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Chat log

00:00:05DncingBear hæhæ gl hf
00:00:12DncingBear u cen plej doter wit me
00:00:15rubinlife vi mod hinande..
00:00:17DncingBear hf:-)
00:00:20DncingBear ja det sucks man
00:00:23sandii cool
00:00:27sandii creee
00:00:29DncingBear vidste ikke den her noob league havde autobalance
00:00:29sandii wakyy
00:00:41sandii cree afk i think
00:00:47Bct_Murder CREE YOU HERE?
00:00:471m4n5h0w th
00:01:00Bct_Murder ban bs or teror
00:01:01DncingBear he are angyrings
00:01:05DncingBear so am no rispond
00:01:11rubinlife invok
00:01:12mansikka get lich
00:01:14Bct_Murder i want lich
00:01:21mansikka wtf
00:01:23rubinlife INVOKER
00:01:26mansikka why not lich
00:01:29sandii i could carry 8)
00:01:32DncingBear pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
00:01:32rubinlife invoker
00:01:33sandii with like void
00:01:36Steuerfreak kk
00:01:36rubinlife i play him
00:01:37DncingBear cool man
00:01:39Bct_Murder pick bara for me
00:01:40sandii :D
00:01:42Bct_Murder pick bara
00:01:52Steuerfreak get me sil
00:01:53DncingBear u seem like a perty cool guy:-)
00:02:00DncingBear u doesnt afraid of anything!
00:02:07Bct_Murder are you crazy 1m4n?
00:02:11sandii orviper
00:02:15Steuerfreak silencer
00:02:16DncingBear !!!!!
00:02:20sandii or tb
00:02:23sandii or or or
00:02:23sandii :D
00:02:27sandii im stoned
00:02:27Bct_Murder pick void
00:02:28DncingBear this cree do not talk
00:02:36creeeeeee you play what i pick anyway
00:02:40creeeeeee soo
00:02:40DncingBear !!!!!!!!!!!!
00:02:41creeeeeee hmm
00:02:44creeeeeee what to carry
00:02:45Shinja dont talk, lets play
00:02:46DncingBear STRONG
00:02:51Bct_Murder i want zeus ;/
00:02:52Steuerfreak dncing
00:02:56Steuerfreak u HAVE to buy chick
00:02:57rubinlife Get trilane
00:03:02Steuerfreak slot 5
00:03:03creeeeeee sandii ur so high u wont play carry :D
00:03:03Steuerfreak k?
00:03:03rubinlife ench
00:03:07DncingBear what if I play viper
00:03:08sandii haha
00:03:08rubinlife silencer
00:03:10sandii noway man :D
00:03:12sandii i play good
00:03:14sandii ::D
00:03:14DncingBear I still have to get chick?
00:03:16DncingBear cause thats gay
00:03:16Shinja y
00:03:18Shinja u have to
00:03:211m4n5h0w gaaaahh
00:03:22rubinlife dude
00:03:22creeeeeee of what gay?
00:03:221m4n5h0w think
00:03:221m4n5h0w panda
00:03:22rubinlife ench
00:03:22Bct_Murder -roll
00:03:22Bct_Murder -roll
00:03:221m4n5h0w ench sux
00:03:22DncingBear WAT DIS GAY
00:03:22rubinlife NO
00:03:23creeeeeee you have to get cich anyway
00:03:231m4n5h0w ench sux big time
00:03:27DncingBear lich gets chick
00:03:29rubinlife no
00:03:30rubinlife Push
00:03:31Bct_Murder now need carry
00:03:32mansikka u sux
00:03:33Bct_Murder pick void
00:03:33Bct_Murder man
00:03:36rubinlife no
00:03:37sandii no
00:03:37rubinlife murder
00:03:38Bct_Murder we need carry
00:03:38rubinlife stfu
00:03:41rubinlife u sucker
00:03:41DncingBear duh yes
00:03:42sandii lastpick gets chick
00:03:43DncingBear for the win
00:03:44VanillaThunder void or tb
00:03:44rubinlife We need lanes
00:03:48sandii its in the rules
00:03:49rubinlife ARE U STUPID?!
