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-45 X
-2 TS

94% | 1589 X | 1570 TS

-2 X
-2 TS

91% | 1533 X | 1513 TS

-20 X
-2 TS

83% | 1423 X | 1450 TS

-32 X
-2 TS

78% | 1347 X | 1467 TS

-1 X
-2 TS

59% | 1260 X | 1342 TS

+21 X
+1 TS

98% | 1810 X | 1614 TS

+8 X
+2 TS

96% | 1724 X | 1552 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

68% | 1277 X | 1409 TS

+58 X
+11 TS

59% | 1268 X | 1327 TS

+0 X
+2 TS

51% | 1145 X | 1347 TS

Chat log

00:00:20BoNeshaw i wanna carry with pa
00:00:20Sepetos -treant
00:00:20WantedZip SF
00:01:07BoNeshaw supports now
00:01:15Kanki someone want this?
00:01:26zonskass no
00:01:26Kanki zonskass?
00:01:28niacniac me
00:01:30Kanki ok
00:01:31que2stress dazzle
00:01:36Kanki give me ogre
00:01:41Sepetos ckalle im mid
00:01:45Kanki -swap 4
00:01:45niacniac -swap
00:01:47Ckalle ff
00:01:51niacniac -swap 3
00:01:55BoNeshaw now mby sven
00:02:00que2stress y
00:02:09Ckalle pugna is the weakest dual lane hero in the entire game
00:02:17Ckalle please tell me u wanna do retarded lanes before I pick
00:02:20Ckalle so I can adjust.
00:02:27Kanki pugna
00:02:29Kanki come bot
00:02:41Sepetos does it surprise u im midsolo ?
00:02:42BoNeshaw sven top
00:02:45Sepetos share chick
00:02:49Ckalle with void
00:02:50Ckalle yeah
00:02:51Ckalle it does.
00:02:59Sepetos always mid void
00:03:00BoNeshaw zip make soulring?
00:03:03nigulas im on noobspree past few weeks
00:03:04nigulas so gl
00:03:05Ckalle !mute all
00:03:17zonskass care down
00:03:22zonskass they have rune mb
00:03:25BoNeshaw pull plz
00:03:26nigulas but ima make sure
00:03:29nigulas mort stays alive
00:03:37zonskass re
00:03:52Ckalle please
00:03:53Ckalle let me farm
00:03:53zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:57zonskass \artak
00:04:15zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Nerubian Assassin [e,r,v,b]
00:04:51Ckalle WOW
00:04:53Ckalle U FUCKING AFK
00:05:01Ckalle I'll go woods
00:05:18nigulas no fear tacts
00:06:06niacniac rly ?
00:06:07BoNeshaw ss
00:06:08BoNeshaw pugna
00:06:11niacniac then kill
00:06:14Kanki miss
00:07:54que2stress ss top
00:08:17Ckalle ahbahahaha
00:08:25que2stress rofl
00:08:26que2stress cast
00:08:26Sepetos flying someone?
00:08:27que2stress hero
00:08:27que2stress cast
00:08:28que2stress ;D+
00:08:44BoNeshaw miss ogre
00:08:45BoNeshaw went river
00:09:08Sepetos midmiss
00:09:22Kanki miss top?
00:09:25Sepetos got midas
00:09:26Sepetos no flying?
00:09:27niacniac he was dead
00:09:46niacniac ss top
00:10:19nigulas eat
00:10:20nigulas tango
00:10:24BoNeshaw ty
00:10:27nigulas go twr
00:10:50Sepetos gg
00:10:52Sepetos 2guys dive to tower
00:10:55Sepetos both in chrono
00:10:57Sepetos no help with tp:S
00:10:58nigulas winned
00:10:58nigulas .com
00:11:01Sepetos that is how u support
00:11:09BoNeshaw good trade
00:11:14nigulas y
00:11:46niacniac ss top
00:11:47BoNeshaw midas
00:11:58WantedZip ss
00:12:31nigulas go farm
00:12:32nigulas pa
00:12:32nigulas we here
00:12:36BoNeshaw kk
00:13:05Ckalle go twr
00:13:26nigulas twr
00:13:26RalleBrazil dont have money for tp
00:14:45zonskass imba
00:14:51Ckalle I can't do anything before meka
00:14:55Sepetos lol
00:14:56Sepetos b4 meka
00:14:57Ckalle and since u wouldn't let me farm it
00:14:59Sepetos who makes meka to pugna
00:15:00Sepetos :DDD
00:15:16zonskass try win hard
00:15:20zonskass we have chance
00:15:20nigulas come
00:15:21nigulas mana
00:15:31que2stress like it
00:15:35niacniac ss
00:15:35Ckalle 2 here
00:15:38zonskass care top
00:15:48BoNeshaw let me
00:15:58Kanki ulti before :D
00:16:01Kanki u had all three there
00:16:12niacniac i had not enought mana
00:16:31que2stress go on
00:16:34zonskass i dead top
00:16:38Kanki pugna farming
00:16:40Kanki yeippii
00:17:05WantedZip b heal and go mid ?!
00:17:29que2stress 15 min
00:17:30zonskass and they pwning witout sven :/
