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92% | 1565 X | 1511 TS

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91% | 1525 X | 1538 TS

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89% | 1514 X | 1496 TS

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78% | 1337 X | 1489 TS

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100% | 1955 X | 1604 TS

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87% | 1513 X | 1460 TS

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80% | 1442 X | 1402 TS

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68% | 1341 X | 1340 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Maier [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... valiante with 62 seconds.
00:00:19Maier -ii
00:00:19valiante omni
00:00:19Maier -water red
00:00:19Maier -weather rain
00:00:19valiante anyone phoenix?
00:00:19BoBo.Ftw fuufufuf
00:00:19Maier why not
00:00:19valiante k
00:00:19Maier but imo furi is better
00:00:19Tompson fucking
00:00:19valiante ¨hmm
00:00:19Tompson first pick
00:00:19Tompson on senti
00:00:19Tompson -.-
00:00:19valiante lets hope he bans one of em
00:00:19Maier if the game is still loose, it's furi
00:00:19valiante ima play furi
00:00:19-.- ban that feenix
00:00:19BoBo.Ftw phoenix
00:00:19Tompson fenix
00:00:19que2stress ban omni better
00:00:19Tompson pheoenix
00:00:19valiante l2spell
00:00:19Tompson I CANT
00:00:19mrk oe
00:00:19Tompson ITS FENIX
00:00:19Maier try again
00:00:20valiante phoenix
00:00:21Vaj.CO phoenix
00:00:24Tompson phoenix
00:00:24valiante omni
00:00:24Maier write -phoenix
00:00:24Tompson papaya stop being tarded :D
00:00:24valiante :D
00:00:24Papaya try again
00:00:24Papaya it bugs sometimes
00:00:24que2stress damnit
00:00:24Tompson PHOENIX
00:00:24Tompson HAPPY?
00:00:24que2stress our fp suck
00:00:24mrk not bugged
00:00:25valiante :D
00:00:27mrk just people type wrong
00:00:27Papaya YES I AM VERY HAPPY NOW
00:00:28que2stress they cant even ban properly
00:00:29valiante were putting u on tilt
00:00:30Tompson GOOD
00:00:32valiante :D
00:00:35Tompson FU :D
00:00:36valiante GIVE US A KISS
00:00:39valiante LOVE
00:00:40que2stress pick venge for me
00:00:50Papaya ill go veno
00:00:51valiante try and get enigma
00:00:52Tompson ok
00:00:54valiante enigma sand king
00:00:56que2stress ah dont+
00:00:57Papaya hmm
00:00:59Tompson ?????
00:01:00Maier get wr
00:01:02que2stress i play other hero
00:01:02Maier for me please
00:01:02Tompson u cant say that
00:01:02Papaya bone
00:01:02Tompson now
00:01:03Papaya lame
00:01:04Tompson OI
00:01:04Maier wr
00:01:05Tompson IM NOT VENGe
00:01:07que2stress :P
00:01:07Maier please
00:01:10Papaya okok
00:01:11que2stress kidding
00:01:11Tompson u play venge
00:01:12Maier u gonna play urself ?
00:01:12valiante why
00:01:14que2stress what u want?
00:01:16valiante enigma is such a good pick
00:01:18Papaya no you can have
00:01:19Tompson get me...
00:01:21Maier mkay
00:01:21valiante best hero in pool atm
00:01:22Papaya enigma is crazy boring
00:01:22valiante is enigma
00:01:23mrk get enigma veno?
00:01:25Tompson storm
00:01:27valiante FUCK
00:01:30Tompson -swap 4
00:01:33que2stress or
00:01:33Maier veno and tc or lesh
00:01:35Papaya puck veno
00:01:35Tompson ...
00:01:36valiante get veno tc
00:01:38que2stress i cuold play storm too
00:01:39Maier what u want
00:01:40valiante need tank
00:01:41valiante or bb
00:01:41Tompson y u could
00:01:43mrk i can play lesh
00:01:44Tompson go storm!
