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Chat log

00:00:00i.will.own.u [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Firoga with 67 seconds.
00:00:16Jonneblarre ban furi
00:00:23Jonneblarre he will pwn with fure
00:00:25FirstBlood -furion
00:00:25i.will.own.u -ii
00:00:25Steuerfreak void
00:00:27Steuerfreak wishes
00:00:31Steuerfreak any wishes?
00:00:57Firoga why u took courier?
00:00:59FirstBlood orange upg chick pls
00:01:09Jonneblarre me woods
00:01:12Steuerfreak kk
00:01:23FirstBlood pick heroes with stun
00:01:24FirstBlood pls
00:01:24Jonneblarre need good mid vs firstblood
00:01:26Steuerfreak #thrall
00:01:28Jonneblarre hes really good
00:01:34i.will.own.u what about a carruy?
00:02:34Marhalt blue in this game best equip for me?
00:02:42FirstBlood team play i want to see in this game ok?
00:02:46FirstBlood say miss atc
00:02:46Firoga ok
00:03:11FirstBlood -ns
00:03:14FirstBlood -ms
00:03:22poskus tiny u pull k?
00:03:25Firoga k
00:03:44Marhalt ss1
00:04:12i.will.own.u gjk
00:05:11i.will.own.u gj
00:05:15Xeros shit
00:05:16Jonneblarre why stun there?
00:05:36Xeros naix slow?
00:05:39Xeros gang up
00:05:44i.will.own.u ss
00:05:46i.will.own.u 2
00:05:55rtg800 ss
00:06:07i.will.own.u ss2
00:06:10i.will.own.u care
00:06:19Jonneblarre 'focus who?
00:06:29Marhalt re
00:06:44i.will.own.u told ui
00:06:51FirstBlood ss mid
00:06:59Marhalt u have naix mid?
00:07:09Jonneblarre can some1 upgrade chick?
00:07:23Jonneblarre thrall
00:07:24rtg800 ss
00:07:37rtg800 gank bot
00:07:40Jonneblarre thrall
00:07:44Jonneblarre upgrade chick
00:07:46FirstBlood care bot
00:07:47Shinja u cap ? no :D
00:07:48FirstBlood ss mid
00:08:09i.will.own.u omw mid
00:08:19FirstBlood look at chat pls
00:08:29i.will.own.u ?
00:08:33Xeros lvl 6 gang
00:08:34Xeros naix
00:08:34Jonneblarre sven
00:08:35rtg800 inc bot
00:08:42Xeros b
00:08:45FirstBlood i told ss
00:08:48i.will.own.u yy
00:08:52poskus its ok
00:08:55poskus he died as well
00:09:03i.will.own.u gj
00:09:06Firoga ss
00:09:24Jonneblarre 'care
00:10:01Steuerfreak lkol
00:10:07i.will.own.u gj
00:10:10FirstBlood i will make mekansm
00:10:12Xeros d
00:10:38Xeros second
00:10:44i.will.own.u ss
00:10:59Steuerfreak lol
00:11:00poskus gj
00:11:03Steuerfreak lvl 9
00:11:03Jonneblarre g
00:11:04i.will.own.u invis
00:11:05Steuerfreak mid
00:11:06Steuerfreak ...
00:11:13FirstBlood me rune
00:11:18Steuerfreak viper without boots early
00:11:20Steuerfreak serious?
00:11:26rtg800 4 deaths
00:12:02Jonneblarre nice
00:12:04Jonneblarre wp
00:12:14i.will.own.u hahah
00:12:14Shinja gg wp top
00:12:17i.will.own.u ownage
00:12:20i.will.own.u get some twrs
00:12:21poskus zeus
00:12:22poskus ult
00:12:22poskus ?
