00:11:17creeeeeee mid re
00:11:21creeeeeee bot rune
00:11:23Timu fuck
00:11:27que2stress come
00:11:27Milky lets kill
00:11:28reptile ss top
00:11:28Milky necro
00:11:31Milky go wlock
00:11:38que2stress well u need maa
00:11:41A-tzangol go
00:11:52zebbelito ss qop
00:11:55que2stress yeo
00:12:19creeeeeee ssmid
00:12:20creeeeeee care top
00:12:26reptile care
00:12:29son1c go?
00:12:38son1c sstop
00:12:43reptile pudge bot
00:12:46Milky wards
00:12:47son1c sstop
00:12:48son1c care
00:12:51son1c re2
00:13:04A-tzangol oom
00:13:05creeeeeee i check rune
00:13:06Timu ty
00:13:16Strom care bot
00:13:23Milky qop need wards
00:13:30que2stress 1 time decre
00:13:34zebbelito miss qio
00:13:36zebbelito runed
00:13:37Timu oom
00:13:39que2stress and he flys very high
00:14:13reptile ss
00:14:27creeeeeee ss mid
00:14:27son1c NICE
00:14:37que2stress that ship
00:14:37son1c u saved him
00:14:39que2stress betreayed me
00:15:02Pufff-Reis gg
00:15:03Milky woohoo
00:15:20Milky wards
00:15:22Milky guys
00:15:24creeeeeee 2 coming
00:15:26creeeeeee top
00:15:30A-tzangol oom
00:15:54Milky care
00:15:55Milky pudge
00:16:02Milky go
00:16:05A-tzangol oom
00:16:23Milky wards or gg
00:16:24Milky asap
00:16:30Milky pudge in game
00:16:51que2stress go farm
00:16:51que2stress yunerp
00:17:02Milky 4 mid
00:17:03A-tzangol go mid
00:17:06Milky or pudge roaming
00:17:10Milky care
00:17:12Milky pudge
00:18:10A-tzangol /GSDF
00:18:25creeeeeee wtf
00:18:46son1c sstop
00:19:09A-tzangol go
00:19:17Milky necro try to getp ipe
00:19:43Milky bot rune
00:19:44Milky necro
00:19:46Milky pudge going
00:19:50Timu :D
00:19:57Strom greed fail always nice
00:19:59que2stress u didnt have ult
00:20:00que2stress lopl
00:20:01que2stress tell it :D
00:20:07A-tzangol let
00:20:07Strom I did
00:20:07A-tzangol me
00:20:10Strom but I got greedy
00:20:10A-tzangol 1
00:20:10Milky rune
00:20:14Strom and went for crit kill
00:20:15que2stress ah y
00:20:17que2stress right mana
00:20:17Strom crit didn't come
00:20:34reptile u had ju
00:20:45Milky ty
00:20:47reptile fuck off
00:20:55Pufff-Reis löol
00:20:55reptile strom u had just to wait for me..
00:21:01A-tzangol gj
00:21:02Pufff-Reis it didnt stop
00:21:04Strom reptile, I had no idea you're coming
00:21:06creeeeeee kill lock
00:21:07Pufff-Reis couldnt move bn
00:21:09Pufff-Reis gg
00:21:10Strom I was too busy watching under my nose
00:21:37A-tzangol go
00:21:49A-tzangol ty
00:21:52Milky cant
00:21:53Milky ward
00:21:53A-tzangol fuck of
00:21:54que2stress np
00:21:54Milky will kill me
00:21:55A-tzangol CANT WHAT?
00:21:57Timu np
00:21:59Milky if i spell
00:22:07A-tzangol if sk goes
00:22:13A-tzangol b
00:22:15A-tzangol .....
00:22:26Milky i b
00:22:31Milky need wards =)
00:22:39creeeeeee all on necro
00:22:41Timu oom
00:22:43Milky ok
00:22:46creeeeeee for 10 minutes
00:22:46Milky lets plant together
00:22:47creeeeeee already
00:22:49Timu fuck
00:22:52que2stress ROFL
00:22:53reptile i cant plant..
00:22:53Milky together!
00:22:54Strom cool ulti :D
00:23:03que2stress well get tower
00:23:06reptile they are permanent in our wood
00:23:11Milky gehijnqwmpg,låö.¨QW
00:23:13Milky wtf im doing
00:23:22Timu mana asap
00:23:25Timu and for me
00:23:55Milky go plant with necro
00:24:03reptile i cant..