00:03:51DncingBear i know
00:03:52rubinlife WTF
00:03:54Steuerfreak dncing?
00:03:54sandii or captain can say different
00:03:56Steuerfreak from dl?
00:03:56DncingBear but we can decide on someone else
00:03:59DncingBear to get chick
00:04:01Steuerfreak no
00:04:02DncingBear dl?
00:04:031m4n5h0w IM CRAZY STUPID NAP
00:04:04rubinlife 1 supporter
00:04:08rubinlife this picker
00:04:10DncingBear dota-league?
00:04:12rubinlife so bad
00:04:12creeeeeee me too
00:04:15Steuerfreak yy
00:04:181m4n5h0w only get flamed ^^
00:04:18Bct_Murder your pick imba
00:04:20Bct_Murder ...
00:04:21DncingBear y
00:04:24DncingBear I played there some
00:04:26Steuerfreak can u su and play now?
00:04:28DncingBear in pick league
00:04:28Steuerfreak WITH chick
00:04:31mansikka he didnt fp lich?!!?
00:04:31DncingBear duh maybe
00:04:34Steuerfreak ty
00:04:37rubinlife TB WOODS
00:04:411m4n5h0w shut up
00:04:441m4n5h0w im captain
00:04:45Steuerfreak silencer
00:04:47rubinlife u suck
00:04:51rubinlife im captain
00:04:52sandii omg
00:05:06creeeeeee WTF
00:05:11Steuerfreak me lich?!
00:05:12creeeeeee why you take
00:05:15creeeeeee my zeus
00:05:16creeeeeee -swap
00:05:18creeeeeee -swap 5
00:05:21creeeeeee i go mid with it
00:05:231m4n5h0w rylai plz buy chick
00:05:25DncingBear cause u didnt say u wanted it
00:05:27creeeeeee ....
00:05:28DncingBear -swap 1
00:05:311m4n5h0w orange first ban request didnt buy chick
00:05:33DncingBear nps im bara like boss
00:05:37rubinlife ^^
00:05:39rubinlife invoker chick
00:05:39DncingBear lich pls chick
00:05:42rubinlife are u fucking stupid?
00:05:47Bct_Murder last pick
00:05:481m4n5h0w i do woods
00:05:48creeeeeee lich
00:05:48DncingBear sven
00:05:49creeeeeee omh
00:05:49Bct_Murder buy chik
00:05:50DncingBear or lich
00:05:52Bct_Murder read rules man
00:05:52DncingBear t.t
00:05:53rubinlife shitty rules
00:05:53VanillaThunder me solo bot
00:05:53creeeeeee he already bought stuff
00:05:54DncingBear retarded dota
00:05:58Shinja read rules t.t
00:06:01rubinlife i wont get chick when we have support
00:06:02creeeeeee seems like you still have to get it :/
00:06:04rubinlife are u fucking nuts?
00:06:10creeeeeee atleast
00:06:13creeeeeee we got sick lanes
00:06:13mansikka geez
00:06:14Bct_Murder ban request ;]
00:06:17DncingBear so this dota-gc
00:06:19creeeeeee so please just own em
00:06:21DncingBear is like uber-noob games?
00:06:23rubinlife Im the best in this game
00:06:25Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:06:26mansikka SO
00:06:27sandii yesyes
00:06:29rubinlife so i play this hero
00:06:29Steuerfreak go top
00:06:29Bct_Murder \magn
00:06:30sandii xDDD
00:06:31Bct_Murder \magmn
00:06:31mansikka LASTPICK IS LASTPICK
00:06:32Bct_Murder '
00:06:33mansikka IM MAD
00:06:34creeeeeee bara ur top
00:06:34Bct_Murder \magn
00:06:36Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Magnataur [w,e,d,v]
00:06:37DncingBear viper/bara lane omg :D
00:06:43creeeeeee its imba
00:06:45DncingBear haha
00:06:46DncingBear no
00:06:47DncingBear useless
00:06:52DncingBear I play captain
00:06:56DncingBear in the 2nd best clan in dk
00:07:00sandii xD
00:07:03creeeeeee sven would be better ofc
00:07:04creeeeeee but
00:07:06DncingBear I know a little something about lanes my friend
00:07:08DncingBear tri-lane imba
00:07:08creeeeeee they already went bot
00:07:19creeeeeee trilane wont work bot lane
00:07:20DncingBear stupid to go 2 carries on same lane
00:07:21creeeeeee in this league
00:07:21DncingBear o.O
00:07:21creeeeeee believe me :D
00:07:21rubinlife this is FUCKING AWESOME,!
