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+42 X
+8 TS

88% | 1564 X | 1420 TS

+12 X
+2 TS

84% | 1466 X | 1451 TS

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+3 TS

82% | 1386 X | 1490 TS

+33 X
+12 TS

71% | 1402 X | 1319 TS

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69% | 1340 X | 1365 TS

-40 X
-2 TS

90% | 1494 X | 1512 TS

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-10 TS

86% | 1488 X | 1452 TS

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-2 TS

82% | 1438 X | 1435 TS

-34 X
-2 TS

73% | 1351 X | 1402 TS

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-18 TS

63% | 1327 X | 1295 TS

Chat log

00:00:19A-tzangol xd
00:00:20Flex- haha
00:00:20A-tzangol aony want whisp?
00:00:20Vangelis i want
00:00:20Vangelis lich or rubick
00:00:20Eternity hf mrk.
00:00:20Vangelis ban wisp and pick me
00:00:20Flex- there isnt much
00:00:20Vangelis lich
00:00:20Flex- you can wisp with
00:00:20Vangelis or rubick
00:00:20Eternity -ii
00:00:20Vangelis ye
00:00:20Flex- i want lich
00:00:20Vangelis ban it
00:00:20A-tzangol whisp
00:00:20Eternity -water random
00:00:20A-tzangol y
00:00:20PeterLars rubick
00:00:20A-tzangol its a good pool for whisp
00:00:21Flex- GIVE LICH
00:00:21Vangelis pick lich
00:00:25Vangelis flex
00:00:26Vangelis sry
00:00:27Vangelis i want it
00:00:31mrk im the best lich
00:00:31PeterLars any whises?
00:00:33Flex- i also want it
00:00:34Vangelis i want to babysit a carry in bot lane
00:00:34mrk give me
00:00:37Vangelis NO GIVE ME
00:00:40A-tzangol i am the carry
00:00:42Bra~ no
00:00:42Vangelis a tzangol
00:00:43Vangelis ye
00:00:44Flex- :D
00:00:44creeeeeee dk
00:00:46Vangelis i babysit you bot
00:00:46mrk i heard pwny wants lich aswell
00:00:47Vangelis what hero
00:00:48Vangelis ?
00:00:52Vangelis slard?
00:00:53Eternity peter?
00:00:57A-tzangol get me sk
00:00:59Eternity you ll go for carrygyro?
00:00:59PeterLars y?
00:01:00Bra~ y?
00:01:03Vangelis -swap 1
00:01:03PeterLars no
00:01:04A-tzangol -swap 2
00:01:07Eternity k.
00:01:07PeterLars or maybe
00:01:12Flex- awesome
00:01:13Flex- :D
00:01:13Eternity sk and husk
00:01:13Vangelis TOP LANE
00:01:14Eternity mhm
00:01:16Vangelis i bought you wards
00:01:18Flex- -hhn
00:01:20Eternity care for husk
00:01:22mrk get
00:01:23Eternity he s good player
00:01:24mrk veno
00:01:24PeterLars get mass aoe
00:01:25mrk sven
00:01:26pWny- i go nigma woods
00:01:26mrk imba lane
00:01:26Flex- ill try
00:01:27mrk or something
00:01:30Vangelis pwny and flex get
00:01:31mrk no ur 2 both top
00:01:31pWny- i can go woods
00:01:31mrk pwny
00:01:32Vangelis pwny no
00:01:34Vangelis enigma
00:01:34Flex- pwny
00:01:35Vangelis we are bot
00:01:36Flex- you cant get
00:01:38Vangelis with me and sk
00:01:39pWny- huskar lich solo lane?
00:01:39Flex- enigma
00:01:39mrk get sven
00:01:40mrk tc
00:01:42PeterLars brood
00:01:43pWny- so i can go woods
00:01:43Vangelis sven
00:01:43Bra~ mass aoe it is
00:01:44PeterLars wanna mid?
00:01:44pWny- ok?
00:01:44Eternity no eni
00:01:45mrk no
00:01:46mrk pwny
00:01:46mrk no
00:01:46Eternity pls dont pick eni
00:01:47pWny- k
00:01:48Bra~ sure
00:01:51Eternity good
00:01:54Vangelis take
00:01:55Vangelis wards
