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-13 X
-4 TS

57% | 1266 X | 1298 TS

-4 X
-2 TS

52% | 1165 X | 1350 TS

+3 X
-1 TS

46% | 1128 X | 1315 TS

-20 X
-4 TS

21% | 1023 X | 1208 TS

-28 X
-1 TS

20% | 1002 X | 1223 TS

+16 X
+1 TS

88% | 1515 X | 1461 TS

+12 X
+21 TS

36% | 1087 X | 1279 TS

-10 X
+22 TS

28% | 1113 X | 1175 TS

+23 X
+1 TS

22% | 987 X | 1266 TS

+29 X
+7 TS

7% | 958 X | 1093 TS

Chat log

00:00:12robobob i go dazzle babysitt
00:00:19Puppetmaster and something what was better at dl, too
00:00:19-.- -lich
00:00:23Puppetmaster random modes
00:00:23Defloratio lycan ban him
00:00:23Puppetmaster not every time xd
00:00:23pWny- -roof
00:00:32pWny- i go lion mid
00:00:35Defloratio k
00:00:38Defloratio get lycan
00:00:41mansikka lion mid
00:00:42mansikka lol
00:00:42Defloratio then
00:00:43KolleBolle lycan
00:00:43mansikka ok
00:00:48Banana -restart pool
00:00:49robobob u and me and u can harass like mad and i heal u
00:00:53robobob '+
00:00:55robobob ?
00:01:09Defloratio i will go aka
00:01:15sebralane lyca wood?
00:01:18mansikka y
00:01:24Defloratio let me solo bot
00:01:25Defloratio then
00:01:28sebralane nah me
00:01:31robobob 1 late pls
00:01:33Defloratio oh didnt see you
00:01:34Defloratio oke
00:01:41KolleBolle WTF
00:01:43sebralane :)
00:01:44robobob nice 1 melee with me top
00:01:49KolleBolle what to pick rly :S
00:01:51robobob i pull and heal
00:01:53sebralane emm
00:01:53pWny- if you play a good trax
00:01:55pWny- with silence
00:01:55sebralane wr?
00:01:56pWny- it could help
00:01:57Defloratio undi !
00:01:58Puppetmaster sven with dazzle
00:02:00Puppetmaster i sup
00:02:02Defloratio -.-
00:02:03sebralane undi imba too
00:02:05Puppetmaster idc tbh
00:02:06sebralane we kinda paper
00:02:06pWny- ya
00:02:07sebralane vs them
00:02:08pWny- but we need silence
00:02:13sebralane ck sven imba dps
00:02:20Banana -ma
00:02:23pWny- we got only 1 stun
00:02:27pWny- we will loose hard -.-
00:02:27mansikka trax top
00:02:27Defloratio lycan go bkb
00:02:29Defloratio !!!
00:02:31sebralane i got disable to
00:02:32mansikka ofc
00:02:34Puppetmaster shall i disable skill or with lightninh?
00:02:39sebralane 2,5sek stun
00:02:43-.- 1x shackle
00:02:46-.- max spam
00:02:49Puppetmaster ok
00:02:58Puppetmaster just say with lightning, i know the regular skills
00:03:00Puppetmaster no noob
00:03:01sebralane lycan u pull too?
00:03:04mansikka y
00:03:08Puppetmaster ill take
00:03:08pWny- k
00:03:09Puppetmaster ok?
00:03:11-.- sure
00:03:11Defloratio rune down
00:03:27robobob i pull first
00:04:07Puppetmaster ill let you lkasthits
00:04:13Pieti y
00:04:25robobob last hit man
00:04:28robobob or i will
00:04:32sebralane ss
00:05:19robobob i pull next
00:05:32pWny- miw mi
00:05:57Defloratio gj
00:06:01pWny- thanx
00:06:29Puppetmaster rune top
00:06:33pWny- mom
00:06:34pWny- wait me
00:06:35pWny- wait
00:06:35pWny- mom
00:06:37Defloratio ya ya
00:06:42Defloratio mom ?
00:06:43pWny- k
00:06:43Defloratio Xd
00:06:44pWny- ho
00:07:03pWny- very good job
00:07:06-.- akasha miss
00:07:07-.- i guess
00:07:13Defloratio SAME
00:07:13robobob fuck
00:07:16robobob sry was pulling
00:07:19robobob sven noob
00:07:49Puppetmaster gj
00:07:50pWny- he feeds good
00:07:51-.- i mean
