Game #2941666

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+28 X
-2 TS

92% | 1517 X | 1572 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

85% | 1554 X | 1370 TS

+17 X
-2 TS

74% | 1404 X | 1369 TS

-18 X
-3 TS

73% | 1405 X | 1337 TS

-28 X
-7 TS

70% | 1319 X | 1401 TS

-9 X
+2 TS

93% | 1620 X | 1484 TS

+41 X
+1 TS

82% | 1432 X | 1448 TS

-9 X
+2 TS

76% | 1414 X | 1381 TS

+21 X
+3 TS

71% | 1319 X | 1421 TS

+7 X
+4 TS

71% | 1340 X | 1393 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Flex- well this was unexpected
00:00:12Jonnija idd..
00:00:25Flex- ..
00:00:25Flex- :D
00:00:25Jonnija -clear
00:00:25Jensefar bliver sgu nok nød til at stoppe med at spille dota.m højere ranked end mig..
00:00:25Jonnija anyone wants anything?
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw omni
00:00:25que2stress no i dont want anything
00:00:25que2stress u just wanna spec
00:00:25Jonnija no spec
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw cmon
00:00:25Jonnija here
00:00:25que2stress spec for spectator
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw ban any hero
00:00:25Jonnija well seems he is afk
00:00:25Jensefar y
00:00:25WantedZip stfu
00:00:25Jonnija go remake?
00:00:25BoBo.Ftw -afk
00:00:25Jensefar his real name is Muta
00:00:25WantedZip omni
00:00:25Jonnija zzz
00:00:25Flex- :D
00:00:25Flex- SAD
00:00:25ESA_93 Dont let him have furion.
00:00:25Jonnija dunno
00:00:25WantedZip K +
00:00:25Jonnija i just might
00:00:25que2stress ban fur
00:00:25que2stress i
00:00:25que2stress on
00:00:25ESA_93 But SD there too.
00:00:25Jonnija furion
00:00:25WantedZip are u braindead ? or just talkin shit like u are
00:00:25ESA_93 So its kinda.
00:00:25Jensefar picker du sd Muta
00:00:25Jonnija on their insistance
00:00:25WantedZip til di
00:00:25Jonnija i had to ban it
00:00:26WantedZip g ?
00:00:36ESA_93 Play Void?
00:00:36WantedZip til dig jensefar
00:00:40Jensefar ja jeg kan godt..
00:00:44Flex- ONION :DD
00:00:54Flex- Shit
00:00:55que2stress any wants leshrac=
00:00:56Flex- Wanted lesh :D
00:00:58ESA_93 I can.
00:00:59Bad3vil y
00:01:00Bad3vil lesh
00:01:12Bad3vil what u want ?
00:01:15que2stress get me
00:01:19Jensefar hvad ønsker du?
00:01:22que2stress sven
00:01:23WantedZip hm
00:01:26Jensefar bat
00:01:27WantedZip void eller pl eller drow
00:01:29WantedZip hva sys du ?
00:01:30Bad3vil -swap 2
00:01:30que2stress -swap 4
00:01:32Jensefar void så
00:01:32ESA_93 ck mid?
00:01:34WantedZip k
00:01:36ESA_93 I could go top?
00:01:38Jonnija shadowdemon
00:01:39Jonnija is mid
00:01:39Flex- so
00:01:43Flex- who am i baby sitting today
00:01:43Jensefar void?
00:01:44Flex- -hhn
00:01:44que2stress if u can
00:01:45Flex- :D
00:01:45WantedZip ja
00:01:47que2stress get batrider
00:01:47WantedZip -swap 4
00:01:49Jensefar -swap 1
00:01:51Jonnija abbadon mid
00:01:51ESA_93 :--D
00:01:53que2stress i mean if u cnan play it
00:01:59Jonnija abba
00:02:00Jonnija go mid
