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Chat log

00:00:21free.willy -random
00:00:24Multi_Ljep pls choose wisely
00:00:24free.willy -hhn
00:00:26free.willy -clear
00:00:32Multi_Ljep -random
00:00:53Multi_Ljep can i go mid?
00:00:55memphis me mid if no one else wants to
00:00:56Bocktiggi haustia and me bottom
00:01:04Jerkku imo
00:01:06Bocktiggi pudge, can u mid?
00:01:07Jerkku razor mid
00:01:08Multi_Ljep curier mirana
00:01:09Multi_Ljep pls
00:01:10Wrrcy LET ME DOWN
00:01:11Jerkku potm top solo
00:01:11hutilicious ehm
00:01:13Jerkku i go woods
00:01:15hutilicious wieso kein same team?
00:01:19Jerkku tc bot
00:01:20Wrrcy report
00:01:25memphis kk
00:01:27Wrrcy for non english
00:01:31hutilicious sorry
00:01:31free.willy let me solo top imao
00:01:35Jerkku mirana
00:01:37memphis /w hutilicious sehs jetzt erst oO
00:01:37Wrrcy idc
00:01:37Jerkku CHICKEN7
00:01:39hutilicious just thought team games are working
00:01:41Bocktiggi spectre top
00:01:41Jerkku remember
00:01:50Wrrcy orange share
00:01:50Wrrcy !
00:01:51Wrrcy wtf
00:01:58Bocktiggi im bot
00:02:00Bocktiggi ogre go top
00:02:00Wrrcy go report spectre
00:02:01Multi_Ljep pls share
00:02:02Bocktiggi its ok
00:02:04Bocktiggi spectre is ok
00:02:04Multi_Ljep tnx
00:02:04Jerkku we play 4v5
00:02:04Wrrcy k
00:02:04Jerkku 1 afk
00:02:04memphis was a bit confused
00:02:04memphis cause my friend is in sent team
00:02:04memphis :/
00:02:04HausTia countdown pls if you unpause
00:02:04Jerkku this
00:02:04Jerkku is
00:02:04Jerkku no
00:02:04Jerkku dotaleague
00:02:04HausTia thats why i am asking you
00:02:04Jerkku for thousand time
00:02:04free.willy this is sparta!
00:02:04Wrrcy this is tard league
00:02:04Jerkku ye
00:02:04Jerkku but we dont play 4v5
00:02:04hutilicious hes just asking because of creep block chill
00:02:04Multi_Ljep zack u there?
00:02:04HausTia if i get good farm i go for radi
00:02:04Jerkku dunno
00:02:04Jerkku why add game
00:02:04Wrrcy 10
00:02:04Wrrcy 9
00:02:04Jerkku and then go afk
00:02:04Wrrcy 8
00:02:04Wrrcy 7
00:02:04Wrrcy 6
00:02:04Wrrcy 5
00:02:04Wrrcy 4
00:02:04Wrrcy 3
00:02:04Wrrcy 2
00:02:04Wrrcy 1
00:02:04Wrrcy RESUME
00:02:04HausTia no.
00:02:04Jerkku no
00:02:04Jerkku we have to wait
00:02:04Jerkku or go rmk
00:02:04Jerkku or smthng
00:02:04Multi_Ljep y
00:02:04Wrrcy no rmk
00:02:04Wrrcy wtf
00:02:04Wrrcy hello are u here?
00:02:04Jerkku BTW
00:02:04Wrrcy mby he thinks we are waiting for another player
00:02:04free.willy zack we miss u oO
00:02:04Jerkku most unfair teams ever :D:D:D
00:02:04Wrrcy why?
