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Chat log

00:00:03Flex- dont let void
00:00:03Jonnija -ap
00:00:05Flex- outfarm me
00:00:06Flex- and its gg
00:00:17Jonnija with phoenix at ur side void should be np
00:00:21Vaj.CO ak ides top
00:00:25Vaj.CO tak nechaj ma farmit
00:00:29Flex- should
00:00:30Flex- true
00:00:31Flex- but
00:00:33Jesus_Crix ffs
00:00:34Flex- you are the one controling it
00:00:35Flex- so
00:00:36Flex- you know
00:00:38Jesus_Crix es got quelling blade
00:00:38Flex- enigma
00:00:39Flex- remember
00:00:40Flex- :D
00:00:40Flex- -hhn
00:00:41Jonnija :D
00:00:43Jesus_Crix don't go steal farm top
00:01:00Vaj.CO atro come top
00:01:03Romeo k
00:01:03Flex- they have
00:01:04Jonnija we got all these paper heroes
00:01:04Jonnija :D
00:01:05Flex- shit to gank me with
00:01:06Flex- outside
00:01:07Flex- of es
00:01:11slc2 focus on atro all the time please
00:01:12Jesus_Crix atropos without sleep 1st
00:01:12sebralane wadap es
00:01:22sebralane zap
00:01:23Jonnija flex balanar will prolly
00:01:25Jonnija hunt you
00:01:28Romeo without what ?
00:01:29Romeo :D
00:01:30Flex- i got wd
00:01:31Flex- so
00:01:32Jesus_Crix sleep
00:01:34Vaj.CO sleep
00:01:34sebralane u seen this comic about gc player with atro?
00:01:35Jesus_Crix 3rd spell
00:01:39Romeo k
00:01:42Jesus_Crix nope
00:01:47Flex- heh
00:01:47Flex- wd
00:01:47sebralane it was like mirana in team
00:01:49sebralane and atro
00:01:49Jesus_Crix what is it about?
00:01:49Flex- didnt get lane wards
00:01:52Flex- thats dissapointing
00:01:54Jonnija ur botlane
00:01:55mansikka :----------D
00:01:56sebralane the they asked atro fb
00:01:59Vaj.CO i get pulls
00:02:00sebralane atro says yes
00:02:01Flex- well
00:02:02Flex- galgar chick
00:02:05sebralane mirana was here
00:02:06Flex- he cant get waRDSS ALSO
00:02:09sebralane they told sleep
00:02:11sebralane he zapped :d
00:02:15Jesus_Crix :D
00:02:21sebralane all team was mid imo
00:02:21Galgar rune bot
00:02:25sebralane if im right :d
00:02:29sebralane for fb
00:03:03Flex- LET ME PULL
00:03:04Flex- FOR NOW
00:03:07mansikka o
00:03:44mansikka i skilled heal
00:03:48mansikka accidently
00:03:58Jonnija a good accident
00:04:05mansikka wtf
00:04:05Galgar was about to do that :D
00:04:47Vaj.CO atro
00:04:48Vaj.CO me farm
00:04:50Romeo k
00:04:57sebralane he pick sleep
00:05:00sebralane i mean
00:05:00Flex- shit :DDD
00:05:01sebralane heal
00:05:03sebralane and i still die
00:05:04sebralane :d
00:05:05Flex- hahaha
00:05:05Jesus_Crix mid ss
00:05:08Vaj.CO omg
00:05:10Vaj.CO harras
00:05:16Jesus_Crix re
00:05:19Jesus_Crix with illus
00:06:44slc2 tower hit
00:06:45Jesus_Crix midf ss
00:06:59Jesus_Crix care top
00:07:04sebralane need gank asap
00:07:06Jesus_Crix re
00:07:08Jonnija ss balanar
00:07:09Jonnija bot care
00:07:14Vaj.CO tango pls
00:07:25Jesus_Crix go
00:07:56Jesus_Crix mid ss
00:07:58Jesus_Crix care
00:08:12Jesus_Crix omw top
00:08:32sebralane still no sleep
00:08:33sebralane gmm
00:08:46Jonnija ss mid
00:08:47Jonnija care top
00:08:57Romeo stop it
00:09:08slc2 come get tower
00:09:38Vaj.CO b
00:09:47Vaj.CO fail :D
00:09:55Vaj.CO b
00:09:57Romeo got ulti
00:09:57Jonnija no vision
00:10:13Vaj.CO tp top