00:17:31que2stress and all towers
00:17:34Ckalle now if u can just get some wards up this is our game
00:17:46Ckalle atm we have fight advantage
00:17:49Ckalle cus of mek
00:18:16nigulas hi sven
00:18:20que2stress my fail
00:18:25que2stress rly
00:18:28que2stress my fail
00:18:29nigulas why no1 atack ward?
00:18:30nigulas that killed me
00:18:38WantedZip i thought it was our :D
00:18:40WantedZip haha
00:18:40que2stress actually na killed you
00:18:44nigulas i lost
00:18:45nigulas 50%
00:18:45que2stress but i thought
00:18:46nigulas hp
00:18:47nigulas to ward
00:18:48nigulas after all spells
00:18:49BoNeshaw i should have taken ward :(
00:18:51zonskass give dmg to void always
00:18:51que2stress that when na killed you
00:18:53que2stress that is was me
00:18:58que2stress so i stayed absolutley passive
00:19:04que2stress for a while :D
00:19:05nigulas buy sentry
00:19:05nigulas rhasta
00:19:07nigulas i got room
00:19:07Ckalle na/ogre
00:19:08nigulas no money
00:19:10Ckalle we need vision
00:19:12que2stress ty
00:19:19que2stress def bot
00:19:23nigulas come
00:19:44zonskass this sven litle bastard
00:20:12Ckalle don't go further without wards
00:20:19que2stress go base
00:20:26Ckalle why back void
00:20:28Ckalle lol
00:20:28que2stress need
00:20:29Kanki def mid?
00:20:29que2stress sven
00:20:31Sepetos cause no mana?
00:20:34Kanki bot imean
00:20:35BoNeshaw dont dive
00:20:38que2stress y
00:20:39que2stress let my wards
00:20:47Ckalle fight
00:21:21BoNeshaw ok no more crazy pushing
00:21:21BoNeshaw gg
00:21:23nigulas the fuck is this shit?
00:21:25nigulas this sven
00:21:26nigulas fucking
00:21:27nigulas blows
00:21:37que2stress sven
00:21:38que2stress wtf
00:21:42BoNeshaw and sven goes die aloen
00:21:44que2stress imba svens :D
00:21:44zonskass suicide
00:21:46nigulas 2x in a row
00:21:56BoNeshaw i go farm now
00:21:59BoNeshaw and u take it easy
00:22:00que2stress y
00:22:23Sepetos yea take tower
00:22:36Sepetos soon ulti
00:23:15Sepetos farm magnus good
00:23:21zonskass fucking your ultui
00:23:23Kanki more farm magnus
00:23:42zonskass b
00:23:42Kanki tele
00:23:43Kanki now
00:23:43zonskass dead
00:23:44Ckalle -ii
00:23:47que2stress no tp
00:24:08Ckalle go rosh and end imo
00:24:10nigulas wtf
00:24:32niacniac -unstuck
00:24:34zonskass :D
00:24:35BoNeshaw i come
00:24:36que2stress let ,me
00:24:37BoNeshaw jump
00:24:39BoNeshaw let me kill
00:24:53niacniac xd
00:24:55nigulas still that noob
00:24:56BoNeshaw for fucks sake
00:24:56nigulas takes
00:25:02nigulas fucking gc
00:25:07niacniac your chicken is faster than mine
00:25:21que2stress sven
00:25:22Kanki they will push top now
00:25:22que2stress come?
00:25:29Kanki lets def
00:25:40Ckalle almost got rebuy
00:25:44Ckalle if I get 1 kill I got it
00:25:47que2stress go
00:26:15nigulas OK
00:26:21que2stress well
00:26:22que2stress turtle
00:26:27WantedZip turtle what ?
00:26:28WantedZip void
00:26:30que2stress y
00:26:35que2stress as were unable to
00:26:38que2stress push
00:26:39nigulas i dont undestand
00:26:42nigulas that magnus
00:26:45nigulas is 200m away from me
00:26:45niacniac magic ?
00:26:46niacniac :D
00:26:47BoNeshaw u are retards
00:26:47nigulas still gets in ulti
00:26:50BoNeshaw u did it again
00:26:51BoNeshaw -...
00:26:54BoNeshaw free feed to them
00:26:55Sepetos looks like it
00:27:15niacniac critik
00:27:16niacniac -.-
00:27:17nigulas na
00:27:20niacniac blade inc
00:27:26BoNeshaw heal
00:27:28BoNeshaw me
00:27:40Kanki we just need void to get fat
00:27:41niacniac sentries
00:27:43niacniac care na
00:27:52Kanki oh
00:27:53Kanki illu
00:27:53que2stress u push again?
00:27:54Kanki :D
00:27:57Kanki na
00:27:58Kanki get b
00:28:00nigulas we cant
00:28:02nigulas turtle
00:28:03nigulas void
00:28:06BoNeshaw we can
00:28:07BoNeshaw ffs
00:28:09que2stress we cant push wither
00:28:19que2stress alche and pa