00:02:04free.willy cry more
00:02:04Zack-eracK im here
00:02:04Jerkku good
00:02:04Multi_Ljep ok hes here
00:02:05free.willy have seen only 1 good player in this leage
00:02:15Jerkku PICK FAST
00:02:15Bocktiggi lol tauren
00:02:16Wrrcy FUCK U TARD
00:02:17Wrrcy WTF
00:02:23hutilicious sucks
00:02:24Jerkku NO CARRY
00:02:25Wrrcy FUCK U
00:02:41Jerkku potm
00:02:43Jerkku i said
00:02:45Jerkku top
00:02:46Jerkku solo
00:02:48Jerkku jugger bot
00:02:53hutilicious stop moving me
00:02:54Jerkku ffs
00:02:58Wrrcy mis clock
00:03:19Jerkku I SAID
00:03:21Jerkku POTM TOP
00:03:23Jerkku SOLO
00:03:26Jerkku AND JUGGER BOT
00:03:34memphis well switch just chill
00:03:36Zack-eracK got delay
00:03:53Jerkku JUGGERT
00:03:53free.willy she can t even lasthit so don t let her solo o
00:03:54Wrrcy tri lane top
00:03:55Jerkku GO BOT
00:03:56hutilicious 3 top
00:03:59Zack-eracK y
00:04:00Zack-eracK port
00:04:01memphis stfu tc
00:04:20hutilicious ive taken ur branch bud
00:04:44Zack-eracK my 30
00:04:47Wrrcy LOL
00:04:47HausTia no dl
00:04:47Jerkku THISD
00:04:47hutilicious there are no 30
00:04:47Jerkku IS
00:04:47Zack-eracK got imba delay
00:04:47Wrrcy WTTF
00:04:47Wrrcy TARD
00:04:47Wrrcy FU!
00:04:47Zack-eracK 2 ssec
00:04:47Jerkku NOTY DOTALEAGUE
00:04:47HausTia c-c-c-c-ombo braker
00:04:47HausTia oh
00:04:47Multi_Ljep 2 secs pls
00:04:47Wrrcy but be fair :D
00:04:47Jerkku SO MUCH HATE
00:04:47hutilicious need more
00:04:47Wrrcy what?
00:04:47Zack-eracK su pls
00:04:47Wrrcy u need more creepsß
00:04:47Bocktiggi one does not "my 30" into dotagc
00:04:47Zack-eracK its unplayeble for me
00:04:47Zack-eracK so wnat to do something
00:04:47Jerkku yea i know
00:04:47hutilicious more hate
00:04:47Wrrcy lets e fair
00:04:47Jerkku fix it then
00:04:47Multi_Ljep do it fast zack
00:04:47Bocktiggi laissez faire
00:04:47Zack-eracK ok try
00:04:47Zack-eracK RE
00:04:47HausTia 30 over 321 :D
00:04:49hutilicious imab
00:04:49Jerkku np its gg still
00:04:53Jerkku we got so sucky heroes
00:05:04Wrrcy stunt mal!
00:05:12Wrrcy ...
00:05:17Wrrcy stunt soon
00:05:18Zack-eracK unplayeble
00:05:24Jerkku go leave then
00:05:26Jerkku please
00:05:29Jerkku si its rmk
00:05:58free.willy kill spec
00:06:08Wrrcy omg mach doch wS!
00:06:18Zack-eracK lol
00:06:18Zack-eracK :D
00:07:07Jabol gabg mid
00:07:08Jabol ogre
00:07:18Wrrcy geh mal mid gank
00:07:44hutilicious -2 top
00:08:00hutilicious mom
00:08:01hutilicious chick
00:08:02memphis ss 2 care
00:08:28hutilicious nice gang
00:08:40Zack-eracK go spect
00:09:05memphis ss pudge still
00:09:27free.willy thx
00:09:42Wrrcy ...
00:09:51hutilicious go
00:09:54hutilicious ..
00:09:54Wrrcy wohin?
00:10:05Jerkku gank top
00:10:07Jerkku mid
00:10:10Zack-eracK rofl
00:10:13free.willy g
00:10:14free.willy gj
00:10:14Zack-eracK funny whit delay :D
00:10:16HausTia ss bot 2
00:10:17Zack-eracK have a kill :D
00:10:24hutilicious tow
00:10:52Zack-eracK ss down
00:11:00hutilicious ...
00:11:03hutilicious 3 top
00:11:06hutilicious nice miss
00:11:07Wrrcy -ii
00:11:12Multi_Ljep incoming slark up
00:11:42hutilicious slark
00:11:43hutilicious lol
00:12:10hutilicious hahaha
00:12:27Jerkku need that spectre down
00:12:30Jerkku he has farm or?
00:12:42HausTia ss bot 2
00:12:45Zack-eracK arrow
00:12:53Jabol -ms
00:12:57memphis where
00:12:58Multi_Ljep :D
00:13:00memphis are u runnig at?
00:13:15Zack-eracK delay
00:13:20Zack-eracK 2 saec
00:13:22Zack-eracK so
00:13:23Zack-eracK what
00:13:24Zack-eracK u want
00:13:28Zack-eracK from me :)
00:13:53memphis b
00:13:54Wrrcy homos
00:13:54Zack-eracK lol
00:14:01Bocktiggi reported
00:14:12Wrrcy guy are u serious?
