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-20 X
-4 TS

64% | 1316 X | 1309 TS

-30 X
-1 TS

56% | 1243 X | 1301 TS

-55 X
-4 TS

47% | 1157 X | 1255 TS

-49 X
-4 TS

33% | 1109 X | 1245 TS

-16 X
-8 TS

3% | 855 X | 1048 TS

+25 X
+11 TS

73% | 1378 X | 1376 TS

+50 X
+1 TS

41% | 1077 X | 1312 TS

+40 X
+23 TS

34% | 1080 X | 1273 TS

+8 X
+1 TS

19% | 974 X | 1222 TS

+54 X
+7 TS

12% | 994 X | 1190 TS

Chat log

00:00:031m4n5h0w ench woods
00:00:041m4n5h0w luci solo top
00:00:04pWny- -ap
00:00:04Fxx. ap
00:00:041m4n5h0w bot bara
00:00:041m4n5h0w eza
00:00:041m4n5h0w me mid
00:00:06pWny- sf downlane
00:00:06Defloratio some1 rly bitch ass players here...
00:00:07KolleBolle you dont decide a shit
00:00:10KolleBolle i'm on lane
00:00:111m4n5h0w i am captain
00:00:12Defloratio lanya swap me ?
00:00:131m4n5h0w i decide lanes
00:00:13KolleBolle end of story
00:00:141m4n5h0w !
00:00:151m4n5h0w thats rule
00:00:181m4n5h0w if you dont do what i say
00:00:19pWny- huskar and me mid
00:00:211m4n5h0w you get reported
00:00:21KolleBolle you suck penis
00:00:221m4n5h0w and banned
00:00:22GuiTaR -clear
00:00:23pWny- SF
00:00:241m4n5h0w from league
00:00:251m4n5h0w !
00:00:25pWny- dont feed downlane
00:00:27Mute_Bitsch if you dont go lanes
00:00:27KolleBolle and luci
00:00:27pWny- play careful ok?
00:00:30Mute_Bitsch your banned
00:00:31GuiTaR no tnx\
00:00:33KolleBolle cant handle solo
00:00:38sebralane says kolle
00:00:381m4n5h0w ench woods !
00:00:40pWny- lanaya and necro top
00:00:431m4n5h0w luci solo top
00:00:451m4n5h0w eza bara bot
00:00:51sebralane the best under 10% player in gc
00:00:52Fxx. i m owner
00:00:53KolleBolle Sebra is one of the worst player at GZ trust me
00:00:57sebralane if u pull then is iizy solo
00:00:58sebralane ye
00:00:58Fxx. but last game was extremly unlucky
00:01:00sebralane says kolle
00:01:04sebralane best under 10% player
00:01:06sebralane np
00:01:07pWny- i believe you
00:01:08pWny- its ok
00:01:08GuiTaR fxx owner lol
00:01:09Mute_Bitsch XD
00:01:13pWny- stop trashtalk
00:01:14Mute_Bitsch just do as it was said
00:01:15GuiTaR i see u play
00:01:15Mute_Bitsch and stfu
00:01:15Fxx. anyway
00:01:16pWny- he get firstblooded downlane
00:01:16Mute_Bitsch play
00:01:19Mute_Bitsch have fun
00:01:20pWny- its allways bad
00:01:21pWny- to get into game
00:01:23Mute_Bitsch go blow my dick
00:01:24pWny- after something like that
00:01:24pWny- this time
00:01:26pWny- he will make it good
00:01:29Fxx. i dont play on 1. cast with nevermore :-) , so stop flame me with this
00:01:36pWny- ?
00:01:40pWny- you play without shadowraze?
00:01:411m4n5h0w hi
00:01:43Fxx. y
00:01:44pWny- hi
00:01:47pWny- how are you?
00:01:491m4n5h0w ^^
00:01:52pWny- I WAS TYPIGN
00:01:54pWny- GAIN
00:01:55Defloratio share pls
00:01:56pWny- AGAIN
00:02:10Mute_Bitsch reg
00:02:20Fxx. i play minimal 5000. dota
00:02:22Fxx. in my life
00:02:24Mute_Bitsch TEAM
00:02:27Fxx. but im still worst :-)