00:01:46que2stress but i suck at it
00:01:46Maier papaya
00:01:48valiante lesh tc
00:01:48Maier what u want ???
00:01:49Papaya get me lesh
00:01:49valiante then
00:01:49que2stress so i better swap
00:01:53Tompson good idea
00:01:53que2stress -swap 1
00:01:53Tompson tbh!
00:01:54Maier -swap 2
00:01:54valiante k gj
00:01:55Papaya -swap 5
00:01:58Tompson get
00:01:59Tompson obs
00:02:07Maier FUCK
00:02:08que2stress obs not in pool
00:02:11valiante ?
00:02:14BoBo.Ftw :D :D
00:02:16Tompson oh
00:02:16mrk ostsin
00:02:17Tompson darn
00:02:17mrk traaa
00:02:18Maier ah
00:02:20Maier putsi
00:02:20Papaya sk bot with me
00:02:21valiante could have used wards
00:02:29BoBo.Ftw vajco wards chick + upgrade or ban
00:02:32BoBo.Ftw :)
00:02:33mrk :D
00:02:34Vaj.CO :D
00:02:36Vaj.CO sure
00:02:36valiante BRING WARDS
00:02:37Maier sk
00:02:37valiante from tc
00:02:39Maier mine all
00:02:47valiante ffs
00:02:47Maier tc
00:02:48Maier top
00:02:48que2stress i make tank items
00:02:50Papaya sandking
00:02:50valiante ye
00:02:51Papaya with me
00:02:52valiante sk bot
00:03:00Papaya lvl2 we kill sk
00:03:07-.- my dick your mouth
00:03:09-.- lets do it
00:03:23que2stress regen
00:03:27Papaya and do pulls plz
00:03:45mrk warded
00:03:48Papaya k
00:04:50Papaya rdy
00:04:51valiante :D
00:05:29que2stress stop failing those lasthits all
00:05:29mrk zz
00:05:30Tompson w
00:05:30Tompson WTF
00:06:00que2stress rofl
00:06:02que2stress u guy
00:06:03Maier hea
00:06:04Papaya hgj
00:06:12valiante ss
00:06:14que2stress why attack sk
00:06:19que2stress who can get invis?
00:06:22valiante RLY
00:06:40mrk fuck
00:06:47Papaya he got lucky
00:06:49Papaya on exp
00:06:51mrk just fog
00:06:53mrk when range
00:07:04-.- cum gank enigma
00:07:08-.- tc
00:07:08mrk ss2
00:07:09que2stress let me
00:07:11BoBo.Ftw k
00:07:14que2stress invis
00:07:28que2stress ah damnit
00:07:30Tompson guard
00:07:30que2stress VACK
00:07:30Tompson it
00:07:31Tompson man
00:07:33mrk ss2
00:07:53Tompson uop
00:07:54Tompson chick
00:08:00mrk ss2
00:08:03que2stress reuse
00:08:14Papaya get flying
00:08:14curdi ss
00:08:19curdi re
00:08:24que2stress need gang bottom
00:08:33mrk ss2
00:08:45valiante nice lvl
00:08:46valiante D:
00:08:59Papaya lets puzsh
00:09:02Papaya VENO GOES TOP
00:09:03Papaya CARE
00:09:04valiante should have ganged storm before 6
00:09:05que2stress rune bot
00:09:16valiante ss storm
00:09:23Papaya push sk
00:09:27Tompson lesh
00:09:41Maier can i pause please ? friend came over
00:09:43Maier 1 min
00:09:46Maier 321
00:09:47mrk fuuu
00:09:49Papaya :/
00:09:49que2stress y u can also afk 1 min
00:09:49Tompson facking
00:09:49Tompson furio
00:09:49Tompson ulti
00:09:49Tompson came
00:09:49Tompson :/
00:09:49que2stress y
00:09:49mrk coulda killed storm instead
00:09:49mrk insta
00:09:49valiante ye
00:09:49que2stress but ded is ded
00:09:49Tompson yy
00:09:49que2stress im only bantha food
00:09:49curdi -ma
00:09:49que2stress must go roam top
