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90% | 1496 X | 1498 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00Bocktiggi [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Tough with 75 seconds.
00:00:03BoNeshaw -ap
00:00:07BoNeshaw -ap
00:00:07KeLToS lanes thx
00:00:07Bocktiggi gogo powerrangers
00:00:07BoNeshaw ap same heroes
00:00:07zebbelito a-p
00:00:07KeLToS i rather bot
00:00:07Laier i solo bot
00:00:07zebbelito who wooded?
00:00:08Laier cent forest
00:00:10zebbelito who wooded?
00:00:17mrk wooders
00:00:27KeLToS dont be stupid
00:00:30zebbelito liar u mid?
00:00:32BoNeshaw im top
00:00:48KeLToS let me solo bot
00:00:50Laier hymh
00:00:51Tough should i go woods?
00:00:52mrk and..
00:00:53KeLToS we cant ck and void lane
00:00:57zebbelito ill mid then
00:00:59KeLToS or void ck mid
00:01:00zebbelito lair top
00:01:01Laier void cant solo
00:01:05Tough shoukd i go woods?
00:01:06KeLToS sure i can
00:01:06Tough guys?
00:01:08Tough cap
00:01:09Tough say!
00:01:12Tough woods or not
00:01:15Laier no way you soloing against 2 range
00:01:15zebbelito dno
00:01:18KeLToS get chick first
00:01:27Tough woods or not?!
00:01:29zebbelito yes
00:01:30Laier yes
00:01:31KeLToS tell fucking lanes then
00:01:32Laier wtf stfu
00:01:36Laier void pugna top?
00:01:40zebbelito copter mid
00:01:41zebbelito me bot
00:01:44zebbelito u top whit pugna
00:01:52BoNeshaw ts plz pull
00:01:55Dota.m yy
00:02:01A-tzangol gang mid?
00:02:03Bocktiggi if top is tough i go ward
00:02:07Dota.m i check rune
00:02:10Dota.m y
00:02:32zebbelito omfg
00:02:33zebbelito ???????????????
00:02:36zebbelito never skill that
00:02:37zebbelito on him
00:02:40zebbelito not 1 more lvl
00:02:41zebbelito ever
00:02:47Bocktiggi ?
00:02:49A-tzangol car emid
00:02:49zebbelito dont skill return
00:02:50A-tzangol 2 ss
00:02:52zebbelito in woods even
00:02:53A-tzangol re
00:02:56Tough im woods
00:03:01zebbelito dotn SKILL RETURN
00:03:06Tough i skill
00:03:08zebbelito makes ur hero useless
00:04:08zebbelito aa mis
00:04:10zebbelito aa miss
00:04:11zebbelito re
00:05:05KeLToS so
00:05:05BoNeshaw lol
00:05:14Dota.m salve :D
00:05:31Dovahkiin ss
00:05:34Laier nvm
00:07:36mrk push
00:07:38mrk and get cent
00:07:43zebbelito ff
00:07:45BoNeshaw dude
00:07:48zebbelito serisusly
00:07:49Dota.m y
00:07:49BoNeshaw u miss stuns :(
00:07:51Dota.m yes
00:07:53Dota.m i know
00:07:58Dota.m its long time ago i play lesh
00:08:24Dota.m buy salve if i shoud
00:08:25Dovahkiin ss
00:08:26Dota.m take to u
00:08:27Dota.m am
00:08:28zebbelito ss 2
00:08:31BoNeshaw naa
00:08:35A-tzangol go ck
00:08:39zebbelito ss 2
00:09:14Laier mid ss
00:09:31mrk my bad
00:09:47zebbelito gang
00:09:49Dovahkiin thx for block
00:09:49zebbelito or gg
00:09:50Dovahkiin magnus
00:09:52zebbelito im srérius
00:10:03zebbelito lol
00:10:04zebbelito cent
00:10:04KeLToS soon ulti
00:10:07zebbelito u suck
00:10:13zebbelito u suck bad
00:10:40Bocktiggi so close :/
00:10:44BoNeshaw top losy
00:10:48BoNeshaw need gank