00:02:361m4n5h0w NOOB ENCH
00:02:481m4n5h0w so hard noob ffs
00:02:50Mute_Bitsch what a retarded team
00:02:561m4n5h0w walkes past you
00:02:561m4n5h0w ffs
00:03:001m4n5h0w wtf
00:03:13Aleks875 lol
00:03:141m4n5h0w awarness = 0
00:03:17Mute_Bitsch XD
00:03:22Fxx. my pc send me to window
00:03:28pWny- u die???
00:03:30Fxx. y
00:03:31Mute_Bitsch i hacked it
00:03:31Fxx. sry
00:03:32Mute_Bitsch XAXA
00:03:32pWny- Fxx
00:03:34Fxx. my pc
00:03:35pWny- go
00:03:36Fxx. desktorm
00:03:38Fxx. p
00:03:451m4n5h0w piss off
00:03:48pWny- HSUKAR
00:03:50pWny- FFS wake uP
00:04:00Mute_Bitsch need help mid?
00:04:03Fxx. geroys , must kill me afk
00:04:041m4n5h0w n
00:04:06Mute_Bitsch k
00:04:12Defloratio ss
00:04:17Mute_Bitsch lol
00:04:22pWny- SHAARWE
00:04:24pWny- chick
00:04:27pWny- share
00:04:28pWny- SF
00:04:28oo0OoO0oo share chick
00:04:29pWny- STOP feed
00:04:30pWny- ffs
00:04:321m4n5h0w MISS
00:04:35Defloratio ty
00:04:36GuiTaR sryu
00:04:42pWny- kill
00:04:43pWny- cfome
00:04:471m4n5h0w 2 miss
00:04:53pWny- im b
00:04:54pWny- sry
00:04:56pWny- sf
00:05:00pWny- u ply with shadowraze oK?
00:05:17Fxx. eza miss
00:05:32pWny- GOGO
00:05:37pWny- hsuakr
00:05:40pWny- ggogo
00:05:51pWny- Lol
00:05:56Fxx. plese
00:06:00Fxx. 10 sec pause
00:06:02Fxx. my pc
00:06:05Fxx. rly do some shit
00:06:11GuiTaR lol
00:06:11Fxx. :-)
00:06:11Mute_Bitsch XD
00:06:111m4n5h0w wtf
00:06:11KolleBolle ffs
00:06:17GuiTaR my 30
00:06:18GuiTaR 321
00:06:21pWny- WTF
00:06:23GuiTaR fu
00:06:23GuiTaR ill report
00:06:23pWny- huskar??
00:06:23Defloratio stop it
00:06:23oo0OoO0oo ?
00:06:23pWny- ok listen
00:06:23pWny- if i come to eredar
00:06:23Defloratio nee needs some time
00:06:23Aleks875 Is here 30 like dl?
00:06:23pWny- you can make go
00:06:23pWny- before i stun
00:06:231m4n5h0w no 30 here
00:06:231m4n5h0w its not dota league
00:06:231m4n5h0w ffs
00:06:24pWny- and attack him
00:06:25oo0OoO0oo kk
00:06:30pWny- how is toplane?
00:06:44pWny- sf is very bad
00:06:45Defloratio not bad
00:06:50pWny- FF
00:06:521m4n5h0w gj
00:06:55Defloratio i will go down
00:06:56Fxx. 2. time u kill afk player .............
00:07:08Mute_Bitsch or your going to carry game?
00:07:09pWny- go kill
00:07:11pWny- kill
00:07:18pWny- come lanaya
00:07:18GuiTaR come
00:07:21pWny- oggo
00:07:33pWny- b
00:07:35Mute_Bitsch the fuck i run into tower
00:07:53pWny- ff
00:07:54GuiTaR shit
00:07:58pWny- last time i play support
00:08:01pWny- last time fxx gets solo
00:08:03pWny- last time i play dota
00:08:05pWny- :D
00:08:081m4n5h0w last game you did suppo
00:08:17GuiTaR ss
00:08:18Fxx. i say
00:08:19oo0OoO0oo come mid
00:08:20Fxx. its
00:08:20oo0OoO0oo pwny
00:08:24Fxx. need pause
00:08:24pWny- well
00:08:26pWny- go ATTACK Him
00:08:29Mute_Bitsch this pink is such a nap -.-
00:08:30Fxx. it
00:08:32pWny- miss mid
00:08:33Fxx. and
00:08:35Defloratio never
00:08:37Defloratio omg
00:08:40Defloratio you suck !!!!
00:08:42Fxx. u fucking unpause it and kill me