00:24:07Milky group
00:24:30A-tzangol i wont fuckin die
00:24:32Milky t´here
00:24:33Milky plant 1
00:24:34Milky there
00:24:35A-tzangol agan IN TJHIS FUCKING MGM<E
00:24:49Milky gj
00:24:53Milky thats a start=)
00:24:56reptile ...
00:25:14A-tzangol ty
00:25:19Milky guys
00:25:20A-tzangol if u see dagger
00:25:21Milky play smart nopw
00:25:22A-tzangol tell me
00:25:23Milky dont solo
00:25:28Milky no vioson
00:25:28creeeeeee did i tell
00:25:29son1c 1 min plz
00:25:29zebbelito regruóup
00:25:30A-tzangol solo my ass
00:25:31creeeeeee i took
00:25:31Strom reason?
00:25:31creeeeeee i didnt take even 1 creep
00:25:31creeeeeee u just idled
00:25:31Milky guys, dont solo now, they just gank 24/7 and we got no vision
00:25:31que2stress ulti cd
00:25:31Milky group up
00:25:31Milky plant wards
00:25:31A-tzangol u took em
00:25:31zebbelito =)
00:25:31Milky farm
00:25:31A-tzangol when i was trying to go mage
00:25:31Strom pizza pauses aren't allowed
00:25:31Timu lol
00:25:31que2stress and piss pauses?
00:25:31Timu või nii :D
00:25:31creeeeeee okay
00:25:31son1c ok guys
00:25:31creeeeeee go emo mode then
00:25:31creeeeeee if u want
00:25:31son1c re and thx
00:25:39Milky com
00:25:39Milky es
00:25:41Milky es
00:25:47A-tzangol fuck off
00:25:59reptile come on
00:26:09A-tzangol go woods
00:26:10Milky need team =) leo
00:26:11Milky qop
00:26:12que2stress well
00:26:12A-tzangol without wards
00:26:13que2stress gw
00:26:14Milky alll
00:26:14que2stress :D
00:26:17Milky thats the point
00:26:17A-tzangol WE WERE 3
00:26:19A-tzangol AND WE WENT
00:26:19Milky e need to plant them
00:26:21A-tzangol WHAT PINT?
00:26:24A-tzangol ......
00:26:27Milky need all 5 =)
00:26:46reptile this is ridicoulus that we need 5 to plant wards
00:26:46A-tzangol and i suck more
00:27:10Milky go plant
00:27:10Milky n ow
00:27:22son1c b
00:27:23son1c kunk
00:27:43Milky need pipe
00:28:02son1c top
00:28:03son1c hlp
00:28:04zebbelito still wi n early
00:28:06zebbelito or loise
00:28:12que2stress 3 top
00:28:18A-tzangol lothars
00:28:53Milky b
00:28:54Milky b
00:29:01zebbelito sec
00:29:15Strom they camping
00:29:16que2stress go mid
00:29:18reptile y
00:29:18que2stress i push top
00:29:20zebbelito y
00:29:23Milky we def top ?
00:29:28A-tzangol i am raging
00:29:29zebbelito dont block
00:29:30zebbelito hook
00:29:32Strom hard without es dagger
00:30:25A-tzangol totem
00:30:43Milky gj
00:30:46zebbelito we was 3 only :S
00:30:50A-tzangol ward fucks us
00:30:54Timu badly positioned ward from me
00:30:54Strom ye
00:30:55A-tzangol take it out
00:30:56Strom tried to kill it
00:30:56Milky good we got agha on qop
00:30:57A-tzangol what ye
00:30:58A-tzangol ....
00:30:59Strom but 3 guys raped me
00:31:01Milky lots of dmg
00:31:21Milky es +1k for dagger
00:31:22Milky np
00:31:26A-tzangol ...............
00:31:31Milky necro u making pipe or ?
00:31:34reptile #no tower..
00:31:41Milky ?