00:02:01Flex- zip cum
00:02:02Jensefar hmm lanes?
00:02:04Jensefar atro btm?
00:02:12Jonnija ah
00:02:14Jonnija he is void
00:02:17WantedZip naix atro bot
00:02:17Jonnija i can mid
00:02:18Flex- atro niax
00:02:18Jensefar give wards then
00:02:18Jonnija then
00:02:19Flex- good lane
00:02:19WantedZip viper sd top
00:02:23que2stress and drow top
00:02:27que2stress abba
00:02:28Jonnija ah
00:02:29Jonnija game lost
00:02:29Flex- take wards
00:02:32ESA_93 ....
00:02:34que2stress well leshra
00:02:36que2stress come bot
00:02:36que2stress with me
00:02:41ESA_93 drow
00:02:43ESA_93 top with me
00:02:46WantedZip naix afk
00:02:47BoBo.Ftw damn
00:02:47WantedZip omg
00:02:50Flex- OOONIOOONNN
00:02:50ESA_93 What a pick..
00:02:50WantedZip sucky naix
00:02:50BoBo.Ftw forgot chick...
00:02:51Flex- :D
00:02:54que2stress rofl
00:02:55ESA_93 .......................
00:02:55BoBo.Ftw i ll get it asap
00:02:55Jonnija sell
00:02:56Jonnija ur items
00:03:00que2stress nah
00:03:01Flex- -afk
00:03:03que2stress he dies anyway
00:03:03BoBo.Ftw haha
00:03:04que2stress in 1 min
00:03:04ESA_93 Mid lost.
00:03:05Jensefar reg
00:03:05Dota.m np
00:03:10que2stress then he can activate
00:03:12BoBo.Ftw :D :D
00:03:12que2stress or wait
00:03:13que2stress i can
00:03:14que2stress actually
00:03:27ESA_93 roam sven?
00:03:32Flex- best mid ever
00:03:34que2stress lucky that im a ruch guy
00:03:42Dota.m ss bot
00:03:43Dota.m care
00:03:45Flex- care
00:03:45Bad3vil ss
00:03:45Flex- mid
00:03:46Bad3vil 1
00:03:46Flex- ss
00:03:55que2stress its wood naix
00:04:05Flex- fun lane bro
00:04:20Jonnija np u should win
00:04:31que2stress if i dont
00:04:43ESA_93 iss
00:05:08que2stress give mana
00:05:08que2stress plz
00:05:20que2stress ty
00:05:45ESA_93 embarrasing
00:05:48ESA_93 sd lane not owning
00:06:01Jensefar cant do shit vs
00:06:09Jensefar abba
00:06:14Flex- dont bother
00:06:15Flex- jsut dont klet em
00:06:17Flex- get farmed
00:06:17Bad3vil 2
00:06:24Bad3vil re
00:06:25Bad3vil 1
00:06:33que2stress sec
00:06:35Jensefar i cant stop drow..
00:06:45que2stress boots were on sale
00:06:47que2stress 20% off
00:06:53Jonnija 1 sec
00:07:08Jensefar omw mid
00:07:11ESA_93 gang top ck?
00:07:38Jensefar go?
00:07:57que2stress i gangmid+
00:08:02Jonnija sd mid
00:08:04Jonnija gg
00:08:14Jonnija game lost
00:08:21Dota.m ss
00:08:39que2stress #i buy u tp
00:08:40que2stress wat
00:08:49Jonnija dude i dont rly
00:08:49Flex- ss
00:08:49Jonnija care
00:08:49Flex- sven
00:08:54ESA_93 ....
00:08:57ESA_93 stop the emoing
00:09:04Dota.m re
00:09:05Jonnija cant if noone screams
00:09:06Jonnija ss
00:09:07Jonnija sd
00:09:08que2stress SS
00:09:16Jensefar ss
00:09:16Jonnija sd is not an ordinary
00:09:16Jonnija ss
00:09:21Jonnija sd is instakill
00:09:25Jonnija on any hero
00:09:30Flex- how
00:09:37Dota.m omfg
00:09:40ESA_93 miss
00:09:49Dota.m i go woods
00:09:52Flex- kk
00:09:54ESA_93 ck!
00:10:02Jonnija damn
00:10:09Jonnija well