00:08:441m4n5h0w ah piss off
00:08:46Fxx. SOOOO HERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:09:03GuiTaR come
00:09:04GuiTaR ?
00:09:05Fxx. like 10 years old fucking nobrain kid
00:09:08Defloratio -.-
00:09:10Defloratio gank down
00:09:14pWny- i need 90
00:09:19Defloratio nice feed down
00:09:21Mute_Bitsch XD
00:09:21Defloratio rly
00:09:28pWny- kill
00:09:28pWny- gogo
00:09:29pWny- gogo
00:09:32Mute_Bitsch where is the rageplugg
00:09:39pWny- b
00:09:45Defloratio come down
00:09:47Defloratio !!!!!!!!!
00:09:47Defloratio 0o
00:09:48Defloratio omg
00:09:49pWny- i comeing
00:09:50pWny- moment
00:09:50Defloratio wtf
00:09:53GuiTaR ss
00:09:59GuiTaR re
00:10:00Fxx. fucking bug
00:10:04Fxx. i dont wanna play this
00:10:041m4n5h0w miss 2
00:10:09Defloratio ss
00:10:11pWny- nice farm SF
00:10:12pWny- really
00:10:13Mute_Bitsch ss
00:10:13pWny- good job
00:10:13Mute_Bitsch 2
00:10:16Fxx. how fork repel ? please ?
00:10:20Fxx. su pwny
00:10:21pWny- kill
00:10:22Mute_Bitsch ?
00:10:25Fxx. my pc is rly bged
00:10:30Fxx. can i leave
00:10:31GuiTaR fix it
00:10:34Fxx. and reser warcraft ?
00:10:38Fxx. reste ?
00:10:42Fxx. reset ?
00:10:43pWny- wards
00:10:49GuiTaR u got 4 min
00:10:56Mute_Bitsch nope
00:10:56Fxx. i see tool bars at all monitor
00:10:57pWny- get top
00:10:57Fxx. ...
00:11:00pWny- necro
00:11:01GuiTaR come
00:11:02pWny- farm down
00:11:04Mute_Bitsch its like you quit
00:11:16Fxx. and can i reset warcraft ?
00:11:24Mute_Bitsch if you restard
00:11:26Mute_Bitsch its okay again
00:11:29Fxx. its unplayable for me
00:11:34Mute_Bitsch blue
00:11:40pWny- hlp
00:11:44Fxx. i rly dont see this game
00:11:46Defloratio b
00:11:48GuiTaR is better power treads or
00:11:53GuiTaR phaseR??
00:11:54pWny- fxx farm woods
00:11:55Fxx. fucking milion stuck toolbarss
00:11:56GuiTaR for me
00:12:00Fxx. pwny
00:12:02pWny- let us ff and go next please
00:12:04Fxx. u rly dont read
00:12:06Fxx. what i say ?
00:12:07Mute_Bitsch than ff
00:12:08Fxx. i dont see
00:12:10Mute_Bitsch and we play next
00:12:11Fxx. i see nothink
00:12:31Fxx. GUYS ?
00:12:32Mute_Bitsch ups
00:12:34Mute_Bitsch sry
00:12:36GuiTaR ff
00:12:39GuiTaR all naps
00:12:43Fxx. can i leave , and reset warcraft , and join again ?
00:12:44pWny- huskar farm somewhere
00:12:46pWny- all toplane
00:12:47pWny- GO Mid
00:12:48pWny- or DONWLANE
00:12:48pWny- ffs
00:12:51pWny- whats wrong with you guys??
00:12:52Mute_Bitsch you wont be able
00:12:521m4n5h0w good joke
00:12:53KolleBolle nopp will be ban! :/
00:12:56Mute_Bitsch how often again
00:13:00Mute_Bitsch you will get ban
00:13:02Mute_Bitsch just ff
00:13:04Fxx. i have got some bugged
00:13:06Mute_Bitsch and we can play next
00:13:06GuiTaR why do i always play witrh fools -5 streajk
00:13:08pWny- coming mid
00:13:11pWny- get sd
00:13:14Fxx. i have got milion toolbars , at monirot
00:13:18Mute_Bitsch omw
00:13:29GuiTaR shut up
00:13:32Fxx. fucking buged low server on dota
00:13:531m4n5h0w i hate you pwny
