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Chat log

00:00:22Buttons 2s
00:00:26Timu tide
00:00:26Buttons -invoker
00:00:32pWny- buttons you mid?
00:00:38pWny- i wanna go huskar
00:00:43Buttons you can
00:00:44pWny- k
00:00:46Buttons if you want
00:00:47Buttons or w/e
00:00:55Buttons i'm mass ganking
00:01:10Defloratio im gona go aa
00:01:29mansikka can i bot?
00:01:30Defloratio get some stun
00:01:33Akuma i neut
00:01:37pWny- shitpool -.-
00:01:37Buttons isn't a lot now
00:01:40Buttons alch or smth
00:01:41Buttons ?
00:01:42pWny- alchi
00:01:42mansikka can i solo bot? plss
00:01:45Defloratio ya
00:01:46Timu wait
00:01:48Defloratio alch
00:01:48Timu enigma woods
00:01:52Akuma y u can
00:01:52Akuma void
00:01:54Buttons tt
00:01:55Timu wtf
00:01:56Lobsterlover man
00:01:58Defloratio ursa then
00:01:58mansikka lol
00:01:59pWny- maybe sylla woods
00:02:00Akuma bara wtf
00:02:00Timu ok void bot
00:02:01Akuma go top
00:02:03Buttons either
00:02:05Buttons of those
00:02:10Timu y bara
00:02:11Timu top
00:02:13Akuma noob alce
00:02:16Timu thank youuu
00:02:16Buttons is cool too i guess
00:02:18Akuma go to garena or smth
00:02:18veuncent enchant
00:02:22Defloratio chik
00:02:23veuncent dont forget chicken
00:02:24Timu chicken??
00:02:26Defloratio !
00:02:26mansikka bara top
00:02:29Timu norkus
00:02:31Timu norkur
00:02:31pWny- vs void a ench is hard -.-
00:02:32mansikka top
00:02:33Timu where is chicken
00:02:36Lobsterlover y
00:02:40Norkur forgot
00:02:40Timu rules
00:02:42Timu last pick
00:02:44Norkur first game
00:02:45Akuma fuckin noob alche
00:02:46Timu ffs
00:02:57Timu well mid lost
00:03:11Buttons share bro
00:03:23Kr1st1jaN not if he buy soon
00:03:52Akuma inc
00:04:02Kr1st1jaN nmira solo
00:05:03Timu activate asap
00:06:06veuncent ty for taking my items....
00:06:17pWny- miss mid
00:06:23pWny- care
00:07:00Defloratio GJ puck
00:07:07veuncent ?
00:07:12Timu ss
00:07:14Buttons ss 2 top
00:07:14pWny- you need help somewehere?
00:07:17Buttons re alch
00:07:22Timu care
00:07:23Defloratio well you
00:07:28Defloratio are good
00:07:32Defloratio void has no farm
00:07:37veuncent well thank you sir :D
00:07:42pWny- i go void
00:07:42pWny- wait me
00:07:47Defloratio ^^
00:07:50Buttons ss bara hgard
00:07:57Buttons charged
00:08:25Kr1st1jaN nice team rly
00:08:29Kr1st1jaN no1 comes ......
00:08:30mansikka :DDDDDDD
00:08:32pWny- ench
00:08:34pWny- kill mid?
00:08:38pWny- wait me
00:08:42Kr1st1jaN i marked 10 times ...
00:09:01Defloratio s
00:09:02Defloratio s
00:09:11Defloratio omw mid
00:09:13Defloratio w8 me
00:09:22Defloratio nwm xD
00:09:26pWny- hihi
00:09:39Buttons ss alch top
00:09:39Timu dont go
00:09:40Buttons re
00:09:45pWny- coming top
00:09:48pWny- where is bara??
00:09:51Buttons ss
00:09:55pWny- k
00:10:06Defloratio b
00:10:07Kr1st1jaN s s mid
00:10:14Norkur timely
00:10:36mansikka husk
00:10:38Defloratio b
00:11:17pWny- lol bara got no greater bash
00:11:23Akuma alche
00:11:24Akuma wtf
00:11:25Akuma afk
00:11:28mansikka -afk
00:11:30Timu -afk
00:11:35Kr1st1jaN care aa vodi
00:11:42Defloratio sec oom
00:11:47Defloratio bird comeing
00:12:21Kr1st1jaN we must get em bot
00:12:41pWny- THIS DAMNED BARA
00:12:41pWny- ffs
00:12:43pWny- i hate him
00:12:47Defloratio im b
00:13:39Defloratio fucking baraaa
00:13:51mansikka why
00:13:56Akuma u fuckin noob
00:14:02mansikka lol ok
00:14:26Kr1st1jaN we need wards asap
00:14:33Timu care
00:14:33pWny- alchi
00:14:39Akuma i need blink in this game
00:14:44Akuma cant go for wards
00:14:49Timu i buty
00:14:55Kr1st1jaN dont scare him ...