00:10:11Jonnija icant
00:10:12Jonnija farm
00:10:12Jensefar well i messed up..
00:10:13Jonnija here
00:10:30que2stress then i come gang mid
00:10:33Jensefar ss btm
00:10:34Jonnija not banning sd
00:10:35Jonnija was stupid
00:10:46que2stress rofl
00:10:49que2stress don whine
00:11:26Pufff-Reis -3
00:11:40Flex- coming
00:11:42Jensefar got ult?
00:11:47Jensefar come
00:11:48Jensefar naix
00:12:17Flex- sry
00:12:20que2stress why didnt u stun sd
00:12:20Jensefar what was with that nightmare!!!1
00:12:23que2stress ck?
00:12:25Jonnija oom
00:12:25Jonnija ofc
00:12:27Flex- it was
00:12:29Flex- 0.1
00:12:29Jensefar what a tard
00:12:30Jonnija this hero has no manapool
00:12:30Flex- before his ulti
00:12:33Flex- dude
00:12:35Flex- i thought
00:12:36Flex- he would stun
00:12:37que2stress not with ur items
00:12:39que2stress tahts true
00:12:48Jensefar go
00:13:19Flex- not a word
00:13:28Jensefar ..
00:13:48ESA_93 care
00:13:51Jonnija ofc
00:13:57Bad3vil DIE
00:14:21Bad3vil void need gank
00:14:22Bad3vil now
00:14:22Bad3vil hard
00:14:44que2stress sd here
00:14:46que2stress SD
00:15:08WantedZip ss
00:15:18Flex- b
00:15:19Flex- hasted
00:15:29que2stress this way
00:15:55ESA_93 took u like 2 minutes : D
00:16:00que2stress was otw mid
00:16:08BoBo.Ftw was without boots
00:16:25Bad3vil we need to push towers
00:16:27Bad3vil and finish em
00:16:40que2stress def mid
00:16:45Jensefar when my ult is on no need to ult him
00:16:55Flex- saw
00:16:55Flex- sven
00:16:57Flex- didnt want
00:16:57que2stress dnt go
00:16:58Flex- 2 stuns
00:17:12Jensefar get lesh?
00:17:32que2stress def
00:17:33que2stress mid
00:17:34que2stress guys
00:17:39Jensefar come gang
00:17:40que2stress drow
00:17:44que2stress can go top al´ne
00:17:58Jensefar come
00:18:01Flex- k
00:18:12WantedZip b
00:18:14Jensefar ..
00:18:16Jensefar why w8
00:18:25Jensefar dont get it
00:18:27Flex- cause
00:18:28Flex- of that
00:18:31Jensefar what was it u wanted to do woods?
00:18:42Jonnija lesh u miss
00:18:44Jonnija every stun
00:19:04que2stress ah there is naix too
00:19:23ESA_93 mc shield.
00:19:31Jensefar drow gotta go down soon
00:19:40Flex- once that manta
00:19:40Flex- hits
00:19:43Flex- will be unkillable
00:19:47Flex- with all the disables
00:19:58Jensefar come atro
00:20:05que2stress like?
00:20:16WantedZip who u think gonna win this game ?
00:20:20Jonnija u
00:20:20que2stress i dont care
00:20:21Jonnija np
00:20:24WantedZip k
00:20:34que2stress but did u like it
00:20:35BoBo.Ftw ss top
00:21:06Jensefar y dive that little bitch
00:21:10que2stress goign for jango me
00:21:49Jonnija fine commodoty
00:21:50Jonnija of wards
00:22:42Jensefar omw viper
00:22:47Flex- cming
00:22:48WantedZip b
00:22:56Jensefar wtf
00:22:58Jensefar come to me
00:23:07Flex- :D
00:23:31Jensefar wtf viper
00:23:32Jensefar dont get it
00:23:41Jensefar u ran around like a fucking chick
00:23:59Jensefar stick
00:24:13Flex- was just trying to save void
00:24:37Jensefar some1 come
