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Chat log

00:00:03Hexar -hhn
00:00:17yeW- Evening ladies!
00:00:18Bra~ shiiit
00:00:18McNabb sup
00:00:18Bra~ cant see
00:00:18Bra~ cant see
00:00:18Bra~ cant see
00:00:18Bra~ :S:S:SS:S:
00:00:18Hexar u dont need
00:00:18Hexar lol
00:00:18Bra~ i need
00:00:18Ckalle TB
00:00:18Hexar why
00:00:18yeW- Not much, had some boring exam today, you? :D
00:00:18Bra~ anything useful in pool?
00:00:18Hexar after ban u can look:D
00:00:18Sepetos -void
00:00:18Bra~ i guess no
00:00:19McNabb worked for 11 ours
00:00:21yeW- I'll go Geo.
00:00:29yeW- Ouch, that musta hurt.
00:00:29Sepetos pick gyro to kanki
00:00:31Kanki u do that
00:00:31yeW- What in?
00:00:34Hexar give me vs
00:00:35Bra~ hope u get paid good
00:00:37Bra~ bro
00:00:38Kanki gyro for me
00:00:39yeW- -clea
00:00:42Hexar pick vs
00:00:42yeW- -clear
00:00:42McNabb ok
00:00:46Hexar and swap whit me
00:00:52Bra~ alright
00:00:56yeW- I'll bot.
00:00:59Hexar u swap?
00:01:00TakinBackMyLove anyone
00:01:02TakinBackMyLove direg ?
00:01:05TakinBackMyLove dirge anyone ?
00:01:06Bra~ i need to get lvl 6 first
00:01:08Hexar bra
00:01:08Bra~ hexar
00:01:16Hexar :D
00:01:16Hexar yes rright
00:01:17yeW- OMG
00:01:17McNabb :D
00:01:18Kanki lol
00:01:18yeW- FFS
00:01:20Kanki what now
00:01:20Hexar i mean u what whit me
00:01:21Bra~ but y
00:01:24Bra~ ill swap
00:01:24yeW- Jeez.
00:01:25Kanki what u want
00:01:26yeW- Fucker.
00:01:27Bra~ im thinking
00:01:27yeW- -clear
00:01:28Hexar what u wanna
00:01:28McNabb lets see
00:01:33Sepetos tc
00:01:35Sepetos owns meepo
00:01:38Kanki y
00:01:39yeW- Obs.
00:01:40Bra~ tc
00:01:40Kanki and me
00:01:40Hexar rhsta?
00:01:44Kanki ud also
00:01:45Hexar -swap
00:01:46Sepetos fuuck
00:01:47Bra~ -swap 5
00:01:47yeW- Uh.
00:01:48Hexar -swap 3
00:01:50Sepetos puck?
00:01:52Sepetos centa?
00:01:53Kanki or ud
00:01:57yeW- Cent owns.
00:01:58yeW- Lol.
00:01:59yeW- -clear
00:02:00McNabb hmmm
00:02:00Kanki what
00:02:01McNabb ud
00:02:02Kanki say now
00:02:02yeW- Puck then
00:02:03yeW- or UD
00:02:04yeW- UD
00:02:04yeW- UD
00:02:05yeW- !!
00:02:08Kanki -swap 2
00:02:09McNabb -swap 5
00:02:09Sepetos mkay
00:02:12Sepetos meepo takes it down fast :o
00:02:26Hexar wanna make fp top?
00:02:30Bra~ cant
00:02:30Sepetos lion top
00:02:31Sepetos aba top
00:02:32McNabb 3 bot:O
00:02:32TakinBackMyLove i
00:02:33TakinBackMyLove can
00:02:34TakinBackMyLove skill
00:02:35TakinBackMyLove net
00:02:36TakinBackMyLove then
00:02:36TakinBackMyLove we
00:02:37Hexar ofc can
00:02:37TakinBackMyLove might
00:02:38TakinBackMyLove have
00:02:38Sepetos lion ABA TOP
00:02:39Hexar meepo take net
00:02:41TakinBackMyLove a chance
00:02:41Bra~ i have spirit
00:02:42Hexar and u lvl stun
00:02:43Sepetos when missile hits
00:02:44Sepetos tomb
00:02:45Sepetos and gg
00:02:48Hexar well i got stun
00:02:50TakinBackMyLove nah
00:02:51TakinBackMyLove that
00:02:52TakinBackMyLove spell
00:02:53TakinBackMyLove is
00:02:54Bra~ lets try
00:02:54TakinBackMyLove fine
00:02:55TakinBackMyLove for
00:02:55TakinBackMyLove fb
00:02:58TakinBackMyLove try
00:03:01Hexar why i must go whit this guy again
00:03:02Hexar same lane
00:03:04Hexar he sucks
00:03:04yeW- ah noes
00:03:07McNabb only my 2 time playing ud
00:03:07yeW- bought quellin
00:03:09TakinBackMyLove rune
00:03:09yeW- to pull
00:03:09TakinBackMyLove bot
00:03:09yeW- zz
00:03:12McNabb btw¨'
00:03:23Sepetos aba gyro top
00:03:26yeW- ^^
00:03:26TakinBackMyLove i puill
00:03:29yeW- i pullz
00:03:29Bra~ y
00:03:35Hexar rege
00:03:42yeW- SS
00:03:43yeW- 1
00:03:44yeW- !!!
