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Chat log

00:00:18Tough i ban lycan
00:00:18Kalkaros spec
00:00:18Tough every1 fine with that?
00:00:18veuncent y
00:00:18Tough any1 want mid?
00:00:18JensDenLange ban pls
00:00:18Kalkaros anyone roof?
00:00:18LaSiCa ban
00:00:18veuncent sure
00:00:18JensDenLange dont wanna play him again
00:00:18Tough guys any1 want mid?
00:00:18JensDenLange i go wd
00:00:18veuncent but depends on our heroes
00:00:18Tough veu u would go mid?
00:00:18veuncent ok
00:00:18Puppetmaster depends on hero
00:00:18GuiTaR common ban ps
00:00:18JensDenLange wd and rylai lane
00:00:18JensDenLange booom
00:00:18GuiTaR pls
00:00:18Tough or i go
00:00:18Tough guys
00:00:18Tough get tide and roof
00:00:18veuncent just ban and we'll see
00:00:18Tough lycan
00:00:31Kalkaros who wants this?
00:00:31Tough okay fuck of
00:00:33Tough i go mid
00:00:35JensDenLange not me
00:00:37Tough k?
00:00:37Kalkaros this is imba
00:00:42Tough ..
00:00:43Tough hell
00:00:44veuncent or me :P
00:00:46Kalkaros but its waste of skil to have me play it
00:00:47Tough than go u
00:00:50JensDenLange y
00:00:54Puppetmaster ill play cm if i can
00:00:57veuncent ehm
00:00:59veuncent ....
00:01:02Kalkaros get me lesh?
00:01:02Tough np
00:01:04Tough i learned
00:01:08Kalkaros or bs
00:01:09Tough never trust someone else
00:01:10veuncent why did you pick gondar if i have yur
00:01:14Tough so 2 carrys is okay
00:01:16Tough if u go mid
00:01:31Kalkaros hey! swap pls
00:01:36Tough lastpicker
00:01:37Tough get tide
00:01:42veuncent tide y
00:01:50Tough tide or rubick
00:01:51veuncent omg
00:01:52Kalkaros -swap 5
00:01:54Kalkaros plz
00:01:56veuncent oh wait
00:02:01JensDenLange swap him dude
00:02:05veuncent nvm my omg
00:02:06Kalkaros I beg you
00:02:06GuiTaR -swap 1
00:02:08Tough TIDE OR RUBICK
00:02:09veuncent GET TIME PLS
00:02:11Tough thx
00:02:12Tough <3
00:02:14veuncent tide
00:02:16veuncent good
00:02:23Kalkaros thx man
00:02:27GuiTaR nop
00:02:29GuiTaR np
00:02:31JensDenLange roof
00:02:31GuiTaR what to buy?
00:02:35JensDenLange can u invis me lvl 3
00:02:37Puppetmaster share
00:02:38JensDenLange and we get them
00:02:39GuiTaR ok
00:02:48Kalkaros just get tank items
00:02:50lemi.livo.skodi srejoooo
00:02:50JensDenLange i go close male addict u go zap him
00:02:51GuiTaR ok
00:02:55Kalkaros like mana boots, vang, hood
00:02:56lemi.livo.skodi answerrrr na skajp
00:02:56JensDenLange i stun
00:03:05JensDenLange and it's kill
00:03:09Puppetmaster lol^^
00:03:14Kalkaros rhasta and wd nuild hp too
00:03:17Kalkaros build
00:03:23JensDenLange k
00:03:32Puppetmaster i go urn
00:04:00~ /w DotaKeys: You control Shliapanosis [g,c,v,s]
00:04:26Puppetmaster ss
00:04:26GuiTaR ss
00:04:27veuncent please get wards asap
00:04:41GuiTaR re`
00:05:54Tough see why i picked gondar
00:06:00veuncent no?
00:06:06lemi.livo.skodi shareee
00:06:16GuiTaR sry
00:06:20GuiTaR guisE??
00:06:26veuncent mid miss
00:06:26Tough ss mid
00:06:26JensDenLange invis me soon
00:06:27Tough care
00:06:28veuncent re
00:06:31JensDenLange ¨go
00:06:31GuiTaR say when
00:06:34svents ss wd
00:06:39svents re
00:06:48Puppetmaster ss
00:06:49Puppetmaster re
00:06:53JensDenLange fail
00:07:02JensDenLange did'nt hit male i see....
