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63% | 1264 X | 1370 TS

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60% | 1248 X | 1357 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02Hexar -hhn
00:00:09Hexar rubic onmi naga
00:00:10sandii playing murloc maby
00:00:13Hexar bara u swap?
00:00:14mrk chen tiny meepo
00:00:17Essebesse mo
00:00:18Essebesse no
00:00:28mrk anyone have
00:00:29mrk furi
00:00:29mrk qop
00:00:34Essebesse lion
00:00:35Essebesse could u
00:00:37Essebesse buy chick?
00:00:39Essebesse instead of me
00:00:40Hexar bara
00:00:42Hexar get chiken
00:00:43DncingBear RAZOR, WL, SVEN
00:00:44Essebesse ...
00:00:44Hexar ur 5 player
00:00:46Essebesse yy
00:00:49Essebesse but i ask anyways
00:00:53Hexar essebesse u must get chik
00:00:57Essebesse i know
00:00:58Essebesse stfu
00:01:01Hexar just remaining u
00:01:12mrk sk chick
00:01:16sandii lolol lfiroga?
00:01:19mrk chicken
00:01:19mrk someone
00:01:26Firoga what?
00:01:26Iho i go woods,, tiny solo top?
00:01:28PriMo lines&
00:01:30sandii nothing
00:01:44sandii imo
00:01:46Firoga ward is life
00:01:47sandii stupid lanes
00:01:52sandii or i am mid?
00:01:53sandii =D
00:01:56mrk sk
00:01:57mrk ur bot
00:01:58mrk and buy chicken
00:02:00jMc_pALARMONq nopes
00:02:03mrk yes you are
00:02:05DncingBear NO
00:02:07DncingBear hes not
00:02:07Hexar care
00:02:08Hexar sk
00:02:09jMc_pALARMONq laning with my bratto
00:02:15mrk you do reallise
00:02:18mrk if he doesnt buy chick
00:02:20mrk he will get banned
00:02:24DncingBear like we care
00:02:28jMc_pALARMONq haha
00:02:37mrk then why are you playing?
00:02:43mrk "like we care"
00:02:43DncingBear cause im banned on dlg
00:02:47mrk and get banned after 1 game
00:02:47mrk here
00:02:48mrk lol?
00:03:54mrk sk
00:03:55mrk chicken
00:04:20DncingBear pros
00:04:23Firoga are u motherfucking idiot?
00:04:40Essebesse you are
00:04:44Essebesse you fail and almost killed chick
00:04:58Firoga b
00:04:58Firoga b
00:04:59Firoga b
00:04:59Firoga b
00:04:59Firoga b
00:05:00jMc_pALARMONq go mid
00:05:04mrk oom
00:05:55Firoga noob
00:05:58Firoga blind
00:06:08sandii :)
00:06:09Essebesse could you su ?
00:06:22Firoga give share or ban
00:06:25Essebesse fuck you
00:06:27Firoga SHARE NOW
00:06:29Essebesse you almost killed chick
00:06:35Essebesse and calls me shit
00:06:40Firoga share
00:06:40Firoga now
00:07:03Firoga SHARE
00:07:04PriMo ??