00:07:53Pieti u2
00:07:54-.- u dont put a rune ward??
00:07:58Defloratio ^^
00:08:00-.- and put that?
00:08:07Puppetmaster nobstick
00:08:08Puppetmaster ty
00:08:10Defloratio omw down
00:08:17Defloratio come lycan
00:08:20Defloratio also
00:08:27mansikka ok,.
00:08:28Puppetmaster go
00:08:31Defloratio where the fuck is rune
00:08:35pWny- dunno -.-
00:08:36Defloratio gio
00:08:39robobob stil lss
00:08:52pWny- miss mid
00:09:23-.- CARE TOP
00:09:24-.- LION INC
00:09:26-.- HE IS LVL7
00:09:30pWny- kill
00:09:35pWny- b
00:09:56Defloratio i have dd
00:09:57pWny- miss mid
00:10:06Puppetmaster dont let him farm
00:10:08Defloratio let him push
00:10:12Puppetmaster b
00:10:17Puppetmaster now
00:10:29Defloratio b
00:10:30KolleBolle miss
00:10:30KolleBolle 2
00:10:31pWny- jo
00:10:33Defloratio b
00:10:40pWny- damned
00:10:42pWny- didnt see rhasta
00:11:04robobob freefarm
00:11:24pWny- b
00:11:26pWny- lesh comes
00:11:37pWny- xcoming
00:11:40Defloratio -.-
00:12:07pWny- b
00:12:08pWny- b
00:12:13Defloratio omw top
00:12:23pWny- deflo
00:12:24pWny- get sven
00:12:26Defloratio omw
00:12:35Defloratio b
00:12:42Defloratio b
00:12:59Defloratio def top
00:13:03pWny- rhasta warded our woods
00:13:15pWny- focus dazzle or lesh
00:14:03Defloratio fuck me
00:14:05Defloratio ffs
00:14:08Defloratio fucking lesh
00:14:15pWny- arghs
00:14:27robobob soon meka
00:14:31Defloratio trax why didint you go reg
00:14:33Defloratio why come
00:14:45robobob pipe after
00:14:52Defloratio b
00:14:54Defloratio b
00:14:54Defloratio b
00:15:04pWny- gogogo
00:15:05pWny- gogogo
00:15:23Defloratio gogogo
00:15:36Puppetmaster b
00:16:09Puppetmaster omw
00:16:11pWny- here sentry
00:16:14pWny- wards here
00:16:26Banana what item should i make?
00:16:36Banana bkb+
00:16:38Defloratio some1 farm mid
00:16:38Banana ?
00:16:39robobob gem?
00:16:40-.- y
00:16:41Puppetmaster cover me
00:16:42Puppetmaster ffs
00:16:42-.- dagger + bkb
00:16:42pWny- i go
00:16:43-.- etc
00:16:44Puppetmaster no
00:16:49Puppetmaster they ssee me
00:17:07pWny- hlp
00:17:21pWny- wtf
00:17:23pWny- they are everywehere
00:17:33Puppetmaster gj lyc
00:17:42Puppetmaster unfortunaly my team wasnt very clever
00:17:59Defloratio sry cant help you
00:18:04mansikka y
00:18:22Puppetmaster cover me
00:18:24Puppetmaster when i ward
00:18:27Puppetmaster they see me
00:18:31Puppetmaster cause their warded too
00:18:40pWny- oom
00:18:49pWny- good job
00:18:55robobob why not push bot
00:18:56robobob lesh
00:19:03Defloratio come to me
00:19:12-.- coming now
00:19:14-.- to push bot
00:19:26pWny- good job
00:19:27-.- sentry
00:19:27-.- there
00:19:28-.- care
00:19:31pWny- lycan
00:19:32pWny- stop woods
00:19:34pWny- and try push
00:19:37pWny- plz
00:19:41pWny- we need soem tower
00:19:46Defloratio b
00:19:49Defloratio im oom
00:19:59pWny- bb
00:19:59pWny- b
00:20:00pWny- b
00:20:00mansikka oh ok
00:20:00pWny- b
00:20:12Defloratio told ya to go b :/
00:20:17pWny- port
00:20:17pWny- fast
00:20:38Defloratio no famr on trax ...
00:20:40Defloratio farm ..
00:20:40pWny- kill
00:21:06Puppetmaster low storm
00:21:09pWny- come storm
00:21:10pWny- mid
00:21:37Defloratio trax is bad :
00:21:39KolleBolle lucky fucking tard
00:21:44KolleBolle i'm?
00:21:48Defloratio he was silenced