00:07:25Puppetmaster FUCK
00:07:27Puppetmaster ARG
00:07:28LaSiCa ;]
00:07:29Puppetmaster I HATE MEEE
00:07:42GuiTaR shit
00:07:55Tough go pull
00:07:56Tough leshj
00:07:59svents ok
00:08:02Tough ty
00:08:11Puppetmaster -1
00:08:12Puppetmaster 2
00:08:31svents omfg
00:08:32JensDenLange ss bot
00:08:38JensDenLange lesh ss
00:08:41Puppetmaster re
00:09:00svents gj
00:09:02LaSiCa ss
00:09:05Tough same <34
00:09:24svents ss wd
00:09:49Tough go tree
00:09:51Tough got ulti
00:09:52svents ok
00:09:56veuncent mid miss
00:09:58JensDenLange gank bot asap
00:10:08veuncent re
00:10:17GuiTaR we need ghlp
00:10:29veuncent mid miss
00:10:38Tough sry
00:10:40Tough hero stucked
00:10:42veuncent re
00:10:52LaSiCa ss
00:11:11JensDenLange ss bot
00:11:12JensDenLange gank bot pls
00:11:13Puppetmaster -2
00:11:14Puppetmaster care
00:11:21Kalkaros omw soon
00:11:25Kalkaros getting items first
00:11:29svents bh lets kill bot w8
00:11:29veuncent mid miss
00:11:52JensDenLange dust <3
00:11:55Puppetmaster -2
00:12:03Puppetmaster gj
00:12:31Kalkaros haste pr what??!!!
00:12:34Kalkaros or
00:12:39Tough nah
00:12:40JensDenLange phase?
00:12:42svents idk :D
00:12:43Tough Just missklicked
00:12:47svents its was rly funny :D
00:12:58lemi.livo.skodi go
00:13:04svents kill top
00:13:08Puppetmaster ok
00:13:24JensDenLange ofc
00:13:26JensDenLange what timing
00:13:32veuncent mid miss
00:13:46lemi.livo.skodi miss lesh ? ? ?
00:14:02lemi.livo.skodi mISSSSS LESH > > ???
00:14:08lemi.livo.skodi ok tard
00:14:28Tough lesh
00:14:28JensDenLange focus wards pls
00:14:30Tough dont leave me :/
00:14:33JensDenLange u missed a kill for that ! -.-
00:14:37GuiTaR gang?
00:14:37~ got ult
00:14:42LaSiCa sry
00:14:46Puppetmaster omw bot
00:14:52Puppetmaster i can babysit good
00:15:17veuncent gj
00:15:20Puppetmaster well done
00:15:57svents fck it
00:15:58svents 3 mid
00:16:37Kalkaros ahhahha
00:17:00Puppetmaster dont wasnt very clever tbh
00:17:04svents y
00:17:27veuncent wards please
00:17:30veuncent lesh?
00:17:34Puppetmaster set em
00:17:35Puppetmaster lesh
00:17:36veuncent ty
00:17:40Puppetmaster mine too plz
00:18:19Puppetmaster get
00:19:07lemi.livo.skodi track brate
00:19:09lemi.livo.skodi gondar
00:19:13GuiTaR ma znam
00:19:17GuiTaR jedem govna\
00:19:26Puppetmaster omw
00:19:54GuiTaR we need to go together
00:20:02JensDenLange y and wards
00:20:04Puppetmaster go scout creep
00:20:22Puppetmaster mana
00:20:43veuncent ty for using my chick...
00:21:45veuncent lol cm
00:21:46Puppetmaster you stupid bitch
00:21:49Puppetmaster xD
00:21:51Puppetmaster i
00:21:53~ GONDAR BITCH
00:22:02GuiTaR oom
00:22:02Puppetmaster sry, i attacked the kata
00:22:06Puppetmaster instead of run
00:22:07Puppetmaster missclick
00:22:12Tough bf rdy<3
00:22:30JensDenLange pink get top
00:22:42JensDenLange blue inc top
00:22:44lemi.livo.skodi care top
00:22:44lemi.livo.skodi b
00:22:45JensDenLange i cant go alone
00:22:51JensDenLange i keep freaking dying!