00:04:23Hexar come here
00:04:24Hexar tard
00:04:24Sepetos botrune i think
00:04:25yeW- cae
00:04:28Hexar omg
00:04:31Hexar this shihead
00:04:34Hexar cant play at all
00:04:43Ckalle !mute hexar
00:04:44Hexar he sucked last
00:04:48Hexar and scuk now
00:05:05Bra~ gg n44b
00:05:05yeW- oh my
00:05:16yeW- gj
00:05:25Sepetos -st
00:05:44Sepetos why dont i get st from first blood?
00:05:54Ckalle ss mid
00:05:59Sepetos or at kill aleast
00:06:06Ckalle care
00:06:30Ckalle rly?
00:06:37Ckalle I write 3 times and spam map
00:06:42TakinBackMyLove he
00:06:43TakinBackMyLove said
00:06:44TakinBackMyLove ss
00:06:47Hexar i did see that
00:06:48Ckalle said miss
00:06:49Ckalle care
00:06:50Ckalle and ping
00:06:53Ckalle and u both die to it
00:06:54Sepetos -st
00:06:59que2stress because
00:07:01que2stress we were forest
00:07:05yeW- ss
00:07:05yeW- 2
00:07:06yeW- !
00:07:11Hexar u
00:07:13Hexar cent
00:07:13yeW- -ma
00:07:18Hexar ifu can look map
00:07:25Hexar then lion would be dead 2 tiem
00:07:27Hexar but u cant
00:07:44Ckalle guess it's over
00:07:48yeW- nice
00:08:02Hexar comehfucking heea
00:08:03Hexar tard
00:08:04McNabb ss
00:08:06que2stress rofl
00:08:16que2stress and now?
00:08:18Hexar see
00:08:18Sepetos shit fuck
00:08:20Hexar again ur late
00:08:21yeW- sup
00:08:23Hexar u cant look map
00:08:25que2stress rofl
00:08:26Hexar and now
00:08:26Sepetos they got the rege
00:08:26Sepetos :/
00:08:27que2stress u suck :D
00:08:30Ckalle vs do not go mid
00:08:32yeW- :(!!
00:08:32Ckalle or I will ban u
00:08:34Sepetos should have had wards
00:08:34Hexar yes look whos talinking
00:08:40Sepetos -st
00:08:41Hexar last game u suck balls
00:08:53Hexar so nab pit that made me sick
00:08:55que2stress u should try
00:08:56Ckalle and I have u on mute so don't try shit
00:08:58que2stress talk less
00:09:02McNabb ss
00:09:05que2stress mb ur life gets better then
00:09:08Hexar learn to play i should say
00:09:20que2stress mb i need
00:09:23Bra~ g1
00:09:24que2stress but not from you
00:09:25yeW- -ma
00:09:27Bra~ aaaah
00:09:34Bra~ 25553
00:09:46McNabb still ss bot
00:10:02Hexar go
00:10:10Sepetos wards :o
00:10:25Hexar wp
00:10:27TakinBackMyLove stun
00:10:29TakinBackMyLove him ?
00:10:30TakinBackMyLove or
00:10:31TakinBackMyLove somethign ?
00:10:32Hexar stun him
00:10:36TakinBackMyLove or is your reflex to
00:10:37TakinBackMyLove slw o?
00:10:41yeW- ss
00:11:13Bra~ venge
00:11:17Bra~ next time
00:11:19Bra~ stun pudge
00:11:22Bra~ instead of abba
00:11:23que2stress he is pro
00:11:25que2stress dont talk to him
00:11:26Sepetos botrune
00:11:26Hexar pudge is dead
00:11:30Sepetos u dont gang
00:11:31Sepetos ?