00:09:49valiante i think we might loose to fat storm
00:09:49que2stress cause low lvl
00:09:49curdi im going orchid
00:09:49mrk well we have to push
00:09:49Papaya then lets push early
00:09:49mrk with furi
00:09:49mrk since we have no other choice
00:09:49Maier 321
00:09:49Papaya we got furi lesh
00:09:50valiante ye
00:09:51Papaya gather and push
00:09:59Papaya i come top
00:10:01que2stress venom
00:10:02que2stress plant new wards
00:10:21Papaya got manaboots
00:10:23que2stress go
00:10:26Papaya valiante come top soon
00:10:27Papaya care miss
00:10:28curdi ss top
00:10:41Tompson ooom
00:10:42Vaj.CO tt
00:10:43Papaya 3mid
00:10:45Papaya push opp
00:10:46valiante morons
00:10:48Vaj.CO u could w8
00:11:01que2stress 3 top
00:11:08BoBo.Ftw oow
00:11:17Tompson coming
00:11:18valiante i have ulti
00:11:20valiante 3 miss from mid
00:11:22valiante lets get em
00:11:38que2stress taht was bad
00:11:39que2stress damnit
00:11:49-.- you should stop coming to my lane
00:11:50mrk was here
00:11:51-.- i had freefarm
00:11:58que2stress they were at your lane
00:12:03-.- because u came
00:12:03que2stress thats why we came
00:12:05-.- they came to help
00:12:06Papaya rotate mid
00:12:11valiante k
00:12:11que2stress i cam because 3 top
00:12:11valiante mid
00:12:12valiante go
00:12:16-.- yeah i said veno
00:12:17-.- f.e
00:12:26curdi wards?
00:12:28que2stress 4 mid
00:12:30que2stress they push
00:13:00que2stress ff
00:13:01Tompson man
00:13:03Tompson they go with 5
00:13:09que2stress just say
00:13:10-.- get a ward
00:13:12-.- in our forest
00:13:12que2stress that u dont wanna def
00:13:12-.- please
00:13:16que2stress just say it
00:13:18que2stress then i stay back
00:13:18valiante let him farm
00:13:20valiante we just PUSH
00:13:31mrk storm rune top
00:13:33curdi STICK TOGETHER
00:13:36valiante ye
00:13:37mrk get 2 towers
00:13:39que2stress they push bot now
00:13:40valiante they cant win 5on5 yet
00:13:40mrk easy lane
00:13:49Tompson cant def
00:13:50Tompson rly
00:13:51Tompson veno
00:13:52Tompson go stack
00:13:53Tompson wards
00:13:54Vaj.CO y
00:14:01Papaya go next too
00:14:14Maier manaa
00:14:25valiante id ef
00:14:31Tompson let me
00:14:32Tompson farm
00:14:32Tompson top
00:14:33Tompson bot*
00:14:50Papaya second mid?
00:14:53mrk y
00:14:55Maier agreed
00:14:57BoBo.Ftw got dagger
00:15:00Papaya lets go then
00:15:05Vaj.CO go mid
00:15:06Vaj.CO all
00:15:18Maier wait
00:15:18valiante i tp in
00:15:18Maier care
00:15:19Maier swap
00:15:19valiante 5
00:15:23Maier ah
00:15:23Maier lol
00:15:27valiante dagger on enigma
00:15:33Maier care
00:15:36Vaj.CO dust
00:15:38Vaj.CO venge
00:16:00Vaj.CO ffs
00:16:07curdi go rege
00:16:11curdi we need meka + pipe
00:16:13mrk def towers
00:16:14mrk deff
00:16:18Maier on meka
00:16:20Maier soon
00:16:22Maier in 1k
00:16:30curdi papaya pipe?
00:16:54Papaya you were waiting for that you tard :D
00:16:56Tompson XD
00:17:00Maier go mid again
00:17:02Maier ?