00:23:13GuiTaR i get dust
00:23:25GuiTaR ok u get
00:24:07GuiTaR def
00:24:34~ ff
00:25:09GuiTaR ff
00:25:45Puppetmaster i dont wanna leo to kill us all
00:25:57Puppetmaster deny
00:25:58Puppetmaster fast
00:25:59~ u lose anyway
00:26:17Puppetmaster leo bottled invis
00:26:32veuncent n1
00:26:34Kalkaros b
00:26:42Kalkaros push bottom next
00:27:03veuncent gogogoo
00:27:06Tough y
00:27:33veuncent inv
00:27:39veuncent mana pls
00:27:44lemi.livo.skodi sk
00:27:47lemi.livo.skodi runeeeee
00:27:49lemi.livo.skodi \moron
00:28:04GuiTaR he doesent need it
00:28:09lemi.livo.skodi tard
00:28:20GuiTaR what to buy nexT?
00:28:22GuiTaR vang?
00:28:23Kalkaros b
00:28:25Kalkaros yeah
00:28:51veuncent me pls
00:29:05Puppetmaster your^^
00:29:08veuncent wtf
00:29:11veuncent are you doing with the chick
00:29:20svents fcking nice 3 sec stun >.<
00:29:40Kalkaros lets go rosh
00:29:45Kalkaros cant rax yet
00:29:49JensDenLange right
00:29:52Puppetmaster damn
00:29:52GuiTaR can we win
00:29:54LaSiCa we could take mid morons
00:29:57Tough go
00:30:16Tough b
00:30:18Kalkaros take
00:30:21Tough b
00:30:22Tough b
00:30:43Kalkaros not yet
00:30:53Tough -ms
00:31:31Kalkaros we must gang one
00:31:35Kalkaros before we push
00:31:37Tough b
00:31:38Tough al
00:31:39Tough all
00:31:40Tough all
00:31:41Tough ll
00:31:53veuncent should i go battlefury or butter?
00:31:54Puppetmaster butter
00:31:54svents omfg
00:31:54svents what is he doing????
00:31:54LaSiCa ?
00:31:54svents >.<
00:31:54JensDenLange having a bad time
00:31:54LaSiCa dont drop or what
00:31:54JensDenLange i guys
00:31:54JensDenLange if
00:31:54JensDenLange he drops
00:31:54JensDenLange then
00:31:54JensDenLange what?
00:31:54veuncent 1 of you balances
00:31:54svents ';.;'
00:31:54Puppetmaster balance leave
00:31:54Kalkaros we keep playing
00:31:54Kalkaros and one of you balances
00:31:54Tough i would say sk
00:31:54Tough leaves for
00:31:54Tough balance
00:31:54Tough :D
00:31:54Puppetmaster indeed
00:31:54svents yeah sk balance pls
00:31:54Tough ck
00:31:54svents go go man
00:31:54JensDenLange roof?
00:31:54Tough Sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54lemi.livo.skodi wd out
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54Puppetmaster roof is unfair^^
00:31:54Tough sk leave for balance :D
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54svents sk
00:31:54Tough :D
00:31:54Tough roof leave
00:31:54Puppetmaster still imba aura
00:31:54Tough is
00:31:54Tough good
00:31:54Tough his ulti
00:31:54Tough fucks most
00:31:54Tough for me
00:31:54LaSiCa drop
00:31:54Puppetmaster -ma
00:31:54Puppetmaster rhasta sucks too
00:31:54GuiTaR how long we ait?
00:31:54Tough btw
00:31:54Tough i hate
00:31:54Tough gondar
00:31:54LaSiCa all drop
00:31:54Tough fucking
00:31:54GuiTaR we wait/
00:31:54Tough noob hero
00:31:54Tough :D
00:31:54svents 4 minutes reconnect system
00:31:54GuiTaR k
00:31:54Tough jugger
00:31:54Tough now u know
00:31:54Tough why i
00:31:54Tough picked gondar?
00:31:54Tough gondar?
00:31:54veuncent sure
00:31:54Tough kay
00:31:54Tough :D
00:31:54Tough without tide
00:31:54Tough it gets
00:31:54Tough hard
00:31:54lemi.livo.skodi lets vote
00:31:54Tough to win this
00:31:54lemi.livo.skodi who leaves
00:31:54svents well we can use tide
00:31:54JensDenLange lets role
00:31:54Tough with less aoe
00:31:54JensDenLange role
00:31:54GuiTaR lets role
00:31:54LaSiCa which doctor if drop
00:31:54lemi.livo.skodi wd
00:31:54JensDenLange lol
00:31:54JensDenLange im
00:31:54JensDenLange not
00:31:54JensDenLange leaving
00:31:54svents i can maby use tide
00:31:54GuiTaR wd
00:31:54Tough nah
00:31:54lemi.livo.skodi sk decide
00:31:54LaSiCa we vote man
00:31:54Tough u have u controll
00:31:54Tough ur stun
00:31:54Tough got he dagger?
