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-45 X
-5 TS

97% | 1720 X | 1575 TS

+13 X
-6 TS

78% | 1449 X | 1411 TS

-3 X
-2 TS

74% | 1362 X | 1414 TS

+21 X
-1 TS

69% | 1387 X | 1371 TS

+26 X
-5 TS

57% | 1256 X | 1313 TS

+27 X
+2 TS

91% | 1513 X | 1509 TS

+23 X
+1 TS

90% | 1506 X | 1500 TS

-12 X
+2 TS

84% | 1467 X | 1429 TS

-2 X
+12 TS

71% | 1321 X | 1389 TS

-43 X
+2 TS

60% | 1261 X | 1361 TS

Chat log

00:00:12zebbelito we meet the maphacker ince again
00:00:14zebbelito fun
00:00:19Bra~ who?
00:00:19Bra~ kalka?
00:00:19zebbelito Kalka
00:00:19zebbelito y
00:00:19zebbelito obvius
00:00:19zebbelito 3 games now
00:00:19Bra~ ok
00:00:19zebbelito i dont trust shit repel
00:00:19Bra~ lets get him busted then
00:00:19BoNeshaw ban doom
00:00:19Kalkaros naix
00:00:19BoNeshaw want something good?
00:00:19A-tzangol am
00:00:25Bra~ invoker
00:00:31Dota.m get me aa
00:00:33Dota.m or ogre
00:00:46Milky pick ogre imba
00:00:48Kalkaros get ogre too
00:00:48A-tzangol ogre anyone?
00:00:51Dota.m ^^ kalkaros love u
00:00:53-ToKe- can be
00:00:55BoNeshaw gimme tb
00:00:59zebbelito watch hes ultis this game bra
00:01:00BoNeshaw -swap 3
00:01:02Bra~ -swap 1
00:01:09-ToKe- u want?
00:01:14Dota.m what u want kalkaros ?
00:01:20zebbelito random
00:01:20BoNeshaw support
00:01:21zebbelito cunt
00:01:21Kalkaros hm
00:01:21BoNeshaw plz
00:01:27A-tzangol gimme cent
00:01:28Kalkaros get od
00:01:29zebbelito fuck me
00:01:32Bra~ veno wd
00:01:32zebbelito i was clicking
00:01:32Kalkaros destro
00:01:33zebbelito magnus
00:01:34Dota.m -swap 1
00:01:34A-tzangol cent
00:01:35Kalkaros -swap 4
00:01:41Bra~ jakrio veno wd
00:01:45zebbelito 0 stuns
00:01:50zebbelito epic lose
00:01:50Bra~ wd gogo
00:01:50-ToKe- lanes are gays but ok
00:01:51Milky time for some ulti
00:01:52Milky booom
00:01:54Milky BOOM TIME
00:01:56A-tzangol i am woods
00:02:01-ToKe- -swap 2
00:02:04A-tzangol -swap 5
00:02:09Milky well
00:02:11Dota.m aa solo ?
00:02:15Milky we need early pipe
00:02:16A-tzangol aa solo top
00:02:16zebbelito u woodin?
00:02:17zebbelito top
00:02:18A-tzangol od mid
00:02:20BoNeshaw naa
00:02:20Kalkaros you could trilane
00:02:20Milky go aa top od mid
00:02:20A-tzangol i go woods?
00:02:22Milky ye
00:02:26Milky cent woods and slam bot
00:02:27Bra~ kalka is obsi
00:02:30zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:30zebbelito -ma
00:02:31zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:32BoNeshaw me veno top
00:02:32Bra~ dang
00:02:32-ToKe- well y
00:02:35zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Queen of Pain [d,b,f,w]
00:02:36BoNeshaw qop go down
00:02:37Kalkaros cent woods sucks btw
00:02:39zebbelito -hhn
00:02:41-ToKe- cent tri own
00:02:42A-tzangol semi
00:02:52BoNeshaw share chick
00:02:55A-tzangol cent tri
00:02:58A-tzangol k
00:02:59-ToKe- but 3 melee
00:03:10Kalkaros I intended aa on tri
00:03:13Kalkaros and magnus solo