00:01:57Vangelis from base
00:01:57mrk sk gets freefarm with lich
00:01:59Vangelis top lane
00:02:00PeterLars get tc
00:02:01Vangelis -hhn
00:02:02PeterLars or somethink
00:02:08PeterLars or enigma
00:02:08Vangelis ward pull
00:02:09pWny- i know
00:02:10PeterLars maybe
00:02:12baroni- enigma
00:02:12Vangelis so you can do good
00:02:13baroni- imo
00:02:13pWny- im good with warding
00:02:13Vangelis on top lane
00:02:24pWny- i give you sight ward huskar ok?
00:02:26mrk mis ajast
00:02:28mrk sa nii
00:02:30Vangelis ?
00:02:30mrk sõbralik support oled
00:02:35Flex- well
00:02:38Flex- they are outpicked
00:02:38Vangelis einoh kui on hea support hero
00:02:40A-tzangol wad pull sopt
00:02:41Eternity tri top?
00:02:43Vangelis ja pickid on meil korras
00:02:43Flex- pwny
00:02:44PeterLars no
00:02:44baroni- nah
00:02:44A-tzangol fb
00:02:45Flex- behind tyhr
00:02:45A-tzangol go
00:02:46pWny- go
00:02:48Vangelis siis voin alati olla
00:02:50Bra~ dk cant solo
00:02:51Vangelis ja teamis rete pole
00:02:56Bra~ -ii
00:02:56Eternity dk can easily solo..
00:02:58mrk GO
00:03:01Bra~ no way
00:03:04PeterLars wtf
00:03:09Flex- ME
00:03:09Flex- ffs
00:03:13pWny- -.-
00:03:14mrk nvm
00:03:15PeterLars why no stun
00:03:16Flex- you had
00:03:16mrk go lane
00:03:17mrk gj
00:03:18Flex- only -100 mana
00:03:22Flex- ffs
00:03:26pWny- chill
00:03:28Vangelis i make
00:03:29Vangelis double
00:03:36mrk osta
00:03:37mrk sentry midi
00:03:40mrk kui saad
00:04:20A-tzangol go
00:05:40Vangelis baasis
00:05:41Vangelis sentry
00:05:45mrk nice
00:05:55Flex- gg
00:06:00Eternity you re lvl 2?
00:06:02Eternity kidding?
00:06:18Flex- you didnt need to
00:06:22pWny- :D i know
00:06:47Flex- and now no mana for
00:06:50Flex- stun
00:06:53pWny- i got mana
00:06:54pWny- for stun
00:06:57pWny- dont talk ttrash dude ;D
00:07:09pWny- i got wand
00:07:10Flex- now you have
00:07:27pWny- go gyro?
00:07:52mrk ss
00:08:40PeterLars ss
00:08:43PeterLars re
00:08:45pWny- k
00:08:46pWny- go
00:08:59Flex- sec
00:09:01pWny- jojo
00:09:40PeterLars this top sucks :D
00:09:42Eternity wp top
00:09:49pWny- lets go mid?
00:09:49Flex- you could have
00:09:51Flex- just stunned
00:09:51pWny- i port
00:09:51Bra~ ss
00:09:52Bra~ care
00:09:53Flex- sk
00:09:56Vangelis oom
00:09:56Flex- and we would have had double
00:10:03pWny- kill
00:10:05pWny- i stun
00:10:09Eternity !ff
00:10:10Flex- im oom
00:10:12PeterLars ss top
00:10:13baroni- 'miss
00:10:16pWny- huskar is away -.-
00:10:21Vangelis omg
00:10:23Vangelis stun range
00:10:47mrk omw
00:10:48pWny- k
00:10:55Flex- wait
00:11:10Vangelis kill
00:11:20pWny- lol
00:11:24pWny- IM A SURVIVOR !
00:11:28Flex- thank me
00:11:31pWny- ya
00:11:34pWny- kabun kab
00:11:39Flex- its
00:11:41Vangelis ss
00:11:42Vangelis top
00:11:42Flex- kap khun khap
00:11:48pWny- ;)
00:11:50Flex- i come biot
00:11:59Flex- wait
00:11:59pWny- no
00:12:00pWny- lets go mid
00:12:01pWny- i got dust
00:12:04Vangelis i got dust
00:12:05mrk need wards
00:12:05Vangelis and ult
00:12:05Eternity how can i have the best farm
00:12:05PeterLars where is chick
00:12:06Eternity ..
00:12:10creeeeeee tauren killed it
00:12:12pWny- help me mid
00:12:25creeeeeee STUN ???
00:12:25creeeeeee wtf
00:12:27creeeeeee are you doing