00:12:23poskus :D
00:12:28Xeros def mid
00:12:29i.will.own.u tell me
00:12:31poskus now
00:12:32poskus :D
00:12:37i.will.own.u tard
00:12:38poskus fuck
00:12:39poskus he tped
00:12:42i.will.own.u tard
00:13:16i.will.own.u omfg
00:13:16i.will.own.u æam,e
00:13:18i.will.own.u als,fsd,gdfh
00:13:25Jonneblarre wp
00:13:49FirstBlood we have to gang fast and gang a lot naix
00:14:55FirstBlood goal push mid
00:16:23Jonneblarre sk gj farming top
00:16:28Jonneblarre whole time
00:17:03Steuerfreak go
00:17:42i.will.own.u what about u sd
00:17:44i.will.own.u u just farm
00:17:46i.will.own.u and got nothing
00:17:47i.will.own.u tard
00:17:50FirstBlood sd come with us
00:17:51FirstBlood or gg
00:17:57FirstBlood naix start to have farm
00:18:04i.will.own.u so stupid
00:18:38FirstBlood get tower
00:18:43Jonneblarre ffs
00:18:45Jonneblarre come
00:18:52Xeros all mid
00:19:02Jonneblarre u guys are so bads
00:19:08Jonneblarre bad*
00:19:32Steuerfreak wow
00:20:49i.will.own.u hjmmm
00:21:02Jonneblarre mid tower
00:21:03FirstBlood and now
00:21:09FirstBlood go get other tower
00:21:09FirstBlood s
00:21:11FirstBlood towers
00:21:15i.will.own.u y
00:21:19i.will.own.u this first
00:21:28i.will.own.u get dagger
00:21:40Jonneblarre to alte
00:21:40i.will.own.u i got smoke
00:21:40Jonneblarre b
00:21:41FirstBlood go top
00:21:43FirstBlood nice
00:21:44Jonneblarre all re
00:21:51Steuerfreak gather or gg
00:21:53i.will.own.u wait
00:21:56i.will.own.u i smoke aftert rtwr
00:21:57Marhalt comi
00:22:05i.will.own.u ¨i smoke after twr
00:22:14rtg800 gather
00:22:35Steuerfreak one by one
00:22:39FirstBlood go
00:22:39Steuerfreak sk
00:22:41Steuerfreak useless
00:22:43FirstBlood i can heal
00:22:46i.will.own.u gj team
00:22:55i.will.own.u ncie smoke
00:23:04FirstBlood go bot
00:23:04FirstBlood now
00:23:55Jonneblarre all now
00:23:57Jonneblarre u 2 sk
00:24:29i.will.own.u b
00:24:31FirstBlood b
00:24:49FirstBlood tiny we need your dagger
00:24:54Firoga 1.6
00:25:02Xeros mid
00:25:04i.will.own.u but we get some twrs.. thats good
00:25:04Xeros tower
00:25:06i.will.own.u they havent any
00:25:07FirstBlood naix stat have items
00:25:11FirstBlood we have to push
00:25:13FirstBlood soon
00:25:17i.will.own.u y
00:25:19FirstBlood gang and push
00:25:42Xeros trall buy wards omfg
00:25:50Shinja u farmed whole game
00:25:56Shinja why dont u do sth. 4 the team, feeder
00:26:10Jonneblarre ju7st buy wards
00:26:11FirstBlood tp
00:26:13Jonneblarre ur support
00:26:30Shinja and sk is carry ? :D
00:26:31i.will.own.u gh
00:26:39Xeros go
00:26:43Shinja same items like me, but farming whole game
00:26:43Jonneblarre he needs dagger and stuff
00:26:44Shinja ubernoobsk
00:26:45i.will.own.u wp blue
00:26:49FirstBlood >D
00:26:51i.will.own.u carry tp
00:27:25Xeros we need pipe
00:27:27rtg800 ill make pipe
00:27:27Steuerfreak ill go
00:27:27FirstBlood now
00:27:27Jonneblarre we
00:27:27FirstBlood gang
00:27:27Jonneblarre need
00:27:27FirstBlood and push
00:27:27i.will.own.u ,....
00:27:27Jonneblarre teamplay
00:27:27Shinja sk, ever used ur ulti ? :D
00:27:27i.will.own.u sd is not useful anyway
00:27:27Xeros it dosn t true
00:27:32FirstBlood b
00:27:34FirstBlood now
00:27:49Steuerfreak sk ulti
00:27:52Xeros y
00:27:59Xeros go rosh
00:28:00rtg800 get waeds
00:28:02rtg800 need wards
00:28:05Steuerfreak GO WITH US
00:28:07Steuerfreak sk
00:28:08Steuerfreak noob
00:28:10Jonneblarre place there
00:28:20Xeros go mid
00:28:35i.will.own.u bad
00:28:46i.will.own.u sad to run into 5
00:28:49Steuerfreak sk fulöl mana
00:28:50Steuerfreak no stun
00:28:52Steuerfreak serious?