00:10:57Bocktiggi void is really good farmed :)
00:11:08Tough void get midas
00:11:15Dovahkiin joke
00:11:23KeLToS chick not upped
00:11:33KeLToS go
00:11:58KeLToS chick ip
00:12:03A-tzangol go mid
00:12:20KeLToS up chicken pls
00:12:26mrk why pull when
00:12:26mrk tower
00:12:27mrk dead
00:12:37Dovahkiin zzz
00:12:52KeLToS blast
00:13:01BoNeshaw void midas
00:13:01Dota.m woow
00:13:02Dota.m midas
00:13:03BoNeshaw hje needs ganlk
00:13:04Dota.m void
00:13:18Laier this fucking centaur is a joke
00:13:21mrk ok
00:13:21mrk go
00:13:21zebbelito y
00:13:24mrk omw
00:13:25A-tzangol go
00:13:27Bocktiggi go
00:13:29mrk am
00:13:32Laier care top
00:13:32Laier care
00:13:45KeLToS 4
00:13:47KeLToS topå
00:13:51Bocktiggi :/
00:13:52Bocktiggi 2late
00:14:37mrk got lesh
00:14:38BoNeshaw gj
00:14:40mrk u have so bad skills
00:14:45mrk but i guess you need stun range
00:14:53Dota.m yes
00:15:02Dota.m i try it and that was why i miss so many stuns
00:15:09Laier haha
00:15:39KeLToS i got ulti
00:15:40Laier centa go forest
00:16:00KeLToS imn good pugna
00:16:15A-tzangol get em
00:16:22Bocktiggi imn?
00:16:33Dovahkiin thx aa
00:17:00KeLToS we rly need wards
00:17:14Bocktiggi would like to afford some boots :(
00:17:15KeLToS the game is not gonna win it self
00:17:59A-tzangol denyt
00:18:04mrk z
00:18:04KeLToS :D
00:18:04A-tzangol ..
00:18:12A-tzangol b
00:18:39KeLToS go mid
00:18:40KeLToS me ulti
00:18:46Laier go
00:19:00KeLToS wtf ppl
00:19:01KeLToS rly
00:19:09A-tzangol why b?
00:19:13A-tzangol xD
00:19:31Laier b
00:19:44BoNeshaw let me mid
00:19:44BoNeshaw plz
00:19:59Bocktiggi next item mekasm?
00:20:01KeLToS y
00:20:06KeLToS good
00:20:09Laier care
00:20:09zebbelito then hex
00:20:10zebbelito for am
00:20:18Bocktiggi i dont get hex this game
00:20:18KeLToS go
00:20:29Dota.m b
00:20:35mrk HELP PERHAs
00:20:41mrk perhaps
00:20:43mrk jesus
00:21:06Dota.m lina why not that ulti on void ?
00:21:32Dota.m omw bot
00:21:35zebbelito DONT TAKE MY FARM
00:21:37zebbelito I BAN U
00:21:42Laier b
00:21:42Laier b
00:21:46A-tzangol go
00:21:52Tough kay
00:21:53zebbelito ur banned
00:21:54Tough want report?
00:22:01Tough u used me
00:22:05Tough hf with report
00:22:05zebbelito ok hf u lost
00:22:05mrk dota.m u so lol
00:22:10KeLToS bot
00:22:10KeLToS ppl
00:22:16zebbelito im playing for lose
00:22:18Dota.m i have not played lesh in 4 months
00:22:19KeLToS w/e
00:22:20Bocktiggi centaur, let nessaj the farm
00:22:20zebbelito now
00:22:21Dota.m so yes
00:22:22A-tzangol ...
00:22:22zebbelito so u knwo
00:22:27mrk what does that matter
00:22:30Tough like i would care
00:22:33Tough with our pro cap
00:22:34Laier you should
00:22:38Laier since your the 1 fucking up
00:23:04Laier ck void only reason will win this
00:23:15zebbelito i will feed and suicide
00:23:17zebbelito every chance
00:23:25zebbelito so centa can lose
00:23:28KeLToS i come woods
00:23:28BoNeshaw b
00:23:29KeLToS ulti
00:23:30Tough dude
00:23:30zebbelito thats my misson
00:23:33Tough can u see?