00:10:14Vaj.CO fast
00:10:19Vaj.CO go
00:10:20Jonnija ulty
00:10:24slc2 tower
00:10:38Flex- ss
00:10:47Jesus_Crix omw bot
00:10:48Jesus_Crix get pa
00:11:02Jesus_Crix or top
00:11:02slc2 im b
00:11:19slc2 void got nothing
00:11:26Galgar shit
00:11:32Jesus_Crix zzz
00:11:38sebralane pa freefarm
00:12:15Jonnija use heal
00:12:15Jonnija y
00:12:22Vaj.CO up chick
00:13:04Flex- dont let this tower
00:13:06Flex- get denied
00:13:06Flex- :D
00:13:10Jonnija krob
00:13:11Jonnija dint ulty
00:13:12Jonnija last time
00:13:19slc2 i was lvl 5
00:13:22Jonnija n
00:13:23Jonnija u were 6
00:14:15Jesus_Crix atropos
00:14:16Jesus_Crix ffs
00:14:19Jesus_Crix just leave it
00:14:22mansikka :DDD
00:14:34sebralane or not
00:14:35Romeo farm people :D
00:14:38sebralane freekilsl are pointless
00:14:39sebralane imo
00:14:40Galgar not this time :D
00:14:47Jonnija slc
00:14:47Jonnija next time
00:14:47Romeo oh
00:14:47Flex- haha
00:14:47Jonnija run around
00:14:47Vaj.CO ..
00:14:47Flex- :D
00:14:47Jonnija i nmy ulty
00:14:47Jesus_Crix omw top
00:14:47Jesus_Crix pa
00:14:47slc2 jep baby
00:14:47Vaj.CO ok
00:14:47Vaj.CO got ulti
00:14:47Jonnija there was plenty
00:14:47Jesus_Crix well it's good
00:14:47Jonnija of fog
00:14:47Jonnija there
00:14:47Jesus_Crix he's bad
00:14:47Jesus_Crix 1 of them will leave
00:14:47Romeo -roll
00:14:47Romeo =]
00:14:47slc2 i just wanted to get home:D
00:14:47slc2 lets go bot again
00:14:47Flex- jonnija
00:14:47Vaj.CO ten doom co robil?
00:14:47Galgar pff i guess thats a game for me
00:14:47Flex- make a decision
00:14:47Jonnija i need to balance
00:14:47Jonnija someone
00:14:47Jesus_Crix :D
00:14:47Flex- well
00:14:47slc2 who goes?
00:14:47Flex- it all comes down
00:14:47Jesus_Crix sad for you*
00:14:47Flex- how did krobe use silence
00:14:47Jesus_Crix indeed
00:14:47Jonnija krobe doesnt have
00:14:47Jonnija silence
00:14:47Jonnija :D
00:14:47Romeo so rmk or balance ?
00:14:47Flex- CYA
00:14:47Jesus_Crix buy wards atropos
00:14:47Jonnija well
00:14:47Vaj.CO balance
00:14:47Jesus_Crix balance
00:14:47Romeo no money :D
00:14:47Galgar but krobe might be more useful
00:14:47Jonnija yeah
00:14:47Galgar :D
00:14:47Vaj.CO y
00:14:47Jesus_Crix after 8 mins
00:14:47Vaj.CO atro
00:14:47Vaj.CO pls
00:14:47Galgar just saying
00:14:47Flex- not even
00:14:47Vaj.CO dont farm and get wards
00:14:47Flex- lvl 1 silence
00:14:47Vaj.CO just roam
00:14:47Flex- is rofl stomp
00:14:47Jonnija he is
00:14:47Jonnija lvl 5
00:14:47Jonnija 6
00:14:47Romeo i have no money !
00:14:47Flex- ye
00:14:47Jonnija under leveled
00:14:47Vaj.CO ok
00:14:47Flex- lol
00:14:47Vaj.CO but u will have
00:14:47Flex- well
00:14:47Flex- lvl 2 skilled silence
00:14:47Flex- always now
00:14:47Romeo yes i wikk buy it
00:14:47Romeo will
00:14:47Flex- and then left aline
00:14:47slc2 me and lina are lvl 6
00:14:47Flex- untill other are maxed
00:14:47slc2 i got the items not lina
00:14:47Vaj.CO and ward our woods
00:14:47Romeo np
00:14:47Jonnija items?
00:14:47Jesus_Crix how ' farm void?
00:14:47slc2 buckler basil and phase
00:14:47Flex- my only pleasure
00:14:47Vaj.CO well
00:14:47mansikka -ii
00:14:47Flex- is that this disc
00:14:47Flex- is bannable :D
00:14:47slc2 who goes?