00:15:09Defloratio -.-
00:15:13Timu alche
00:15:17Kr1st1jaN damn ..
00:15:18Defloratio fucking nap bara ....
00:15:18Timu feel free to leave the game
00:15:19Defloratio ffs
00:15:22Akuma and never come back
00:15:23Timu maybe try other platform
00:15:23Kr1st1jaN care
00:15:47Norkur just so funny to see you smarting :)
00:15:52Timu huh?
00:15:55Kr1st1jaN def top
00:15:55Akuma TP IN
00:15:55mansikka :===)
00:15:56Kr1st1jaN all
00:16:11Timu gg
00:16:14Akuma FUCK YOU NOOBS
00:16:25Akuma b
00:16:45Timu wp all
00:16:45Timu wp
00:16:48Buttons fml
00:16:52Lobsterlover lotto
00:16:55Kr1st1jaN 15 min to come :D
00:16:55veuncent bad luck
00:16:58Lobsterlover y
00:17:04Buttons just good play @ enigma
00:17:09veuncent true
00:17:32Defloratio are you fucking kiddin me
00:17:33Defloratio -.-
00:17:41pWny- go puck
00:17:43Kr1st1jaN w8 top
00:17:50Kr1st1jaN i have urn ,,,
00:17:58mansikka b
00:18:06Buttons 2
00:18:58pWny- we have to stop void somehow
00:19:08Defloratio b
00:19:44pWny- help me
00:19:45pWny- destroy wards
00:19:59veuncent lol
00:20:11Akuma kill im plz
00:20:41pWny- thanx
00:21:08Kr1st1jaN ok
00:21:11Kr1st1jaN !ff
00:21:14veuncent b
00:21:16veuncent bara inc
00:21:22pWny- k
00:21:49Defloratio push
00:21:57Defloratio we cant win late
00:21:58Timu alche
00:21:58Buttons idd
00:21:59Timu leave the game
00:22:00Buttons need to win soon
00:22:01pWny- jo
00:22:03Timu if you don't help team
00:22:04pWny- i come mid
00:22:10pWny- get alchi
00:22:10Timu nice
00:22:13Timu purpose feed
00:23:21Defloratio pwny dont buy wards
00:23:23Defloratio get times
00:23:32pWny- ya
00:23:48Defloratio items*
00:23:50Defloratio not times
00:23:54Timu alche
00:23:56Timu leave the game!!!!
00:24:01Kr1st1jaN no no
00:24:04Kr1st1jaN rubick
00:24:07Kr1st1jaN join game
00:24:22veuncent bara
00:24:25pWny- is dead
00:24:25Akuma push here boid
00:24:27Akuma void
00:24:29Lobsterlover kill void
00:24:29veuncent oh yeah
00:24:30Buttons care for
00:24:35Buttons aa ulti
00:24:37Defloratio omw
00:24:38Buttons if magus has
00:24:41Lobsterlover tp
00:24:58mansikka fcuk
00:25:00Kr1st1jaN ahahah
00:25:15Akuma defensive ulti
00:25:17Akuma so we are left out
00:25:21Akuma not so we both die
00:25:24pWny- this fucking void
00:25:27pWny- good job
00:25:27Defloratio ^^
00:25:31Lobsterlover go mid
00:25:34pWny- mom
00:25:36pWny- need item
00:25:36mansikka no just fail chrono
00:25:42Akuma excactly
00:25:45Akuma my point
00:25:45pWny- wow WP puck
00:25:46pWny- that was nice
00:25:48mansikka ook
00:25:57veuncent well thank you
00:26:00Timu well it's 4v5
00:26:01Timu anyway
00:26:08Timu alche has only one route
00:26:12Timu to top lane and spawn
00:26:31Timu -ii
00:26:40Defloratio push
00:26:50Kr1st1jaN rubick u failed mid anyway too
00:27:12Defloratio b
00:27:38Defloratio wow
00:27:44pWny- ^^
00:27:46Buttons idd
00:27:50Defloratio cant belive this shit
00:27:50Buttons tp sometimes takes
00:27:53Buttons 1 million years
00:27:55Buttons or smth close
00:27:56Defloratio ya
00:28:01pWny- if u port on a tower
00:28:06pWny- and some other heros
00:28:08pWny- of your team