00:12:35creeeeeee oh god
00:12:35Eternity gosh
00:12:36PeterLars hahaha
00:12:42Eternity out of ya mouth?
00:12:46Eternity i failed first time that game
00:12:50creeeeeee nope
00:12:51creeeeeee 2nd
00:12:54creeeeeee you killed chick also
00:12:54Eternity first.
00:13:01pWny- gods strength is so imba
00:13:02Eternity you didnt stun leo
00:13:03Eternity tard
00:13:04pWny- 3 hits for crix ^^
00:13:09creeeeeee lol?
00:13:10Flex- push mid
00:13:12creeeeeee i have to save chick
00:13:14creeeeeee cuz u fail?
00:13:15creeeeeee nope
00:13:31PeterLars go
00:13:58Flex- lol
00:14:05pWny- hihi
00:14:06Vangelis haha you denied
00:14:08Vangelis his attack
00:14:09Vangelis animation
00:14:14pWny- xD
00:14:42Flex- HOLY CRAP
00:14:43pWny- if no one buys wards
00:14:43Flex- :D
00:14:44pWny- so i do
00:14:47Vangelis i am
00:14:48Vangelis really
00:14:49creeeeeee leo freefarming
00:14:50Vangelis out of gold
00:14:51pWny- kill
00:14:51Vangelis atm
00:14:56Eternity vs you? easy
00:15:04creeeeeee + kills
00:15:08creeeeeee they ganging all the time
00:15:09PeterLars go
00:15:18mrk gg
00:15:19mrk gg
00:15:19mrk gg
00:15:22pWny- stop feed
00:15:26Eternity rune taken
00:15:26pWny- :D
00:15:27Eternity care top
00:15:29mrk need wards
00:15:30Flex- stop
00:15:31Flex- wood
00:15:32Flex- come gank
00:15:35PeterLars i took it
00:15:35pWny- lol
00:15:37pWny- i ganked allready
00:15:38pWny- alot
00:15:39Eternity k.
00:16:01creeeeeee leo still freefarming alone
00:16:10pWny- coming
00:16:11pWny- got dust
00:16:18PeterLars need help top
00:16:25pWny- oggo
00:16:26pWny- gogo
00:16:44Vangelis ?????
00:16:47Vangelis VENO
00:16:48Vangelis are
00:16:48Vangelis you
00:16:49Vangelis ak
00:16:50Vangelis ?
00:16:53Vangelis why
00:16:54Flex- wasnt in game
00:16:55Flex- ;D
00:16:55Vangelis not slow him
00:16:56Vangelis ?????
00:17:01Flex- tabed out
00:17:01pWny- help him
00:17:12Eternity still noone used courir.
00:17:18creeeeeee its ur job
00:17:22Flex- no no9va?
00:17:27pWny- veno and u flame me -.-
00:17:28Eternity shht newb
00:17:32creeeeeee nope
00:17:34creeeeeee still ur job
00:17:36Flex- sk
00:17:38Flex- would die
00:17:39Flex- with nova
00:17:40Flex- same way
00:17:44Flex- and i didnt flame
00:17:45Eternity to use courir?
00:17:47Flex- you were hogging
00:17:55Eternity learn to read fucktard
00:17:58PeterLars care
00:18:06PeterLars dk
00:18:07PeterLars go
00:18:15creeeeeee stop ur random bashing dude
00:18:29pWny- hlp
00:18:35PeterLars take tower
00:18:46mrk jesus
00:18:57mrk why did you let him finish that
00:18:59mrk :(
00:19:08pWny- this damned wolf
00:19:10Flex- thats how he rolls
00:19:11pWny- irritates me
00:19:14Flex- rofl
00:19:17pWny- ^^
00:19:20Flex- dude
00:19:22PeterLars sj
00:19:23Flex- you let huskar die
00:19:23PeterLars sk
00:19:23PeterLars top
00:19:25PeterLars i tele
00:19:26pWny- ah cmon veno
00:19:28baroni- y
00:19:32baroni- he has ult?
00:19:40pWny- i stunned very early
00:20:39Flex- WHATS IS THIS
00:20:40Flex- sven
00:20:47Eternity damn
00:20:50Eternity didnt check minimap.
00:20:55Flex- thats why i flamed you
00:20:58Flex- saw you play atro once before
00:20:59Flex- same way
00:21:04mrk tp bot
00:21:09Flex- why
00:21:10Flex- didnt