00:13:59Mute_Bitsch OFC
00:14:08Mute_Bitsch LOL
00:14:44pWny- i go base
00:14:45Mute_Bitsch i kill this bitch now
00:14:48Mute_Bitsch pissed off
00:15:01pWny- -afk
00:15:031m4n5h0w b
00:15:031m4n5h0w b
00:15:04GuiTaR charge
00:15:05Mute_Bitsch y
00:15:05pWny- sf go farm cmon
00:15:12Mute_Bitsch 3 is a bit too much
00:15:17Mute_Bitsch lol wtf
00:15:191m4n5h0w wtf
00:15:30pWny- kill
00:15:36pWny- we need huskar
00:15:39Defloratio omw mid
00:16:00Fxx. fucking buged game
00:16:16Defloratio bara is feed
00:16:181m4n5h0w port kill tot
00:16:201m4n5h0w port kill tot
00:16:211m4n5h0w :D
00:16:21GuiTaR bara noob
00:16:22Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:16:27pWny- kill
00:16:56GuiTaR lvl 6
00:16:58Aleks875 rylai no mana
00:17:00GuiTaR u kidding
00:17:02GuiTaR u own
00:17:05GuiTaR haahahah
00:17:16Fxx. i speak to hungary ?
00:17:19Defloratio -.-
00:17:23Fxx. i dont see half monitor
00:17:24Fxx. ,,,,
00:17:24GuiTaR servus
00:17:271m4n5h0w :D
00:17:29Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:17:30GuiTaR bara is fed
00:17:34pWny- FU !!
00:17:36pWny- xD
00:17:37Mute_Bitsch XD
00:17:41Mute_Bitsch what a funny gam
00:17:48Mute_Bitsch what a funny game
00:17:50Mute_Bitsch 4vs4
00:18:12Mute_Bitsch care
00:18:14sebralane da fack he got m
00:18:14sebralane e
00:18:23Fxx. hahahahah
00:18:25GuiTaR ff
00:18:26Mute_Bitsch XD
00:18:27Fxx. hard to play
00:18:29pWny- ya its so funny
00:18:32pWny- sf without shadowraze
00:18:32Fxx. when u see only galf monitor
00:18:341m4n5h0w b
00:18:39Fxx. half *
00:18:39Mute_Bitsch just ff than
00:18:43pWny- thats what i do
00:18:45pWny- ff
00:18:46pWny- see?
00:18:46GuiTaR ff
00:18:47GuiTaR ff
00:18:48GuiTaR ff
00:18:48sebralane exla t
00:18:49GuiTaR ff
00:18:49GuiTaR ff
00:18:50Fxx. i dont ff it
00:18:51GuiTaR ff
00:18:51GuiTaR ff
00:18:52GuiTaR ff
00:18:53sebralane ezla tp me
00:18:53GuiTaR ff
00:18:54Mute_Bitsch !FF
00:18:54GuiTaR ff
00:18:54Fxx. i try to fix it
00:18:56Fxx. and win this
00:18:59pWny- fxx.
00:19:00Fxx. they are noobs
00:19:01GuiTaR u win lol
00:19:01pWny- listen
00:19:03Mute_Bitsch !surrender
00:19:05pWny- its over
00:19:08Fxx. no
00:19:10Fxx. its not
00:19:15Fxx. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:19:16Fxx. :)
00:19:19Fxx. its fixed
00:19:20pWny- no for sure its not
00:19:22Fxx. i start to play
00:19:32pWny- luci radience soon
00:19:38Fxx. np
00:19:39pWny- we cant kill someone
00:19:42oo0OoO0oo now he takes my wood farm
00:19:42pWny- lanaya no ulti
00:19:47Fxx. dont worry
00:19:48oo0OoO0oo can you be more worse
00:19:57pWny- huskar no boots
00:19:58GuiTaR haahahah
00:20:06Defloratio b
00:20:13Fxx. super
00:20:15Defloratio so bad
00:20:20Fxx. 17/18 min buged gaem
00:20:22Defloratio -.-
00:20:22GuiTaR ff
00:20:25Fxx. its new cheat ?
00:20:27Mute_Bitsch y
00:20:30Mute_Bitsch i hacked your pc
00:20:34Fxx. noob bara "pown" me
00:20:36Mute_Bitsch manipulated your wc
00:20:41pWny- i camp base
00:20:42Mute_Bitsch np