00:14:47Vaj.CO i will have bf in 17 mins i think
00:14:47Jonnija sebra gets
00:14:47Jonnija a looong ban
00:14:47Jonnija for this
00:14:47Jonnija :D
00:14:47Jesus_Crix k
00:14:47Flex- y:D
00:14:47Flex- well
00:14:47Flex- galgar
00:14:47Flex- is right
00:14:47BoBo.Ftw jonnija u should be permabanned too ^^
00:14:47Flex- krobe will be more usefull
00:14:47Vaj.CO but need to gang mort
00:14:47Jonnija yes
00:14:47slc2 oh really?
00:14:47Jesus_Crix void>pa
00:14:47Jonnija that ultimate
00:14:47Jonnija probably
00:14:47Vaj.CO looks like be fat
00:14:47Jesus_Crix but phoenix
00:14:47Jonnija but
00:14:47Flex- and silence
00:14:47Jonnija that only is when
00:14:47Jesus_Crix and krob skills
00:14:47Jonnija he actually
00:14:47Flex- can screw em up
00:14:47Jesus_Crix will hurt you
00:14:47Jonnija "playis"
00:14:47Jonnija :D
00:14:47Jesus_Crix in chrono
00:14:47Jonnija plays"
00:14:47slc2 plays?
00:14:47Vaj.CO y
00:14:47Jesus_Crix gonna try to silence
00:14:47Flex- scl2
00:14:47Vaj.CO well we have es
00:14:47Jesus_Crix *silence
00:14:47slc2 what
00:14:47Flex- by lvl 8 you need silence
00:14:47slc2 i know the hero...
00:14:47Vaj.CO just focus bird
00:14:49Jonnija ok
00:14:50Jonnija well
00:14:53Jonnija galgar l2hed ve?
00:14:53Vaj.CO balance
00:14:53Galgar i go i guess then
00:14:53Jonnija kk
00:14:53Galgar teil mõtekam
00:14:53Galgar krobe hoida
00:14:53Flex- bye bro
00:14:53Galgar ku mind
00:14:53Jonnija y vist kyll
00:14:53Galgar dav
00:14:53Galgar gg
00:14:53Galgar gl
00:14:53Flex- i call
00:14:53Flex- you for next
00:14:53slc2 præcis bøsser
00:14:53Galgar ok
00:14:53BoBo.Ftw balance
00:14:53Galgar cya
00:14:53Jonnija flex we do next
00:14:53Jonnija later
00:14:53Jonnija alot later
00:14:54Jonnija i gues
00:15:01Jonnija i have to
00:15:07Jesus_Crix go farm void
00:15:09Vaj.CO y
00:15:10Jonnija learn the build of some electrodes :D
00:15:29Jonnija stupid
00:15:30slc2 b
00:15:31Vaj.CO ty
00:15:31Flex- well
00:15:34Flex- they all were there
00:15:35Flex- 1 v 1
00:15:36Jesus_Crix farm
00:15:37Flex- i could take void
00:15:49Flex- i go mass sale
00:15:53Jesus_Crix me
00:15:53Flex- and i didnt ulti void once :D
00:15:54Jonnija idd enemy
00:15:55Jonnija forest
00:15:58Jonnija is not the place
00:16:08Jonnija stun
00:16:09Jesus_Crix b
00:16:11Jonnija ...
00:16:16Romeo got ulti
00:16:20Jesus_Crix skill sleep pls
00:16:25Romeo ok
00:16:26Jesus_Crix and you sleep 1
00:16:41Romeo and sleep on witch ?
00:16:45Jesus_Crix y
00:17:10slc2 come with us
00:17:13Jonnija n
00:17:29Jesus_Crix come void
00:17:37Jonnija go
00:17:41Vaj.CO i farm mid
00:18:02Flex- where
00:18:03Flex- the fuck
00:18:04Flex- are you guyz
00:18:24Jonnija we got no stun
00:18:26Jonnija after galgar
00:18:27Jonnija left
00:18:31Flex- mansikka
00:18:37Vaj.CO b
00:19:00BoBo.Ftw sleeep m,e
00:19:02BoBo.Ftw ffs
00:19:09Jesus_Crix b
00:19:12slc2 b
00:19:14Jesus_Crix get items void!
