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Chat log

00:00:16ShiaoPi bans?
00:00:16BoNeshaw brb wc
00:00:16Kalkaros -magina
00:00:16Aleks875 ban roof
00:00:16Kalkaros anyone roof or omni?
00:00:16vutten get me lycan :D
00:00:16Doomy lycan better ban
00:00:16Kr1st1jaN i can roof mb
00:00:16Aleks875 lol
00:00:16Aleks875 magina
00:00:16Aleks875 roof abd lycan imba
00:00:16Kr1st1jaN tb
00:00:16BoNeshaw -lycan
00:00:18BoNeshaw someone want omni?
00:00:28Doomy no
00:00:32Doomy i want tide
00:00:35Kr1st1jaN u play him or its for me ?
00:00:37Aleks875 take
00:00:39Kalkaros for you
00:00:40Aleks875 all tanks
00:00:42Kr1st1jaN k
00:00:42Aleks875 cent
00:00:44Kr1st1jaN u want ?
00:00:44Aleks875 tide
00:00:47BoNeshaw ok i give u this
00:00:49Kalkaros jugger
00:00:52Aleks875 panda
00:00:52Doomy what u want?
00:00:53Kr1st1jaN k
00:00:56Kalkaros get omni!
00:01:00BoNeshaw lets see
00:01:07Kalkaros its imbaaaa
00:01:12veuncent is it?
00:01:14Kalkaros yeah
00:01:18Doomy so?
00:01:20BoNeshaw storm
00:01:27BoNeshaw -swap 3
00:01:29Doomy -swap 1
00:01:34Kalkaros lastpick enigma mby
00:01:36vutten jugger fb bot?
00:01:41Kr1st1jaN -swap 1
00:01:43Kalkaros -swap 4
00:01:48veuncent lanes?
00:01:59Kalkaros rhasta and roof go top
00:02:08Kalkaros omni solos bot with eni forest
00:02:38BoNeshaw check rune
00:02:40Doomy where is the chick?
00:02:44BoNeshaw chicken aleks
00:02:44BoNeshaw ffs
00:02:52Kr1st1jaN fb top ? :)
00:02:53Aleks875 shit
00:02:54Doomy wow
00:02:55Aleks875 always me
00:02:57vutten cant
00:02:58Doomy y
00:02:59Aleks875 i wilkl buy
00:03:00Aleks875 later
00:03:01Kalkaros omni get soulring and mana boots
00:03:07Kalkaros tank items for roof
00:03:11Doomy reg
00:03:17Aleks875 i got wards for team
00:03:19Kalkaros rhasta get bracers and mana boots
00:03:20BoNeshaw go rhasta
00:03:21BoNeshaw panda
00:03:21Kalkaros agha later
00:03:23Doomy i alrdy did
00:03:52Kr1st1jaN 1 top
00:04:06Kr1st1jaN 2
00:04:08Kr1st1jaN now
00:04:50GottHasstMich ...
00:04:52GottHasstMich gr8 last pick picks my farm
00:04:53GottHasstMich gg
00:05:39Aleks875 i go for chick
00:05:42Aleks875 farm
00:06:04veuncent up chick pls
00:06:59veuncent woopeedoo
00:07:16GottHasstMich IDIOT
00:07:18GottHasstMich ???????
00:07:20GottHasstMich WHAT WAS THAT ?
00:07:24Aleks875 i was blocked
00:07:26Aleks875 creeps
00:07:27GottHasstMich AND ?
00:07:31GottHasstMich CAST JUST SPELL AND GG?
00:07:32Doomy ss
00:07:38Aleks875 i cant spell
00:07:41Aleks875 cose cd
00:07:43GottHasstMich lol
00:07:46GottHasstMich there wasnt any
00:07:48GottHasstMich ............................
00:07:54Aleks875 i stuned
00:07:56Aleks875 rasta
00:07:57Kr1st1jaN msis 2
00:07:58Aleks875 first
00:08:02Aleks875 look game
00:08:07Doomy still ss
00:08:11Kr1st1jaN re
00:08:16Krisss ?ss
00:08:17Kr1st1jaN go on slark >
00:08:32BoNeshaw omw topo
00:08:34BoNeshaw wtih 9invis
00:08:35Kalkaros storm inc
00:08:38BoNeshaw b rdy
00:08:38Kalkaros with invis
00:09:05veuncent bot miss
00:09:06vutten care mid
00:09:38Doomy ss
00:10:03veuncent re
00:10:12vutten lol
00:10:29GottHasstMich mb go on rhasta not roof
00:10:29GottHasstMich ..
00:10:45vutten gj
00:10:46Kr1st1jaN g
00:10:57BoNeshaw get omni
00:11:02Kalkaros stom inc
00:11:05Kalkaros get b
00:11:10BoNeshaw go him
00:11:13BoNeshaw i come
00:11:20BoNeshaw mid miss
00:11:55GottHasstMich go
00:12:11GottHasstMich ??