00:20:431m4n5h0w hast du cs gesagt?
00:20:43Fxx. not pc
00:20:46Mute_Bitsch next game again
00:20:47Fxx. was warcraft
00:20:58pWny- huskar buy you boots?
00:21:00Mute_Bitsch nope
00:21:001m4n5h0w hat der chase cam?
00:21:01Mute_Bitsch wwc
00:21:06Mute_Bitsch nope
00:21:13Mute_Bitsch type in -co
00:21:21sebralane remember this guy told im useless
00:21:27sebralane this guy there
00:21:38Mute_Bitsch and did it help ?
00:21:53Aleks875 invis
00:21:56Mute_Bitsch sf ?
00:21:57Fxx. and
00:21:58Fxx. btw
00:22:03Fxx. u flame me
00:22:06Fxx. cause 8 lvl ?
00:22:06Fxx. :-)
00:22:09Fxx. necro 6
00:22:12Defloratio guitar did you pick lanaya ?
00:22:15Aleks875 u said u lose only 1 game?
00:22:21Aleks875 u was wrong
00:22:25Aleks875 its 2..
00:22:33Mute_Bitsch omw
00:22:36Mute_Bitsch care 3
00:22:38Mute_Bitsch still omw
00:22:57Mute_Bitsch team fuck you
00:23:00Mute_Bitsch very much
00:23:20Mute_Bitsch seems to me like you can play normal sf
00:24:13pWny- lucifer got radi
00:24:16pWny- then they can finish
00:24:17pWny- finally
00:24:28Defloratio i dont get why i got necro ..
00:24:39pWny- hihi
00:24:42Defloratio the time was not oveer
00:24:47Defloratio and i didnt type
00:24:48Defloratio 0o
00:24:54sebralane 22 min phase vanguard radi
00:24:55sebralane imba
00:25:02Defloratio its like some1 picked
00:25:021m4n5h0w 22 min useless
00:25:04Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:25:051m4n5h0w ;)
00:25:05Mute_Bitsch y
00:25:07Defloratio insten of me
00:25:10sebralane :d
00:25:13sebralane enc 22 min farm
00:25:20sebralane mystic
00:25:21sebralane yee yee
00:25:39Defloratio b
00:25:44Mute_Bitsch stay
00:25:51KolleBolle you are doom! hard to farm with him host'
00:26:24Mute_Bitsch XD
00:26:26GuiTaR gaaggaagagag
00:26:28GuiTaR hahaahahah
00:26:38GuiTaR ff
00:26:39pWny- its really funny that we are able to kill someone in clashs
00:26:39GuiTaR ??
00:26:40sebralane atleast ench most usefull
00:26:42Defloratio pls go ff
00:26:53GuiTaR why u wont ff??
00:26:55Defloratio rly epic fail
00:26:59pWny- shadowraze overrated
00:27:03Defloratio from our carry's
00:27:04oo0OoO0oo pwny our picks sucked and there n00b bara is owning
00:27:09pWny- no
00:27:09Fxx. su
00:27:11pWny- not our PICKS sucks
00:27:14Fxx. kiddy fuckers
00:27:17Fxx. i said
00:27:17pWny- if sf dont feed like shit downlane
00:27:19Fxx. i cant play
00:27:211m4n5h0w only noobs use shadow races
00:27:22pWny- bara wont get strong like this
00:27:23Fxx. and u unpause
00:27:311m4n5h0w ;)
00:27:34pWny- ^^
00:27:35oo0OoO0oo he did that same game before
00:27:37Fxx. only noobs unpause and kill me , when i afk
00:27:39oo0OoO0oo i told you before
00:27:44Mute_Bitsch noob sd
00:27:45oo0OoO0oo and you said i shouldnt flame :D
00:27:48Fxx. yes
00:27:50Fxx. same game
00:27:501m4n5h0w only noobs are called fxx.
00:27:53Fxx. 10:11:11
00:27:54Mute_Bitsch XD
00:27:55pWny- lol
00:27:56Fxx. is same game
00:28:16Defloratio want me to tank ?