00:31:42Milky what
00:31:45A-tzangol THX LEO
00:31:46A-tzangol THX
00:31:47reptile when i got gold for it i can
00:31:50Milky ok
00:31:58reptile but i hardly get any money
00:32:02zebbelito y
00:32:11creeeeeee got dust
00:32:11A-tzangol b
00:32:33Timu fuck
00:32:51Milky turtle
00:32:52reptile phew
00:32:57que2stress sell 100 for bkb
00:33:12A-tzangol let me btm
00:33:14que2stress go when bkb comes
00:33:16Milky care
00:33:16Milky !
00:33:19Milky need wards
00:33:22creeeeeee slow
00:33:22Timu :D
00:33:22son1c ffss
00:33:22zebbelito omdg
00:33:23reptile ^^
00:33:31creeeeeee lock used ult
00:33:32creeeeeee also :D
00:33:34Milky qop ward pack pls
00:33:37Milky u got money
00:33:45creeeeeee but no room
00:33:53Milky i take
00:34:05creeeeeee wtf
00:34:06que2stress gang
00:34:07creeeeeee glyph
00:34:10Milky ?
00:34:11zebbelito x
00:34:11Milky used?
00:34:11zebbelito x
00:34:15que2stress cd
00:34:24creeeeeee sb did
00:34:25que2stress heal ülöz
00:34:26que2stress wl
00:34:29Milky es 300 for dagger
00:34:44son1c lol
00:34:57A-tzangol ward
00:35:07zebbelito ck to oimba
00:35:08Timu -ii
00:35:16zebbelito we must win a fight
00:35:19zebbelito and push
00:35:19Timu if we had wl ulti...
00:35:24zebbelito y
00:35:24que2stress a
00:35:28zebbelito wl stop use ulti on 1 target
00:35:29son1c yy
00:35:30que2stress we didnt havbe wl ult :D
00:35:44reptile we need some tower
00:36:06Milky let es farm +100
00:36:20Timu 159 for agnim
00:36:24Milky we are breaking the crusial part of our hero game
00:36:26A-tzangol jesus
00:36:39Milky we can try some smoke
00:36:41creeeeeee mid halp
00:36:41creeeeeee jugger here
00:36:41creeeeeee also
00:36:41Milky leo
00:36:42Milky hiy
00:36:42Strom care jugger
00:36:42creeeeeee mby more
00:36:58A-tzangol b
00:37:06que2stress wl cmoe
00:37:08creeeeeee how long pugna ward cd?
00:37:11creeeeeee 60?
00:37:14zebbelito w8
00:37:15Strom 80 I think
00:37:23creeeeeee we should go
00:37:24Milky go
00:37:25Milky go
00:37:25Milky es
00:37:26Milky go
00:37:30Milky qop
00:37:54Milky told u
00:37:55creeeeeee omw with dust
00:37:55Milky ..
00:38:08que2stress go heal
00:38:09que2stress wl
00:38:09que2stress wtf
00:38:25zebbelito jisses
00:38:30reptile plant
00:38:30zebbelito why all farm?
00:38:34zebbelito 1vfarm
00:38:49zebbelito jugger ur paper
00:38:54Milky h,
00:38:56Milky hmm
00:38:57Milky 40 sec
00:39:16Milky b after
00:39:31zebbelito gj
00:39:34zebbelito puff
00:39:42A-tzangol b
00:39:43A-tzangol base
00:39:52A-tzangol bkb leo
00:39:57Strom no
00:40:00A-tzangol y
00:40:09Strom fuck no
00:40:12A-tzangol fuck yeah
00:40:19A-tzangol def btm
00:41:02A-tzangol b
00:41:15Milky my ass b
00:41:16Milky tower
00:41:22A-tzangol was takin to qop
00:41:25Milky oh
00:41:26creeeeeee die
00:41:32creeeeeee plz?
00:41:32zebbelito tread
00:41:33zebbelito hp
00:41:34Milky qop nuke
00:41:34creeeeeee ty
00:41:35zebbelito lol
00:41:35Milky waves
00:41:42que2stress tp would save
00:41:46creeeeeee i did
00:41:49zebbelito or hp treads
00:41:54creeeeeee it has 40 sec cd
00:41:54creeeeeee just
00:41:56creeeeeee :)
00:42:02zebbelito ill finish pipe
00:42:06que2stress y
00:42:22Timu need to finish this
00:42:47que2stress WL
00:42:48que2stress DONT
00:42:49que2stress WASTE
00:42:50que2stress URE
00:42:50que2stress FUKING
00:42:51que2stress 'ULT
00:42:52Strom I need to shop
00:42:55creeeeeee he used ult :D:D:D
00:42:59zebbelito lol
00:43:03zebbelito go 5
00:43:08que2stress we cant
00:43:09que2stress no wl ult
00:43:12Strom interesting move there es
00:43:16son1c better i die?