00:07:21DncingBear haha
00:07:21creeeeeee mby top
00:07:23creeeeeee but
00:07:35VanillaThunder pul
00:07:43DncingBear ....
00:08:35Bct_Murder rylai
00:08:38Bct_Murder you fucking
00:08:39Bct_Murder noob
00:08:42Bct_Murder what you doing
00:08:45mansikka i die
00:08:55Bct_Murder you see
00:08:57sandii share courrier
00:08:57DncingBear epic dota this :D
00:08:59Bct_Murder they go kill you
00:09:06Bct_Murder stu stay .. not run
00:09:06DncingBear rules dont say I have to share
00:09:07Bct_Murder ..
00:09:14creeeeeee omg
00:09:16Bct_Murder you*
00:09:16DncingBear xd
00:09:18creeeeeee :D
00:09:19mansikka i would kill but u no ulti...
00:09:23Shinja go play pub^^
00:09:27Shinja or use brain :D
00:09:29DncingBear this is pub my friend
00:09:30creeeeeee this is pub
00:09:36Shinja pub is bnet
00:09:40DncingBear no
00:09:45Shinja yes
00:09:48DncingBear no :D
00:10:10DncingBear pub is games anyone is allowed to play :D
00:10:23Shinja ur registered
00:10:25Shinja so no pub :D
00:10:29DncingBear still pub xd
00:10:34DncingBear registering takes 2 min
00:12:10rubinlife sooo
00:12:12rubinlife where is the miss?
00:12:16rubinlife 'pros'
00:12:16creeeeeee gj
00:12:17DncingBear :|
00:12:17DncingBear my newts
00:12:17VanillaThunder lol mby look minimap?
00:12:17mansikka pros watch minima
00:12:17mansikka p
00:12:17rubinlife haha
00:12:17DncingBear stealing neutrals is against the rules
00:12:17DncingBear banned
00:12:17rubinlife just say 1 miss
00:12:17VanillaThunder u saw that he killed tp
00:12:17rubinlife i cant watch minimap
00:12:17rubinlife all the time
00:12:17Bct_Murder -roll
00:12:17Bct_Murder -roll
00:12:17mansikka why not
00:12:17rubinlife Because i need to last hit aswell
00:12:31creeeeeee get flying
00:12:35creeeeeee mid miss
00:12:48DncingBear go cm
00:14:02VanillaThunder ss
00:14:06rubinlife share chick
00:14:16DncingBear let me farm boots
00:14:22DncingBear -_-
00:14:28Bct_Murder ff
00:14:321m4n5h0w ff
00:14:37Bct_Murder Ff
00:14:54creeeeeee ss mid
00:15:00VanillaThunder nice picks captain
00:15:08VanillaThunder all lines failed
00:15:09Bct_Murder very good pick ....
00:15:09mansikka miss bara
00:15:12rubinlife ss mid
00:15:21VanillaThunder ss
00:15:21VanillaThunder 2
00:16:03Shinja :C
00:16:19rubinlife get viper
00:16:22rubinlife rylai come
00:17:03VanillaThunder tp b
00:17:04VanillaThunder fast
00:17:05sandii damn that rylai!
00:17:131m4n5h0w ff
00:17:171m4n5h0w ff
00:17:40Bct_Murder ss 2?
00:17:42Bct_Murder ...........
00:17:46Bct_Murder this team horible
00:18:20VanillaThunder our carry lvl 4^^
00:18:33mansikka our carry lvl 8
00:18:38creeeeeee topo ss 2
00:18:39VanillaThunder tp
00:18:43VanillaThunder tb^^
00:19:55creeeeeee cm warding up
00:20:03VanillaThunder just go gather now
00:20:20creeeeeee kill that bot
00:20:37VanillaThunder imr rdy
00:21:20Bct_Murder ,......