00:31:54Puppetmaster i could
00:31:54svents well i have too many spellls yeah :(
00:31:54Tough dagger?
00:31:55veuncent who balances?
00:31:57svents balance
00:31:57Tough sk
00:31:57Puppetmaster leo xD
00:31:57Tough for sure
00:31:57svents blaance fast pls
00:31:57Tough :D
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi who leave ?
00:31:57Puppetmaster like we said
00:31:57svents ffs
00:31:57LaSiCa wd
00:31:57GuiTaR leo
00:31:57Tough hahaha
00:31:57GuiTaR hahaa
00:31:57GuiTaR haha
00:31:57Tough hahahaha
00:31:57Tough hahahahah
00:31:57Tough hahahahah
00:31:57Puppetmaster ha
00:31:57svents hahahahah
00:31:57veuncent plug...
00:31:57svents hahahahhaha
00:31:57Tough hahahahahah
00:31:57svents gg
00:31:57Tough FWEIHFEWI
00:31:57Tough :D
00:31:57svents wp
00:31:57Tough gg
00:31:57Tough wp
00:31:57JensDenLange haha.. having a good
00:31:57Tough penis
00:31:57svents we come end now
00:31:57Puppetmaster having a good penis?
00:31:57Tough :D
00:31:57LaSiCa pls ban morons
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi am taking his items :)
00:31:57Tough today
00:31:57Tough my new phone came
00:31:57Tough came
00:31:57Tough its so cool!
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi i take
00:31:57Tough :D
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi his items
00:31:57Puppetmaster mobile?
00:31:57JensDenLange ur coll
00:31:57Tough HAHAHA
00:31:57svents no u cant take
00:31:57Tough lanaya
00:31:57Puppetmaster he can
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi ofc i can
00:31:57Tough u can
00:31:57Puppetmaster its allowed
00:31:57svents u have to sell those items
00:31:57Tough but it wont help
00:31:57svents no u cant
00:31:57veuncent greedy bitch
00:31:57svents its rule
00:31:57Puppetmaster he dont have to
00:31:57svents u cant take
00:31:57Puppetmaster ITS RULE
00:31:57Puppetmaster THAT SHE CAN TAKE
00:31:57GuiTaR no
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi I CAN TAKE
00:31:57svents ofc u can take
00:31:57Tough SHE CAN
00:31:57Puppetmaster this is no dl
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi FFS morons
00:31:57GuiTaR she can take if team agreens
00:31:57svents i was joking :DDDD
00:31:57Tough IF EVERY1 of her
00:31:57Tough team aggres
00:31:57GuiTaR y
00:31:57Puppetmaster not needed
00:31:57Tough np
00:31:57GuiTaR we need t agree
00:31:57Tough lanaya
00:31:57Puppetmaster shes the next after captain
00:31:57veuncent lanaya becomes captain now....
00:31:57Tough i take tides
00:31:57Puppetmaster she decides
00:31:57Tough items
00:31:57Tough Sell them
00:31:57Tough buy despo
00:31:57Tough deso
00:31:57Tough and u 1 hit
00:31:57Tough :D
00:31:57svents pff so much w8ing <.<
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi i decide
00:31:57veuncent no way gondar
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi so i ll take
00:31:57svents >.<
00:31:57JensDenLange zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:31:57Tough cookies
00:31:57Tough do u know
00:31:57JensDenLange boobies
00:31:57Tough that the android
00:31:57Tough facebook app
00:31:57svents gather now and go end
00:31:57Puppetmaster i like cookies
00:31:57svents sk is out now ez
00:31:57Tough is truely shit?
00:31:57Tough they allowed to read
00:31:57JensDenLange i like snookie!
00:31:57svents gondar jsut track lanaya
00:31:57Tough read ur sms :o
00:31:57svents so we can focus him fast
00:31:57Tough y
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi some1 ban
00:31:57LaSiCa wtf
00:31:57Tough np^^
00:31:57Puppetmaster boobs and cookies
00:31:57lemi.livo.skodi this leavers
00:31:57Puppetmaster cockies
00:31:57Tough u cant
00:31:57Tough if they would
00:31:57LaSiCa whats happed
00:31:57Tough leave on purpues
00:31:57Tough porpues
00:31:57Tough purpes
00:31:57Tough püfweohfäweoi
00:31:57Tough abischt
00:31:57Tough absicht
00:31:57svents well sk owned alone :D
00:31:57Tough keine ahnung
00:31:57svents he got tired :DDDD
00:31:57Tough DEUTSCH
00:31:57Tough HEIL HITLER:D
00:31:58GuiTaR 8 min waiting
00:32:06Puppetmaster i can play tide
00:32:08Puppetmaster if you wanna
00:32:10JensDenLange lanya take his items pls
00:32:11lemi.livo.skodi me idems
00:32:13lemi.livo.skodi items
00:32:17veuncent get mid
00:32:27veuncent come
00:32:33Puppetmaster captain, can i play tide?