00:28:27Defloratio kill me
00:28:33Defloratio -.-
00:28:38Defloratio I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:43GuiTaR I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:56Fxx. fucking 2. epic game
00:29:011m4n5h0w id need some mana
00:29:02Fxx. bara
00:29:03pWny- i think its not the game its you fxx
00:29:06Fxx. u dont deserve win
00:29:09Mute_Bitsch XD
00:29:15Fxx. u unpase and "kill me" when i was afk
00:29:151m4n5h0w fxx you dont deserve dota
00:29:19pWny- 2 games in a row u pick carry
00:29:24pWny- and 2 games you TOTALLY fucked up
00:29:26Fxx. 1. time cause of this bug pc send me to desktop
00:29:32oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:34Fxx. again
00:29:34GuiTaR I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:36pWny- 2. NO SHADOWRAZE
00:29:37Fxx. fucking lowbrain
00:29:38oo0OoO0oo just ff
00:29:38Defloratio just ff
00:29:39Fxx. rylai
00:29:39Defloratio ots ple
00:29:41pWny- 3. 0 - 2 after 5 mins
00:29:42Defloratio oke*
00:29:43Fxx. NOT MY FAIL
00:29:44Defloratio dont care
00:29:48Defloratio go ff
00:29:55Defloratio i dont want to time waste
00:29:56Defloratio ..
00:29:56GuiTaR i tld ure a noob fxx
00:30:00pWny- yes
00:30:02oo0OoO0oo fxx you suck so bad that you cant even see it your self
00:30:07GuiTaR u didnt listen
00:30:28Mute_Bitsch pfff
00:30:29Mute_Bitsch noob team
00:30:33Fxx. im best player , what u see in your life
00:30:42pWny- yes!
00:30:46Fxx. but dont know vs new cheat
00:30:47oo0OoO0oo kk pro man
00:30:47Fxx. anyway
00:30:49pWny- shadowraze sucks
00:30:51Defloratio pwny go new?
00:30:51oo0OoO0oo fxx is pro
00:30:53pWny- makes 1k dmg on lvl 4
00:30:56Aleks875 i am unkilable
00:30:57Fxx. i printscreen this bug , and report it
00:31:04pWny- i need pause after this ^^
00:31:07pWny- 20 mins
00:31:09Defloratio oke
00:31:10GuiTaR u do that lol
00:31:11Mute_Bitsch stfu never
00:31:13Mute_Bitsch your annoying
00:31:18GuiTaR I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:19Defloratio me2 kinda
00:31:20Mute_Bitsch 1m4n next game?
00:31:20Defloratio xD
00:31:26GuiTaR who didnt surredender?
00:31:35oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:37pWny- 1manshow lets add
00:31:39GuiTaR I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:391m4n5h0w y
00:31:41pWny- k
00:31:43pWny- wp
00:31:47pWny- and I GOT YOU FB :D
00:31:49pWny- xD
00:31:53Mute_Bitsch i dont want pwny in team -.-
00:32:13Fxx. anyway
00:32:16Fxx. 2. time wp pink
00:32:25Fxx. but 2. time easy game for u
00:32:25Mute_Bitsch lol
00:32:28Mute_Bitsch pink and good
00:32:31Mute_Bitsch pfff hahah
00:32:32Fxx. bara
00:32:33Fxx. su
00:32:39Fxx. u are worse player in this game
00:32:44Mute_Bitsch okay :D
00:32:44Mute_Bitsch ty
00:32:45GuiTaR lol
00:32:46Mute_Bitsch noob :D
00:32:47Mute_Bitsch XD
00:32:50Mute_Bitsch i like you 2
00:32:51Mute_Bitsch XD
00:32:56GuiTaR finally
00:32:56Mute_Bitsch worst sf ever
00:32:57pWny- ^^
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