00:13:03Kr1st1jaN miss 2
00:14:16GottHasstMich wp
00:14:16vutten CRAP
00:14:26Kr1st1jaN :)
00:14:32vutten got tower anyways
00:15:14Kalkaros go their woods
00:15:16Kalkaros panda mby there
00:16:34GottHasstMich this panda so clever
00:16:44ShiaoPi kind of overkill :S
00:16:50Kalkaros it was good
00:16:51Aleks875 no more save u noob
00:16:56GottHasstMich u didnt save me
00:16:56vutten no such thing as overkill :D
00:16:57GottHasstMich u just suicided
00:16:59BoNeshaw fuck cant gank
00:16:59GottHasstMich i was already save
00:17:01BoNeshaw tree omni
00:17:04BoNeshaw so hard to kill
00:17:08vutten illu
00:17:11GottHasstMich get on rhasta
00:17:11GottHasstMich storm
00:17:32vutten THATS OVER KILL
00:17:56Kr1st1jaN gj
00:17:59GottHasstMich great
00:18:18ShiaoPi gjgjgj
00:18:19Kalkaros lul
00:18:19BoNeshaw retard
00:18:56BoNeshaw omw rhasta
00:18:58BoNeshaw be ready
00:19:02BoNeshaw elvi
00:20:11BoNeshaw heal?
00:21:10Aleks875 jugger lolthar
00:21:21BoNeshaw levi u retarded?
00:21:26BoNeshaw why dont u ravage after i pull
00:21:29BoNeshaw pomni would die insta
00:21:37BoNeshaw levi
00:21:39BoNeshaw ...
00:21:41BoNeshaw u have
00:21:46ShiaoPi reg
00:21:54BoNeshaw to
00:21:56BoNeshaw ravage
00:21:57BoNeshaw omni
00:21:58BoNeshaw ...
00:22:03BoNeshaw wtf
00:22:11BoNeshaw u think he dies without it?
00:22:21Kalkaros next
00:22:59BoNeshaw b
00:23:02BoNeshaw gone
00:23:10BoNeshaw slark tpo
00:23:14BoNeshaw def at base
00:23:30Kalkaros b
00:24:25ShiaoPi nice
00:24:28Aleks875 Like I said Imba Ban
00:24:34GottHasstMich be quiet
00:24:34Aleks875 we have MEGA PRO CAPTAIN
00:24:39Aleks875 and no ban roof
00:24:43BoNeshaw u are noob
00:24:45BoNeshaw stfu
00:24:47Aleks875 y
00:24:47GottHasstMich ofc he is
00:24:48Aleks875 y
00:24:50Aleks875 u suck
00:24:50GottHasstMich just dont respond to him
00:24:52GottHasstMich Hes lastpick
00:24:54Aleks875 we lost cose u
00:25:00Kr1st1jaN team chat no1 cares here
00:25:02BoNeshaw dude lycan is mor eimba so
00:25:28BoNeshaw u didnt want omin
00:25:30BoNeshaw i asked
00:25:38BoNeshaw treant isnt owning this
00:25:40BoNeshaw omni is
00:25:43Kr1st1jaN should i go arcane so i can duble ulty ?
00:25:43Aleks875 roof WON
00:25:46BoNeshaw or mby both
00:25:46Aleks875 not omni
00:25:47GottHasstMich bone
00:25:50GottHasstMich just ignore him man
00:25:53Kalkaros yeah go ahead
00:26:10GottHasstMich i mean
00:26:12GottHasstMich he took my farm
00:26:14GottHasstMich look his items
00:26:15Aleks875 roof banned in Dota-league
00:26:15GottHasstMich mega suck
00:26:19Aleks875 cose imba hero
00:26:22GottHasstMich xD
00:26:31Doomy he isnt imba
00:26:32GottHasstMich there we go
00:26:32BoNeshaw roof is not only imba hero in game
00:26:33GottHasstMich another dl noob
00:26:34BoNeshaw shitturd
00:26:47Aleks875 he overpowerd
00:26:51BoNeshaw and i only go t1 ban
00:27:00GottHasstMich lycan worth banning than roof?
00:27:02GottHasstMich u saying?
00:27:02GottHasstMich haha
00:27:19BoNeshaw lycan is more imba in these games
00:27:24GottHasstMich ofc he is
00:27:25BoNeshaw easy
00:27:32veuncent hehe
00:27:40GottHasstMich go with gem?
00:28:19Kr1st1jaN :d
00:28:22vutten imba
00:28:28ShiaoPi lololol
00:28:30vutten 1 on 5 :S
00:28:32ShiaoPi 2on5
00:28:34ShiaoPi xD
00:28:42veuncent fun
00:28:46Kalkaros very much
00:28:57veuncent b?
00:28:59GottHasstMich omni only reason that shittard is alive
00:29:01GottHasstMich all the time
00:29:02GottHasstMich ...
00:29:04Kalkaros yeah go bot
00:31:34veuncent gg
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