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-38 X
-1 TS

66% | 1292 X | 1381 TS

-52 X
-1 TS

41% | 1100 X | 1298 TS

-42 X
-9 TS

12% | 1072 X | 1058 TS

-40 X
-7 TS

6% | 868 X | 1172 TS

-34 X
-11 TS

NEW | 923 X | 934 TS

+46 X
+1 TS

46% | 1097 X | 1344 TS

+52 X
+6 TS

24% | 1017 X | 1246 TS

+43 X
+8 TS

23% | 1034 X | 1214 TS

+39 X
+1 TS

20% | 936 X | 1290 TS

+37 X
+60 TS

NEW | 991 X | 985 TS

Chat log

00:00:00chodaboy [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Defloratio with 60 seconds.
00:00:03inks :D
00:00:07inks i love the wooden pc award
00:00:11IseeDeadPeople ahhaah
00:00:12inks i'd like to get it sometimes.
00:00:14zonskass all latvians speaking like Hose Head
00:00:16JensDenLange y ^^
00:00:16chodaboy rubick
00:00:16zonskass horse
00:00:16inks lol rubik's cube.
00:00:16zonskass matrix
00:00:16JensDenLange lol weird baltic humor!
00:00:16inks yeah, :D
00:00:16IseeDeadPeople haahah
00:00:16IseeDeadPeople haha
00:00:16inks jensdenlange.. german? swedish?
00:00:16zonskass all latvians speaking like Horse head
00:00:16JensDenLange not much to intertain u guys! ^^
00:00:18inks horse head :D:D:D
00:00:23zonskass ye
00:00:25zonskass ;DD
00:00:27JensDenLange smileys HAHAHAHAHA
00:00:32zonskass iahahaha
00:00:38inks it's also heard of that latvians recycle their condoms
00:00:39JensDenLange give me puck pls
00:00:40IseeDeadPeople what is grand magus
00:00:43inks and use it as bubble gum
00:00:45inks :D
00:00:54JensDenLange u dont?
00:00:54zonskass :DDDDDDDDDD
00:01:02chodaboy get dazzle nessaj
00:01:04inks nope. we send our condoms to latvia
00:01:04chodaboy dazzle
00:01:09JensDenLange haha
00:01:09zonskass :DDDDD
00:01:09chodaboy enigma
00:01:11chodaboy dazzle
00:01:16chodaboy -hhn
00:01:16chodaboy -di
00:01:19zonskass take luna
00:01:24chodaboy can we get some good picks now?
00:01:26chodaboy enigma and dazzle
00:01:27inks what should i pick
00:01:27CreepingDeath take dazzle y
00:01:28zonskass dazle
00:01:29inks ok
00:01:32IseeDeadPeople no more intel
00:01:33IseeDeadPeople pls
00:01:36zonskass take luna for me
00:01:39chodaboy enigma tc
00:01:41chodaboy enigma
00:01:50chodaboy magina solo bot
00:01:53IseeDeadPeople 3 intels
00:01:54chodaboy axe woods
00:01:56IseeDeadPeople and anti mage
00:01:56chodaboy enigma puck top
00:01:57IseeDeadPeople !!!
00:01:59inks ok
00:01:59Defloratio get luna
00:02:02Bogdan bara
00:02:04Jerkku lol
00:02:05Bogdan get me bara
00:02:06Bogdan pls
00:02:08chodaboy enigma better on lane than axe
00:02:08Jerkku eenigma no woods?
00:02:09Bogdan get me bara pls
00:02:10Defloratio why bara 0o
00:02:10zonskass luna
00:02:10chodaboy no
00:02:11Defloratio ??
00:02:12Jerkku k
00:02:13zonskass afk
00:02:13JensDenLange ??
00:02:13inks who?
00:02:17Defloratio can you play her?
00:02:18zonskass -swap 5
00:02:19JensDenLange who?
00:02:22JensDenLange -swap 1
00:02:23Defloratio luna?
00:02:24Jerkku axe
00:02:24Bogdan -swap 5
00:02:27LaSiCa ?
00:02:29Defloratio a oke
00:02:30Jerkku just pull all the time typ
00:02:30LaSiCa wood?
00:02:32zonskass cancel
00:02:36JensDenLange -no