00:21:12Flex- you go for TC?
00:21:22pWny- cause DK escapes with 2 HP
00:21:23Flex- SVEN
00:21:27Flex- so
00:21:27pWny- and i was sure uyou survive without me
00:21:31Flex- rofl
00:21:34Flex- TC HAS SPEED BOOST
00:21:46pWny- so i couldnt help you anyway dude
00:21:49pWny- i got only PT
00:21:51Flex- rofl
00:21:57PeterLars care
00:22:18pWny- lich
00:22:21pWny- can u buy wards and dusts etc??
00:22:23baroni- def top
00:22:24PeterLars omw top
00:22:25Vangelis soon
00:22:29pWny- soon -.-
00:22:41A-tzangol wait me top
00:22:55pWny- y lich
00:22:58pWny- we all die
00:23:01pWny- cause we got no dust
00:23:02pWny- no wards
00:23:03mrk u shoudlve
00:23:03pWny- nothing
00:23:04Eternity leo
00:23:05mrk stunned
00:23:05Eternity care
00:23:05mrk sk
00:23:06pWny- and u say SOON
00:23:06mrk sven
00:23:11mrk ur as much
00:23:12mrk of a support
00:23:13mrk as lich
00:23:16pWny- I was chainstunned ffs
00:23:20mrk at astart
00:23:23mrk start*
00:23:24pWny- i cant even use my magic stick
00:23:25mrk insta
00:23:26mrk stun
00:23:26mrk him
00:23:29Eternity sry
00:24:14A-tzangol .
00:24:16Vangelis a bit
00:24:17Vangelis epic
00:24:18Vangelis :d
00:24:23A-tzangol next fight wait me
00:24:32pWny- THERE ARE 0 FIGHTS
00:24:34pWny- there are only gangs
00:24:35pWny- by them
00:24:39pWny- cause we got nothing
00:24:39mrk what
00:24:43pWny- not even a fucking dust
00:24:45mrk then
00:24:47mrk buy them
00:24:47mrk wtf
00:24:51mrk sven is hardcore support
00:24:59A-tzangol venom
00:25:00A-tzangol lol
00:25:02pWny- ya i forgot
00:25:13pWny- lich is carry
00:25:17mrk no
00:25:17mrk sk
00:25:18pWny- dont have to buy something
00:25:18mrk i am
00:25:19Vangelis not
00:25:20Vangelis like
00:25:22Vangelis i haven't
00:25:25Vangelis bought dusts
00:25:26Vangelis wards
00:25:38Flex- bye sven
00:25:58mrk omw
00:26:40Flex- what a joke game
00:26:52PeterLars haha
00:26:53A-tzangol :)
00:26:53PeterLars ^^
00:26:57Eternity .i.?
00:27:08pWny- shit game
00:27:12Flex- idd
00:27:16Flex- come
00:27:16Flex- here
00:27:17Flex- sven
00:27:19Flex- we gank together
00:27:38mrk no dust
00:27:39pWny- resend sry
00:27:42pWny- i buy dust
00:27:45pWny- but i couldnt cary
00:27:48pWny- 2 much items here
00:27:53mrk k ill take
00:27:55pWny- someone else take
00:27:57pWny- in bird
00:27:58pWny- wards and dust
00:27:59pWny- make it
00:28:08A-tzangol go
00:28:21Flex- why
00:28:22Flex- is sven bot
00:28:27pWny- omfg
00:28:28Flex- i dont get that
00:28:33Flex- you need to farm with huskar?
00:28:47pWny- OMFG
00:28:48pWny- veno
00:28:48pWny- PLZ
00:28:50Flex- dude
00:28:50pWny- shut your mouth
00:28:51Flex- i asked
00:28:53Flex- you
00:28:53pWny- i was going downlane
00:28:54Flex- 2 min ago
00:28:55Flex- coem here
00:28:56pWny- cause spider was fighting huskar
00:28:58pWny- and i ported downlane
00:28:59Vangelis pwny
00:29:00pWny- to help him
00:29:01Vangelis and flex
00:29:01pWny- so
00:29:03Vangelis can you
00:29:04pWny- stop trashtalk ok?
00:29:06Vangelis speak a bit less
00:29:06Flex- no
00:29:08pWny- no cause it sucks
00:29:09Flex- no
00:29:10Vangelis you both talk too much
00:29:13Flex- we need
00:29:13Vangelis play more, talk less
00:29:13pWny- he fails and flame me ALL THE TIME
00:29:16Flex- me sven