00:07:04Hexar dude
00:07:05Firoga SHARE
00:07:05PriMo ss
00:07:06Firoga SHARE
00:07:07Firoga SHARE
00:07:07Hexar stop fed
00:07:07Firoga SHARE
00:07:08Hexar ffs
00:07:08Firoga SHARE
00:07:15Hexar wtf
00:07:16Essebesse chick so dead
00:07:16Essebesse su
00:07:20Hexar bane request on the wau
00:07:21Hexar idiot
00:07:28Firoga u are gonna buy another one
00:07:28sandii i killedi t
00:07:29sandii :D
00:07:29Firoga orange
00:07:33Essebesse no
00:07:35Essebesse im not
00:07:36Firoga yes
00:07:39Firoga blue tell him
00:07:40Firoga to buy
00:07:46Firoga ans sghare ro mew
00:07:53Hexar 'share fuckjng chiken
00:07:56mrk ss
00:08:00Hexar ur ill report u
00:08:03mrk re
00:08:11jMc_pALARMONq go bot
00:08:33sandii ss mid
00:08:35sandii care top
00:09:27sandii care bot
00:09:30sandii missm id
00:10:14Hexar slark
00:10:20Hexar try to farm then kill
00:10:20Hexar k
00:10:40Firoga free farm
00:10:45Firoga bara noob go top
00:10:47Hexar well bara got free farm 2
00:10:52Hexar 3bot
00:10:53Firoga y but he's orange
00:10:53Hexar kill them
00:12:00PriMo 3
00:12:12Hexar b
00:12:13jMc_pALARMONq ENI
00:12:17Hexar go mid
00:12:27jMc_pALARMONq >.<
00:12:32Iho soon dagger
00:12:34jMc_pALARMONq gonna pull
00:12:37jMc_pALARMONq then get the tower
00:12:39jMc_pALARMONq eni
00:12:41jMc_pALARMONq u come aswell
00:12:42DncingBear go push tower and you have it
00:12:44DncingBear proface
00:12:56Hexar bara gank mid
00:12:57Hexar now
00:12:57Hexar go
00:13:03Hexar go mid
00:13:17jMc_pALARMONq go tower
00:13:38mrk gg
00:14:00mrk 5
00:14:01mrk 5
00:14:10mrk run
00:14:46Hexar i told u
00:14:48Hexar go fukcin farm
00:14:49Hexar items
00:14:52Hexar u make 0 dam
00:14:54Hexar to them
00:16:15Hexar wha a fuckign team
00:17:46Hexar illus
00:18:19Hexar kill enigma
00:18:34Essebesse TY
00:18:34Essebesse team
00:18:35Essebesse all b
00:18:36Essebesse full hp
00:19:28sandii what should i buy?
00:19:40Hexar vlad bassher
00:19:41Hexar and some itm
00:19:43Hexar items
00:19:49sandii kk
00:19:50Hexar what giveu attackspeed like mkb
00:20:22Hexar go push bot
00:20:34Hexar make sy or mkb asap
00:20:39Hexar and bkb isent that bad 2
00:21:19Firoga u said go bot
00:21:20Hexar lion
00:21:22Firoga and i'm alone
00:21:23Hexar tell me
00:21:27Hexar whot thefuck u fed that much
00:21:34Firoga u are bad capt
00:21:34Hexar play fucking save
00:21:36Firoga u said
00:21:36Hexar not go fed
00:21:38Hexar ur tard
00:21:39Firoga go bot
00:21:40Hexar i am bad cap
00:21:41Firoga i saved
00:21:42Hexar fucking nab
00:21:45Hexar nothing more
00:21:48sandii yeh
00:21:49sandii ty
00:21:59Firoga i saved slark
00:22:03Firoga that' the importat
00:22:05sandii someone what ye
00:22:34sandii fuu
00:22:41sandii where did this guy comefrom
00:22:42sandii :D
00:22:54PriMo )
00:23:16PriMo fuck
00:23:25sandii lemme top
00:23:36DncingBear -afk
00:23:52jMc_pALARMONq fight
00:24:31Firoga gg
00:24:35Hexar yes
00:24:44Firoga i'm the only one who warded
00:24:45Hexar ty to ur mega unstoppable fed spee
00:24:46Hexar ty
00:24:46Firoga upgraded chick
00:24:52Hexar ur support tar
00:24:56Hexar tard that is ur job
00:24:57Hexar idiot
00:25:00Hexar to get ward
00:25:01Firoga sure
00:25:09sandii what
00:25:12Iho soon ulti
00:25:16Hexar learn to play dota and learn ur role
00:25:17Hexar in game
00:25:19sandii XD
00:25:54Hexar ff
00:26:01Hexar why
00:26:02Hexar do
00:26:04Hexar aba
00:26:05Hexar got vlad
00:26:12Hexar if slake made it first?