00:02:36IseeDeadPeople lanes
00:02:36LaSiCa k
00:02:46zonskass lion and rood go
00:02:47chodaboy y axe woods
00:02:50zonskass top
00:02:55zonskass roof top
00:02:59IseeDeadPeople haras
00:03:00IseeDeadPeople anti mage
00:03:03JensDenLange dazzle
00:03:05JensDenLange i gave u wards
00:03:14JensDenLange the places i blinked!
00:03:17Bogdan k
00:03:20zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:22zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Vsem pizda [c,e,l,d]
00:03:48LaSiCa eye
00:03:58Jerkku go woods then
00:04:06LaSiCa k
00:04:25chodaboy rune bot
00:04:27chodaboy check axe
00:04:56CreepingDeath roof ss
00:05:00CreepingDeath re
00:05:34zonskass care top
00:05:44zonskass re
00:06:15JensDenLange why u flee?
00:06:27inks ---.-..-.-.-.-
00:06:29inks that was stupid.
00:07:04Defloratio gj
00:07:11Bogdan u2
00:07:19Defloratio make meka
00:07:20Defloratio oke ?
00:07:23Bogdan k
00:07:38Jerkku ss bat
00:07:40Defloratio care mid
00:07:51JensDenLange ss top pucj
00:07:54JensDenLange k
00:08:05inks ss top
00:08:15zonskass sss
00:08:17zonskass mid
00:08:25inks omfg.
00:08:26JensDenLange gj
00:08:26IseeDeadPeople n1
00:08:30inks i'm freakin made of paper
00:08:41JensDenLange if they agro
00:08:42JensDenLange we go
00:08:50Jerkku ¨got 0 farm
00:09:11chodaboy what?
00:09:13Defloratio brb
00:09:16chodaboy dont fucking highligt
00:09:20Jerkku need gank BOT
00:09:27JensDenLange pls hit me with mana next time -.-
00:09:34Jerkku ff
00:09:42IseeDeadPeople sry
00:09:47JensDenLange np
00:09:52zonskass ss mid
00:09:52Defloratio ss
00:10:00zonskass re
00:10:18Defloratio ty
00:10:19Bogdan =))
00:10:21Bogdan :)
00:10:40JensDenLange GOOOOO
00:10:41JensDenLange Lasm,lædfmsklæfmalkmfklamf
00:10:43Defloratio im oom
00:10:47JensDenLange fu
00:10:55zonskass care top
00:10:55JensDenLange free kill and u selep
00:10:55IseeDeadPeople pets atacking
00:10:58zonskass ss
00:11:00zonskass mid
00:11:02JensDenLange so ?
00:11:03JensDenLange one stun
00:11:04zonskass b
00:11:10chodaboy nvm
00:11:11chodaboy they have wards
00:11:15inks y
00:11:16chodaboy luna miss
00:11:20LaSiCa ;];];]
00:11:26chodaboy get some fucking wards
00:11:26LaSiCa sec and kill
00:11:38zonskass re
00:11:49Defloratio ss
00:11:50Defloratio care
00:11:51IseeDeadPeople go
00:12:15Jerkku gg
00:12:16chodaboy nice work
00:12:17chodaboy noobs
00:12:20chodaboy WAAAARDS
00:12:24Jerkku u cant gank
00:12:26Jerkku as well
00:12:27LaSiCa buy
00:12:33chodaboy CAUSE HE TAKES MY RUNES
00:12:37chodaboy AND U WONT BUY WARDS
00:13:02zonskass sry
00:13:05LaSiCa if you need ward buy it
00:13:09chodaboy how the fuck can u die with blink
00:13:28Jerkku some1
00:13:29chodaboy puck
00:13:30chodaboy wards
00:13:31Jerkku could plugg
00:13:34Defloratio gj
00:13:50IseeDeadPeople ss mid
00:13:54inks oh ok.
00:14:01inks gg.
00:14:41inks omfg.
00:14:47LaSiCa nice ult
00:14:49CreepingDeath look my mana?
00:14:53CreepingDeath and roof behind of me
00:15:01inks -.-
00:15:01IseeDeadPeople xD
00:15:10chodaboy need to kill luna
00:15:10IseeDeadPeople buy pet
00:15:19inks need to kill anyone tbh
00:15:33Defloratio b