00:28:21que2stress and dazzle
00:28:26que2stress why cant we turtle
00:28:30nigulas void
00:28:31nigulas owns pa
00:28:32nigulas late?
00:28:33BoNeshaw we should farm
00:28:34BoNeshaw no
00:28:38BoNeshaw we got alche also
00:28:45nigulas they
00:28:46nigulas get magnus
00:28:47nigulas void ulti
00:28:49nigulas and this
00:28:49nigulas gg
00:28:54BoNeshaw so
00:28:54Ckalle got vlads now 2
00:28:57Sepetos go
00:28:57BoNeshaw pushing aint gonna help
00:28:58Sepetos rosh
00:29:02zonskass varded
00:29:02Sepetos buff me
00:29:09Ckalle force fight
00:29:19BoNeshaw come all
00:29:25Sepetos i take aegis
00:29:25nigulas ret team
00:29:26nigulas is ret
00:29:39Sepetos mid?
00:29:41Kanki y
00:29:46BoNeshaw b
00:29:46BoNeshaw all
00:29:46nigulas fuck
00:29:47BoNeshaw b
00:29:47BoNeshaw b
00:29:47BoNeshaw b
00:29:48BoNeshaw b
00:29:50Ckalle k omw
00:29:53BoNeshaw b
00:29:53BoNeshaw b
00:29:57BoNeshaw b
00:29:58BoNeshaw odopts
00:30:01que2stress rofl
00:30:02que2stress pugna
00:30:03que2stress is not here
00:30:05Sepetos buff
00:30:06que2stress and u dont fight
00:30:06BoNeshaw wtyf
00:30:07que2stress 5v4
00:30:10BoNeshaw wtf
00:30:13BoNeshaw they just got aegis
00:30:13Ckalle gather
00:30:15Ckalle heall
00:30:16BoNeshaw and comin with 5
00:30:18BoNeshaw and u go alone
00:30:19que2stress pugna
00:30:22que2stress was deffing bot
00:30:22BoNeshaw stay at base
00:30:23que2stress damnit
00:30:25BoNeshaw so
00:30:28BoNeshaw they took aegis
00:30:31Sepetos magnus b ready to blink
00:30:37que2stress ah and when pugna comes back
00:30:39BoNeshaw ffs
00:30:40que2stress they wont have aiegis
00:30:42Sepetos ah no blink
00:30:45Sepetos ocrours
00:30:48que2stress makes senes
00:31:13Sepetos buff
00:31:19nigulas see what i mean?
00:31:28nigulas easyest ultis for combo
00:31:32nigulas and sinec
00:31:33nigulas this sven
00:31:36BoNeshaw ofc if we push in a pile
00:31:36nigulas has soloed
00:31:37nigulas whole game
00:31:38BoNeshaw so they got the items
00:31:39BoNeshaw ...
00:31:40que2stress actually we lose
00:31:42BoNeshaw we had more farm
00:31:44WantedZip 15 min we had to take mid
00:31:51Ckalle Another successful solo win by the only guy in #gc that realises the importance of Auras.
00:32:00nigulas u?
00:32:01nigulas fucking
00:32:02Sepetos :DD
00:32:02nigulas ckalle
00:32:03nigulas again
00:32:04nigulas with tih
00:32:05nigulas s
00:32:08nigulas "im pro"
00:32:08nigulas shit
00:32:10que2stress solo win by rallebrazil u mean?
00:32:16nigulas go fucking
00:32:16nigulas play
00:32:22nigulas somewhere
00:32:25nigulas else if ur so "pro"
00:32:28nigulas ret
00:32:36nigulas what did u lose in gc?
00:32:39nigulas "progamer"
00:32:41Ckalle btw got !mute so can't see all the trashtalk :)
00:32:47niacniac !mute
00:32:49nigulas btww
00:32:51nigulas dont give a fuck
00:32:53que2stress btw u dont
00:32:59BoNeshaw nod ust
00:32:59Kanki go top
00:33:03BoNeshaw no ponit
00:33:08Ckalle but if u would watch this game and not know I was the one playing Pugna
00:33:09Ckalle u'd see
00:33:11Ckalle it's a solo win
00:33:15que2stress Rofl
00:33:17que2stress its lose
00:33:20que2stress cause sven
00:33:23que2stress never in teamfight
00:33:34WantedZip I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:37que2stress I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:41WantedZip Next game plz
00:34:22BoNeshaw they have ultis?
00:35:12nigulas I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:30Sepetos pugnas aura win thats true
00:36:35Sepetos win creps with otherlane than us
00:36:36nigulas ff guys?
00:37:14Kanki -st
00:37:20Sepetos magna no blink
00:37:23Sepetos that is just epic
00:37:27Sepetos once again i win game for u
00:38:01Ckalle !mute off
00:38:02Ckalle gg wp
00:38:16Ckalle ty sven for sucking
00:39:05Sepetos magnus go
00:39:30nigulas lold
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