00:17:09mrk they warded th
00:17:13Tompson go forest
00:17:15Tompson with many
00:17:16Tompson dont go alone
00:17:19Tompson giogogo
00:17:20Tompson ogogogo
00:17:24curdi b
00:17:24Maier CARE
00:17:33valiante dont
00:17:36valiante wait for dd to be off
00:17:37Maier *waves to veno*
00:17:43Vaj.CO got smoke
00:17:43Tompson nigma
00:17:44Tompson ulti
00:17:44que2stress use dsmpoke
00:18:12Papaya that was lame
00:18:20mrk shoulda seen that
00:18:27Papaya i go forcestaff think
00:18:37Maier that ulti
00:18:37que2stress well bone farms
00:18:38Maier fucked us up
00:18:39curdi need pipe for pushing
00:18:39que2stress is ok
00:18:41que2stress i thkn
00:18:43Papaya mid again
00:18:45Papaya enigma no ult
00:18:48BoBo.Ftw kill furi
00:18:49Papaya our time
00:19:01-.- ward it
00:19:03Maier gogogo
00:19:18Maier care clinkz
00:19:23Vaj.CO smoke
00:19:26Tompson all
00:19:26Tompson 5
00:19:27Tompson here
00:19:28Tompson dont go
00:19:31BoBo.Ftw oom
00:19:31Tompson veno
00:19:32Tompson start
00:19:33Tompson wards
00:19:34Vaj.CO got ulti
00:20:21valiante just get home
00:20:45mrk howd we lose taht
00:20:51valiante we got to offensive
00:21:14Maier venge just swapped someone
00:21:16Maier easy as that
00:21:23Maier had to engage
00:21:34-.- ill take bot tower
00:21:40-.- dont need to help me
00:21:41Tompson y
00:21:56mrk wtf
00:21:56Maier bad call
00:21:57mrk :D
00:21:57Maier furi
00:22:07Tompson b
00:22:14Tompson b
00:22:15Tompson b
00:22:15Tompson b
00:22:16curdi wtf..
00:22:24valiante as i gang ur fucking stupid bone comes
00:22:33que2stress mb he was here all the time
00:22:36valiante DIE
00:22:39Maier B
00:22:52valiante How can u dodge that stun?
00:22:58que2stress f10
00:23:11Maier got meka
00:23:12Papaya hes kinda stupid lucky
00:23:13Maier can we go ?
00:23:17Papaya that he didnt jump to me there
00:23:18valiante ye go mid
00:23:42Maier omw to top
00:23:46Maier 5 gold
00:23:49Maier engage
00:23:50Maier veno
00:23:52Maier while he's alone
00:23:53mrk stun tc
00:24:08Maier STO)RM
00:24:09Maier STORM
00:24:11Vaj.CO at base
00:24:15que2stress well just never def
00:24:16que2stress tell me
00:24:19que2stress that u dont wont
00:24:19que2stress plz
00:24:23Tompson dont swap
00:24:27Tompson 3 vs 4
00:24:31curdi watch our backs
00:25:06valiante :D
00:25:12Tompson SEC
00:25:12Tompson LAG
00:25:12Tompson LIKE FUCK
00:25:12Maier furi
00:25:12Maier that was
00:25:12Tompson cant do shit
00:25:12Maier nice trees
00:25:12valiante epic
00:25:12valiante :D
00:25:12Maier and insta shackle to trees :D
00:25:12que2stress i dont lag
00:25:12Vaj.CO bone is rly useless in this game
00:25:12Tompson ok sorry 321
00:25:12que2stress and i cant do shit either
00:25:12curdi :D
00:25:12Tompson its my wireless
00:25:12-.- 1 lane is fine
00:25:12Papaya :D
00:25:12Maier xD
00:25:29Papaya you should b
00:25:29curdi go regen
00:25:30mrk b
00:25:34Papaya cant get another rax
00:25:59mrk :D
00:26:08Papaya well linkens is ok
00:26:13-.- tower
00:26:15Maier ye, not that bad
00:26:15curdi orchid soon on clinkz
00:26:15Papaya bloodstone storm would pwn us more imo
00:26:22Tompson btw
00:26:23Papaya could get medaillon vs linken
00:26:23Tompson that happened
00:26:25valiante i got orchid
00:26:26Tompson cause of shit 3vs4
00:26:29Tompson u should wait for me
00:26:30Tompson atleast
00:26:46Tompson bone
00:26:47Tompson bot
00:26:47curdi need 600 for my orchid
00:26:51Papaya i try get hp now
00:26:52Tompson veno...
