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+36 X
+9 TS

83% | 1488 X | 1403 TS

-2 X
+2 TS

75% | 1396 X | 1388 TS

+42 X
+3 TS

73% | 1386 X | 1367 TS

+55 X
+2 TS

71% | 1296 X | 1443 TS

-6 X
+2 TS

69% | 1321 X | 1392 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

82% | 1467 X | 1400 TS

-11 X
-2 TS

82% | 1399 X | 1465 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

78% | 1389 X | 1429 TS

-9 X
-8 TS

69% | 1347 X | 1365 TS

-45 X
-9 TS

61% | 1299 X | 1318 TS

Chat log

00:00:08ESA_93 Is it too early to ff
00:00:13ESA_93 XD
00:00:18ESA_93 MOI
00:00:18yeW- Anyone want something?
00:00:18yeW- -clear
00:00:18ESA_93 yes, a diffrent team
00:00:18ESA_93 XD
00:00:18que2stress cant see pool
00:00:18que2stress is tere wisp?
00:00:18Laier what you guys want to be banned
00:00:18que2stress or rubick?
00:00:18yeW- No.
00:00:18que2stress or pit?
00:00:18Xeros i want play buchter
00:00:18Isdronningen nope
00:00:18Xeros pls
00:00:18yeW- Nope.
00:00:18Vilkuky me es
00:00:18que2stress then i dont care
00:00:18Vilkuky get me es
00:00:18yeW- Lol.
00:00:18Xeros go
00:00:18Laier think your not getting mid anyway, so no point for pudge
00:00:18yeW- -huskar
00:00:18Vilkuky es PLX
00:00:18ESA_93 FUCK U
00:00:18Bra~ i want ns banned
00:00:18Laier -ns
00:00:18yeW- Hmm, got quite the issues mate, eh?
00:00:19ESA_93 JUNNIJA XD
00:00:25yeW- Get me Naga.
00:00:29Vilkuky ok
00:00:30ESA_93 GeoManCer
00:00:33ESA_93 LoLoLol
00:00:35Laier bra can you play invo?
00:00:36yeW- doh
00:00:42ESA_93 I LiKe TyPinG LiKe ThIs
00:00:46Bra~ nah he is jonnia ( whiner in english )
00:00:47ESA_93 F
00:00:58Vilkuky -swap 1
00:01:01yeW- -swap 2
00:01:21Xeros swap pls pudge
00:01:21Jonnija oh lina works
00:01:25Xeros ?
00:01:39Xeros pudge swap?
00:01:44Vilkuky lanes?
00:01:46Bra~ how much str gains pudge from every kill
00:01:47yeW- hm
00:01:51Bra~ lvl 4 3rd spell
00:01:52Laier bra mid
00:01:52Bra~ ?
00:01:52Xeros swap?
00:01:54ESA_93 Im the fucking mid solo lol
00:01:55Laier storm bot
00:01:55que2stress yes
00:01:58Xeros i play pudge
00:01:59Bra~ answer me
00:02:01Bra~ xeros
00:02:02que2stress es and
00:02:02yeW- eza
00:02:03yeW- tp
00:02:04ESA_93 Gonna gameruin for fun XD
00:02:04que2stress keeper
00:02:05yeW- top
00:02:06Laier bot
00:02:07yeW- -clea
00:02:08Xeros omg
00:02:10yeW- -clear
00:02:19Laier niacniac go bot
00:02:23Xeros -swap 3
00:02:27yeW- np u can have mid anyway
00:02:30Jonnija he wont swap u
00:02:31ESA_93 xD
00:02:31Laier 1 afk
00:02:31Jonnija cause u failed to respond
00:02:31Vilkuky -afk
00:02:32yeW- -clear
00:02:39Laier mitä vittuu sä retardi teet
00:02:40Vilkuky -afk
00:02:40que2stress what u want with this afk
00:02:41que2stress -afk
00:02:46Vilkuky ei oo afk
00:02:50Laier bot
00:02:52Laier lina top
00:02:53Laier with me
00:02:54que2stress let him drop ban
00:02:55ESA_93 XDDD
00:02:56que2stress and rmk
00:02:56Jonnija kk
00:02:59ESA_93 XD
00:03:00Vilkuky -af
00:03:01Vilkuky -afk
00:03:07yeW- u on meth
00:03:08yeW- wr?
00:03:08yeW- ^^
00:03:11Laier fucking retard guy
00:03:18Vilkuky too much energy drinks
00:03:18ESA_93 in garlic
00:03:19Jonnija laier cap omg
00:03:21Jonnija :D
00:03:26yeW- i pull
00:03:44Jonnija this lane
00:03:45Jonnija insane
00:03:51ESA_93 pewpew
00:03:53Laier storm bot
00:03:57niacniac was afk
00:03:58Laier bot
00:03:59yeW- play safe
00:04:00Jonnija ur botlane
00:04:00yeW- top