00:11:31Kanki lion
00:11:32Ckalle !mute all
00:11:32Bra~ i was almost dead
00:11:33Kanki start gank
00:11:34Kanki ffs
00:11:34Ckalle fuck it
00:11:34yeW- i'll.
00:11:37Sepetos ghost first wtf
00:11:38Bra~ cuz he hooked me
00:11:39Bra~ bro
00:11:44Hexar if i havent stun him then u would ye
00:11:50Bra~ ,,,
00:11:59Sepetos dont try steal
00:12:12Ckalle -ii
00:12:29Dovahkiin i would get the kill if i want to steal
00:12:30Dovahkiin believe me
00:12:44Ckalle rly
00:12:45Ckalle fuck you bra
00:12:50Bra~ ?
00:12:55Ckalle u'd rather the creep get lasthit than me
00:13:02Ckalle so retarded
00:13:07Sepetos botrune
00:13:35Hexar hold him
00:13:37yeW- nuke
00:13:46Ckalle ff
00:14:20Bra~ 5nc
00:14:22Bra~ inc
00:14:45Hexar lion
00:14:50Hexar solo
00:15:20Hexar kill
00:15:23Hexar pudge
00:15:58TakinBackMyLove btw
00:15:59TakinBackMyLove ward
00:16:00TakinBackMyLove is
00:16:01TakinBackMyLove better
00:16:02TakinBackMyLove here
00:16:07Hexar btw
00:16:08Hexar fuck u
00:16:12Hexar better
00:16:13Hexar there
00:16:14TakinBackMyLove i just
00:16:16TakinBackMyLove try
00:16:16TakinBackMyLove to
00:16:20TakinBackMyLove learn you how
00:16:21TakinBackMyLove to
00:16:22TakinBackMyLove ward
00:16:22Hexar i cant place that ward if that shithead is lurking around
00:16:24Sepetos wards?
00:16:26Hexar btw
00:16:30Hexar go place it then
00:16:43McNabb ups
00:16:50Sepetos mana?
00:17:06Sepetos wards
00:17:10yeW- wardin
00:18:25que2stress farm
00:19:09Sepetos -st
00:19:12yeW- i tke?
00:19:16Ckalle que2 ure not a carry this game
00:19:16McNabb Zzzz
00:19:16yeW- shud i take rue
00:19:16yeW- rune*
00:19:16Ckalle u should not farm
00:19:16Sepetos mmm
00:19:16Sepetos dunno
00:19:16que2stress dagger
00:19:16Sepetos yea
00:19:16que2stress i should
00:19:16que2stress get
00:19:16yeW- k
00:19:16Sepetos got fullbotle
00:19:16Hexar well he played pit last and sucks even more
00:19:16yeW- just illus anyways
00:19:16Hexar so i told u at start
00:19:16Sepetos whoah
00:19:16Sepetos he dropped
00:19:16Ckalle got !mute all so don't try to defend urself
00:19:16Ckalle just listen
00:19:16Bra~ maybe start the complaining and concentrate on this game?
00:19:16McNabb what happend?
00:19:16yeW- 4 mins of wankin now
00:19:16Bra~ stop*
00:19:16Bra~ x
00:19:16Bra~ xD
00:19:16Bra~ w/e
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove zzz
00:19:16Hexar ican go
00:19:16Hexar if need
00:19:16Hexar dont wanna play whit this uberpro
00:19:16Bra~ oh please
00:19:16Bra~ im not that pro
00:19:16Bra~ i still have learningspace
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove lvl 11
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove i come
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove gang
00:19:16Sepetos we got 3 imba tanks
00:19:16Sepetos :o
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove then i have
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove meka
00:19:16McNabb imba what?
00:19:16TakinBackMyLove have it now
00:19:16Sepetos aba need to go littlebit dps
00:19:16Bra~ pudge miss btw
00:19:16yeW- he just said tank
00:19:16Bra~ care
00:19:16yeW- :p
00:19:16Dovahkiin radi
00:19:16Dovahkiin 3-4 min
00:19:16Sepetos no radi
00:19:16Sepetos bf
00:19:16Hexar he ss all time
00:19:16Dovahkiin too late
00:19:16yeW- ye
00:19:16Sepetos u hit meepo so bad
00:19:16yeW- right
00:19:16Hexar thats why i cant place wards
00:19:16yeW- sell ur
00:19:16Dovahkiin after radi
00:19:16Dovahkiin bf
00:19:16yeW- sacred
00:19:16Sepetos ac bf
00:19:16Hexar there where i like
00:19:16yeW- :D
00:19:16Bra~ not ALL the time
00:19:16Dovahkiin i wont sell
00:19:16McNabb who goes?