00:26:20Hexar slark
00:27:04jMc_pALARMONq u're the best cap i have had on this client
00:27:24jMc_pALARMONq The others whines constantly
00:27:27jMc_pALARMONq but u dont :I)
00:27:30mrk isnt this your first game
00:27:31mrk ?;D
00:27:40jMc_pALARMONq Rest of the games got close
00:27:40jMc_pALARMONq d
00:27:41DncingBear they allways get remade
00:27:48jMc_pALARMONq co
00:27:49jMc_pALARMONq z
00:27:51jMc_pALARMONq of some rules
00:27:55Essebesse GHIKEGHEJH>
00:27:58Essebesse you FUCKING noobs
00:28:02Firoga bara u so noob
00:28:06Essebesse I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:13mrk well there are
00:28:13DncingBear HI ESSEBESSEBRO
00:28:15mrk a set of rules
00:28:17mrk compared to dlg
00:28:19Firoga he's noob
00:28:19jMc_pALARMONq y
00:28:20mrk that will get you banned
00:28:21mrk like no chicken
00:28:28mrk and not going to the lane cap orders
00:28:32DncingBear says you :D
00:28:50mrk these are mostly
00:28:52mrk cos people are shit
00:28:56mrk under 70%
00:28:57jMc_pALARMONq y
00:29:23Stonetorl b
00:30:18sandii well that was
00:30:19sandii something
00:30:41sandii top lane owned
00:30:54jMc_pALARMONq true
00:31:26DncingBear AEWS
00:31:26DncingBear SFG
00:31:27DncingBear G
00:31:27DncingBear E
00:31:35DncingBear let me farm bfly ffs
00:31:41Hexar slark when u get item
00:31:42jMc_pALARMONq eni
00:31:45Hexar ans samething to bara
00:31:47jMc_pALARMONq get ur fat ass into the woods
00:31:49Hexar 30 min both got 0 items
00:32:19DncingBear omfg
00:32:27DncingBear tards oppe i den her
00:32:42DncingBear fucking retarded enigma
00:32:48Firoga they rosh
00:32:51mrk bronze games are all like this
00:32:51DncingBear hard retardation
00:32:55mrk get over 50%
00:32:56mrk and silver
00:32:58DncingBear im kinda getting the picture
00:33:08Firoga i have smoke
00:33:08mrk that's why theres a ranking system
00:33:17mrk people under 50% generally are just that bad
00:33:20mrk and play cos they can
00:33:32mrk like dlg
00:33:35mrk noobest level
00:33:36mrk or whatever
00:33:44Hexar go top
00:33:45Hexar bara
00:33:51Hexar stop that shit farm
00:33:53Hexar u got 0 gfarm
00:33:55DncingBear makes sense i guess
00:34:18Hexar to
00:34:19Hexar imo
00:34:22Hexar and i ask u bara
00:34:23Hexar before
00:34:25Hexar ufcking suck
00:34:26Hexar whit it
00:34:33Firoga u go alone blue
00:34:36DncingBear 'hahahahah
00:34:37Firoga and we tried to save u
00:34:37Hexar wtf
00:34:37DncingBear ROFL
00:34:39Firoga never go alone
00:34:40Firoga noob
00:34:40Hexar i did tell u go top
00:34:43Hexar learn to read
00:34:45Hexar not kill creep
00:34:46Hexar mid
00:34:47Firoga noob never alone
00:34:48Hexar dum fuck
00:34:52jMc_pALARMONq urnerings
00:34:53jMc_pALARMONq plis
00:34:54Firoga rosick
00:34:55Hexar start looking map
00:34:59Hexar and use ur hero
00:35:00Firoga start u
00:35:02Hexar as it is
00:35:02Firoga u blind
00:35:05Hexar as gucking gank hero
00:35:08Firoga go in the mouth of the enemy
00:35:43PriMo go end
00:35:49jMc_pALARMONq ok boss
00:35:56DncingBear GOT IT BOSS
00:36:03sandii they at ros
00:36:07Hexar and so
00:36:12Hexar can u do smthing about it
00:36:20Firoga cvry omni
00:36:33Firoga u're again alone
00:36:38Firoga so strange
00:37:17Hexar I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:18Hexar go ff
00:37:20Essebesse I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:23Hexar this is over
00:37:23Firoga I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:32Hexar pointell to play whit plp who cant farm and do shit
00:37:32DncingBear urn
00:37:38Hexar 30 min
00:37:38PriMo w8
00:37:39Hexar 0 farm
00:37:41Hexar imab
00:37:46Firoga bara is noob
00:37:48Firoga i said it
00:37:51Hexar so is slark
00:37:54Hexar and so r u
00:37:58Firoga no i'm not
00:37:59Firoga i warded
00:38:00Hexar u fed them to much at start
00:38:01Firoga all the time
00:38:02Hexar 6 dead
00:38:03Hexar 0 kill
00:38:09Hexar and lion should kill them asap
00:40:01PriMo lol
00:41:23DncingBear FUCKING
00:41:24DncingBear enigma
00:41:38Iho what
00:41:51DncingBear dont just stand around
00:41:52DncingBear help me out
00:41:57DncingBear use your stun
00:41:59DncingBear your aoe
00:42:01DncingBear anything
00:42:02DncingBear ffs
00:42:09Iho got only 1 stun cant stun all 3 off
00:42:15DncingBear .............