00:26:59Maier all getting orchids ?
00:27:05Maier global silence by orchids
00:27:33Vaj.CO b
00:27:38valiante :D
00:27:43mrk get dust
00:27:44Papaya lol^^
00:27:57curdi ?
00:28:02que2stress damnit
00:28:03que2stress :D
00:28:35valiante NOOOOO
00:28:37valiante TOMPSON
00:28:39valiante U LUCKY FUK
00:28:40BoBo.Ftw ...
00:28:46Tompson phew
00:28:47BoBo.Ftw thx venge...
00:28:48Tompson :D
00:28:48-.- regen
00:28:57que2stress could have worked
00:28:59Maier ye, get top
00:29:11Maier rune
00:29:13valiante lesh u need health
00:29:21Papaya yes
00:29:24Papaya going bloodstone
00:29:41Tompson go rosh
00:29:42Tompson asap
00:29:44Papaya wood sk
00:29:48Maier top
00:29:48Maier come
00:29:57-.- come
00:30:01Papaya here#
00:30:01Papaya sk
00:30:02Vaj.CO i go plant wards
00:30:03Tompson dont def
00:30:03Tompson firts
00:30:05Tompson def second
00:30:09Tompson me aegis
00:30:41que2stress be fast
00:31:51Vaj.CO to je proste hrac
00:31:51Maier bloody fuck he can play a good storm
00:31:54valiante gj
00:31:55BoBo.Ftw :D
00:31:58Vaj.CO nakladaju nam tu a on to dava
00:31:59Vaj.CO :D
00:32:05valiante FUK
00:32:10Papaya np
00:32:10Maier np
00:32:11Maier we have mid
00:32:13Papaya we can rambo that rax now
00:32:14valiante all that jelly and no toast
00:32:20valiante :(
00:32:40Papaya go alle 5 top again
00:32:51Tompson we have to gang
00:32:52valiante did enigma ulti?
00:32:52Tompson go smoke
00:32:54-.- y
00:32:55curdi dust gem wards any1
00:33:00mrk no i think
00:33:11Tompson gang top
00:33:12que2stress gather then
00:33:51valiante ok it was expected
00:34:13Papaya go b
00:34:15valiante ye
00:34:15Papaya u cant kill storm
00:34:22Papaya the clash went "ok"
00:34:26Papaya considering we got kinda stomped
00:34:26Maier need hex for him
00:34:33Papaya top again
00:34:35Papaya enigma ult cd
00:34:38valiante just need one more side
00:34:39valiante opened
00:34:46Maier yea, true
00:34:49mrk well
00:34:50mrk that sucked cos
00:34:50valiante u push top
00:34:53mrk we werent together
00:34:54Vaj.CO well i can get pipe but need 3k gold ^^
00:34:55valiante i keep sending trees bot
00:34:56Papaya ye
00:34:56mrk clinkz had free reign
00:34:59Papaya but now enigma ult cd
00:35:00Tompson with pipe
00:35:01Papaya easy
00:35:04Tompson would be muche easyer
00:35:14valiante i got dust
00:35:15Maier wait for 3
00:35:17Maier waaait
00:35:20Vaj.CO rly dont have money
00:35:20Maier k go
00:35:21Maier trees
00:35:22que2stress can u port dust?
00:35:22BoBo.Ftw could get hex
00:35:24que2stress nigma?
00:35:24curdi im still regening
00:35:26BoBo.Ftw just need 5,7k
00:35:31Tompson gg
00:35:32Tompson -.-
00:35:34valiante paybacks a bitch
00:35:35-.- fucking hell
00:35:40-.- i was just about to leave
00:35:48Papaya wait tc or go?