00:22:02Bct_Murder ff 25min?
00:22:15DncingBear the guys on dotainvite said this was decent games
00:22:17DncingBear on dota-gc
00:22:24DncingBear now I know they were trolling :D
00:22:24creeeeeee in silver league there is
00:22:27creeeeeee get to there
00:22:32DncingBear how many games
00:22:38creeeeeee need to be atleast
00:22:43rubinlife noob magnus
00:22:43rubinlife really
00:22:43rubinlife what a ulti
00:22:43creeeeeee 10 games and better then 50% of players
00:22:43Bct_Murder i think range catch zeus
00:22:43DncingBear hmmk
00:22:43Bct_Murder ...
00:22:43creeeeeee by stats
00:22:43sandii yeah
00:22:43creeeeeee big fight mid
00:22:43Steuerfreak no ulti rdy
00:22:43Steuerfreak yet
00:22:43sandii im dead
00:22:43DncingBear lets do this 2v3
00:22:43rubinlife dat tb
00:22:43creeeeeee magnus used ult
00:22:43rubinlife 16 min
00:22:43DncingBear y :D
00:22:43creeeeeee and has 0 mana
00:22:43rubinlife and boots
00:22:43VanillaThunder and lvl 6
00:22:43DncingBear and dc
00:22:43Bct_Murder horible
00:22:43Bct_Murder he put down modem ats all
00:22:43rubinlife can we ban him for that?
00:22:43DncingBear :|
00:22:43mansikka we ban u for no chick
00:22:43Bct_Murder you can ban request
00:22:43creeeeeee for what?
00:22:43rubinlife well rylai
00:22:43DncingBear 1-4 pro
00:22:43rubinlife tell me in start
00:22:43rubinlife :(
00:22:43DncingBear <3
00:22:43mansikka tell what
00:22:43rubinlife i have to buy chick
00:22:43mansikka read rules
00:22:43rubinlife im sure u didnt read rules either
00:22:43Steuerfreak captain
00:22:43Steuerfreak whom?
00:22:43sandii well imo 1m4n5h0w is the most overrated player in gc imo!
00:22:43mansikka why not
00:22:43sandii mul o hyvä farmii
00:22:43Steuerfreak take bara
00:22:43Bct_Murder we can 25min write ff and all
00:22:43creeeeeee damn i dont know
00:22:43DncingBear cree
00:22:43rubinlife u are impossible too argue with
00:22:43DncingBear u ready
00:22:43creeeeeee need all players :D
00:22:43DncingBear to own them?
00:22:43creeeeeee i have to balance
00:22:43Steuerfreak free win without tb
00:22:43creeeeeee 1 player
00:22:43mansikka dont argue when ur wrong
00:22:43creeeeeee first
00:22:43Steuerfreak just take bara
00:22:43DncingBear remove sven
00:22:43rubinlife then su
00:22:43DncingBear sven
00:22:43Steuerfreak sven and me roaming
00:22:43Steuerfreak till end
00:22:43mansikka then sufu
00:22:43DncingBear no bara
00:22:43creeeeeee sven has been great
00:22:43DncingBear no win
00:22:43rubinlife when is he dropping?
00:22:43mansikka 4min
00:22:43rubinlife how old are u?
00:22:43Steuerfreak haha
00:22:43rubinlife really
00:22:43VanillaThunder btw lets get b bara is inc
00:22:43creeeeeee but need bara to carry if this goes longer
00:22:43mansikka 13
00:22:43mansikka u?