00:21:56KolleBolle yes?
00:21:58KolleBolle and?
00:21:59Defloratio and why did you run
00:22:03KolleBolle shuld i tank creeps
00:22:07Defloratio why just hit
00:22:08KolleBolle i culd kill him
00:22:10KolleBolle easly
00:22:11KolleBolle so
00:22:13Defloratio i know
00:22:16-.- take it
00:22:20Defloratio pause pls
00:22:22pWny- someone pipe?
00:22:22robobob what does ts depend on, kills lvl deaths?
00:22:22-.- x does
00:22:22-.- not ts
00:22:22robobob k
00:22:22-.- ts win or lose
00:22:22robobob assist also?
00:22:22-.- yeah
00:22:22-.- everything
00:22:22-.- basically
00:22:22robobob k
00:22:22robobob thx
00:22:22Puppetmaster idk, but it wont recognize that i let carry lasthit, bought wards and chicken and harrased lycan
00:22:22sebralane what u doing yellow
00:22:22Defloratio re
00:22:22Puppetmaster --> bad system
00:22:24robobob y
00:22:29-.- lets go all bot
00:22:36robobob a win is a win i think
00:22:37Puppetmaster i antiward
00:22:38Puppetmaster fast
00:22:45pWny- lol
00:22:51Puppetmaster puh
00:22:51pWny- lucker :D
00:22:59Puppetmaster kinda
00:23:04Puppetmaster warded
00:23:10Puppetmaster i antiward now
00:23:11Defloratio care
00:23:12Puppetmaster cover me
00:23:14Puppetmaster bot rune
00:23:19pWny- we have to gnag
00:23:21-.- we could also
00:23:22Puppetmaster they see you
00:23:22-.- take roshan
00:23:23Defloratio l
00:23:27Puppetmaster warded...
00:23:27-.- goes pretty fast
00:23:31-.- antiward it
00:23:34Puppetmaster omw
00:23:40pWny- come all
00:23:41Defloratio b
00:23:42pWny- smoke
00:23:43pWny- run
00:23:49mansikka they rosh
00:23:51-.- fake mid
00:23:52-.- a sec
00:23:53Puppetmaster they now
00:23:56Defloratio come all
00:23:59mansikka or no
00:24:01-.- go now
00:24:02-.- gogo
00:24:03-.- rosh
00:24:07pWny- b
00:24:19pWny- trax we need good lothar
00:24:23pWny- AEH
00:24:24-.- we fight
00:24:24Defloratio b
00:24:25Defloratio b
00:24:25-.- if they come
00:24:27Defloratio ffs
00:24:27robobob y
00:24:28pWny- silecne
00:24:38Defloratio lycan needs bkb
00:24:38Defloratio fast
00:24:47pWny- go
00:24:52Defloratio b
00:24:55Defloratio dont
00:24:56Defloratio go now
00:24:57-.- def top
00:25:02Puppetmaster no tp left
00:25:13-.- im brb ase
00:25:14-.- base
00:25:15-.- got bkb
00:25:18pWny- kill dazzle instant
00:25:18Defloratio to base
00:25:21Defloratio oke
00:25:22Puppetmaster regen top
00:25:24Puppetmaster bot
00:25:26pWny- no
00:25:27pWny- get mid now
00:25:28Defloratio you ult him
00:25:29-.- u can take it
00:25:31Defloratio and me
00:25:31-.- im already here
00:25:38pWny- jo
00:25:46Puppetmaster mid
00:25:52Puppetmaster dont wont
00:25:53Puppetmaster i guess
00:25:59Puppetmaster heard sound of ward
00:26:11Puppetmaster where did they ward??
00:26:14sebralane 200 to bs
00:26:18pWny- k
00:26:18pWny- b
00:26:19pWny- b
00:26:24-.- go bot
00:26:27-.- come all
00:26:31Puppetmaster guess there is a ward
00:26:39-.- come ffs
00:26:41-.- DONT GO
00:26:42-.- TOP WATER
00:26:44mansikka :<
00:26:45-.- they are there
00:26:53-.- zzz
00:26:53-.- guys
00:27:00Puppetmaster <-- dumb
00:27:05pWny- now mid
00:27:07pWny- hes downlane
00:27:08pWny- lesh
00:27:09-.- come bot ffs
00:27:09Defloratio oke
00:27:10-.- why the fuck
00:27:12pWny- get mid now
00:27:12-.- are u there