00:23:35Tough no one care
00:23:36Tough for ur talk
00:23:37BoNeshaw twr
00:23:38BoNeshaw mid
00:23:42BoNeshaw mana aa
00:23:43BoNeshaw plz
00:23:58KeLToS go mid
00:24:02Laier void ulti?
00:24:04mrk void
00:24:05mrk inc
00:24:09KeLToS y
00:24:37Dota.m wtf why did i stay alone on that twr ?
00:24:43mrk because
00:24:46mrk we'd all die then
00:24:48mrk and not get tower
00:24:54mrk void was right there waiting to ulti
00:25:05Tough ck no bottle no soul ring.. lern u play him
00:25:06Dota.m care
00:25:14Bocktiggi cent s
00:25:17Bocktiggi su
00:25:22Tough oho
00:25:25zebbelito i have no chciken
00:25:25zebbelito so
00:25:26Tough pugna support talk
00:25:29zebbelito i cant get my items
00:25:47KeLToS omw
00:25:53KeLToS wrong way
00:25:55Laier and pugna runs to wrong way
00:25:56Laier :/
00:26:00Bocktiggi sorry
00:26:10zebbelito share cjhcoken
00:26:16Laier b
00:26:17Laier void
00:26:21Laier b
00:26:23A-tzangol go
00:26:23Laier your dead
00:26:36BoNeshaw yeay
00:26:37BoNeshaw lured
00:26:58Laier cent really?
00:27:13Laier void got ulti?
00:27:26KeLToS y
00:27:30Laier gogo then
00:27:31Dota.m b
00:27:34Laier git 2 and its gg
00:27:49Laier b
00:28:00zebbelito centa go take all farm
00:28:05BoNeshaw regen
00:28:06A-tzangol am
00:28:08A-tzangol come we rosh
00:28:34Laier go
00:28:35BoNeshaw gonna be hard
00:28:35Laier void
00:28:38A-tzangol nop
00:28:45Dota.m b
00:28:48KeLToS ,,..
00:28:50BoNeshaw no
00:29:22Laier 'and tadaa
00:29:26Laier where the fuck is centaur
00:29:26zebbelito feel the centa
00:29:31zebbelito i think hes russian
00:29:33zebbelito thats why
00:29:39KeLToS wtf
00:29:41BoNeshaw gj magnus
00:29:44mrk ye
00:29:46A-tzangol :)
00:29:49Laier how the hell can this guy be silver
00:29:51Dovahkiin rly good ult
00:29:53KeLToS just leave me aloen from now on
00:29:54mrk magina
00:29:57KeLToS unless they go rax
00:29:58KeLToS i wont come
00:30:06BoNeshaw sec
00:30:35KeLToS fail game
00:30:46zebbelito cent took 4 k farm4
00:30:47zebbelito from me
00:31:08Dota.m rocker
00:31:08A-tzangol kill rocket
00:31:18Dota.m ¨rocket * hehe
00:31:23Laier take taht aegis from him
00:31:25Bocktiggi mekasm ready
00:31:37Bocktiggi oh, sorry not
00:31:38Bocktiggi :D
00:31:47BoNeshaw manta done
00:31:49BoNeshaw lets fight?
00:31:50mrk nice
00:31:51mrk go push
00:31:51mrk y
00:31:58Laier b
00:32:01mrk lol retarded ward
00:32:03BoNeshaw and aegis
00:32:05mrk longstyle
00:32:24Dota.m wtf
00:32:34zebbelito pugna
00:32:35zebbelito well dont
00:32:40zebbelito well done*
00:32:42zebbelito i mean ofc
00:32:49zebbelito keep on decriplyfy
00:32:52zebbelito we need that
00:32:59Laier you dont use decre on stunned magina :D
00:33:01Bocktiggi it was for gyro
00:33:07Bocktiggi sorry but he does more dmg
00:33:10zebbelito he does
00:33:14zebbelito he?