00:24:46Jensefar come
00:24:46que2stress b
00:24:53Jensefar plz
00:25:23Bad3vil 3
00:25:49ESA_93 jesus sven
00:25:51ESA_93 wtf are u doing
00:25:54Flex- always SVE AROUND
00:26:10que2stress was ok
00:26:10Jensefar viper plz join the game
00:26:12ESA_93 terrible
00:26:22Jensefar get some wards and make urself somewhat usefull..
00:26:23que2stress if u had come to top tower
00:26:25que2stress even better
00:26:29Flex- i got
00:26:29Flex- wards
00:26:29que2stress def
00:26:31Jonnija np noone rly
00:26:32ESA_93 Jonnija u have treads on int by purpouse
00:26:32Jonnija cares
00:26:35Jonnija y
00:26:42Jonnija for mana
00:26:47Flex- void
00:26:51Flex- you could get lesh
00:26:52Flex- already
00:27:20Jensefar lets go ward up atro
00:27:26Flex- no
00:27:28que2stress interceot
00:27:29Flex- all ss
00:27:42Jensefar and naix got no farm..
00:27:49Jonnija hmm seems wanted goes for fast butter
00:28:51que2stress get atrapos and sd first always
00:28:56Jensefar wel lets be the one who get ganged then..
00:28:57Dota.m use chick
00:29:03Jonnija sheild the one who atropos
00:29:04Jonnija disables
00:29:06Flex- dd
00:29:07ESA_93 yup
00:29:09Jensefar go woods`?
00:29:14Flex- very risky
00:29:16ESA_93 uses ulti or nigtmare?
00:29:22Jonnija nighmare
00:29:23Jensefar ward there
00:29:25Jonnija imo doesnt remove
00:29:26Jonnija ulty
00:29:31que2stress and ult we can stun atro
00:29:37que2stress i bait mit
00:29:38que2stress i bait
00:29:41que2stress hide
00:29:43Jensefar kill
00:30:02Flex- imba bait
00:30:18Bad3vil I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:40que2stress how
00:30:41Flex- Bashed to death?
00:30:42que2stress all died?
00:30:42Flex- get aegis
00:30:43Flex- bros
00:30:44WantedZip u like u bitch ?
00:30:50que2stress really
00:30:54que2stress who killed u =
00:30:56Jonnija dont rly care
00:31:00WantedZip not u
00:31:02WantedZip sven that shit
00:31:06Flex- get it
00:31:07Flex- fast
00:31:14Jonnija well i oneshotted viper
00:31:18Jonnija once i caught
00:31:19Jonnija him
00:31:52Jonnija woah
00:31:53que2stress like what=
00:31:55Dota.m why go for it now they take gj
00:32:00WantedZip omg
00:32:02WantedZip this shit atro
00:32:04Dota.m i don't listen to u again
00:32:05Flex- yea
00:32:07Flex- blame atro
00:32:08Flex- :D
00:32:10que2stress can u make
00:32:10Jonnija almost deso
00:32:11que2stress vladis
00:32:12Flex- you could
00:32:16Flex- have went for it way earlier
00:32:16que2stress abba
00:32:17Jensefar why dont u get smoke firsT?
00:32:18que2stress vladis=
00:32:18ESA_93 y
00:32:20Jensefar tards :D
00:32:22ESA_93 making it now
00:32:25que2stress k n1
00:32:29WantedZip i give atro blame
00:32:31Jensefar plus u didnt went right fir it
00:32:34ESA_93 and again i missclicked
00:32:37WantedZip i got pushed to get rosh
00:32:43ESA_93 my heal on naix -> u
00:32:45Flex- " I GOT PUSHED "
00:32:47Dota.m drow goes bot lotarhs
00:32:48que2stress np
00:32:51que2stress i am