00:28:11pWny- ported short time before
00:28:17pWny- it needs more time
00:28:21Defloratio i ported to base
00:28:31Defloratio go again mid
00:28:36pWny- smoke
00:28:37pWny- would be fine
00:28:39pWny- smoke run woods
00:28:43pWny- they will farm
00:28:52Buttons get void + nigma if poss
00:28:53Defloratio i have
00:28:54Buttons then ff
00:28:54Akuma wa
00:28:56Buttons gg*
00:28:57Akuma wait
00:28:58Akuma gang now
00:28:58pWny- xD
00:29:00Defloratio come to me
00:29:03pWny- k lets gang em
00:29:04Akuma come our enuts
00:29:05Defloratio all
00:29:21Kr1st1jaN our woods warded
00:29:23Kr1st1jaN or they rosh
00:29:32Defloratio gogogo
00:29:50Defloratio gj
00:29:51Kr1st1jaN go ff pls
00:29:51pWny- go
00:29:52pWny- mid
00:29:54Kr1st1jaN wate of time
00:29:54Timu I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:59Kr1st1jaN go die now void pls ..
00:30:04Buttons lolz
00:30:04Kr1st1jaN I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:04Defloratio haa
00:30:07Kr1st1jaN !ff
00:30:10Kr1st1jaN how ?
00:30:14Timu u already ffed
00:30:20Timu just typing "ff" will ff
00:30:23Akuma I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:25Kr1st1jaN k
00:30:25Akuma !
00:30:27Akuma !ff
00:30:28Timu u dont see that text
00:30:30Defloratio rax and b
00:30:35veuncent lol
00:30:41veuncent dont be so scared mirana
00:30:42pWny- b
00:31:09Defloratio b
00:31:30Defloratio wp
00:31:34Lobsterlover all
00:31:39Lobsterlover i like games here
00:31:42Buttons yh
00:31:44pWny- you know serious sam?
00:31:44Buttons gc is
00:31:46Buttons awesome
00:31:49Defloratio ^^
00:31:51pWny- someone know serious sam
00:31:51Lobsterlover my first time
00:31:53pWny- second level
00:31:54Defloratio its not over yet
00:31:56pWny- Suicide bomber
00:32:20pWny- we have to push on
00:32:23pWny- we need second lane
00:32:27Buttons yh
00:32:36Buttons nvm
00:32:39Buttons im tripping
00:33:07veuncent dd
00:33:11Defloratio b
00:33:22Buttons chick
00:33:22Defloratio b
00:33:23Buttons quickj
00:33:51pWny- xD ench
00:34:01Kr1st1jaN ahahahahha
00:34:03Kr1st1jaN void
00:34:04Kr1st1jaN pls
00:34:05mansikka :D
00:34:07Defloratio go mid
00:34:08Kr1st1jaN :)
00:34:28Lobsterlover need regen
00:34:38Defloratio rax and b
00:34:46Defloratio b
00:34:47Defloratio b
00:34:52Lobsterlover rosh
00:34:58Akuma go
00:34:59Akuma bot twr
00:35:00Lobsterlover what shall i buy
00:35:06Buttons ac
00:35:06pWny- orchid or hex
00:35:08Buttons or smth
00:35:09Buttons imho
00:35:21veuncent incoming
00:35:25Defloratio nop
00:35:28Akuma rosh
00:35:29Lobsterlover let them
00:35:30Akuma gogo
00:35:38veuncent husk takes?
00:35:42pWny- k
00:35:42Akuma b
00:35:44Akuma rjujn
00:35:45Lobsterlover oh
00:35:45Defloratio omg
00:35:45veuncent loll
00:35:46pWny- np
00:35:47Akuma mirana ulti
00:35:48Defloratio b
00:35:48veuncent ench
00:35:50pWny- wayne
00:35:51pWny- its ok
00:35:51Akuma RUN
00:36:01pWny- i play hsukar all the time like a suicide bomber
00:36:04pWny- dont care bout deaths
00:36:14pWny- like a shotgun rush on cs_assault
00:36:24veuncent or not
00:36:49Lobsterlover push bot ?