00:03:15-ToKe- yes
00:03:15Kalkaros : <
00:03:17zebbelito -ma
00:03:21-ToKe- did think that to
00:03:35Dota.m ss 1 top
00:03:36BoNeshaw miss
00:03:37Dota.m re
00:03:42zonskass 3
00:03:42zebbelito 3 bot
00:03:44Milky warded
00:04:21Milky cent
00:04:22Milky u fail
00:04:26Milky 6 creeps now
00:04:26A-tzangol u dont let me farm
00:04:32A-tzangol u fail
00:04:35Milky whuy u
00:04:36Milky wrdf
00:04:39Kalkaros invo ss
00:04:44Bra~ juked lol
00:04:44Kalkaros r
00:04:45Kalkaros e
00:04:50BoNeshaw well i turned smae way
00:05:06-ToKe- ill go pull
00:05:09-ToKe- ou
00:05:39zebbelito stop AUTOI
00:05:41zebbelito u whore
00:05:46zonskass invoker have meteor?
00:06:01zebbelito fuck u
00:06:10Dota.m why veno
00:06:11zebbelito stop it
00:06:12zebbelito cunt
00:06:29Milky ur wierd
00:06:30BoNeshaw pull
00:06:57-ToKe- tri next time bristle
00:07:06Dota.m ss top
00:07:07Dota.m re
00:07:30Milky GJ
00:07:34zebbelito useless lanes
00:07:40zebbelito u dont even kill top
00:07:42zebbelito 1v2
00:07:45zebbelito waste of lane
00:07:59BoNeshaw well he was 1 hit away
00:08:01Dota.m ss top
00:08:01BoNeshaw used salver
00:08:02Dota.m care
00:08:07Milky ss bot 2
00:08:09Dota.m veno miss
00:08:21Milky pull
00:08:21zebbelito and i have 1 cs
00:08:21Dota.m and soon tp need ganked
00:08:22Milky ?
00:08:28BoNeshaw veno go down?
00:08:29Dota.m nope warded
00:08:37Milky spell
00:09:00BoNeshaw try
00:09:10zebbelito ff
00:09:17Dota.m veno re
00:09:18Milky oh
00:09:20Milky shit
00:09:22-ToKe- -.-
00:09:23Dota.m need gank top
00:09:27Milky didnt notice
00:09:30BoNeshaw 6m midas
00:09:31Milky at chick
00:09:32Dota.m if it can be possible
00:09:42Bra~ ss
00:09:42Dota.m gank top
00:09:43Dota.m please
00:10:01Dota.m ss
00:10:07-ToKe- did just get mana for stun
00:10:10BoNeshaw miss aa
00:10:40Milky wp dotam
00:10:46Bra~ still ss
00:10:48Dota.m ^^
00:10:51Bra~ re
00:11:15Milky hmm
00:11:27Bra~ ss
00:11:27-ToKe- õwas no mana
00:11:33Bra~ care
00:11:38-ToKe- fuck
00:11:42A-tzangol np
00:11:42-ToKe- amost
00:11:44A-tzangol y
00:11:48zonskass take
00:11:51BoNeshaw fucking dd
00:11:58zebbelito im b
00:12:04Dota.m gj
00:12:06BoNeshaw why invomker just farms mid
00:12:11Kalkaros 3 hits and dead :D
00:12:32zebbelito we go
00:12:32Dota.m tb got midas :O
00:12:38zebbelito sec
00:13:17zebbelito atleast we suck
00:13:23zebbelito and they had 3lane
00:13:26zebbelito and still lvl 8-9
00:13:33BoNeshaw get obs
00:13:36-ToKe- :O terror geting fat
00:13:37zebbelito no ty
00:13:43zebbelito he mh anyway
00:13:44Bra~ they have obs atleast
00:13:50Dota.m magnus
00:13:54Dota.m or forget
00:13:56Bra~ obsi gets the runes
00:13:57Bra~ easy
00:14:06Milky im level 5
00:14:07Milky btw
00:14:28-ToKe- ;O
00:14:29Bra~ mh detected
00:14:29Milky h,,,
00:14:29BoNeshaw bb u wanna balance?
00:14:29zebbelito it was=
00:14:29zebbelito no
00:14:29zebbelito i dont
00:14:29BoNeshaw qop then
00:14:29Bra~ honestly
00:14:29BoNeshaw qop go