00:15:33Bogdan chick?
00:15:36IseeDeadPeople t
00:15:36IseeDeadPeople y
00:15:42Defloratio gank down
00:15:43IseeDeadPeople share
00:15:44zonskass activate
00:15:51Defloratio 3 down
00:16:02IseeDeadPeople share
00:16:25chodaboy imba team
00:16:27chodaboy fucking bots
00:16:29IseeDeadPeople share chick mate
00:16:29chodaboy go bnet
00:16:32chodaboy still no wards
00:16:34chodaboy and nothing
00:16:40zonskass take it
00:16:45CreepingDeath whit what gold ?
00:16:45IseeDeadPeople xD
00:17:00chodaboy ur fucking bottle
00:17:02chodaboy ruined the game
00:17:03chodaboy no wards
00:17:05JensDenLange sryu
00:17:05CreepingDeath :D
00:17:05chodaboy and no runes for me
00:17:06CreepingDeath sure
00:17:08JensDenLange '-u
00:17:09chodaboy ur so fucking bad
00:17:13IseeDeadPeople :D
00:17:14chodaboy enigma + puck
00:17:17CreepingDeath yea im the one who is bad
00:17:18chodaboy loosing against lio
00:17:20CreepingDeath just stfu
00:17:21Defloratio i got blink
00:17:24zonskass -ma
00:17:25Defloratio go mid
00:17:26CreepingDeath lion and roof?
00:17:30Defloratio w8 me
00:17:40Defloratio go magina
00:17:55inks omfg.
00:18:05inks cant do shit
00:18:08Defloratio mana
00:18:12JensDenLange got ult
00:18:21Defloratio gj
00:18:21CreepingDeath n1 :D
00:18:22Defloratio xD
00:18:26chodaboy u dont go
00:18:27IseeDeadPeople 0 17 wtf?
00:18:29chodaboy ur a fucking morons
00:18:32chodaboy moron
00:18:34zonskass :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:18:35chodaboy SILENCE
00:18:35inks o_O
00:18:39CreepingDeath go 2v5?
00:18:39LaSiCa captin pls stop feeding
00:18:46chodaboy team is idling
00:18:49chodaboy still no wards from puck
00:18:52Defloratio i m oom
00:19:02chodaboy hahaha nooob
00:19:03chodaboy leave gc
00:19:14IseeDeadPeople 4k
00:19:16CreepingDeath storm stfu u got 0:5 mid
00:19:17IseeDeadPeople shit xD
00:19:51chodaboy nice
00:19:51inks lol
00:19:57LaSiCa su moron
00:20:10chodaboy imba axe to
00:20:21LaSiCa no you win
00:20:29chodaboy ?
00:20:31chodaboy lol
00:20:58JensDenLange oom
00:21:36Bogdan mana
00:21:57Defloratio come to me
00:21:58Bogdan mana
00:21:58LaSiCa 22 -0 gj scourge our captain sux
00:22:04chodaboy yeah
00:22:06chodaboy ofc i do
00:22:11Bogdan ,mana
00:22:11IseeDeadPeople leave mana
00:22:12chodaboy when i play with bots
00:22:15JensDenLange stop crying and beeing pathetic!!
00:22:24inks yeah. just play.
00:22:27LaSiCa tell him
00:22:29inks shit happens
00:22:29JensDenLange y
00:22:51JensDenLange we all loose games.. (not this much but w/e) ;)
00:23:05inks :P
00:23:10Bogdan w8
00:23:15inks we need to get one kill.. for honour
00:23:15inks :D
00:23:21LaSiCa ;]
00:23:27JensDenLange yearh ^^
00:23:34zonskass who will die first :D
00:23:37inks 0 kills is just a bit embarrassing. even for me who i'm a novice in gc
00:23:39IseeDeadPeople XD
00:23:44JensDenLange bat give me blink
00:23:46inks :D
00:23:48JensDenLange i initiate! ;)
00:23:48Defloratio sec
00:23:52Defloratio i will
00:23:55IseeDeadPeople goo
00:23:56Defloratio just need bird
00:23:59Defloratio im oom
00:24:26inks haha
00:24:29inks imba disable
00:24:31IseeDeadPeople XD