00:19:16slc2 i go reg
00:19:41Jesus_Crix well i killed pa twice
00:19:42Vaj.CO y
00:19:45Flex- take it
00:19:46Jesus_Crix but he got good farm
00:19:52Flex- go
00:20:09slc2 get mid tower
00:20:09Jesus_Crix *go
00:20:26Vaj.CO b
00:20:46Jesus_Crix es ffs
00:20:51BoBo.Ftw ?
00:20:59Jesus_Crix that just sux
00:21:15Vaj.CO b
00:21:16Vaj.CO atro
00:21:17Vaj.CO ffs
00:21:57slc2 ty guys
00:22:16slc2 lets go mid?
00:22:20Flex- hold on :D
00:22:33Jonnija i have
00:22:34Jonnija ulty
00:22:35slc2 def
00:22:40Flex- i have tp
00:22:55Jesus_Crix care
00:23:04Jesus_Crix cs void?
00:23:37Jonnija need
00:23:40Jonnija our sunners
00:23:45Flex- LD\
00:23:48Vaj.CO chick?
00:24:01Jesus_Crix void
00:24:11Jonnija flex
00:24:12Flex- kk
00:24:15Jesus_Crix too late
00:24:16Jonnija go mid
00:24:17Jonnija all
00:24:21Vaj.CO wards
00:24:28Jesus_Crix let him atro
00:24:36Romeo he ask for watds :D
00:24:49slc2 nice
00:25:24Vaj.CO rychlo nafarmi dagger
00:26:20Flex- wtf
00:26:21Flex- is this
00:26:22Flex- ..
00:26:25Flex- where
00:26:27Flex- is melwedict
00:26:28Flex- on someone
00:26:33mansikka i missed
00:26:34Jesus_Crix go void
00:26:35BoBo.Ftw reuse
00:26:49Jesus_Crix dagger in chick
00:26:53BoBo.Ftw i know...
00:26:55Flex- i cant do shit
00:26:57Flex- with this thing
00:26:59Flex- es never silenced
00:27:01Flex- and no meledict
00:27:17Romeo lina ?
00:27:21Flex- XD
00:27:40Jesus_Crix b
00:27:41Jesus_Crix b
00:27:47Romeo me daead
00:28:01Flex- True daty
00:28:03Jonnija go mid
00:28:03Jonnija with
00:28:05Jonnija krob ult
00:28:05Romeo stuck betveen mobs :D
00:28:08Flex- kk
00:28:14Vaj.CO b
00:28:16Jesus_Crix just a noob capt...
00:28:25Jesus_Crix pa got bf+dominator
00:28:27Jonnija he is a player who is unable to hit tiny stuns
00:28:27Jesus_Crix with 3/5
00:28:30Jonnija what do u expect
00:28:30Jesus_Crix look our void
00:28:36Romeo so buy mack and go kill
00:29:07Jesus_Crix <3 this void
00:29:11Vaj.CO lol
00:29:13Jesus_Crix can't farm
00:29:15Jesus_Crix can't ulti
00:29:32Jonnija b
00:29:38Jonnija wd is oom
00:29:41Romeo we get 0 tawers
00:30:21Vaj.CO ...
00:30:32Jesus_Crix guess this is over
00:30:33Jonnija wd stun owns in such places :D
00:30:36Flex- no last hits at all
00:30:56Romeo thet will push bot
00:31:01Romeo def mid void
00:31:02Romeo =]
00:31:13Romeo VOID
00:31:42Jonnija fukc
00:32:03Jesus_Crix wp
00:32:37Jesus_Crix ?mouarf
00:32:40Jesus_Crix mouarf
00:32:41Romeo wy didnt come ?
00:32:45Vaj.CO for?
00:32:47Vaj.CO dead
00:32:49Romeo kill them
00:33:01Romeo mortred was sleeping
00:33:03Jonnija krob 0 mp reg
00:33:07Romeo crob no mana
00:33:07Jonnija banned
00:33:15Flex- Es
00:33:16slc2 im banned?
00:33:16Jesus_Crix haha
00:33:17Flex- banned
00:33:18Flex- :D
00:33:18Jonnija es
00:33:19Jonnija y
00:33:27BoBo.Ftw ofc...
00:34:20Vaj.CO we can ff
00:34:21Vaj.CO f
00:34:22Vaj.CO I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:34:26BoBo.Ftw I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:34:30Jesus_Crix I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:34:33Romeo cmon all
00:34:50Romeo i sleep mortred kill witch
00:35:53Romeo straing game =]
00:36:02Romeo flolas wictory :D
00:36:36Jesus_Crix wp VOID :p
00:36:40Vaj.CO rofl
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