00:19:16Dovahkiin rofl
00:19:16Ckalle VS out.
00:19:16yeW- just kiddin lol
00:19:16Sepetos u got relic?
00:19:16Hexar ty
00:19:16Dovahkiin yes
00:19:16Hexar ineed that
00:19:16Dovahkiin minutes ago
00:19:16Sepetos mkay
00:19:16yeW- sell it imo
00:19:16yeW- n make
00:19:16yeW- bracers
00:19:16Ckalle anyone with boots of elvenskin on vs
00:19:16Ckalle should be banned
00:19:16Ckalle imo.
00:19:16Dovahkiin wraith
00:19:16Dovahkiin need agi
00:19:16yeW- ^^
00:19:16Sepetos mby he was making treads?
00:19:16Ckalle oh I'm sure of it
00:19:16Ckalle but boots of elvenskin?
00:19:16Hexar they r all so good that make me sick
00:19:17Bra~ ckalle here is da pro master
00:19:20Bra~ listen plzzzzzzzzzz
00:19:33Hexar dude u can make boots whit int items to and then go str tard fuck
00:19:48Ckalle eh*
00:19:56que2stress clever he is
00:20:04que2stress knows a lot of things
00:20:05McNabb lol
00:20:24Ckalle WHY SO FUCKING SLOW
00:20:24McNabb pro hooks:
00:20:27Ckalle u stand watching me
00:20:28Ckalle for like
00:20:29Ckalle 5 sec
00:20:31Ckalle before spell
00:20:32Ckalle fuck you
00:20:33Bra~ xD
00:20:37Ckalle mute goes back on
00:20:39Ckalle 1v5 incoming
00:20:40yeW- :p
00:20:40Bra~ get a life bro
00:20:48Bra~ ITS A GAME
00:20:55que2stress y but
00:20:58que2stress its a bad one
00:21:06Bra~ y but i just came there
00:21:54Sepetos for me
00:22:02yeW- nah for me, hence the pingin
00:22:13yeW- geos farmin badly lads :O
00:22:17yeW- i mean not rly
00:22:20yeW- but he's 12
00:22:27Bra~ -ii
00:22:29yeW- comn
00:23:46que2stress just turtle
00:23:48que2stress late we win
00:23:49que2stress i thnk
00:23:56Ckalle guys
00:23:57Ckalle wtf
00:23:59Ckalle is wrong with u
00:24:00Bra~ not with this storm
00:24:01Ckalle we need wards
00:24:06Bra~ hes cRAAAZY
00:24:06Ckalle impossible to farm
00:24:07que2stress when i get 100
00:24:09que2stress u buy some ward
00:24:10Ckalle with no vision
00:24:26Ckalle see``
00:24:37yeW- y
00:24:38yeW- ty
00:24:41McNabb np
00:26:26yeW- goah
00:26:37Sepetos tomb
00:27:06TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:27:06TakinBackMyLove guys
00:27:31TakinBackMyLove cent
00:27:32TakinBackMyLove why
00:27:33TakinBackMyLove didint
00:27:35TakinBackMyLove you come help me ?