00:14:19Wrrcy this i not serious dota
00:15:00Bocktiggi #reg dich ab
00:15:01Jerkku tower
00:15:11Zack-eracK wards pls
00:15:14Jerkku yea
00:15:16Jerkku wards
00:15:21Jabol puck IS A GANKER HERO
00:15:28Bocktiggi and oom
00:15:31Bocktiggi yeah gansta
00:15:41Wrrcy ach alle deutsch :4
00:15:44Wrrcy wie qul
00:15:52Wrrcy freunde?
00:15:52Bocktiggi aber über 15
00:16:01Wrrcy also 16?
00:16:08Bocktiggi nerv nicht und spiel
00:16:14Wrrcy stealer
00:16:22Jabol SEPO
00:16:52memphis care
00:17:01Wrrcy +ihr seid so dumm xD
00:17:10Wrrcy außer purple <43
00:17:45Bocktiggi pudge hör mit deiner pubertätsscheisse auf und spiel
00:18:20hutilicious xDDD
00:18:20Multi_Ljep ?????
00:18:22Wrrcy man man man
00:18:23Wrrcy hier
00:18:25Multi_Ljep 3rd time in row :))
00:18:36Zack-eracK wards pls
00:18:37Zack-eracK team)
00:18:47hutilicious gogo
00:18:55Jerkku tc
00:18:57Jerkku should buy
00:19:24hutilicious this hero
00:19:58hutilicious XDD
00:20:12hutilicious XD
00:20:16Multi_Ljep hehe
00:20:19Jabol SPEC
00:20:21Jabol DUDE#
00:20:23Jabol FARM EBTTER
00:20:28Zack-eracK finaly brother stop fl
00:20:28Bocktiggi he have to farm
00:20:29Zack-eracK dl
00:20:32Bocktiggi su and play
00:20:54hutilicious LOL
00:21:00HausTia tp
00:21:01hutilicious u gotta be kiddin
00:21:04HausTia i have ulti
00:21:06Zack-eracK care
00:21:09Wrrcy go!
00:21:12Multi_Ljep gogo
00:21:13Wrrcy go!
00:21:15Wrrcy wtf
00:21:32Wrrcy spectre?
00:21:36Wrrcy what are u doing?
00:21:37Wrrcy wtf
00:21:39hutilicious fu spec
00:21:43HausTia no one tped
00:21:46memphis b
00:21:48Wrrcy lol?
00:21:50Wrrcy tard i was there
00:23:02Zack-eracK b
00:23:14memphis me oom
00:23:19Zack-eracK buy dust
00:23:28Zack-eracK fuck
00:23:30memphis b
00:23:42Zack-eracK go dust
00:23:57Multi_Ljep "!?
00:23:59Zack-eracK that fcuking bastard still run
00:24:16Multi_Ljep willy can u buy wards or smthg usefull
00:24:20Multi_Ljep pls
00:25:00memphis stop it!
00:25:04hutilicious pudge
00:25:05hutilicious got mana
00:25:11hutilicious nie
00:25:12hutilicious nice
00:25:37Jerkku we can ff soon
00:25:56Zack-eracK who was mid?
00:26:01Multi_Ljep i was mid u asshole
00:26:04Zack-eracK hm
00:26:05Zack-eracK ...
00:26:14Zack-eracK nice items and lvl at middle
00:26:19Multi_Ljep u have 0 credits to complain
00:26:36Zack-eracK we just need to go all
00:26:44Multi_Ljep screw u
00:26:51Multi_Ljep tc
00:26:53Multi_Ljep what is that
00:27:35hutilicious used chicken
00:27:37hutilicious reactive it
00:27:38HausTia :)
00:27:39Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:14Zack-eracK dont solo pls
00:28:17hutilicious xD
00:28:54Multi_Ljep b
00:28:54Jerkku b
00:28:55Jerkku b
00:29:01hutilicious fuck
00:29:09Multi_Ljep b
00:29:10Multi_Ljep pls
00:29:18Jerkku go all now
00:29:21Jerkku can some1
00:29:23Jerkku buy me gem
00:29:24Jerkku ?
00:29:26Multi_Ljep -ms
00:29:28Zack-eracK u tank
00:30:44memphis ?
00:30:54hutilicious XD
00:31:22Jabol stop stealing
00:31:26Zack-eracK why
00:31:27Zack-eracK u died
00:31:27hutilicious didnt
00:31:28Bocktiggi su
00:31:28Wrrcy der will doch nur gute stats
00:31:28Zack-eracK like nap
00:31:30hutilicious just stunned sorry
00:31:31Zack-eracK 3x
00:31:31Jabol YOU DIED
00:31:33Jabol IDD
00:31:36Multi_Ljep ff?
