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-35 X
-5 TS

49% | 1179 X | 1291 TS

-40 X
-5 TS

41% | 1268 X | 1167 TS

-10 X
-1 TS

44% | 1119 X | 1277 TS

-28 X
-10 TS

36% | 1197 X | 1164 TS

-4 X
-1 TS

17% | 950 X | 1234 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

90% | 1535 X | 1460 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

26% | 1037 X | 1242 TS

+8 X
+2 TS

15% | 983 X | 1219 TS

+39 X
+7 TS

18% | 975 X | 1220 TS

+6 X
+17 TS

18% | 954 X | 1242 TS

Chat log

00:00:08Shinja mort, clock, warlock
00:00:10Carna luna tinker treant
00:00:22Shinja someone slard for waeveR?
00:00:25xenix- goblin ns gyro
00:00:37Jambalaya rhasta bb tb
00:00:40xenix- can i have luna ?
00:00:46mieseskarma got nesaji bane mirana
00:00:50Carna lil late
00:01:04xenix- want ns someone ?
00:01:05ForbeateN qop pl
00:01:08ForbeateN hmm
00:01:14Pojetz swap?
00:01:16Multi_Ljep take healer or disabler
00:01:18ForbeateN nop
00:01:19Pojetz some1
00:01:20Pojetz want swap
00:01:25Jambalaya i go carrie then
00:01:26Jambalaya me bot
00:01:30xenix- got nothing like that
00:01:32xenix- ---
00:01:38Multi_Ljep luna ns and?
00:01:43xenix- hmm i try g<ro
00:01:46Jambalaya me bot
00:01:47xenix- no luna
00:01:49Pojetz nop
00:01:51xenix- goblin
00:01:54Jambalaya forbeaten ?
00:01:55Multi_Ljep gyro better
00:01:58Jambalaya pleease say me bot
00:01:58Marhalt they have good picks
00:01:58Multi_Ljep much
00:01:58Pojetz ?
00:02:00Pojetz no
00:02:03Multi_Ljep ./
00:02:04Marhalt i already bought a courier
00:02:09Jambalaya ffs
00:02:09Shinja dirge
00:02:10xenix- ..
00:02:12Shinja top
00:02:12Shinja wtf
00:02:14Pojetz stfu
00:02:15Jambalaya u put a carrie top
00:02:16Jambalaya gj
00:02:26xenix- lol im 3rd
00:02:27Jambalaya hope we lose
00:02:28xenix- ..
00:02:30Jambalaya because of that
00:02:31Shinja omg
00:02:32Shinja ffs
00:02:43Marhalt ww
00:02:44Marhalt ss
00:02:49Jambalaya becase ud will carrie the game
00:02:55Jambalaya ss 1 top
00:03:29ForbeateN ss
00:03:44ForbeateN re
00:04:12Jambalaya great s tart
00:04:26Carna i m doing so much shit
00:05:08-.- MID MISS
00:05:10-.- went bot rune
00:05:15Jambalaya ss
00:06:18Jambalaya top lane is so fucked
00:06:30ForbeateN ss
00:06:48ForbeateN so lucky
00:06:49ForbeateN mf
00:07:12Marhalt upgrade
00:07:47Shinja top
00:07:48Shinja wtf
00:07:52Carna down they farm
00:08:10Jambalaya top lane is shit
00:08:13Jambalaya i told you
00:08:13-.- mid miss
00:08:15Marhalt oom
00:08:16Jambalaya can't farm
00:08:24ForbeateN ss
00:08:28Jambalaya both me and ck need farm
00:08:59Shinja ill go in
00:09:01Shinja wait for me
00:09:04Pojetz sec
00:09:06Pojetz 20 sew
00:09:06Jambalaya ss top
00:09:13Multi_Ljep miss
00:09:23Jambalaya ck
00:09:26Jambalaya lets get gyro
00:09:26Jambalaya now
00:09:37-.- i come gank dat bot
00:09:37xenix- sss
00:09:38-.- wait cm
00:09:49-.- CARE TOP
00:09:50Jambalaya ffs
00:09:51Jambalaya stun him
00:09:56Pojetz I SAID WAI>T
00:09:59ForbeateN ss
00:09:59Shinja 4
00:10:00Pojetz oh god
00:10:01Shinja bot
00:10:05xenix- top warded !!!!
00:10:08xenix- or not
00:10:18-.- srsly
00:10:21-.- stop the slow play
00:10:30ForbeateN gogo
00:11:30Marhalt gank top
00:11:52Jambalaya twr
00:12:22ForbeateN CAN U BE SO LUCKY
00:12:23Pojetz 30 sac and then kill
00:12:24ForbeateN MAN
00:12:30Pojetz k?
00:12:31Multi_Ljep GJ NERU