00:14:29Milky serious?
00:14:29BoNeshaw qop goes
00:14:29-ToKe- fuck pur carry gone
00:14:29zebbelito he had mh
00:14:29zebbelito activated
00:14:29Bra~ do u have observer wards?
00:14:29zonskass ,e balance?
00:14:29BoNeshaw y
00:14:29BoNeshaw go
00:14:30Milky no
00:14:31Bra~ do u have wards guys?
00:14:36Bra~ really?
00:14:39A-tzangol no
00:14:43Bra~ gg
00:14:47Bra~ kalka banned
00:15:01A-tzangol how did u notice?
00:15:06Bra~ mid
00:15:06zebbelito 3 games
00:15:07Bra~ died
00:15:21Bra~ he cant just know im there
00:15:24Bra~ but he did
00:15:37-ToKe- now we lose
00:15:42-ToKe- kill mid
00:16:00Dota.m omw mid
00:16:14Dota.m kil bot ?
00:16:36-ToKe- lol
00:17:36Milky tb farming hard
00:17:37Milky ...
00:17:45-ToKe- :)
00:17:50-ToKe- nice1
00:17:50Dota.m y
00:18:06-ToKe- tp rape us anyway
00:18:11-ToKe- tb*
00:19:08Bra~ fucking stuns
00:19:09Bra~ :S
00:19:14Bra~ wish we had some
00:19:15Milky me bot
00:19:17Milky for dagger
00:19:27Milky well i guess we go ggood combos
00:19:41Milky got
00:19:43Dota.m w8 me to
00:19:44Dota.m top
00:20:16-ToKe- lol
00:20:19BoNeshaw mc :((
00:20:26-ToKe- 1 3 time and dead :D
00:20:29Dota.m i don't want him to get chance with ulti
00:20:31Milky got dagger
00:20:33Dota.m so i use mine :P
00:20:44Milky ulti rdy
00:20:52Milky we should push now
00:20:57Milky strongest time for us
00:21:08Bra~ dagger
00:21:09Bra~ :S
00:21:13Bra~ ffuuuuck
00:21:20Dota.m gj
00:21:29-ToKe- wait
00:21:31Dota.m me rune bot
00:21:54Milky cd
00:21:55Milky ulti
00:22:23Milky tp
00:22:24Milky bro
00:22:28Dota.m come
00:22:33BoNeshaw well gj
00:22:56Bra~ +55
00:22:58Bra~ -ii
00:23:28Milky lets push
00:23:29Milky ..
00:23:31Dota.m yes
00:23:35Dota.m we need end it early
00:23:49Milky got janggo
00:23:55Dota.m my tune
00:23:56Dota.m run
00:23:57Milky i just need good ulti and u guys follow
00:24:00A-tzangol got pipe in 400
00:24:12Dota.m care
00:24:13Dota.m many
00:24:15Milky b
00:24:15Milky b
00:24:31Milky go?
00:24:34A-tzangol wait me
00:24:34Milky or wait
00:24:35-ToKe- wait
00:24:39-ToKe- need cent
00:24:42A-tzangol got pipe
00:24:46-ToKe- wtf
00:24:47Dota.m wtf
00:24:47-ToKe- srry
00:24:48Bra~ lol
00:24:52Bra~ it was real
00:24:55-ToKe- was writing
00:24:58zebbelito topwr
00:25:00Bra~ though illu for a sec
00:25:02-ToKe- didnt think my hero was there
00:25:08BoNeshaw manta or?
00:25:11BoNeshaw diffu?
00:25:16BoNeshaw or skadi
00:25:17A-tzangol go
00:25:29Milky waait
00:25:30-ToKe- soon i come
00:25:52BoNeshaw naa
00:25:54BoNeshaw i go bkb
00:26:25BoNeshaw b
00:26:26A-tzangol go
00:26:27Milky ok
00:26:27BoNeshaw i ddeef top
00:26:27A-tzangol mana
00:26:29BoNeshaw b
00:26:46BoNeshaw b
00:26:52Milky how bad from me
00:26:57Milky base
00:26:58Milky ..
00:27:07Dota.m i was w8ing our ulti magnus
00:27:07Milky were wasting time
00:27:08Milky atm
00:27:13Milky yes
00:27:16Milky i got in tornado
00:27:18Milky push mid
00:27:25Dota.m me 2
00:27:29Milky tb too fat soon