00:29:17Flex- and lich
00:29:19Flex- at the same place
00:29:20Flex- always
00:29:39Eternity 1 spot
00:29:41Eternity for bm
00:29:42A-tzangol get some towers
00:29:50pWny- lets go mid now
00:29:56PeterLars sk
00:29:58PeterLars got bkb
00:29:58Flex- need
00:29:59Flex- sentries
00:29:59baroni- y?
00:30:01pWny- leo got BKB
00:30:04pWny- huskar
00:30:05baroni- ah :D
00:30:07pWny- come you got dust
00:30:08PeterLars ^^
00:30:11PeterLars def
00:30:12PeterLars mid
00:30:12PeterLars all
00:30:16pWny- fuck this team really
00:30:20pWny- i buy wards
00:30:21baroni- will tp soon
00:30:22pWny- i buy sentrys
00:30:23pWny- i buy dust
00:30:44Eternity omg
00:30:46Eternity omg
00:30:47Eternity omg
00:30:48Eternity sry
00:31:00PeterLars wtf
00:31:00Bra~ I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:01PeterLars was that
00:31:08Vangelis get
00:31:09Vangelis rosh
00:31:14pWny- no
00:31:15pWny- push
00:31:17pWny- no
00:31:19pWny- push
00:31:20pWny- not rosh
00:31:21pWny- all dead
00:31:22A-tzangol 2 farm
00:31:28Vangelis sk
00:31:29Vangelis go
00:31:30Vangelis farm
00:31:34A-tzangol gief tp
00:31:43PeterLars def
00:31:44PeterLars mid
00:31:49Vangelis tp tpp
00:31:50Vangelis top sk
00:31:57Vangelis sk
00:31:58Vangelis ???
00:32:02Vangelis i gave
00:32:03Vangelis you tp
00:32:04Flex- send to me bird
00:32:07A-tzangol didnt notice
00:32:25PeterLars come
00:32:25PeterLars bot
00:32:26A-tzangol come
00:32:27PeterLars then gank
00:32:28A-tzangol tower top
00:32:29PeterLars some shit
00:32:42A-tzangol waiting for you
00:33:21A-tzangol go woods?
00:33:29mrk def
00:33:30mrk bot
00:33:34Vangelis 4v5
00:33:36Vangelis a bit hard
00:33:40A-tzangol eazy
00:33:40PeterLars kill lich fast
00:33:43mrk tc no ulti
00:33:46A-tzangol armor
00:34:03mrk gem
00:34:03mrk gem
00:34:04mrk maast
00:34:05mrk võta
00:34:05mrk issand
00:34:08pWny- gem
00:34:08pWny- gem
00:34:13mrk miks sajooksid:D:D
00:34:25Bra~ this si over
00:34:30A-tzangol now rosh
00:34:31PeterLars no
00:34:33PeterLars get bkb
00:34:34PeterLars brood
00:34:37Flex- rune
00:34:38Flex- for me plz
00:34:38Bra~ o rly
00:34:42Flex- go rosh
00:34:42Flex- fast
00:34:44Flex- we can do it
00:34:47Bra~ u should get something also
00:34:48Bra~ bro
00:34:50Eternity lich gem
00:34:51Vangelis scout
00:34:51Bra~ or this is over
00:34:54PeterLars i am on my way
00:35:17Eternity wanted to ward cuz i knew they ll rosh soon
00:35:19Eternity zzZZzz
00:35:50A-tzangol b
00:35:53Bra~ cant kill leo
00:35:55Bra~ :/
00:36:03A-tzangol go mid
00:36:08Flex- 18 assists
00:36:08pWny- coming
00:36:09mrk ye
00:36:11mrk brood still no bkb
00:36:17A-tzangol need 500 for ac
00:36:22Flex- come
00:36:22Flex- here
00:36:23Flex- sven
00:36:34pWny- wait for all
00:36:38pWny- we got no truesight
00:36:38pWny- veno
00:36:40pWny- wait for gem
00:36:44Vangelis sk
00:36:45Vangelis i give
00:36:46Vangelis you
00:36:50pWny- gimme
00:36:52Vangelis sk
00:36:53Vangelis take
00:36:55Vangelis you die
00:36:56Vangelis fast
00:37:02pWny- so they focusing me
00:37:04pWny- and SK
00:37:05PeterLars dk
00:37:06pWny- can do DMG
00:37:06PeterLars mid
00:37:08Vangelis so
00:37:10Vangelis dont carry
00:37:11Vangelis gem
00:37:11Vangelis ?
00:37:13Vangelis we need it