00:12:36Multi_Ljep gj nerub*
00:12:37Multi_Ljep :)
00:12:54Pojetz i can kill
00:13:35Marhalt take trws
00:14:06Shinja sry
00:14:07Shinja fuck
00:14:08Pojetz ..
00:14:26Shinja mb
00:14:27Shinja heal me
00:14:28Shinja :8
00:14:34Shinja hm?
00:14:37Pojetz sry
00:14:39Pojetz didnt see
00:14:43Jambalaya rune
00:15:10Marhalt why+
00:15:13ForbeateN Haah
00:15:17-.- :)
00:15:18Jambalaya mid
00:15:37-.- this shows how little i have respect for you
00:15:38-.- ^^
00:15:41-.- As a player
00:15:46ForbeateN hehe
00:16:12Marhalt fuck off
00:16:49Jambalaya omfg
00:16:54xenix- items on gyro ?
00:16:57-.- <3 missclicking on mah ulti
00:17:01Pojetz ck
00:17:02Pojetz reg
00:17:07ForbeateN haha
00:17:09Carna agha
00:17:12xenix- k
00:17:45ForbeateN dager
00:18:06xenix- coming mid !!
00:18:11Marhalt yuhu
00:18:18xenix- ^^
00:18:22ForbeateN ha
00:18:24-.- what a lucky fuck
00:18:41Pojetz kill
00:18:47Pojetz GO
00:19:03Marhalt bb
00:20:05Shinja get pipe
00:20:06Shinja someone
00:20:34Carna get tower
00:21:08Shinja TP
00:21:09Shinja ffs
00:21:10Shinja top
00:21:12Shinja wtf
00:21:29xenix- mana
00:21:33ForbeateN haha
00:21:34Multi_Ljep Stick?
00:21:38ForbeateN <3
00:21:41Multi_Ljep cd mby
00:21:41-.- u maxed it? :DD
00:21:47ForbeateN no
00:21:57-.- since i just lost about 150 hp
00:21:58-.- at least
00:22:06ForbeateN b
00:22:17ForbeateN b
00:22:38ForbeateN b
00:22:39Marhalt fuck off
00:22:48Multi_Ljep -ms
00:23:50Shinja gg
00:23:52ForbeateN f it
00:23:54ForbeateN b
00:24:01ForbeateN come on !
00:24:05ForbeateN wtf u died nab!
00:24:06Jambalaya its not done
00:24:10Jambalaya just get dust
00:24:11Jambalaya and he done
00:24:32Jambalaya all dust
00:24:36Jambalaya and go 5 now
00:24:39Jambalaya then we kill them
00:25:23xenix- 4
00:25:25xenix- 5
00:25:26Multi_Ljep ac now or later after vlads?
00:25:34Multi_Ljep somwone answer
00:25:36-.- later
00:25:40Multi_Ljep k
00:26:44Multi_Ljep b
00:27:07ForbeateN ck nab
00:27:24xenix- waver u must get imba they have late heros
00:27:32xenix- weaver ^^
00:27:42-.- rapier sounds right
00:27:44-.- yup it does
00:27:49Multi_Ljep y
00:28:07xenix- let weaver farm!!!
00:28:14Multi_Ljep gogo
00:28:30-.- take it
00:28:44ForbeateN 0 warrds
00:28:47Shinja :d
00:28:48ForbeateN def
00:28:54-.- after that
00:28:56-.- we go roshan
00:29:01Jambalaya care cent blink
00:29:54Jambalaya get dust all
00:29:55Jambalaya ffs
00:29:59Jambalaya not only me
00:30:18-.- fyi
00:30:21-.- im going rapier only build
00:30:23-.- 5x rapier
00:30:33-.- come help me take rosahn
00:30:39xenix- k
00:30:58-.- need at least 3-4
00:31:03xenix- go
00:31:06Marhalt go
00:31:09-.- yarr
00:31:22xenix- roof stay out
00:31:26Carna yeah
00:31:44ForbeateN xD
00:31:46Jambalaya b
00:32:03-.- go push
00:32:04-.- mid
00:32:19-.- come all
00:32:20Multi_Ljep your wb is at abse
00:32:20ForbeateN b
00:32:24-.- roger
00:32:29ForbeateN gank
00:32:32ForbeateN i go dust
00:32:34Multi_Ljep bait
00:32:37-.- push it
00:32:44-.- i dont wanna show my ninjabuild
00:32:50Multi_Ljep :))
00:32:51ForbeateN stay
00:33:01ForbeateN w8
00:33:03Multi_Ljep b
00:33:22Pojetz omfg
00:33:24Pojetz tomb
00:33:25Pojetz tomb
00:33:28Pojetz tomb!
00:33:51Jambalaya weaver devinde
00:33:52Jambalaya :O
00:34:03ForbeateN he got rapier
00:34:06Pojetz bot
00:34:08ForbeateN kill him and we won
00:34:08Pojetz when he dead
00:34:10Jambalaya wee just need him