00:27:34Dota.m yea
00:27:55-ToKe- mid go try
00:27:56A-tzangol mana
00:27:59Milky need aa
00:28:00Milky ..
00:28:05Milky cd ulti
00:28:09Milky 15 sec
00:28:13Milky get tb
00:28:14Milky would be nice
00:28:19A-tzangol go tb
00:28:34zebbelito pomw
00:28:41-ToKe- push
00:28:47zebbelito wtf+44
00:28:49BoNeshaw b
00:28:50Dota.m so good
00:28:52zebbelito u all dided+
00:28:52BoNeshaw def at base
00:29:07Dota.m i force
00:29:15BoNeshaw wtf
00:29:17BoNeshaw who blinkend
00:29:23BoNeshaw i ened to buy?
00:29:27Bra~ force stuff
00:29:30Dota.m b
00:29:38Milky shjit
00:29:41Milky almost blinked
00:29:44Milky fuuuck
00:29:45Milky b
00:30:09Dota.m bb is really tanky
00:30:27-ToKe- y
00:30:32-ToKe- leav him last
00:30:42Dota.m yeayea
00:30:50Dota.m but i will get hex
00:31:31Milky b
00:31:32Milky oom
00:31:32Milky ..
00:31:46-ToKe- omfg
00:31:57Dota.m gg
00:32:02-ToKe- how sad is this
00:32:03Dota.m so bad move guys
00:32:09Milky well
00:32:15Milky zz
00:32:31A-tzangol whos the fag that playing obsi
00:32:34-ToKe- ok try to def it
00:32:35Dota.m this is lost we got no carries
00:33:09Bra~ b
00:33:22Milky wards
00:34:02Dota.m magnus -.-
00:34:04Milky but still even i die
00:34:06A-tzangol go tb
00:34:08Milky we need those wards
00:34:08-ToKe- tb
00:34:11Milky zzzz
00:34:18BoNeshaw ofc 3x
00:34:21BoNeshaw so cant swap
00:34:27A-tzangol mana
00:34:29Milky just try to go mid ?
00:34:35A-tzangol y
00:34:38Milky bb got relic
00:34:50A-tzangol go
00:35:21Pufff-Reis no frostwall?
00:35:25A-tzangol plz
00:35:26A-tzangol man
00:35:26zebbelito no nuthing
00:35:29Milky wanted him dead
00:35:36BoNeshaw zebbe use qop
00:35:37A-tzangol he was dead
00:35:40Milky boost centaur
00:35:42Milky ogre
00:36:24Bra~ lol
00:36:27zebbelito whos
00:36:28BoNeshaw theirs?
00:36:32zebbelito not mine
00:36:33Bra~ not mine
00:36:33Dota.m sry i killed chick
00:36:35Dota.m i buy new
00:36:37BoNeshaw theirs
00:36:38A-tzangol TTOWETR MAGNUS
00:36:39A-tzangol FFS
00:36:40A-tzangol BRO
00:36:41Milky yes
00:36:43Milky and my items
00:36:47A-tzangol and tp back
00:36:52A-tzangol gj...
00:36:53A-tzangol ...
00:36:56Milky was looking where chick died
00:37:05Milky u destroyed my 1400 gold =(((
00:37:39Milky where chick died?
00:37:42Milky -.-
00:37:45Milky cant lose that money
00:37:50Milky ulti rdy
00:37:56Dota.m in mid fight
00:37:57-ToKe- go try mid
00:37:59Milky need those wards still
00:38:08Milky centayr
00:38:08-ToKe- moke
00:38:11Dota.m get bot
00:38:11zebbelito 25
00:38:12Dota.m fast
00:38:13zebbelito radi
00:38:18A-tzangol go woods
00:38:21A-tzangol gang
00:38:27BoNeshaw go mid
00:38:28BoNeshaw all1
00:38:31zebbelito y
00:38:55-ToKe- fuck that bkb
00:38:58Milky that tornado
00:39:00Milky owns my life
00:41:17A-tzangol let me axc
00:41:27A-tzangol magnus
00:41:28A-tzangol stay b
00:41:32Milky y
00:41:34Milky ogre
00:41:34A-tzangol try to waste tbs bkb
00:41:34Dota.m need 800 for hex -.-