00:24:37IseeDeadPeople i have never seen this
00:24:38inks imba disables :D:D
00:24:38Defloratio gj
00:24:43inks yeah, me too. 0 kills
00:24:46inks such an overrun
00:24:48Defloratio so you like the games here ?
00:24:48Defloratio xD
00:24:51Defloratio roof?
00:24:53JensDenLange haha ^^
00:25:00inks maybe it's partially because of unbalanced teams.. NEW players or smth
00:25:02JensDenLange when people are like this!
00:25:02chodaboy just ff at 25
00:25:04JensDenLange sure thing! ^^
00:25:09JensDenLange im the new guy
00:25:19Defloratio go down
00:25:25zonskass end
00:25:36JensDenLange nooo lost tower
00:25:44zonskass aa
00:25:45JensDenLange dazzle
00:25:50JensDenLange DUDE!
00:25:50IseeDeadPeople aaaaa
00:25:51IseeDeadPeople AAAAAAA
00:25:51JensDenLange :D
00:25:52zonskass why don
00:25:53inks :D
00:25:56zonskass just end
00:25:57JensDenLange noooo
00:26:01Defloratio xD
00:26:02inks got 2 :D
00:26:04LaSiCa you loose
00:26:06LaSiCa ;]
00:26:09inks lol...
00:26:09IseeDeadPeople ha
00:26:11Defloratio haha
00:26:45inks :O
00:26:47IseeDeadPeople noooooooooo
00:26:47JensDenLange !
00:26:49IseeDeadPeople i dieeed
00:26:49inks :D:D
00:26:53JensDenLange sry lion
00:26:56JensDenLange should have used b4
00:27:02IseeDeadPeople y
00:27:02inks defloratio & jens.. u know whats coming right.
00:27:05inks LOL
00:27:11chodaboy ff at 25
00:27:12chodaboy waste of time
00:27:19IseeDeadPeople go botom
00:27:20IseeDeadPeople end this
00:27:21inks and i'm freeeeee...... freeeefallliin'
00:27:21IseeDeadPeople :D
00:27:38LaSiCa b
00:27:38LaSiCa b
00:27:39LaSiCa b
00:27:41Defloratio i got 4 towers
00:27:42Defloratio xD
00:28:05Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:27LaSiCa my team play like a pussy
00:28:32Jerkku JUST FF
00:28:39chodaboy I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:41JensDenLange need mana
00:28:42JensDenLange :/
00:28:43chodaboy type ff
00:28:46chodaboy waste of time
00:28:47LaSiCa try
00:29:06Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:07Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:07Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:08Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:09Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:09Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:14IseeDeadPeople enigma used ulti
00:29:15IseeDeadPeople !
00:29:20Defloratio gg
00:29:20inks :D
00:29:21Defloratio ^^
00:29:37IseeDeadPeople HAAH
00:29:38Defloratio end it guys
00:29:53IseeDeadPeople f u roof xD
00:29:55Defloratio b
00:30:03JensDenLange ^^
00:30:29JensDenLange im the only surviver!
00:30:32inks :D
00:30:42JensDenLange come and get me Bit#/"#/s
00:30:43inks you're the toughest guy in this game
00:30:48inks van damme man
00:30:52JensDenLange lol.. not
00:31:06inks rastafighter mean!!!!!
00:31:07inks :D
00:31:17Jerkku why this team
00:31:18Jerkku cant ff
00:31:22Jerkku waste of time
00:31:41inks over in 5mins anyway
00:32:27Defloratio hh
00:32:32Defloratio wp team
00:32:43inks LOL
00:32:45Defloratio gg
00:32:51inks ...
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