00:32:37Tough y
00:32:39Tough do it
00:32:41Tough if u have fun
00:32:45Puppetmaster ty
00:32:49GuiTaR uzeo sam armlet heheh
00:32:51Puppetmaster only ulti and back
00:32:53Puppetmaster nothing more
00:32:57Tough idc
00:32:58Tough :D
00:33:57JensDenLange thanks
00:34:05JensDenLange pls get blink asap
00:34:12svents go together pls
00:35:50svents fcking finish it fast pls
00:35:52svents i gtg
00:36:02JensDenLange its not allowed to play leaving hero's?
00:36:03veuncent your problem
00:36:07veuncent y
00:36:11Puppetmaster it is
00:36:13svents its allowed
00:36:32veuncent mana pls
00:36:41veuncent lesh
00:36:43svents cd
00:36:46svents w8 bit
00:36:48GuiTaR b
00:36:51Puppetmaster who controls lesh?
00:36:54Puppetmaster tide?
00:36:55Puppetmaster lesh?
00:36:59svents me
00:37:23JensDenLange ?
00:37:26GuiTaR shit
00:37:29GuiTaR wrong boton
00:37:48svents traxck
00:37:49svents ffs
00:37:57svents 24/7 track ghim
00:38:02svents go push bot
00:38:06Puppetmaster go rosh
00:38:09Puppetmaster i supose
00:38:09veuncent 1 alive
00:38:10veuncent come
00:38:19svents omfg
00:38:22Puppetmaster 2 alive
00:38:29JensDenLange dagger soon?
00:38:32GuiTaR me?
00:38:36Puppetmaster haha xD
00:38:37veuncent hehe
00:38:38Tough like i said
00:38:39GuiTaR lanaya
00:38:41lemi.livo.skodi I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:38:46GuiTaR u want armley?
00:38:47JensDenLange I surrender!
00:38:50lemi.livo.skodi no
00:38:51Puppetmaster take rosh
00:38:52Puppetmaster ffs xD
00:38:54JensDenLange I surrender!
00:38:56Puppetmaster you need aegies
00:38:59JensDenLange how do u surrender?
00:39:03JensDenLange !ff
00:39:05veuncent type 'ff'
00:39:08JensDenLange I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:39:10JensDenLange I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:39:12JensDenLange I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:39:17svents u ffed
00:39:17veuncent good job
00:39:19svents u cant see it
00:39:24JensDenLange ok ^^
00:40:35JensDenLange u luckers!
00:40:42JensDenLange pink would have taken this home alon!§
00:40:44JensDenLange 'e
00:40:57lemi.livo.skodi I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:41:03GuiTaR why solo ffs
00:41:03svents :DDD
00:41:07svents gj
00:41:11lemi.livo.skodi why nobody follow
00:41:15JensDenLange dead
00:41:16JensDenLange low
00:41:16lemi.livo.skodi ffa
00:41:17JensDenLange hp
00:41:18JensDenLange ofc
00:41:21JensDenLange why dont u look
00:41:29lemi.livo.skodi suck my dick
00:41:35JensDenLange END!
00:41:39JensDenLange and wooow lanya
00:41:40svents fff then
00:41:44JensDenLange u soo cooowweeel
00:41:51lemi.livo.skodi as your mom
00:41:51JensDenLange well
00:41:52Puppetmaster rosh for gondar
00:41:53JensDenLange i did
00:42:05veuncent silly lesh
00:42:07veuncent dont feed them :P
00:42:10svents im tired
00:42:16svents cause i have to go >.<
00:42:18LaSiCa all
00:42:24svents go mid
00:42:27svents i playtide
00:43:20svents gg
00:43:21GuiTaR I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:43:25JensDenLange I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:43:26JensDenLange I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:43:27LaSiCa I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:43:30veuncent GG
00:43:32Puppetmaster oh
00:43:32Tough GG
00:43:34Tough WP
00:43:34Puppetmaster thats new
00:43:35Tough team
00:43:36Tough <3
00:43:39Tough wp team
00:43:39Tough <3
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