00:33:17zebbelito wtf u talking about
00:33:18mrk now get bfly
00:33:18Bocktiggi with rocket and short duration
00:33:19mrk and imba
00:33:19zebbelito i couldt even hit
00:33:21Bocktiggi its ok
00:33:24BoNeshaw vladi
00:33:25mrk nothing they can do
00:33:27mrk no
00:33:29mrk ill do vladi or someone
00:33:35mrk dont waste money
00:33:39Bocktiggi if decri would be lv 4 i wouldnt cast that on him
00:34:07BoNeshaw its not waste
00:34:11Tough dont cry
00:34:12BoNeshaw u wont be with me all the time anyway
00:34:15Tough and go
00:34:17mrk doesnt matter
00:34:20mrk an item with only auras
00:34:22mrk is a supports job
00:34:27mrk meanwhile
00:34:30mrk u can get eagle
00:34:34mrk and just counter they picks
00:34:49BoNeshaw or mkb
00:34:51BoNeshaw for void
00:34:58BoNeshaw but ill go butt
00:35:21Laier void b
00:36:05Dota.m b
00:36:05Dota.m b
00:36:06Dota.m b
00:36:20Laier mid
00:36:21mrk oh i thought magnus was with us
00:36:25Dovahkiin dito
00:36:28Dota.m b
00:36:30Dota.m w8 all
00:36:32mrk coulda just ran
00:36:34mrk after tower
00:36:40KeLToS i jump in last
00:36:44A-tzangol go
00:37:24Dota.m i save u am
00:37:34BoNeshaw well ty
00:37:36Laier just b
00:37:42A-tzangol hmmm
00:37:42Dota.m :D with suscide :D
00:37:45A-tzangol its hard with void
00:37:50mrk well
00:37:52mrk that was close
00:37:55mrk am almost stole mana
00:37:56Tough i go pipe or hot?
00:37:58mrk but pointless aswell
00:38:00mrk cos u were 2
00:38:01mrk if 5v5
00:38:02mrk easy win
00:38:02Bocktiggi pipe
00:38:12A-tzangol if void is out of my ulti
00:38:14BoNeshaw should have looked void not there
00:38:29mrk can someone buy wards
00:38:38Laier like worst ward ever :D
00:38:44Bocktiggi i know
00:38:50Bocktiggi but i dropped it before i die
00:38:55Bocktiggi as is sign!
00:38:57Bocktiggi a
00:39:09Laier care
00:39:12KeLToS make mkb
00:39:21KeLToS ck
00:39:22Dota.m regroup
00:39:26mrk they 5
00:39:31Bocktiggi smoke?
00:39:37Bocktiggi they?
00:39:54Dota.m omfg
00:40:00A-tzangol lol
00:40:23A-tzangol botlle
00:40:24A-tzangol dude
00:40:26A-tzangol dont get paniced
00:40:30A-tzangol sry for my ulti
00:40:31A-tzangol btw
00:40:35Laier b
00:40:40mrk well bad fight
00:40:41mrk need wards
00:40:45KeLToS dont let him rosh
00:40:45A-tzangol no
00:40:49BoNeshaw well i got void
00:40:49Laier wait all awake
00:40:50A-tzangol i daggered ulti
00:40:50Dota.m then getting me out in few secs
00:40:50Laier and smoke rosh
00:40:51BoNeshaw so win
00:40:54A-tzangol and dagger didnt work
00:41:01zebbelito focus lina and lesh
00:41:02A-tzangol so i ultied at empty space
00:41:08BoNeshaw i used manta on void
00:41:10BoNeshaw he couldnt ult
00:41:11BoNeshaw gg
00:41:24Bocktiggi dont
00:41:28Bocktiggi dont
00:41:30Tough for puipe
00:41:32zebbelito he takes it all
00:41:35KeLToS go rosh
00:41:35Bocktiggi ok
00:41:41zebbelito thats why hes silver
00:41:45KeLToS man
00:41:45zebbelito x farm
00:41:47KeLToS get a grip
00:41:48KeLToS rioh
00:41:52KeLToS rosh
00:41:54KeLToS fucking
00:42:00Bocktiggi ok smoke
00:42:26Laier mid
00:42:29Laier mid
00:42:30Bocktiggi nice!!!!!