00:37:33pWny- man ATTACk this damned rocket
00:38:33A-tzangol rax
00:38:35A-tzangol husk
00:38:36A-tzangol rax
00:38:38Eternity gyro
00:38:40Eternity you killed me
00:38:41Eternity ..
00:38:43pWny- go b
00:38:43A-tzangol b
00:39:22mrk they killed gem?
00:39:26pWny- think so
00:39:32pWny- soon a new available
00:39:57pWny- k now with AC again mid
00:40:28pWny- coming
00:40:30Vangelis give
00:40:30Vangelis to sk
00:40:44pWny- drop wards
00:41:02PeterLars care
00:41:07mrk why not
00:41:07Vangelis huskar
00:41:07mrk push
00:41:07PeterLars b
00:41:08PeterLars b
00:41:08Vangelis wp
00:41:08mrk 5
00:41:09mrk 4
00:41:10mrk mid
00:41:11baroni- b
00:41:12mrk free
00:41:12mrk rax
00:41:13A-tzangol LOL
00:41:14A-tzangol LOOL
00:41:14Vangelis because
00:41:15Vangelis they
00:41:15Vangelis tp
00:41:16Vangelis ?
00:41:21mrk meanwhile
00:41:24mrk i ran like 2 minutes
00:41:30pWny- yeah lets die all solo now
00:41:34A-tzangol go
00:41:38A-tzangol nvm
00:41:51Flex- sven
00:41:52Flex- wtf
00:41:53pWny- sry
00:41:57pWny- i dont want lasthit
00:42:07Vangelis hmmm
00:42:09A-tzangol mid all
00:42:09Flex- not what it looked like
00:42:20Vangelis care
00:42:20Vangelis sk
00:42:24PeterLars bot
00:42:24A-tzangol base
00:42:26PeterLars after
00:42:49baroni- they grouped too
00:42:53baroni- should we back
00:42:56pWny- guys<
00:42:58PeterLars y
00:42:59PeterLars b
00:43:00pWny- why we dont just go mid
00:43:01pWny- and get racks
00:43:06pWny- we are a way faster
00:43:10creeeeeee dd
00:43:12creeeeeee mby kill
00:43:16baroni- take
00:43:18PeterLars kom
00:43:19PeterLars come
00:43:20PeterLars all
00:43:22PeterLars and go them
00:43:43Bra~ ffs
00:44:08PeterLars dead :D
00:44:11baroni- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:14pWny- gogoo
00:44:16creeeeeee cool
00:44:21pWny- sry huskar
00:44:24pWny- couldnt stun DK
00:44:24Bra~ these crits
00:44:25Bra~ :S
00:44:26pWny- bkb
00:44:29mrk nah
00:44:32mrk they kinda lost the fight
00:44:33mrk chasing me
00:44:34Eternity gg crix
00:44:35pWny- k
00:44:35Eternity !ff
00:44:37Eternity gg
00:44:38Eternity I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:39mrk so doesnt matter
00:45:07A-tzangol b
00:45:12A-tzangol no point
00:45:55pWny- roshy
00:46:29mrk misjaooks
00:46:31mrk lõpetage ära
00:46:44Bra~ sitt nuub oled
00:46:47Bra~ 13 surma
00:46:50Bra~ get a life
00:46:50creeeeeee :D
00:47:37mrk just
00:47:38mrk getit
00:47:42Bra~ +cs
00:47:46Bra~ -cs
00:47:54pWny- hm..
00:47:54Flex- did you just
00:47:55Flex- ulti
00:47:56Flex- creeps?
00:48:00Vangelis sure
00:48:02Vangelis why not
00:48:03Vangelis 60 s
00:48:03Vangelis cd
00:48:05Bra~ -cs
00:48:13Flex- :D
00:48:16Flex- will we have it
00:48:17Vangelis i always
00:48:18Vangelis do
00:48:18Flex- in 10 sec?
00:48:19Vangelis when
00:48:22Vangelis i play lich
00:49:15mrk sitased noobid
00:49:29mrk :(((((((((8
00:49:30creeeeeee surid jälle v? :D:D
00:49:31Bra~ ole surnud bro
00:49:32PeterLars he hurt
00:49:32PeterLars :D
00:49:32creeeeeee ahahah :D
00:49:44Flex- this
00:49:48Flex- is why we needed ulti
00:49:53Vangelis well
00:49:53Vangelis i had
00:49:54Vangelis it
00:49:55Vangelis ?
00:50:06pWny- gg
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