00:27:53que2stress ah thgout u attack :D
00:29:02Sepetos mid
00:29:08Sepetos rege top
00:29:13TakinBackMyLove OMFG
00:29:13que2stress pwned
00:29:18TakinBackMyLove by
00:29:18TakinBackMyLove the
00:29:20TakinBackMyLove bash
00:29:20TakinBackMyLove so
00:29:21TakinBackMyLove epic
00:29:37Ckalle that was just bad micro
00:29:40TakinBackMyLove nah
00:29:43TakinBackMyLove not
00:29:44TakinBackMyLove a
00:29:44Ckalle u had ages to pull that back
00:29:44TakinBackMyLove at
00:29:45TakinBackMyLove all
00:29:48TakinBackMyLove i did
00:29:48TakinBackMyLove it
00:29:49Ckalle when he was up there
00:29:51TakinBackMyLove 5
00:29:51TakinBackMyLove sec
00:29:53TakinBackMyLove before
00:29:54TakinBackMyLove mofo
00:29:56TakinBackMyLove but
00:29:57TakinBackMyLove it
00:29:59TakinBackMyLove bashed
00:30:00Ckalle wow
00:30:00TakinBackMyLove me
00:30:00TakinBackMyLove f
00:30:01TakinBackMyLove all
00:30:02TakinBackMyLove the
00:30:03TakinBackMyLove time
00:30:16yeW- LOLOL
00:30:20Ckalle HI
00:30:27Ckalle this is Tauren Chieftain
00:30:32Ckalle I refuse to use spells
00:30:38Ckalle cus I have a personal problem with my captain
00:30:46TakinBackMyLove hallo
00:30:46TakinBackMyLove cent
00:30:50que2stress i dead
00:30:51TakinBackMyLove i mean
00:30:52TakinBackMyLove t
00:30:53TakinBackMyLove tc
00:31:12TakinBackMyLove blkin
00:31:59yeW- gah what am i doin zz
00:33:44TakinBackMyLove LOL
00:33:45TakinBackMyLove EATHER
00:33:46Sepetos mana
00:33:50que2stress since 20 min he has
00:33:50que2stress :
00:33:56TakinBackMyLove how the fuck
00:33:57Bra~ yeh
00:33:59Sepetos lol didnt take lvl 3 ult :D
00:34:01TakinBackMyLove did he farm all game or what +
00:34:03Ckalle he only had it for 15 mins so nice awareness there bro
00:34:06Sepetos -st
00:34:06yeW- :D
00:34:28TakinBackMyLove btw its not called mapawarness
00:34:36Ckalle I didn't say mapawareness
00:34:40Ckalle something wrong with ur eyes?
00:34:43yeW- lmao
00:34:47yeW- that kongkat
00:34:48yeW- for u
00:34:50TakinBackMyLove mapaweness is when you look where the people are on the map ..
00:34:52yeW- thats*
00:34:54Ckalle no shit
00:34:55McNabb ckalle whines like a girl as usual?
00:34:56yeW- rofl
00:35:01Ckalle I said _awareness_
00:35:01yeW- he aint whinin
00:35:04Ckalle no map
00:35:41Ckalle yay
00:35:52Ckalle gg
00:36:17Bra~ wannabe pro league guy ckalle
00:36:18TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:36:21Bra~ lost again
00:36:22Bra~ so sad
00:36:25Bra~ I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:36:29TakinBackMyLove nah
00:36:30McNabb ckalle whines asusual?
00:36:32TakinBackMyLove i kinda lost
00:36:32TakinBackMyLove it
00:36:35Bra~ ass ussual
00:36:35Ckalle I really didn't
00:36:41Bra~ "LOL"
00:36:44Bra~ :D
00:36:47TakinBackMyLove worst meepo ever :D
00:36:51Ckalle but Bra~ just such a star
00:36:59Bra~ why?
00:36:59yeW- yeh, i'll give u that grey
00:37:00Bra~ :P
00:37:39TakinBackMyLove dirge is sutch a gr8 hero
00:37:41TakinBackMyLove gotta love it
00:37:41yeW- bot
00:37:43yeW- on meepo
00:37:44yeW- mate
00:37:47yeW- not treads
00:37:49McNabb borring as hell
00:37:50TakinBackMyLove b
00:37:50Ckalle treads
00:37:51Ckalle always
00:37:54TakinBackMyLove bot dont work champ :D
00:37:54yeW- bot
00:37:56yeW- always
00:37:59yeW- ofc it does
00:38:00yeW- -clear
00:38:05TakinBackMyLove not on illus
00:38:05Ckalle it works but not worth it
00:38:10yeW- it is worth it
00:38:13Ckalle treads dagger
00:38:17yeW- hellz no
00:38:18Bra~ read he's name
00:38:25Bra~ he knows what he is talking
00:38:34Bra~ his*
00:38:39Ckalle best centaur
00:38:40Ckalle is best.
00:38:40TakinBackMyLove bot dont only work on the
00:38:46yeW- it works
00:38:47TakinBackMyLove first
00:38:47Ckalle bot works on all of them
00:38:49TakinBackMyLove Meepo
00:38:50yeW- on all geos
00:38:51yeW- jesus
00:38:52que2stress I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:38:52yeW- -clear
00:38:56yeW- why u still talkin lol
00:39:01Ckalle I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:39:02TakinBackMyLove then it must have channge
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