00:43:17son1c su
00:43:18que2stress yes
00:43:26Timu soz
00:43:31zebbelito 400 pipe
00:43:32zebbelito get smoke
00:43:38zebbelito from base
00:43:38que2stress we
00:43:39que2stress need
00:43:40que2stress wl ult
00:43:41Strom sweet sweet 100g
00:43:58zebbelito dont die
00:43:59zebbelito alone
00:44:11que2stress back
00:44:11que2stress all
00:44:14que2stress wait wl ult
00:44:16creeeeeee couldnt buy item
00:44:17creeeeeee shiiit
00:44:17creeeeeee :S
00:44:44zebbelito got pipe
00:45:15A-tzangol got dust
00:45:23son1c ult rdy
00:45:36zebbelito omfg
00:45:38zebbelito ur build
00:45:38Milky mass inc
00:45:42zebbelito omw
00:45:47A-tzangol FFS
00:45:48zebbelito go
00:45:48zebbelito wl
00:45:51A-tzangol b
00:45:53son1c hes b
00:45:55A-tzangol i used ulti
00:46:05Milky boom boom
00:46:07que2stress this wl
00:46:07que2stress :D
00:46:09Milky why u use ulti like that
00:46:10zebbelito y
00:46:14A-tzangol accident?.
00:46:15que2stress u dont wana make good ulties?
00:46:58Milky wards!
00:47:04son1c b
00:47:05que2stress actually
00:47:07que2stress we cant
00:47:09que2stress without wl ukt
00:47:13zebbelito y
00:47:41zebbelito smoke
00:47:43Milky plant
00:47:46zebbelito here
00:47:52que2stress we cant
00:47:56que2stress without wl
00:47:59Milky we lose lane now if they catch us
00:48:00son1c 30s
00:48:02Milky go smoke?
00:48:04zebbelito ok
00:48:16que2stress k go
00:48:17que2stress pugna come
00:48:26zebbelito wl have
00:48:27zebbelito ulti
00:48:30son1c y
00:48:31que2stress y
00:48:33que2stress and do it
00:48:34que2stress only
00:48:34creeeeeee well
00:48:34Strom turtle is good for us
00:48:37que2stress when fight is ther
00:48:37creeeeeee that pipe
00:48:40creeeeeee takes away alot
00:48:40que2stress not when u see 1 hero
00:48:44reptile y
00:49:10que2stress damn i had vkv
00:49:23creeeeeee where the fok
00:49:24creeeeeee is healward
00:49:25creeeeeee there
00:49:48que2stress why not get rax
00:49:48que2stress ..
00:49:52Strom can we please stop hitting butcher
00:49:55Strom he should be last target
00:49:55A-tzangol we cant lose to those naps
00:50:06Strom they have fricking paper yurnero
00:50:08Strom kill that
00:50:19creeeeeee didnt even see healward
00:50:20creeeeeee nowhere
00:50:22creeeeeee :/
00:50:43A-tzangol i wanna smash my pc
00:50:49A-tzangol i fucked this up
00:50:51A-tzangol since start
00:50:51Strom ck?
00:50:52A-tzangol sry
00:50:52Strom ck?
00:50:58Milky w/e
00:50:59Milky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:00zebbelito gegre
00:51:01A-tzangol I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:03A-tzangol Gg es
00:51:10Strom w/e?
00:51:14Strom looked like feed on purpose
00:51:17Milky it was accident
00:51:17que2stress i played so bad
00:51:18A-tzangol y
00:51:19Milky not purpose
00:51:20Milky ...
00:51:24Milky -.-'
00:51:25que2stress wp pudg
00:51:28reptile I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:28zebbelito =)
00:51:28A-tzangol i look like feed on purpose
00:51:30zebbelito wp
00:51:33A-tzangol I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:35Milky i tought there was just pudge wl
00:51:41Milky cos jugger left top
00:51:45Milky and i had ulti rdy
00:51:50Milky when i came there was 4
00:51:58Milky i never purpose shit
00:52:06Milky gg tho
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