00:42:18DncingBear slark is their entire team
00:42:19Iho ulti cd
00:42:24Iho i stunned him
00:42:29DncingBear just stfu
00:42:32Hexar 'p8ush
00:42:33Hexar mid
00:42:45Iho ok fuckface
00:42:54Hexar b
00:42:54Hexar b
00:42:55Hexar b
00:43:13Hexar b
00:43:16Hexar they ocke
00:43:18Hexar go baclk
00:44:19sandii no merde
00:44:30sandii tuo bash tuossa kun tinyä iskee
00:44:31sandii TT
00:44:34sandii TT
00:45:34sandii älkää vielä
00:45:37sandii tuun tappamaan teijät
00:45:55Hexar let them end
00:45:56Hexar its over
00:46:04jMc_pALARMONq ur throne
00:46:06jMc_pALARMONq guys
00:46:19sandii XD
00:46:27Essebesse ITS ALIVE
00:46:28mrk hi
00:46:40mrk NONOO
00:46:47mrk damn slowbob
00:46:59sandii :D
00:48:03mrk HNNNG
00:49:00sandii tule homo taka
00:49:03sandii s
00:49:22Hexar sa pead pushma just
00:49:39Essebesse b
00:49:39DncingBear BLOODSTONE
00:49:40Essebesse guys
00:49:41DncingBear boss
00:49:42Essebesse def bot
00:49:50Hexar mien
00:49:51Hexar bara
00:49:52Hexar gogog
00:50:27Hexar rebuy
00:50:38sandii bara
00:50:38Hexar b
00:50:39Hexar b
00:50:39Hexar b
00:51:30Hexar slarkpsuh mid
00:51:30PriMo v
00:51:31PriMo b
00:52:03Hexar miksa ei tapa teda
00:52:28Hexar vota tower maha
00:52:29Hexar kiirelt
00:54:28Essebesse back
00:54:28Essebesse back
00:54:29Essebesse turtel
00:54:31Essebesse dont go out
00:56:22sandii tä o imba hero
00:56:27jMc_pALARMONq noob
00:56:30Hexar push mid
00:56:34Hexar ja push bot
00:56:37Hexar carry tp whit u
00:56:48Hexar muu
00:56:52Hexar see agi bracer maha
00:56:55jMc_pALARMONq >.<
00:57:00jMc_pALARMONq cen hit hart plis
00:57:28PriMo b
00:57:29PriMo b
00:57:54PriMo nov
00:58:18jMc_pALARMONq best enigma
00:58:21jMc_pALARMONq nice ulti there
00:58:22jMc_pALARMONq wp
00:58:31PriMo gg
00:58:33Essebesse HL
00:58:34Essebesse >HE?=HE`?
00:58:37jMc_pALARMONq wat
00:58:54mrk dont worry eni
00:58:57mrk that bloodstone will regen your mana
00:59:02DncingBear >.<
00:59:04Hexar psuhmid
00:59:04Hexar mid
00:59:05Hexar mid
00:59:09DncingBear think of the wonders a hex would do
00:59:10sandii kk
00:59:25mrk tho i kinda lost it
00:59:32mrk 25 minutes if just died and rebought like 4 times
00:59:35mrk ive*
00:59:44DncingBear just get sentries or gem
00:59:49Essebesse b
00:59:50Essebesse imo
00:59:51Essebesse b
00:59:51Essebesse b
00:59:57mrk slark has 0 items
00:59:57Stonetorl need ombi
01:00:23Firoga bad idea
01:00:24sandii no ähäh
01:00:26Essebesse i told
01:00:27Essebesse you
01:00:27Essebesse B
01:00:28Essebesse ffs
01:00:29Essebesse idiots
01:00:32Essebesse i told you b
01:00:37mrk B
01:00:38mrk B
01:00:43Hexar well
01:00:48Essebesse idiots!!!!!!
01:00:50Essebesse i told you b
01:00:52PriMo gg
01:00:53jMc_pALARMONq gg
01:00:54Firoga gg
01:00:55Hexar GGwp
01:00:58DncingBear 1 set of sentry wards
01:01:00DncingBear 200 gold
01:01:02DncingBear and we won
01:01:05sandii :)
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