00:22:43Steuerfreak u have to learn
00:22:43Steuerfreak in gc
00:22:43creeeeeee 4 min max
00:22:43rubinlife u sound like a stupid kid
00:22:43Steuerfreak my friend
00:22:43rubinlife im 18
00:22:43mansikka thats cool
00:22:43DncingBear okej frind:-)
00:22:43mansikka go buy energy drinks
00:22:43mansikka for me
00:22:43rubinlife Im just tired
00:22:43mansikka pls
00:22:43Bct_Murder bara
00:22:43rubinlife of kids on your age
00:22:43Bct_Murder charge you invo
00:22:44creeeeeee i'd say viper
00:22:44rubinlife playing cool on internet
00:22:45sandii täh
00:22:45Steuerfreak viper
00:22:45Bct_Murder balance
00:22:45DncingBear go
00:22:45creeeeeee sry dude
00:22:45Steuerfreak cu
00:22:45DncingBear viper
00:22:45sandii mul 41/12
00:22:45Steuerfreak gg
00:22:45creeeeeee but we will win it
00:22:45Steuerfreak ty
00:22:45creeeeeee for u
00:22:45creeeeeee wp
00:23:08Bct_Murder ff
00:23:12Bct_Murder ff people :)
00:23:18mansikka invo sell items
00:23:21Bct_Murder captain pick horible hero
00:23:22creeeeeee you cant anyway
00:23:24Bct_Murder bad pick .. and leave
00:23:29Bct_Murder Nice
00:23:33mansikka ffs
00:23:33Steuerfreak sell?
00:23:35mansikka dont sell
00:23:52creeeeeee yea
00:23:53creeeeeee teamsell
00:23:54VanillaThunder go
00:24:00creeeeeee no items to use
00:24:48VanillaThunder ff
00:24:54rubinlife this team
00:24:56rubinlife horrible
00:25:00VanillaThunder this team?
00:25:01Bct_Murder you pro realy ;]
00:25:04rubinlife i am
00:25:05VanillaThunder lol look at u
00:25:09VanillaThunder :D
00:25:11rubinlife :D
00:25:14VanillaThunder btw go allychat
00:25:14rubinlife HEH
00:25:19rubinlife I FUCK U UP NIGGER
00:25:20Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:25:45rubinlife FIGHT
00:26:26rubinlife HAHHA
00:26:29rubinlife USELESS TEAM :D
00:26:36VanillaThunder man can u just su?
00:26:38rubinlife I CANT :D
00:26:42rubinlife IMPOSSIBLE
00:26:59rubinlife JHEEHHEHEHNE
00:27:24DncingBear did u see that wodota commercial?
00:27:30DncingBear BLINKA DAGGRE
00:27:37DncingBear BATTREFURY
00:27:41Steuerfreak go
00:28:02creeeeeee omw
00:28:50Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:29:00DncingBear :|
00:29:30creeeeeee ups
00:30:27Bct_Murder dagger rdy
00:30:49creeeeeee gather mid or sth
00:30:53creeeeeee lets end
00:31:25VanillaThunder sven dagger
00:31:37creeeeeee bara will you come
00:31:43DncingBear gonna charge
00:32:33Bct_Murder finish it ;]
00:32:36rubinlife !FF
00:32:37rubinlife I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:32:40Bct_Murder I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:32:44Bct_Murder people just ff
00:32:45Bct_Murder plz
00:32:55Bct_Murder write ff
00:33:10VanillaThunder he dont get it :D
00:33:12DncingBear <3
00:33:17Bct_Murder panda and rylai plz ff
00:33:20rubinlife PANDA IS SUCH A NOOB
00:33:21VanillaThunder did
00:33:24VanillaThunder :D
00:33:26DncingBear hardcore noob :D
00:33:30mansikka I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:30Bct_Murder rylai and infoker write ff
00:33:35Bct_Murder invoker write ff
00:34:22Bct_Murder invoker
00:34:24Bct_Murder fucking idiot
00:34:27Bct_Murder write ff
00:34:27rubinlife wat
00:34:27Bct_Murder man
00:34:29Bct_Murder what you doing
00:34:30rubinlife i has
00:34:33Bct_Murder no
00:34:35rubinlife em pley doter 4 fun
00:34:43Bct_Murder we lose anyway
00:34:46Bct_Murder just ff man
00:34:50creeeeeee :D
00:34:53DncingBear :(
00:34:53mansikka he did
00:34:57Bct_Murder no
00:34:58Bct_Murder I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:35:00Bct_Murder 3/4
00:35:00mansikka panda didnt
00:35:06Bct_Murder panda write ff
00:35:09creeeeeee :(
00:35:10creeeeeee :D
00:35:12VanillaThunder I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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