00:42:31A-tzangol sry
00:42:33BoNeshaw thats bad
00:42:34Tough SEE MY STUN BITHCES?
00:42:40BoNeshaw do i need to bo?
00:42:43BoNeshaw would suck
00:42:45mrk n
00:42:46mrk o
00:42:47A-tzangol y
00:42:49BoNeshaw u sure?
00:42:58Bocktiggi free tps at rosh!!
00:42:59mrk well
00:43:01mrk lina is afk
00:43:02mrk so yes
00:43:08BoNeshaw lina afk
00:43:11KeLToS AND
00:43:11KeLToS OMFG
00:43:11BoNeshaw w8 plz
00:43:11zebbelito ?
00:43:11Laier not our problem
00:43:11zebbelito AND?
00:43:11BoNeshaw -afk
00:43:12A-tzangol Lol
00:43:12Bocktiggi perfect pause :D
00:43:36mrk lesh lina
00:43:36Tough focus the tank
00:43:36BoNeshaw lame
00:43:37mrk a bit too slow
00:43:38Tough always good idea
00:43:47BoNeshaw u get rax for afk
00:43:52mrk nah
00:43:54mrk that was good fight
00:44:00mrk but lesh didnt know where to be
00:44:05mrk and lina was there but also
00:44:07mrk wrong place
00:44:10mrk both missed magnusulti
00:44:12KeLToS what a bullshit place 2 pause
00:44:13KeLToS cunt
00:44:18KeLToS u could pause before
00:44:49BoNeshaw that rosh might hav cost the game .(
00:44:51zebbelito i farm my ac recipe
00:44:53mrk yep
00:44:54BoNeshaw i had almost butter etc
00:44:57BoNeshaw all lost
00:44:58BoNeshaw to bo
00:44:59mrk we should like
00:45:04mrk ward their map and smoke
00:45:09Tough in the end fuck u guys
00:45:13Tough my stun was epic
00:45:19zebbelito tactical
00:45:19A-tzangol if lina and leshs stun
00:45:19A-tzangol on my uloti
00:45:19Laier nto really
00:45:19A-tzangol it should
00:45:19Laier pugna goes
00:45:19A-tzangol be gg
00:45:19KeLToS u have 2 spells dude
00:45:19A-tzangol but they never did
00:45:19BoNeshaw it was
00:45:19Laier easier to us
00:45:19BoNeshaw but aegis
00:45:19KeLToS stun - double edge
00:45:19Bocktiggi :(
00:45:19A-tzangol next time we win
00:45:19Bocktiggi easier? :D
00:45:19A-tzangol i soon have bkb
00:45:19Tough yy i know
00:45:19Tough me for balance
00:45:19Tough good luke
00:45:19Laier well aa > pugna
00:45:19BoNeshaw wont help if void ult
00:45:19BoNeshaw void ult
00:45:19Tough luck
00:45:19Tough have fun
00:45:19Laier with those aoe they got
00:45:19Bocktiggi its ok to kick me, but you that i good wards..
00:45:19Laier no point balancing cent
00:45:19Laier when weakest link is pugna
00:45:19Laier yes you got ward but still
00:45:19zebbelito need stuns
00:45:19zebbelito for am
00:45:19Laier lvl 17 and cent can take some damage
00:45:19Tough nah
00:45:19Tough i leav
00:45:19Tough e
00:45:19Tough np
00:45:19Laier you wont
00:45:19Laier if captain doesnt say so
00:45:19Tough its fair
00:45:19Tough that im leaving
00:45:19Bocktiggi lol its fair
00:45:19Laier stfu allready
00:45:19Laier pugna goes and thats it
00:45:19zebbelito y
00:45:19Tough and whats happend if i leaving faster?
00:45:19Bocktiggi do i get penality in ts when i leave?