00:04:01niacniac stufu
00:04:02Jonnija or banned
00:04:09Laier dont give a fuck if you afk
00:04:10Laier your bot
00:04:22niacniac ill go when ill get tp gold
00:04:23niacniac kid
00:04:54ESA_93 xD
00:05:03Vilkuky load
00:05:20Isdronningen use stun some more
00:05:32niacniac kill mid ?
00:05:49ESA_93 ty for miss brw
00:05:50ESA_93 btw
00:06:07niacniac and fucking stop blamming afk
00:06:11yeW- mao
00:06:15Bra~ chick????
00:06:16Laier shut up
00:06:20yeW- actiate
00:06:20yeW- pls
00:06:27Bra~ chick
00:06:28Bra~ now
00:06:29Vilkuky WR
00:06:31Vilkuky we kill pudge
00:06:35yeW- ty
00:06:56Laier es misss
00:06:57Laier mid
00:07:13Laier sorry
00:07:14Laier and gj :D
00:07:20Bra~ chicken brown
00:07:22Bra~ now
00:07:25Bra~ or u are banned
00:07:37Bra~ xeros
00:07:40Bra~ CHICKEN
00:07:40Laier xeros buy chicken
00:07:50ESA_93 miss
00:08:01Laier BUY CHICKEN NOW
00:08:02Bra~ now get a chick
00:08:05Bra~ or get a ban
00:08:16Jonnija ban it is
00:08:29Xeros i don t have money
00:08:36yeW- zz
00:08:37Xeros 2min and chick was
00:08:40Vilkuky eyes open eza?
00:08:46Isdronningen not really
00:08:50Laier kk banned
00:08:53Jonnija y
00:09:03Xeros no pls
00:09:09Laier fucking retards pick drow as last and dont buy chick
00:09:24Bra~ dude
00:09:25Bra~ leave mid
00:09:30Bra~ go activate
00:09:30Bra~ it
00:09:33Bra~ its ur job
00:09:34ESA_93 miss
00:09:38Jonnija well its bit late
00:09:39Jonnija for that
00:09:47Isdronningen stun
00:10:04Xeros nice mirana
00:10:05que2stress rofl arrow
00:10:06niacniac what an arrow
00:10:07yeW- ^^
00:10:18ESA_93 care
00:10:23Jonnija mirana u actually hit
00:10:24Jonnija arrow? :D
00:10:27ESA_93 need wards
00:11:15Vilkuky need fucking gank wr
00:11:20Vilkuky u think me and eza kill?
00:11:27yeW- -ma
00:11:34Laier bott ss all
00:11:48Xeros stun and b
00:11:58Jonnija ega jah
00:12:01Jonnija seda ma kyll ei oodanud
00:12:02Jonnija D:
00:12:15Jonnija lvl 6 mid pudge
00:12:30yeW- ORNAGE
00:12:33Bra~ trax ja storm olid mids ju
00:12:34Bra~ xD
00:12:52Vilkuky fuck fuck
00:12:54ESA_93 jesus u are bad
00:12:57Vilkuky was watching over drow
00:13:12Vilkuky fuck you kid
00:13:18ESA_93 XD
00:13:21yeW- ur the only one suckin mate
00:13:23Xeros i need a farm
00:13:29Laier good for you
00:13:31Bra~ u need a ban
00:13:34Laier agreed
00:13:35Bra~ and ull get one
00:13:38Bra~ 6 min chick
00:13:42Bra~ is bannable
00:13:52Vilkuky veno w8
00:13:55Jonnija yeah and cause u made such a shitpick
00:13:59Jonnija we rly want u banned .D
00:14:25yeW- tt
00:14:26Jonnija :D
00:14:26Jonnija :D
00:14:31niacniac es + veno
00:14:39Jonnija oot
00:14:41Jonnija toon saapad
00:14:44Jonnija mana
00:14:58Laier gj drow
00:15:37Vilkuky bugged shit fuck dfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdf
00:15:49Laier bra what you waiting? :/
00:15:54niacniac why u fucking tank wr if u got ulti
00:16:26Jonnija teinekord n2rimise asemel meeleehook kiireks killiks
00:16:29Isdronningen ^^
00:16:29yeW- lul
00:16:34yeW- someone angry
00:16:38niacniac xD
00:16:38yeW- *(s
00:16:43Bra~ teinekord ulti võtab vähem mana
00:16:44niacniac i did it
00:16:45Bra~ :/
00:16:48yeW- nice
00:16:51yeW- want a candy?
00:16:54niacniac sure
00:16:54Jonnija ulty vaja
00:16:59niacniac strawberry pls
00:17:02yeW- aight
00:17:34niacniac 4 mid
00:17:35niacniac rly
00:17:36que2stress rofl
00:17:38Xeros ss?
00:17:40niacniac where is the team
00:18:11Xeros care up pudge