00:33:01que2stress taking their attention
00:33:02Jonnija ok i am
00:33:03Jonnija 16
00:33:05que2stress so that leshrac and u can deal dmg
00:33:22ESA_93 b
00:33:32Jonnija go
00:33:33Jonnija rape?
00:33:36ESA_93 sure
00:33:36Jensefar I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:36que2stress gather
00:33:37que2stress b mid
00:33:52que2stress make good silences
00:33:53que2stress and we win
00:33:54que2stress drow
00:33:56BoBo.Ftw y
00:34:03BoBo.Ftw i just got her cuz of silence
00:34:10que2stress go drow
00:34:45ESA_93 gg
00:34:45Bad3vil urn
00:34:46Bad3vil me
00:34:48que2stress cd
00:34:57WantedZip naix dead fast
00:35:00ESA_93 meka
00:35:03ESA_93 in a sec
00:35:06Jensefar thats niot it
00:35:08ESA_93 mana
00:35:14Jensefar people play to passive
00:35:20ESA_93 mana
00:35:21ESA_93 lesh
00:35:22ESA_93 ty
00:35:23ESA_93 : )
00:35:27que2stress b
00:35:31que2stress i go ac
00:35:32que2stress btw
00:35:33Jensefar and viper sux big time
00:35:36Jonnija rly?
00:35:37Jonnija hmm
00:35:41que2stress y need armor
00:35:42Jonnija i go mantas
00:35:43Jonnija then
00:35:43Jensefar and so does naix..
00:35:45que2stress y
00:35:47que2stress u go dm g
00:35:49que2stress i am suport
00:36:00Flex- in this game
00:36:04Flex- How did i not make the list
00:36:13Jonnija ?
00:36:16Jensefar coz u played okay :D
00:36:22Flex- :D
00:36:27Flex- i played terribad
00:36:38Jensefar well u didn't play passive
00:36:39ESA_93 go top?
00:36:41que2stress care
00:36:42Jonnija -ms
00:36:44que2stress y go top all
00:36:48ESA_93 bobo
00:36:50ESA_93 make manta
00:36:51ESA_93 also
00:36:54que2stress y
00:36:55BoBo.Ftw i go butter
00:36:58ESA_93 no
00:37:01que2stress whatever
00:37:02ESA_93 bkb or manta
00:37:03ESA_93 first
00:37:04BoBo.Ftw k
00:37:13Flex- there
00:37:15Flex- is still
00:37:16Flex- a very small
00:37:17Flex- window
00:37:19Flex- where we can win
00:37:19ESA_93 u need some hp and survivalibity against void
00:37:21BoBo.Ftw getting manta
00:37:27ESA_93 after that butter
00:37:27BoBo.Ftw y
00:37:31BoBo.Ftw butter gives evasion
00:37:34Jensefar well we just need a good void ult and we win
00:37:43Flex- no presure zip
00:37:44ESA_93 with 1k hp
00:37:48ESA_93 it aint helping so much
00:37:51Jonnija atro kills u
00:37:53que2stress when we have vladis
00:37:56Jensefar def?
00:37:58ESA_93 600
00:38:01que2stress k
00:38:01Flex- niax
00:38:02Flex- no tp
00:38:18Jensefar ban`?
00:38:30Flex- its calle
00:38:31Jonnija dont rly
00:38:32que2stress farm
00:38:32Flex- d
00:38:34Jonnija want to risk it
00:38:35Flex- cup stacking
00:38:44que2stress go when we have vladis
00:38:45ESA_93 we can also wait for rosh to come out
00:38:53ESA_93 it shouldnt be so long for it
00:38:53que2stress push bottom
00:39:03que2stress def
00:39:07ESA_93 all b
00:39:08ESA_93 b
00:39:08ESA_93 b
00:39:08ESA_93 b
00:39:20Jonnija so much bash
00:39:22Jonnija cant even get
00:39:26Jonnija armlet
00:39:27Jonnija on
00:39:41ESA_93 b