00:45:19Laier you get banned
00:45:19Laier for quit
00:45:19Bocktiggi no
00:45:19Bocktiggi i mean, in ts
00:45:19zebbelito no
00:45:19Bocktiggi or x
00:45:19zebbelito nope
00:45:19Laier i mean cent gets banned if he leaves
00:45:19Tough so cap
00:45:19Tough who leaves?
00:45:19zebbelito u stay
00:45:19Tough shit
00:45:19Bocktiggi still me
00:45:25Tough wp pugna
00:45:28Tough i would leave
00:45:28Bocktiggi okay, good game byebye :)
00:45:30Dota.m balance
00:45:37Tough get meka
00:45:38Laier ill take orb
00:45:38Dota.m am
00:45:40Laier and meka
00:45:41Laier if okey?
00:45:42Dota.m tale aa
00:45:43Tough y
00:45:45KeLToS i dont want items
00:45:47Laier zebbe?
00:46:01A-tzangol can we take jango?
00:46:05Laier void or ck
00:46:07Laier get urn from pugna
00:46:14KeLToS no
00:46:16BoNeshaw i give later to soemlese
00:46:17zebbelito 300
00:46:18zebbelito ac
00:46:19KeLToS sell it
00:46:19BoNeshaw when no room
00:46:25A-tzangol i take
00:46:26A-tzangol in 1 k
00:46:27A-tzangol gold
00:46:27BoNeshaw -ms
00:46:37Dovahkiin rosh re
00:46:54zebbelito ok go
00:46:57Laier ill make hex
00:46:58Laier next
00:46:59BoNeshaw obs
00:47:00A-tzangol we need wards
00:47:02Laier got manta
00:47:03KeLToS need 600 for mkb
00:47:04A-tzangol we cant go anywhere
00:47:11Laier go bot
00:47:14Dovahkiin 4 at base
00:48:00BoNeshaw use aa if u die
00:48:06BoNeshaw ult
00:48:10BoNeshaw pon teambattles
00:48:11Laier b
00:49:42zebbelito phase ftw
00:49:42KeLToS double edge
00:49:48A-tzangol took some time
00:49:50Tough y
00:49:52Tough :D
00:49:59Laier i got hex
00:50:05Tough still thought that gyro
00:50:06Tough got ulti
00:50:08Tough for slow <.<
00:50:19BoNeshaw who wnats jango
00:50:22BoNeshaw i need eagle
00:50:23A-tzangol me
00:50:28Laier kk
00:50:30A-tzangol need 300 gold
00:50:30Laier go again
00:50:34A-tzangol to bkb
00:50:39Laier ill hex that fucker
00:50:47Dota.m need 200 for agah
00:50:50Dota.m then i can janggo
00:50:59A-tzangol care
00:51:07Dovahkiin illu
00:51:08Dovahkiin all
00:51:54Laier go now
00:52:16A-tzangol ,,
00:52:19Laier mid
00:52:24KeLToS i go in last
00:52:33BoNeshaw use aa
00:52:34BoNeshaw lina
00:53:03Dovahkiin gg
00:53:03A-tzangol gg
00:53:07A-tzangol lina
00:53:07Laier rax
00:53:09Dota.m I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:53:13BoNeshaw magnus
00:53:18BoNeshaw u have to ult void
00:53:19BoNeshaw ....
00:53:20BoNeshaw ffs
00:53:21Dovahkiin we had to finish it earlier
00:53:24A-tzangol magina
00:53:25Dovahkiin nc vs void and ck
00:53:25A-tzangol void
00:53:28A-tzangol doesnt come in
00:53:29A-tzangol ffs?
00:53:30A-tzangol and
00:53:33A-tzangol they get tower?
00:53:35A-tzangol ffs?
00:53:36A-tzangol so
00:53:37A-tzangol we wait
00:53:39A-tzangol till void
00:53:41BoNeshaw well ok
00:53:41A-tzangol comes in
00:53:43A-tzangol ...
00:53:45BoNeshaw was screwed
00:53:55Laier gg wp
00:53:56BoNeshaw but atleast ck..
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