00:37:22Defloratio that was bad
00:37:23Kr1st1jaN b al now
00:37:25Kr1st1jaN go heal
00:37:30pWny- how could bara survive that ffs
00:37:32veuncent yes
00:37:34Kr1st1jaN ench inc
00:37:36Buttons he
00:37:37Buttons didn't
00:37:37Defloratio he didn
00:37:41pWny- he could use ulti
00:37:42Defloratio t*
00:37:46pWny- and stay alive for void ulti
00:37:53Defloratio :/
00:38:07Defloratio -ii
00:38:16veuncent b ench
00:38:24Kr1st1jaN we can try
00:38:26Defloratio pwny get blade mill
00:38:34Kr1st1jaN gogogogo
00:39:03Defloratio go puck
00:39:18pWny- k
00:39:46Akuma they try twr mayb
00:39:54pWny- k
00:39:55Akuma go husk
00:40:22Lobsterlover push
00:40:26Kr1st1jaN b
00:40:26Kr1st1jaN b
00:40:27Kr1st1jaN b
00:40:35Defloratio dont chase
00:40:46Akuma what
00:40:52veuncent lol
00:40:54Akuma died in town fun
00:40:59veuncent :D
00:41:01Akuma lol
00:41:04Akuma didnt even die in town
00:41:15Kr1st1jaN b
00:41:15Kr1st1jaN b
00:41:22Akuma i died during the tp time which is like 1 ms
00:41:42Akuma 6 secs
00:41:49Kr1st1jaN zzz
00:41:50Akuma buyback
00:42:07Defloratio tower
00:42:09Timu 4v5
00:42:18Timu gongrats on getting alche on other team
00:42:26Kr1st1jaN ahahaha
00:42:26Buttons is bad luck idd
00:42:32Defloratio wp
00:42:38veuncent we're just good
00:42:41Kr1st1jaN ff mising ?
00:42:41pWny- xD
00:42:46pWny- wp
00:42:46Defloratio haha
00:42:50Akuma alche prolly
00:42:50Lobsterlover ench was good ide ^^
00:42:54pWny- ya
00:42:57pWny- ench really WP
00:43:03Lobsterlover all wp
00:43:15Defloratio b
00:43:21pWny- i allways wonder how u can own with heros like puck and ench
00:43:24pWny- i allways suck with them
00:43:31Buttons puck
00:43:32Buttons is
00:43:34Kr1st1jaN well
00:43:34Buttons so
00:43:34Buttons fun
00:43:41Defloratio ya <3 puck
00:43:41pWny- ya but i got only 4 hotkeys
00:43:43Buttons should get blink dagger bro
00:43:44Kr1st1jaN hope not to have u as alche next game
00:43:52Kr1st1jaN :)
00:43:57pWny- blink + euls = impossible to kill
00:43:58pWny- on puck
00:44:04Buttons this^
00:44:09Defloratio true
00:44:18Akuma don
00:44:23Akuma baitiing
00:44:25Akuma was
00:45:01Kr1st1jaN ^^
00:45:14pWny- cool that they allways focus me
00:45:19Buttons yes
00:45:22pWny- while enchs DPS alot more then mine
00:45:23Buttons its like
00:45:23pWny- lol
00:45:26Buttons we can let them focus you
00:45:30Buttons before we come in
00:45:33Defloratio ya thats why i said blade mail :D
00:45:34Buttons just to max out your dps
00:45:47pWny- they shoudl focus me
00:45:48pWny- its ok
00:46:00pWny- lol
00:46:10Lobsterlover ^^
00:46:18pWny- u see the arrow on rubick ?
00:46:19Timu ur last pick vs our last pick
00:46:22Timu sup
00:46:23Timu gg
00:46:29Akuma FUCKIN RETARD
00:46:32mansikka XD
00:46:32Lobsterlover ohh yeah void
00:46:33pWny- xD
00:46:34Defloratio haha
00:46:34Buttons xD
00:46:35veuncent aww
00:46:35Buttons classic
00:46:36pWny- hahah :)
00:46:43veuncent ne nice to each other
00:46:45veuncent be
00:46:49pWny- gg
00:46:49Akuma sorry mam!
00:46:53Lobsterlover gg
00:46:56veuncent dont let it happen again
00:47:04veuncent gg
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