00:28:54Shinja hes ubernoob
00:28:57Xeros fast
00:29:06FirstBlood they have rosh now
00:29:09i.will.own.u care
00:29:13i.will.own.u y
00:29:15Jonneblarre i take
00:29:16i.will.own.u for naiz
00:29:27i.will.own.u ...
00:29:30Steuerfreak sk
00:29:32Steuerfreak y no stun?
00:29:47FirstBlood wtf
00:29:50i.will.own.u hmmm
00:29:55i.will.own.u why??
00:30:01i.will.own.u now u start to lose the game.. nice team
00:30:13Jonneblarre b
00:30:34Jonneblarre just b
00:30:56FirstBlood wards smoke
00:31:01FirstBlood that is no important
00:31:33Xeros b
00:31:35Xeros thx
00:32:03poskus fail fail fail
00:32:17i.will.own.u wtf
00:32:19i.will.own.u gayteam
00:32:20FirstBlood wtf
00:32:30poskus I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:39i.will.own.u u are all uselesss!!!!
00:32:45Firoga shut up
00:32:47i.will.own.u fu
00:32:49i.will.own.u rly
00:33:01Steuerfreak bb
00:33:03Steuerfreak dont die
00:33:04Jonneblarre b
00:33:10Steuerfreak got pipe
00:33:10FirstBlood yeus wfz are you building mekansm
00:33:13FirstBlood when i have it
00:33:15FirstBlood make piep
00:33:18i.will.own.u yy
00:33:34FirstBlood its not lost yet
00:33:37i.will.own.u close
00:33:39FirstBlood one good gang
00:33:48FirstBlood buy wards
00:33:51poskus all?
00:33:52FirstBlood and smoke
00:33:57FirstBlood and go just together
00:34:10Xeros b
00:34:40poskus ff now? :DD
00:34:42Jonneblarre i go bot towerr
00:34:44i.will.own.u leave sd
00:34:45i.will.own.u sucker
00:34:49poskus :DDDDD
00:34:57i.will.own.u shit team
00:34:58poskus i atleast almost killed viper
00:35:00poskus what did u do
00:35:02poskus mr pro
00:35:03poskus ?
00:35:05i.will.own.u nothing cause u fucked uit up
00:35:10poskus :DDD
00:35:13i.will.own.u yeah fun
00:35:16i.will.own.u that u suck
00:35:16poskus ah another troll
00:35:29i.will.own.u sure
00:35:30i.will.own.u tard
00:35:34poskus the only thing
00:35:35Xeros care naix
00:35:38Jonneblarre y
00:35:39poskus that sucks now
00:35:41i.will.own.u bla bla bla
00:35:44poskus is my chick sucking my dick
00:35:44poskus ok
00:35:59Jonneblarre b top
00:36:07Jonneblarre im not there
00:36:26Jonneblarre reg bot
00:36:30Xeros b
00:36:38Jonneblarre gather and push raxx
00:36:41Xeros gang mid
00:37:08Xeros b
00:37:38Xeros omg
00:37:43Jonneblarre go raxx
00:37:43Xeros nice
00:37:51Firoga zeus medallion
00:37:52Firoga gg
00:37:56i.will.own.u shh
00:38:10Firoga zEUS MEKASM GG
00:38:11Firoga OMG
00:38:13Firoga BLUE HAD IT
00:38:23Steuerfreak b
00:38:26poskus hes pro
00:38:29Steuerfreak b
00:38:30poskus stfu all
00:38:30poskus :D
00:38:30Steuerfreak just
00:38:31Steuerfreak b
00:38:53i.will.own.u nice teamline up
00:38:54i.will.own.u no carry
00:39:38Jonneblarre rosh again
00:39:41Jonneblarre then finish
00:40:24Steuerfreak bb
00:40:34Steuerfreak ward at base
00:40:34poskus 2x5
00:40:35Steuerfreak no space
00:40:38poskus wh8 for all
00:40:40FirstBlood gang
00:41:55Jonneblarre okay now base
00:42:17Jonneblarre bloddlust
00:43:02i.will.own.u useless
00:43:03i.will.own.u simply
00:43:57Steuerfreak invi
00:44:01Jonneblarre i take
00:44:55Marhalt I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:55Firoga I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:48FirstBlood i dont understant why have to play with suckers
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