00:35:48Tompson go
00:35:49Maier need curdi
00:35:49Tompson gang
00:35:50mrk go
00:35:50mrk rax
00:35:51que2stress can u buyoutß
00:35:52mrk or not
00:35:53Tompson got dd
00:35:57curdi buyback
00:36:00mrk enigma has ulti now
00:36:06Tompson sweap
00:36:07curdi hex storm
00:36:34valiante RAX
00:36:38mrk :D:D:D
00:36:42valiante my tree entered with creeps!
00:37:11Tompson gah
00:37:12Tompson lets just
00:37:13Papaya well we got it
00:37:13Tompson try mid
00:37:15-.- y
00:37:16valiante ye
00:37:29Tompson this is too hard
00:37:30Tompson to outfarm
00:37:32Tompson and fight well
00:37:36Maier 34 min
00:37:38Maier with an agha
00:37:47Tompson veno
00:37:47Tompson def
00:37:47Maier you could have been mkb, bkb shit like that atm furi
00:37:51Vaj.CO k
00:37:51Tompson a bit
00:37:52Tompson then come mid
00:37:55Papaya why would he
00:37:56Papaya we pushing
00:37:57Tompson i try gang furi
00:37:59Tompson once
00:38:01valiante dude
00:38:02valiante i couldnt
00:38:05valiante weve been together all game
00:38:06Maier agha pushes better
00:38:10curdi necro book would be good too
00:38:11valiante that doesnt give me extraordinary farm
00:38:19Vaj.CO i think furi will go top
00:38:19-.- come mid
00:38:19valiante im only lvl 16 now
00:38:20-.- veno
00:38:25valiante because of our tactic
00:38:26valiante but it worked
00:38:53Papaya through mid
00:39:03Papaya care nigma
00:39:06valiante he dead
00:39:07curdi why is no1 carrying sentries :s
00:39:07Maier dead
00:39:08que2stress well dont say go mid
00:39:10Tompson veno come
00:39:11que2stress if we are 3 :D
00:39:11Tompson ulti
00:39:31que2stress venom
00:39:32que2stress omfg
00:39:58Maier fuck that
00:40:00valiante hehe
00:40:01Papaya both throne twr down np
00:40:01Maier keep the pressure on
00:40:02Maier and won
00:40:11Tompson maan storm sucks
00:40:14Tompson doesnt win alone
00:40:18valiante nah
00:40:21que2stress they push 2 much
00:40:22que2stress its all
00:40:23valiante only buugies storm
00:40:31valiante ive seen him turn one of these games around
00:40:32Maier when has dota ever been a solo game ?
00:40:37valiante in 40 he was perfect
00:40:41valiante in 40 he was perfect
00:40:41Tompson its solo in gc
00:40:47valiante and cleaned us all out
00:41:02Maier what was his build ?
00:41:31valiante WTF
00:41:35mrk ffs
00:41:36mrk guys
00:41:37valiante i treed u
00:41:41valiante and linkens clicked off
00:41:46valiante then i fucking silenced
00:41:47curdi why die like this vali :s
00:41:59Vaj.CO get mid
00:42:12Maier kasuta oma krdi janggot
00:42:13Maier ffs
00:42:25mrk misjaoks
00:42:29Maier ...