00:27:14pWny- and top after
00:27:15Puppetmaster this ward war is annoying
00:27:21Puppetmaster i treid to antiward
00:27:37Defloratio fuck
00:27:47pWny- LOL
00:27:48pWny- damned
00:27:49mansikka b
00:27:51pWny- gem
00:27:51Defloratio push mid
00:27:59pWny- good job storm
00:27:59Defloratio ah nwm
00:28:07-.- the thing is
00:28:10-.- you guys are so ceparate
00:28:11-.- and that sucks
00:28:16-.- please listen
00:28:16Puppetmaster destroy gem??
00:28:18-.- what i say
00:28:26robobob leave it in base
00:28:32-.- now sven dies
00:28:33-.- probably
00:28:49-.- so sad
00:28:50robobob sven fight there
00:29:03pWny- i dropped gem ;(
00:29:07-.- can we plase
00:29:08sebralane where
00:29:08-.- please
00:29:09-.- go end
00:29:11-.- mid
00:29:11robobob k
00:29:14pWny- rhasta picked it
00:29:14-.- before they get 2 fat
00:29:20sebralane rhazta iizykill
00:29:21-.- ck and u have to tank it
00:29:23-.- u got aegis
00:29:27pWny- he dont get it now
00:29:29pWny- someone else
00:29:35pWny- who got aegis btw from scourge?
00:29:47-.- come mid all
00:29:56pWny- ck aegis
00:30:06pWny- they push now
00:30:09Puppetmaster warded
00:30:10Puppetmaster care
00:30:13pWny- try to instant kill dazzle
00:30:14pWny- if he makes ulti
00:30:17pWny- ck will rape us hard
00:30:33Puppetmaster push
00:30:38Defloratio lycan bro how did you not see that ???
00:30:45mansikka just needed
00:30:50mansikka 1 creep to aegis
00:30:53mansikka BKB*
00:30:55pWny- hihi
00:31:05mansikka cos trax stole 1 ..................
00:31:07mansikka from me
00:31:52robobob oom
00:32:25sebralane ofc
00:32:27sebralane faking imba
00:32:30Defloratio ..
00:32:36pWny- oom
00:32:37pWny- mom
00:32:37mansikka can someone buy salve
00:32:37mansikka pls
00:32:40robobob ^^
00:32:44robobob oom
00:32:45mansikka PLS
00:32:49pWny- savle??
00:33:00mansikka ty
00:33:02Pieti v
00:33:02Pieti b
00:33:06robobob when i die we all die so b
00:33:10-.- well done
00:33:28robobob saved u 4 times in that push sven ^^
00:33:31Banana :D
00:33:33Banana ty
00:33:44Puppetmaster hö?! xD
00:33:46-.- we did fine
00:34:05pWny- well we loose racks that really sucks
00:34:08pWny- but we getting stronger
00:34:08Puppetmaster did they bought gem only vs wards?
00:34:13-.- y
00:34:30Defloratio ya but we need trax imba to win :/
00:34:30Puppetmaster gather
00:34:32Puppetmaster i guess
00:34:36Defloratio omw
00:34:40Puppetmaster all miss
00:34:45Puppetmaster everything warded
00:34:46pWny- farm someone
00:34:47Defloratio sec
00:34:58Puppetmaster roshan re
00:35:00Puppetmaster !!
00:35:01-.- go for it
00:35:05robobob ward first
00:35:05-.- wait for me
00:35:06-.- tho
00:35:09Defloratio they have no wards
00:35:14Puppetmaster i check wards firest
00:35:21mansikka smoj
00:35:27Defloratio send wolfs
00:35:31mansikka K
00:35:54Defloratio come all
00:35:55Defloratio b
00:35:55Defloratio b
00:35:56Defloratio b
00:36:09Defloratio we need all
00:36:12Defloratio come ffs
00:36:13mansikka illu
00:36:15Defloratio its ilt
00:36:16pWny- ggogo
00:36:17Defloratio ya
00:36:24pWny- ...
00:36:25Defloratio AAA FFS
00:36:26pWny- FFS
00:36:29pWny- trax?
00:36:33Defloratio FUCK THIS GAME
00:36:37Puppetmaster one xp for 11
00:36:41Defloratio B
00:36:41pWny- FOCUS DAZZLE
00:36:43pWny- trax come base