00:41:37Milky boost centaur
00:41:49Milky buff jhiiim
00:42:05BoNeshaw lol
00:42:06BoNeshaw use qop
00:42:07Dota.m mid
00:42:15Milky keep buffing
00:42:16Milky us all
00:42:21BoNeshaw zebbe use it
00:42:23zebbelito y
00:43:00-ToKe- didnt have time to even mek
00:43:00BoNeshaw np
00:43:02BoNeshaw oi def
00:43:26zebbelito now
00:43:33Bra~ wp
00:43:44Dota.m 300 for hex
00:43:51zebbelito go
00:43:51zebbelito it
00:43:54zebbelito for u
00:43:58zebbelito bonie
00:43:59BoNeshaw im full
00:44:00BoNeshaw i push
00:44:05Dota.m def mid
00:44:13Bra~ ggo
00:44:30A-tzangol dont waste ulti
00:44:33A-tzangol magnus
00:44:38A-tzangol gk
00:44:41A-tzangol gj
00:44:42A-tzangol go mi
00:44:48BoNeshaw fail
00:44:53Dota.m got hex when i buy staff
00:44:57BoNeshaw boring game
00:44:59Dota.m i go buy my hex
00:45:01Bra~ y
00:45:06BoNeshaw hate 4v4s
00:45:17BoNeshaw i can bo if need
00:45:23BoNeshaw veno run
00:45:24BoNeshaw to def
00:45:25BoNeshaw i buy
00:45:27BoNeshaw then we ape
00:45:34-ToKe- low mana
00:45:39zebbelito 'i healz
00:45:40BoNeshaw gogogogo
00:45:41A-tzangol b?
00:45:48Dota.m rax
00:46:01-ToKe- nomana
00:46:18A-tzangol b
00:46:42Milky jooo
00:46:47BoNeshaw go throne
00:47:48Milky ok go
00:47:49Milky in sec
00:48:21A-tzangol go mid
00:48:42Bra~ just push raxes
00:48:44Bra~ easier
00:48:45BoNeshaw annoying forcestafss
00:48:47BoNeshaw no stuns
00:48:49BoNeshaw they escape always
00:49:17-ToKe- we need 1 decent ulty
00:49:18BoNeshaw we can loose this :/
00:49:22A-tzangol b
00:49:25-ToKe- at magnus
00:49:27Milky y
00:49:29A-tzangol get smoke
00:49:30Milky get the in group
00:49:31Milky ..
00:49:35BoNeshaw wasted money on bos
00:49:39-ToKe- nomoney
00:49:40BoNeshaw and got no raxes
00:49:42Milky or we need to bait
00:49:51A-tzangol we need to kill tc instant
00:50:01-ToKe- tc?
00:50:02zebbelito go 4
00:50:03Bra~ they smooke?
00:50:03A-tzangol smoke
00:50:05A-tzangol tb
00:50:13BoNeshaw wait me
00:50:19A-tzangol stay here
00:50:20Milky that fucking invoker
00:50:25Milky is only thing that fucks up
00:50:26Milky tornade
00:50:29Milky torndao
00:50:33A-tzangol smoke and go
00:50:42BoNeshaw guys u cant go that far
00:50:43BoNeshaw with 3
00:50:45BoNeshaw b
00:50:49BoNeshaw no vision
00:50:54zebbelito i have no hp
00:50:56Milky vent 1st
00:50:59Milky cent
00:51:01zebbelito should hav e
00:51:27Milky I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:51:30-ToKe- I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:51:30A-tzangol gg
00:51:31A-tzangol I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:51:32A-tzangol I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:51:42BoNeshaw that was tough with no stuns
00:51:44-ToKe- fucker fuck mh shit
00:51:57Dota.m they shoud have end this for 15 min ago
00:51:58-ToKe- fagot obsid
00:52:09Dota.m if we had obsi we had wo
00:52:11Dota.m won
00:52:16-ToKe- ofc
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