00:42:31mrk pole mõtet
00:42:38mrk me poleks teda kätte saanud
00:42:39mrk leshil oom
00:42:41Maier ma räägin üleüldse
00:42:41que2stress we must fight
00:42:43que2stress outside base
00:42:49Tompson y
00:42:49Maier sul 4 charge juba viimased 20min
00:42:54mrk seda küll :D
00:42:58Tompson go rosh
00:43:00Tompson bone and me
00:43:01Maier KASUTA NEID
00:43:02Maier :D
00:43:05que2stress and me for auras
00:43:07valiante they rs
00:43:12-.- jesus
00:43:15-.- nice neutrals block
00:43:38mrk well
00:43:40-.- come attack
00:43:40-.- ffs
00:43:42mrk need to be 5 now
00:43:45Papaya yes
00:43:46mrk we're never 5
00:43:50Papaya and we need to resume pushing
00:43:53Papaya cant mess around
00:43:55Maier go bot
00:43:56Maier get it
00:43:56Tompson take
00:43:57Tompson bone
00:44:03Maier yup
00:44:05Maier fucking
00:44:05BoBo.Ftw y
00:44:09BoBo.Ftw u wont be dead :D
00:44:10Tompson gather
00:44:11Tompson and go
00:44:12curdi get sentries
00:44:14curdi from chick
00:44:16Vaj.CO got pipe
00:44:17Tompson go mid
00:44:23valiante buy some
00:44:24valiante i bring
00:44:28curdi bkb on storm
00:44:38Papaya ignore him
00:44:38valiante care bot
00:44:39Papaya focus rest
00:44:41curdi think bone got one too
00:44:46mrk yes
00:44:47curdi y
00:44:49curdi both got bkbs
00:44:55mrk TC
00:44:56mrk WTF
00:44:57que2stress must def top a bit
00:45:03mrk '
00:45:04curdi what
00:45:17Maier slowass punks
00:45:19Maier dont go with 4
00:45:19mrk stop typing
00:45:20mrk and move
00:45:22Maier guys
00:45:25mrk you're the one with silence
00:45:28BoBo.Ftw hard to deff for me :/
00:45:35Vaj.CO bone no tp
00:45:42Maier care
00:45:43Maier nigma
00:45:45Maier careeeeeeeee
00:45:53mrk ffs
00:45:54mrk why not
00:45:55mrk target
00:45:55mrk rax
00:46:00mrk since we die anyway
00:46:08Papaya good question
00:46:10Papaya i was focusing it
00:46:11curdi well i did
00:46:12-.- need 2 buy travels
00:46:13-.- i suppose
00:46:13Tompson mehh
00:46:15mrk well tc
00:46:15Tompson hate furi
00:46:18mrk was the first one to run
00:46:18Tompson why i ban
00:46:19Tompson fenix
00:46:20mrk with full hp
00:46:20valiante HAHAHAHA
00:46:22valiante MOTHERFUKER
00:46:29valiante MOHAWEGHEG
00:46:31valiante :D
00:46:31Maier :D:D:D:D
00:46:37valiante I HOMO
00:46:40Tompson :D fuck u bitch
00:46:43valiante :D
00:46:44Tompson shouldhave banned fenix
00:46:47Tompson i mean
00:46:47Tompson furi
00:46:48Tompson meh
00:46:49valiante yeah
00:46:50valiante he gya
00:46:52valiante gay
00:46:52Vaj.CO go mid
00:47:02valiante i cant play phenix for shit anyways
00:47:05que2stress veno def base
00:47:07Maier i can
00:47:08que2stress rest go
00:47:08Maier i love the hero
00:47:17Tompson veno cant win furi
00:47:18Papaya lets go all bot
00:47:21Papaya and finish rax
00:47:27valiante ye
00:47:30-.- go throne
00:47:31Vaj.CO get tps
00:47:33Vaj.CO and go all
00:47:34Papaya you guys still not gonna ff ? :O
00:48:08que2stress furi base
00:48:12Maier get the RAX
00:48:13Maier RAX
00:48:14Papaya finish the botrax
00:48:15Papaya furi
00:48:18Papaya fast rax
00:48:23mrk clinkz no tp
00:48:31Tompson gogog
00:48:37que2stress def that
00:48:37Tompson i will
00:49:06Papaya derp
00:49:13que2stress i tele
00:49:33valiante gogogo
00:49:33que2stress fucking
00:49:35mrk cd
00:49:37-.- creeps are way too strong
00:49:39-.- cant do crap
00:49:51Vaj.CO FU
00:49:52Tompson valiante
00:49:56Tompson ur ruining my way to rank 1
00:49:57Tompson :(
00:50:02que2stress they come
00:50:03valiante :(
00:50:04valiante sry
00:50:06Papaya sad story bro
00:50:10valiante u
00:50:11curdi gc rank egoboost #1
00:50:25valiante RAX
00:50:27valiante FUCK THE HEROESD
00:50:29mrk throne rather
00:50:30mrk gg
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