00:18:24Xeros tp fast
00:18:28Jonnija cant
00:18:30Jonnija :D
00:18:34Jonnija he had time to net
00:18:50niacniac kk
00:18:51niacniac ff
00:18:57yeW- maa
00:19:01yeW- mana
00:19:08Isdronningen cd
00:19:24niacniac yep
00:19:26niacniac as ever
00:19:26Bra~ -ii
00:20:12niacniac trax
00:20:13niacniac b
00:20:13yeW- mana
00:20:33yeW- blah
00:20:35yeW- shit cd
00:20:47Xeros gang mid
00:20:55Vilkuky sup
00:20:56yeW- mana
00:20:59yeW- ty
00:21:01Isdronningen np
00:21:49Xeros nice team
00:22:03Laier well picked
00:22:04Laier ff
00:22:18niacniac not rly, only team play suck
00:22:23que2stress go on
00:22:26Laier you say good picks? :DDD
00:22:34Vilkuky chick?
00:22:35Vilkuky -courier
00:22:38Jonnija non solo storm
00:22:40Jonnija is useless
00:22:48Xeros b
00:22:50Vilkuky got blink 100g
00:23:48Laier gjdrow
00:23:54ESA_93 lol
00:23:55Xeros thx
00:23:58que2stress this time they luck
00:24:01Laier lucky
00:24:55Bra~ wards trax?
00:26:01yeW- bad dagger :p
00:26:03Vilkuky y
00:26:10Laier watsup with these ancients :D
00:26:15Jonnija angry
00:26:17Jonnija :D
00:26:25yeW- zz
00:26:28Vilkuky :D
00:27:39Jonnija drow 1337 farm u got there
00:28:29niacniac how
00:28:35que2stress lets push plz
00:28:37que2stress mid now
00:28:41niacniac hi
00:28:43yeW- yo
00:29:05que2stress go mid?
00:29:24que2stress wr cmoe
00:31:19Laier gj
00:31:58Isdronningen push top
00:32:31Jonnija storm
00:32:31Jonnija afk?
00:32:39niacniac shop is forbidfen now ?
00:32:44Vilkuky i come back got ulti
00:32:48que2stress mana plz
00:32:57Vilkuky need obs
00:33:23que2stress mana need
00:33:29Vilkuky i ulti
00:34:01Xeros GG
00:34:04Vilkuky wp
00:34:05Xeros gg
00:34:07Xeros GG
00:34:08Xeros I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:11Laier gg when you picked that fucking drow
00:34:12Laier I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:17Jonnija storm
00:34:19Jonnija was afailpikc
00:34:19Jonnija to
00:34:22Jonnija o
00:34:23Laier true
00:34:23ESA_93 g
00:34:24ESA_93 go
00:34:25niacniac no
00:34:26ESA_93 ill ulti
00:34:28ESA_93 twer
00:34:32Laier storm + drow useless
00:34:33niacniac its the only hero who can counter naga
00:34:44Jonnija cant see
00:34:46Jonnija you countering
00:34:46Jonnija him
00:34:47niacniac kid
00:34:51niacniac ahahaha
00:34:52Laier canagree on that :DD
00:35:10que2stress go mid
00:35:11Laier ff it
00:35:12que2stress meet
00:35:12Laier thank you
00:35:15Bra~ I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:19Xeros I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:44Xeros all ff
00:35:45Xeros pls
00:36:16yeW- lo
00:36:18Isdronningen ^^
00:36:45Laier didnt see you countering anything
00:36:55Jonnija fucksakes
00:36:56niacniac u can stop kid
00:37:00Laier :DDD
00:37:03Laier failpick moar
00:37:03que2stress just tpower
00:37:03Jonnija I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:10niacniac dont try to flame other because u play bad
00:37:13Laier ff it allready counterstorm
00:37:15Vilkuky gg
00:37:24niacniac i did ff min 10
00:37:27Jonnija np our counterstorm owns u
00:37:28niacniac now stufu
00:37:31niacniac stfu
00:37:32Laier 'you need to ff after 25
00:37:32Laier fag
00:37:34Laier so ff it
00:37:34Jonnija ff starts to count
00:37:35Jonnija from 25
00:37:36Jonnija so u havent
00:37:49niacniac idc
00:37:50Laier ff it
00:37:57yeW- lul
00:38:45yeW- HAX
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