00:31:45hutilicious ..
00:32:08Zack-eracK stop chase!!!!
00:32:14Jerkku b
00:34:00hutilicious thx
00:34:35hutilicious go slark
00:35:19hutilicious lycan gets imba
00:35:22hutilicious we have to finish
00:35:26Wrrcy o rly?
00:35:32Wrrcy razor is getting imba+
00:35:35Wrrcy we have to finish
00:35:44Jerkku b
00:35:45Jerkku b
00:35:45Jerkku b
00:35:45hutilicious tp bot
00:35:46Jerkku b
00:35:47Multi_Ljep b
00:35:50memphis b lycan oom
00:36:07Wrrcy -st
00:36:15hutilicious where are u guys
00:36:45HausTia push
00:36:47Jerkku some1
00:36:50Jerkku pls buy me gem
00:36:53Jerkku we need it
00:36:57Zack-eracK no cash :(
00:37:02Multi_Ljep me either
00:37:15hutilicious get tows
00:37:42hutilicious n1
00:37:43Multi_Ljep b
00:37:44hutilicious !!
00:37:46Zack-eracK what u doing there
00:38:06memphis why?
00:38:10Multi_Ljep FFS
00:38:15Jerkku had aegis
00:38:20Jerkku ofc we need to waste it
00:38:23Multi_Ljep y
00:39:13Jerkku please
00:39:22Zack-eracK why u go into 5?
00:39:27Jerkku all
00:39:30Jerkku just ff
00:39:31Jerkku write
00:39:34Jerkku ''ff''
00:39:38Jerkku we cant win
00:39:45free.willy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:50Jerkku gg wp slark
00:40:03Jerkku and these new players who all votes fucking apso
00:40:09Wrrcy so?
00:40:13Jerkku its noob mode
00:40:14Jabol ap is fari
00:40:16Wrrcy apSU
00:40:24Jerkku ap is noobiest mode
00:40:32Wrrcy apSU
00:40:33hutilicious y because u pick lycan then
00:40:34Jabol lycan
00:40:37Jabol is noobhero
00:40:39Jabol and yoiu lose
00:40:43Jabol dont blaem the ap
00:40:50Zack-eracK its still not losted
00:40:53Zack-eracK only slark played
00:40:54Jerkku its lost
00:40:58hutilicious get rosh
00:41:00hutilicious before lcyan
00:41:04Wrrcy w
00:41:27Zack-eracK why solo????
00:41:37free.willy they rosh
00:42:03Multi_Ljep i thought they changed teleportation...instant tp
00:42:11Bocktiggi ?
00:42:27hutilicious me base
00:42:39Jerkku potm remember ulti then
00:42:44Jerkku dont focus slark
00:42:55Jerkku b
00:42:56Jerkku b
00:42:56Jerkku b
00:42:56Jerkku b
00:42:57Jerkku b
00:42:57Jerkku bb
00:42:58Jerkku b
00:42:58Jerkku b
00:42:59Zack-eracK b
00:42:59Zack-eracK b
00:43:05Jerkku gj
00:43:06Zack-eracK razor
00:43:08Zack-eracK u are...
00:43:08memphis this is so wow...
00:43:13Multi_Ljep :)))))
00:43:22Multi_Ljep why not ff at 25
00:43:31HausTia -apm
00:43:32Multi_Ljep cuz yurnero and tc sucks balls
00:43:35Jerkku multi
00:43:36Multi_Ljep cmon rly
00:43:36HausTia -clear
00:43:38Jerkku i think
00:43:43Jerkku they dont know wthat ff is
00:43:44Jerkku :D
00:43:47hutilicious -ms
00:43:50Multi_Ljep hehe
00:43:54Zack-eracK i wont ff
00:43:58Multi_Ljep dont
00:43:59Jerkku hate these new players
00:44:00Jerkku so much
00:44:02Multi_Ljep we still have chance
00:44:02Zack-eracK after one tower down
00:44:08Multi_Ljep --.-'
00:44:49Zack-eracK and u never go mid pls
00:44:50Jerkku see
00:44:52Jerkku cant win
00:44:52Multi_Ljep huh almost
00:44:57Zack-eracK just stay all game in woods
00:45:17Wrrcy ^^
00:45:50Multi_Ljep zack,friend advice,when u add on waiting list,make sure your mother allow u to spend more time on pc
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