00:34:12Pojetz then we have won
00:34:17ForbeateN y
00:34:19ForbeateN kill him
00:34:22ForbeateN give u rapier
00:34:23ForbeateN and gg
00:34:25Jambalaya y
00:34:27ForbeateN nice rapier xD
00:34:35ForbeateN def
00:34:36ForbeateN def
00:34:37ForbeateN def
00:34:48-.- b
00:34:49Marhalt here mek
00:34:54-.- i get rune
00:34:55Shinja CK
00:34:56Shinja OMG
00:35:04-.- Want it?
00:35:12ForbeateN y
00:35:20-.- i bet u do
00:35:59ForbeateN AHHA
00:36:12Marhalt reg bot
00:36:19Pojetz b
00:36:27-.- im coming
00:36:29xenix- need 303
00:36:41ForbeateN ha
00:36:46-.- ha
00:36:52ForbeateN hate u
00:36:53ForbeateN xD
00:36:58-.- dont :(
00:37:06ForbeateN do u know
00:37:10ForbeateN if we get ur rapier
00:37:11ForbeateN we win xD
00:37:14-.- but u wont
00:37:19-.- get it
00:37:19ForbeateN that was kinda brave
00:37:24Shinja all
00:37:25ForbeateN respect..
00:37:30-.- i like to juke
00:37:34ForbeateN :D
00:37:36-.- undying dies
00:37:37-.- btw
00:37:57Pojetz ffffffs
00:38:01Shinja buy in
00:38:02Shinja plz
00:38:06Shinja and def mid
00:38:07ForbeateN t
00:38:07ForbeateN y
00:38:09ForbeateN bb
00:38:12-.- now u have a chance
00:38:12ForbeateN buy back
00:38:13-.- 2 get
00:38:14-.- 2 rapiers
00:38:19ForbeateN haha
00:38:21Multi_Ljep ;D
00:38:38Shinja buy
00:38:39Shinja in
00:38:43Pojetz 10 sec
00:38:44Pojetz idiot
00:38:47Shinja noob
00:38:50Shinja rax
00:38:51Shinja ty
00:38:52Shinja ;:d
00:38:56Shinja ban him blue
00:38:56Pojetz np
00:39:13ForbeateN how can i ban him
00:39:33ForbeateN it is not his fault
00:39:39ForbeateN we lost already
00:39:39Jambalaya wp weaver
00:39:47-.- i played horribly
00:39:48-.- Tho
00:39:49Jambalaya I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:52ForbeateN y
00:39:57ForbeateN but we played
00:39:59ForbeateN Like shit xD
00:40:17Multi_Ljep b
00:40:18Carna give em your rapier
00:40:18Jambalaya guys just ff waste of time
00:40:20ForbeateN I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:22-.- :D
00:40:23-.- noez
00:40:31Carna just one
00:40:32-.- little short from 3rd one
00:40:34ForbeateN I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:02ForbeateN go mid
00:41:03ForbeateN all
00:41:20Multi_Ljep weaver come here
00:41:28Multi_Ljep or dont
00:41:28Pojetz all focus
00:41:29Jambalaya wee need to farm
00:41:29Shinja away
00:41:31Pojetz weav
00:41:34Jambalaya turtle if wee shoud win
00:41:36-.- need 1500 for mah 3rd rapier
00:41:47Marhalt thx for help
00:41:48Jambalaya haste
00:41:56Multi_Ljep ?
00:42:02Multi_Ljep i hope u mean it
00:42:20Jambalaya all on weaver
00:42:21Jambalaya fast
00:42:28ForbeateN xD
00:42:39-.- 3rd rapierrrrr
00:42:41-.- i want moarrr
00:42:50ForbeateN make buriza
00:42:51ForbeateN :D
00:42:57-.- was thinking about it
00:42:59-.- but nah
00:44:02Jambalaya fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
00:44:04Jambalaya lucky you
00:44:11mieseskarma I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:14Carna gg save
00:44:14Jambalaya so close weaver !
00:44:19-.- :D
00:44:22Pojetz I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:24ForbeateN lost anyway
00:44:26ForbeateN XD
00:44:27-.- but not close enough
00:44:42ForbeateN HAAHAHA
00:44:44Multi_Ljep :))
00:44:49Shinja I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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