00:36:46robobob lol
00:37:10sebralane de fak is this shit
00:37:15sebralane it didnt ulti
00:37:26Puppetmaster better bot
00:37:29pWny- well they cant push now
00:37:29Defloratio this was on you
00:37:30pWny- you will be re
00:37:32pWny- if they arrive
00:38:01Defloratio gg
00:38:07Defloratio ty storm
00:38:14sebralane my hero failed
00:38:18sebralane he didnt ulti
00:38:19sebralane to base
00:38:22sebralane i was full mp
00:38:31pWny- u was stunned maybe
00:38:39Defloratio 0,0]
00:38:44Defloratio wp
00:38:44pWny- well we was outpicked,too
00:38:48sebralane i ultied b4 stun
00:38:48pWny- we got only 1 stun
00:38:51sebralane my hereo just walked
00:38:55pWny- well played
00:39:21Puppetmaster at least got my dagger xD
00:39:37pWny- ^^
00:39:54Puppetmaster ranking system will get me so manny - again
00:39:59Puppetmaster 2/7 in winner team
00:40:02Puppetmaster all it sees
00:40:14robobob but ur winiing stats can be nicve
00:40:22pWny- repush win :D
00:40:30Defloratio hah
00:40:37Puppetmaster xhero siege xD
00:40:40-.- died three times mid in a row
00:40:41Defloratio xD
00:40:44-.- and still managed to pull it off
00:40:44Defloratio go new
00:40:45-.- 7uite easily
00:40:47Defloratio !!!
00:41:02pWny- for some days
00:41:03pWny- i won a game
00:41:06-.- and what does lion have
00:41:07pWny- we loose 2 racks allready,too
00:41:07-.- nothing..
00:41:10pWny- 2 lanes
00:41:20robobob omw ness
00:41:24Defloratio the prob is im picking heroes for fun
00:41:25robobob we go
00:41:26pWny- gogo
00:41:29Defloratio if i go carry
00:41:31Defloratio we win !
00:41:33Defloratio 100%
00:41:42pWny- kill
00:42:01Defloratio wow
00:42:13robobob loool no time for grave thank u asholes in sentinel :)
00:42:27Puppetmaster a wipe out
00:42:30robobob when i die we all die as i said
00:42:37Defloratio push mid xD
00:42:41Defloratio go trax
00:43:01Puppetmaster i can bd it if i have to
00:43:02robobob got pipe meka and heal and grave and died before i could push a button
00:43:10-.- cuz u were doing idk what
00:43:11-.- :o
00:43:15robobob y
00:43:23Puppetmaster i standed uphill, but dagger was blocked
00:43:29robobob i wanted ness to go first so i can protect but he stopped
00:43:35pWny- go kill
00:43:41pWny- smoke
00:43:44Puppetmaster gather and go
00:43:45-.- guys
00:43:46Puppetmaster i guess
00:43:46-.- go together
00:43:47-.- now
00:43:48robobob i go last
00:43:49pWny- just go mid
00:43:52pWny- they will come for trax
00:43:55Defloratio w8 me
00:43:55Puppetmaster i dagger in last
00:44:12pWny- k that was bad
00:44:16pWny- didnt hit dazzle with stun
00:44:32Defloratio silec
00:45:03mansikka wtf lion
00:45:08Puppetmaster -ii
00:45:15pWny- i try to help you
00:45:28Puppetmaster were is gem btw
00:45:33-.- was wondering the same
00:45:38Defloratio next game i go carry
00:45:42Puppetmaster lost it i guess
00:45:43pWny- not over yet
00:45:48Defloratio ya it is
00:45:50-.- ck
00:45:52-.- take the tree
00:45:55Defloratio Trax was poor
00:46:06Puppetmaster gg xD
00:46:08pWny- wp
00:46:08pWny- gg
00:46:09Puppetmaster wp by kara
00:46:12Puppetmaster kata
00:46:15pWny- ya
00:46:18pWny- he was the man of the match
00:46:19pWny- agree
00:46:23pWny- ^^
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