00:39:42ESA_93 mid
00:39:44Jonnija void has 1.2k hp
00:39:45ESA_93 oh
00:39:46ESA_93 lol
00:39:49Jonnija so i should be able to insta him
00:39:50Jonnija but
00:39:56Jonnija need to get him outside his ulty
00:40:02que2stress just stack back
00:40:05que2stress and let me front then
00:40:07Bad3vil get smoke gank
00:40:13Bad3vil meet mid ?
00:40:15ESA_93 ill go for pipe too
00:40:16que2stress bttom
00:40:20Flex- suggestions?
00:40:24Bad3vil smoke rdy
00:40:25que2stress we got vlads?
00:40:26Bad3vil come guys
00:40:27ESA_93 yup
00:40:30Jonnija also viper has invis
00:40:31Jensefar w89
00:40:32que2stress viper
00:40:33WantedZip smoke
00:40:34WantedZip rosh
00:40:34que2stress is nothing
00:40:39que2stress go bottom
00:40:40Jonnija just mentioning
00:40:43ESA_93 smoke
00:40:44Bad3vil waot idiot
00:40:46Jensefar omw
00:40:50WantedZip 2 def mid
00:40:52Flex- niax
00:40:52ESA_93 take naix
00:40:52que2stress let me first
00:40:53que2stress stay b
00:40:54WantedZip 3 go rosh
00:40:55Flex- i def
00:40:56que2stress stay b
00:40:58que2stress let me
00:41:01Flex- i can
00:41:09que2stress CANT U LISTNE
00:41:23Jensefar gg
00:41:25Jensefar I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:25WantedZip wow
00:41:27WantedZip u bad
00:41:29ESA_93 so won
00:41:32Jensefar why not fokuys nessaj?
00:41:34que2stress they 2 easy :D
00:41:37que2stress nice escape
00:41:41que2stress of drow D+
00:41:47que2stress ulti wasted totally
00:41:48que2stress :D
00:41:49que2stress void
00:41:50WantedZip gg sucky naix and viper
00:41:53que2stress who u think will win?
00:41:54WantedZip and atro actually
00:41:59WantedZip t
00:42:05WantedZip Thank naix and viper :)
00:42:08Dota.m np
00:42:10WantedZip u play bad
00:42:12Jonnija tower
00:42:13Jonnija first
00:42:13Dota.m ok
00:42:23ESA_93 fast
00:42:25que2stress i know
00:42:28que2stress im a bad noob
00:42:37WantedZip true sad story :(
00:42:42Flex- now they go
00:42:43ESA_93 btw
00:42:45que2stress but still i win
00:42:45ESA_93 wp team
00:42:47Flex- roshy woshy
00:43:02Flex- Addorable
00:43:04Jonnija mantas
00:43:07ESA_93 go mid
00:43:09Flex- whos group fucked us up ?
00:43:11ESA_93 and take bot
00:43:18Jonnija dunno
00:43:18Bad3vil gather all
00:43:18Jonnija who of u are friends?
00:43:19ESA_93 enter mid
00:43:21Jonnija that fucked me and flex up
00:43:28Bad3vil wait him
00:43:31Flex- suddle
00:43:38que2stress im a group alone
00:43:50Jonnija i have noone here on flist either
00:43:57Jonnija so has to be s1 else
00:44:00ESA_93 smke it
00:44:00Flex- Group > /f list
00:44:13Jensefar engage them
00:44:17que2stress get bottom
00:44:32que2stress he dead
00:45:13Jensefar just get that throne _d
00:45:16Jensefar :D
00:45:20que2stress say the magic letters
00:45:21Flex- blah
00:45:25Flex- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:44ESA_93 gg
00:45:44que2stress see
00:45:45que2stress sd
00:45:48que2stress no prob
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